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Mexico Missouri message. (Mexico, Audrain County, Mo.) 1899-1918, October 17, 1912, Image 2

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Mexico Missouri Message
John Oral, Editor
111 '
TInt appears to have been a bump
er crop of fuzzy hats.
Sunday port still continues to et
act toll In human lives.
It 1 a wonder that nobody thought
of clean money long ago.
The country Ib safe In spit of the
dire predictions of certain politicians j
It la posslblo to be n perfect dan, i
devil In an aeroplHtie, but what Is tho (
use? I
If It were not for poll tit s n lot of
young lawyers would find existence
What ha become of tho old fash- i
!oued Joint deha'n between leading !
Some jititorrat t'lmild off r .n p-i.c
for tho encouragement of lot ;. vlty ,
among avlntors. I
Not only does It hurt an oyster to
be eaten alive, as Hoc Wiley says, but
It cannot talk back.
Women's dresses, we are told, are
to bo tighter. Gracious heaven! Can
such a thing be possible?
Artificial rubber Is said by an ex
tort to be a failure not able to
stretch a point so to speak.
After a while perhaps Americana
will learn to utilize their housetops
aa well as their sleeping porches.
Even If abstaining from gossip will
not remove superfluous hairs It will
leave a sweeter taste In the mouth.
It Is a sad world. Tou escape a
scorching automobile by the skin of
your teeth, only to run Into a candi
date. After all, it Is only fair to attempt
to make a man of a monkey, since
so many monkeys have been made of
Once more the last of the pas-
sender pigeons has died. That bird
will accomplish that feat once too
often some day.
Now It Is eiplalned why the small
boy and the tramp are so healthy. A
Boston physician says that soap Is a
carrier of diseases.
The dear little boys In the kinder
gartens may he shy on some branches
of useless knowledge, but they are
learning to sew nicely.
It Is hardly reasonable to suppose
that all the police In New Tork are
bad, but the bad ones are most In
the limelight Just now.
The New Tork milkman who of
fered to accept kisses In pay for his
wares must hare been dispensing the
niilk of human kindness.
This Is a grand year for fruits, but
certain well-known gentlemen with
cravings for office will remember It
because of Its sour grapes.
Toadstools caused the death of thir
teen persons In Paris during the last
season. Another proof of the unluck
lcess of the number thirteen.
Despite all predictions of an early
hard winter. It can be regarded aa
certain that navigation up Salt river
will remain open until after Novem
ber S.
Harvard surgeons have Installed a
device that records heartbeats at hun
dreds of miles. Pooh! The ordinary
love letter has been doing that for
Why would It not be a good idea j
for some one to seek to develop the j
commercial utility of the aeroplane '
rather than to display its circus pos-'
slbllitles? I
. !
"Lots of Americans are fools," says j
the Charleston (S. C.) News and Cour- ,
ler. This may be true, but the for
eigner who says it Is going to get in-1
to trouble. !
People who Insist on dancing the
"grizzly bear" even when there la
danger of being shot for doing so may
be said to have enthusiasm that la
worthy of a better cause.
A Chicago man, struck by lightning,
waa cured of his rheumatism for 24
hours. The method may be all right,
but the difficulty of making it prao
tlcal comes in securing your bolts on
California scientists are endeavor
ing to find out whether the sun Is
growing cold. This is the tlmo of
year when people who desire to make
such a discovery are most likely to
be successful.
New Zealand has Introduced a let
ter meter by which mail Is registered
and paid for without the use of
stamps. Must be rather Inconveni
ent for each Individual to have to lug
a letter meter around.
A Waukegan lady who has tried one
reports that eld bachelors do not
make good husbands, because they
are too firmly "set" In their ways.
This otly proves the correctness of
the theory that tho lady who expects
to have a satisfactory husband must
catch hltn and train him early.
Mail end Express Cart Rifled and One
Pi.tienger Held Up U. S. Cit
i.en Forced to F;ee From
Hn Ranch.
I.i . .-" T -Afler h"'lii t i:; tl-e
i," h loui.d Mexico Not 1 1- extern
l .s i.iii r I ratr.. soi.tb of Ju.-ire-t, ri -
Is looted il, o in, nl mill haiv-nre Care
and Kidit.ipi d John T. V,.t run. ,i
wealtl.y i :t t i I" m ;i ti of HI 'n m from
tin; truin, mid .ire bold t.g him for
CaM'Toii v.i'i on his ;,) to (lie
Mormon rob. He- neir Casus Crnnd' s
to piii( lia'"o r.uflr for iiiipoi 'iil'oii. It
Is bell: ved Hie 'chcls lely.rd Crii'eron
to keep him from (-hipping ild'-'. :.il
stork nt 'f the rebel teriioij.
Soldiers No Protection.
Opri.iim il, e Mex'co Northwestern
railway after a lapxe of traffic for
week, funned by destruction of the
road ly rebels, makes known laifcc
recent loffx s bv the company. Aside
from the destruction of many trestles
n 'lie line, .i tr;iln of twenty-four
curs f choice lumber, destined for
the 1'hlted States, was biirn d The
lo-s of the liimlter train Is e.,tin.ated
at more than $:,n.non.
Kedeinl troon continue to effer no
protcttion to the railway, r. Ti Hininn
in thr larger towns, say piraecKen
arriving here. Some signiPtnr.ee is
attached to the departure to the state
capital of (Sen. Antonio Itabngo, cm
nianeVr of the district. It is under
stood he has b en recalled t Mexico
Cl!y. Tresh troops, not of Ms coin
Hand, lire on Cue way from the city
nf Chihuahua to replace Itabago's
American Fiees From Msxico.
pcevhle. Tex -W. O. Mav.senflor k,
man:::-'1'! of the Mexican ranch of I he
International Land and I.fo Stock
company of Chicago, has arrived at
his old home here, beinR; forced to
flee from the ranch, which Is situated
near Valliates, Chihuahua. He says
the p-operty has been occupied alter
nately by federals and rebels for sev
eral i.( nths. lie gives an arcouat of
a bat'le thnt vas fought a few days
ago ?t Vailliates.
Arrest In $200,000 Theft
Havana. Antonio Ayala, a mosscn
per of the National bank of Cuba, has
been arrested by order of the special
judre in charge of the Investigation
Into tbe disappearance of a package
containing $200,000. which -was sup
posed to have been sent by registered
mail to the National Park bank of
New York., September 27.
Trust Assessed $223,754,555.
Chicago. James King, auditor for
the International Harvester company,
on the witness stand in the hearing
of the government's suit to dissolve
' :he alleged harvester trust, testified
i that In Augus', isn, the total assets
if the couipany amounted to $!I3,-
Oklahoma Marshal Slain.
! Fairfax. Okla. In a duel vnh W.
I B. SUirvinsmn. wanted on a charge of
horse tl.eft at Gray Horse, seven
; miles a st of here, James Mul Uy,
aiir"hal of Fairfax, was shot and
. killed. Skirvin-,ton escaped on hore-
Democratic Fund $425,000.
New York. Henry M. Moreenthiu.
chairman of the general finance com
mittee of the Democratic national
committee, announced that contribu
tions to date for ihe Wils'.n and Mar
shall campaign totaled $425,000.
17 Hurt In Wreck.
Norrlstown, Pa. Seventeen per
sons, mostly women, were Injured se
riously two miles from here when two
trolley curs of the Reading Transit
company trashed in a head-on collis
ion in a fog. Several may die.
Sickles' Home May Be Sold.
New York. Papers have bn
drawn in a suit to foreclose the first
lncrtgage on the home of Major Gen
eral Daniel E. Sickles. The mort
gage, which is for $118,000, Is bell by
the Bowery Savings bank.
Typhoid in Reformatory.
Pontine, yi. Typhoid fever Is epl
Senile among the inmates of the Illi
nois Btote reformatory here, twenty
five cases being in the hofipital of
that Institution at the prrnent time
One Inmate, George Yeager, died.
New Chinese Loan Offered.
I.o'ulr.ii Anrnher powerful In le
pendent banking combine, the Pekin
corre." -pondt-nt of the Daily Teleuraph
; asserts, ha ofli red lo underw rite rea
j s'iri'ibl.' Cliine.-e schemes to any
I atr.oit!:t.
Fine Cut Kills a Baby.
Peoria. Ill Charles, the 2-year-old
I ion of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dun bar.
j Is dead ai Virginia. 1)1., as a resuK of
j eating fine cut chewing tobacco which
I he found on tbe floor of his parents'
I koine.
- fit
THIS Is the dvw saorcycle ooUeotlnc device now being tried out hi
Wnahlngten by the poeVofflce authorities. The photograph shows how
the mall is taken from the letter box without the collector leaving ' his
machine, proving a great time saver ever the old way of collecting.
Gasoline Explosion Drives Captain,
Family jnd Crew Into New
York Harbor Water.
New York. The Knglish oil
Steamship Dunliolm, with 25.0U0
barrels of gasoline on hoard, blew up
at Standard Oil pier No. ?., Countable
Hook, llayoune, with a detonation
that was heard in Manhattan and
started a Tiro which is estimated to
have caused more than $300,000 dam
age. It was known that three men, a
carpenter on the steamer Dunholm
and two laborers on n pier, perished,
whlln n number of other men were
reported missing. That more persons
did not lose their lives was clue to
quick rescue work by crews of lire
boats. The men leaped overboard and
were picked up one by one while
iwimmiug frantically to escape the
burning oil.
Some of the men who escaped de
clared they heard as many as Bixteon
explosions on various oil barges.
Most of these explosions, they said,
were on the Dunholm.
The captain, his wife and Ihelr
three -children and the other sixty
men aboard the Dunholm leaped oer
board at the sound of the first explo
The exploding gasoline was hurled
cross pier No. 3, setting fire to the
Saxoleine, an oil steamnhip. having
in board a full cargo of oil, and to
the Norwegian bark, Concordia, with
a full cargo of case oil.
Explosions on board the Dunholm
continued for three hours, each bar
el bursting with the report of a six
ltch field gun and scattering tho oil
s It burned, far over the piera and
Girl Singer in Taft's Cincinnati
Church Eats "Doctored" Candy
and Becomes III.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Through the
agency of candy which had been
dipped In a solution of bichloride of
mercury, an unidentified enemy
sought the life of Miss Isabel Spaikes,
soprano soloist at Christ church, the
leading Episcopal congregation of the
city, who lives at 2511 Auburn ave
nue. It Is at this church that President
Taft usually worships when In the
Miss Sparkes ate three pieces of
the candy and became dangerously 111.
Her life was saved by the minlbtra
tlons of the family physician.
Kansas Divorces Decreasing.
Kansas City, Me Divorce In Kan
ias City is decreasing, according to
figures given out by W. W. Wright, di
vorce proctor. From Octeber, 1910,
to October, 111. divorces were grant
ed to 911 women and 313 men. In
the year ending October 1, 1S12. C:n
women and 250 men obtained decrees.
Mexican Rebels Rob Train.
Laredo. Tex Mexican rebels held
OP a Mexican Northwestern passenger
train near Pearson, robbed passeniiers
of money and valuable and rifled the
mail, according to advices received
Uncovers Supposed Pirate Ship.
GalvPhton, Tex. Workmen diirtiiiig
a foundation in the center of the busi
ness d'strlct found the remains of an
old ship. t)0 feet under ground. H Ik
believe 1 by gome to be part of the
fleet' of Pirate Lufitte.
4 1 ... Lv Ji i
lis 5 - -. : .14 fc- -"
Jury Gives Manufacturer $80,000,
Which Is Trebled by Provision in
the Sherman Anti-Trust Law.
Hartford, Conn. A verdict for
$so,ouo and costs was awarded for
the plaliitifTs, 1). K. Lot-we &. Co., of
Danl.iiry, against inembera of the
United Hatters' I'nion of North Amer
ica In the United Statea district court
linder the Sheridan anti-trust law,
this award will be trebled, making
the total amount $210,000.
It took the Jury four hours to reach
the decision, most of the time being
spent in examining the expense ac
count of the plaintiffs. The verdict is
for the full amount sought.
This already famous case has been
before the court for nine years, dur
ing: which time It has gone to the
United States court of appeals twice
and once to tbe United States su
preme court. In the first jury trial,
three years ago, the award for the
plaintiff was $::2.000.
Steps were begun by the defense to
appeal the case again.
Stilt was first brought In 1902
against 240 mmbers of the United
Hatters of North Americu, residing
in this state, and was based on the
allegation that a conspiracy existed
to injure the business of the plaintiff,
a soft hat manufacturer, because he
declined to unionize his factory.
In both trials evidence was present
ed aiming to show that certain labor
unions had instituted a . boycott
against the plaintiff" s business.
Detroit Real Estate Man Causes De
partment of Justice to Start
Washington. D. C. Declaring his
belief that his young wife, who dis
appeared from a railroad train some
wIipto between Detroit, Mich., and
Maumee, O., September 29, was a vlc-
i tim of "white slave" workers, Ernest
Hlckets, said to be a prominent real
estate dealer of Detroit, has succeed
ed in having tho department of Jus
tice di tail secret uervice agents to
Investigate In an effort to locate the
The police of a dozen or more cities
are already working on the case and
Rlcketts saB he will not rest until
he finds his wife.
Servia and Bulgaria Also Sever Dip
lomatic Relations With Turkey
State of War Exists.
Indon. Eng. Servia and Bulga
ria have severed diplomatic relations
with Turkey, according to a dispatch
received by the Exchange Telegraph
company from Paris. The Exchange's
correspondent adds that "a state of
war exists."
Auto Into River, 1 Drowns, 2 Hurt.
Greer. Huy, Wis. -Louis S. Kirch
ner was drowned, Miss Meta Mark-
j hart fatally injured and Miss Clarice
Moek slightly hurt when an automo
bile in which they were riding ran off
I into tho Ku.U river here.
Engineer Killed in Indiana Wreok.
Fort Wayne, Ind. O . E. Schlelder,
a liellevue, ()., engineer, was killed
when a .New York, Chicago & St.
. lyouia passenger train ran Into the
j r(.ar ,,, ., f.,.jgt train near Leipsic in
j a dense fog.
Most Intelligent Since the Moltneaux
Case All Are Married, as
Defense Fought For.
New York, N. Y. Tho most Intel
ligent jury sworn to try a homicide
ruse here since the ordeal of Roland
II. Mollneaux, a decade ago. wuh that
sworn In lo try Police Lieutenant
Becker for the murder of gambler
Herman Rosenthal.
Kvery m;in who passed the scrutiny
of counsel for both sides and tin final
analysis of the nccur-cd policeman
himpplf was far above tho nveiage of
the usual juror in nbility. As in the
Molinenux case, the defense Insisted
that the men selected should bo able
to act and think Independently.
In addition every man chosen ia
married, this being one of the hinges
Pecker positively Insisted on, and h4
declared when court opened that be
was well satisfied with the men
chosen. The men are:
llaiold II. Kklnner, 35 years old,
electrical engineer, married, foreman;
Hobert C. Purcell, 40 years old. ex
pert chemist, nintrled; John T. Har
dy, 55 years old, retired manufactur
er, married; Kdward C. Soulo, 30
years old, auditor, married; William
F. Ward, 45 years old, real estate
dealer, married; Dow J. Pecker, C5
years old, wholesale lumber dealer,
married (no relation to, and nevef
heard of accused before his arrest);
Charles J. Peatt, 40 years old, agent
commissary department Central rail
road; Leslie A. Wnrk, 45, baker, mar
ried; Clarence T. Coley, 35, mechan
leal engineer, married; Paul T. Ham
merer, 55, retltred clothing manufac
turer, married; John E. Dillon, 45,
manager, married.
Alventists Buy Splon Kop, a Moun
tainside In South Africa, as a ,
Mission Farm.
Washington, D. C. The scene of
the bloodiest battle of the Boer war.
Splon Kop, a mountain outside of
Iadysniith, Natal, South Africa, Is tc
be used bv Seventh Day Adventlsts
as a mission farm for educating and
Christianizing the Zulus. Advices re
ceived at the headquarters of the de
nomination here from one of its mis
sionaries there, tell of the purchase
of this mountain peak containing
2,200 acres. The farm Is to be self
Several Christianized tribesmen
will work with tho missionaries In
teaching Christianity to their brother
Man Who Took Apparatus to Chicago
Fire in Record Time Freed
In Texas.
Houston, Texad J. E. Kitzpat-
rick, 71 years old, convicted in
Harris county on a churge of mule
theft nnd sentenced to two years In
the penitentiary, got a conditional par
don from Gov. Colquitt. He was con-
victed March 31, 1911, and has served
since that date.
Fitzpatrick, while an engineer,
made the famous run In 1871 from
Rloomington, 111., to Chicago, 126
miles, in 129 minutes. The run was
made at the time of the big Chicago
fire. The train which Fitzpatrlck's
locomotive pulled was loaded with
fire-fighting apparatus.
Fitzpatrick was an engineer fifty
In Attempting to Avoid Collision
With Another Boat the Ossabaw
Hull Broken by Montana.
New York. The steamer Os
sabaw. collided with the United
States battleship Montana in the low
er bay. The Ossabaw, inward hound
from Texas, while trying to avoid col
liding with the St. Lawrence, struck
broadside against the stern of the
battleship. The battleship was un
damaged, but the bull of the Ossabaw
was broken.
As the vessel was loaded with lum
ber, however, she was In no great
danger of sinking and kept on her
course to the city.
Wabash (Ind.) Victims to Be Treated
in Pasteur Institute at
Wabash, Ind. Ora Oxley, a
farmer, and the 5-year-old' daughter
of C. W. Schroeder, another farmer,
are in Indianapolis, where they will
bo treated at Pasteur Institute. TLey
were bitten two weeks ago by a mad
dog. James Ulrey, 12 years old, vas
also bitten, and went to Indiar.-jpolis
Giant Wave Drowns Seamen,
Watsonvtlle, Cal. O. A. Schroeder
of Milwaukee and T. J. Turhett of
Newark. N. J., seamen on board the
j United States submarine F-l, were
arowned when a giant wave swept
over the little craft, which later went
aground fiear Fort Watsonville.
wnwwi vna .cni I u I r I B a.
! F.vansvllle, Ind. The jury in the
I case of Mrs. Edna Schaffer agal.nBt
Louis E. Johnson, who churged that
: he kissed her against her will, brought
J In a verdict for damages of 1 cent.
A Mm... - A M ,y
UMSsf Missouri
Virgil Conkllng III.
Kansas City. Virgil Conkllng, pros
ecuting attorney of Jackson county.
whose efforts, so far, to convict B.
Clark Hyde of causing the deaths la
tbe Swope family, is suffering frow
another nervous breakdown at his
home. Ilia condition is serious. The
condition of the prosecutor forecasts
tho acquittal of Dr. Hyde, as the
court has announced that another
continuance of the case will not be
allowed. The new trial will be called
about the first of tho year.
Church Women Elect.
Montgomery City. Columbia waa
elected as the next meeting place of
the woman's presbytery of tho Mis
souri presbytery. The following offi
cers were elected. President, Mrs. L.
It. Henderson, Fulton; vice-president,
Mrs. I. C. Uptgrove, Montgomery
City; recording secretary and treas
urer, Mrs. W. W. llotts, Mexico; cor
responding secretary, Miss Mnrga
rette Mitchell, Keytesvllle.
1,600 Mules on Feed In Callaway.
Columbia. Tho number of mules
on feed this year In Callaway county,
one of tho leading mule raising coun
ties of Missouri, Is Jarger than last
year. ' According to estimates made
by live stock men, there are now
1,000 mules on Teed In the county.
At this time last year there were
1,500, but In 1910 there were almost
Hadley Paroles Oron McClain.
Jefferson City. Oron McClain, a
young man from Maryvllle, Mo., who
was serving two years In Missouri for
forgery, was released on parole by
Gov. Hadley, on condition that ho re
turn to hia former home, report to
W. A. BlagR and go to work.
Car Shortage Stops Coal Mining.
Bevler. The entire coal mine pro
duction of this section was compelled
to stop work on account of car short
age. This Is the first time in a mini
ber nf years that a car shortage has
affected the coal production of this
Bank Robbera Get $5,800.
Bogard. Robbers blew the vault of
the Farmers' bank here and escaped
with $2,800 in cash. The explosion
aroused the officers of the bank, but
the robbers were out of sight when
the officials reached the scene.
Judge Boosts Poultry Show.
Jefferson City. This city Is to have
a large, poultry show early In Decem
ber, under the ausplcea of prbbably a
hundred local fanciers, among whom
Is Judge W'alller W, Graves of the
Missouri supreme court.
Perry Boosters Visit Hannibal.
Hannibal. Fifty business men of
Terry passed through here in auto
mobiles on their final stretch over
northeast Missouri ot advertise Perry.
Each machine displayed large ban
ners advertising the town.
Fire in Gmelich's Home,
Jefferson City. The home of Lieu
tenant Governor Jacob Gmtitch, on
East Main street, way damaged by
fire during the absence of the family.
Plumbers left a candle burning close
to a pile of papers.
Clerks and Recorders to Meet.
Moberly. The State Association of
Circuit ClerkB and Recorders will
hold a two days' session In this city
November 8 and 9. Every county in
the state will be represented.
Carthage Pastor Goes to New Post.
Poplar Bluff. Rev. F. M. Weddell
of Carthage, Mo., has accepted a call
to the rectorship of the Episcopal
church of the Holy Cross here.
Marshal Took Bribe, Is Charge.
Sturgeon. The board of uldermcn
has started impeachment proceedings
against C. F. Holloway, city marshal.
The charges are neglect In the col
lection of the city's reveuue, and ac
cepting a bribe.
Raises Saloon License Cost.
Moberly. An ordinanco was passed
raising the saloon licenses from $1,600
to $2,000 per year. This means an
Increase In revenue of $4,000 per year,
$1,000 of which goes to the good
roods funds.
Kills Self on Anniversary.
Columbia. John E. Rldgeway, a re
tired farmer of Boone county, com
mitted suicide: here by drinking car
bolic acid. The deed was committed
on the thirty-sixth anivcrsary of big
Light Plant Bond Issue Lost.
Bevier. At the special election
upon a proposition to bond the city
for buying the electric light plant the
Issue was defeated by sixteen votes
of the necessary two-thirds required
to carry It.
Moberly Church Dedicated.
Moberly. Bishop Burke of St. Jo
seph, Mo., formally dedicated the new
St. John's Catholic church here. The
new edifice Is being erected at a cost
of $75,000. Rev. Father P. J. Carney
and former Mayor Rothwell also
Mistaken for Thief, Shot by Friend.
Poplar Bluff. Ben Howlett, Jr., was
shot In the right leg by a friend, C. F.
Smtth, who thought him a highway
man. Howlett hailed Smith, the lat
ter misunderstood the call and fired.
in niE back
Point to Hidden
Kidney Trouble.
Have yon a
lame back, ach
ing day and
Do you feel a
sharp pain aftor
bending over ?
When the kid
neys seem sore
aod the action
irregular, use
Doan's Kidney
Pills, which have
cured thousands.
A Texas
J. H. T.ce, 41J IV. Wnlnut St . i i n.
T.., ay: "For four yt-dra I ,. .
mlery from gravel. Mnrphln.- w. . ,
only rllrf. f hml trrlll. j. ,.
bark an'l It wna hard for m i .
kidney trcrrtlone LlnWn Kl.li- -. .
rur?d m anil alnce I totik th- n. : ;, ,,,,
bt-i-n well."
Cot Doan'a at Any Drus Stnra, SOc a B-a
FOSTER-MILBURN CO., Buffalo, New York
Never Judgo n mun by his coat; he
may owe the tailor.
Mean Hint.
"Men are what their diet. umVrt
"You must have been ating a great
deal of sheepshead fish lately '
Usual One.
"What is the latest thing which
Mrs. Cooke has In tho way 0f
"I guess It 1b her husband."
Darling," said the fond youth, pro
ducing a ring, "which Is the riu-ht fin.
"For goodness sake, Algy!" re
sponded the maiden, "don't you kuu?
Nineteen years old nnd never h"'a
engagod to a girl before!"
Neglect and Cruelty.
"So you want a divorce?" said 'he
"Yes," replied the woman uith
tear-stained cheeks. "Ho ha. V n
guilty of neglect and cruelty "
"In what respects?"
"He neglected to feed the bin v
I was away und says the ere ' .-t
things ho can think of about I ' . : r "
Explains the Undertaker's Or;;
"Who is that fellow slttitip In
up and muttering to himself on'
cn the horse block?"
"Aw, that's Ezra Toombs, tin
taker," replied the landlord of
Skeedce tavern. "He's Jeelim;
over tho way his business li.is
going of late. You see, the il
gave Judge Feebles two weeks to
? ' re
.i I. r
lhat was six weeks a,o, and tin
is up and around now and flger
marryln' again. Every time
meets the doctor he auks him,
about It, hey?" and they have a
And now he's slttln' out there v
Ing a tramp painter gliding tin '
er vane of the church acm.-.i
II i'l:
'! ii'W
street. Exra sayB, by Heck, he's :i
ready to move away, things is so
here." Kansas City Star.
' Righteous Indignation.
Little Ruth was the youngest il.nikh
ter In a very strict Presbyterian fam
ily that especially ubhorred profanity.
One day little Ruth became exceed
ingly exasperated with one of her ilol
lies. In her baby vocabulary siie could
find no words to express ndeitiat'ly
her disapproval of dolly's conduct
Finally, throwing the offending .1"!
ly across the room, she cried, 1 --!-Ingly:
"My gracious! I w ish I bi lmn-' d
to a family that sweared!"
A Confirmed Coffee Drinker Take to
A housewife was recently surprised
when cook served Postum instead of
coffee. She says:
"For the last five or six years 1 have
been troubled with nervousness, in
digestion and heart trouble. 1 couldn't
get any benefit from the doctor s med
icine so finally he ordered me to stop
drinking coffee, which I did.
"I drank hot water while takiut,' the
doctor's medicine, with some improve
ment, then went back to coCee with
the same old trouble as before.
"A new servant girl told tne al ut
Postum said her folks used it and
liked it In place of coffee. Wo got a
package but I told her I did not J
lleve my husband would like H, as be
was a great coffee drinker.
"To my surprise he called for
third cup. said it was 'good stuff and
wanted to know what It was
have used Postum ever since and b 'h
feel better than we have In years
"My huaband used to have t.J
spella with hla stomach and would w
sick three or four days, during wl"ii
time he could not eat or drink any
thing. But since he gave up c r. e
and took to Postum, be has had no
more trouble, and we now fully "
lieve It was all cauBed by coffee.
"I have not had any return
former troubles since drlnkinv
turn, and feel better and can do i.v
work than In the last ten ye-ir
tell everyone about It some t.r
tried It and did not like it. I t. M '
It makee all the difference as if '
it's made. It should be made ;."
Ing to directions then It is d li1
Name given by PoBtum Cn . I
Creek, Mich. Read the boo',..
Road to Weilvllle," in pkgs. " '
a reason."
Kver rrmd the nboxr ',r' i
lWi from "n if
re iraalar. true, !
taterawt. Adv.
7iii0 ijt'i '

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