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Mexico Missouri message. (Mexico, Audrain County, Mo.) 1899-1918, January 16, 1913, Image 2

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Ekxico Missouri Message
John Brill, Editor
Hot atovo baseball t. a f:rat pport
nd nobody gets hoarse the. ring It. i
It will bo funny ir the huge- cotton j
rop does not mnko silk skirts theiip'r (
A contemporary says there are 4,fi'u
poets In this countrv. Who supports
An unktssed girl liaB delivered n
lecture on the decline of chivalry.
Gee, Flit) must be homely.
There Is no question but what It
was a tough who assaulted the Chi
cago girl who lost two teeth In biting
Love of animals, say a New York
specialist, Is n (!irc;ise. That New
port society rirclo must bu an nw fully
unhealthy set
A Dostonlnn has donated $iro,ono tc
combat college athletics. Probably It
will bo used to start chess, checkers
and plngpong tournaments.
A Kansas City women's Jury return
ed a rerdlct In threo hours In a case
In which a male Jury previously had
disagreed. They must have been
talked out.
An Idaho feminine Jury adjourned
eourt at noon to go home and get din
ner. And still there are those who
ay Jury duties would Interfere with
woman's work.
Two Chicago detectives were obliged
to give up after chasing two merry
Iron workers up and down the skele
ton of a skyscraper. They were up
In the air. all right
A Pomeranlam dog pot stuck in a
ralnspout In Philadelphia, ai d a pa
trolman used a can opener to rescue
It That policeman knew how to get
the lid off. all right.
A Chicago doctor says appendicitis
1 to be treated without a surgical op
eration. Put an anaesth'-tic will be
needed to relieve the patient of his
bankroll afterwards. Just the tame as
Apparently France Is ctting ready
for the ten-cert vaudeville comedian.
One cf its savants lias prepared a
dictionary of the monkey languago
and made a collection of monkey
A Columbus woman, knocked down
by a street car. recovered to find that
her deafness of ten years was gone.
Quite likely the first thing she heard
was au automobile honking for her to
dodge it
The Bronx roo Is the proud posses
sor of a wild ass that kicks 72 times
to the minute Wouldn't It be a One
thing to stand some of the New York
police officials back of It, and see If
they'd get into action!
It is held by a Gotham Judge that a
man need not support his wife who
moves Into the second Cat of their
building and remains there. Most
have based his decision on the theory
that she was loo uppish.
One feature of such bets as that
which compels a man to push a pea
nut along the sidewalk for four city
blocks, with a sausage, is the proba
bility that the winners will also get
Jobs helping to run the country.
It la reported that a. Milwaukee man
baa invented a system where he can
make milk from timothy hay without
the aid of the cow. An Improvement
over some milk dealers, who have at
tempted to make it out of water.
A Parisian chemist has discovered
a dye for dresses that changes color
hourly. A time saving device for soci
ety matrons who heretofore have re
made their toilette each hour.
Somebody shifted lead Into the
place of $50 000 worth of Pritish sov
ereigns In transit and England is as
much amazed as the boy teeing the
rabbit come out of the silk hat.
Suffragettes in New York, forbid
den to speak at a big exhibition, have
invented the "voiceless speech " This
idea ought to take them enthusias
tically In the average domertlc arena.
It Is rumored that the dog biscuit a
Faterson woman fed her guests were
not dog biscuits at all. Tbey were
pimply her first attempt, and she hit
on that excuse to bide her failure as
a biscuit maker.
A contemporary reminds us that the
English sparrow Is largely responsible
for the disappearance of the horsefly.
Plosi you. we had innocently supposed
the disappearance of the horse bad
something to do with It
The starvation of the fly, beginning
In the homes of the nation, might
appropriately be continued in the mar
kets, shops and other places where
the files naturally think themselves
Invited to a feast without restriction
Alleging that be was pricked by a
rusty needle In bis mattress, a New
Orleans resident has brought suit
against local hotel keeper. The only
explanation aa to bow the needle came
there la that It waa the much mooted
cue of bs stack fame.
109.000 HOMELESS
All Available Crnft From Cincinnati
to Cairo Called Into Rescue
Work Street Car Travel
Is Threatened.
Iou sville, Ky The Ohio rr.cr,
from Cincinnati, ()., to ('alio, HI., has
reached a flood t'sp1 greater than at
r.ny time finer the memorable devas
tations of sv I.
Continued i ilns would mnko possi
ble the breaking of ail flood ic-erds
in the great valley, but the govern
ment forecast does riot hold out tl.is
dans or.
The toll of the florid, as g'liercd
under the difficulties prevented by in
undated telegraph and telephone of
fices, Is as follows:
Two lives lout here.
Approximately lon.ouu person home
less In the flood district.
Property loss In Kentucky alone, es
timated In excess of $.!,' i.nnn.
Would Flood Fifty Square Miles.
A stage if 40 feet Is predicted here.
This would put the water over tho
great cut-off embankment east of the
city and flood an urea of moru tiiau
fifty square miles.
Knormou8 property loss would fol
low, but the catastrophe to Louisville
would. In a measure at least, save tho
towns below here.
I With the temperature at an aver
age of 18 degrees above zero in tho
affected district. Buffering is intense.
With zero weather the condition of
many thutitutvls of rcfugics is pit
iable. At Cincinnati th river Ft;;o is ovir
CO feet. Sixty-three, feet is prcd'.oi'-d
by til" government. The Grand Cen
tral station is flooded and trains can
enter tho city only by circuitous
Tte river is flowing Crouuh tlio sec
ond t tries lit many bu : m e'ah-lisi.n:-tits
near til" 1( vi o. la the low
east' rn and western sections of tho
city thousands tire honu less. A rise
cf two f. et more v. ill cut off street
I tar travel to these sections.
I Refujees Pour Into Cities.
: Refugees from the country districts
I are pouring into all the larger cities
i and every available steam and power
. boat is engaged in rescue work,
j The Cumberland, Kanawha. Allegho
j ny, Licking and Kentucky rivers aro
pouring th'-ir Goods Into the Ohio and
' back waters are sweeping through in-
terior towns and villages.
I Through the flod area school
j houses and churches have been
', thrown open to afford refuses for
the Lome-less.
Train Races With Car on Fire.
Cleveland, O. Special No. 13 on the
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern rail
road, a sven-tar mail and hasp? go
train, raced into Cleveland w ith a bag
gage car on f.re, and was met by an
engine company, which put out the
blaze after the car and contents had
been almost destroyed.
Baker Admits "Money Trust."
Washington George K. lizk-r as-!
tounded the money trust committee
by admitting, in effect, that he and J.
Pic-rpont Morgan do constitute power
equivalent to a money trus' and that
the country m'cM be wreck' d if the
power they wield should fall into the
Land3 of "ambitious ' n.en.
Stricken on House Floor.
I Washington. Rerire-entative Lfing
, 1'y. Republican, of Kentucky, was
stricken on the floor of the house by
; n rush of blood to his head eLortljr
tfter he had concluded speaking on a
jrivate pension bill wbk h waj under
. consideration.
j 600 Moors Slain by French.
; Mogador, Morocco. A French Col-
timn ccmtnuulcd !y Cel. A-ii .iaa
; Guaydon do. Dives fo,;"r,t with a large
body of Moots, whom -.bey d"f, ... 3
with a loss of COO kiiied. Tv.eiv.;
French soldiuM wete killed and CO
Voliva Must Stand Trial.
Waukeg.-it, Hi. Wilbur Glen Voliva,
successor to John Alexander Dowle,
as supervisor of Zion City, must stand
trial on a charge of pet Jury and con
spiracy, according to a decision in tlio
circuit court here.
$7,500,000 Compromise Rejected.
Brussels. The three daughters of
the late King Leopold decided to re
ject the proposal of the minister of
Justice that they accept $7,500,000 as
their share in their father's Congo ac
cretions, valued at $10,000,000.
Disabled Steamer Sinking.
Newport News, Va. Wireless mes
sages relayed here from the wrecltiug
tug Rescue announce that the Hritish
steamer Idrakuala, which rammed and
tank the Julia Luckenbach in Cnebd
peake bay. Is sinking.
Paymaster Robbed In Daylight.
New York. Within sight of more
than a hundred persons, Neil Header
son, paymaster for Klee tc Thompson,
plasterers, was blackjacked and
robbed of more than $3,00u at Seven-ty-nJnth
street and l'ark avenue.
V r-.v, . ... . u .www
The new Mainka snlsmograph presented to the New York Academy of
Sciences by Einernon McMillan, the largeat Instrument of tho kind in tho
80,000 Sick, Without Medical Aid, at
Adrianople Rations Are Re
duced to One-Fourth.
London, Eng. The Servl-m gov
ernment decided to withdraw from
the Adriatic sea. This action Is re
garded in all quarter's as a notable
step in the direction of pence.
A Sofia dispatch pivrs reports from
Adrianople, saying tho rations in the
invested town have been reduced to
one-fourth. Eighty thousand persons
are sick, without medical uid or the
means of obtaining warmth.
Turl.ish nnd JSuly.trian delegates
met to discuss terms of capitulation.
The Turks demanded that they be al
lowed to retain their arms, the Bul
garians refused to grant this.
Some difficulties are being met
with at the ambassadorial conference
In London, and tho question of tho
frontiers of Albania has been aban
doned for the moment, as it has been
found impossible to reconcile tho de
ires of Austria for an extended Al
bania and accept the suggestions of
Russia for narrowing the boundaries
of the new state.
The ambassadors examined a long
detailed memorandum presented by
the Greek premier, M. Venizelos; in
which he enumerated all the racial,
historical, geographical and cultural
reasons in favor of the annexation of
the Aegean Islands to Greece.
14 Injured Complete Toll of Peculiar
Wreck Incoming Flyer Strikes
Otr.er Waiting Orders.
Terre Haute, Itid. Two lives
were snufi-d out, two persons
seriously injured and twelve others
hun when Vandalia train. No. 20,
forty minutes late, crashed into the
rear tctn.-h of Vaudalij train, No. 8,
it the west entrance to tho union sta
tion train shed, telescoping a day
coach and a combinai iou smoker and
baesuge car.
The- dead are: O. N. P.udd. Amo,
Itid.: CiyJ Smith, lavage handler,
l North CentT s'reet, Terre Haute.
Seriuutiy Injured: Charles Slice,
baggage bandar, Terre Haute, right
'eg mangled and Internal injuries, may
die; Anna Summers, Vermillion, Hi.,
lei; broken and internally injured.
: Eastern States Retail Association, an
i Alleged Trust, Is Perma-
nently Enjoined.
j New York, N. Y. The govern
ment s petition for a permanent In
junction i'.ga'nst the Ei-.stern States
Retail Lumber Dealers' association, al
' Itged to be a combination in restraint
of trade, was gianted by tho federal
Oittrict court.
j F.nal arguments for and against the
injunction were beard a few weeks
Nearly 2,000.000 Parcels by Post.
Washington. Post master General
Hitchcock issued a statement show
ing that nearly 2,'i,l)0u parcel post
packages were sent through the post
offices of the fa' hunting cities during
the fifbt week of Jarivnry.
Theater Burns; Fireman Killed.
Mobile, Ala. Fire totally destroyed
the Mobile theater, in lighting the
$2uo,00'i blaze, Fireman Joseph fcedera
was killed and Fireman James Stan
ton and Robert Snyder probably fa
tally injured.
Alleges He Won $26,700 at Roulette
Wheel and Was Given Due B.ll
"Pal" Lost Entire Amount.
I.'ot Springs, Ark. Declaring that
lie had been swindled out of ?-U,-ti'iij
by parties operating at Indiana
club, Hot Springs. K. 11. Fox, who
iaiind to be an automobile dealer ut
Terra Haute, lnd., and said to be u
millionaire, filed information against
J. II. Ward, Joseph Demon,' Joseph
Abetly and others here, charging
i;rand larceny.
Alieriy has been arrested and is
held under $0,000 bond. Other arrests
aro expected.
The story told by Fox rivals that of
the ilabruy gang. He declares be met
Ward In Indiana, where Ward repre
sented he .'.ad a friend ut the Indiana
club in charge of the rouletto wheel.
He (.aid tho friend wanted to get even
with tho club for some reason, and
that if Fox would come to Hot Springs
and play at his friend's roulette wheel,
it would be properly manipulated uud
they would plit the proceeds.
Fox came, put up a check for $20,
000 and won $.'G,700. A due bill for
$20,700 was given by the club, pend
ing the ceitillcation of the check.
After the check was redeemed, Ward,
who held the duo bill, put it up on
the same game and lost everything.
Warrants by Fox, charging swindling,
then followed.
Fox declares ho will spend $40,000
to recover the. $20,000 he claims to
have lost.
Victim of Habit Publicly Executed In
Shanghai, First to Get Death
for Chinese Offense.
Shanghai, China. Death as a pun
ishment for opium smoking was
meted out to n woman of this city,
who persisted in tho use of the drug,
despite the stringent manifesto Is-
! sued by tho government Christmas
j day prohibiting the people from in
dulgjug in I he habit.
Dy order of the governor of the
j province, the woman was taken to a
imbue place and executed by shooting
in tho presence of a largo crowd of
Shortage cf Provisions Adds to Horror
of Ep'dsmic Deaths Are
Reported Daily.
Cairo. Ill Gale, 111., thirty
mi'ca north of here, is nearly cut off
from the surrounding country and a
shortage of provisions Is adding to
the horror of tho cerebrospinal men
ln:;ltiH epidemic.
One or two persons are dying dally,
according to reports received hero.
Trouble In burying the dead also is
reported. 1
A representative of the state board
of health went to Gale to take charge
of the bituation.
39 Chinese Lepers Shot
1 Shanghai. Thirty-nine lepers re
cently were put to death by order of
the provincial authorities of Nanning.
The sufl.-iers from the disease first
were i.hot and then their bodies were
burned In u trench.
Duchess of Connaught III.
Ottawa, Out. An official bulletin
says that the Duchess of Connaught,
wife of the governor-general of Can
ada, Is suffering from a recurrence of
peritonitis. It bas been deemed ad
visable to remove her to a bospitaL
jmmm mmm APPROVES
Roumania Menaces Bulgaria With In
vasion Unless Frontier la
London, Lnp The pendulum of
peace In the lialkans swings between
the fi.ll of Adrianople and action by
the powers of Kurope. Advice, sug
gestions, good offices, pressuro and
friendly oilers all that diplomatic
termiuulcgy has been able ta Invent
have been attemijted by tho powers
to bring the conflicting parties to
terms over Adrianople, but the re
luctance of Turkey to cede the "holy
city" Is only surpassed by the deter
mination of tho allies to win their
point to have it included in the terri
tory of r.ulfe.niii.
Sevi ral nvcnlied intermediate
courses for solving tho problem, by
neither entirely Bepfirattng Adriano
ple from Turkey nor entirely giving
it to Hulgaria. have been refused by
both sides. As an Indication of the
stand the allies have taken, one of the
Ilulgarian delegates said: "Adrian
ople is the Alsace-Lorraine of our
Turkey's hopes that she may be
able to save Adrianople undoubtedly
bare been revived by the threatening
attitude of lloumanln. In this Rou
mania is believed to be bucked by
Austria, as otherwise she would not
urge her claim bo energetically
against Bulgaria In contrast with her
pacific position of a fortnight ago.
The powers are awaiting tho result
of representations to be made to the
Constantinople government by their
ambassadors in the Ottoman capital.
Their note probably will bo delivered
Monday to the I'orte.
Indiana Firebug Declares to Police
Chief Frightened Bellows Was
Music to Him.
Evnnsville, lnd. Tho mystery
surrounding a string of incen
diary fires was ch ared up when Wal
ter Hrutier, 4'i years old. confessed to
the police that ho hud burned the
dairy barns of four milk companies
Suspicion was diverted from Dru
ner for a long time because he ap
peared to be simple-minded and harm
less, but an investigation by Police
man Zuiiiste'.u showed that every
where Iiruner worked there was a
blaze, which canto at niln, and de
stroyed barns and animals.
Questioned for his motive in firing
the structures Druner f-aid he wanted
to bear the cows bellow in frlcht
! when they were in the blazUirj barns.
I "That was music," ho said to the
Two Elude Guards and Descend From
Second Story Window With
Aid of Bedclothes.
Ogden, Utah. Mrs. Mary Mc
Gill and Miss Wilson, two prison
ers In the city Jail, made their escnpe.
They eluded their guards and de
scended from a second story wludow
by means of a ropo improvised from
their bed clothing. Mrs. McGill was
serving 120 days for aiding her hus
band, John McGill, in drugging and
robbing a man, and Mabel Wilson had
served 18 days on a 25-day sentence
for vagrancy.
Wheeling. W. Va., Hardest Hit Dam
age Total Set at $1,000,000
Flood Stage Passed.
Pittsburg, Pa. Damage estimated
at $1,000,000 was done by the Hood in
the Allegheny, Mouougaliula and Ohio
river valleys.
The Hood stage waa passed when
tho gauge at the Point bridge regis
tered 21.9 feet, a fall of almost ten
fcut in twenty-four hours.
House to Wait on Courts.
Washington. Tho Democratic mem
bers of tho house rules committee de
cided to let the O'Shaughnessy resolu
tion for a congressional investigation
of tho New Haven-Grand Trunk traf
fic agreement, lie In the committee
unless tho department of justice fails
to act promptly in its 6ult against the
Rout Moors and Kill S00.
Mogador, Morocco. A French col
umu commanded by Col. Amadee
Gueydon de Dives fought a severe hat
Jle with a large body of Moors, whom
they routed with a logs of Goo killed
Twelve French soldiers were killed
and 60 wounded.
Stricken on House Floor.
Washington. Renresentntlva tunv.
ley, Republican, of Kentucky, was
smcKen on the Hoor of tho house by
a rush of blood to his head.
Beta $25 Can Spend $600.
Sterling, 111 Declaring on a bet of
$25 that he could snend tl a minnta
for ten consecutive hours, George
Black, a wealthy farmer, was starting
on his third $100 when ho was arnnncri
by the police.
Bond of Two Dynamiters Accepted.
San Francisco. Bail bond in the
sum of $240,000 for the release of Olaf
A. Tveltmon nnri Pmrfina rinn.. . i- -
HMC,, u vmuvf, I II D
convicted dynamite conspirators, was
uecepieu nere ny the United Statea
district court
Necessary to Issue Admission Tick
et to Ceremonies Hadley Urges
Prison Reforms In Hi Spe
cial Message.
Jefferson Cily. The general assem
bly convened Monday and prepared
for the Inauguration of state officers.
The Joint committees from the
house and senate having charge of tho
arrangements for the inauguration
prepared a program distlngu'shed by
Its simplicity. The plan to make the
ceremonies as simple ns possiblo in
keeping with the dignity of the ooc
8lon, met, with the approval of Gov-ernor-eloct
Major. It also avoided
much useless expense.
When the committees began consid
ering plans they found one of tho
chief obstacles to contend with was
the small halls of the house and sen
ate chambers, where the inauguration
Senator Michael Casey found, by
close figuring, that about 65C persona
could bo packed Into the house, which
Is tho larger of tho two legislative
halls. When all the state officers,
Judges of the supreme court, senators,
representatives nnd officers of both
branches asoembled In the hall, little
room was left for spectators.
It therefore was necessary to pro.
vide admission tickets, nnd those un
able to obtain these cards were un
able to witness the ceremonies.
Gov. Hadley sent to the Bonata hla
appointments made in recess, but it Is
said all will be t elected.
Hadley Urges Prison Reforms. j
Gov. Hadley sent u message to tho
legislature transmitting a Pst of tho i
pardons nnd paroles granted during
his term. j
Tho governor In his message said
that, considering tho prison populn- .
tion, he had released fewer convicts
than any of his predecessors. 1
He urged the establishment of a
state board of paroles and pardons to
Investigate conditions in the state
prison nnd to recommend releases of
convicts. i
lie also urged the establishment of
a state tuberculosis hospital for con
victs nnd tho purchase of additional
grounds for a prison farm. Ho recom
mended that prisoners make nil the
clothing needed by Inmates of state
$1,000 a Day for Clerks.
The pay for the clerks In the forty
seventh assembly alone will run more
than $1,000 a duy. The cost of the
ICS clerks authorized by the house
will be $548. GO a day, a total of $3S,
395 for the 70 days of the session. It
has been the practice of the legisla
ture to add clerks by resolution as
the session progresses. If this Is done,
the Increase per day will amount to
$3.50 for each clerk, or $2 for each
member of the doorkeeper's force. I
Four Lobbyists for Trainmen.
Four members of the Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen filed as legisla
tive lobbyists with the secretary of
state. They are to work for the pas
sage of laws beneilclnl to railway em
ployes. The lobbyists are H. Ffleffer,
St. lyouls; V. J. Thelen, Sedalin; J.
A. Phillips, St. Louis; C. O. Drafting
ham, Eldon.
Contest I Threatened. I
Tliero is a bare possibility the Dem
ocratic majority will be Increased by
one as a result of a contest threatened
from Ste. Genevieve, where William
R. Wilder, a eon of Heer Inspector W.
W. Wilder, was elected over P. H.
Coffmann, a Democrat, arrived with
the Intention of entering a contest.
"The law requires that members
shall be 24 years of age," he declared,
"and Wilder will not be of age until
February 23."
None of the Democrats take the
contest seriously, because it la based
on such trivial grounds.
It requires only 72 votes to rass a
bill, nnd 95 to pass an emergency
rlause. With their large majority the
Democrats will be able to pass any
thing they want, and there would be
no excuse for turning down Wilder
merely because of his ago.
Constitutional Convention Sought.
Jefferson City, Mo. A resolution
for a constitutional convention and for
the celebration of the completion of
the Keokuk power dam will bo sub
mitted to the legislature. Sidney J.
Roy, secretary of the Hannibal Com
mercial Club, arrived in Jefferson City
to urge the latter. As secretary of
the Missouri League of Municipalities,
be also will ask for the constitutional
Anger a Sign of Weakness.
Anger la always a sign of weak
ness. It is our irritation at our own
impotence. It Is the fire of the spirit
blazing up against the Inevitable.
When we know we are superior, when
know we are conscious of greater
power than our adversary's, we are al
ways calm.
Queer Conduct.
"Our cook has been guilty of
practical bull."
"What is it?"
"She baa been early of lata."
Tho machinery, the money and the
men for carrying on the big worku In
Western Cannda in 1913 nre already
provided for. Tho splendid harvest
which was successfully garnered, and
by thla time mostly marketed, re
sponded to the big hopes that were
had for it early in the season, and In
spired capitalists and railroad's to
further Investment and building.
From lake ports to mountain base
there will be carried on the biggest
operations in city building and rail
way construction that has ever taken
place in that country. The Canadian
Paclflo railway has everything In
waiting to continue their great work
of double tracking tho system and by
the time the Panama Cnnnl Is open to
traffic thero will be a double line of
steel from Lake Superior to the Pa
cific coast. Tho cost will exceed
thirty million dollars. The Grand
Trunk Pacific plan of building a first
class trunk lino and then feeders at
rarlouH points will be carried forward
with all the force that great company
can put into the work. The Canadian
Northern la prepared to put Into mo
tion all the energy that young giant
of finance nnd railroad building can
put Into various enterprises of provid
ing and creating transportation facili
ties. Ruilding operations in the several
cities, that have already marked
themselves a place in the list of suc
cessful and growing cities, will be
carried on more largely than ever.
Schools, public buildings, parliament
buildings, colleges, business block?
apartments, private residences, banks,
street and other municipal improve
ments have their 'appropriation reailv.
and the record of 1913 will be some
thing wonderful. Other places which
nre towns today will make tho rapid
strides that nre expected nnd will be
come cities. Thero will be other Ed
montons, C.tlgarys. Reglmia nnd Sas
katoons, other places that may in
their activity help to convince the
outer world of Iho solidity nnd perma
r.oncy of the Canadian West. Th'
country is largo and wide and broad
nnd the ends of Its great width and
length nre but the limits of Its ngrf
cultural nren. Its people aro proirres
Hive, they aro strong, thero Is no
enervation there. The country teem
with thla life, this ambition, this
fondness to crento and to use tho
forces that await the settler. If they
corno from the South, and hundreds
of thousands of them have, they are
now the dominant men of the North,
and they have imbibed of the spirit
of tho North. Thnrefore It Is fair to
say that no portion of the continent
will show such wonderful results as.
Western Cannda, and the year 1913
will be but the beginning of a won
derful and great future. And in this
future the 200,000 Americans who
made it their home, and those who
preceded them, will be a considerable
portion of tho machinery that will be
uped In bringing about the results
The development of 1913 will not
be confined to the prairie provinces
Railway building and city building in
Ilrltlsh Columbia will be supplement
ed by the farm, the ranch and tho
orchard building of that province
Vancouver will make great strides in
building, nnd Victoria, the staid old
lady of so many years, has already
shown signs of modern ways, and If
tho progress made in 1912 may be ac
cepted as anything like what It will
be In 1913, there will be wonderful
developments there. During last
year the permits went over the ten
million dollar mnrk and much more i.:
promised for the year now entered
upon. Advertisement.
Words of the Aviator.
"So you took a flyer in the stock
"Yes," answered the regretful look
ing man, "and hit an air pocket "
Resinol stops
skin troubles
IP you have eczema, ring
worm, orotheritching.burn
ing, unsightly skin or scalp
eruption, try Resinol Ointment
and Resinol Soap, and see how
quickly the itching stops and
the trouble disappears, even in
severe and stubborn cases.
Plmplea, bUcUwnd and rod. mr,
ebuprxxi facei and hand speedily
yxtd ta ReuaoL
Rainal Ointment and Resinol Soap
beat ki humors, sores, UuU, burn,
tcaidi. oid-wres, chafing and piirn.
PraciibMi br vhyiician for over 11
yoara. AlldniavtaU sell Rubral Beep
U6c)and Rasinui OintmantCiOeand tl).
Foraamnlaof each wrltato Dept. I.VU.
Katiooi Qiamlcal Cat Baltimore, Md, '

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