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Mexico Missouri message. (Mexico, Audrain County, Mo.) 1899-1918, October 10, 1912, Image 2

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Mexico Missouri Message
John Celt, Id to-
Now lis thf iM !rag-i ate fot ,
hny f v it
Almost i:,v r.M '.'late I" ii 'f't .'.
lug catul'.il.Ho.
The air -ci.::-.ik-s b" .1 1 r t !"
In which. !n 1! 1 f;, i i y v. 1 v U .
tir ld"a i'f 1 1 "1 s.i: t" '' ' 1 't
about l 1' 1 ri c ,1 juli ; .- I.i'iT.
I t: i' enr- am r 1 now r "
iltii; i:- s 11. : 1; .1 : - c.:. . 1.
1: ill I . 'I !'. v. t.j '. y fot
Kh!) if ;;. :!) " . .1 ;.-.: " 1 ur
ki .
T!,:ht--V. '
ca'i h ft 1 11 r
ItcM-lin,- U
n as u saci
'1 l.r sla::gll!i ; i-l I -.via!, r I .
ti l II l.UB illn.ii.il n .1- .1 li L"
ter ol news.
. ;.(!
Soon tho lover of In k- sports wll
wish to (hangc his bathing suit fot
a pair of skates.
Hohrtnia 1ms a moiuan tin nlir ol
rarllaitiftit. Siiowlt.g the tiftu Hoht-i
c lan pplrlt. as it ito. j
lu you foipiioso tin; govVrnmont wll' ,
get any nearer tho toli'jiliotie trust '
than a long diBtnncn call? j
( anaia sold BO.fOO.itmi lobitrrs last '
winter New York will have to hustle
to live up to ItH rejiuiai ion.
. , , . . . . . i
The g r th the coat of seashor
, , ,, . .
tan now looks sympathetically at hot
pale-faced, stay at home sisters.
. .. v..i, . .... I
A python In the New Vrk too eati
but me meal a year. This reducet
houskeeping costs to a minimum.
H It were not for the old warships
what would the young warships have
to shoot at In target practice?
Lemons are becoming more expen-
lve, but It is probable that many of
them will still be handed around.
Antiquarians have discovered an
ether Venus, doubtless without first! Washington. Four American blue
getting the consent ot their wives. Jackets, or marines, were killed, six
j wounded and 100 Nicaragua n federal
Tobacco is now grown in Kansas. ! goldlers killed In a battle with Nicara
and several new brands of Havana BUan rPbolH at Covotetin. near Ma-
dgarm will soon be put on the market I
London telegraph company is hlrlns
girls to replace messenger boys
Leave It to a girl to carry messages
HalUmore policemen must not play
dominoes on Sunday. Probably It is
the ODe game that they don't play at
A New York man Is reported tt ;
have borrowed $3,600 from bis laun
dress. If she bad It It ii quite poa
Acy movement to restrain the activ
ities of the genius who designs freak
shoes for men will deserve public ap
probation. Among all the adjectives thai have ,
been applied to the costumes that the
girls are wearing now we haven't j
cotlced "modesL" !
An artist who painted $10 bills hsj
been arrested. PalntlLg $10 Mils does
not teem to be any more profitable j
than gilding lllle.
In Philadelphia all women under
thirty are "girls." Philadelphia, the
chivalrous and altruistic. Is proving t
Itself the City of Brotherly Lova to
the lone sisters. '
An English actor who wore a corset
baa died as the result of tight lacing
Evidently the manager declined tc
give bim a fat part 1
While a Kansas woman was trying
to kiss a bulldog the animal bit her
Up. It seems difficult for some Kan
sas bulldogs to acquire good man
Playing cards has been traced back
to the year 800 A. D. It is safe to pre
sume that the police of those dayi
gathered ln thetr graft juBt as merrily
as now.
A Kansas City man who went to bed
one night, leaving $1,700 In hie
trousers pocket, has registered a vow
that be w ill not be so careless again.
He is trying to accumulate another
Fluffy skirts saved a woman from
drowning ln the Chicago river. Th
moral Is that women who feel that
they must wear tight skirts should
avoid falling into that historic
There were fourteen billion tele
phone calls In the I lilted States last
year. Do you wonder that the linen
were sometimes busy?
Sound proof floors In apaitment
buildings ate a grand institution, bul
until the sound proof baby is invented
somebody Is sure to complain.
New It appears that the Kngllbb
beauty who planned to bee the I'nlted
biates in two days Is an actress
Score another point for the alejt presi
-THEFT OP 575.000
hop-tut molt. alias c l a x ton,
rooking aus
t r alia n gcvcf. nvent.
'jvi f ' Tcre.Mened to Tel! Pol!c
;' liifjrry After They Quar- i
it i .. Arrived in Urrtrd
States Last March. '
1 i" - 1 1 ' 1 . I": I
'!"fi s irrt niji
i'.' ' I i J I ' i T i f
' ' f"..:n sin
i;i i.i-rt iioii. ii i .s
n ! tn thi- oak'aml
- .m he r-l . I. ti 1
A 'iM ra !:an y i n- J
mi-tit uh:le employed a a I- r k v. I'll '
tlii- Royal An. t.'.ilinn artillery at Syd 1
ti' v. Ne.v South Wales
Holt mid l tool. J.'i.oim r-nm -i ;
t i!" ii i-il late r i-toii- and i'u't.I '
ilr.ift Tor $..". iiii'i j
Unit said til- thefts wire eoiioirt- i
tnl la - last February, hhiii alVr ho 1
li c .i n i lit ,K lnil to tia't'ty No. 1 if.
'' royol urtilN'ty. ;
Thf firrt theft, ho fiiij. v .as not I
trarnl tn him. and it uas only 11 '
ilaya l.itrr lh;it ho foutul an op;ir'ii- !
filty to pti al r- rlruft. to whirli. n- j
Faiil, h ' fnrri 'l t!i' naifp of a qnar- j
li rtnastfr. Ho palli d for H.iti l-'ran-
cltm i nily In Man h.
Blames Woman.
Kok" Miller, a woman wh m Holt
tirnl ktiow ti in Sydney, was re, punri- i
, .
ble for Ills siini'iiiler. iiecoiil.tii? to ,
i hl story to the police
i ''I met the woman on tho Kirni-t In i
Sh'i Kratieist o several days nmi."nai.1
, ...
i"?. ' ""' follntt"1 ln" '
j the fnited Suites. Wp hail a ilVa-
ferment ami she threaten- d t:. !.-
! form th" l'"11'''"-
I "' k,1PW ir wo"'l '"' n e.ue.
I t'on of time until she would do u.
"d 1 decided, while in Onl'.iand, to
; F" h nearest polire station and
till my story."
Four U. S. Marines Slain.
raya Nicaragua, according to a cu-
blegram received at the Nlearp.guan
legation from the minister of foreign
affairs nt Managua.
Six Killed In Car-Auto Crash.
Fort Worth, Tex. Six persons were
killed near Arlington, fourteen miles
east of here, when an nutonmblle
driven by Rufus (". Cornelius. "8 ye-irs
oId - "hed into a rapidly moving
uaiias-i-ort worth interurnan car.
Cornelius, his wife, three young chil
dren and a young woman are the vic
tims. U. S Men Slay Thirteen Rebels.
Washington. In their march upon
Leon, the last stronghold of the insur
rectionists, the American forces un-
der Lieut. Col. Long ousted a rebfl
mob at Chlchigalpa, killing thirtem
outright and wounding many more,
Five Americans were slightlv wour.-
Mess Profits Beat Hotels.
Washington As a result of last
year's operations ln the Panama ca-
nal zone the line hotels and restaur-
ants gnow a of i2,08-5, while
the European laborers' messes show
a prost of $38,455 and the common
!abcrers' kitchens a profit of 11.17.
I Breaks Endurance Record.
I Annapolis, Md. A new Ameri-in
! record for an endurance flight was
I made here by Lieut. John H. Towers
J of the navy aviation corps, in a hy
droaeroplane. He was continuously
In the air for six hours, ten minutes
' and thirty-five seconds.
Women Slain by Rebels.
City of Mexico. Word was broupht
ln to Toluca, southwest of her, of th
almost total annihilation of a detach
ment of rurale guards and a num
ber of women and children in a tight
with Zapatista rebels near Sultepec.
I Spanish Parliament's Centenary.
Cadiz, Spa n The centenary of the
, establishment of the Spanish parlla
' ment is being celebrated here with
j brilliant festivities to extend overcev
' era! days Special niiisions from all
th Sptinlsh-Americ.an countries, in
cluding Mexico, are participating.
Nine Dead in Train Wreck.
j Madrid. The brakes failing, a rsil-
road train dashed through the station
wall at Alicante Into a crowded wait
! Ing room, killing nine and injuring
j 12L according to dispatches from, the
: sceae of the accident.
Lost Submarine Is Found.
Tiover, Knglarid. Divers have found
'he Pr.tisl) submarine I!2, lust with
all but (t:fl i f its crew of two officers
and i:i ipen in collision with the Ham
tn!r;-Ati 1 rkaii liner Amerika off the
South Foreland.
Candidate for Congress Falls Dead.
l.nke ille. Conn. Dr. Georg" H.
Knifht. of Salisbury, Republican can
didate lor congress from the Fifth
district, fell diad on the rtage of
Jl'd-erls' hall b' le as he was about to
adiici:3 a I'olitical ga; tiering.
JAMKS WHITCOMH RILFT'S liotae In IndlanaDollR Is Hip crnter of a
(treat celebration this Mk. In honor pf the Hoosier port's birthday.
The festivities last all tho Wfek, and are not confined to Indlanapotls. but
hus sprtad. all over the country, and Riley programs are being carried out
iu niitnbfrleM cittrs and towns.
Parlor Cfcr Plunges Over Viaduct,
but Porter's Presence of Mind
Saves Passengers.
WcKlport. Conn. (tunning at '.he
rate of sixty miles an hour in
an eftort to make up fifteen minutes
loht lime, the second section of the
Springfield express, which left Huston
for New York city, failed to take a
crossover from the third to the fourth
track and practically the whole train
was hurled Into a ditch
Many pcrsonx, anung the 200 on
the train, were killed and scores mor
tally Injured.
Itecause of the heated condition of
Ihe charred wreck, which had caught
fire following the explosion of the en
gine, physicians and others were un
able Ui get bodies of the dead which
were burled under the Incinerated
When the train, which was com
posed of a mail car, a baggago car,
three Itoston I'ullmaiiH, one Spring
Held Pullman, three day coaches and
one smoker, was hurled from the rails
the baggage car wad pitched clean
over the mail car in front of the en
gine. An instnnt later ihere was a ter
rilic explosion and '.lie engine was
blown to atoms. Two houses, 300 and
SAO feet nway, were wrecked by the
force of the explosion, and a chicken
coop was blown thirty feet in the air.
A' woman in one of the houses was
badly Injured.
One of the parlor cars was pitched
over a viaduct and because of the
coolness of the porter not a soul was
killed, although several persons were
Beriously Injured when the car
crashed Into the roadway.
Candidate Hit In Nose by Rock Hurled
by Boy "First Blood of
New London, Conn. Gov. Mar
shall of Indiana completed his
New England visit by addressing au
diences at Norwich and here.
At Montvllle an unpleasant Incident
occurred, but the gov -rnor treated It
as a Jcke.
Just as the car came to a stop, a
boy In the crowd threw a stone which
struck the governor on the nose, caus
ing it to bleed slightly The governor
laugheO and referred to it aa "the
first blood of the cacpaign."
Pennsylvania Pastor and Six-Year-Old
Son and Two Friends Are
Among the Dead.
Pittsburg, fa. Five persons were
killed here wh"ti a Pennsylvania pas
senger train struck an atr.oniobil".
I The dead are: The Ro. W. L.
! Nicho'on, pastor of the I'irst I'res
j byteriaa church at Wilmcrding; his ti
j year-old son, John K. Reek, Wllnier
dir.g; Mrs. Mary Ij'nmond, Wllkins
burg arid 'i unidentified Italian gill,
j who was standing by the crossing.
Widower Shot by Young Wife.
Fulton, Mo l.ouis S. Hacker, a
widower, 4 ) years old. was shot and
dangerously wounded at the home of
lira. Rosa Russell, 20 years old,
where he was boarding. Mrs. Russell
says she did the bhnot ii.g. but acci
dental! v.
Cmldless Rich Disgraced.
Cleveland. () I:: an addi'd heie
Dr. William II lnuis of Uo.-.ton d.
flared :hat rii h A met li an women an
a d!t-p; ace to tli't country hi cause 1 Vey
refuse '0 ai-sume the lesjn ii-ibilit ..t'
mothri hood.
Greeks Fear Massacre.
Athens. -Discovery of an alle d
Turkish plot to m::fs.icie ail Gn-I.s
in Albania was reported here. It. w-k
declared individual asaf.-lnat'i.ns
have b-.-giin among tin tl'nui-jnds of
Creeks living In tho province.
Lieutenant. Only One Saved in Dis
aster Near Dover, Says He
"Went Down a Mile."
Dover, Kng. The British subma
rine IW was run down by the Hamburg-American
liner Amerika hero.
It sank at once, drowning 14 of the
Lieut. Richard I. Pulleyne, who was
secoud In command, was the ' only
man among the crew of 15 who was
saved. He was found floating In the
sea, too exhausted to say more when
he was rescued than "the submarine
Is cut ln two. I went down a mile."
The disaster occurred while the
third patrol flotilla of submarines,
consisting of six vessels, whs maneu
vering off the South foreland on the
coast of Kent.
The "B-2" left Dover harbor to par
ticipate with the other submarines in
a series of maneuvers. The accident
occurred Just an hour later, although
none of the sister submarines knew
anything about it until Lieut. Pul
leyne was picked up from the sea.
The youag lieutenant collapsed
after he was taken from the water
and conveyed to the parent ship.
The liner Amerika stood by after
the collision and threw the life buoys
overboard, while a number of torpedo
boats, after being Informed of the ac
cident by wireless, searched the sen
for hours. None of the other mem
bers of the crew, however, was found,
and no nign of wreckage was discov
ered. The Amerika then proceeded on
her voyagn to Southampton, and Cher
hourg on her way to New York.
Attica (Ind.) Farmer's Alibi Ques
tioned by Neighbors, Arrest Fol
lows on Murder Charge.
Danville. 111. George Crumley
was arrested at Attica. Ind., on
charge of murdering his wife, whose
bruised and bloody body was discov
ered In their home there. The alarm
was given by Crumley, who told a
story hat afterwards was contradict
ed by neighbors.
He said that he went home at 10
o'clock at night and, finding the house
locked, went to the Wabash railroad
right of way and slept the rest of the
night in the weeds, returning home
next day to find the back door open
and his wife's body on the floor of
her room.
j Neighbors say that they saw Crum
I ley In his home and heard two
j screams that appeared to come from
the Crumley honfe. ( rumley is a
Alderman Charged With Conspiracy
to Accept Bribes Must Stand ,
Trial Seven Acquitted.
Detroit, Mich. Nine aldermen and
Cleik Sohr'iter were bound over to
i the ret order's court and seven were
' discharged by Justice Jeffries In po-
lice court. Tho men were charged
j with accepting bribes for official fa
! vers or with conspiracy to accept
sin h bribes.
Aldermen Ulinnan. Bror.o, Walsh,
I Mason, DeiiTiel, Rosenthal, Tossy,
I Hindle and Ostrawmeyer were held.
Aldermen Wa'son, Lynch, F.llis,
O'lirlen, Merrill, Koenlg and Zoeller
! were acquitted.
Wreck Is Laid to Engineer.
Westpoit. Conn. Testimony tc id
ii.g to show 1 1 1 t Engineer Gecrge I,.
Clark of the Springlleld i xptes-t,
which was wn-iki'l here. Ignored
l; . I.h t :'. ii -.'..lii.'-it him, and took Ihe
en hso or switch at a high tnte of
si '-ed.
Erucc-Drown's Mc'.anician Dying.
Milwaukee. I'ncocsrious since last
i Tuesday noon, Tony Sclr.alelai i, the
1 ;ne( haniciitn injur; d in the i;ccid" it
, that li'lled liruce l!i jw:i, mliliouui ; "
1 ajtotw L ie race driver, is, dying.
Wyoming Prisoners Quietly Reform
Lines After Overpowering Guard
and Slaying Attacker.
Cheyeiiue, Wyo. Frat k WrtCall,
th" tiftro who ult. uUed Mra.
Julia lli.ins, "I vchb !d, at Raw
lins, wjs lynched by convict !n th?
state penitentiary, where he hail been
transferred for safe keepinr; from the
county jail ut Kuwlins.
The lynrhiiie,, one of the tnoKf re
markable in the history of the West,
followed the failure of n tnub (f sev
eral hundred persons to get pflssr-r.
slon of the negro before rl.'vlle.M.
Wlrlall, who fled into the hills tier'
Cheroki e. was captured by posse
near Steele and taken to Rawlins.
mob of angry citizens carrying ronf.
and shotguns Immediately gather i
flboirt the jail. They became in
thieatening that the prisoner was
taken to the slate penitentiary at
At daylight the 300 convicts In th
penitentiary learned of Wlgfall's pres
ence. At 8:30 a. ni.. while being
marched to the broom factory, th"
prisoners suddenly leaped upon the
gu:rds and the turnkey, overpowered
them and took the keys to Wlgfall's
cell. They looped one end of a rope
about Wlgfall's neck and fastened the
other end ubout a rslllng BO feet
above the main floor of the prison
Cursing loudly, their yells nilnglinn
with the pleadings of tho negro for
mercy, the convicts seized Wtgfall
and hurled him over the railing Into
the rotunda. The victim fell 25 feet
and his neck was broken.
A remarkable scene followed. Sat
isfied that their victim was dend, th
prisoners made no effort to escape
from the prison. Instead, without a
word, they re-formed their lines and
waited, ready to march to the broom
At this, additional guards rushed to
the .cell fkuir and ordered the con
victs to their cells. Instead of sending
them to the factory.
Was Reporter of Illinois Supreme
Court for Eighteen Years An
Authority on Lincoln,
Bloomington. III. Isaac Newton
Phillips, 67 years old, former
reporter of the Illinois supreme court,
died suddenly here. He studied law
with Robert G. Ingersoll and ranked
among the leading lawyers of Illinois.
He was chairman of the board of
railway and warehonse commission
ers four years and reporter of 'the su
preme court for eighteen years, re
cently resigning. He was an author
ity on Abraham Lincoln, and his book
upon the emancipator attracted wide
attention. He was one of the leading
Republicans of Illinois. He also was
prominent as a Mason and a member
of the Grand Army of the Republic.
Supreme Court Upholds Electric Rail
way Employes' Association in
Injunction Work.
Springfield, III. The supreme
court denied the motion for a
rehearing In the case of Harry M.
Kemp and others of Chicago against
Division No. 241, Amalgamated Asso
ciation of Street and F.lectric Railway
Kmployes of America, in which the
court at the June session ruled that
its employes have a right to strike
when the closed-shop rule Is violated.
Kemp sought an injunction in the
circuit court of Cook county restrain
ing members of the union-from strik
Herd of 138 Enliven San Francisco
Streets After Breaking for
U. S. Corral.
Sin Francisco, Cal. One hun
dred and thirty-eight Missouri mules
Just detrained upon their arrival from
St. Louis for use at the Presidio, the
local United States army post, broke
from their corral, devastated flower
gardens, struck panic to the hearts of
civilians, and police, who attempted to
round them up. and otherwise enjoyed
the freedom of the city for nearly 24
hours. A detachment of cavalry final
ly rounded the animals.
Return to Home Too Late to Save
Their Ten Little Ones From
hi. liernaro, Uuebec Ten children
I of Alexander Gravel, ranging in age
j from. 18 months to 15 years, were
uuiueu iu ui'iiin nere.
Gravel and his wife were away from
home and returning found It in tlameg.
They were unable to aid the children,
whose deaths they witnessed.
Admits Slayfrig Girl.
Detroit, Mich. iirow n Spengler has
j confessed to killing 12 year-old Ma-,
I tilda Reis, whose mntilatrd body w as
! found in an alley. Ppcngcr has also
I c.orifpf si d to killing Helen Ri own, !1
years old, In l!iii9.
Eotire Rebel Army Caught.
! ii-il'ington The etnin r-be
I army a: J.a.ilepe, Nka .a:'ua, nbout Ji)
! miles south of Managua, was (.
i tuted with nil its nnHiiuriitir.il, arms
and iirMli ry. after i four hoins' bat
tic with government troops.
Atirtrrnbr.a . I t - ... q,..
(With acknowledgments to the late
Their Party Is Split Wide Open By
Third Term Movement and Demo
crat Are Keenly Alive to Their
Opportunity to Win.
ln his trip through New England
Governor Wilson was everywhere re
ceived with vast throngs and every
evidence of good will. Tho impression
be roado justifies the hope that No
vember will show that he has brok
en the Republican solidity of the
northeastern corner of the country.
There Is, however, more substantial
reason than crowds and clamor for
expecting the addition ot some of the
New England states to the Democratic
(olumn. Governor Fobs of Massachu
setts, hatf been elected twice In suc
cession and is well enough satisfied
with the" prospects to make the race
a third time. The primaries held ln
that state showed keen Interest
among Democrats and discouragement
and decline among the Republicans.
At the )rlmarles for governor 99.422
Democrats and 97,526 Republicans
voted. Here is a state haa has beep
supposed to be rock-ribbed in Us Re
publicanism where more Democrats
thnn Republicans took part In the
The significance of this fact Is
greatly increased by comparisons with
last spring and last year. The presi
dential preference vote In April was
taken before Governor Wilson bad
been selected, and before the break
in the Republican ranks had occurred.
It aeemed to be hardly worth while
for Democrats to take the troublo to
express their preference. Only 28.000
did so, while 171,000 Republicans ex
pressed their preferences for the pres
ident or Roosevelt. Hut Wilson'B
nomination has aroused the hope of
every Democrat in the country, while
the third party movement has para
lyzed tho Republicans. At the state
primary the DPmochats cast nearly
four times as many votes as at the
presidential preference primary, and
the Republicans cast less than three
fifths. Not less Interesting Is the compari
son between last week's state primary
and the primary of last year. The to
tal vote this year Is about 16,000
greater than the primary vote a year
ago. This increase la made up of a
Republican loss of 15,017 and a Dem
ocratic gain of 31,378. Applying those
percentages of gain and loss to the
presidential vote of 1908, the Demo
crats would nearly carry Massachu
sets over the united Republican party,
and the party Is split from top to bot
tom by the third term movement.
Colonel's Trust Program.
Col. Roosevelt denies that his trust
program was formulated by men Inter
ested ln trusts, but tho country has a
distinct remembrance of the timo
when George W. Perkins announced
his retirement from the firm of J. P.
Morgan & Co. and outlined a plan for
the regulation of trusts ln all essen
tials like the Roosevelt plan. It was
while the colonel's administration was
framing up the notorious Standard Oil
That Invisible Empire.
"The transaction Itself and the
whole alliance between Mr. Penrose
and Mr. Archbold and Mr. Penros.dN
actions In connection therewith are a
startling example of the workings of
that lpvlslble empire to whose reign
we IntTVd to put an end."
That invisible empire in which Mr.
Roosevelt aud Mr. Harrlman worked!
That Invisible empire which included
Mr. Roosevelt and George W. Perkins
of the harvester trust and "the Mor
gan Interests that have been so
Homer Davenport )
Governor Is Making the Kind ot Ca
paign That Is Sure to
Gov. Wilson is making tla- s ri
campaign that wins.
He is making the sort ef i,i:,.,a
which proves not only tin: th.. t,u
has a good candidate, but th:.:
country will have a good r.-tn. iH
Gov. Wilson has shown a
a fairness, a sincerity which ii.i u
ed the confidence of the i ou v.:
ever his, words have reached
Gov. Wih'on Is the reverse of ,1 1
taucular grand slander V, ..:,
western trip ho has had b. mlN
largest audiences that haw ;;.(,.
during this campaign.
They have come, not to .. -
but to judge a man; not i, ., ,
age to a self-made Caesar, l.u; 'o ;
and pass upon a program u:' ..
They have heard, they im.
they have approved.
They have found Gov.
man whose prime desire is -. :
himself, but to serve the . . :'
They have found Gov u i a
who refuses to be drawn frv.'ii tli
sues of the campaign lnio ai. v
of barren personalities
They have found Gov V ,1- 1; a
who never hesitates to s.i a::
good of an opponent thu' :n;o
honesty be said.
They have found Go w i!.- n 2
who respects the ol!lcc ef '!: lr
dency too much to seek it t.. a
palgn of billingsgate
In a word, the people h:oo fi
Gov. Wilson the sort of man fn
in the White House T!i"j i!
him there.
Tariff and Bloated Fortunei.
Enough instances hav.' been f
by the Journal to Bhow that the :
Is the creator of bloated fortun'
The way it works is so simpl
It can be put in the form of a rvi
"Get a tariff form a trust;
pluck the public In the slock nisj
and rob the consumer win
The tariff shuts out fonimi
petition, and thus oflers an r
tunltv to rob the American cons.
The trusts are formed to '
vantaee of this opportunity
Thov nro .u 111 1 11 II 7 il .'it tllf!"
called "earnlna power." wlucli m
their robbing power under me j
This capitalization is troin
times the actual Investment.
The watered stock thus l1
costing nothing but the rrn.'ir.g
is sold to tho public ut l-'l'
The urometers keel) coatrO'
I.. tl,,,i. ..ii n ll:imlS ttiat
1 1 UDl ill ii" "
may vote themselves fat su'iiri'
rich neroulsites.
The prices of the trust -mad'' a 1
are kept up to the h:gin
take advantage of tin tn riff '
dividends on watered stoc
Then a portion of !'' l'r"'!'
i i u.,t uKide lor IM'ltli'"'
M cor;
ll he
' snr
m ,
maun in ' , i
. .1... t ri rf IT 11
ruptlon to Keep
being disturbed.
. It la very simple when
is exposed. It l very .n
the promoters. i
It Is incredibly wasteful. '
debauching for every one .
The only way to stop Hi-
lion of bloated fortunes :i- '
the tariff graft that br."'
The way to cut off th" u
is to elect Governor V. "
Democratic congress !''
friendly to us!"
plre in which Mr. Id ' -lam
Nelson Cromwe" .''
crowd worked! We K'
that invisible tnil'in-
A Bull Moose K
A party formed t" '
ambitious cannot i- '
defeat Haiti more
Well put, and
some undertaker v. ..
putting away the "
moose after Novcfc 1-: -
' lb-

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