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Two wi't'ks of thfi best specimen
, ,.Vrr saw for this season of
,1),. vcar. Clear and sunshiny ami
.i.riliiy people threw tlieir
open to the outside nir.
Wit: hi. don't .V('r kllovv-
'lhitf Kegulator," $l.-r'0 pe
bucket at Wren's Pharmacy.
,,iin' in CliieiiKO.
(onip'',,fi '',10 p to-lt e
furniture. L. W. Roberts.
J. T. .Tolmson is visit inn
, 11'
r,,atives in ?seiana.
furnish your home without
fI,,.Ssive cost. h. W. Roberts.
s" L. Hickman, of Hooneville,
usit,,l .1. 1. Iy?r uml family,
Witlicast of Mexico, last week.
new "lion Kegulator" at
ffiYii's riiarmaey.
jrs. J. E. IMuin is visiting her
sister, Mrs. R. S. Montgomery, at
I'uniitiire of (piality at rijjht
. t r l 1 . '
Hud" Davis, out southeast of
JJrjico. is building a 'fine new
Our rndertnKiiij? Department
ii liii'li-class, and irives satis-
VtiiiT serviee. L. V. Roberts.
Riv. A. A. "Wallace, of Mexico,
y assist iitK in a revival meeting at
the Presbyterian elmrcli at Perry.
Wo I've I'ortiers, Carpets, and
illkimls of Hot lies. V. L. Ilanly.
U2 S. Washington St.
I. I. 1 Flynt, who looks afier
tl-irk out Molino way. made the
JI'Swl"' a pleasant business call
I'll i- new, ii-1 o date furni
I:" you are looking for, call on
L V. Ut.herts.
Jlrs. Susan Johnson, widow of
ic lust lieu C. .lolinson. at one
iiic Circuit Clerk of Audrain
sunt v. has been admitted to the
lla.sonic Ilonie in St. Louis.
Have you seen my fine line of
full value rugsT They are money
living bargains. L. V. Roberts.
Mr. iiml Mrs. Casper Forbaeli
of this city visited Mrs. For
kiiii's parents in Auxvasse first
of tin- week, Mr. and Mrs. Arch
'iive your mot her, or wile, or
Nivlheart, ii nice Axininster Ii n
for a Cliristiiiiis present. Sold ;it
!!" t" w Furniture Store, I,. W.
U.M1S. i'roprietor.
Just the Thing
f,,,tl'i' children's Christmas
;l pleasure for every
"1(,ll,,l''''ftl,e family.
Brownies $1 to $10
Kodaks $5 to $100
'level. .i. and finish
'"" f'.V ami with expert
Kodak Department
'crrell, The Jeweler
ua 'he Corner
Of Mexico
Heautiful autumn weather.
There will be preaching by
Rev. Edson of Columbia next Sun
day at 11 o'clock in the morning
and Sunday school at :i o'clock, at
Mt. Zion. The young ladies' mis
sionary meeting t 4 o'clock,
preaching at 7 :ilO. We hope to see
a full attendance at each service.
Prof. Win. Cautiiorn and moth
er ami sister. Miss Mary, ate din
ner with Mr. and Mrs. Dec Drown
last Sunday and attended Mrs.
Alex. Carter's funeral at Sun Rise
church in the afternoon.
Mrs. .losie Sharp is the guest of
Mr. P. R. Cant horn.
We were sorry 1o hear of Floyd
Manna's house burning. Every
thing was burnt but one bed and
the bed clothes on the bed. The
fire was under such headway
when Mrs. llanna discovered it.
She ran to call her husband and
his brother who were gathering
corn not far from the house, lint
they could not save anyfning.
They had been to Mexieo a few
days before and had bought new
clothing, both overcoats and suits.
Hadn't yet worn them. It seems
the fates have been against these
good people the last few years.
Mrs. Ed. Crooks of near Wor
cester has been at 1 lie bedside of
her sister-in-law, Mrs . Forest
Weaver, who has been very sick
for the past three weeks.
Mrs. Clay Perry spent the
week with her daughter. Mrs.
Clark, of near Denton City, last
Forrest. Perry and family were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Aimer
Mundy last Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Fisher who was se
riously ill last week is thot to be
a little better at this writing.
When ill Mexico don't forget
to call at the new studio and get
some real photographs, cheap, but
good, and they will not fade. Post
cards only To cents per do., am!
cabinet pictures 2.(1(1 per do..,
no matter how many is on.
American Photo Co., 0!1 South
Like Finding 1 1
$3.0(1 worth of cooking vessels
free during sale week with any
eook stove or rnuge sold, select
your own rooking vessels.
Ferris & Cauthorn.
J. W. Sijuires has been quite a
sufferer lately of poison oak on
his face, caught while on a hunt
ing trip.
Granite Sale
all this week I it pudding pan
10 rents, large size wash pan 10
eeiits, large (i 1 1 stew pan 10
eents, dipper f) eeiits, many
other articles sane price.
Ferris & Cauthorn.
9 f
is the name of ihe Dig lifteen
thousand dollar serial story
which will appear in The
Weekly Kansas City Star soon,
for the newspaper rights of
which the author received $Dj,
000. The story, pronounced
the greatest this popular novel
ist has written, will not be pub
lished as a hook until it lias run
serially in this newspaper.
The theme is the Italian
Malta, niii against that sinister
background the author lias
! thrown the softer colors of an
i absorbing and fascinating love
j story, The story, while tragic in
: tone, has the humor, spright
liness and action that have
characterized his previous suc
cesses. "The Net" will be continued
in liberal installments each
week, with lifteen powerful
illustrations by Howard (liles.
The subscription juice of The
Weekly Kansas City Star is -J'i
cents a year.
Subscribe now and avoid
missing a copy.
The Weekly Kansas City Star
Kansas City, Mo.
A Meeting of Farmer to Consider
Ways and Mean to Obtain
More Tone Per Aore of a
Better Quality.
F. H. Demarte, Agronomist, J. I. Csse
Plow Worke.
tNatlonal Crop ImproTsmant Service.
Meetings are being arranged
throughout the entire bar belt to hold
a conference of all the farmer la each
community to dUcuaa the bay problem
and to agree upon a line of procedure
which will lmprore the quality and
quantity of the crop.
Application are being made to the
Agricultural Colleges to furnish speak
er and demonstrator to attend these
meetings. When the line of procedure
Is decided for each community every
farmer Is requested to sign the agree
ment to carry out these aclentlfto
methods upon his own farm.
A bay meeting cover the following
1. Methods of preparing ground.
2. What rotation and what should
bay follow.
Building up solL
Preparation of seed bed.
How to select best types.
Where and how to obtain seed.
How to Induce neighbors to grow
the beat varieties.
When to apply manure and fer
tilizer. Experience with seeding.
Spring and fall sowing.
Cleaning and Testing Seed.
How much seed to acre.
Best time for seeding.
Effect of frost and ice.
When to harvest Curing hay.
Stacking and car of the crop.
A graded price according to qual
ity. Marketing and shipping.
By William P. Brook, Mis. Agricul
tural Exp. 8tation.
National Crop Improvement Service.
Commonly Krass follow wheat or
rye In rotation, but may be success
fully sown after spring rye or wheat,
but the most encouraging results will
follow from methods such as have
been proven by experiment. The
custom ha been to sow grass with
wheat in the autumn and to sow
clover when that Is used on the wheat
land early In the spring. This -nay
be h good plan but cannot be relied
After the wheat Is harvested, long
hot Bummers give the young grass
or clover plants a bard struggle.
To make the growing of grass most
profitable, separate preparation of
land and separate sowing of the grass
seed In the late summer or early fall
after the removal of the wheat crop,
Is by far the most promising method.
As soon as possible after the cutting
of the wbent, the stubble should be
disc harrowed and the surface put In
fine, mellow condition for one or two
Inches deep and should be occasion
ally re-harrowed through the summer
when the moisture content Is right,
and then heavily seeded with mixed
grass in the late summer.
Raymond Olny, of M. Rumely Com.
National Crop Improvement Servloe.
A considerable proportion of the
mowings of hay are Infested with
weed of different kinds. Among the
most common and troublesome are the
common white and yellow daisy, wild
carrot, sorrel, dock, buttercups, the
common plantain, dandelions, rutin-
weed, ragged robin and horsetail. The
methods to keep them In subjection
must be quite different In details for
the different weeds; but In general It
may be said that. If the soil Is kept
sweet by sufficient use of lime, and
well enriched, the condition will be
made so favorable for the growth of
the better grasses and the clover that
tb weeds will have relatively little
The grasses and the clovers, In th
struggle for existence which Is always
going on in the meadows, will prove
victorious. If weed lave a strong
growth the only method Is to reseed.
TORS. National Crop Improvement Service.!
It Is the opinion of a large majority
of shippers that Inspectors are too
technical and stringent In the grad
ing of No. 1 Timothy. "Qood
color" should not be construed to
mean the same as "bright, natural
color," as used In describing Choice
Timothy. The words "good color"
should not exclude hay with brown
blades If In all other respects It Is
good enough for No. 1 Timothy.
Neither should these words exclude
bay with slightly brown heads If In
other respect good enough for No. 1
Inspectors should always bear In
mind that they should be arbitrators
between buyer and seller, and that
they should tuot unfairly favor either,
even though one Is present and the
other Is not.
National Crop Improvement Service.
As a means of control for stem
blight of alfalfa it Is I jcommended
that the frosted alfalfa be clipped,
with the mower set low, as soon as
It Is reasonably certain that the dan
ger from late froets Is past This will
rid the plants of the diseased por
tions, and afford an opportunity for
the early growth of a new cutting.
It this Ij done la tlmo. the regular
nmcber of cuttings rhould be secured
with UtUe or no, 'loss la tonnage.
.... .... ....... A. . t
Chris Krismnn, of Henton City,
shipped n loud of cuttle to St.
Louis Monday nijzht.
Sumner llavis. of Thompson,
sold to Wheeler limit 10 fat lios
at $7.20 per hundred pounds.
II. C. Spnnr is frntlierin his
corn. Says it is yielding -17 1 'J
hushels to the nere on nn average.
(). K. 1 In fner, of Worcester,
sold n nice pair of 1" luiiids mules
to Harry Shoup Inst week for
Joe Marshall, of Molino, sold
W. W. Mundy four lion's; averiige
weight about 21" pounds each, lit
7 cents.
Mil ford Herry. of Powell Ford,
delivered a nice bunch of hogs
this week to Powell and Mundy
at 7 cents a pound.
A Monroe county feeder bought
KiO western ewes two years iejo
for if.lOO, and up to the present
time has made a profit of sfl.OI'l.
V2, besides having CO of them on
1. T. .lolinson sold four cars of
two year old steers on the Chica
go market last week at $11.00;
per hundred pounds, the top of
the market. A Democratic good
times price.
Wheeler Cant, of Thompson,
bought a bunch of hogs from
Kugene Jones at $7 per hundred '
pounds. lie also bought a bunch !
of heifers from Mr. Sunoot to be
delivered the first of next week. I
Keep your hogs healthy by us
ing "Hog Regulator" sold by j
Wren's Pharmacy. i
Rev. J. J. (JritVui filled his regu-1
lar appointment at CJilead church j
last Sunday.
James Quinlin shipped a nice j
load of cattle to St. Louis Mon-j
day. j
W. P. Willingham sold one II
year old McCorinic to Kdwardj
Mr. ami Mrs. Kubanks visited
Morgan Myers of Fish Branch
David Armstrong is going to
dig coal on W. D. Mason's farm
this winter.
Charley P.lum sold a three year
old mare to W. P. Willingham.
Mrs. Annie Hesterberg was;
taken quite ill recently, but glad j
to report she is better at this
W. H. Wilson and son, our en
ergetic wood sawyers, are making
the women of this neighborhood j
happy by buzzing up tlieir win-j
ter's stove wood. !
P.rack Williiighaia sold Rilev,
Wilkerson of near Santa Fe, one'
extra good bunch of yearling j
heifers. '
Everybody busy shucking corn.:
Those that nrcn busy ought to be. j
Via the Chicago & Alton
Friday, November 29, 1912
International Live Stock Exposition
For Thanksgiving
If you nrc li'oiuij t scll for this HolMnv
or Christinas yit in touch with uh.
Highest m.iikct prices pa'cl at all times
for aM kin.ls of Poultry. TURKEYS For
THANKSGIVING must l,c delivered on or
before Saturday, November 23, 1912.
Audrain Produce Co.
W. Monroe
Hiram Ferguson is baling l:i.
for K. M. Morris this week.
Leslie (iriflin and family and
I'd. Crawford and family M'cut
Sunday with J. P. Ni virs a i l
Tin' Knights anil Ladies of Se
curity arc going to have their an
nual turkey supper Thanksgiv
ing. (lathering corn is the order of
t he day.
L. M. Morris has a severe cave,
of tonsilit is.
Mrs. .las. Hickman and Mrs.
Lee Miller visited at the home of!
I. K. Iteatty one day this week. j
Miss Elia Picatty is visiting!
her brother, J. T. lieatly. thi.-,.
week. I
Rev. W. F. iMlllkle. of Okl.-'im !
ma, is to he the new pastor of the j
Mexico Methodist church. The i
appointment was made by Itishop
Moilon 1 his week. lie is t i (
preach here next Sunday. '
II HI lilt! I 'willll
Did You Ever Spend A
Winter in the South?
Did you ever visit the many delightful resorts ahuig the (iulf
Did you ever go motoring along1 Florida's benches?
Did you ever go touring through scenic Culm?
Have you ever enjoyed the many delights of a trip through
Southern Texas?
Have you ever I raveled through Old Mexieo where the cold
null hern winter is turned io lialui.v summer?
Why Not Go This Winter?
There are special winter tourist rates to all principal points.
The co.-t is low. The climate is positively ideal. The re
sorts are nil n.'i'oiis. The Hotels are good. The opportuni
ties for all forms of out -door sports are alino-l without limit.
An I the trip will bring the most pleasure, if you go via the
Come in an. 1 let's talk it over, if I Iriven't detailed infor
nvjlioii about the attractions of the particular place vmi widi
to visit, I cm nn 1 will get I hem for vmi in a hiirrp.
T, L. MARSHALL, Agent,
C. Ii. 6c
Year's Show Bigger and Better Than
Train luavi's Mic at7:(l I M.
I!H iirnino- via special train Monday, Dec. '.
VnV further p;. Ii ieti la I s cal I nil or a Idle
Ticket Agent, Chicago & Allan R. R.
Country Phone 45
Barn Burned.
W. F. Settle, living on South
Clark Avenue, lost his large barn
by tire Monday a I'leruoon. Mr.
Settle was in the hay lofi with his
lantern wln u it exploded, and in
si, nit ly lliii'e was a blaze all about
him. He barely escaped with his
The neighbors and Fire Depart
men t were on hands early and
there was a hard light to sae the
residence and other outbuildings.
Chicken bouse caught lire, but
was put out before blaze made an
Mr. Settle lost all his hay and
his farm implements slnml in
barn. I le had .-f:!Hil insin anre on
barn and .fl'iO on contents.
lie extends earnest thanks to
the neighbors and lire boys for
their I'li'ui'ts in helping dim save
his ot lo r properly.
Your Iio;n will nol gel sick if
you iisr "Hog Regulator," at
Wren "n Pharmacv.
O. R. R.
liVI.RV 441
wide open" I
Fine weather for corn busking.
The farmers are making good
Peiiton City is improving
grading the streets.
J. T. Allen was en Tied to the
death bed of his mother the 8th of
this month, near Columbia.
.1. F. Criftith ami family of Mex
ieo were visitors at Pciiton Satur
day and Sunday.
Mrs. Lola Allen of Dullsville is
spending a week with her parents,
I. T. Allen ami w ife.
Mrs. I'arbara Rhodes was called
to Wellsvillc on account of sick
ness t his week.
Mrs. Julian Ann Allen departed
this life at her home at Youngers,
Mo.. Nov. 8, PipJ, at the age of 70
years, '. months ami H'-i days. Mrs
Allen had been a member
of the I'aptist church for many
years and was a devoted wife, lov
ing mother and kind neighbor.
She leaves a husband and live
children to mourn her loss - R. L.
and Henry Allen of Youngers,
Mrs. Nannie Doiioviu of llalls-
ill.-, J. T. Allen of I'.eiitou City
ind l. M. Allen of Douglass, Kan.
A loed one from our side is gone,
A voice w e loved is si illed ;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be tilled.
Service at Jail.
Rev. W. II. Owens. of St.
losepli. secretary of the Society
for I he Friendless for t he M is
souii Kansas Division, addressed,
the prisoners at the County ,la!i,
Siiiiilay afternoon, alter the ivm
lilac services which are held nl
the jail by the local W. C. T. C.
There jarc nine prisoners now i':
jail, seven while and two arc in
groes. Among the whiles lii.'l" IS
a hoy leiirlci'ii years of age. Karl
Murphy, confined in Ihe same sec
tion with three white nn n and one
negro. The local W. C. T. C
women are endeavoring to find a
home lor this hoy when his -1 1 -tellce
expires. The leaders ill the
W. ( '. T. I'. Uioveliu iil here al e
highly encouraged with the re
sults accomplished by their jail
meetings. They have been con
duct ing these services several
mouths and they say they Iiml a
great iut'Test manifest among Ihe
I will ill -el (be Tax I'a.vei's ,
Audrain County al the
follow-in:,' 1 'laces
I'.i'iilnli ( 'ily, Tlmrs. Nov. 21
(iant, I'ridav, Nov. 'J'J
Uiisii Hill. Monday, No. 'J7,
liiiddniiia, Tuesday and Wed
nesday, Nov. 'J!-27
Farher, Monday, I ce. 'J
Mt. ("ai niel, Tuesday Dee. .
Vandalia, Wednesday, Thurs
day and lYid.iy, Dee. l-.l-O
Collector of Audrain County, Ko.
W. i. I'ihc, one of the lii-sl fel
lows vou ever met. is an appli -ant
for Ihe position of postmaster at
.Marliiishiirjr. lie i;iS lived in
and near Martiiliur;,' for Ihe
past U years, evervhody Knows
him, and without douhl he would
make a very ncccptahlc man for
t he place he seeks.
H TP A PTTrvni nn
Leaves Mulilio
S :0ll a. in.
K :'l in. I'1 :'!" a. in.
1 :;!n . m. '2 :'.',) p. m.
I :'ill o. in ". . I . i, i,,
?4 ' e
1 Sunday Schedule.
I. eaves .Mexico
H a. in.
L':) p. III.
I :m p. III.
I,eaes .Moinio
! : Ml a. m.
:i:tH p. m.
'):(!() p. in.

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