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Mexico Missouri Message,
VOIw. 13
To Serve at the Oenenl Election
Next Month.
The County Court has appoint
ed the following persona to serve
as judges at the general election
the 5th of next month :
Canada. Democrats n. T.
frnwford, J. J. Miller, Stanley
rainier; Republicans Grant
Ficklin, George Everhart, John
Macedonia. Democrats W. B.
Graves, 0. T. Smith, S. A.
Wright; Republicans Harry
Bartelma, N. D. Owings, O. Ever
hart. Friendship. Democrats C. D.
Littrell, P. D. Forrest, Charles
Turner; Republicans Dan Ho
bnrt, A. J. Burkey, Wm. Nof
ginger. Bnrnham. Democrats Ed. Wil
son, J. W. Walker, J. S. Prather ;
Republicans Geo. Waggoner, G.
0. Starr, G. C. Turner.
Burke. . . Democrats Reed
Burke, Harry Brown, James
Groves; Republicans Newton
Davis, George Mayes, Will Alli
on. Thompson. Democrats E. M.
Morris, John Murphy, W. R.
Surber; Republicans Joe Cou
sidinc, W. H. Dcmpsey, Jesse
Naylor. Democrats James
Curry, James Ridgeway, John
Winn ; Republicans C. A. Candy,
SiJ Hartley, P. A. Ehret.
Bowena. Democrats C. M.
Berrey, John Turner, R. C. reck;
Republicans James McGowan,
A. H. Leach, Sheiu Sehwartzen
druber. Gant. Democrats Ed. Beatty,
Wm. Sims, W. T. Pulis; Republi
cans J. A. Givens, Geo. K. Gil
dea, C. W. Wilson.
mexico. isi wara, democrats
W. W. Johnson, Edgar Threlkeld. j
J. L, Shobe; Republicans W. A. j
McMurtry, L. N. Kettcr, Otto ,
KunkeL I
mexico, J5na wara, Democrats .
.Jolin Marshall, J. U. Kingo,
Geo. Azdcll; Republicans E. S.
('. Miller, Wm. Frazier, R. n.
Mexico. 3rd Ward, Democrats
-C. A. Bast, J. n. Wayne, D. S.
Burroughs; Republicans A. V.
Averitt, G. J. Cass, Wm. Burk.
Mexico. 4th Ward, Democrats
-F. E. Eller, Wm. Vivion, J. E.
Callahan; Republicans D. M.
Roberts, Bert Roberts, Geo. F.
Molino. Democrats C. L.
Mum, E. E. Pierce, Pelide Hen
drix; Republicans Clyde Ellis,
Otto Howard, J. II. Ilebel.
Union. Democrats M. F. Har
rison, W. B. Freeman, Hiram
Threlkeld; Republicans A. Pfit
wr, L. R. Larkin, E. II. Dicus.
Beagles. Democrat E. 0. Sned
ker, J. J. Johnston, Ed. Settle;
Republicans Albert Scherer,
Jack Brown, Simon Forbes.
Laddonia, Democrats John
Hobson, E. R. Hagan, T. H.
Mavens; ReDublicans E. D. El
to, W. W. Braden, Walter Hoyt.
Kush Hill. Democrats J. B-i
handling only meritorious good, cater
Mwart, M. M. Givens, J. C.
J,ggs; Republicans Val Erdle,
Ernest Leirheimer, Will Erisman. jour other county papers are doing
Edwards. Democrats James! "gainst Single Tax. Keep it up.
Montague. Adolnh Fennewald. i We can win this fight if we will
Adrian; Republicans Will!
Thompson, Leslie Fryer John
Scott. I let those wicked schemers drive us
Benton City. Democrats J. W.j from our homes? Do not be
Douglass, Herman Tratchell, Jno. ashamed to appeal to fanners and
Bjars; Republicans F. L. PrechtJ land owners for money to carry
C. W. Erisman, J. E. Stauffer. n this work.
MartinsbuTff. Democrats E. P.j
Johnson, Frank Davis, F. M. A. B. Hale: Everything is all
Walker; Republican II. L. Bur-;0. K. at Laddonia. The Christian
v'0ll, Geo. Stotler, Wm. Reitzel. Sunday school had a big rally day
Vandalia. Democrats J. L. 1 ht Sunday. Over 100 in attend-
Coontz, S. E. Merrell, R. F. Read ; ance. I notice that Rev. II. E.
' publicans Paul Groschill. Piukerton, late pastor of the M. E.
Tom Morris, dies. Matterson. ! church, South, at Laddonia. join
Crow. Democrats J. M. Bran- ed the M. E. conference at Hamil-
stetter, A. J. Middleton, John ton, Mo., the other day and the
Hickerson; Republicans 0. P.
House, Geo. Saxe, Chas. Ford.
Farber. Democrats W. O. Hos
tetter, S. P. Sutton, W. J. Crow;
Republicans A. J. Sckroll, Tom
Reighley, Ira Charles.
Black. Democrats T. J. Park
-r, -las. Hall, Join Walker; Re-
publicans L. B. Deaton, Henry
Oaks, B. L. Frisbie.
. Anti-Single Taxers.
The fanners of Liberty school
district, southeast of Mexico, have
formed an anti-single tax organi
zation. II. P. Warden is presi
dent; Earl Bell, secretary, and
Frank James, treasurer. About
$20 has been subscribed to help
the cause in the State.
The following are the charter
members of the organization: L.
R. Larkin, Joe Lockridge, W. G.
Sims, Frank James, J. E. Bell,
Byron Bradford, Earl Under
wood, John Jd orris, Clarence
Adams, Cole Edwards, Noble
Barnes, Neil Watts, Garl Lock
ridge, Dunny Sims, Wilbur Kun
kel, Ben Sims, Fletcher Sims,
Lelburn Dudley, and Worth Al
Mri. Sumner Very 111 Nephew
of Rudolph Miller Dies.
G. W. Newgent: Here's a
"wheel" to keep jour paper go
ing another year to my son, W. V.
Newgent, at St. Joseph, Mo. He
likes the Message and so do I;
success to the Message.
J. F. Predde: I put upon your
table, Mr. Editor, a couple of box
es of the sweetest persimmons you
ever put in your mouth not the
"puckering" kind, thank you.
That's the kind 1 grow in my or
chard. Frank Edson : It seems nonnlar
to Bnnounce ytmnt.t against the
single Tax. Rnt it is an in wini
tjiat blow8 nob0dy any good; this
gitation is going to call attention
to some of the iniquities of our
present tax laws.
I. P. Dyer: Mrs. Dyer and I
visited our relative and friend,
Mrs. Mattie Sumner, a few days
ago, near Worcester. She remains
in a serious 'condition of health,
ner daughter, Mrs. S. L. Ilickam,
of Booneville, Mo., is now at her
W. II. Morgan: Here, Mr. Mes
sage, is the tallest stalk of corn
you have seen this year. Put it in
your show window with these two
stalks of kallir com. They don't
grow the tallest corn down in C'hI
laway and 1 think, too, my kaffir
t orn is as great as Tom Rideway's
Indian maize.
Rudolph Miller: My wife and
I were called to Highland, 111., last
week to atteud the funeral of our
nephew, Clinton Clouth, 15 yearn
old, who died from poison getting
into a hurt on his hand. He was
a nephew also of Mrs. Robt. Wal
ter, of Rush Hill, who could not
U;,", .'"''""! lr- V'llu"'
J. C. Lower: I certainly ap
ureciate what the Message and
work as we ought. Are we going
to sit down and do nothing and
bishop gave him the charge of the
M. E. church at Vandalia. The
new pastor for the M. E. church
at Laddonia is Rev. E. V. Campbell.
A. B. Smock: I have just re
turned from a visit to relatives in
Illinois and attended the State
Fair while over there. The crowds
at the Fair are getting too big. It
is not a pleasure to be in such
jams. By the way, I want to sub
scribe for the Message to go to my
daughter, Mrs. Arthur Stanford,
at Artesia, N. ' M. They appre
ciate Retting the paper very
much. Mr. Stanford has a posi
tion in an alfalfa mill there and
he and his family are prospering
and happy.
O. R. Ackerman : Down my
way, around Rush Hill, they are
as much interested in the Single
Tax, and maybe a little more, as
in all the other hie nnestions in
the November election put to
gether. Our people are against it.
It looks like a bad thing to me.
P. S. Underwood : I sometimes
joke, too, I am for the Single
Tax. I also want the tariff taxes
fixed so high well, by that time
maybe we will have learned a
thing or two about taxation and
tariff in this country.
J.O.Barrow: I returned last
week from a trip to Houston, Mo.,
where I tried a case in the circuit
court. Met Ed. Pilcher at St.
James, Mo., and staid over night
with him. He is in a good town
and doing fine. Ed. is a brother
of your Mark Pilcher of Mexico
and of Mrs. E. D. Graham of Mex
ico and Joe Pilcher of Wellsville.
I like that section of the State 1
visited but I like Vandalia ami
old Audrain far better than any
thing I have ever seen. Yes, I'm
doing well in the law business at
The rain of last, week spoiled
our good roads.
Bro. Tayloi, of Columbia, filled
his appointment at Rising Sun
church last Sunday. Many of the
members were absent but a very
good audience and many hearts
were made glad. One confession
it . .
ana Dapiism at Hie morning ser
vice. Elder Taylor's talk was ex
cellent. Several of the Rising
Sun church will attend the Louis
ville, Ky., convention. Mr. and
Mrs. Mord Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Mil-
ford Berry, Judge Alex. Carte
and Bro. Taylor, the pastor, will
also atteud.
Mrs. Gill of Mexico is visiting
her daughter this week, Mrs. Eaii
Carter and family.
Mrs. Ellen Masou, Mrs. Win
Mason and children of Mexico
.vere out in this neighborhood
Sunday afternoon.
The Willing Worker Society of
Rising Sun church will have a
'County Produce Sale" at Fenis
.c taut horn's hardware store Sat
urday, Oct. lyth.
Mr. and Mrs. Will McMurtry
entertained relatives last Sunday.
Miss Mary Carter is visiting her
sister, Miss Laura Carter, who is
attending the University at Col
Mr. and Mrs. Millord Berry will
visit in Carlisle and Moorefield
Ky., before returning home.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dowell vis
ited near Benton City a few days
iast week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Powell ami
M. X. and M. J. Powell spent last
Saturday in Mexico with Mrs.
Fannie Powell, it being Mrs. Pow
ell's 79th birthday. All her chil
dren were home at the noon hour,
and several grand children, aud a
splendid dinner was served. All
enjoyed the day very much.
Earl Carter is putting in a eon
crete foundation for his scales.
Born, on the btli inst., to Rev.
ind Mrs. C. M. Aker, at Fayette,
Mo., a son.
Bills Allowed and Other Matters
Looked After.
The County Court met in regu
lar session Monday, Oct. 7.
Warrant for $G3 was drawn in
favor of the Mexico Special Road
District, for special road and
bridge fund, for road work.
Warrant ordered for $52.50 in
favor of A. C. Pledge for work in
cutting down Owen Dill, in dis
trict No. 62.
Warrant ordered in favor of
Wm. Pollock Mill & Elevator Co.,
balance due on account of County
Farm amounting to $86.95, a dif
ference being paid by sale of
wheat from said farm.
E. F. Elliott, Circuit Clerk, filed.
his statement of fees collected for
third quarter, 1912.
P. E. Coil $8.44 for inquest over
the body of John A. Mclntire.
Apportionment of the railroad
tax approved.
Printing for the November
election awarded to the Mexico
Message and Laddonia Herald.
Amount of special road and
bridge tax apportioned to the
town of Farber ordered turned
over to C. W. Tanner, for work on
the roads near Farber.
Resignation of J. R. Dorgan,
road overseer in district No. 64,
was accepted.
Dramshop license granted to C.
T. Johnson and J. W. Sullivan.
The following bills were allow
ed :
E. P. Ketter, nce't. Tioii.l and
Bridge fund, $20.00; Intelligencer
Pub. Co., supplies sheriff, $2.75;
Moore & Field, sup. Co. Farm.
$2:1.55; Rieketts & Emmons D. (1.
Co., sup. poor farm. $18.85; Mex
ico Power Co., water court house.
$10.10; Mexico Power Co., water
jail. $1.00; Mexico Power Co..
water court house. $7.S5; Mexico
Power Co., water at jail, $1.50:
Mexico Power Co., sup. court
house, $1.20; Otis Purdy, sup. Co.
Farm, $7.95; Guthrie & Son, sup.
Co. Farm, $3.85; G. W. Mclntyre.
livery, Co. Farm, $2.50; Haskell
Bros., sup. county farm. $5.00:
L. W. Roberts, sup. court house.
$3.50 ; Lane & McLoney, sup. jail
prisoners, $3.73; Mo. Kan. Phone
Co., sup. court house, $6.80; Mo
Kan. Phone Co., phone jail. $4.50:
Mo. Kan,. Phone Co., phone at Co
Farrn, $4.50; Mo. Kan. Phone Co..
phone Pros. Att'y. office, $6.00:
Bert F. Wells, repair court house.
$1.30; Arctic Ice Co., snp. court
house, $10.00; Wilkins & Brown
sup. Co. Farm, $2.00 ; J. T. Baker,
sup. Justice Peace, $1.00; W. L
Craddock, sup. Co. Clerk, 75 cts. :
Geo. D. Bernard & Co., sup. Re
corder, $45.23; John H. Wayne
Justice Peace, $6.35; Buxton
Skinner, sup. Collector, $1.70;
Buxton-Skinner, sup. Clerk,
$53.75; Buxton-Skinner, Collect
or, $1.29; J. S. Atkins, criminal
cost, $6.20; J. B. Graham, stamps,
freight, etc., $10.96; J. B. Wool
ry, attending Probate Court,
$24.00; McPheeters Bros., sup.
Jail, $8.00; Thomas Lumber Co.,
bridge sup., $16.80; J. n. Sal lee.
supplies county offices, $10.50; J.
B. Evans ('oust ruction Co., bal on
contract, $85.00; Henry Young
blood, bridge work. $12.05; Andy
Talbott, bridge work, $50.00; J.
W. Tanner, bailing hay, at Co.
Farm, $19.75; J. B. Woolory, at
tending Circuit Court, $140.40;
The Intelligencer Pub. Co., sup
plies, Collector, $8.25; J. B. Gra
ham, acct. with Co., $86.30; S. A.
Pulis, Collector, $576.72; E. F.
F.lliott, per bill, $60.60; W. S.
Hamilton, sup. Co. Farm, $550.00;
J. W. Mackcy, bridge work. $34 -61
; J. B. Woolery, feeding jidl
prisoners. $'13.50; E. S. (inn!,
phone message. $1.35; Alex. Car
ter, three days justice and mile
age, .tj,).ju; o. c. uroves. same,
$16.00; J. S. Gatson, justice and
mileage, $7.40; A. II. Bigger,
tlasteriug at Co. Farm, $8.00.
' Anniversary Program.
The Mexico Presbyterian
church last Saturday aud Sunday
celebrated the l;5tli anniversary
of the pastorale of Rev. A. A.iof the brid
Wallace. Rev. 11. E. Truex, of St.
Louis, formerly pastor of the Mex-
ico Baptist church here, offered
prayer, Rev. J. II. Jackson, of the
Methodist church, spoke lor the,
Mexico Pastors' Association, fol
lowed by letters of congratula
lions from friends at a distance
read by Dr. J. C. Moore. All this
followed by a short response i
from Mr. Wallace expressing hisin(,s Mont., the groomsman. Miss j authority to levy an assessment to
appreeation of all the kindnesses I Victoria Brooks played the wed-1 cover all indebtedness and what
he had enjoyed at the hands of j jing mH,ch and Miss Laura Hob- they may deem necessary for loss
the people in his quarter of a cen-' 0.. !,, nnd expense for the following
tury stay in Mexico.
Sunday morning Dr. C. B. Bov
ing, President , of Westminster
College, at Fulton, preached an
appropriate sermon for the occa-
The meeting levied an assess
ment of three mills on the dollar
on live stock insurance and four
mills on other property.
Mrs. Wilson Dead.
Mrs. Nellie Wilson, 45 years
old, wife of Dr. J. W. Wilsou, of
Pollock, La., died last Monday
morning at the home of her
brother, George Duncan, in this
city. Mrs. Wilson had lived sev
eral years in Louisiana and was
brought back here to her old home
last week. She was Dorn in Cal
laway county. Besides the hus
band she is survived by a daugh
ter. Three sisters and three
brothers also survive her Mrs. C.
A. Griffith, of Slater; Mrs. J. Aj
Griffith, of Fulton; Miss Kate
Duncan, nf St.. .Insenh. Tj Geo.
ami Sam Duncan, of this city, and
J. W. Duncan, of Edwardsville,
! il.nois.
Rev. J. II. Jackson, of the
M"i;odist church, conducted fun-
eral service Tuesday
burial in Elmwood.
Mrs. Gertrude Proflitt of Chase.
.a:is., visited Mrs. Maude Paullin
last week.
Kobert and Bruce Powell, sons
.if C. T. Powell, spent Sunday aud
Monday with their uncle, R. W.
Mrs. Dakin is visiting Mr.
Dalun's sister, Mrs. MeKcitheii, at
Green Top, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Vigal are home
from the Illinois State Fair.
.Mrs. S. P. Carter is still on the
.irk list, not much improved.
Rev. Taylor filled his appoint
ment at Sun Rise Sunday. Had
;ood 'lttendance. One addition
to the church.
T. R. Caldwell and wife, of Leb
anon, I ml., visited their niece,
.Mrs. U. W. Powell, week before
J. W. McCammon and wife vis
ited their son, Orine, of iiear Cen
tralia, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Loren have
returned home after a three
weeks' visit in Texas.
Fannie lirown was operated on !
for appendicits hist Sunday at !
her home southeast of Gant. Dr.
T C. Moore of Mexico was the
.'y8'e,n"- . ' ,
Mrs. Squire Jerman and son.
, . , , 1 , ,
Dick, of near Amanllo, Texas, are
visiting .in this vicinity ,
joe neauy, nenry vance, ami
W. P, Denham are all erecting
now barns,
Mr. and Mrs, Logan Byboe of
Mexico i-itcd T. M. Brnaddus
and wife Sunday.
J. II. Faueett spent Saturday
night and Sunday with J. R. Dan- ;
iel and wife.
The suit of W. R. Dudley
against the Wabash railroad for'
the death of his daughter at'
w .. ... : ,i .. '
.m.uM.uig uiree years ago, was , AIi-xi.:o Brick Plant.
iflirnied in the St. Louis Court of
ppeals last week. Dudley gets: George Berrey, who has been
judgment for $2,500. Mil for some time, is no better.
Price-Gibbs Nuptials.
Mr. Eben Price, of Billings,
Mont., and Miss Eliza Gibbs were
married in this city at the home
s parents, Mr. and
Gibbs, Wednesday
Mrs. C. R.
evening of lav.t week. Rev. J. E.
j Ayscuc, of the Baptist church,
Miss Susie Houston was maid of
honor; Mrs. J. Wm. Stueek of St.;
.Louis was matron of honor, and
Misses Mary Buckner of Marshall, j
Frances Glandon, of Columbia, I
bridesmaids; Leo Dal v. of Bill-
- j
Endeavor Organised.
, A Christian Endeavor Society
i, . i 01.nnjzi,.i nt Ttenton
riv ,vi(,, t( fo0XVjn officers : '
P. E. Miller, president; Amiel ,
Dnffen, vice-president ; Mrs. W. !
II. Coil, secretary, and Frank '
Erisman. treasurer. Meetings are!
held every Sunday evening alter-
nntplv nt tli Ptiriwtinii n?wl Prnu. 1
byterian churches.
Attending National Convention.
The following from Mexico and
community are attending the Na
tional Convention of the Christian
Church in Louisville, Kv. : Rev.
and Mrs. W. A. Sluillenberger,
Mrs. J. M. Atkinson and sister.
Mrs. C. C. Ragsdale; Misses Alicia j
and Nell Mason; Mr. and Mrs. C.
M. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Med ford
Berrey, and Miss Lillie Dobyns
and sister, Mrs. T. J. Gatewood.
Robert Fritchie, near this city.
j!8 Pr7;,i" tl"'.
I lak V ""''' 1 o1
ILa Crosse. is., which company I
. . . . " .
charged with using the t . .
mails to defraud. Thru circular
letters received from this comp
any Mr. Piiichie was induced to
ship them furs worth $100, but
they only remitted him $16. Mr.
Fritchie turned the matter over to
the postal .'inthorities.
The Woman's Division of the
Missouri Presbytery, embracing
the counti.1 of Northeast Mis
souri, held a three days' meeting
in Montgomery City last week.
Miss Ella Amatts, of Benton City,
and Mrs. II. B. Barks and Mrs.
Elon Bearing, of Mexico, had
places on the program. Mrs. W.
W. Bot's. of Mexico, was elected
secretary of the Presbytery for
the coining year.
Room No. 1 in the Central Iligl
School. Miss Nannie Wright
teacher, where 79 children are en
rolled. h::s been divided into two
sections; o;ie section comes in 1he
forenoon and the other in the
afternoon. 'This will be better
for the health of the children and
no doubt as much work also will
Win. Rodgers, who formerly
kept a ;ii;-at market west of the
post office in this city, is at the Be
thesda Home for Incurables in
M. Louis, lln is in ery poor
j, b(i ft
at the German church in Rush
i ... , , )ri n
i mil, Sunday, Oct. JO. German
jimidli1(, h, th(. nwm U,1(J
I English in the afternoon. Din-
s(.,.V)mI ((n (u
, 1)0(Iv
is invited to attend.
Rev. J. I), Greer, of Mexico, is
holding a great revival meeting at
Central I'nion Christian church,
this county. He baptized
20 convcils ic Cuivre Cie'l
days ago.
Twen'y brick makers arrived
in Mexico from Ohio last Satur
day. They are employed at the
New Company Officers.
The P. & L. Co Operative In
surance Association of Audrain
County has elected the following
officers and directors for the en
suing year. :
D. L. Rndgers, re-elected presi
dent; .1. W. Walker, vice-president;
G. L. Dcnham, secretary
R. L. Barnes, re-elected director-
John P. Winn and ( !co. M. Dean,
The following amendments to
the constitution were adopted :
Giving the Board of Directors
year and not exceeding one per
The President, Secretary and
Adjuster may settle all claims for
')sses when they and the insured
'e agreed.
A, t- 7, See. 9. Changed so as to
except automobiles.
A,'t- 8. Sec. 13. Prohibiting the
"s0 of Htove pip a Auks above
the roof.
Art. 8. Sec. 14. Acetylene light
I plants are prohibited.
Lightning Strikes.
During the storm last Friday
; lightning struck the barn of C. S.
Ra.v in Rush Hill and a horse aud
imile were killed. The barn did
I not catch (ire, but w as consider-
"'"' "". ' norac
.1 i : : i . n.i i
ami mine were insured against
loss but the barn was not.
Crews-Garrett Wedding.
Mr. C. I. Crews, a Wabash
railroad employe, and Miss Mar
tha Garrett, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Sid Garrett of this city, were
married Tuesday morning, Rev. C.
A. -Mitchell officiating. Here's
best wishes extended them.
Mr. Ragsdale Dead.
Walker Ragsdale, 56 years old,
formerly of this county, died at
his home in St. Louis Wednesday
of last week. He had been ill for
some time. The remains were
brought to Mexico Thursday and
funeral service was held at tho
home of Wm. Ragsdale. a brother,
Friday afternoon by Rev. W. II.
Hook, interment in Elmwood.
The wife survives him. Deceased
had been a traveling man.
C. C. Kiiubell, a young carpen
ter of this city, has accepted a po
sition with the C. & A. Railroad as
ear repairer and left here Sunday
for Sinter where he took up his
new work. Messrs Glenn and
William Bafford, of this city, will
also go to Slater aud work as
helpers with Mr. Kimbell.
Rev. C. ('. Long, a relative of
Mrs. C. A. Mitchell of Mexico, has
been called to the pastorate of the
West Park Baptist church of St.
Louis. Mr. Long was pastor of
the Baptist church at Centralia
for three years. He is a very
successful gospel preacher.
Hon. Oliver W. Stewart will
talk on the Prohibition question
at the Mexico court house to
"ight, at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Stew
art is said to be one of the best
speakers in the country. He
spoke in Mexico in 1900 and made
fine impression.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bowyer, of
Linneus, Mo., visited Mr. and
Mrs. L. E. Worrier here last week.
Mr. Bowyer is a brother of Mrs.
Worner. It was Mr. and Mrs.
Bowyer 's fir-t visit to Mexico and
about,"1'' ''e delighted with the city
ana our people.
mexicu wings oanrj
Capital Stock. S25O.OCO.O0 J
43rd Year In Business. i
W. W. PRY. ITnicW. i

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