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Mexico Missouri message. (Mexico, Audrain County, Mo.) 1899-1918, November 21, 1912, Image 2

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Mexico Missouri Message
John Bral. Editor
Tho peace scrum do. s rot set in tc
tiavo taken in Europe
Nothing w Ithstands tin- n '.d Ineifet
like a young t:irls white shoes.
1'ncle Sam Is t-liott 3 '"'O oon Kir!s
That number Is needed to matth tbe
male pipul.it len
I'lease note that the burglar whom
somebody fsiiiiitn'd In tin- faro with i
pfo (rot away Itli It.
A woman pits a hat to ft tier faro '
The tit that tin? man $' Is projor I
tloiial to the size of the b:il I
The latci-t tliinc In dunces Is the ,
"horse trot " Ami probably the next
thins to !t Is t:ie nightmare.
Some experts ili i !ar" that the hob
Mi- Fkirt makes our women knock
kneed Wo lire from Missouri j
Poison Ivy Is full of lovely rolor In
the autumn, but no one six-aid tarry
It homo because of Its lovi lincss
Ix-s Ancles complains of a school
book famine, but tho small boys of
that city arc hearing up bravely
They are pottiR to make dollar Mils
smaller. The grocery man attended
to that little detail some lime ago.
A New York man had hi name
chanced from A rest ad to NIphtliiKiile.
He certainly selected a bird of a name.
If the plan to employ policewomen
for Chicago is carried out wo may ex
pect the crooks to po to carrying mice.
The limit of criticism Is reached
when one woman Rays of another:
"Why, sho doesn't even make ber own
Mathematics tell us the birthdays
we have been celebrnting are frauds
But everybody over 30 knew that al
ready. Parisian beauties are to be yellow
of face Instead of pink and white. One
morr.ent. please, while we change com
plexions. A contribution of two cents was re
ceived by the Washinpton conscience
fun. F,et the fellow who sent It looks
like It, too.
A Colorado man had fifteen hives
robbed of honey at one time. He
roust be cultivating thi stinpless va
riety of bee.
A Toston doctor says the women of
that town are not knockkneed. And
he talks like a man who knows where
of be speaks
Somebody is advertising an appara
tus for cooking over a gas Jet, but he
Is no friend to the woman who has a
ball bedroom to let
There will always be a difference
between tjnlaundered money and
talDted money, with plenty of people
ready to prab either.
A French expert says that the fam
ily Is doomed within a half-century
through the automobile. Wonder what
death rate he figures.
The largest stone etatue in the
world Is In Japan. It is forty-four feet
high, which probably accounts for the
fact that it is E'.lll there.
A California Judge refused alimony
to a woman who refuses to cook for
her spouse. If Ebe's still cooking for
hin, what need of alimony?
A Chicago bride ran away because
ber husband would not buy her a new
feather for ber hat. Trifles have be
fore now overturned empires.
The woman conductor on Philadel
phia's street cars is called a cashier
by courtesy. This Is, however, no
lam on conductors in general.
A German specialist claims that tel
ephones ni!ke the modern man crazy.
Vntll he spoke, It was generally be
lieved the cperators were responsible.
A New York man was fined for
swearing when tickled by a young
woman's hat feathers. Wrong word.
He evidently wasn't tickled.
The Fido muff is the latest armful
affected by feminine reprice. De
ceased pets do not. however, enter In
to the composition of this elegant
As n suggestion to a means of pre
venting so many drownings In the
United Slates navy, it might be
good idea to teach the sailors how to
The m::n vhn married a pirl under
K-hool aire ai d is now obliged under a
fine to see that his wife go. s to school
regularlx. i m ::iev. hat v. i.-er since the
fine was imposed, ard perhaps he is
obliged to pet lii own meals.
Milk inake an admirable hair
tonic, according to the sume prima
donna who l-jtely discovered tho Jl'v
(mm) lump of i mbcrgris. Thus is It
proved that grand opera is a terrible
train on the inventive powers of the
press agent.
Kansas City It Named Head of Four
teenth D'atrlct. Including Troops
of Five States Illinois and
Indiana in Division.
.'i-Mturtnn One of the 'no.-t hn
portaut men in reei nt ye,-ir to pre
pare tin- national nuiiiia lur us" in
time jf war. Is proposed In letters nd
riresM-d l y aetiiiL' S' erelary Oliver to
all povernors, invitine tie ir tnoiiera
Hon In the war eollepe plans for the
organization of the militia i:-,i twelve
tictlcal flivisirTiH
The letters point out that If the
?;-il:'ia is to be used as a l !d force
effet lively in war Mines, it ran be
iln:ie efTei tivejy by fhi. system of d;.
if ions. Uid to Inline the proper
v ri-L- i i, i if t he plan,
should In- v.orked
In the outline of
ail of ti e details
Ollt. IM I -Ml" of
d. visions no
place Is riven to separat
i '.iiii,'i tiles
; ' should
of Infantry, which, it is
be absorbed In'o reciinet ts
' r o' li'T
lareer orpania nlons
To Corr-bine Divisnr. !
Field armies would be I tri'i' hv
proup cf two or uioro di i-iions o'
the militia, or by combinl'oi one of
two divisions of militia with one of
regular troops
Regular organizations would form
the fourth brl'-'ade of any division as
signed to a field armv. for the reason
that the organized militia is localized
while the regular army mils po any
where upon call. j
Some money will' be avai'nble for
the assistance of Ihe state authorities.
The war department also proposes ',
to detail inspector-Instructors to assist,
state officials, and war material for
the militia will bo distributed and
stored in suitable depots to b- at band
locally when mobilization is ordered.
First Four to Ee Regu'ars,
Gen. Oliver plans to have the first
four of the sixteen turtlc-il divisions,
into which it is proposed to organize
the entire military strength of the
nation, composed entirely of regular
troops, with tbe District of Columbia
militia, assigned to duty as r pilars.
The remaining divisions would be
composed ef the state militia organ
izations of from one to eiybt states,
among them being: j
Twelfth Headquarters, Chicago: '
Illinois, Indiana.
Fourteenth Headquarters, Kansas
ftty: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
Wyoming, Colorado.
Under this comprehensive scheme
every militia organization in the
Cnlted States is definitely placed In
the station it would occupy in mobil
ization of the army for war purposes.
Henry Gassaway Davis Now 90.
Washington. Henry Gateway Ha
vts, tlx? Democratic nominee for vice
president in 1?04, entered upon his
lr.etieth year, having been born No
vember 15, XZZ. Mr. Davis probably
is the oldest citizen taking an active
part in public affairs.
j Goalload Cotton $12.80.
j Caruthersville, Tenn. Monroe I.eek
'Of Hathaway, Tenn., aged 11, brought
! to this market 12S pounda of cotton
In a wagon drawn by two goats. He
; was paid In cents a pourd for his
: cotton, the highest price ever paid
i here for seed cotton.
William Larabee Dies.
Des Moines. A message from Cler
mont announces the death of former
Governor William Larrabee, S3 years
old, after a prolonged iilnesa. Gover
nor Larrabee, after serving many
terms in the state senate, was elected
governor In 18S7.
! Dead Van Is Elected.
Carroll, la Attorney Genera! George
Cossou has been atked to determine
what happens when voters elect a
dead man t. office. Victor Schirk
was elected couti'y supervisor after
be had b f.n buried Cvwdavs.
Van Camp Plant Burns.
Indianapolis. The plant of the Van
Camp Packing company was partly
burned. The owners estimated their
loss at Jl"0.iMi0. The loss i.s covered
by Insurance. The cause of tbe Ere
has not been determined.
j More Creeks Called. 10.000 on Way.
! Washin'Hon. A!! Greek subjects in
tbe United States who served iu the
Grecian army us recruits it: 1 1
: and IK'S are culW d upon to n iurii to
j arn.s iu a di.-patrh r-i;-ived at Use
Creek legation in re
j Bink Resources C'enly Increase.
Washington.--! 'in. rig the tour years
lending June, p.. 12. the u; ...urces of all
banks in tie- eoui. r -national, state
..ad private -hk-m a-ei from $ 1 St.jjsii,
1110,1.01.1 i,, j.'4.!; ii;.)i.',w.nj, or $5,4'jt3,
Governor-Elect to Recover.
Wheeling. W. Va The cobditon of
11. D. H.tllii id. Lepubl.can goveruor-el.-ct
of West Virginia, who i.i III at
his home in Ethnian, with pneumonia,
is greatly improved aud his recovery
ow assured.
PAMC-.STKIt'KKN inliabiLautJ of Conatantluople with their household
effect before the great niosqun of Sultan Sulelmauleh, ready to flee
from the city at the approach of the Italkan axmk's.
Victors Insist on Constantinople and
Salonikl Being Interna
tionalized. London, Kng. Turkey and Bul
garia have agreed definitely on an
armistice, according tu a message
from Solia by way of IPjcltarcst Con
firmation was lacking.
President DanelT of the Bulparun
parliament, aa mediator between Aus
tria and Seivia, has closed a definite
agreement with Austria, it was stated
OD high authority lure, by which Ser
via will get an Adriatic seaport and
tho railroad between Mitrivit.a aud
Armistice Awaits King Ferdinand.
Sofia. The proposed armistice
between the B.ilkan allies and
Turkey has not been signed, as report
ed, but has been drawn up and awaita
Czar Ferdinand's arrival from tho
front to approve It, It was stated offi
cially here.
Until It is signed by authorized rep
resentatives of the combatants, it was
added, Bulgaria will not cease ita mili
tary activity.
The term were said to Include pos
session by the Bulgarians of Constan
tinople and Adri.inoplo; by tho Ser
vians of Monastir; by the Greeks of
Janina and by tbe Montenegrins of
When permanent peace is mado the
allies will Insist on all the territory
they have occupied, on the interna
tionalization of Constantinople and Sa
lonikl, the opening of the Dardanelles,
a big war indemnity and the sultan's
complete retirement from European
! More Than 100 Guns Emptied at
; Black Who Killed Georgia Girl
! and Her Defender.
Ocala, Fla. Preech Neils, the ne
gro arrested for double murder at Mc
intosh, Ha,, was lynched by a mob at
The negro was taken two miles
north of Ocala, turned loose and told
to run. As he tied, bullets from more
than 1"0 guns were discharged into
his body, shooting him to pieces.
Neils was charged with killing Miss
Mary Stevenson, 18 years old, and J.
B. Herges, su, near Gainegil!e.
15i -rgcg was kilN d when h" attempr
ed to save Miss Stevenson from her
assailant, and then her throat was cut.
Aguilar Now Leads Rebel.
Mexico Cay. lliino Aguilar, an
aged general of the regular army, who
joined the inrfurrectiotm several weeks
a!-'o, has ei:t red into an alliance w ith
the .jpatistis and now is their di
recting o'! ic r.
Hauptmann Gets Prize
Stockholm, Sweden. The Nobel
prize for liteiature wan awarded to
Goihart Hauptmann, the German
author and dramatist.
Women of Iceland to Vote.
Copenhagen. A bill glvitig the fran
chise to wo'iien oil the san," tv-ir -' as
men, now pond ng in tl.e !ci-lairlie
parliament, is sure t., pa:.-" ;m"i::, ac
cording to lin i-s'i-.-i ; from Ki yk.'.n ;:,
capital of the inland.
Can't Rtfcm Huband.
Sterling. 111. Mrs. M"i!di Stobs
was grained a divorce from Willi mt
Slobs. She testified she marrivd hiu
45 years ago tu reform him. Sh- uaul
8ho" had labored honei-.tly sii.tt then
and had failed.
Victims Arc Sent Away Without Food
and Infected Troops Are Be
ing Transported.
Paris, France. The Russian avi
ator Effimoff. nerving with the Bul
garian army, brought about the
i annihilation of 12,000 Turkish sol
diers In the advance on Adrianople,
according to a letter written by him
and printed in Excelsior.
The Bulgarians believed they were
on safe ground, Effimolt wrote to his
brother here, when ho was ordered to
make an aerial scouting trip.
He discovered a Turkish force after
wards estimated at 12,HiO men, mak
ing a detour through a valley. He im
mediately returned to the Bulgarian
camp, made a report and the Hulgars
precipitated a battle that exterminat
ed the enemy.
London, Eng. Either for mili
tary reasons or on account of cholera,
which Is spreading rapidly at Hadem
keul, the government Is prepared to
make large concessions in order to
prevent the Balkan armies from enter
ing Constantinople.
An uncensored dispatch, dated No
vember 12, from Constantinople, says
tho cholera Is extending alarmingly
among the troops. The eases are
reckoned by the hundreds, while
among the refugees there are even
more victims.
j Schenectady, N. Y., Executive Prefers
Serving 50 Days in Bastile to
Paying Fine of $50.
Little Falls, N. Y. Fifty days
in Jail was the penalty assessed
George U. Lunn, Socialist mayor of
Schenectady, who was found guilty of
violating the city ordinance recently
in refusing to move when the police
interrupted a speech he was making
to striking mill employes.
Socialists assert his nrrrst and con
viction were brought about by a con
spiracy of the capitalistic mill own
ers. In a statement, before the court
Lunn denied that he was blocking
traffic or causing congestion. Ho said
the prosecution was prejudiced.
Wells-Fargo Agent at Lake Charles,
La., Is Charged With Having
Committed Theft.
Lake Charles, La. Tho offices
of the Wells Fargo Express com
pany were robbed here. A safe
was opened and a large amount of
i money is said to be missing. Thorn
; ton Chevis, 23, the agent here, was
! ainsted. charged witli having cora
j mitted the robbery, but he declares
I his innocence.
) Officials of the express company
' refuse to make a statement regard
i ing the amount of money that may
.have bein taken, but estimates ryn
' as high as $.;.". mm.
Indian Woman Asks Divorce.
M"liir, Colo. The first pica for di
vorce by an Ind an woman in ihe his
i i Colo:. mo jf tiled by Kaihab,
f r 2i yearn the s' ;:tw of Conconl.io,
a l.iael.i r. (.:' ili r ii-vi r;! pa ppooj-cs,
(lie aikcd the custody of two.
Virrlets Sent 2,117 Miles.
Wash i,'k. r -( 'o in nm u lea t ion be-twei-a
the :nval wireless i'nlion at
V are iqand, 11 .it Sin Francisco, and
tin- monster new alioii at Arlington,
Va., was established. The points are
2,117 mile apart
Brief Statement Say Party's Pledget
Should Ba Fulfilled Decision
Made Public to Allay Un
certainty of Business.
New York. Governor Woodrow
Wilson announced Hint immediately
after his inauguration ns president of
the United States he would call an
extraordinary resMon of congress, to
convene not later than April 15, for
the purpose of revising Hie tariff.
The president elect tailed for Ber
muda ut 2 o'clock this afternoon for a
vacation and will return December
18. To set ut rest in the meantime
speculation as to what he would do
with the tariff revision, he Issued tho
following statement:
"I shall call congress together in
extraordinary session not later than
April 15. I shall do this not only be
cause I think that the pledges of the
party oufht to be redeemed as
promptly as possible, but also because
I know it to be Iu the interest of
business that nil uncertainty as to
what Ihe particular Items of revision
of tariff should bo removed as soon
as possible."
Expected to Delay Announcement.
Tin; governor did not intend to ex
press himself about an extra session
so soon after his election. Although
he has favored the idea of calling an
extra session, because the present ar
rangement would not bring the new
congress Into session until thirteen
months after its election, he had ex
pected to spend more time in ascer
taining public opinion. With the time
to be consumed In discussion, the
governor felt that if an extra session
were not. called, the benefits of tariff
revision would be postponed for prao
tically two years. Throughout tho
campaign he reiterated that he de
sired an Immediate revision of the
tariff, and that Dcmocraltc leaders
knew perfectly well how to proceed
about it.
The governor was Impressed by the
argument also that an early announce
ment ns to an extra session, Demo
cratic leaders In congress could begin
10 take counsel at an early date, bo
that much of the preliminary detail
could be worked out before congress
convened, on April 15.
Though the president-elect means
to rest while In Bermuda, he really
expects tj give a good deal of timo to
quiet, thought about the problems that
face him. He will sketch his annual
message to tho New Jersey legisla
ture, and will do some extensive read
ing on data on the tariff, monopolies,
banking and currency reforms, and
other issues.
Ohican Ccnvicted of Assault and Bat
tery on Minnie La Valley Five
More to Be Tried.
Norwalk, Ohio. The jury in
the case of Ernest Welch, cnarged
with participation in the tarring of
Minnie La Valley at West Clarksfleld
on the night of August 30, returned a
verdict of guilty of ussault and bat
tery. Welch was the first to be tried of
six men indic ted en a charge of "riot
ous conspiracy."
Tho girl accused the defendants of
removing her clothing and pouring tar
over her body.
The jury found the "defendant
guilty ns charged under the one count
of assault and battery and not guilty
of the other seven counts of riotous
New York Court Affirms Conviction
of Carnegie Trust Company Head
for Crand Larceny.
New York. The appellate di
vision of the supreme court affirmed
the conviction of J. C. Cummins for
grand larceny in connection with the
failure of the Carnegie Trust com
pany. Cummins was sentenced to not less
than four years nnd eight months and
not more than eight years and eight
months at the conclusion of his trial
hint year, but since then he has been
at liberty on bail.
Doctor Burned in Barn.
Sterling, 111 Dr. W. O. Beam of
Moline, III., wan burned to death while
asleep in a barn on the Rollo White
ide farm, 25 miles southwest of this
Diphtheria Germs Cause Scare.
Seattle, Wash While inspecting
the label of a small bottle that had
been broken in the postoffice. a clerk
found that it read "diphtheria germs."
In two minutes the postoffice was
fe Husband Shoot Sister.
Nashville, Tenn. A'ter (inarrelins
for an hour. It. L. Brantky, N C. &
St. L. railway detective of (his city,
became enraged at his wife, and,
shooting her through the head, turned
tho weapon on himself. ,
Flrat Hunt Will Be Held Next Week
Near Milton, Mo.
Moberly. The Ilandolph County
Coon club was organized here. The
first big coon hunt will bo held near
Milton, north of this city, November
20, 21 aaid 22.
The following will participate ia
the hunt, which will be made an an
nual affair: Senator William J.
Stone, Senator James A. Heed, Con
(rresHinan W. W. Kucker, Harry U.
Hawes of St. Louis. Gov.-elect Elliott
W. Major, State Auditor John Gordon,
Sam II. Cook, Slate Treasurer James
CoweilL Henry Lee, Fount Kothweil
and Will Hirth of Columbia, Senator
Lysaght of St. Joseph; Campbell
Wells and Francis Wilson. Platte
City; O. L. Gentry. Liberty; Will
Hayes and former Senator H. Clay
Heather of Hannibal; State Senator
Frank McAllister and Tom Bodine of
Paris, and Senator McDavid of Spring
Springfield Sheriff Tells Mob Leaders
Black Had Been Removed.
Springfield. Tricked by officials at
the county Jail, who had boon warned
(hat a mob was being formed to take
Henry Pate, a negro, from the prison,
an advance guard was advised that
the negro had been taken out of the
city. Several hundred men gathered
near the Jail whilo the leaders went
to the prison to locate the cell occu
pied by tWe negro. They were led to
believe the prisoner had been taken
out of the county.
Sheriff W. E. Freeman had the
black ronioved from the county pris
on aud Is keeping his whereabouts a
secret. The negTo has been convict
td of attacking a white girl and
faces a serious charge made by Eu
nice McSlarrow, a 16-year-old white
girl of Mammoth Springs, Ark. Sher.
iff Freeman stated he would protect
the negro from the mob and probably
would keep him out of tbe city until
the time for his trial.
Baptists to Meet in Fulton.
Fulton.--At the annual meeting of
the Young People's Union of the Lit
tle Bonne Fcmnio Baptist association,
held In New Bloomfield, Fulton was
selected as the place for the 1913
session. The following officers were
elected: President. Dillard II. Wyatt.
Columbia; vice-president, James Har
ris, Fulton; recording secretary. Miss
Minnie Siovers. Centralis; corre
sponding secretary. Miss Ca!lie
Blythe, Kultnn; treasurer. Miss Nana
Hart, Hartsburg; chairman of the pro
pram committee, Howard B. Lang,
Robbers Rail Missouri Town.
Gait. Bobbers raided the hardware
storo of Proctor & Son, tsking four
shotguns and many cartridges. The
meat shop of Van Dlx was entered
and about $25 taken. In the Cook A
Vinclll bank a chnrge of nltroglyceria
was placed iu the safe combination,
but was not fired. A postoijlce win
dow was forced open and about $25
In cash and all the stamps taken. In
N'eff's blacksmith shop tho tools were
stolen to effect entrance to the other
New Judges In at Once.
Jefferson City. Irvln V. Barth of
St. Lould. J. G. Slate of Jefferson
City, Frank P. Devilbles of Richmond,
j and Frank Kelly of Cape Girardeau,
Democrats, who were elected circuit
I Judges iu the Eiglxh, Fourteenth.
seveiun ana 1 weuty-eigntn judicial
districts, respectively, take office as
soon as the official count is made.
These men were elected to fill out un
expired terms. Men appointed by the
governor held office until the election
Cuts Off Teacher's Nose.
Springfield. Douglas county offi
cers are searching for Leszy Bun yard,
a young farmer, who, it is alhged, cut
off the nose of a school teacher at a
box party In a school honse near
Smallet. Because of a disturbance.
Emmet Yoeman, tho teacher, ordered
several youths to leave. Bun yard, it
Is declared, drew a knife and besides
cutting off Yoeman's nose badly
slashed two other men who went to
the teacher's rescue. Bunyard took
to the hills.
Y. M. C. A. Conference at Marshall.
Marshall. The Y. M. C. A. of Mis
souri Valley college has just cosed a
conference which was attended by
prominent workers in the state in
cluding State Secretary Garner of St.
Louis, Secretary Lipure of the St. Jo
seph Y. M. C. A. The meeting was ia
the interest of the student Y. M. C. A,
teams that w ill go out and hold meet
ings during the coming holidays.
There were representatives from all
of the normals of the slate and col
leges. Couple Wedded Fifty Years.
Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Fv
Glandt celebrated their fiftieth mar
riage anniversary. Their friendB ol
the Emmanuel Lutheran church gav
them $100 in gold, gathered by sub
scriptions from members of the
Fifty-five Confirmed at Union.
Union. Conflrmatkm services In
tho Immaculate Conception church by
Archbishop Glennon of St. Louis and
local priests. Fifty-five were confirmed.
Lawyer, However, Qual, ft() A,
With Remark That "n .
Unkind Sound.
Tho Jury was hearing r
arguments In a dan.iige s i .
Judge Bfi M. Smith, In' hi, '1 .'
was alleged. The attorn.. ' '
plaintiff had been directing 1,
sides against the defend.!!,-"" '
show of ingratitude, when t:
counsel objected.
"Gratitude lo Inspiring .
constitutional requirement"
cd the objector, w in had h-: .
ernl law books from the
some time before.
"One look at your fare ro-. ti
that you are right." sal,) ;i;, . 'r
er. "If gratitude were a cr,.
requirement you couldn't h.- a ,
Chicago Evening Pest.
The Other Fellow.
Miss Oldmaid (purclia !
Have you "Kissed M.- ir,
Mr. Dopenutt Why- . r.
must have been the other , i
Oeculatory Nerve
Tho Maid Hilly Brown s.(
tho prettlrst mouth In ih-. v. , . a
' Tlin Mnn 111.1 l... ,-,
",' "" ' fit a:,n
"Kntnsi u any day. Engb-', y
Py unlr.tr CWIe'i OrMlwlvc it I,
enective remedy. AJldiussius. -jj
People are always doing tv-ipo
would condemn In others
To Women
Do Not Dela
If yoo sr eonvinccd tb
your sicknPM is boriua nf
some derangement or 6u.
eai distinctly feminine,
you ought at once brirg
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescript
S It sets directly on the S
a organ affected and tonea Si
th entir syatem.
a B
B Ak Your Druggift s
I Pa
Pays Cash for Fu
I I We Want Ten Million OoPrs' Worth ,
ion tt mrtrrr rrirra, letter m
montuioripy l.j mturn n.ftll mi., u i
torn in h uaton Hroc. A i. In ht ...u .. 1
Amtricu.4'iwialian nl KtirvM'o,,n ( ; rl
rntfi t our Ihtty r'tfnlnr ntu ( .. ,,
nuntn Vurm Im nrtM. Y gi t t!. I ,
?ht' why w ran yny jrm mnri. i. T ,
ott tldlrct wilbui. ISuBtvni-t.-n i,t .
Big Money in Trapping ;,rU : f.:
nMikrnt,fnx,trotf. lyni.whln-wpfw.-l,- a,,-,. ,
Uitni TVn Million lllnrV .,rh -i.
W want four fun-any tlilnr fn n t it-
Uft Funston Animal Bait
Onaniotfyvt to tnrrotaA your cat rh , r
tnttplr Ci.l. an.l (iHii, tti
bnnkn In oiii ntno Fur Mitrk-t h.-i-'-is LJ
Bbin.luBT.neU). Allfrwi. V.ni. t i, W
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The Original Price of
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