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THURSDAY, NOV. 14, 1889.
Laienan & Barnes,
Loan & tana Apis
Make Loans!
Of either home or eastern money on short
Douce ana easy terms, on praa security.
Write Insurance in bent companies. Have
town property to exchange for farms;
farms for town property. Small farms
to exchange for larger ones ; large farms
lor smaller ones.
Omca Soatk Side of Public Square,
The County Court adjourned
Thursday. '
Wm. Edmonston has a fine crop
ot November peaches.
U. S. HaU will address the
Wheelers in Mexico shortly.
Steve Douglass is opening a res.
taurant in the rear of "Jake's."
Joe Morris and Joe Arnold left
Monday for Abilene, Texas.
S. P. Atkins has our thanks for
Spokane Falls, Washington, pa
pers. Dr. J. D. Hulen, of Centralia,
died Thursday evening of typhoid
Jos. Brothers brought in a big
live owl to-day which he caught in
his hen coop.
V. O. Forrist, not being able to
be out, has withdrawn from the
Dusenberry case.
Mrs. Lizzie Coil, who lives about
seven miles southeast of Benton
City, is very sick.
Alex Carter, Sr., is moving his
family to town. He will reside on
East Liberty street.
W. R. Dunlap shipped thirty
five head ot black cattle to Jack
sonville, 111., Monday.
A grand Catholic festival will be
held in the basement of Kabrich's
Opera Houae beginning November
26, and continuing several nights.
Robt. Boatman is home from
Sedalia, where he attended the
State meeting of the Christiau
Endeavor Society. There were 260
delegates present.
Rev. E. K. Miller is again able
to be on the street. His daughter,
Miss Mary, teturned to O'Fallon
to-day, where she is attending
Woodland University.
Hon. Nat Dryden is back from
Danville where he defended Geo.
Hill, charged with murder in the
first degree. His fine was assess
ed at $600 by the jury.
Hon. R. H. Norton and wife, of
Troy, will leave about the middle
of this month for Washington, D.
C, where Mr., Norton goes to as
sume the duties of congressman.
Joe Weimer, Jas. Garrett, Jr.,
Lee Craddock, Bob, Worrell, Bob
Hisey.Wm. Bowers, Chas. Bridges,
and T. Hal Gibbs went to Fulton
Tuesday to organize a Knights of
Pythias Lodge there to-night.
- MU' F-dffSiu ' KaYrter-poprietor
of the Commercial Hotel, of Cen
tralia, has the thanks of a repre
sentative of the Ledger for courte
sies extended while there Sunday.
The Commercial is first class.
The Mexico merchants are
already preparing for the holidays
by bringing in and displaying large
and elegant stocks of Cbristmas
goods. It the buyer cannot be
pleased in Mexico this season
there is no need for him to look
Mrs. N. F. Kilgore and daughter,
Miss Nora, went to Auxvasse
Tuesday, where they attended the
wedding of Mr. Arch Boyd and
Miss Minnie LaRue at the home of
the bride's uncle, Wm. Eller, Wed
nesday evening.
The revival meeting at Rising
Sun Church is very successful.
There were fifteen additions to the
church up to Monday night. Eld.
D. W. Connor, District Evangelist,
is conducting the meeting. It will
continue over next Sunday.
Uncle John Romans, of Wells
yille, is very seriously ill from an
injury received by falling from a
fence. His son, Dr. Romans, of
Denver, arrived last week. The
old gentleman is upwards of the
allotted three score and ten.
On the second day of the present
month there were 1,805 convicts in
the Missouri penitentiary. Of the
1,805, 65 are women, 1,750 men.
OI the whole number 600 are ne
groes. Of the 55 female convicts
the proportion of whites and blacks
is about equal.
Mr. E. M. Roberts and Miss
Stella R. Crockett, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. D- K. Crockett, will be
united in marriage at the home of
the bride's parents, 8 miles south
west of Mexico, on Wednesday
evening, Nov. 27, at 7 o'clock,
p. m. -
Henry Danson, who lived here
ten years ago and was in the em
ploy of Geo. Kabrich as a sales
man, now residing at Fairmount,
ffeb., made us a call to-day. Mr,
Dawson is railroading on the Rock
Island. He thinks Mexico has
improved wonderfully in ten years.
Worcester has a debating society
with the following officers ; Presi
dent, C. A. Harrington ; secretary,
Miss Mattie Ellis, treasurer, L.
V. Corner; sergeant-at-arms, Jas.
Dillard. Every school district in
the county should have a debating
Intense Interest Centered in
The Trial.
Nearly all Thoia Summon Have Bead
the "Ledger" and Formed an
When the Dusenberry case was
called Monday afternoon, Judge
Robinson filed a motion for the
defense, asking a continuance on
the grounds that material witnesses
were absent. The motion was
argued until late Monday night,
when it was overruled by the Court.
The defendant was then brought
into Court and made affidavit that
he had reason to believe that
Sheriff Adams was prejudiced
against him and should not be al
lowed to summon the panel or have
anything to do with his case. The
Judge then discharged the sixty
men that Adams had subpoenaed
and Coroner Cave, as is customary
in such cases, at once proceeded to
secure a new panel ot sixty men
and appointed Tom Atchison as
Deputy Coroner to assist him. .
Following are the names of the
sixty men whom Sheriff Adams
had summoned and who were dis
charged :
S. W. Downing.
A. B. Ficklin.
Thos. Downey
Smith Vaughn.
Arthur Cottle.
V. A. Stowers.
Charles Pease.
Jacob Barnes.
George Richards.
J. W.
Jos. W. James.
0. J. Berry.
A. Dillard.
Patrick Koden.
Thos. Creasey.
Benj. Franklin.
Thomas Daniel.
J. T. Hickman.
J. M. Culbertson.
A. E. Jenkins.
1. N. Calhoun.
C. D. Green.
H. W. Kisor.
J. D. Loot.
C. A. Smith.
D. H. Htrickland.
J. H. Roland.
J. W. Brockman.
Samuel Griggs.
T. H. Self.
lieuj. Burton.
J. W. Botts.
Chas.Sclioeneman. J. M. Smith.
Robert Biirxs.
Georjre Anderson.
Edward Gregg.
Wm. Monahan.
Sarn'l Sutton.
J. D. Smith.
James Minor.
James Hook.
H. E. Bowen.
E. L. Griggaby.
W. M. Gray.
J. A. Lewis.
J. W. Gregory.
Wm. Gant.
W. T. Bradley.
J. B. Myers.
Logan Mundy.
Hugh Brenton.
Lewis Phillip.
J. B. Sharp.
Wm. Mundy.
John Walton.
John Wakefield.
John Moore.
iSathaniel Sutton,
Jeff. Sutton.
Coioner Cave and Deputy Atchi
son at once proceeded to impanel
another jury without reference to
those who constituted the former
jury, and by a comparison of the
two lists it will be eeen that some
of those on the first panel were
again summoned.
Tuesday morning the prisoner
was brought into Court and John
Mclntire was sworn in as official
stenographer for the case. The
attorneys in the case are as follows:
Attorneys for-State are Nat C.
Dryden, Sol. Hughlett, Jno. M.
Barker and F. R. Jesse. Attor
neys for defense are Elijah Robin
son, Judge Barnett, Judge Wray,
W. W. Fry and Wm. Edmonston.
The defendant looks rather pale
after his year's confinement in jail,
but is apparently very confident of
the result, as is his wife, who oc
cupies a seat near her husband,
holding their little five-year-old
daughter. It is evident that the
defense is going to fight every inch
of ground, as a motion was made
at the opening of the Court Tuesday
morning to quash the new panel
of sixty, summoned, by Coroner
Cave, claiming that it was, to a
great extent, made Op from the
panel Adams had in the first place.
The motion was promptly over
ruled. The first six men of the
panel were then called and sworn.
H. C. Robinson was first quali
fied; a farmer; read all about it in
the Ledger; had formed an opin
ion; had no prejudice on account of
the nature of the charge and could
try the case fairly.
J. W. James was then examined;
born in Audrain; read about the
case in the Mexico papers ; farmer;
no opinion; can try him fairly; am
a Wheeler; don't believe in that
Wheel resolution about Dusenber
ry. .
Thos. A. Creasy: Live west of
Thompson; a farmer; have formed
no opinion;- never read anything
about the case; belong to no secret
D. R. Strickland : Live 12 miles
northwest of Mexico; a farmer;
read all about it in the Ledger;
have expressed no opinion; can try
him fairly; am an A. O. U W. but
not a Wheeler.
Josiah Marshall: Live north of
Mexico; am a farmer; read about
the case in the Ledger; have ex
pressed no opinion believe I have
one; I am a Wheeler.
J. B. Stephens: Am a farmer;
read about the case in the Ledger;
have expressed no opinion; am a
Wheeler; my lodge did not pass
any resolutions.
Henry C. Crews: Am not mar
ried; am a farmer; read about the
case in the Ledger; I formed an
opinion and have it now. He was
Sam'l Goodstein : Live in Mex
ico ; am a merchant ; have no opin
ion about the case, no prejudice ;
belong to no secret organization.
J. H. Rowland: Live near Cen
tralia, in Audrain ; am a farmer ;
have read about the case in the
Ledger ; have expressed no opin
ion ; am an A. O. U. W. and a K.
P., but am no Wheeler.
Robert E. Biggs was excused as
be bad formed an opinion and ex
pressed it..
J. M: Culbertson : Live at Van-
dalia ; have no opinion or feeling
about it ; am an A. O. U. W., bat
no Wheeler.
Geo. C. Richards: Live near
Vaadaliajam a farmer j have no
Full to the Brim
Everything 'Way
Everything 'Way
The House is Full
G-oocL Smlts
Just from Eastern Manufacturers.
Com and See "CTs I
Joe & Vic Barth
opinion, no feeling ; used to be a
Wheeler ; the Wheel is played out
down our way new.
The Court adjourned until 1
o'clock, p. m.
The first thing after dinner Cor
oner Cave reported that he had
service on Conductor Reach, who
would be here.The absence of Reach
was the main ground given for ask
ing the continuance, which was
The first juror called after dinner
was F. S. Friar, who was excused,
as he had formed an opinion. For
the same reason S. L. Riggs was
excused, as were Thos. Self and
C. F. Norhenburg.
S. G. Martin, C. W. Pease and
W. H. Turner read about the case
in the Ledger and had a decided
J. W. Harrison : Farmer ; read
about the case in the Ledger, and
had formed and expressed an opin
ion. J. W. Gallop had read the Led
ger and had formed and expressed
an opinion.
M. Douglass had read the Led
ger and had formed and expressed
an opinion ; was prejudiced on ac
count of the nature of tne crime
D. W. Campbell had read the
Ledger and had mimed and ex
pressed an opinion.
W. F. Reed: Had read the Led- !
ger and had talked about the case;
had formed an opinion; was ex
cused. J. T. Saunders read the Ledger
and had talked about the case. He
had an opinion.
Lan Jones was excused as he
had formed an opinion, having
heard Bettie Sira testify and had
read the Ledger. .
T. E. Day had formed and ex
pressed an opinion and had the
same opinion now.
John N. Hun phrey had formed
and expressed an opinion and had
the same opinion now.
W. K. Potts had read and talked
of the case but could give him a fair
Chas. W. Grayson had formed no
opinion and knew nothing of the
C. D. Green: Farmer; live near
Rush Hill; read the Ledger;
thought he could give the prisoner
a fair trial.
Jas. W. Smith: Read the Led
ger and had talked of the case but
could give the prisoner a fair trial.
Bruce Baldwin had formed and
expressed an opinion.
H. W. Brenton had read the
Ledger and had an opinion but
could try him fairly.
John W. Coakley. Farmer; live
12 miles east; had no opinion.
Benj. Franklin: Farmer; had
talked about the case and read the
Ledger; had formed an opinion,
but could try the case fairly.
A. W. Thomas: Blacksmith;
had formed and expressed an opin
ion. W. J. C. Gray : Farmer ; lives
near Farber; reads the Ledger and
had formed an opinion. Belongs
to the Wheel.
Jas. H. Hook : Live at Farber ;
formed and expressed an opinion ;
am an A. O. U. W.
Joseph Shaw : Live near Far
ber, farmer ; expressed an opinion;
belongs to Odd Fellows.
N. H. Sutton : Farmer ; live
near Farber; read the Ledger;
have expressed an opinion ; be
longs to no secret organization.
Tuesday evening it was found that
only thirty-one of the forty jurors
had been qualified out of the ninety
summoned, and another venire of
thirty men was ordered from which
to select the remaining nine.
Coroner Cave and Deputy Atchi
son rode nearly all Tuesday night
in order to have the venire in on
time Wednesday morning when the
Court opened promptly at 9 o'clock.
The first to be questioned was
W. S. Hamilton : Belongs to no
society ; reads the Ledger and has
an opinion. x
F. i. Harris : Belong to no so
ciety ; read the Ledger ; have an
John L. Crissman: Belongs to
no society ; has no opinion.
C. E. Harrison ; Reads the
Ledger ; has an opinion.
Gray Hook : Reads the Ledger;
Up in Quality!
Down in Price!
OTrercoa-ts I
heard the evidence before ; has an
Charles Householder is a Mason,
but no Wheeler ; has an opinion
W. S. Bradford : Reads the
Ledger and is a Wheeler ; had no
Frank Brenton : Have an opin
Mark Pilcher
Have an opin
R. L. Caldwell : Have an opin
ion, r
B. S. Hite : Have an opinion
but could lay it aside.
a. U. Hunter : Have an opin
J. N. Scholl : Have an opinion
J. D. Frazier : Have an opinion.
B. F. Fox : . Have an opinion
Harry Householder : Have an
Marion Barnes : Belongs to A.'
H. T. Association and is a Wheeler;
has some opinion
S. B. Sutton: Farmer; live north
of Farber; formed an opinion;
member of the Wheel.
C. A. Smith: Live at Laddonia,
read the Ledger; formed an opin
J. H. Minor: Live at Farber;
formed no opinion; could give him
a fair trial; am a Mason and an A
O. U. W., but am no Wheeler.
A. E. Jenkins: Live in Farber;
read the Ledger; formed an opin
ion; am a Mason and an A. O. U,
J. T. Hickman: A Wheeler;
know nothing about the resolutions
passed, except what I read in the
Arthur Cottle: Farmer; formed
an opinion from rumor; heard At
torney Barker's argument in Octo
ber, but it made no impression on
my mind.
J. W. Smith: Live at Farber;
read the Ledger; have expressed an
opinion; am an A. O. U. W.
J. D. Sutton: Live near Farber;
expressed an opinion; belongs to
no secret society.
James Brockman: Live in
ling township; have formed
opinion; belong to no society.
Wm. A. Stowers: Live in
ling township; farmer; read
Ledger; had no opinion.
the S. W. Downing: Live in Sahng
township; reads the Ledger; formed
an opinion and expressed it; is
Mason and an A. O. U. W.
Robert S. Vaughn: Farmer; live
in north Wilson; have no opinion;
belong to the Wheel and am
R. W. Kaycor: Live in east part
of county; had no opinion; belongs
to no society.
J. D. Lott: Farmer; live north
east ot Mexico; nave no opinion;
am not a Wheeler
Wm. Mundy: Farmer; live
north of Mexico; formed an opin
ion; am a Wheeler.
O. J. Berry: Farmer; born and
raised in Audrain county; have
formed no opinion.
J. P. Thorpe : Live in Wilson
township ; have formed an opinion;
am an A. O. U. W.
John W. Harris: Live in Mex
ico ; have no opinion ; belong to no
secret society.
N. T. Johnson : Live near
Mexico ; formed no opinion ; read
the Ledger ; belong to no secret so
ciety. J. T. Crews: Farmer; formed
an opinion and expressed it. Ex
cused. W. P, Gantf, Belong to no
church or society ; heard nothing
about the cae and have formed no
opinion ; live near Rowena.
E. F. Stasey : Formed no opin
ion about the case; have heard
nothing about it ; live in Mexico.
S. C. Hill had heard the evi
dence before and was excused.
Warren Fowle: Live in Mex
ico; formed no definite opinion;
belong to no society.
Pack Green.: Have formed an
opinion ; don't think I could act
as juror on the case.
Mack Earkweil; Ho feeling
about the ease ; belong to no so
ciety. C. F. Witherspoon : Read the
Ledger and heard the physician
testify : formed an oninion.
Jarnej H, Shoots Live in Mex
ico; am opposed to capital punish
ment; belong to bo society ; have
formed and expressed an opinion.
Grand Annual JJiawing
Everyone purchasing goods of me to the amount of
sgl.uu will be
To be had in Northeast Missouri and at prices that are cheaper
than the cheapest. Come and see for yourself.
I P. S. Don't fail to secure a chance in the Diamond Ring
and Gold Watch drawing.
B. B. Morris.
Joseph M. Coons : Had formed
an opinion; read the Ledger ; could
try the case fairly.
Wm. F. Jones reads the Ledger;
formed an opinion ; would take
evidence ro remove it
Peter; McCullough had formed !
an opinion.
L. Phillip : Formed some opin
ion from rumor ; could try the case
R. D. Dunbar: Belong to no
church or society ; have an opinion.
Wa . V. White : Have an opin
ion a decided on .
John Gregory : Formed an opin
ion, but think I could try the case
fairly ; belong to no society.
James S. Watts : Have talked
withkinfolks of Bettie Sira and
have an opinion.
S. C. Baskin : Have formed and
expressed an opinion which I can't
get rid of.
Alex Carter is not a Wheeler and
has formed no opinion.
O. C. Roby belongs to the A. H.
T. Association and is a Wheeler ;
has no opinion.
farmer and lives just north of Mex-
Turner Uinde had no opinion
Able Bradford : Has an opinion
and did not think he could do the
defendant justice.
Luther Barnes is a Wheeler ; has
not read any paper ; had no opin
ion. W. H. Wakefield has an opinion.
Charles Powell has an opinion.
James R. Hamilton has no opin
ion, and qualifying, completed the
The panel of forty stands as fol
lows :
H. C. Robinson
J. W. James
Thos. Creasey
D. R. Strickland
Sam'l Goodsteui
J. H. Rowland
J. M. Culbertson
B. C. Richards
Josiah Marshall
J. B. Stephens
C. W. Grayson
C. G. Green
Jas. W. Smith
II. W. Brenton
J. W. Coakley
W. J. C. Gray
J. T. Hickman
J. H. Minor
J. W. Brockman
W. A. Stowers
R. S. Vaughn
R. W. Kisor
J. D. Lott
O. J. Berry
J. W. Harris
N. T. Johnson
E. T. Stasey
Warren Fowle
W. P. Gantt
Mack Barkwell
Louis Phillip
J. D. Chrisman
Frank T. Harris
W. 8. Bradford
B. S. Bite
Alex Carter, Jr.
O. C. Roby;
Turner Funde
Luther Barnes
J. R. Hamilton
The defense then waived the
forty-eight hours allowed in which
to erase twenty jurors and said it
would be ready at 1:30 Thursday to
begin the trial. The case proper
will open at 1:30 Thursday, by
which time the twelve to try the
case will have been selected from
the forty.
Only a half dozen of the 120
men are Wheelers.
The mental strain is beginning to
tell on Dusenberry's wife.
The attorneys think the case will
be completed by Saturday night.
Nearly every one of the. 120 be
!onpd to some church or society.
There were not more than three
of the 120 who do not read the
The Dusenberry case came tot
Audrain on change of venue from
Montgomery county.
The citizens of Audrain county
are leaders and "have an opinion"
about what they read.
No county anywhere can show
up better looking or more intelli
gent jurors than Audrain.
There is a reluctance to serve on
the jury which makes it tedious to
secure the necessary forty.
Mrs. Dusenberry meets her hus
band in the court room each morn
ing with an affectionate kiss.
It is claimed that the defense has
some sensational surprises in the
way of evidence to be offered.
J. H. Shoots war the only man
of the 120 who was opposed to cap
ital punishment for any crime.
Road overseers being exempt
from jury duty, those who could
embraced this opuortumty to "es
It is surprising how many of oar
citizens were born in Bourbon
county, Ky., or in the valley of
- or
Bo Morris,
entitled to a chance in drawing.
Ins. lint. U.
Anotber View of Christmas.
To the Editor of the Ledger.
Mexico, Mo., Nov. 12.-Who .
would be a pessimist or take a pes- j tollj Cai thig evening at 7 o'clock,
simist's views of Christmas? WhatThe average prjce p&id for them
if Christ was not born on the twen-
'yfifth of Dember? What if that
jday was once the annual festal !
time of the sun-worshipers? What
if religionists, pagan and Christian,
kept it in the past with supersti
tious rites? What if Santa Claus
was an invention to substitute in
the nursery and childish imagina
tion a saint ior an idol and thereby
divert from the recognition and
worship of other deities than the
true God? What if customs, seem
ing ridiculous because not under
Bod, have passed from ancient to
more moa rn oDservance ot unnsi-
mas? And what if churches, in
their endeavor to get rid of these,
have devised the most attractive of
ceremonies and the grandest of lit
urgies? The fact remains that there has
ever been associated with that day
enough ot religious and social en
joyment to cause, notwithstanding
opposition of some of the sects,
. . r-t . h r- Anna Mtmn rm n
eration as an universal festival,
acceptable alike to old and young,
high and low, rich and poor.
The exact date of the birth of
Christ is not known. Some of the
early Christians kept their feast of
the nativity in May, others in
April and still others in January.
History, however, records that in'med,n'm
the third centuory, in the reisn of
Diocletian, a number of Christians Texans, corn-fed, not quotedjgrass
vehn oomM i rworr.Tu.i- tn fed, not quoted; range steers, at
celebrate the birth of Christ were
burned, together with the build
ing they occupied. And, besides,
there is nothing in history to show
that the festival of the nativity of
CLrist was either arbitrarily or
casually associated with the twenty-fifth
of December by the church.
Doubtless among the most potent
causes tending to that result was
the fact that almost the entire
population of the Roman empire
originally regarded the winter
solstice as the period when their
various deities were most active
in their beneficent plans and
preparation for the development
of their precious gifts of spring,
summer and autumn. And in
considering the propriety of cele
brating Christmas in December it
ought to be borne in mind that it
is in the latter part of this month
that the sun begins to return north
ward and commences to put into
operation influences that culminate
in seed time and harvest; and that,
on that account, if for no other, it
is the season of the year most
susceptible of being used with ef
fect to illustrate the commence
ment of the new and fruit-bearing
life that the advent of Christ in
augurated in His kingdom. As an
institution, ecclesiastic and civil,
Christmas has promoted religious
and social enjoyment in family
circles and among mankind. Like
all other days, it has been subject
ed to abuse ; but, thank Gad, it is
too firmly seated in the human
heart to be easily belittled or up
rooted by fanaticism. G.
A very interesting session of the
Regular Audrain County Medical
Society was held S-turday veil
ing. Dr. Potts wis elecuil an
honorary member, bm!g one of the
charter members f the society.
The lives of Drs. Lee, Russell
and Humphrey were discussed.
The subject for the next meeting
is ".fciv U"incdies,"by ur. Adams.
The following named pupils of
Beaver Dam School made an
average of 95 and ever in written
examination for the months of
September and October: Allie
Harrison,' .Linda Ford, Nellie
Crockett, Edna Ford, Omega
Wright, Jennie Roberts, Thomas
Wright, "Emera 'Miller, Orville
Mrs. P. Coons, of Thompson, re
turned home to-day after a pleas
ant visit with her brother, C. P.
Live Stock Notes
Crow & Easton, of Bowline
Green wiU shiD 19 :acka to Stock.
wai 600.
J. W. Montague shipped one car
load of mule8 to Columbia, Tenn.,
Monday night. He bought them of
Wood Maddox
Joe Baker shipped 19 car loads
of cattle from Audrain county Mon
day to B. F. Harrison, of Chicago,
W. R. Dunlap shipped 35 head
of Polled Angus yearlings to Jack
sonville, 111., Monday night.
Wallace & Fry shipped one car
of hogs and one of cattle to St,
Louis Tuesday night.
H. A. Ricketts shipped five car
loads of good beef cattle to Chicago
Monday night. -
Asa Heath shipped three car
loads of beef cattle to Chicago Men-
day night
Samuel Hook shipped one car of
cattle to St. Louis Tuesday night,
John Jones shipped one car of
hogs to St. Louis Monday.
Live Stock Market.
St. Lodis, Nov. 12. The nation
al Stock Yards, of East St. Louis,
furnishes the following quotations
Cattle The receipts to-day
were 2,400 head; the shipments
were none, the market was
quoted steady. The sales ranged
as follows : Choice heavy native
steers, $4 20a4 .90; fair to good
steers, id 2oa4.dU; butchers steers,
to choice, not Quoted:
' stockers and feeders, S2.10a3.15;
$2 00a3.10.
Hogs The receipts to-day were
b,4UU head, ibe shipments were
none. Ibe market was slow
Sales ranged as follows: rair to
choice heavy, quoted atS3.65a3 80:
packing grades, $3 60a3.80:medium
to prime, not quoted, light, fair to
choice, quoted at If 3 65a3 90.
Sheep and Lambs The receipts
to-day were 600 head; the ship
ments were none. Market was
firm. Fair to choice grades of
sheep were quoted at $3.20a4.70;
lambs, not quoted; mixed lots, not
quoted .
The La Crosse Lumber Co., form
erly sold lumber dealers, now
gives the consumer, through its
many branch yards, the advantage
of good grades at low prices. One
profit saved.
Jurors for January.
The County Court, at its late
meeting, drew the following jury
men for the January term ot court;
Cuivre Township G. B. Utter
back, John Sturgeon, Geo. Leach
and C. P. Pearson.
Baling Township J. S. Hanna,
Ed. Dulaney and G. F. Littrell.
Wilson Township H. B. Bush,
John Geldea, C. A. V right and E.
C. Gamble.
Salt River Township W. H.
Wakefield, H. Mundy, Frank God
dard and Geo. A. Morris.
Loutre Town ship J. S. Brown,
Z. T. Northcut, Wm. Vivion, J.
M Wilder and Geo. P. Rir;ina.
Linn Township W. G. Suas,
W. B. Canterbury, L. N. Hurch
and H. YoungMood.
Prairie Township J. Beagles,
J. W. Freeman, L. M. Htuilrix
and Wm. Steffens.
Buy your lumber of La Crosse
Lumber Co. at Laddonia, Vandaild,
Mexico Auxvasae and Fulton.
Collector Hopkins colleeta taxes
this wees; as (allows:
At Grange Hall Wednesday,
November 13th.
At Farber, Thursday, Novambei
Qther people save moty by buy
ing of La Crosse Lum.. Co., be
sides getting better grades. Why
should you not do the same 7
Nelson Matthews and A. C. Cole
took charge of W. L. Mohn's
lunch counter Nov. 7- They
cordially invite all of their friends,
who can make it convenient, to
stop with them. w&d It
La Crosse Lumber Co.. whoteeal
yard, planing mill, dry kilns Louis
iana, Mo. I
Free lunch' at "Jake's" next
Saturday from 10 to 12 o'clock.
rr Sato sr Trade For Frsprriy.
A fine, large pian for sale or
trade cheap. Apply at this office.
m in i tide
That the People of Mexico
; the Efforts of the Buyer of this House
- in trying to Meet their Demands.
- T3LA.T
-AJte Duly -A.ppxedatea
Cash Buyers!
Are easier convinced that it Fays to
Patronize, always,
In Infants', Children's, Misses', Ladies', old and young
and large and small.
And Make the Lowest Prices.
Carpets, Rugs, Oil Clotis, Lace Gnrtains.
If yon want to see the LATEST STYLES and get
C. E. PUKNELL, Proprietor.
Ex-Congressman Buckner.
From the St. Lout Republ ic
- Ex-Congressman A4 H. Buckner,
of Mexico, Mo., arrived in the city
yesterday and is at the Laclede.
Judge Buckner has not visited the
city before in three years. "The
farmers have about realized," said
the Judge, "that they must do
something to protect their interests.
They have been slow, but the re
cent elections in Iowa show they
are effective. This is particularly
true of Iowa. Future elections
will further demonstrate their
awakening in the matter of the tar
iff. Politics in our immediate
neighborhood is quiet. I believe
Congressman Norton anticipates
some opposition in his district, but
from whence it will come, or what
its extent will be, I am not advised."
The J udge looks remarkably well.
Be sure and let La Crosse Lumber
Co. to figure your bill. They will save
you money.
Hibbard'H Strengthening ana KhfB
malic Planters
Are a revelation to the world, and are
the only genuine rheumatic plaster.
Nine-tenths of a II the troubles
which require the mil of Plasters
are rheumatic in their nature. A
change of weraher, or 'ud-len draft
causes cold, wliic-'j h Vi 1 ninto
muscular uud U.ut itu nifianima
tory rheumatism. Ai.;l yet, there
has never teen sucii .-i io:iir as a
diHiinclly rheumatic nu -i' ngth
ening planter, and hututrrdd have
died suddenly whe e r:ieu nstisro
has attacked the heH.
might have been -avcu had th it-! health marks an epoch in the life
plaster been api-lie.1. in m aun, j of the individual. Such a remark
They are constructed tm riurr!,-1 "Me event is treasured in the mem-
KCientilic principles nnU ; 1 . j'iry and the agency whereby the
vegetable. Prepared by Rheu-; -'"1 health has ben attained is
matic Syrup C.., Jackson, Mic;i.tfc'tefully blessed. Hence it is that
For sale by C. Ii. Gibus.
Lowest prices, best grades, largos.
Stock. La Cross Lumber Co.
Married, at tne residence of the
bride's father, near Centralia, Mo.,
on the evening of November 12,
1889, Mr. James H. Martin and
Miss Gertrude Elliott, Rev. B. D.
Sipple officiating. The happy
couple will go to housekeeping at
once in Centralia. May they have
a happy home, and, a successful
Ta ralalt aa the Stage.
Bev. F. M. Shrout, pastor Unit
id Brethren Church, Blue Mound,
ICau., says: "I feel it my daty to
u 11 what wonders Dr. King's New
Discovery has done for me. My
. Ar"!?:.:
lariaKtnnar ilwiltcrHt T nnnlrft l)v.
aniv a fe weeks. I took five hot.
: ' ' 7 . -
: ties of Dr. King's New Discovery
and am sound and well, gaining 26 1
pounds in weiznt.
Arthur Love, Manager Love's
runny Folks Combination, writes:
"Alter a inorougn trial and con-1
vincing evidence, I am confident
Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, beats 'em all, and j
cures wiea everything else fails.
Tt (T..DI a. 4 Vimlnu. T A .
many thousand friends is to urge
mem to try it." rree trial bottle.
t 4. F. Llewellyn's drug store. '
T 1- : nr . i ,
A span of good roadsters, sprint " pwticularly nxefu! in ca of
wagon and harness, for sals cheap, constipation or indigestion, a- they
Enquire at Stacy's Mnsic Store, ' llkd bJ children, and are
Mexico, Mo. lwd&w Jprompt and efficacious in action.
., ; r - ' . 25 "ents. Dose, one Fig. Mack
Us LaCreeee Lumber Co. ready n, v v v ..i. v ,V
mixed palms. Cuarantasd strtcMy , .For '. b7 c-
purs. I A. Buckner, Druggist, Mexico, Mo,
and Vicinity appreciate
.. Wooden Wadding.
A list of the presents made at the
wooden wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
John T. Gilbert:
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stowers,
one lunch basket.
Miss Julia Chism, one bread
Jas. O. Coatee, one feed basket.
Mrs. S. S. Johnson, a work
Misses Emma and Rose Johnson,
a hat rack.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waltz, a paper
John and Annie Blum, one floor
John R. McOaan, one sugar
Misses Nannie Gilbert, Vickie
and Lucie Eliea and Mrs. Nora
Gilbert, a center table.
G. W. Elzea, a water bucket.
Mr. and Mrs. George Origler,
wash board.
Will and Mike Peck and Bud
Johnson, a rockii g chair.
Miss Sallie Huff, a chromo.
Mr, and Mrs. Neyman, a chromo.
Miss Lillie Atkinson and Miss
Jennie Huff, a chromo.
James Gilbert and wife and Wm.
R. Gilbert, a clothes basket.
Austin Barnaby, a nice butter
John. W. Maddox and wife and
Thod Boulware, a fine rocking
Fleetwood Chism. a snlendid
j hickory maul.
Don't buy without first siting on
LcCrosse Lumber Co.
The transition from Ions, linirer.
-fc liv "".linn and painful sickness to robnst
:nuch is heard in praise of Eieo-
uit outers. o many tel .they
. iHeir restoration to IteaVu, to
liit; m of the Great . itoriti ve and
Took?. It you are trorl-'.d. with
any disease of Kidney, Urrr or
Stomach, of long or sboi -..-.Uiuir
you will surely Hud relief iy use of
Electric Bitte' 4- Sold at 50 cts.
and $1 per tv at J. F. Llew
ellyn's rt-ug store.
ConwiDoadMWS ot fits Ledaar.
Yocsos Cheek, Mo., Nor. 12.
Taylor Dowell bought two-year
old cattle as follows : From W.
Peck, thirteen bead; J. Blum,
eight and J. Browning, eighteen
head, at 3 cts. a pound.
Arthur Browning bought of J.
Prewett a saddle mare for 1112.50.
Miss Mattie Callaway has return
ed to Fulton.
Joe Browning is baying calves.
Some of the farmers are cribbing
Hogs worth 3 12 cts. per pound.
Vt heat looks well.
Tom Hill and wife have returned
.'mm Texas.
Johnny, a little boy at 'Squire
' has typhoid fever.
rp TfcBi la Iks Harsary.
e i

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