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JOHN BEAL. EdMnr ar.d Proprietor
KntneJ t the i'o.t ()lln 1 Miii. Minouti
tl SrconH CIkm Mallei.
$1.00 Per Year In
OKFUT.--1 1 3 Kml JiVc.b Sir"
lort Full ol 5vinp Unk
ad l! ' it f-t !-!
el' the Mcs;iu''.
ccntine Missiiuii '
111. t iiit.Tr-! ll
on Mh'.tli'i
"All fon
to Elect Wilson President?
How deep is your conviction that this government ought to be in new hands, m
Cle'iniIowdmuch are you in favor of a clean slate from Wilson and Marshall clear down
ll.cr nffirpQ in vnur locality?
The Democratic National Committee has every reason to believe that every pro-
rresHvc voter is willing to spend a dollar to elect Wilson .and Marshall and their ticket.
And that thousands are anxious to contribute to the Wilson Campaign und in
amounts of tl 5. $10 and f20. , , .
To such we make our appeal. To such we must look for victory.
Smite tlif Single Tax amend
I'lfiis lit llif Novi'iul'iT election
They are .ns. ti and 7. Scratch
he word " Vi s" ill each case.
I lie Iiel legislature will I"'
.isl.f.l lt pass ii law requiring that
grocers sliiill inVc mi examination
and shall have a Slate (Vitificul
before thev may sell their wares
Hand tlie Messairc your eontri
1ml ion for the Democratic c am
pnign fund. We'll turn it over to
Mr. Locke for you who will send
it to the headquarters in St.
The Message cntittllUcs to 1 1 0 1 '
the reputation as ''The best news
in Aul lain county. Our
friends tell us this nearly even
day, ami that is shown ly the new
subscribers and renewals we fret
evcrv week.
Tudirc Al'-x Tarter and lion. S.
D. Stocks eneb made a rousine
speeeli against the Single Tax at
I'.' .in Creek school house last Sat
unlay night. The penile out that
w: v are very nnieli oppo.seil to the
i, a .1 ''. ot eoli is.'.
aiiti i 1 1 ' 1 tax iieoj'le in
.1 ;. !l d!-trii,, southeast 01
Mexico, organized last Friday
in- i. Tbo'ita- 'rum is president:
Darjiel Mundy. secretary, and
v-r'in Doui.i'Uy. treasurer. II
1. Warden made a rousing speech
atrainst the single tax before the
Time An Important Factor
This is another case where time it money.
The enemy have their fundi lupplied IntUDtljr by
the Itilcrtsu.
We have only a few days and contribution! to be ffeo
live mint tic received at once.
There is no question of the money of the People being
able to defeat the money of the Trusts.
I',. ( ,i'n- it is greater even In volume and will be aed la
ftr.nKhtloiw.ifd telling ways.
I'.ut t be eflective it roust be received and used wtlhio
the next lew daya.
Ouii k fiction is absolutely necessary. Lei ni have jronr
cenuiliiitiiin or the list you make up from yoer iricudl end
co-workern today if possible, tomorrow sure.
How Your Money Will Be Spent
Woodrow Wilson, our standard bearer, has never bad
the tune or disposition to talk about himself.
lie has never used spectacular methods to place bimicll
in the apctlight.
His greatest work has been done withoufoitenUtloa, in
the most expeditious, dignified manner.
The w-re.it mass of voters do not know what really
gre.it in.in Wilsnn is. They do not know eB be baa done.
They do not understand all the features of his platform.
We must tell tliein.
To educate this great nation of voters, especially the
clear thinking Independent Democrats, Republicans end
Progressives who choose their leader on his merits, means
the expenditure of a vast amount of money.
We propose to use your dollars in just this way
judiciously, and without a penny frittered away for an UB
necessrfiy item.
We know you have confidence we will do this tbtvg and
Head a List For the Fund
If you know several Wilson voters, or work in a place
v..r. .t,..r. ,r Wilmn voters, take ud subscription Iroa
all oflhem. t
Place vour name and the amount of your subscription at .
the top of the list end get the others to join you. I
Mention the name ot this peper on your list.
n. It k. and rnnlrihlltinnl to C. R. CranC. Vicf
Chairman Finance Committee, Democratic Natloaal Com 1
talttee, 800 Michigan Avenue, umcayu, .
Thli it the most helpful work you, at an Individual, can
do lor clean government next to casting your ballot lot
Wilson and Marshall on November 5th.
How to Contribute to the Wilton
Campaign Fund
No Guess Work
Men feel differently about different
things. But no mun can feel other
wise than perfectly satisfied when he
buys a bill of lumber from us. He
may know nothing about the grade
of lumber, but he does know that he
gets exactly what he buys; and sees
it before he buys and pays for it-big
item, isn't it? Should a mistake
occur it is cheerfully corrected. Our
grades are right and our prices are
right. There is no bill too large for
us to handle and none too small to
receive our most careful attention.
Our motto is, "A satisfied cus
tomer is the best advertisement,"
Old papers for Hale at tl,js .,
loads of
t M..s.
tpSISrSF-f"3 1 ia Crosse- Lumber Co.
i- .11 ,h..V..mon. order and addrees all con. II LlU VJL VJUV AJ 11 1. IV VJL SJ
tmmrw mil wiw-. , .7. . . ci.j.
frlhutlnna to C. R. Crane. Vice wnatirro rm...v.
CommiuM lirnocratlc National Committee. 900 Mich
Igan Avenue, Chicago, III.
Then write a letter to this newspaper giving your name
as a contributor and stating your reasons why vou believe
Woodrow Wilson should be elected President of h United
States In thit way you will be listed as a Wilson con
tributor. A Souvenir Receipt, handsomely lithographed,
well worth framing, will be tent lo you Vour letter will
i,.in .k fiol.t hv encourasrins vour fnendt.
Do everything you can to hold up Wilson't handl i In his
clean campaign tor tae pcopic u -
inf oi the country.
Why the Dollar Counts.
In this campaign the issues lie between the- forcet of
Representative Government and Popular Goveroment.
In Representative Government onlv a part offthe people
have inlluence those with no political faith, who spend
ion lines in any direction where their own cads ate far- )
tin red lor money. V
In Popular Government all the people have tnflaence,
because their executives and legislators d not date to
thwart the expressed will oi the people
Representative Government, as ever, this-year Is being
supported by the money oi the Interests, it Is being spent
lavishly lo give tne voters a wrong iroprwiswa 01 wvsgn.
We are phid to learu that Green
Leadi. near Gant, who was
seriously hurt in a runaway ut
Gcntralia last Aupust, is growini'
li-tt-r and w;. able to be brought
from f'eiitndia to his home a few
days apo. It was thought at first
that bis back was broken but now
it is believed he will fully recover,
which will be triad news for his
mnnv friends.
Hon. G. 1'. Gore, the blind V. S.
Seiiu'or from Oklahoma, writes
the Messape a letter ni'trimr that
the prospects of Democratic
triu'uvh were never better and
brighter than for this year. lint
ve must not be over-confid'-nt :
every Democrat must po to the
polls next month. Senator Gore
F.pol;o at the Chautaiufia in Mex
ico three years apo. He is one of
the greatest statesmen of the
George Scott, colored, lately re
leased from the penitentiary, who
r. turned to Mexico ami made
tiouble among the darkies in Flat
Kock last week, got on a "tare"
ii'.-aiu Suinlay night among the
colored folks in the east part of
town his "ia'ards" saturated
v. ith booe of course, and officers
were called on to vtait upon him
Scott fled and hid behind a tree
i.nd a dozen shols weie fird at
him. lie at lat surrendered and
was tied with ropes and brought
lo jail. Scott seems to be fixing
for a in or 'JO year stay in the pen
when he gets another sentence.
Prof. Hubert Pryor, superin
tendent ot the Mexico schools, IS
bolding meetings with the fathers
and mothers of the pupils when
Leart to heart talks are given am
t! e needs of the school in all de-
partmcnts lire disi-ufd. The
greatest need at present for a
change of condition is in Central
School in Miss Wright's primary
class. She has 79 little ones en
rolled and there are 13 seats
where three are crowded into a
seat. That condition is wronn. in-
Pontil.ir Government, this vear.to win. must deDendon the
truttl being told about Wilson. We must put ilish hit record
and platform broadcast so that no one can controvert U. At
f Your II, your 12, your 15, your 110 or I2Q will couat and
ouut to win if toent in thit work.
Woodrow WUon Campaign Fund
T C. R. CRANE. Vic. CkJi FlmuM C IM..
Tk D.mor.tJ. DUbwwl Cum S00 Mlchiau Atmm.
Cbico. lUiMte.
AaabII.Tr in th proamMtva M.la at o.nim.fit rre
MBtad in thecoUdcr of Woodrow WlUon lor Prasldant ol th
United Slatea. and to th ml tht h mar tha ofJlo. Ir
handI. intr3inld. and oblitd to nona Bill tha ppl of th.
country. I wUh So conlribut. throuth rou th. sum ell.
toward th. pnM ol Gov. W !' cnpo.
R. F. D..
Endorsed by
be divided. Like conditions 'are
found in other departments, Ex
tra equipment is needed in vlilfer
ent departments also. A little
more money would remedy these
things, and the taxpayers will set
that it is forthcoming another
Monroe County is watching
.tii interest the progress ol two
lonm r telegraph operators, who
-ot their knowledge, of farming in
books, and have made a remark
able success by gardening in a
-mall way. with a grocery store as
a clearing house for their pro
ducts. "Beginning with straw
berries in the spring," says the
i'.'iis Mercury, "they have grown
i-'i eat quantities of potatoes, toma
toes, asparagus, egg plant and
other vegetables for which tkey
louud ready sale, and have a dozen
young fruit trees already begin
ning to bear. A ton of milled
raised on the lots iu South Park
furnishes feed for a hundred fijy
chickens, the house and pen bei.ng
models in cleanliness, and down
in the hollow they have twenty
the head of red hogs and ipigs.
Iced lor which, of eoursfj, is
bought. These they will convert
into laid and meat, aio to b; sold
over their own counters, and the
Miccess they are having is fasei
lating as showing the possibili
ties of small farming. To top it
all on thev arc
J. T. Jerrwin returned recently
from an exteaided visit with rela
tives in the West.
Mr. Ootjiley and family and
mother-in-law of Illinois, have
been visiting their relatives, Fred
Bishop and family, of this county.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Barbee at
tended quarterly conference at
Farber last Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Shoup of near Rueh
Hill visited Mr. and Mrs. Edwin
"Webber last week.
Quite n large number of citizens
fr i"i th's vicinity are attending
Hie Illinois State Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Tl. M. Shannon at
tended the St. Louis Fair.
Rev. Akers of Laddonia filled
liis first regular appointment at
the Pleasant Plains Methodist
church Sunday.
Harry Bosworth of Laddonia
lias been over and built concrete
cellars for W. D. Hutchison and
7.. T. Bondurant.
Geo. Kennedy and wife of Van
.Itlia visited their son-in-law, Roy
"Waters and family, Sunday.
Mr. Grover Webber of near Mt.
Onrmel and Miss Rose Chamber
lain of New narmony were mar
Tied Wednesday, Oct. 2, in Bowl
"ng Green. They are popular
ounjr people and the congratula
tions of their many friends are ex-
tpnded them. Thev will make
"i.,.,.i- r i ' "
uoviv i. mi liters, I., . , , .
I ........... tt .1 1 ! '111.11 lion..- ..o to- pel wo ill n A a I in
leaillll LT 1 1 liiv Irriroe frA,A
I.,,.;;,. ....... ... .t v.-.- . Cuivre,
' itimu U Aia oil llie fsUOjeCl.
Mrs. Anderson Dead.
At her home, five miles north of
Rush Hill, Oct. 3, 11:20 o'clock
a. m., Mrs. J. T. Anderson, of a
complication of diseases. She war
aged 60 years. Fuireral at Wes
ley Chapel, Saturday evening, at
3 o'clock, by Rev. G. M. Vr. Oaks
The remains were laid to rest in
the cemetery at that place.
Besides her husband, she leaves
three sons, of this county, om
daughter, Mrs. Able, of North Da
kota, and a son, Charles Anderson
of Missoula, Montana. Both tin
latter were here at the funeral
Mrs. Anderson was a sister of
Geo. Williams, of Laddonia. and
of Richard Anderson, of Vanda-lia.
Message Friends.
The following have subscribed
or renewed for the Message since
our last issue:
W. II. Adams, Mrs. J. J. Brown
ing, Walter Berry, J. II. Karmar
meyer, W. A. Davis, P. C. God
berson, Mrs. Geo. E. Ferris, Mrs.
Alma Ileizer, John W. Rosser,
Mrs. Sallie.B. Holloway, Eli Nich
ols, J. II. Jones and Mrs. E. V.
Several visits from Jack Frost.
Rev. Grubbs begau a big meet
ing in the new Christian church at
Victory Sunday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Winger and Jno.
L. Carter and wife took dinner
with E. Nesings and family Sunday.
Leo Delany and wife arc visit
ing Ed. Long and family.
Mrs. Lizzie Sproul is visiting
home folks this week. She is stay
ing most of the time at Mrs. Kev
ins'. 1
Osley Mason had a fine stack of
wood sawed up Monday by Chas.
Nugent 's saw.
Jimmie Vaughn had his foot
bruised badly Saturday by a
horse stepping on it.
W. L. Smithey and family took
dinner with Mrs. Lida Fulton
Geo. Crigler1 and family enter
tained Mrs. D. P. Arnold, Miss
Fannie Edge, Willie Crigler and
family Sunday.
Clark Vaughn and wife and
Clyde Horton and family spent
Sunday with Dr. Fulton's.
Austin Skeen received the news
of the marriage of his niece, Miss
Ora nartman, to Mr. Frank
Smith. Here's wishing the couple
much happiness.
Byron Winn and wife have
moved to the Jno. Wolver place;
will stay until after corn is gath
ered. Miss Tanney Fulton who has
been staying with W. L. Smiley 's
family for the past two weeks
went back to Dr. Fulton's Saturday.
"SALET" save your hogs,
sheep and feed, and we pay the
freight. ' Buy from us.
; S. P. Emmons Wool Co.
Mrs. James Hippie and Mrs. No
lan Hodge, of Laddonia, were in
Mexico Tuesday to see their aunt
Mrs. E. II. Skelly, who has been
very ill of late. Mrs. Skelly is SO
years old.
See Our Blankets.
Save 1.UU to Sl.OU a pair on
good wool blankets. Be reason
able and look before buying.
Rieketts & Emmons D. G. Co.
Wanted. 100 wagon
.dirt to fill lot. Inquire
sage office.
For Sale. 10 room dwelhi,
house. Convenient, to the p,,!,
Square. A bargain to soiiieh(J,iN
d.lress Message office.
For Sale My elegant hmIIH
consisting of a 7 room du.lli,,,,
ith two large porches, ,.
mimtfu , concrete cellar- tun
istenis: large poultry Inmw..
good bam; two buggy sheds ; ,,,.,!
bin; an abundant variety of fmit
of most all kinds, and a gim, si,,.
1""'" v B"'iimi, WIIIUIII'U III n
splendid neighborhood in N. p
part of city.
J. W. ROUSE, Mexico. M.
Another one of those mnrtiiiin-
errors crept into the papers the
other day. The Pans Me-eurv ,.x
plains the case: "The Mohcrlv
Democrat and Columbia Tribune
announcing the approaching mar
riage of Miss Elizabeth (iihhs re
fer to her as the daughter of tin
late C. It. Gibbs of Mexico, (iibbs
pater will no doubt be surprised
on rending this interesting hit 0f
information, but. even though f,,t
and 50, bearing down the scales at
something like two hundred, it
certain to object to being hurried
off in any such ruthless and un
ceremonious manner. Shows how
much a man really amounts
when his sons and daughters go tJ
marrying on him. Mr. (iihhs i
still here in the flesh ami verv
much alive. Another scoop nail
Meeting to Begin.
Next Sunday, Oct. 13th, we be
gin a meeting at Bethel church,
.r miles southwest of Mexico, sup
posed to continue two weeks. The
general public invited to attend
the services, 7 o'clock P. M.
W. C. Rice, P. C.
The Lulu Young cfise Against
the Pennsylvania Fi.re In.scirance ;
Co.. which occupied the attention!
of the Audrain County Court all' I
of last week and Monday of this I
week, was decided i.v ilm -'....v In I
j,,, j ...
favor of the defendant. Sbie gets
a verdict of $7,953.0! U,r .actual
damages by fine, beside $1,00(1
for attorney's fees, and dtjfeur.'ant
was assessed $100 for refusal to
pay the policy as at first demand
ed. The case was bro-jpht here
- c
From the Emmons Herd Counts
Annual Short-horn Sale
Mexico, November 14
15 Young Bulls and 25 Cows and Heifers
Ffle Your Order: For Catalog.
S. P. Emmons & Son, Mexico. Mo.
deed it is cruel. The class bhould I from. St. Louis.
Former State Senator, M. R. K.
Miggs, of Farber, Judge G. W.
Batterton, of Sturgeon, Capt. N.
Dix, of Martinsburg, and Nick
Smith, of Laddonia, old wheel
horses of Democracy, were here at
the big rally Tuesday. ,
Clothes cleaning and pressing.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Harry O
Owen. Phone 490.
The. City Hotel, Mexico, Mo., is
now open to the public. 25 cent
a meal, straight; 25 cents for sin
gle bed, or 75 cents for double
Regular board and room, $5 per
week. John Burgess, Propr
See Our Rugs.
Dray load room size rugs just
received ; best for the money. All
we ask is a look.
Rieketts & Emmons D. G. Co.
Clothes cleaning ami pressing
Satisfaction guaranteed. Harry (
Owen. Phone 490.
Our blankets are selling fast
COME before the assortment
. Rieketts & Emmons D. 0. Co,
Clothes cleaning and pressing
Satisfaction guaranteed. Harry (i
Owen. Phone 490.
Is found in our 79-rmce Poultry Book
No. 1. We will uiuil one to you Mil
together wi'li full particulars upon
receipt of your name anil address and
the uauie el ti.is puptr.
101 I. rOUTH STRICT, ST. lOUfl, Mt.
Gather Your Seed Corn Earlj.
The Wabash is distributing flj
bills broadcast urging the ear!;
selection of seed corn for use o
next spring's planting. Hun
dreds of farmers had to replan
their corn last spring iin.l th
had only one-half to two-thirds o
a stand because they waited unti
spring to get their seed awl thri
iiicKeti u irom me crio. ine nn
bill issued by the Wabash eiv
valuable suggestions how to p
about in the selection of fully tb
vcloped ears most suitable fur th
mirnose. also how seed enr
should be stored during the wi
ter months. Copy of this fly Wi
can be obtained from any Vaba
agent oiby addressing .1. D. M
Naniara, G. P. A., St. Louis, Sin.
The Kansas Citv Times rnmii'J
that last Sunday was not ivli.it m
would call the traditional 'l.v '
rest for Dean Walter Williams'
the school of journalism. 1
dean spent the day in .Mexico,
the morning he delivered an '
dress at the Presbyterian t'liun
on "The Simreinc Service." In tlj
afternoon he addressed a m
meeting at the I 'r.-sby ten I
Church which was called in th''1!
t crest of Mexico's Sunday sdni'
In (Tie evening he delivered an .'
ilreuM t it union service I"
Methodist Church. Dean villi"
is a wonderful person of wide vj
ii.. to atm.flv into !
Oflllll.J. tl. ......p.-,
program, whether it be iii'lus'i
reliiious. journalistic "P'
roads." He is one of the bigp
men ill the State of Missouri
St. Louis and Return
Account Veiled IVojilH tu Pageant. $2.25 for children be
tween five ami twelve cars of age.
Tickets will le sold for all regular trains October 7 and
8. Good returning on all regular trains arriving at Mexico
prior to midnight of Oct. 9, 1912.
I. Ri. Richards,
Agent, Wabash R. R. i
About 50 business men ut I 't
were in Mexico Tuesday, '-"in
in 11 automobiles, who weie
vertising the Perry corn ennu
which is to be held Oct. Ii '
Mexico, Santa Fe & Perry
lion Co. (In effect
April 24.)
Week Day Schedule
Leave Mexico Leaves M
9 :30 .
1 :.'50
Sundav Schedule
" ..
T ..nves H"
Leaves Mexico
S. L. Eobison, Gen. Mg

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