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VOL. 14
The Audrain County Court met
on Jan. 6, pursuant to adjourn
ment, with Judges Alex. Carter,
C. C. Bledsoe and J. V. Beatles
present. Proceedings as follows:
Cost-bills in state cases, aggre
gating $87.80, were allowed. ,
Bonds of county oftieers a p.
proved and ordered filed, as fol
lows: A. II. Williams, constable
Loutre township, $300; R. C.
Strode, coroner, $1,000; Hoy
Wright, road overseer District
44, $500; E. L. Gorman, constable
Saling township, $500; It. S. Mc
Kinney, surveyor, $2,000. T. J.
Kelso, assessor, $1,000. Miss Ma
bel GralTord's appointment as
deputy treasurer Mas approved.
Statement of Recorder of Deeds,
A. II.-Whitney, showing fees col
lected during 1912 to be $2,405,
approved. Statement Circuit
Clerk E. F. Elliott, showing fees
collected during fourth quarter
1912 to bo $489.70, approved. Re
port of 11 bridges erected by E.
F. Ketter approved. Resignation
of J. V. Beagles as Justice of the
Peace of Prairie township accept
ed. Final settlement with Noble
Barnes, retiring County Treas
urer, made, as follows: Balance
on hand in School Fund, $9,017.
53. Malanee in Road District
Funds, $3,073. Balance county
revenue on hand, $24,453.50.
Special road and bridge fund,
balance, $7,133.76. Rock road
balance, $29.50. Road damage
fund, balance, $30. Capital school
fund, principal, balance on hand,
$2941.79. Capital school fund, in
terest, balance on hand, $1,255.96.
Costs due individuals, $3G3.f0.
Total amount turned over to II.
II. Grafford, the new county
treasurer, $45,405.74.
Bills allowed as follows: J. J.
Johnson, bridgework, $37.20; J.
P. Harper, bridge lumber, $14.73;
J. J. Quintan, bridge lumber,
$125.16; B. A. Powell, work at
County Farm, $29.25; S. S. Rob
erts, repairs County Farm, $1.90;
E. S. Gantt, salary Pros. Atty.,
$116.66; E. P. Ketter, salary, R
and B. Commissioner, $G0.65; L,
W. Roberts, supplies court house,
$12.00; Berger & Ball, same
$7.20; J. 1). Miller, same, $7.65;
John T. Marshall, work at court
house, $19.40 ; W. L. Craddock,
supplies Assessor, 75c; Geo. D.
Barnard, supplies Sheriff, $2.20;
Geo. D. Barnard, supplies Circuit
Clerk, $19.63 ; West lb. Co., sup
plies Circuit Clerk, $24; Buxton
& Skinner, supplies County Clerk,
$1 6.95 ; Geo. D. Barnard, same,
2.90; Standard Printing Cot,
same, $3.77; J. W. Barnett, Jus
tice Peace, supplies, $1 ; George
Barnard, supplies Probate Judge,
$4 55; Mexicq Ledger, supplies,
$26.50; J F, Harrison, examining
insane, $1.50; Standard Printing
Co., supplies Circuit Clerk,
$18.20; Geo. D. Barnard, supplies
Road District, $49.01; Buxton &
Skinner, supplies Circuit Clerk,
$3.70; Buxton & Skinner, same,
f'-'O.SO; II. W. Gibbs, examining
Insane, $1.50 j J. J. Quinlan.
bridge lumber, $22.53; Pilcher
Jewelry Co., repairs court house.
$1.00; LaCrosse Lumber Co., sup
plies County Farm,$9.80; Llewel
lyn & Sons, supplies Court House.
$2.05; Coatsworth Lumber Co.,
bridge supplies, $181.28; John
Byars, bridge work, $39.10; B.
Underwood, bridge work, $266.25 ;
Uarrett & Garrett, bridge
Mexico rower io.,!j w nott8 0ff,jlitin?
supplies, Court House, $27.13 ;
same, supplies Jail, $1.50; J. B.
Woolery, stamps, $7.00; J. B.
..umery, circuit court. $144.00;
B. Woolery, county court,
$141.00; J. B. Woolery, probate
court$32 ; J.B. Woolery, supplies
Jail, $3.10; J. B. Woolery, board
ing prisoners, $326.50 ; E. F. El
liott, personal bill circuit court,
$57.05; J. M. Phelps, supplies
Court House, $6.50; Val Erdel,
Jr., concrete work, $10.00; M. B.
Guthrie & Co., supplies Jail,
$75; W. T. Henderson, bridge
supplies, $21.15; L. M. Gamble,
bridge supplies, $1.(0; I. M.
Greer, repairs Court House, $2.40;
F. W. Brand, supplies Court
House, $1.50; Mexico Power (Jo.,
supplies Court House, $212.50; I.
M. Greer, supplies County Clerk.
z.)c; Mexico message, priming
Col. notice, $3.00; J. B. Devault,
same, $3.; Vandalia Leader, same,
$3; Centralia Courier, same, $3;
Sturgeon Leader, same, $3; In
telligencer Pub. Co., same, $3 ;
Mexico Message, supplies Co.
Treasurer, $7; S. A. Pulis, stamps,
$15; RC. Strode, examining in
sane, $1.50; J. F. Harrison, exam
ining insane, $1.50; State Hos
pital No. 1, county patients,
$2,993.75; Fred A. Morris, sup
plies Jail, $4.75; E. M. Crooks,
bridge lumber, $23.90; Chas. Pol
lard, bridge lumber, $46.95; Bux
ton & Skinner, supplies County
Clerk, $18.85; Mo. & Kan. Tel.
Co., phones at Court House, $12;
Mo. & Knn. Tel. Co., phone at
Jail, $4.50; J. P. Powell, supplies
County Farm, $1.50; Fairbanks
Morse, supplies County Farm.
$363.79; J. W. Dry, supplies
County Farm, $2; F. Wr. Brand,
supplies County Farm, $1.20;
Moore & Field, supplies ('aunty
Farm, $37; W. A. Paullin, iip-
plies County Farm, $8.23; Mc-
Pheeters Bros., supplies County
Farm, $23; LaCrosse Lumber Co.,
supplies Jail, 60c ; Noble Barnes,
salary, Nov. and Dee., 1912, $166.-
67; R. D. Worrell, supplies Court
House, $15; Guthrie & Son, coal,
County Farm, $137.32; Guthrie &
Son, coal at jail, $103.95; Alex.
Carter, three days' justice and
mileage, $15.20; C. C. Bledsoe,
same, $15.75; J. W. Beagles, same,
$16.80; T. J. Kelso,
1912 assess-
ment, $500.
"Good Old Home Paper."
Manitou, Okla., Jan. 6. Editor
Message: You will find enclosed
$1.00 for renewal of my subscrip
tion of the good old home paper
We feel lost when we miss a copy.
We had a beautiful fall. New
Year's Day was as warm as sum
mer; fine till last Saturday eve,
when the wid came up. Blew
hard and cold all day yesterday.
Mercury almost down to rcro
Your friend, F. J. Barnes.
Mrs. Mary Lyons died at Dead-
wood, S. D., last Thursday. The
remains were brought to Mexico
for burial, funeral held at the
Catholic 'church Sunday after
noon conducted by Father J. J.
Dillon. Deceased leaves the fol
lowing children, all of whom wer
at the funeral : Misses Mary
Katherine and Julia, Mrs. Jose
phine Glass, John Glass, John
and Augustine Lyons of St
Louis, and Michael Lyons, of
Deadwood, S. D,.
Dobyns Bros, and Dally Pol
lard are to have charge of the
new C. & A. restaurant which has
been built at Francis. The
restaurant will save train crews
tied up at Francis the time and
trouble of coining to Mexico for
meals, v
Mr. Ray Bafford, son of Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. Bafford of t! i
city, was married at the court
'house last Monday to Miss Cora
IE. Crisco, of Bartlett, Mo., Judj
The directors of the Pollock
Milling Co. met a few days ago
and declared a
semi-annual divi-
jdend of four per cent.
ynrmm -
- -
' -V
At Union school house, Friday
night, Jan. 10th. Inhere were but
few districts represented on the
program, as it was storming au
day Friday up until almost dark.
At a late hour the crowd began
to assemble until the seating ca
pacity of the house was all taken
up. At 8 o'clock Hon. Hiram
Threlkeld called the house to
order, and Florence Gibbs was
elected chairman, after which a
number of selected pieces were
rendered, interspersed by
music given by Prof. Shutts and
After 10 minutes recess and the
house called to older again, the
joint debate was in order between
I'nion and Beaver Dam,
on the I
question, Resolved, That Woman
should be granted the riarlit or
privilege of voting. This was a
hot contest from start to finish.
All the speakers did well. The
Beaver Dam speakers each seem
ed to us to have a different line of
argument,' like an endless chain
without a broken link, speaking
direct to the question and estab
lishing their points of argument.
The honorable judges on this
occasion were Charley Black,
George Throgmorten, and Roland
Hodge. The judges decided in
favor of the negative, Beaver
Many who live distant from
Union are anxious to have the de
bate over again, as it was a bad
night and they could not attend,
this being a living issue. We can
only refer them to Hon. Hiram
Threlkeld of Beaver Dam and
Prof. Charles Lieblcr of Union,
who are the instigators.
Oh, by the way, please mention
thru your valuable paper to the
ladies of Mexico to postpone then
organizing woman's rights clubs
done been decided.
Winter has arrived at last.
Judge Pierce is very sick of
Vira Caplinger of Paris is
spending this week with her sis
ter, Mrs. O. I. Mason.
Agnes Steinmillcr is reported
some better at this period.
Mrs. Fannie MeKamey of Paris
died very suddenly of heart
trouble. The remains were
brought to Pleasant Hill for
burial. Rev. J. II. Sneed preach
ed the funeral address.
Mr. Reid, our merchant, has
treated his store to a new cash
Dick Simms of Illinois visited
his son, Edd, here, last week.
Don't forget about preaching
out at New Hope next Sunday.
Annie Lee Reid, Amy, Merle
and Venus Cleary spent Sunday
with Clara Crigler and sisters.
John Wolver's place is for re;'!
cheap.. Georerc Crisrler is airent.
lea and Edd Simms returned
from a visit in Illinois T! 'u,jdny.
Little Edna Lony ente!tn'n;
several of her little friends at din
ner the 8th, it being her's and
William Smithey's birthday.
They received a large shower of
lohi'i'J-'l.L"' V-,!
Mr. Powell "Returns Home"
Ed. Atchison, Auctioneer
Mr. Mundy's Hogs.
Horace Mundy: I'm feeding
50 head of hogs. They'll be
ready for market in about 30
days. I'm having no trouble
with my hogs; they're all heal
thy as they can be. I keep them
in good shelter and bed them care
fully and keep their pens clean.
Filth and dirt bring disease to
hogs, and it'll bring it to most
any other creature, too.
Ed. Atchison: How am I mak
ing it T Best in the world. The
people keep me cryuig sales and I
don't get tired; I want more of
the work. How was Ed. M.
Crook's sale last Thursday!
Live stock brought good prices.
Ed. Crooks is a fine fellow. Every
offering was just what he repre
sented. You always know what
you are getting when you buy
from a man like thati
J. N. Rosser: I've been down
at Center visiting my brother.
Dropped off at Mexico to see my
son, Emmett. Like it first rate
living in Centralia community.
J. M. Powell: I'm back home.
Expect to live in Mexico the rest
of my natural days. I came here
a few months ago from Rolla, Mo.
One daughter lives here, Mrs.
Harry Iman. I was born at
Powell Ford, north of Mexico, 64
years ago. My father was Mon
roe Powell. He died 60 years ago.
My grandfather was Bobbie
Powell. He came to this county
about the year 1819. Jeff Powell
now lives on the place Bobbie
Powell improved and that's
how comes the name Powell Ford.
I remember Dr. R. W. Bourne 52
years ago. He treated me for a
spell of erysipelas. He was called
an old man then, but he is quite
a lively fellow yet. Joe Morris,
Ben Cauthorn, J. C. Pasqueth
all dead now they were among
my best friends.
C. C. Heizer: Here, Mr. Editor,
is a dollar that belongs to you
which I have been carrying
around for two or three weeks.
R. M. Poage, out beyond Santa
Fe, toward Perry, wants your
paper for another year. I was
over to see my farm, just north
east of Santa Fe. I'm proud of
that country. All we need to in
deed put us on the map is a rail
road thru Santa Fe.
Mrs. Alma Camplin Heizer: My
parents, James Camplin and
wife, and my husband and I ar
rived in Mexico, Mo., this morn
ing, Jan., 11, at 5:10 a. m. 'Will
now be at home at Santa Fe, Mo.,
so please send my Message there.
We find Missouri far ahead of
Arizona. While it was a beauti
ful place where we lived, a
Tempe, Ariz., it wasn't Missouri
by any means.
R. S. Douglass: After a stay
of some time at Fort Collins,
Colo., I am back to Audrain coun-
I u.
ty again. My postoflice will be at
Benton City. I'm back home.
Glad to get here and I'm here to
stay. I liked Colorado pretty
well, but it's not in it with Au
drain county, Missouri.
Rev. Carlisle's Demise Horse
Dropped Dead Elks Get
Present of Stove.
Frank C. Mitchell, assistant
cashier of the Bank of Centralia,
has presented his check to pay for
a fine double range to be set up in
the kitchen of the new Elks
Home in Mevico. Mr. Mitchell is
a member of the Elks lodge here
Rev. C. C. Selecman and wife.
formerly of Mexico, are arraug
ing to make a trip to the Holy
Land next year.
Mrs. Wm. Diessell took
with the pneumonia last
Her husband also also
quite ill.
Hon. John Netherland Ileiskell
recently appointed United States
Senator from Arkansas, to sue
ceed Senator Jeff. Davis, is a rel
ative of Mrs. W. J. Botts of Mex
ico. Mrs. Botts boarded in the
Ileiskell home at Memphis, Tenu.,
some years ago while she was a
teacher in the Memphis schools.
Wr. F. Farrell sued J. B. Evans
for $200 damages, charging that
Evans hired a horse of him and
drove to Stephens Store and back
in one day. The horse died on the
return trip. The case was tried
in Justice John H. Wayne's court
Wednesday of last week and
plaintiff was given $116.
Rev. Willis Carlisle, who was
pastor of the Mexico Methodist
church two years ago, died about
ten days since at Savannah, Mo.
The body was taken to Illinois for
burial. Bro. Carlisle, while . lo
cated in Mexico, was counted
"one of the best men who ever
walked our streets." He was at
one time presiding elder of the
St. Charles district, and has
preached at Vandalia, Farber,
Martinsburg and Laddonia, this
W. Phil Woodward and wife
and two children, Hardy and
Mabel, took the train at Rush
Hill Monday for Elgin, Arizona,
where Mr. Woodward has entered
160 acres of land. Wilbur Wood
ward left last Saturday with a
car of goods for the same place.
Wilbur has also entered for 160
acres of land. They like that
country and think they have fine
prospects before them, and the
Message hopes they may not be
disappointed. Mrs. W. P. Wood
ward before her marriage was
Miss Sadie Doolin, daughter of
the late Hardy Dooliu.
mother, Mrs. Susan
resides at Rush Hill.
DOOllll, ST111
Mrs. II. P. Warden returned a
few days ago from a two weeks'
visit to relatives at Seminole,
Pool Parlors Under Ban Child
Smothered to Death Rev.
B. D. Sipple.
Frances Thclma Jansen, the 12
months old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. T. F. Jansen of St. Clement,
Pike county, was smothered to
death a few nights since, getting
tangled under the bed blunket.
Billiard parlors are under the
ban in Adair county. The coun
ty court thinks they encourage
idleness and gambling and re
fuses to grant them license to op
erate any place in the county.
W. J. Long is an applicant for
postmaster at Sturtreon. Other
applicants are: R. S. Harris, Dr.
A. J. Harris, Miss Nannie Riggs,
T. D. Moss, Jr., with J. W. Unlet
thinking about the thing, yes, and
Collins Barnes.
Claude II. Embree has sued
Austin Ankrom for $2,500 dam
aces for slander. Mr. Ankrom
formerly resided near Sturgeon
but now lives in Moberly.
Rev. B. D. Sipple, of Fayette
financial representative of Cen
tral college, is in Callaway coun
ty looking after the interests of
the college, lie was raised in Cal
laway, his father going there
from Illinois in 1867 and settling
near Hatton, where he died in
1S.J. 1 lie widow with her six
boys remained there until the
boys went, out into the world for
themselves. Two of these sons
James Sipple and II. G. Sipple
now reside at Laddonia. Central
college is working on an effort to
raise an endowment fund of
$300,000, and Rev. Sipple is do
ing his part toward securing this
Richard McAfee, of the neigh
borhood of Laddonia, visited his
old home at Auxvasse a few days
ago. Mr. McAfee was section
foreman at Auxvasse for a num
ber of years.
The Keokuk Power Co. has of
fered to buy the electric light
plant at St. Charles and pump
all the water necessary for the use
jf the citizens, but the city coun
cil unanimously voted the offer
down. The citizens in general are
up in arms about the matter, and
desire the council to rescind its
Winter weather the past week.
Roads are good for horses that
are rough shod.
The Willing Workers of Rising
Sun church will give an oyster
and ice cream supper at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vigal, next
Saturday evening. Proceeds goes
to the church. A cordial invita
tion is extended to everybody.
Remember Saturday evening,
January 18th.
Miss Lona Dowell has been the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Horace
Mundy and family, west of Mex
ico. Mrs. Bettie McMurtry of Indi
ana, and sister, Miss Emma Mc
Pheeters, of Mexico, spent a few
days last week with their sister,
Mrs. McMurtry's lainily, of this
Elder .Taylor filled his appoint
ment at Rising Sun, Sunday.
Only a few had the pleasure of
attending the services. Several
had to walk as the roads were so
I Ti,e report of ih(; jihl
school for the last vear was sileu-
Edd Dowell is spending a few
weeks in St. Louis.
J. C. Ringo suffered a bad fall
a few days ago. His condition is
slowly improving.
Thrco months since Dr. J. F.
Flynt said to the Message that
Moliuo was destined soon to hae
a bank. Last Thursday a mass
meeting of citizens of Molin)
neighborhood was held when the
movement took definite shape. It
was proposed to oianii.e a bank
wall u capital sloek of $10,00'.).
Due hundred share ai $100 each
ut be subset ibed. A paper was
started and 6'.) shares were sub
scribed forthwith.
Another meeting is to be held
today when it is hoped that th:
remaining 31 shares may be sub
Everybody is enthusiastic and
.ill hope to see the plan succeed.
Molino is one of the finest com
munities in the county and is
worthy ofr any good thing that
can be swung her way. May ahe
get the bank and then may she
see that the electric railway is ex
tended on to Santa Fe.
C. 1). Reed talks to the Wells
ville Optic-News as follows: I
have seen so many people who
were discouraged and disgusted
with the chicken business, sell
their tlocks and swear and declare
that it didn't pay to keep chick
ens in town, that I resolved to
test the matter out by keeping a
careful record, on my small flock,
of all eggs laid, chickens sold, and
killed for the table, and feed
bought, and see whether it really
did pay to keep chickens in town.
I started in on January 1, 1912,
with 36 pulletn and male birds.
My receipts from the flock were:
For eggs laid, $19.22; chickens
sold and killed, $34.55; 20 pullets
on hand (in addition original
(lock) figured at market price,
$12.00; total receipts, $95.74.
Paid for feed, $45.25; paid for
day old chickens, $6.00; charged
self for setting eggs, $3.55; total
expense, $54.80. Take this ex
pense from my rececipts and it
shows a net profit from 36 pullets
of $40.94, which is approximately
as much as $1,000.00 placed at in
terest will net after taxes are
paid. In other words, 36 pullet-
properly fed and caicd for are
worth as much to you as $1,000.00
would be loaned out at the pre
vailing rate of interest. Do
chickens pay? I'm convinced
that they do.
When The Frogs Croaked.
G. L. Denhant, of Mexico,
writes the Centralia Courier as
follows :
"Speaking of the weather, the
autumn and winter of 1875-6
wrere without rain or snow until
about the middle of March, after
which we had enough of each. I
was teaching at that time near
Roanoke, Mo., for the last three
consecutive days before the holi
days. I built only one fire in the
school room. I rode home, a dis
tance of 25 miles after supper, be
tween 6:30 p. m. and 2 a. m., and
did not get cold. The frogs
croaked. Saw one man sowing
and plowing in wheat the 24th
day of December."
The Mexico High School bas
ket ball team went over to Colum
bia last Saturday and contested
with the High School team of that
city, coming off victors by a score
of 32 to 28.
Mexico Savings Bank
ipltj! Steel W53.CH.00 J
4 ura i ear in dusiucsj. m
i W. W. FRY, President.
A SAM LOCKE, Cashier. 4

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