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Mexico Missouri Message,
VOL-. 13
Women of Rural Districts Too
Proud to Work.
A sharp arraignment of the
farmers' wives and daughters of
t,e country nnd, incidentnlly,
their city isters it contained in n
r,Tort made the other day hy Geo.
K. Holmes, chief of the division of
production and distribution of the
AsjruMiltural Department at
Washington, D. C.
Although wages have risen
steadily during forty-four years.
Jlr. Holmes declares that the
women of the present age have
forgotten or are too proud to in
Julge in housework on the farm.
"The lure of society." which
has reached the farm," he says,
"is much to lilumn for the condi
tion," which lie describes as acute.
"Country girls as well as city
girls." says Mr. Holmes, in re
porting to Secretary "Wilson,
"seem to regard household work
for hire ns undesirable.'-
Joined with this fact is another
one that women of the farmers'
families are neither able nor will
ing t; repent the manual labor
performed by their grandmothers
on the farm.
The rise in price of living on the
farm, the report continues, is ac
counted for, in a measure, by the
fact that women of the farm are
fcilwlging in "social functions,"
thick the Government expert
holds to be incompatible with the
lieiftji'inanee of household labor.
This loss of the old-time indus
trimisntss is deplored, and Mr.
Holmes says it is rare that one of
(lie younger women knows how to
"Throughout large areas," he
says, "the pride of the housewife
in great stores of preserves, dried
anil pickled fruits, berries and
vegetables, exists chiefly ill his
tory, and dependence is placed
largely on the local store for the
produce of the cannery and evap
orator." Within the period mentioned
Jir. Holmes reports that wages
paid to men laborers on the farm
have risen as high as 7!) per cent,
iiiul that harvest hands are now
paid upward of $-0 a month with
For the farm laborer who lives
on the farm the year round, Mr.
Holmes declares the money paid
docs not represent the real value
of remuneration, for the "cost of
living" virtually is solved for
Hr. Y. T. Todd nnd family are
visiting Jlrs. Todd's mother at
Dr. Todd reports n baby buy at.
the home of Jim Realty and wife,
horn Xov. 9th.
S. I'. Loren and family enter
tained W. J. Loren and wife, F.
E- Powell and family, T. R.
Combs nnd wife nnd Oliie Faddis
nd family Sunday.
Tom Duffy is on the sick list.
S. I'. Loren and wife were Mex
ico visitors Thursday.
W Miller nnd family visited
"s brother in Columbia last week.
Mrs. McCray is visiting friends
n"'l relatives in this neighbor
hood. Lane & McLomy, on Jan. I.-,
"ill move their dry goods -to -k
the John Lane Ruihling, across
the street from the City Hall. The
building will be remodeled and
overhauled inside and brought up
to date in every particular.
Bills Allowed and Other Matters
Looked After.
The County Court was in ses
sion a couple of days last week
when the following business was
transacted :
R. 11. Karsom and others, peti
tion for a public road, commis
sioners to be named to assess
State Auditor requested to
draw warrant in favor of County
Treasurer Noble Rarnes for coun
ty's portion foreign insurance tax.
Hoy Wright appointed road
overseer for District No. 44.
County Treasurer's settlement
examined ami approved.
Sheriff J. R. Woolery's quarter
ly report submitted, accepted.
M. J. Decker's resignation as J.
P. i.i Wilson township accepted.
J. W. Smith, Charles Dean and
F. L. Crosby appointed as com
mittee to assess damages for pub
lic road 11-50-10.
Settlement J. H. Rorgan, road-
overseer, accepted.
The following bills were allow
Dr. J. F. Harrison $1.50; Dr. K.
C. Strode .$1.50; F. & L. Fire Ins.
Co., policy on county farm,
$40.40; La Crosse Lumber Co.,
supplies, $18.07; Dr. R. "W. Her-
rev, serv. Co. farm, $12.50; Moore
& Field, sup. Co. farm, $20.50;
Merger & Rail, repairs Co. farm,
$12.00; Garrett & Garrett, rep.
Co. farm, $1.25; IJaas-Liebcr Gro
cery Co., supplies county farm,
$1.5(1; Farmers & L. Ins. Co., pol
icy, $1.25; S. S. Huberts, repairs
Co. farm, $5.75; Frank Duck
worth, painting county farm,
$50.00; Noble Rarnes, salary,
$250.00; Mexico Rower Co., light
court house, $31 .(55; Mexico Pow
er Co., water court house, $12.00;
Rerger & Rail, repairs court
house, $0.75; Dr. T. II. Winans,
Med. services, $1.50; Alex Carter,
2 days justice and mileage,
$10.20; J. ft. Gatson, 2 days jus
tice and mileage, $12.70; S, C.
Groves, 2 days justice and mile
age, $11.00; Llewellyn & Sons,
supplies court house, $3.35; Arc
tic Ice Co., sup. court house,
$10.00; I. M. Greer, supplies jail,
$4.00; Dr. H. W. Rerrey, medical
serv. $12.50; F. A. Morris, sup
plies jail, $11.15; McPhecters
Rros., supplies jail, $11.15; Mc
Phecters Rros., supplies jail, $8.00
Llewellyn & Sons, supplies jail,
75 cents; Iyicketts & Emmons D.
G. Co., supplies jail, $22.00; Mex
ico Power Co., water jail, $1.50;
Mexico Power Co., light jail,
$S.30; Rerger & Rail, repairs jail,
$0.25; J. W. Dry, supplies jail.
$1.80; Dr. X. K. Kodes, medical
service, $2.50; E. C. Stoneberger,
bridges, $10.00; 1. J. Sutton,
bridges, $20.70; R. Underwood,
bridges, $112.50; C. E. Sims,
bridges, $1!).S5; Coatsworth Lum
ber Co., $30.58; Ruxton & Skinner
Sup. Co. clerk, $8.30; Ruxton &
Skinner, sup. Cir. clerk, $0.00;
Ruxton & Skinner, sup. Cir. clerk,
$7.50; Mo. Printing Co., $2.00;
Geo. D. Rarnard Co., supplies Co.
clerk, $15.!!5; Geo. D. Rarnard Co.
supplies probate, $17.00; J. P..
W'oolcry, county court, $1.00; J.
R. Woolery, patient to asylum,
$8.50; J. R. Woolery, county court
$12.00; E. F. Kettcr, H. & P..
Aec't., $17.00; E. S. Gantt, salary
account, $175.00; O. H. Harmon,
account county, $5.75; Nublc
Rarnes, stamps, $0.00; E. F. El
liott, stamps, $11.00; Dr. 11. V.
Rerrey, medical serv., $2 50; J. R.
Woolory, election serv., $20.00; J.
V.r. Rarnett, election serv., $2S.70 ;
! E. L. Gorman, election serv., $12.
I 50 ; L. T. Paslcy. election -rv..
$0.00; Vandalia Leader, printing.
$5.00; Farber Forum, pr'jiting.
$5.00; Martinsburg Grade, print
ing, $5.00; Mexico Ledger, print
ing, $13.50; Intelligencer Pub.
Co., $5.00; Vandalia Mail, $5.00;
Real and Mnyball, printing, $02.
50; Laddonia Herald, $71.01;
Mexico Message, $71.04; Geo. D.
Rarnard & Co., supplies, $!0.50;
Indigent warrants ain't., $228.00.
Bingo's Cheaper Razor Prof.
Pryor and the Eoy Liberty
Christian Church.
('has. E. Frazier: 1 watoli the
street at Jefferson crossing to
keep the people from running in
to the cars. 1 was over at Spring
field, 111., the other day. Drought
my aged mother home with me.
She is TJ years old. She suffered
a broken arm recently in a street
car accident. Mother was of a
family of ten children and there
were two sets of twins. Isn't that
a record?
Jim mith: I don't "bach" any
more down on Cuivre south of
Laddonia. Living with my son-in-law
now, Clarence Rarnes, near
Mexico. You see they all come
to Mexico or get as close by as
they can.
John P. Davenport : I live in
Liberty Christian church neigh
borhood, northwest of Thompson.
This church recently held its an
nual meeting. Our ciders are W.
T. Northeutt, J. I'. Davenport and
Thomas Rrenton ; our deacons are
Russell Spurling, Thomas Stow
ers, Harry Day and A. 1). Creascy.
Rro. Eagan Herndon is our be
loved pastor. His next preaching
day is the 17th inst., morning and
evening. Our Rible school is do
ing nicely. A tine number of boys
and girls in our school. Two ex
cellent youug lady day school
teachers nrc helpers in our school,
Misses Efiie Rryson, teacher in
Daniel district, and Mabel Malum,
teacher in Fox district. Their
presence and assistance is much
appreciated. W. T. Northeutt is
our efficient superintendent.
J. C. Kingo: That was a sharp
move (no pun intended) when
Uncle Sam's high court a short
time ago declared that the Gillette
Safety Razor people could not
compel retail dealers to ail sell
their razors at the exorbitant
price of $5.00. After the merchant
paid for the razor he could sell
them at any price he chose, that
was his business. Now you can
get a safety razor just as good as
the Gillette for 35 cents. Did that
court decision help bring this
about? If so then let President
Wooilrow Wilson get ready to cut
into some more of these combines
on prices in other lines of trade.
Prof. Herbert Pryor: The
father should make n companion
of his "boy. Why, in many cases
the lea. -her knows more about the
likes and wishes and ambitions of
your son than you do. Some of
you are not ncouainted with your
sons; at all. This is all wrong.
Make a chum of your child. At
lerst show as much interest i:i him
as you do in your cattle and
J. V. Willis: Getting ready to
crib corn down Den'. on Citv wav.
This bright sunshine of a week
past is drying out the fields nil
S. P. Finley: I'm just home
from a visit to my daughter at
Washington, D. C. Got home last
Tuesday just in time to cast my
vote for Taft and then to lose said
vote for Wilson. You Democrats
have the whole responsibility now
and T hope as much as any of you
that you'll be able to make food
Win. Slower -: I live out be
yond Cant. Some nr gallim-in:'
f-nvn in inv neighborhood and
cribbing. Hope none of us will
get too hasty in this matter.
Three weeks since the Message
contained an account of E. L. Pas
ley, son of Mr. find Mrs. L. T.
Paslcy of Hush Hill, this county,
being badly scalded in a railrcad
accident on the C. & A., imar
Rloomington, 111. Mr. Paslcy was
conductor on an extra height and
was pinioned in his caboose in a
rear end collision. He was burned
about the face and head and arms
and hands by escaping steam
from the engine of the sec
ond train. The skin all came off
his face and hands nnd for a while
he lay lingering between life and
death. Rut he is now on the way
to recovery and this week was
able to write a scrawly letter to
his parents. lie is able to walk
some nnd may be brought home in
a few weeks. It is thought possi
ble that skin may have to be
grafted on his face before the
burns there heal.
Great Sport at a Box Supper-
Other Doings in The Valley.
Quite a social event took place
at Reaver Dam school house on
last Friday night in the way of n
box supper. Auctioneer, Win.
Smith, of near Gant, who made a
short, spicy address, arousing the
imagination of all present, snow
ing that he had literary as well as
professional qualifications, then
proceeded to selling the boxes,
which brought from 50 cents to
$1.50 each. The handsome cake
brought $!).00 and was nwarded
to the most beautiful and popular
young lady of The Valley, Miss
Eunice Threlkebl. The net pro
ceeds were $24, $18 of which pays
for a large atlas in use by the
school. Miss Duncan, the teach
er, from reports of patrons, shows
professional skill in discipline,
has good knowledge of the princi
ples of school management and
school government. All indeed
without which teaching could
neither attain the. rank in the pro
fession hoped for by teachers nor
meet in the value of its results the
reasonable expectations of. the
Rro. W. C. Rice closed the meet
ing at Bethel last week with eight
additions. Yes, Bro. Itice under
stands logic because he is logical.
We heard him.
Dieus and Roberts shipped out
two ears of hogs and one car of
cattle last week.
Rorn, to Mr. and Mrs. Charley
Rcasley, a daughter.
Lakenan & Barnes have put
new fencing in around their farm
and are feeding one load of
F. P. Dieus and wife of Edna,
Ivans., returned home last Mon
day after visiting relatives on the
Valley for the past two weeks.
Mr. Dieus says the corn crop is
almost an entire failure in the
southeastern part of the state.
Since the election high waters
on the Valley have subsided and
by the election of Woodrow Wil
son everything went Presby
terian. Way down the Valley, we find
the Mexico Missouri Message
around the fireside of nearly
every home. Clean, newsy, moral
qualities. This is why the public
favor follows it.
Miss Margaret Rosser, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. .J. X. Uis ;
of near Centralia, has b.n vi-it
iii'.' t'rienil.s in this eit v.
: C!;arlc.s Milh-r. of Glas-.'m
j was fined in li.e Mexico pi, lie,'
court Moudav charged with as
saulting one Win. McCue Sunday
afternoon in Hardin Park.
7:13 JSC
Walter WUliams Dead Circuit
Court to Open.
Police Judge John King Royd
of Centralia, 82 years old, died
Wednesday of last week. He had
been in his usual health nnd voted
the day before in the general elec
Circuit Court opens next Mon
John A. Brooks, formerly of
Mexico, is ill of typhoid fever in
It is understood that E. S.
Wilson, appointed Wist spring by
President Taft as Mexico's post
master, will hold the office the full
four years. President Wilson will
not interfere.
Fire broke out in Eld. J. II.
Ileadingtou 's dwelling last Satur
day, in the neighborhood oT the
Military Academy, and the
Academy boys formed a bucket
brigade and held the flames in
cheek until Ihe arrival of the tins
Two sons of Rev. A. R. Culbert
son of this city, James and Harri
son Culbertson, are attendingCen
tral College, at Fayette.
Walter Williams, Jr., 10 years
old, son of Dean Walter Williams
of the School of Journalism at
Columbia, died last Friday morn
ing of pneumonia. He was a
nephew of Mrs. II. R. Barks of
this city.
The Military Academy foot bull
team went up to Columbia last.
Saturday and contested with the
High School team of that town.
The Military bovs came off victors
by a scon? of It to 0. Cadet
Brooks, one of the Military boys,
was severely injured in the bind;
during the game and is now in the
hospital there.
Charles McGee of this city,
Wells-Fargo Express agent here,
has been promoted by the com
pany, given a better salary and
made agent at Decatur, 111.
The pning on Woodlawn was
completed last Sunday. Thirty
two men worked most of the day
to complete the work while the
weather permitted.
Edgar Threlkebl brought suit
this week against the Mo. & Kan.
Tel. Co. for $D50 alleged damages
to his property on East Monroe
street, and also on account of al
leged insulting nnd abusive
language used by employees of
Ihe said telephone company to
ward his wife when she remon
strated against the manner in
i whbdi sai l employees were treat-
ing her property.
EM. .7. D. Greer of this city v. ill
deliver his lecture next Sat ".'day
eveidii;'. at 7:30, lit Xi-W Hope
dliireh. southeast of ?! ;,). Sub
ject. "Home Problems." or "How
; to Gi-t Married and Stay Mar-
Jr-T- vurv4av . .... k L...
HmmauH Asylum, St. ClmrlcH, Mo.
TION. Audrain County People Permitted
to Hear a Rare Sermon.
On Sunday, October 0, !12,
Immauuel's church (Rean Creed;,
this county) celebrated Mission
day which, as a rule, is observed
every two years. It was a very
beautiful day and the nice weath
er as well as the occasion called
out a great many people from far
and near (some coming more l!i.';u
15 miles per wagon). The hind
people of Immaliucl.s had pre
pared everything to make Ihe
slay of their visitors pleasant and
one long to be remembered. The
morning services began at 10
o'clock and were conduct' ! in the
German language, Uev. G. Crlows
ky, the pastor loci, having charge
of the liturgical part whi!.! Rev.
J. W. Frankcnfcld of Emmaus
Asylum, SI. Charles, Mo., deliver
ed the sermon, lie had for his
text the words of the Lord; "Re
hold, I say unto you, Lift up your
eyes, and look on the fields; for
they arc white already to bar
vest." Jno. 4:35. A general re
view of mission work, both at
home and abroad, was given. A
selected choir rendered most ap
propriate music. During the
noon-hour all present had ample
opportunity to satisfy their "in
ner man" by a good substantial
meal the members had spread;
quite a few families had consider
ed 1 li isn basket festival and one
could see them scattered all over
the lawn in groups.
Since there were a vast number
of Americans in attendance a con
gtegation perhaps of 5011, the
afternoon services, beginning at,
2 o'clock, were in the American
tongue. Rev. W. II. Hook of
Mexico, led ill prayer and Rev.
J. W. Frankcnfeld spoke to the
audience. At first he outlined the
Home Mission work of the Evan
gelical Synod of which both Im
manuid's and their pastor are
members, as is also the Rev.
Frankenfehl. In marked speech
he set forth the neccs.sity of doing
the various kinds of work stated
in Isa. 58:0-12 and Matthew
1 25:31-40, and then he showed how
ithe Evangelical Synod is doing
itliis work in the various institu
tions: Orphan's Homes, Old Peo
! pics' Homes, Deaconess Hospitals,
jfliid others. Mr. Frankcnfcld viv
jidly described the special work he
iis engaged in, that of curing for
epileptics and feebleminded.
There nrc two asylums for thc-e
! unfortunate people not far from
: liei c, one is j;i V. an en coi,ii:y.
ik-'.:' Marthasville, and on in St.
Charb-s county n-ar the Ciiy n.
'hcrles. It.jih are under th
same management and they are a!
pre-en; taking care of 7 it.ui:it .
at Marthasville nnd 50 at St.
Charles. Rev. Frankcnfeld has
been superintending the asylum at
St. Charles for almost live years,
lie appealed for help as there are
so many in need of help. The ma
jority of tin; inmates come from
poor families and they have to be
fed, clothed and taken care of by
charity. His appeals were not in
vain; a very liberal collection for
mission work was offered that
day, amounting in all to $70.00,
which sum was divided by lin
iiianuel's Hoard of Trustees as fol
lows :
Emmaus Asylums, $11.00 (St.
Charles $20.00, Maiihasville
Foreign Missions, $7.50.
Home Missions, $7.50.
Rlue Springs, $5.00 (a home for
invalid ministers).
Deaconess Hospital, $2.50 (at
St. Louis).
Immigrant Mission $2.50.
Orphans' Home, $5.00 (St.
Traveling expiines oT speaker,
We are able abuse by II : i i't -
esy of Hi'. Frankf iifcld, to pre
sent our readers I lie picture of the
Hinmaiis Asylum atSt.Charlcs. No
doubt, this, together with the ur
gent appeal Rev. Frankcnfeld
made while here, will keep this
place of charity in the minds of
all who were so fortunate to hear
him. "To do good and to com
municate, forget it not, for with
such sacrifices God is well
pleased." Ileb. 13:10.
New Circuit Court Case3.
Last Saturday the following
new eases were tiled :
W. J. Middleman against the
Mexico Rriek & Fire Clay Co. for
$5,000 for alleged damages last
.November from a fall of slate on
him in the company's mine.
W. K. Cunningham againsl the
C. & A. R. H. to recover $3oo al
leged damages to a' shipment of
W. G. Railey against C. & A. R.
R. to recover $205 alleged dam
ages to a shipment of cattle.
Morrison Lackland against ( '.
& A. R. R. to recover $270 on a
lire claim.
O. T. Powell against Vnba-!i U.
R. to recover $250 alleged dam
ages to a shipment of hogs.
J. J. Ilildebraiid against Yei
man to recover $250 alleged dam
ages from water flowing ovi:
premises by a dam alleged to have
I been built by said Yeamaii.
The "Workers Society" of Lib
erty Christian church will give :!'t
oysler fry Thanksgiving evening
at the elegant country home of
fudge Raker Rarnes, one and lum
bal!' mile north of Thompson. A
regular supper will be served, all
for 25 cents. Evcrvbody invited.
Mrs. Relic Moore, who has been
in 'i St. Louis hospital, was eld i
return home last we. 1c.
jiv a -"vrv ay -"i
5 Mexico Savings Bank $
. ... V
f,v4.t M1 I
43x4 Yiar in Eii.ies.'. i
J V. V. FRY, President. 4
$ SAM LOCKK, Cashier. a

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