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Mexico Missouri message. (Mexico, Audrain County, Mo.) 1899-1918, February 27, 1913, Image 2

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Halco Missouri Message
John Bfil. Editor
Hndaod It la cuU Deed of elastlo
flow (las.
i However, aa for hobble skirted worn
Vn. how can she expect to "win in a
A Peruvian aviator proposes to fly
over tie AJp. In a Peruvian bark,
"Baahlbazoukessrs" may fit the
crime, but It's altogether too bard to
A Vienna astronomer says IIS.OOO,
000 tons of cosmic dust falls on the
earth every day.
A Pennsylvania tnan lias contracted
smallpox from a roll of bat-k notes.
Hut bo'i afraid?
A professor of mimic says that thera
vre 10,000,000 melodies. Hut of thesu,
Jiow many are original?
Man needs a few more soft spots
In his heart, says a western preacher.
And a few less In his bead.
A Chicago thief was kicked sense
leia by a woman the other day. She
must have been a ballet dancer.
A New Jersey man claims to have
invented a seamless coat as the result
of a dream. It sounds like one.
A St Louis newspaperman bought
twelve engagement rings In one year.
Perhaps he believed In advertising.
Hereafter, when dinner is late,
don't be too quick to blame v.lfe or
cook. Perhaps It was the postman.
A French scientist says men get
feald because they eat too much. Then
why is it that a dv.cptptic usually is
Paris hnsband who suspected his
wife or infidelity, cut of! her cose. To
keep her from cosing around, no
PittFburg burglar fleeing Kith plun
der was captured by a small boy with
a tcy pistol. It's the liule things that
A Texas undertaker has contracted
to bury the county paupers at H cent
each. Doing the work at pauper's
Inventing a "cure" for tuberculosis
aeems to be a heap easier than con
vincing other specialists you have
done it.
A naturalist says that lobsters are
becoming extinct- But. then, of course,
naturalists do not hang out along
ii roadway.
Chicago violinift attacked a burglar,
rendered him unconscious, and turned
turn over to the police. Wonder what
he played?
Moving picture theaters are proving
Immensely popular In Mexico. Prob
ably those western and Mexican films
manufactured on Long island are
shown to the surprise of the natives.
The Chinese have adopted our calen
dar. It would not be at all surprising
In the oriental ruth for occidental re
forms to hear of the Celestials failing
eager victims to the trading-stamp
Le Due de Mal-a-Merte, who is also
Le Comte Carll dl Mombercalli, was
baited by federal examiners because
of a swollen face. After he had dis
gorged his names he was allowed
to enter the country.
A $5,000 prize offered in England
for the best mine lamp has been di
vided between nine inventors. Sounds
like a joke.
A Mississippi man has named all
his daughters after flowers. l!e all
right if they don't fade before they
are married
A Pittsburgh criminal got out of
p.-Uon with no other aid than a but
ton hook. A woman could have done
It with a bairpiu.
A San Krancit-co doctor replaced a
deg'u knee joint with a eilver. diamend
studded hinge. Now watch the dog
catchers get hu.-y.
"Mme. UeruLardt Is an artist," re
marks one critic, "and can play any
role except ralttaff." It would be
mighty Interesting to sea her doing lit
tle fca. wouldn't it?
Aulomcb'.les killed 142 persons In
New York during 1&12, whilu wagons
killed 1"2 people. Which only goes to
' Know that New Yorkers ar more ex
pert dodging automobiles
Dantf.h professor says tliut team are
antiseptic and destroy i.in.r'.bM. An
answer to: "Tears. Idle ti;i;i, I know
not what they nn.au."
Kansas ftate college has a course
to teach 1.000 girl students how to
be rood wives. Positions are not guar
aaleed graduates, howevtr.
Oeotlemen and ladles ho acquire
chilblains through exclusive devotion
to aemHransparent silk hose htve
tbemselves to thank for i Jjiequent
ion id
Ce La Barra in Not to Diplomats
Premises Thorough Invef.igatiort
Three Officers Arrested
City Is Now Quiet.
C'i'y of Mexico, Feb. 24. Fnim-icco
I. Mad ro, Jr.. und Jo.,e I'irio fcu;:il,
d"KM'd president and vice preskh :it,
respectively, of the Mexican republic,
were shot and killed Sunday when an
attempt was made to resent! them
from an automobile that wns trans
ferrins them to the penitentiary.
News tif the death of Madero and
Suarez was confirmed by fieri, lluer
ta. Previously It had been announced
that the transfer from the national
palace to the penitentiary had been
made successfully.
Two of Ihc party that attueked the
automobile were killed in the ex
change of shots.
Large crowds assembled nt the
scene of the killing. While women
wept and there wero signs of disap
proval, the city generally In quiet.
The pttards lit the penitentiary have
been Increased and no one is permit
ted to see th? bodies.
Huerta Says Public Will Get Facts.
M.ij- Cardenas and two other offi
cers, who wire In charge of the. guard
of ruralt'H 'seortln;; the automobile,
have been imprisoned pending an in
vestigation by the attorney general.
KeUtives and friends are innUlns ef
forts to recover the bodies.
(Jen. Huerta. in an official stote-rr.r-nt,
said that when the attempt to
rescue them was made, Madero and
Suarez tried to escape.
"Tli" K"vernnient." ho continues,
"promises that society shall bo fully
satisfied as to the facts in the case.
The commanders of the escort lire
now under arrest."
The aV'-npt to rescue Madero and
Suaitz, tha official version say, was
made about midnight, when the party
escorting the prisoners tas approach
ing tlie penitentiary.
Francisco de la Tarra, the foreign
minister, sent an official statement to
the foreign diplomatic representatives,
in bicU be said:
"The department of foreign relay
tions desirej- to make known as al
ready announced to the ambassador
of the I'nited States, tlie British am
Lasscdor and other members of the
diplomatic corps on various occasions,
that tlie government decided at a
council of the ministers that all acts
relating to Madero and Pino Suarti
should be adjudicated strictly accord
ing to law ts was due, and that in
ccusciuir:ce the accusation process,
if such had taken place, would not
have departed one lota from tho legal
measures applicable to the case.
De la Barra Makes Statement.
"That after making this decision
the government agreed to remove Ma
de and Suan-z to the penitentiary,
where they would have the necessary
security and consideration and com
forts. "That the minister of foreign rela
tions so informed Ambassador W'il-w-n.
saying tho government would pro
ceed always in accord with the law.
and that the removal of the ex presi
dent and ex-vice president to the peni
tentiary would be for the reasons
ufoienidkaU d.
"Th.-it it was further expected that,
with the passing of time, political
passions would become subdued, re
sulting in the establishment of great
er calmness and judgment throughout
the republic.
"I desire to give all the facts of
which 1 am cognizant connected with
the affair of last night, which is deep
ly deplored. lioth for sentiments of hu
tuatii'.y and because cf the gravitjr of
the affair, which has surprised the
i-'ovei nment, bud the importance of
which is not underestimated by the
"Last night about 11:30 o'clock I
was called with all haste to the na
tional palace by the chief of staff of
the president. An automobile was
sent with an aid to take me, as well
lis ilie secretary of the Interior, Al
berto (iarcla (Jr.ir.dHii. Huiprisid by
the unukual call, 1 attempt, J t0 talk
by telephone with Oeu. i:!anju:t, the
military omnia rider, who made known
that something sciieus had occurred.
"On our arrival at midnight at the
palpr-e the president explained iliat
Franci'.: ii Mad to and JoiO I 'mo Sua
l ez. . h )e being conducted to tile pen
itentiary in automobiles, wtre killed
in ait encounter which the escort
'guarding the pri-vciura had with a
group ot Individuals who uitumpled to
libei ilie t v. o men.
"(J" her member of the cabinet hav
ing linked, it wan agrc-j thui it was
an iibsoluie necessity for the honor of
the gn i i n! that, should it proceed
in a minute Investigation of this act,
accoidiiiu ar. the law demands, but go
Ins furihir, that immediate notice
should l e given to the chief ulion.ey
o the military court. Jose 'as(;n,;2
Tale that ii, , ,vth the judg? udvo-
Deposed President of Mexico Whc
Was Killed by Huerta's Men.
cate, should m ike investigations and
consign those responsible, whoever
they might be. to custody, and that be
proceed to examine them in confor
mity with the law.
"It was agreed also that Attorney
Cent ral Castellanos, whose energy
and competency are well known,
should take action in this most unfor
tunate affair.
"According to the reports which
L'resldent Huerta received and com
municated to thi; ministers, a group
of five Individuals at a point about
half way between the palace, and the
penitentiary fired on the chauffeur of
one of the automobiles which was un
der escort. The order was given for
more speed. Shortly afterwards an
other group, more numbered, sailed
from the cross streets, firing on the
escort. It teems that Madero nnd
Suarez at this point attempted to es
cape. "President Huerta communicated to
the ministers the news of tho dea'h
of the ex president nnd tho ex-vlce
president, adding that there was an
other person killed and two wounded,
according to the Information he had
at the moment, without being exact
as to which group these belonged. He
abio Informed the ministers that there
bad been some arrests.
"The secretary of foreign relations,
echoing the feeling of tho government
and moved by personal Rontlment
which has caused him to view with
horror the shedc'itig of blood outside
of those cases wherein the law ban
imposed the punishment, not only la
ments the nffair, but is convinced that
the honor of tho republic demands a
careful investigation and exemplary
punishment for those who may be
proven guilty of this act, whote tran
scendency can not bo hidden." .
Monterey Fears Execution Will Bring
on United States Intervention
in Southern Republic.
El Paso, Tex., Feb. 24. The killing
of Francisco Madero and Pino Suarez
has caused as much excitement along
the border as did tho City of Mexico
The federal volunteer troops, al
ready stirred by the downfall of their
former leader, threaten Immediately
to quit service but. to retain their
arms. Their Junction with the rebels
has been feared since the revolution
at tho national capital. Even tho reb
els appear aroused by the killing.
Fear Killing May Bring Intervention.
Matamoras, Mexico, Feb. 24. News
of the killing of former President
Francisco I. Madero and formtr Vice
President Pino Suarez caused intense
excitement among the people of Ma
tamoras and other cities ind towns iu
this part of Mexico.
Fears are entertained that the dou
ble tragedy may bring on intevention
by the United States. In Monterey,
home of the Madron. the murder of
the deposed president threatened tu
cause an armed uprising of his friends
to avenge bis death.
Thinks Killing Will Csuse Harmony.
iJoug'us, Ariz., Feb. 24. New of
the killing of Madero and Suarez
aroused much exelt vinem among the
Mexican population. The garrison re
mains quiet at Agu.i Prieta, where al
ready a split had occurred bet w em
the volunteers und regular tioojis over
the result of the City of Mexico re
volt. Manuel Ciiestn. Mexican consul
here, who last week admitted ass.Kt
iu th- rtvoiu'i'.n d;ir''! his admin
istration, stid tha the .ilaylug of the
ex-presidt in meant ih0 harmonizing
of matters throughout the tepubllc.
Wfcsbingteu. 24 The Konnh bri
gade u,l,:y was oi i-ud to jam the
two h.lail.f alrci.j; oidcied to mo
bilise at Cilvixton. S -era t:iy Meytt
ot lae navy iM i..ri'.u :il, first told o
the killing of Madero m.d Suarti by
a Jeporter, sfcid:
"11. at ii cither the ending of a tiag
edy or the bi ;.'l!!i.ii:g ot a greater one.
There will be no movement of naval
esc!s now In view of today's devel
opments. The M.vy is r.udy for any
contingency and the marine will soon
ho at Gucntunamo, within easy reach
of Mexloo."
8ltuation Gravest Yet Developed and
War and Navy Department's
Plans Are Being Rushed
Washington, I. f The one dangel
to be apprehended In the Mexican slt
nation, which might certainly result
in the launching of an army of inva
sion, would bo the commission of some
nets iu Mexico that would endanger
the lives ot foreign dtiVna and Amer
icans'. Having assured the diplomatic rep
resentatives in Washington of the dis
position nnd ability of this govern
ment to protect their nationnls In
Mexico iu the Fame degree as Ameri
cans, the government has assumed an
obligation that cannot be Ignored.
Therefore, any nttack upon foreign
ers by the tacit consent of the Huerta
government, or even the exhibition to
ward them of mob violence clearly be
yond the ' ability of the provisional
government to prevent, probably
would be the signal for active inter
vention. Situation Now Most Tense.
The killing of Francisco I. Madero
and Pino Suarez after Gen. Huerta
had assured American Ambassador
Wilson of the safety of his prisoners
from Just bu h attacks, treated a
painful Impression iu administration
circles here.
When the first feeling of surprise
had passed, it was realized by officials
that this lost tragic event had ndded
greatly to the gravity of the situation
and undoubtedly had placed an addi
tional strain upon the already tense
relations between this government
nnd that In the Mexican capital.
Still, as President Taft himself de
clared, the event in Itself was not suf
ficient to demand any departure from
the policy of strict nonintervention,
which so far has governed his admin
istration. Probably the Immediate result will
be to hasten tho military and naval
preparations in order "to have the sol
diers, sailors nnd marines ready to an
swer a call for instant embarkation
if- further developments in Mexico
should demand their employment.
The administration officials feel
that they have discharged their full
!ltles nnd exhausted their constitu
tional powers In the orders they have
given or planned for the preparation ol
a sufficient military and naval force
to Insure a successful entry to the
Mexican capital In case of need.
It is practically certain that beyonfl
this point the executive would not
proceed except upon direct instruc
tions from cougress, as toe exhibition
of military force beyond the seacoast
towns of Mexico might be regarded us
an act of war, which, under the con
stitution, enn be directed only by cou
gress. Cubs to Play Cuban.
Tampa, Fla. The Chicago Cubi
Saturday took their last hard prao
tice before the grand international se
ries for the championship of the all
Havana cigar belt. The first gam
Is booked for today.
Snead Arguments Are Made.
Vernon, Texas. Final arguments
were made in the trial of J. Bea)
Snead, chnrged with the murder ol
Al Hoyce. Jr. s The caso will go to
the Jury probably this evening.
Quake Rocks Quayquil.
Qimqarpi.l. Ecuador. This city was
violently shaken by ft long earth
quake. The tremor lasted about 70
seconds. The inhabitants rushed from
their horn. and the streets soon
were thronged with men and women
kneeling In prayer.
Noted Politician Dead.
Nantuck'-t, Mass. William Barnes,
one of th- organizers of the Republi
can party iu Kentucky, and for man
years active In national politicpl nf
fairs, die.! at his residence here from
pneumonia. He was 89 years old.
Nrroes Lynch Negro.
Drew, Miss. William Webb, a ne
gro, was ynched by members nf hit
own race at a plantation In a remote
section of Sunflower count", afier he
had shot and killed four negroes.
Immersed Through the Ice.
I!loomlj rg, Pn. Following a series
of revival aervkes in the Benton
Christ ian church a hol-s wta cut
through t'-ie Ico In Benton and two ,
convert:! 'vrre immersed In tour feet
.t ice-cold water.
Histrlo House Torn Down.
Bristol. Tenn. Tho old jitovpr
hoir.e on tho tank of th Watnu
pa river nt Cart-.-r county, where -former
pcsiilent Andrew Jackson died in
1ST', t.'s been torn down to inuke
room for a now structure.
i'-crUn --people living along the
f:ib", In talking r.bout the wonder
lul rto-r,i rc!utlng rye which the kul
ser c'.alrr:: ts havo introduced a. Ca-
denln, a;- they raised tint s.irne grtJn ,
zu ye;'ii tc:nr; me miter s'arxea
11... .'WV. M
! V,
Representative Heflin of Alabama,
popularly known "Handsome Hef
lin," has aroused the lr of the suffra
gists by a speech In which he la said
to have asserted that half of them
are divorced and the rest tha prod
ucts of unhappy homes.
Csnvicted on Charge of Abducting 17-Year-old
Girl, Who Wss "High
Priestess" of the Sect.
Springfield, 111. Kvelyn .Arthur
See, leador ol the "Absolute Life"
cult, must serve his prison term
of one to five years. The Illinois su
preme court upheld See's conviction
on a charge of abduction. See.'s al
leged victim was Mildred Bridges, 17
years old, who was known as "high
priestss" of the sect, headquarters of
which were at a "templo" on the
North Side, Chicago.
In December, 1009, It was claimed
by the plaintiff In error, Mr. and Mrs.
Bridges went to Florida, leaving tho
daughter, Mildred, Rt the quarters of
See, whoso work consisted of teaching
young children how to avoid evil
When the parents returned from
Florida, Mildred refused to go to her
homo and continued to stay at the
quarters of See und Mona Rees, his
associate, until the police, on Jaa. 6,
1911, raided the "temple" and the
three were placed under arrest.
Mildred was 11 years old when she
first became acquainted with See
through her father and mother, who
were followers of tho "absolute life,"
but during tho trial nnd 'conviction of
See In the criminal court was 17 years
In the "Rook of Truth." compiled by
See, "absolute life," be claimed, was
a new dispensation, Imparted from
God to man by the means of a new
spirit, the spirit of truth, manifesting
itself to a chosen person, the defend
ant See.
Two Marchers Faint When Small
Boys at Newport, Del., Play
. Tries; on Women "Hikers."
Newark, Pel. Tho suffrage "army"
baited, shrieked, gathered up its
skirts and fled lgnominiously when
three small boys dropped mice in the
ranks nt Newport, near here. Two
v omen fainted and others became
hysterical. , "Gen." Rosalie Gardner
Jones, the coolest of tha "hikers,"
shouted a command to halt, but her
orders Veil on deaf ears. U was some
time be "ore she could get' her fcat
tered followers together again. Tho
boys who played tho trick enjoyed tho
rout from a safe distance.
Harrlsburg, Pa., Parents Find Charred
Bodies in Home on Return
From Shopping Tour.
Harrlsburg, Pa. Seven children,
ranging in ago from 1 to 12
yiars, were burned to death when the
home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo Snnili, at Ebenezer, near here,
was destroyed by fire.
Tho father and mother had been in
tho city purchasing supplies for th;
family, and made tho grewsome dV- j
covery upon their return. Many of
the packages the parents carried were
Uys and candies for the children.
Buys )1,CCC.C00 Home to Bar Store.
New York To keep trade from tbe
vicinity of his home, John D. Kockc
fel'.er has bought another house for
')0,000. This makes $3,000,000 the
oil king has cpent for the samo pur
pose. Twins, 95, Viflt Sister, 100.
London. Mrs. Kmlly Phofb.i Weu
hams of i,'ppcr lUchmond road. Put
ney, celebrated hor one hundredth
birthday. Ul e was visited fcy her twin '
sisters, agfd 95, who hud truveled
many c.llos to tee hor J
, -e-v,. V..S
President Also Remembered, Receiv
ing Pear) Studs and Stickpin
Presented at Musicals.
Washington, Feb. 22. President
and Mrs. Taft were the recipients of
farewell gifts from their Washington
friends, who made the White House
muslcale the occasion for tho dona
tion. By a widely circulated subscription,
In the collection of which Miss Mabel
Boardman took the most active part,
tho fund for the glfte was gathered.
Only those persons who are recog
nized us the personal friends of the
White House family were subscrib
ers. Mrs. Toft's gift was a diamond
necklace of 49 stones of about a carat
each, with a large diamond set in pen
dant form in the middle. The stones
were set in platinum on a gold chain.
The gift was valued at about $13,000.
The gift lo the president was a set
of three pearl studs for evening wear
nnd a pearl set stick pin. The gift tt
the president is valued at $1,500.
Tho only speech marking the cere
mony was tho president's declination
to place the studs In his shirt there
and then and the "Thank you," which
both Mr. and Mrs. Taft said when
they presents were handed thera.
Mrs. Taft wore the necklace at a
dinner given to a circle of close
friends, among whom were some of
the contributors to the fund with
which the necklace and Btuds were
The thrco studs presented to tho
president are pearls of unusual size
and clearness. They ore as much
allkn as it is possible to find pearls.
Members of the Taft Philippine party
contributed the greater part of the
amount for the studs.
Oldest Catholic Prelate In United
States Is Victim of Pneumonia
Was III Ten Days,
Knnsas City, Mo., Feb. 24. llishop
John Joseph Ilogun or the dloees3 of
Western Missouri, the oldest Catholic
prelate in this country, both In years
and point of service, died of pneumo
nia, aed 84 yearB.
Eiuhop lloau acquired a cold 10
days apo which immediately devel
oped into pneumonia, lie said at li'.at
time: ,
"I will never pet over this. My
body has crown old In my work, and
will not outlast this illness."
LMshop llogan was born in County
Limerick, Ireland, In 182!).
The death of Bishop lingan leaves
Cardinal Gibbous the only survivor
in the Anier.can hierarchy of the con
vocation held In the Vatican in Rome
iu 1809.
True Bill Against West Virginia Leg
islator Alleges He Accepted $100
Bribe for Senate Vote.
Charleston, W Vn., Feb. 24 Dele
gate T. J. Smith was Indicted by the
special bribery grand jury when It re
ported alter a week's session.
The Indictment charged a misde
meanor, alleging acceptance of a
bribe of 100 from Guy Diddlnger, a
Burns detective, to vote for V. S.
Edwards, United States senatorial
candidate. Smith gave hond. He is
the seventh legislator to be indicted.
Thirteen indictments have heen re
turned by the (frand Jury, five for fel
onies and eight for misdemeanors.
The Brand jury was discharged.
Action Against California Jurist Fol
lows Reducing Man's Bond Who
Offended Women.
San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 24. Per
baps the fust instance engineered ul
most entirely by women Is cxpeciec
to follow tho announcement made
here that a recall petition has been
filed against I'ollce Judyre Charles E;
The city reenter has 10 days in
which to ascertain If the number of
petitioners is adequate, and if it is,
an election must bo held within 35
days after certification to this effect.
Texas Boundary Dispute Ends.
Washington. The TexaB-N'ew Mex
ico boundary dispute virtually was set
tled when President Taft approved
tho report of a commission appointed
by him, which fixed the boundary at
the thirty-second parallel and the Rio
Grande river.
"Reforming" Operation Failure.
- Buffalo. Euward K. Grimmell,
whose skull was operated cn to re
form Ulm, was caught cracking a safe.
Ho may bo sent to the penitentiary for
Rare Snow in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles; Cal. Snow tell in Lcs
Angeles lur tho (list time in many
years. Only a trace was recorded r.t
the weather bureau, where the state
ment was muds that the mow wau
the ie3ult of local conditions.
Poll Tax fcr Thots Who Don't Vote.
Suit Ltko City. U;ah. livery titl
len of Utah who Ii, eligible to vols bus
who docs not isercUe tho rirlit will
to cowpehed to i,ay a poli tr.x of ?;
under the tfr.Tu of a bill parsed fcy
tne senata
Cough, Cold
S ore Thro at
Sloan's liniment givrs
quick relief for cough, cold,
hoarseness, eore throat,
croup, asthma, hay fever
and bronchitis.
Ms, Ai.ikrt W. Paica-of Predonls,
Ran., wrltae I W m bkxui'e Llnt
inont In the femlly and find It an ex
cellent fvhef fureolde and hav foTor
attakH. It etope coughim ana aneaa
lug auaoel laiiaatlj.n .
Mm. h. BsKffFR, of Mf!iUo, F7ru.
write? I N up lit nno bottlo of your
J.lnimnt arM Ittlhlrneull tlie gxl la
the world. Mt throat wnn orv sore,
and it cured me of xuy trouble.1
Mr. W. II. Rtraxuk, 5721 EJmvrood
ArtviU6, Chicri, HI., wrtttit 'A lit
tln boy next vir had croup. I (are
the mnthrr Blonn'e l.fnlnient to try.
8he ffHte him thr dnpa on
tWere fMn( to b1, ftnd hnvit up
without the croup la the morning."
PrScOg 250; 500m, $1.00
Tens Oh! no, Tom, dear, you
mustn't ask papa tonight. Ho loot &
wholo lot of money in stocks today.
Tom Just the right tlmo then. He
won't navo nerve enough to lecture
me about the care of money.
Automobile Aroma.
Farmer Hiram wns mending the
front fence when an automobile
whlzued past, emitting a trail of blue
Bmoko from its oil-choked engine.
Farmer Hiram's hand went to his
nose. When the car had disappeared
far down the lane and the smell hud
died away be ventured to address the
hired man.
"Sam," he said, "they may ba swell
city fellers an' all that; but they cer
tainly was smokln' soma vile Bee
Not in Sight.
Hokus "Do you think we shall ever
have universal peace?" Pokus "Not
so long as women continue to pla;.
bridge for stakes."
are rapidly growing in pop
ular favor.
served either with cream or
good milk, or preserved fruit,
make a most appetizing dish
for brcaLfast, dinner, or sup
per. These delicious toasted
flaky bits of white corn hav
a delicate taste that is very
pleasing at this time cf year.
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"The Memory Lingers"
Sold by Grocers everywhere
foottia Cort Co., Ltd
lialile Creak, Mlili.
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