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Prof. Pryor Endorsed; Better
School Equipment Wanted.
Kev. Jos. II. Harvey, rector of
St, Paul's church of this city, has
vritteii Prof. Herbert Pryor, su
perintendent of the Mexico
g,.iools, the following timely let
ter :
My Dear Mr. Pryor: I am much
interested in the changes that you
re advocating in our pnnnc
g,,ools. They are good schools
now, hut schools are not like
Egyptian inummieB which were
as (food 2,.r)00 years ago as they
arc now; schools are live things,
in,, I should grow to meet the de
niiiiuls made upon them. The
gclionl room should grow to fit the
size of the enrollment of pupils;
tlie equipment should grow to as
sist in the education of the pupil.
'e need new equipment from
time to time; we need additions
to tlie huildings, sometimes new
buildings once in a while.
We cannot do as the farmer
who, on seeing a giraffe for the
fust time, examined the beast
carefully and said, "Aw, there
ain't no such a animal." We must
fare the facts and deal with facts.
We cannot ignore them or deal
with them in a half hearted way.
"The riches of a nation consist
not in mines, buildings, com
merce, nor industries, but in its
guns and daughters," and the bet
ter the education that they re
ceive, the better and richer will
the country be. Let "x" equal
the natural resources of the state;
let "y" equal the health and en
terprise of its people, and let "z"
dUHl what Tit's education. If
"z" is equal to "one," the state
will not he so well off as it would,
if "z" were equal to two, five, or
Victor Hugo says: "When you
open a school, you close a prison."
It is the ripht of every child in the
state to have a good education,
and it is the duty of every parent
and taxpayer to see that the child
pots it. The child should be
taught to work and play, and to
study and think, llody, soul, and
spirit should be developed so that
the child may become self-respecting,
self-supporting, self-reliant
and efficient. The public school is
u factor in making such charac
ters. The child should have three
great aids for fighting life's bat
tle: Accuracy, He sure you are
right and then go ahead; appre
ciation, the proper valuation of
everything and everybody with
which and with whom lie or she
comes in contact ; assurance, not
only be sure, but doubly sure.
i lay groumts and games, as
well as mental work for the child
occupy much thought of school
boards of our larger cities , and
our smaller cities are wearing
hoots much larger than cities the
same size did in years gone by.
Men in seven-league boots must
take seven-league strides.
The "booster spirit" is rife in
Mexico, why not put it to work in
good cause, for surely it is a
good cause, for it concerns the
training of those precious things
of whom the Master said. "Who
so shall receive one such little
child in My name, receiveth Me.
Kut whoso shall offend one of
these little ones which believe in
Mn, it were better for him that a
ii. Ill ,.!. i i i i.:..'
'-"imie were unngcu uootii iu:i
"i-r, nuu ne were urowneu in ine
ui'pius ot the sea.
(( "y all means, let us work
while it is day, the night cometh.
"nn no man can worn. liCtmi
make good use of "Time" that
hlaek and narrow isthmus be-
iween two eternities."
The Roes 5-10 and 50c Store.
"The Store of Quality."
Have the Genuine Aluminum
"ware at prices that all can afford
to e the goods.
A. Morrow and family are
preparing to move to St Louis.
A Cake Brings $30 Interesting
Personal Mention.
Thompson, Mo., Oct. 15. Mrs.
J. B. Nevins has a severe case of
Arthur Rloom has been sick for
the last two weeks, but is some
better at this writing.
The box supper at Daniel school
house was a great success; the
boxes bringing $21. A cake was
put up for the most popular lady.
Miss Kdna Oant of Thompson won
the prize. The cake brought $'50.
Our mail carrier, Turner Pulis,
has resumed his duties after a 15
days' rest, J. It. Nevins being sub
stitute. After the rains of Inst week the
fall wheat and grass is looking
Mrs. Ed. Realty and daughter,
Eliza, of (Jant, are visiting Mrs.
Reatty 's son, J. T. Reatty.
Joe Reatty is erecting a big
Ri ot her E. S. P.ibbs of Mexico
preached at Hopewell Sunday
morning and Sunday night.
There will be a big Republican
speaking at the Hall at Thompson
Tuesday night.
Rrother W. C. Rice of Mexico
filled his regular appointment at
Groves Chapel Sunday evening.
Quite n number from this commu
nity attended.
Mrs. J. A. Mot row, and
daughter, Gladys, departed
last night for East St. Louis to
join her husband and will leave
shortly for the South.
Let Me Show You
You inny huve questioned
some of the statements you
Imve heard about the wonder
ful crop yields obtained by
Wyoming fanners partic
ularly those in the Biff Horn
Basin, but if you will visit that
country and talk with some of
the tanners from Illinois, Iowa
and Missouri who have settled
there, you will r adily under
stand why they feel so optimis
t e.
A former Iowa man recently
wrote me as follows:
"I believe there is no better
loeat on iu the West than just
where I am, and I heartily ad
vise my friend to look over the
line irrigated land that is open
to entry on the .Shell ('reck
Tract, if they aie interested in
acquiring a home in a progres
sive, rapidly-developing local
ity I have plained an apple
orchard on part of my land and
1 . 1 A t I
shall enlarge n consmennuy
this next spring; during this
past season I received returns
that were more than satisfac
tory from quite an area which
I truck fanned, in spite of the
fact that this was the tiist year
the land had been cultivated.''
What this man has done is
not at all unusual." There is
no good reason why you can't
do it too, provided yen get your
place j ticked out bcloic tlie
good land is taken up.
In order to make it eay for
you to look the Basin ov i
without too much eieiise. Ho
B.:r ingtoii Koiit" wi! run sp'-c-
tn I llonp'wi'i-ker:- ivriirsn i
C..( ()ma
in Ctiii! 1 1 ;.' :
tl1( y,lV
I , will, urn .'.i v
S(1 ,. j,, vv(Jlt ,,. (,,,.ai-tmil i.
; jU.(l i( t!lis ,.,.,,
J.,..! wriic in.' "!' v. 1
.by ,
( .,
nn, wj
p..' tnl wi 1 (l.
yi'.: our 'oilier
iiiinl tell yui jn-'t l:"W ;iinl wb.'iv
j to nii'ct in Otiiiilri. D.v (Jlein
ili.'iiver, li.iiiiiynitiiin Agvnt,
illurlliU'ti-i; h't'iilc, li'ooni ;ws
Q liMjf., O.mtliii, Nri.
Misses Aiice nnd June tJrali.im
daughters of J. U. (Jraham. have
been quite sick with tonsilitis.
The famous- Dolly Vault":
t'hoeolatiM al Wren's riiarmney.
: : : :
;: c
R. 1). Daniel, of (.ant eoinuri
a nice colt of Walter Raines for
Duve Thompson, of Reun ( reek,
sold Henry Schrnder a horse re
cently for $175.
R. I '. Daniel, of (iant commu
nity, bought a calf of T. M. Mi uad
dus for $17.50.
Rudley & Moody, three miles
southeast of Mexico, will have ;l
big public sale this coming Fei
day, tomorrow. See full notice mi
this paper.
J. K. Rell, at Ortiz Fruit Farm,
two miles south of Mexico, will
have a big dispersion side of -Jersey
cattle and Poland China hogs
on Wednesday, Oct. :0.
Lightning killed 10 mule colts '
on the farm of James Warren, in I
Monroe county, during the heavy jj
rain storm last Friday. The colls
were standing along a wire fence.
Cattle for Sale.
45 head yearling steers and
calves to he sold on streets iu
Mexico next Saturday.
John Henderson, north of Mex
ico, lost his barn by fire Monday U
afternoon. A colt was in the
barn and burned also, besides
quantity of hay, oats, farming im
plements, etc. Loss partly cover
ed by insurance. Not known how
the fire caught.
"Jake Doolcy, near Stnuts
ville," says the Paris Appeal,
"'had a pair of ll-year-old mules
and J. D. Tully, the stockman, of
fered seventeen and one-halt' cents
a pound lor them. Jake promptly
accepted and when the animals
were put on the scales their
weight was found to be
pounds, which called for a check
for $425.25. A Monroe county
mule man used to say that twenty
cents a pound was the proper
basis for getting at the selling val
ue of a first quality mule."
Vinson Stands For a Principle
Will You Stand By Him?
Woodrow YVilsun is a vastly different order of man than you find among the ranks of many eood men in
practical political life.
Woodro .v Wilion is not among the great majority of politicians and business men, otherwise estimable
characters, who believe that the end justifies the meant, who are honest in a commercial or political sense.
The candidate of the progressive voten of the country not only does not believe in the doctrine of
"anything to win," hut he insists on plain old fashioned honesty in every detail of his campaign.
Woodrow Wilson proposes to win on the merits of his candidacy and platform or not at all.
"Clean hands or no fiht" is Wilson's ultimatum to his supporters throughout the country.
No Tainted Money For Wilson
Not a dollar of questionable money wiil be -spent to elect Woodrow Wilson.
The Democrarc National Committee is heart and soul in accord wiih the candidate's views.
And the corrupting influences, with no poikical faith, casting about t win a foothold in the new govern
ment with bribes of ill-ijotten gains, have despaired of reaching Wilson or his campaigners.
They have gone to the enemy, whoever that enemy may be. It is a matter of common knowledge that
the "Interests" are using all their political fundtoto defeat Wilson.
This makes it your fight.
What the American People Need to Know
The people have constantly made the mistake of believing that this is a money-ridden nation.
Such is only the case insofar as the People fail to get together and so permit the few to control the dishonest
representatives they, by mistake, elect to office.
The actual money power of the People is still jreater than that of the Interests.
The Progressive People of the country, if they get together, can buy and sell the Corrupting Influencci
and destroy their financial power.
So Woodrow Wilson and his managers believe that not only is it the only clean method but the most
practical method for the Progressive People of the country to supply the W.iodr.jw Wilson Campaign Fund.
The People to Fight With THEIR Dollars
This year a popular president is to be elected with- the People's rr. ney.
The Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund is to be collected from the ra: k and file of the Piogi e.siv Voicr:
of the country.
The bilk of the Democratic National Committee are to be paid, not with the thousands of the lniere.su,
but with the individual dollars of the earnest, eager voters who desire clea i, efficient government ami wh-i are-
wutiiv' to neip wuson as ne wants to be helped
Money thus needed is not spent in imoroaer
Interest nre disbursed'
but we have to tell the voters of
We have to ti ll tlii-m what lie stands for. We have to point out to them the import-tit plank- in his platform. All i'
means that to h.'ld up our end we will be obliged to spend at much money as those who uppus-- :v
This means that every man or woman vrtio believes in Wilson should be wil!i;m l contribute to c.iure.
Let the supporters of Wilson help us to spread the Wilson gospel to the four winds.
Let the Progressive Voters battle this year with their pock.etbot.ks as well as their ballots.
We Solicit Popular Subscriptions Can You Give From $! to $2 0
Of course, you can and you are tflad to support the cause i" this way.
Practically every voter can afford to give $1 to aid the "Wi!mn Campaign. A great many can tlvn Sa. A b'1
many can give ti. And there are lots and tots of progressive vuSevs who will be efiger to donate from ilJ tu
fUir.se are the kind of contributions we want.
Ai tl w will be proud to receive from thousands who can onlyaft rd tt, their tl contributions. We want tn hen
from eveiy man who has a dollar to give. '
Tins year the man with the dollar roust defeat the government trai.'cer who spends his thousands.
Get Club. Subscriptions
If you know many Wilson men, if you work am acne many Wilson men, herd a list with your name and money
get the others to join you with their subscriptions.
Then send jour list with the money to C. R. Cflane, Vice Chairman, Finance Committee, Democratic Nation"
Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. '
No loyal Wilson man can do more than this to assure Wilson's victory at the polls in November.
How to Contribute to the Wilson ,"'
Campaign Fund
S Vn the Coiiikid nii,Klta nnd HII tn the amount too live
lh:n 'iiuu h your djod. v to ihla Coupoo Dd mail uwImw w thM
4uiet i. iveu od the Ooujii.
ltu all click, moan tidiri uj addrru all caairibatfaoa
ta C. R. Crno. V co l hairman. I inane Coaimiltaa. Democratic
National Commit: pf, SOU M.th.gaa Aaua, Ckicasa, UL
Tj. i iia I. twr to ilila pauer nlvlnc your namauaoon
trlbmor i.m iiuueir your reasons why you UjIIbt Woodrow
Wl M.O Ht lll.l liD. lfCUd Prp.ul. i.t nf ,h rin... c..
aav you Kill lw lisu-.l ax a Wilson eontribuuir. a 8ouenlr Hh
fUl. niiiitmelv llihOKrBi.hcd. well worth tramlnv. will be aant lot
oi ourl.-iverwllibelplnthellKhtbjeoia!lnyourfrienla., ,
Do crerrtblng ou can to bold un WIUoo bandi InhlaaMaD J
eampann ror tua people wbg do, vU wsrk
You Are Losing Your Chance By Not
Hearing the "Homo"-tone
Ertrjr Young Lilly in thin town, notice this: You will mirety tale the wrong
ttp in piano buying uiiIcm you first hear thin piano villi tlie won.lr rtul tone
Tit Piano with th yiomo'Vibrattnjj Sounding Board.
Put Happiness in Your Home
Many homes only need I lie i-rlininu inll.i.'iiees of
Music to make the home life perfect, an. I ecim-lete
Put a Fine Clarendon Piano
In your home at our Special Price of $275.00. This
price includes u bench, scarf, instruction book ami one
year's tuning.
I "Step In And Look Around"
Music Dept.
Jn the Corner
New Concrete Bridges.
The Centralia (luard comment
ed as follows last week:
The Audrain county court has
ordered a steel bridge in at l.ow
eii 's creek ill Lawsou district and
i.lso a concrete bridge iu the same
district. We understand that S.
!. IJowne, Jr., and the liuoy broth-
rs art! going to donate a concrete
bridge in that district and they
have the gravel already on the
round. The residents of Audrain
ounty on the north of us say that
it will be concrete or si eel lor
them from now on. as the eo.it v-.
lot much more than the old wood-
M bridges and culverts which are
so expensive to repair.
in improper waysor in any manner similar to the way hi wl.l-.h the fir (l ilt!
th rraimrv nhnm IVnMrnw Wilson. V
Woodrow V 'ilson Campaign Fund
Ta C. K. CSANI, Vloa Chalra.., Flnaaaa eaawaittaa.
Taa Daaraontic Nal.at-al tjmn.ntca, iOO MiaMgan v., Chlua, III.
A a I ll.- Id lua .r. i : . I. a M.al" of mwnnml ra.rri.tnl la tba aaa-
dltlafy at W .....I.O. Wil .... f .r
ba itiy taka tl.a ufii. f,..l..r
paoi.laor tb country. I .
toward tuaaipcuiiaot liuv.
Address . ,
aa4 "fpt-'fa el tril
ndored by
Of Mexico
j Uev. W. Wilburn. of
City, will preach at the
salist church in Laddonia Monday
and Tuesday nights. Oct. 28 and
You Are Invited.
We want everybody to attend
our Majestic Kaugc demonstra
'ion. It begins Monday and con
tinues all week.
Ferris & Cant horn
Mason Creasey hit Tuesday l'oi
Worthaiii. on receiving a telegram
hat his lather, J. II. Creasey, at
I niit place was thought to be d -i'lg.
The father is 80 years old
ami latelv has been very feeble.
have to tell ! vi vrl.at ! e 1 n I'mif.
"r.-ti.lant .-r Ibm t'ltlieu Niau-f.ana w ur roa ,u ,
t uulrwan.ala.1. a..J obllKalad to noua but tba I
- ..nirlbut IhrouKk toa ll.aium of I (
VS .Uvu'aauijal(B.
. .State
The Anti-Horse Thief Associatio
Audrain Man's Account.
Hush Hill, Mo.. Oct. 15.
1 Those of this vicinity who at
Kditor Message: To keep j tended the Illinois State Fair
faith with my friends I herewith were Mr. and Mrs. Frank (teiffer,
wish to give as full account of my j John, Charlie and William PJum
xisit. us briefly as consistent, to I nnd I'dll Wilson and son, Carl,
the State meeting of the Antij Miss Hey Myars is spending a
Horse-Thief Association which few days in Mexico,
convened in Mom-It. Mo., Tin's
day. Oct. !. I wjis a delegate from
SubOrder No. 1M, which holds
its monthly meetings ut lledire
dale school bouse, this neighbor
hood. Hon. I. Menu ue! Monelt is
state president, lie is as good a
parliamentarian as I ever saw
preside at a meeting anywhere,
lie is otherwise a very able man.
.Following is a notation or two I
took from him :
; "Laws were m.'de to restrain
ami punish the wicked; the wise
i.uul good do not need them as a
j guide but only as a shield against
rapine and wrong They can live
'civilly anil orderly thontrh there
were no law in 1 1 - w orld, yet
b'Ws are universal ; all beings
have their laws; the material
world has its laws; superior in
itclligenee has its laws; the beasts
I have their laws, and man his laws.
! "'Forewarned is forearmed.'
The A. II. T. A. works out its own
downfall, strange to put it, and
jyet she is stronger tn evervwav
than ever before."
The last quotation civen is ex
plained with the next :
"As crime is suppressed nnd
organized criminals are brought
to justice or routed conditions
arise that cause the dwarfing of
the local order.
"Protection will always be
needed, for humanity is not infal
lible. The benefit a communi
ty derives from having n live A.
II. T. A. is incalculable."
The bead officers were each in
turn re-elected without opposi
tion. The next meeting will be at
Keokuk. Iowa. The Mimit-i Mi
vision he'll.. I.,rr,... (I,.,., .1,.,
Moilett, .M0i js t,,.jvj(,
I young to-i! Wlth a genuine
Southern h, Stable people. The
1 town is located in the land of the
i lug red np.!... She is also in the
strawberry district. Someone
;said that she might have less sun-
shine than other places but more
."moonshine." We took that as a
I joke for we got all t10 sunshine
! we wanted and wnv no 'moon
shine. It rained m night.
; Thursday morning I went, to
I'fbeno.'i o visit my parents. Mr.
'"id Mrs. A. J. Atkins. All the
others of o;:r family are now liv
! ill" in Laelede county.
I lie tirM ..),le met
anon I knew were Rev.
ill 1
Jno. S. '
'esse, and family. ro. j,,SS(, is
; pastor of the Maptist church
' ""''l'- Ml Te i ,.x Jj,,,,
I.V hospitable woin.ni SSI... i.,. i(...i
the entire AlMus family to dinner
I'i'Kliiy. I : ..ir e fnth..,. f K-iiii,,,,
'he fatted e:,!f Krid.iy nil.t. The
, fact is a mule kicked on the he;ul
and killed ;, f;. !,,.;r, s , ,,,
nn aii(iiiio,i to the. ulreadv
uIi!,y of victim
it 1 1 1 1 1
Kilt i:r, !,:iV I
Tln-ii'!''!! ';!!
my only
si .!. I
, in n
h''l' ill SleeiiiT
T;,e .l ii1i.s in u eslei n
el-It Miv.rll'i ;,,
eastern "?div-,tiii; i.
.,;.,i. i . .
veiieed crop nuw v.-,-:.
Merrimae Ki ( i- !.,) . .,
were still (.Tee, i. ., in-t.
Win. C. Atliini.
The Mi,;. o:f.i . , ,
of this city h ii si been m,,de
of the National (!ii.i-d -.
: ias ?.Tond:iv
One A f irt 1
demonst ration
ii! ! i . t . i i i; -
n'rht. !! bi V,
I " i r v. .-;:; . ;
h'errls & f'antboni.
most j wtmJ
in l
the' I
Wm. Selmtte is buying up twf
car loads of cattle.
Mr. Ti.te has moved his saw
mill to Joe Mongler's farm.
Order of Publication.
State of Missouri j
i 'omity of Audrain
In the Circuit Court,
November term. 1!)1L
' '. A. Witherspooii. Plaintiff,
Charles C. Holland. Defendant.
Now on this October Hi. 1!M'J,
comes the plaintiff by Attorneys,
Fry & Rodgers, in the above en
titled cause before the undersign
ed Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Audrain County, in vacation, and
tiles his petition and aftidavit in
Attachment stating among other
things that the above named de
fendant, Charles (1. Holland, is a
non-resident of the State of Mis
souri, and the ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon him.
It is therefore oidcred by the
Clerk aforesaid, in vacation, ihat
publication be made notifying
him that an aelion has been eom
meiie l against him by petition
and affidavit in Attachment in the
Circuit Court of Audrain County,
Missouri, founded on two notes,
one for $'--'"'.'' dateil November
1", l!to:. ami the other for $700.00
dated December 7, lHO.), and in
terest on both of the above notes,
and that his properly has been at
t.'M'hed and that unless he be and
appear at the next Term of said
Court to be hidden at the Court
House in Mexico, within the
County of Audrain on the 25th
Ivy of November 1!M2 and on or
before the '.vil day thereof judg
ment will be rendered against him
' d his property sold to satisfy
I he same.
It is further ordered that a copy
' ercof be published in The Mex
ico Missouri Message, a weekly
newspaper, published in said
County of Audrain, for four
weeks successively the last inser
tion to be at least fifteen days be-
: !!: commencement of the
next Term of said Court.
VITNKSS my hand and official
al, done at o.'lice in the City of
j '."c:-:ico. County mid State afore-
...id, this 14th day of October
SKAL) K. F. KlddOTT,
leik of th(! Audrain County Cir
cuit Court.
I ' lie copy from the record,
K.V. ELLIOTT, Clerk.
Xry it Rodgers, Attorneys for
I l.iintiiT.
Miss Anna Johnson of Hcuton
City. Miss Kit a Johnson, of New
York City, Major J. C. Johnson
xv ,ll,,,'ll,', of tl' U-
oiist nrtillei'v ot San hrancis-
co, ('til., were entertained at din
ner on Thursday hist by Mr. and
Mrs. K. J. Offutt, at their home,
'nutli of Benton City. All spent
ii most !'!!:y ':y.
...,,v;, W '4V yiapl
real Worm OMiroyer and Condltloaw I
Th Qrtal Worm OMiroyer and Condltloaw
on all farm nock, drivaa out the pests
that Steal your profits that kill your
heap, lambs and plga that keep your
Stock from getting the good of their feed.
Sal-Vet is a medicated stock salt. It
requires no handling, no drenching, no
dosing. Just let all your stock run to it
and they will doctor themselves. Stock
free from worms gain last thrive better
on less feed go to market earlier keep
healthy and put on money making flesh
Youll ba aatonlahed at the reaulta. We
carry it Id tock. in alt alia packagua from
7Jo up and luaraota every pound ot It. (01)
BMtTMawaaai told by sstaisaaBSwaaa
S. P. laaHilOlaS UlOOl

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