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Acute Torture Cured.
Tae Wmw lark Mora.
las Journal" aayr turn.
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tor a aay Uaa. Ivery
fcitoa taaorsefl by the
Uadlaa pkaraaslst
aa trial, aatll aar taaa
waa (lrea aa aepaleta.
At lart, naoiac at tka
wsaaerfal earaa aradltad
ta tka n ef tka eele
taratad It. Jaaaa Oil,
a wa laaace ta try a
aottla aa a laat kopa.
aaeaefaa ta iBpr.r.
tram tka lima tka am.
appllcattaa waa aeae.
By tka asatlaaaa aaa al
tkia anal laawar, Mra.
Mt itrwt, Ur tor
f Says la caaraUioaa. She
staaloyea U. teat awdl
aal .kill, ta aar cm
m. Oh pltysiclaa altar
aaetaarwaa ag-afts and
alacAarged, aatu saves
aiffereal aectere
trie la ma ar aelp lur
aa felled. Ska aaaat
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esala at aa serna. la
aoar aa la a paralysee'
aa aaaialatal
uruur or nam.
Sotd 6 DrufgirU and Vea'ert Everywhere
Clarkson is not saying much but,
he is up to his neck in saw dust.
The Oklahoma boomers are be
ginning to return disgusted and
The buildirjg boom in Mexico is
proving to be bigger even than an
ticipated. Laws has resigned, but Sanborn,
we are informed, is going to wait to
be pulled.
V The fight for federal patronage
will annihilate what is lett of the
Republican party in Missouri.
The late Aaron White, of Con
necticut, got together five tons of
pennies during his lifetime, and
probably died happy in the
The idea that fish food was brain
food had a run of ten years before
anyone asked why Esquimaux,
wno eat tne most nsn, baa no
mental smartness.
1 he Missouri Legislature, by a
vote of 75 to 45, decided that
women should not vote at school
election-1. Woman suffrage is not
very popular in Missouri.
Mexico will have a German
church completed and dedicated be
fore fall. Leading citizens of Mex
ico and prominent Germans of the
county have taken hold ot the mat
ter in oarnest.
Mexico will, this season, have a
grand Fourth of July celebration
which will eclipse anytning of the
kind ever held in Missouri. The
success of the demonstration
even now assured.
There will be no State fair in
A I Missouri. The petitions sent from
7 I Andrain countv ODDesine the insti
tution had the desired effect. The
reason of the opposition is beyond
our comprehension.
S Dnk of the punishments in the
mihlin Krhnnlq nf Pittalinrir for
trifling Senses is to make the
victim write 3,000 words. Not one
of them is "d n," although he
thinks only of that one.
S. S. Laws has resigned and now
there can be no possible reason for
witholding a liberal appropriation
for the University, which should be
the grandest educational institu
tion in the United States.
J. P. Veerkamp, one of the lead
ing Wheelers in the State, informs
us that he has thoroughly investi
gated the binder twine matter, and
thinks good twine will be sold in
Mexico at most reasonable figures.
There are about twenty-five very
young beys of Mexico, some of
them just out of short clotnes, who
are addicted to smoking cigarettes.
This is a villianous habit, staunt
ing both body and mind. Stop it,
Charley Day, on May 1st, goes
on the Jefierson City Branch R.
. as mailing clerk in place of M.
Jamieson, removed without cause.
This, we presume, is the Republi
can party's idea of "civil service"
city council should not wait
onth to pay laboring men.
When the work is done the accounts
should be audited and promptly
paid. Laboring men need their
mejbey and there is no reason fer
such delays.
It is altogether the style in Bos
ten to lilt your hat to a lady only
after she has passed . The idea is
that she will halt and turn around
to see whether yon lifted it or not
and thus pay you a compliment.
Have they no fool-killer in Bos
ton? ka.'-. . :.
is A man in the West Virginia pen
itentiary under conviction of grand
larceny, has been pardoned on the
ground that his intelligence is in
sufficient to enable him to judge
between right and wrong. He is
insulted at the imputation upon his
brains and refuses his liberty.
Amelie Rives Chanler is said
to have undergone a marvelous
transformation since she entered
the social world. Then her hair
was described as of "mouse color;"
i bow it is said to be a brilliant gold.
)1 course she did not dye or bleach
it; she is simply "A Witness of the
Sun," and even a rat would turn!
blonde in her fervidly painted sun
R. M. WHITE, Editor and
We learn from one of our hard- J
j ware merchants that arrangements
i are made so farmers can use wire
; instead of twine if the price of the
latter goes too high. This firm
says the reason of any rise in price
; is on account of the scarcity of
j twine, and that late in the season
; there will be none on the market
!at all.
Massachusetts has defeated
prohibition by nearly 40,000 ma
jority. Pennsylvania will vote
on the same question in June.
Ona of the Most Enjoyable Events
of Benton City Society.
HE marriage of
Mr. Joseph Hil
debrand aiidMiss
Mamie McGrath
took place at the
home of the bride
at Benton City,
on the evening
of the 24th in
stant. The cere
mony was per
formed 'in the presence of a large
company by Rev. Father Dempsey,
of this city. MfAudie Tratchel
and Miss Anna McGrath were the
attendants. , ,
Immediately after the ceremony,
a magnificent sijpper was served to
the large numbev of guests, after
which an invitationToWeinfair tm
the following night was extended to
all those present.
The bride is one of the most
beautiful and aimable young ladies
of Audrain county, while the groom
is a young man of sterling quali
ties. Following is a list of the
presents :
James Orr, bowl and pitcher.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hilderbrand,
fine hanging lamp.
Mrs. Neeley, beautiful decorat
ed preserve stand. c
Tom F. Roden, elegant cut glass
berry set.
Miss Sadie Neeley, sauce dishes.
Miss Mary Hildebrand, butter
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Jones, ele
gant silver pickle castor.
Patrick and Miss Sal he Roden,
beautiful silver pickle caster.
Father of the groom, very fine
Miss Nannie Tratchel, pair linen
Mr. and Mrs. George Hirshman,
elegant decorated china tea set.
Mrs. Fred Precht, large wash
bowl and pitcher.
Mrs. Rean Hildebrand, large
preserve stand.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Jones, ele
gant lamp.
Mrs. Ida Hildebrand, large glass
Miss Lou Keilerhals, cream
Miss Nellie Nolan, pair large
silver vases.
Miss Dodie Tratchel, very hand
some water pitcher.
. Mrs. John Keilerhals, pair linen
Miss Annie McGrath, set nap
kins. Miss Nettie Tratchel, chair tidy.
J. J. Hurley, beautiful water set.
Dr. John Halley, large linen
table cloth.
Miss Lou Keilerhals, chair tidy.
Mrs. C. Chambers, set silver
knives and forks.
Miss Carrie Tratchel, set of love
ly napkins.
Mrs. John Hurley, berry bowl.
Mother of groom, fine counter
pane. Mrs. Wm.VaJd,pair fine towels.
Miss Belle Hildebrand, pickle
J. A. Lanig, set cup and saucers
Walter Tratchel, 100 pounds ex
tra flour.
James Cohoon, large double wash
Mrs. J. A. Lanig, set large gob
lets. Home From Oklahoma.
B. F. Wylde, the well known
Benton City nurseryman, was in
town b riday morning on nis way
home from Oklahoma. Mr,
Wylde's boots were red with sticky
Oklahoma mud and he otherwise
presented the appearance of a very
tired and disgusted boomer. He
went to the Promised Land and
succeeded in getting a claim as good
as the ragged country afforded.
Though he was lucky even in this,
Mr. Wylde soon became dis
couraged and a few days since
dropped bis claim and started
home. He is now satisfied that
no country under the sun beats
Audrain, and he will remain here.
Farmers Oppose It.
From tli Caldwell C i. Graphic.
The Missouri House passed the
beef inspection bill Tuesday after
noon by a vote of 76 to 45. It will
without doubt be defeated in the
Senate, as tho farmers throughout
the State, especially where any in
terest at all has been taken in the
measure, are protesting loudly
against the scheme which was got
ten up in the interest of the city
butchers. As it would prove a
great detriment to the stock feeders
and farmers, tho State Senate will
surely be able to defeat this obnox
ious bill that has been lobbied
through the House by the butchers.
Mr. Resier, south of Vandalia,
shot a . dog of his neighbor, Mr.
French. Mr. French returned the
compliment by shooting Mr. Rosser
with a shot gun. Al his prelimi
nary examination Saturday ,Mr.
French was held in the sum of 1300
to await the action of the. grand
' Tho County Wheel meets in this
city on the second Saturday in May.
Men Go Crazy With Disappoint
mentSad Scenes in Okla
homa City.
Oklahoma City, I. T., April 26.
Five men in their coffins and a
maniac in irons were carried north
from this infant City yesterday.
The dead men died natural deaths,
that is to say, nature had given
way under the hardships encoun
tered, and none ot the five deaths
were directly at the hands of fel- ;
low-men. The madman, John
Evans, left his family in Eldorado,
Kan., a few days aco and was ap
parentfy in the best of health. He
came to Oklahoma city on the first
train Monday, found the city in
possession of United States Deputy
Marshals and bushmen and was
unable to realize his expectations.
A claim which he finally secured
was jumped, by a professional and
a revolver flourished in his face
when he remonstrated. Evans
had little money and his subse
quent trial robbed him of his rea
son. As he lay on the platform
yesterday waiting for the train he
talked incoherently of claims and
town lots and implored those near
him not to rob him of his little
piece of ground. The sight was a
pitiful one. Evans was taken to
Win field and placed in a hospital
for the insane. Another man went
crazy the previous night and was
placed on a north-bound train. At
Alfred he broke away and tried to
assault Lieut. Waite f the In
fantry Company stationed there,
but was overpowered. "I want a
claim, I want a claim !" was his
incessant crj . He was put aboard
the train again and will be treated
in the Winfield Hospital.
A Kansas man named Stevens
was shot and killed in the presence
of his wile and four little children
on a claim near Alfred Wednesday.
The murderers fled and the unfort
unate widow walked to Alfred with
the news. The dead man was
buried by the settlers and a small
subscription was raised to send the
family home. The rude funeral
was in progress as the train passed.
Inspection in Michigan.
Marquette Mining Journal.
That exceedingly able paper, the
Lansing Journal, has this to say of
the meat inspection bill now before
the legislature in a late issue:
"We connot believe that this legis
lature will pass the demagogical
and pernicious meat inspection
bill. It is a measure without
merit, and not a single honest rea
son can be adduced to justify its
enactment." In which the case is
stated exactly. The bill is a
measure to enable a few dealers in
the towns of the State to levy any
tax they may choose to agree on
among themselves on the great
army of consumers of meat. Leg
islation to increase the cost of liv
ing is hardly in line with the in
terests of the great bulk of the peo
ple of Michigan.
A (ood Show Corning.
In these days of tinsel and
parade when, as is too frequently
tho case, the main attarction of a
show is on paper and in the proces
sion on the street, it is gratifying
to have an entertainment visit us
with a reputation so general for
merit and excellence as that of
Wallace & Co's Great World's
Menagerie and International Three
ring Circus. It has the enviable
record of presenting a multitude of
the best acts and features ever ex
hibited under canvas, and of ex
hibiting a large collection of the
rarest animals and birds known to
natural history. This exhibition
will be in Mexico, Mo., Wednes
day, May 15th. '
Reuben Harlow, a prominent
farmer and stock raiser of near
Young's Creek, made us a pleasant
call this week. He has as fine a
farm as there is in the county but
is thinking of moving to Mexico, as
he thinks this is one of the best
towns in the State. Reuben is
much exercised about Talmage's
sermon on Jonah and the Whale.
Rube thinks that Jonah was drunk
when the whale swallowed him and
had plenty of tobacco and whisky
in his pocket, and when he got to
drinking, chewing and spitting, the
whale got sick and threw him up.
This theory, we think, is original
with Mr. Harlow.
Harrison and Missouri.
From tbe Kanta Oily Times.
The fruits of President Harrison's
generous and considerate treatment
of Missouri are beginning to be
manifest. So encouraged is the
State by tbe attention of the nation
al administration that her two lead
ing ball clubs, representing Kansas
City and St. Louis, are engaged in
wiping up the earth with Louisville
and Cincinnati, and are now tied
for the pennant. We are under re
newed obligations to the adminis
tration. Bill Briggs, the most noted gam
bler on the coast, died Wednesday.
He was known from Washington
to tho coast aa a square gambler
who had made several fortunes and
given thousands away in charity.
He was born in Hannibal, Mo.
Joseph Barth has returned from
the East, where he has been for
several days baying goods.
To Our Pride in the Past and Our
Harrison is Called Coward by
"Blocks of Fito" Dudley.
D. C, April
W. Dudley,
of "Blocks
of Five"
fame, recen
tly said in a
letter in re
ply to an
old soldier
who had
aalred h i a
m " aid in get"
'(- W tiDg aQ ap
' ' V pointment :
"I will bo unable to render you
any assistance whatever wnn tne
President. He has lost his bacK-
sono and is too cowardly to be
been consulting with mo for the
simple reason that the copperheads
and rebels of Indiana have trump
ed up a lot of charges against me.
tie seems entirely oblivious to tne
fact that it was through my efiorts
that Indiana was saved to him."
Col. Dudley's letter is the talk
of Washington to-day. Dudley
makes a lame denial of the author
ship of the letter, but everybody
believes that he wrote it because
he has on many occasions since the
4th of March talked in just that
strain to his friends.
It is believed that Dudley's fight
on Harrison is only the beginning
of an open warfare between Har
rison and a half score of leading
Cupid's Tran s-Atlantic Trick.
A. G. Smith, a young man of 28
years, who is the agent ot the Mis
souri Pacific Railway at Iioising-
ton, Kan., was in the city last
evening on his way to New York,
on a most romantic mission, says
this morning's Globe-Democrat.
The story is one of romantic friend
ship and peculiar love. It was
about three years ago that Mr.
Smith, through the courtesies of a
friend, began a correspondence
with a young lady by the name of
Miss Nellie Turner, who resided
with her parents in a - small towp
near London, England. The friendy
ly missives soon changed to those
which were weighed with tender
now; photographs, with descrip
tions as minute as any given by a
detective agency, were exchanged,
and the heart of each correspondent
was soon warmed by that immortal
fire which is given by Allah and
shared with the angels. An en
gagement was effected, and, as per
written contract, Mr. Smith was on
his way last night to New York to
meet Miss Turner, who is due there
on a steamer in a few days. They
will be united in matrimony in New
York, and then visit Mr. Smith's
old home in Canada, and, after a
trip through several States, will
settle down to practical housekeep
ing in Kansas. Miss Turner is de
scribed as a young woman, 26 ears
of age, a brunette of many charms?
who was one ol the popular belles
ol her native England village.
A Valuable Invention.
Inventions are so numerous that
it is seldom we are able to commend
a kitchen utensil publicly. But we
feel that anything which tends to
make cooking more easy and agree
able is a sanitary gain. Many are
the attempts which have been made
to find a utensil which would econ
omize labor, time and food. At
last wo have offered in our midst a
perfected cooker that meets the de
mands of every housekeeper, and
excels all others lor simplicity and
ease ol management. The Peerless
Steam Cooker is a positive blessing
to every home. Ladies in the city
who have used it pronounce it a
complete success. Its superiority
to the old mode of cooking is in the
tact that it retains ail nutriment,
richness and flavor of food which
by other methods are wasted. All
care of watching meals while cook
ing, is done away with. Dinner
can be put in. covered up and let
alone till ready to serve. All pos
sibility ot spoiling a meal through
carelessness of cooks is obviated.
No steam of the house, no offensive
odors, no burned victuals. As much
cooking can be done on one burner
of a gasoline or oil stove as is usu
ally done on fonr. It will pay for
itself in a few weeks time in the
saving of fuel. The self-regulating
steam whistle is one of the whistles
worth paying for. Let all intelli
gent and careful housekeepers give
the cooker a trial.
R. W. Pearson is back from
Stuttgart, Ark. He gives quite a
glowing description of that country.
Says it is a prairie country, just
like this, but the soil is not as
good. He contracted for a tract of
land while there. Laddonia
Herald .
Champ Clark's electoral reform
bill came up in the House Thursday
was debated from 11 a. m. to 4 p.
m. and failed to pass, the vote be
ing o7 ayes to 57 noes. Champ
Clark advocaUd the measure, and
its strongest opponents were Jim
Moore of Laclede and Flauigan of
Major Anderson, aged 88, died
very suddenly at McCredie Fri
day. Deceased had been en
joying unusually good health for
sometime, and when he died had
been ill but ten minutes. Rheu.
matism of the heart is assigned as
the trouble. Major Anderson was
one oi Callaway's pioneers.
The pond at the Tucker mill has
been drained and water from the
Water-wexka put i.
Hope fop the Future. Let Us Add Tigmnz Wirk in the L.ng Present.
From tbe Christian Apologist, as
Quoted From a Beformed
Church Faper.
Translated from tbe German. :
Hickory town was a hard place
for a preacher. The chief source
of this hardship for the pastor was
found in Justice Smartt. Two
chapters in tbe Bible were particu
larly pleasing to tbe Justice, name
ly: the 10th of Matthew and the
10th of Luke. In the presence of
the pastor lie never tired in com
menting on certain passages in
these two chapters. He boasted
that no minister had ever answered
his argument. He generally closed
as follows : "Preachers who live
on a salary I despise: let them
work as Paul did, and make a liv
ing as other honest people do."
About ten years ago it was pro
posed to build a parsonage in
iiickorytown. The members of
the church and congregation were
all willing, except Justice Smartt,
who proceeded to address the peo
ple assembled on his hobby or fa
vorite theme. Said he: ' I would
like to know if St. Peter, or any of
the holy Apostles ever had a par
sonage. I am not opposed to
preachers, my dear friends; on the
contrary, I esteem and love them.
But they must be like the Apostle.
Where do you read that the Apos
tles wore fine broadcloth coats, and
lived in parsonages? They had
f the kind. The Lord
said to them : 'Provide neither
gold nor silver, nor brass in your
purses; nor scrip for your journey,
neither two coats, neither shoes,
nor yet staffs. "And when ye come
into a house salute it, saying:
Peace he to this house ! And in
the same house remain, eating and
drinking such things as they give.'
"Now, I ask, where do you find
the parsonage ? I challenge any
one to show me anything in the
Bible in regard to a parsonage, or
to prove that the preachers of the
present day are any better than the
Apostles. If the Apostles had no
parsonage, then our preachers
need none."
This speech convinced the breth
ren, and the parsonage was not
Now, for twenty years many
preachers had been sent to Hick
ory town, all of whom found very
poor accommodations for them
selves and their families; for Jus
tice Smartt continued his convinc
ing arguments in church circles,
and in saloens aa well. None of
these pastors could, or even desir
ed to prove that he was better than
the Apostles; and hence no par
sonage was provided.
But "the pitcher that is often let
down in to the well, will be broken
at last." And so it was with Jus
tice Smartt.
A new pastor came to Hickor
town. His name was Solomon,
and he was an intelligent, unassum
ing man, about whom there was
nothing uncommon or noteworthy,
except his poverty. He had a
wife and three children; but, ow
ing to the agency awd influence of
Justice Smartt, there was no par
sonage to receive them, and they
were obliged to go into a cheap,
unhealthy tenement house. The
rent was cheap for several rea
sons. First, on one side ot the
house was the play -grounds of the
village children. On the other
side was a pond of foal, stagnant
water. Besides, the house had the
reputation of being "haunted."
In this nouse lived Pastor Solo
mon and his family; but soon they
were all sick of fever. The pastor,
therefore, appealed to his congre
gation, and urged them several
times to erect a parsonage; but in
every instance ho was confronted
with the argument of Justice
Finally, he met the Justice him
self on the street, and by him he
was accosted thus: "You, also,
ask for a parsonage. Did the
Apostle Peter.orany other Apostle,
ever have one? Have you never
read the 10th ehapter of Matthew ?
. , ,, ,
ider yourself better
'Sties ?"
Do you conside
than the Apostl
The paster said that he did not
believe the ministers of the present
tim r hr than the AnostW
time are better than the Apostles;
that there was much truth in the
argument of the Justice, that he.
had seen new light; that he would
take the matter under considera.
tion, and then give his opinion.
The brethren, when they heard
of this, were all satisfied; and
Justice Smartt wa? especially hap
py in feeling'that he had convinced
the pastor of the correctness of his
But "who laughs last, laughs
best." A few days later, when
Justice Smartt bad hardly finished
his morning smoke, he heard a
Aa he
loud knocking at the door.
opened the door, he P fat,
Solomon, his wife and children, all
on tho veranda, and
could greet him with
before he
the usual
"Good-morniner." the nastor lifted
Up his right hand and said, "Peace
be unto this house !" and. without
waitino for an invitation, ho and
his family entered the house.
Altbough Justice Smartt was
somewhat Burnrised at the manner
and bewing of the minister, still
hv thought of nothing more hau
an ordinary pastoral visit, the
unusual number to the contrary
notwithstanding. The preacher
and his family, it seemed, had
come to "spend the day." The
morning was passed in pleasant
conversation, and tho children
"enjoyed themselves" greatly in
the orchard. After dinner, the
preacher askd to be excused, say
ing that he had to make some
pastoral calls, but would be back !
for tea. After supper, the minister j
and his family still remained, and i
made no preparations for going
home. Finally, the Justice saw
that they intended to "spend the
night" with him, as well as the
day. So it was; and a pleasant
night it proved to the family, for
they slept in a good house and on
clean beds.
The next morning, after break
fast and prayers, the Pastor asked
the Justice for a ouiet room a
Prophet's room where he could
read, and pray, and study the holy
Word. Said he: "I have no libra-
ry, but 1 do not need any the
Apostles had none. What you told
me the other day on the street I
now understand fully. We are not
better than tho Apostles and, there
fore, I do not ask abetter, ordifler
ent lot from theirs."
When he had said this, he left
the room gracefully.
Justice Smartt did not under
stand what this meant, or where
unto it would grow. So passed two
three four five days; and "still
the wonder grew." During this
time the Justice and his wife Ire
quently talked the matter over, and
wondered what it meant. After
these consultations, the Justice
might have been seen walking
thoughtfully back and forth; and
finally he determrbed to ask the
Pastor what all this meant, and how
long he intended to stay. Accord
ingly, with much ado and hesita
tion, he approached the minister
with this important question. Pat-
tor soiomon answered, witn a
twinkle in his eye, that he had con
cluded to remain under the friendly
and hospitable roof of Justice
bmartt so long as his pastorate
should last in Hickorytown as the
Lord commanded the Apostles in
the two famous chapters with which
the Justice was so well acquainted
Whatl" said the Justice; "have
you concluded to give up the par
sonage?" referring to the sickly
tenement house. "Yes, certainly;
I have given that up, and never in
tend to go back; because it is my
positive intention to live as the
Apostles did, and they had, as you
know, no parsonage."
The Justice was amazed, and
asked it his salary was not enough
to keep him, without his quartering
himself and family on othe people.
"Salary!" said the preacher; "don't
you know the Apostles had no sal
ary? I have given up my salary,
and to-morrow I will inform the
congregation of the fact, I am not
better than the Apostles."
"Eh! well, yes;" said Justice
Smartt; "to be sure, that is accord
ing to the Bible. I will go and see
my neighbors, that each ot them
may keep you a week."
"That I dare not do," said the
preacher, "much as I would like to
please you; for my instruction is,
'Into whatsoever city or town ye
shall enter, inquire who in it is
worthy; and there abide till ye go
thence.' And Luke says, 'In the
same house remain, eating and
drinking such things as they give.
Go not from house to house.' I would
like to relieve you, and go from
house to house, that the lurden
might be borne equally; but this
Scripture is plain and cannot be
misunderstood. I must abide in
your house till I leave Hickory
town." Now for the first time Justice
Smartt saw what lesson it was that
the preacher intended to teach him,
and that lesson he was no longer
slow to learn. It was not hard to
convince him that aviator is not an
apostle. The next day the church
had a meeting for business, and on
the motion of Justice Smartt, it was
resolved, unanimously, to build a
Hjrupa. of Fig.
Is Nature's own tfne laxative.
It is the most easily taken and
the most effective remedy known
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Colds, and Fevers; to Cure Habit-
j ual
Constipation, Indigestion
P'". Manufactured only by
the California FigSyrup Com
pany, r or sale in 60 cents and 91
bottles by C. R. Gibbs. d&wtf
A citijten of Carthage has in his
pos.-ension an original price list of
slavct, the properly ot Jett Davit'
brother before the war. Tbe list
embraces 106 names of both sexes,
ranging from infants to the aged pa
triarch. Bibies are quoted at $100,
children of 12 yars at $600, able-
bodied women f 800 and thrifty farm
hands at $1,100. A man 50 years
of age was worth but $600 while an
old blind woman was set down at
! zero. Husband and wife are quoted
Bepartly. The document is queer
j "ut"S t"""" """"
Horace reelj s Adage.
It was maintained: oy me laie
Horace Greeley, that "nothing suc
ceeds like fuccefs ! If this be
! ...... it,K.i.,;,n'a rmmii Rmiv
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fans. It is intended, especially tor
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, ,
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alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
In cans. Royal Baking Fowdicr Co..
I0 Wall St N. Y. 43-4St
A $10,000 T WIS r.
Louis Naytor Fays Dearly for
Spraiumg a Young Lady's
Mabel Quick, of Kansas City, a
young dry goods saleslady, was tbo
plaintiff in a suit before Judge
Henry against her former employ
er, Louis Naytor, a Grand avenue
dry goods man, for $10,000 dam
ages. Miss Quick told on the wit
ness stand how in November, 18S7,
Naytor assaulted her. She had
quit the store and had been given a
check for her wages, which she
could not collect. She went back
to Naytor's, and throwing the
worthless check in his face, de
manded cash. This was refused,
and as she was leaving the store
she picked up a cloak, which she
said would satisfy the debt. Naytor
called her back, saying that he
would give her the money, and
then it was, Miss Quick said, that
he struck her in tho face and twist
ed her wrist. She fell in a lamt
and knew nothing until she was be
ing taken home in a carriage.
Police Officer Joseph M. Sher
lock, who arrested Naytor, testified
that he had a hard time to keep hi m
from a mob which bad collected and
was yelling, "Get a rope, get a
rope." Dr. Fred Jones, who at
tended the girl, and others testified.
The jury soon returned a verdict
for the full amount asked.
The Judge refused to grant a mo
tion setting aside the verdict.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming well
known, and so popular as to need
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Liver and Kidneys, will remove
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store. Tho German Church.
A number of the leading Ger
man residents of Mexico met at the
Grand Opera House Wednesday
and discunsed the feasibility of
establishing a German Church in
this city. As the meeting was
called late in the afternoon the at
tendance waa not as larire a3 was
desired and no active steps were
taken. Rev. John Marturska, of
St. Charles County, delivered an
interesting address of an hour, in
German, when the meeting ad
journed to May 19, when everj'one
interested in the project is expect
ed to be present.
Is Con- nmplion Incurable!
Read the following: Mr. C. II.
Morris Newark, Ark., says: "Was
down with Abecess of Lungs, and
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Jesee Middiewart, Decatur, Ohio,
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sumption I would have died of
Lujg Troubles. Was given up by
doctors. Am now in best of health."
Try it. Sample bottles free at J.
F. Llewellyn's Drugstore.
William Carter.of near Williams
burg, Callaway county, son of Rob
ert Carter and a nephew of Alex.
Carter, Sr., committed suicide
Tuesday. He committed the deed
with a double-barrel shot-gun, seat
ing himself on the side of a bed and
pulling the trigger with a shoe
string. No cause can be assigned
for the rash deed, as the young
man was not addicted to bad habits,
was succeeding well in life and had
many mends. Mr. Carter was
born and raised northeast of Mex
ico and has numerous relatives in
Audrain county.
So Time Like the I'reaent
Taken when constipation is first
noticed, one or two Hamburg Figs
will put the bowel in healthy con-
.... i : 1 1 . i 1
amon, ana w, - ft
veloument of seiious trouble. 2o;
cents. U one r i. wacit urtig
- - n- a a r v
jCo , V i. ror le by A, Buck-
A Hunter, east of thU citv. a
, "
I welcome such citizen.
NO. 4
Joseph Bickey's Interesting
Chat With the Great Ex
Fresident. From the Fulton Gazette.
On Monday Col. Jos. K. Rickey .
returned from the East, where he
has been moet of the time since
the last election. As Mr. Rickey's
acquaintance with noted men in
politics is quite extensive, a
Gazette scribe sought him out to
see if anything else could be learn
ed that would be of interest to its
readers. . In response to the ques
tion whether he had seen any of,
the national Democratic leaders
lately, Mr. Rickey eaid. "Well,
yes, I recently bad the pleasure of
talking with Mr. Cleveland in
New York City. I got on tho ele
vated railroad car at Rector street,
and found myself in the seat with!
the great Democratic ex-president."
How was he looking?
I never saw him look as well; he
seemed to be in splendid health
and his face never looked more
bright and cheerful. He still takes
a lively interest in all publicaffairs.
When I enquired how he was
pleased with the change from the
White House to private life, his
response was: "I am enjoying my
residence in New York and feel
better than I have for four years
What else did you talk about?
Well, naturally our conversation
drifted to public affairs, and he
asked about the condition of the
agricultural portions of Missouri.
I told him I thought it was as bad
as it had ever been in the history
of the State; that the farmer was
not getting as much for his pro
ducts as they cost, in scarcely any
branch of farming industry; and
that in my opinion the majority of
the farms of the country are mort
gaged and the farmers are now
living off what they had accumulat
ed in the few prosperous years
they had been permitted to enjoy.
Mr. Cleveland said this was in
accord with his information and be
lief; and then asked: "What do you
think will be the result? What
will become of the country? What
will be done?"
I answered that the natural se
quence is that we must get an out
let for our markets with the differ
ent countries of the world, or come
to a square standstill."
He then asked: "How can an
outlet be secured, do you suppose,
under our present system of restric
tive laws?"
I said, "It can't be done."
His next question was: "How do
you account for the fact that the
great agricultural sections voted so
strongly for the protective theory?"
I told him I supposed it was
owing to want of education on this
subject among the farmers of the
great Northwestern States such as
Kansas, Illinois and Nebraska.
Also that the soldier element that
has been pensioned were told that
the Democratic party wanted to re
duce the tariff, not so much for the
purpose of lowering taxation as to
drain the surplus from the treasury
in order to make difficult the pay
ment of their pensions; and that the
attempt to lower the tariff was a
blow at the Union element. It was
very hard to make the average
mind understand what a 6 per cent
reduction i. And when the tax is
indirect, it is hard to make the man
believe that he pays it at all. The
Republican orator says, "Don't you
buy cheaper than it cost before?"
and the average mind swallows
that, never considering the material
that is in the article that it is
shoddy or that methods of produc
tion are cheaper than formerly.
Air. Cleveland said, "IJut we
gained votes in the protection dis
tricts: what do you say to that?"
I said, "They are intelligent on
this question and know that they
need free raw material to compete
in the markets of the world. Tbe
outoome of it all will be that after
while the people will realize that
they have been plundered unnec-
ewarily of five or six hundred mil
lions a year, and they will riae up
aud wipe out the whole system.
Mr. Cleveland said nothing but
nodded his head, and then a.ked
about Senator Vest's prospects for
re-election. He said: "I regard
him as one of the ablest men in
the Senate, and I hope the people
of Missouri will return him." He
also spoke of Senator Cockrell, and
said: "Missouri hould be proud of
two such able and painstaking Sen
lie next aid, "llow is my
young friend Francis in the gubern
atorial office ?" I told him that
Gov. Francis was an able and
faithful officer and was givjng sat
isfaction to all. .
"Well, I can't understand,"
said Mr. Cleveland, "why he ran
behind bis ticket."
I answered that it was the re
tult ot reasons: first, when Frxci
was chosen Maror, bis opponent
. ' 1 .
I rnitotl ainriraA rmoiilii'tn oat t j hia iiluA
- ...
tion, ana as-nea lor a recount, out
the courts refused it; second, Fran
; cis refused to turn over the city to
the street rings, and tbey threw
! their powerful influence ...inoi
. . .
1 him; and third, just at the close ol ,
jTlie Leihseb lias the Largest
circulation or. any paper
in the county.
The treatment of many thousands of caaea
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ailments peculiar to remaiee, at tiie Invalid
Hotel and Surgical Iusiuuta, Buffalo, N. Y
Baa afforded a vast experience in nieely adapt
tiiff and tborouphljr testing; remedaec for u
euro or T-oroao'a peculiar maladlea.
Sr. merce'a f avorite freaerlptloa
la tbe outfrroirtli, or result, ol tins arreet and
valuable eipem-nee. Thousand of teatiiuo
Uua, received from patienta and from pbrat
clans wno have tested it In the more airirna
vated and obstinate case which had Imltted
their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful
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Woman's peculiar ailments.
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and to the womb and its appendages in
particular. For overworked, "worn-out,"
"run-down," debilitated teacher, millluei.,
dressmakers, senmstreasea, "shop-girte," house
keepers, nursinjr mot beta, and feeble women
rnerally. Dr. Pierce'e Favorite Pt-eeerintlon
tbe srreatest earthly boon, heincr unequaled
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Aa at aootrilua and atrenalheulur
nerrlue, Favorite Prescription " to urte
qi.aled aud Is invaluable in allaying; and sub
duing nervous excitabtiltr, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
ether distreasimr, nervous symptoms com
nionly attendant upon functional and ora-anlo
diseu&e of the womb. It indueea refrrabliur
steep and ralieres mental anxiety and de-pninh-ncv.
Or. IMerce'a Favorite Prescription
fa a leK'timate meaflcine, carefully
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pnysiomn. mid adapted to woman's delicate
onraiiijiiioii. It is purely vearetable In Ita
cnmitHiition and perfectly harmless In Ita
effect iu any condition of tbe system. For
hiormnjr sii-aness, or uausea. from whatever
cattM' arisinc weak stomach, indlireetion, dvs-
Seprtianud km -ed symptoms, its use. In small
owf, will prom very beneficial.
"fBtorfe Prescript Ion "laa poal.
UlTfc cure lor the mnat complicated and ob
eni.nl" eases of h-ucorrbea, excessive Bowlnsj,
paniful Dienstrimtinn, unnatural suppressions,
proliipsiis, or Tallinn of the womb, weak back,
teniae wcakn:s." nnteveMnn, retroveralou,
fcariij;r-Jitwn i.o;is.ttijns, chronic consent loo.
!nriam:nntiou -and tiiorraUnn of the womb, tn
flamiuation, pain o vl tenderness in ovaries,
aei-oruiminil with "interna: heat."
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tiunal n.?i'.:i, :u. taut critical period of change
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ecuiilly eOicaeioii nmi valuable In iu effecta
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incident to that later and most critical
per;o.j. linovru ns 'I uu I "hntiKv of Life."
"Fa orite t'reitr riiloii," when taken
In connect i.-in wuh the, ue of Dr. PlVroe'i
OolOcu Sl.tUcal Hisooverv, and small laxative
dof's of l'r. roo's Putwatire lVlk-ts (Uttla
Liver I'.lifcJ. euets Liver. K liner and lUadder
di-casrs. Their combined use also removea
fci;M:'! taint, ahd attolishee cancerous and
o 'ntous humors from the. svfttcin.
1 ittvorlte f'rcfccriptiou u the only
lu-lne for women, sold by druinrista, onder
iilivo guarantee, from tbe nianu.
I. .itvrs, that it ill nive satisfaction in ever
r.or uioney will ! refunded. This truaran-
h:-J tiocn Urintcd On the hAllln.wnnniw
al-.l faithfully carried out for manv veara.
lunrfte bottles rtuj doeea) Sl.OO. or six
bottles for eS.OO. T '
r or lurire. illustrated Trcatta n TtlaM,a
Women (lis) pages. Pa rH-oovered), send tea
s uis in stamps. Address,
World's Dispensary Hedlcal Association,
S3 rrialn St, BXTFJULO, N. T.
his administration, the Supreme .
Court decided that the Sunday
law applied to St. Louis, and Fran
cis enforced it, as was his duty,
and eo turned the worst elements
in St. Louis against him. And
then, to cap tbo climax to all this,
old Hutch made his wheat corner
about this time, and the opponents
of Francis cartooned him as a mere
speculator in agricultural products
whose interests were all against
those of the producing and con
suming class.
Mr. Cleveland expressed regret
at Clardy's defeat, and said he re
garded him as one of the most ef
ficient men in the House. He also
said he was sorry for Mr. O'Neil's
defeat. s
He then asked what was thought
in Missouri of the appointment of
Philips to the district Bench, and
said he was as well satisfied with it
as any he had made while in office.
As wo parted, Mr. Cleveland ex
pressed his belief that the dsctriaes
of Democracy are as certain to suc
ceed as the government exists. "
The Coming Meeting.
Among the scores of entries for
the stake races at the coming meet
ing are the following from this vi
Frank T., r. g., by Btoa. im
untraced; entered by Dr. Thos.
turner, Mexico; W. K. Carter.
Lula P., br. m., by Aaron Penn
ington, dam Callaway; J. H. How
ard, M. 1).. Fulton.
Dictator G., br. b; W. II. Gibbs.
Bowling Green.
rreeland u., c. h; . II. Glenn.
Bowling Green.
Mattie McU., c. in; McCormvV
Livestock Co., Bownn"
Missing Link, b. : .;...-' :.
Live Stock Co.. Boul.i..' iiinu'
Tom Purdy, b. c; J. C. Doun ug,
Bowling Grwen.
Lady Savage, b. m; MnCoriaick
Live Stock Co.. Bowling Green.
Aytoun, b. h; McCorrnictt Live
Stock Co.. Bawling Green.
Oliver Boss, br. h., Charley Rss.
Gy"3, dam untraced; John K. Hin-
man, Centralia.
Bobert Kvsdyk. 2:24 1-2, br. 8.
by William Hysdyir.52?,dain(i!ifen
ts. by Kearsage; U. I. Clark, Mex
Promontory, b, h; V. B. Carter,
Advance Jr., 2:34, b. b; Michael
See, New Florence,
Carnagie 8 105, ch. e; 8. S. Brandt,
Montgomery City.
Dewdrop, b. m; McCormick Ltve
Stock Co., Bowling Green.
unrW, s. f; McCorinick Live
Stock Co., Bowling Green.
IMva Lock wood, b. f; McCormick
Live Stock Co., Bowling Green.
Hinda Boss, b. f; C. F. Clark,
Silver Dick, c. c, by Aaron Pen
ington, dam Callaway Maid, un
traced; entered by J. II. Howard,
M. D., Fulton.
Miss Cltl.-f land, b. f; McCormick
Live Stock- Co., Bowling Green.
Riesling of Sleep.
Dr. Flint's lU-medy, for tho man
?it w-unaii who find hi;ietif or her
self unable t lerp nicht, is tin ia
vainabJe medicine, which will not
only pfucure the bleeping of sleep,
but taiil prevent breaking down of
tho sr-tem. Descriptive treatise
ith each bottle; or addre, Mack
Di ug Co., N. Y. For sale by O.
A. Buckner.

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