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The Weekly Ledger
H. M. WHITE, li'tor and Proprietor
ta Weakly f
ldger nvM Kanlne th
th date asr their turn en
th airgta ar wraps of their
paper. Send ywsr renewal
week ar two safer yowr 1im
expiree M thai y will not
anise a easy. The Waakly Led
far la 9140 year ta everybody
always la advance.
THE Vesica Weekly Ledger is
bow on cash-in-eCiTanc basis, M
per Uia 1st ruling ot th Govern
ment There is not a slagl aubecrlb
ob our books wbe la not paid Id
advance. Tola abouM be of Impor
tance to advertisers who want to
place tielr advertising la papera that
are read by people who pay their debts
and are able ta boy goods. The caab
ta adrasce plan la proving moat pleaa
ioc to ths patrons of the Ledger gen
ttrally. If yon mlee your paper yoa
will know yoar time baa expired.
Watch tbe date after your name on
tbe margin or wrapper ot your paper
and aend your remittance a week or
m before your time expiree. Thin
will be ot great kelp to our book
keeping department and wlU prevent
your mlaalng an taaue ot your favor
ite paper.
ZED HOOK'S Anxraaae Review la
twenty-two years old, and la one ot
tbe very beat country papera pub
lished la tbe State. Zed bita tbe nail
ca tbe bead In ait Ust lame In an
editorial wben be nays: ' "A aews
paper that continually vaunta ita
good qualities and think It la the
tone and alnew ot the community 1
In sore need ot drilling. Let the edi
tor do bla duty to bla borne town
without atlnt or hope ot reward and
then It he doea not get tbe support
ot the buaineea men ot the town it
i their fault, not his. A newapaper
can make w unmake the town. A
town la Judged by Ita paper. In fact
the local paper la tbe nicutipiece of
the town and tb town la Judged by
ita paper. Did yoa ever atop to
think ot that?"
TOLSTOI la responsible tor the Bay
ing that "the whole progree of act
ence up to the present time baa not
only not Improved the lot ot the ma
jority ot men but baa made It worse."
If there remain among enlightened
people a few who agree wltb this In
comparable man they nave only to
read the records of the appalling dis
aster to the "Republic" to be provid
ed with ample refutation ot the
sweeping statement. To be sure
there la tbe argument inat only the
dead ar happy but let one Imagine
himself on tbat unhappy ship,
stabbed In the darkneea, alone and
helpless on the high sues la a blan
ket like fog to be rescued and
brought borne to shore through the
aid of tbe wireless telegraph i
the appreciation ot what may and baa
been done by the aid of modern scl
see aaama clear and convincing.
IN a abort time the buds will be
gin to blossom; tbe old moss back
will store bla spring blttera under the
bay now and the enterprising mer
chant will prepare for the summer
trade. There la much that we should
accomplish in tbe few short weeks
intervening before the arrival of spring
in its pristine glories. Already tbe
McMillan memorial la receiving new
impetus daily. Th Hardin monumen
movement will likewise become
statewide movement and tbe erection
ot a fitting statue to this benefactor
of state and city will soon be
reality. Then there la tbe electric
line. Work abould be begun upon
that a aooa as the frost creeps from
the ground. Let us all conserve our
forces and Interests and make this
year a red letter epoch in the his
tory of Mexico. Be a "booster."
THE Mexlcoo fire department are t
be congratulated upon tbe excellent
run they made Wednesday morning
to the fire at Lakevlew. Though it
waa only possible to the chemical en
gine they rescued several outbuild
ing from destruction. The loss ot
Lakevlew will be regretted by every
citlsea ot Mexico. This waa one ot
tbe handsomest homes In tbe coun
Wednesday, Feb. 10
I, a the executor ot the will ot J.
3. Kerr, deceased, will sell at public
auction at bis late residence, 10 mL
north ot Mexico, t ml. east of Mollno,
and S ml. south ot Santa Fe, on Wed
nesday, February 10, 1909:
sisting of 1 Jack, 15 I t hands, black
with white points, 2 years old and is
well broke, a good performer, and a
sure foal getter. He Is sired by tbe
famous Jack owned by Cau thorn, ot
Mexico, and a more promising one at
bis age than was his sire. One gray
Jack, g years old, a splendid bone and
body and a aura foal getter; be
comes from a line ot beat Jacks in
Illinois; and also ' tbe fine
saddle stallion, Royal, a beautiful
chestnut sorrel, 1 yeara old, 15 S-4
hands and ta a natural saddler and
baa proved himself to be a fine breed
r, pedigree furnished on day ot aale.
91 Black mares, yeara old. 1 Aged
brown mare in foal to horse. 1 Sad
dle and harness mare, 4 yeara old.
S Draft geldings, coming twos. 8
Horse colts, coming yearlings, two of
them well matched. 4 cows, X of
t hem extra good ones as milkers and
individuals; win be fresh in March.
SHEEP 2 Head ot breeding
ewes and 1 ram. '
HOGS 4 Brood sows, one with
S pigs; ( shoats weighing about 60
lbs. each.
wagon, 1 saddle; also some bay, oats,
corn and farming Implements; poul
try. Household and kitchen furniture.
Also 1 road wagon.
TERMS All sums of 110 and un
der, cash; above tbi amount a credit
of 9 months with aa approved note
Jackson Delivers an Address
Part of Which Is Produced Be
low Mr, Jackson One of Mexlcs'a
Craateet Hustlers.
The Bute Assessors' and Collec
tors' meeting which closed but week
In Jefferson City waa a pronounced
success. Rutua Jackson and T. J.
Kelso, of this rity, were both la at
tendance. On their return they un
derwent a number ot Inconvenient
experiences tbe result ot a blizzard
and ita tying up traffic on the South
Branch ot tbe Alton.
Among the addresses delivered at
tbe convention waa one by Rufus
Jackson, We take pleasure in pub
lishing several excerpts from that
address. Mr. Jackson la always
prominent in any work he undertakes
and the following la an effort worthy
of notice:
'Beginning his year's work with tbs
first mellow day ot June after the
richness ot Spring's effulgence has
been garnered into tbe mellowness of
golden Summer; wben the sweet-
voiced song-birds have sufficiently re
hearsed 'til their warbling fill the
air with soulful music; when tbe fo
liage of the woodland haa assumed
Its most beautiful splendor and the
soft carpeted prairie gives forth ver
dant greenness ot its virgin soO;
the Assessor is bidden Godspeed by
tbe wondrous works of Nature, which
aeem to harmonise to aid him that
his duties may be made tbe lighter.
But tbe life as lived by tbe As
sessor is not all early Summer. Con
tinuing through the sultry days of
July, August and September, his
work seema to increase aa Fall dawns
upon him and I am here to tell you
tbat the knotty problem of hi du
ties come with the first cold blasts
ot Winter, for It is then that he be
gins to make his books. I bad rather
discus revenue laws and their mer
its with the worst of taxdodger than
to endeavor to get on the books an
Indefinite description of a tract of
land that has a creek tor Ita one
boundary and the others described
in the deed, as a worm-laid rati fence
Geometry is a science. Brother Aases
ors of experience, that you will need
In determining tbe acreage of many
tracts of land that many of ua older
fellows have guessed at
"The Assessor, to be an efficient
official, must be gifted with the pro
verbial patience of Job, He must
sufficiently equipped with, a good dis
position tbat he can take the blame
every conceivable error tbat might
creep Into the tax-books for 'Us
known fact tbat our friends, the Col
lectors, confidentially tell the
grieved tax-payer that the Assessor
waa at fault. But after all my ex
perience Is that tbe Collector
a good sort of fellow and we learn
to know that he, too, ha much
contend with.
. Pathos enters Into the experience
of an Assessor. One of the beat
friends of my lifetime I a prosperous
business man and the father of
large family. It was always a Jovial
remark of his, upon the Assessor's
calling, to say tbat bis list waa the
same except that he was the father
of another baby. Just previous
my beginning work a few years ago,
tbe good wife of this friend died and
h 3a 20 and 10 YEARS jj
J. L Hltt attended school at Co
Prof. Hendricks waa a viol la teach
er In this city.
Married, Jan. 2. J. W. Harris and
Miss A. W. Dubray. both ot Audrain
W. R, Samuels opened n grocery
and provision store on the north aide
of the public square.
Dr. 0. H. Nichols and a young man
by tbe name of Matbewa were thrown
from their horse and painfully In
A young man by the name ot
Gray, waa arrested at Bkmmington.
111., for forgery and brought to Mex
ico. The parties victimised in Mex
ico were: Rlcketts A Emmons, J.
M. Marmaduke, 8. M. Locke and
P. E. Locke. -
The Good Templar Lodge at Lad
donta elected the following officers:
James Oilllland, W. E.
Mrs. Llppencott, W. V. C.
J. C. Burton, P. W. C.
Byron Barton, W. T.
J. Dick, W. I. O.
Dr. Barks. W. F. 8.
Robt Hilton, W. O. 8. O.
The following pupils of the Mexico
High School were distinguished for
scholarship and deportment:
Annie EUls.
Julia Macfarlane.
Minnie Tomllnson.
Willie Woodward.
Win. Cauthonr.
Geo. Dunbar. -E.
8. Glbbe.
Chaa. Hablutzel.
Walter Poteet
Tbos. Little.
Lizzie LSTO12.
Annie Neale.
Lee Walker.
Edgar Brasstetter.
Edward Chase.
Jaa. Gasa.
Frank Hart.
Frank Reed.
Chaa. Little.
Arthur Wlnegard.
Harry Easter was borne from
bualness trip in the East.
The remains ot Mrs. Jane Treloar,
mother ot W. M. Treloar, were in
terred in the cemetery at Mexico.
i am unaoie to describe the sorrow
In that frlend'a heart when he greet
ed me upon the occasion of my off)
clal visit He could not say with that
accustomed Joviality that hi list was
the same with tbe exception of an
other baby. Grim Death bad been
visitor in that home in tbe time
tervenlng between the assessment pe
'An Assessor that love nature and
bla fellowman can get much out of
tha life tbat his duties force him to
live. The official that does not take
the time to observe tbe good tbat is
upon every side of him is going
have a stormy time filling bis office
to the satisfaction ot not only his
constituents, but himself as welL
tbs Assessor cannot get something
out of bis tenure ot office in tbe way
tbe friendships that he ha a chance
to form and cultivate then he 1 an
utter failure for we all know that the
compensation allowed us is so skimpy
that we can get but little satisfaction
from tbat score. My experience leads
me to believe that tbe law-making
body bad in view the generous na
ture and the hospitable homes of our
people when the pay of tbe Assessor
was fixed for without that .cordial
welcome that characterizes the Mis
sourian our duties could not be ful
filled. I left home one Monday morn
ing with a ten cent plug of "Star"
tobacco and thirty cents in my pock
et, lived like a prince all week and
returned to the town with a Jingle In
my pocket
"And Just a word in conclusion as
to our women, God bless them. They
are sometime found who would much
prefer seeing some one else than the
Assessor. But if the women of this
State had the giving in the assessable
property the Legislature ot this ses
sion would doubtless have a balance
on the right aide of the ledger to
spend Instead of the balance in red
Ink tbat now confronts them. : 'Tls
said that a young married Jadr was
once asked by tbe Assessor if she
had any Idea as to what ber husband
were worth. "I don't know what oth-1
er people think of blm, but I would ' this city,
not take a million dollar tor him." Mr. Rlsden,
Tbe remains of Walter Adams
were Interred In the Mexico ceme
tery. j
Misses Lutle Cave and Lena Har
rison attended tbe Normal at Wsr-
Tbe Odd Fellow gave an enter
tainment at tbe Opera House. Those
on tbe program were: Dr. E. K.
Miller, Miss William. J. F. Qeme-
Uch, Q. M. of Boonvllle; MIesDoak,
Tbos. P. Rlxey, Ml LaForce, Mis
Hlner, Thos. Gannaway, P. Q. M of
Paris; Rev. J. D. Houston. Dr.
Plnckney French wa Master ot Cer
The following were officer and
teacher of Prairie View Sunday
School: 8upt, E. H. Dlcus; Ass't
Supt, John Robinson; Secretary,
Mr. C. A. Gamble; Organist, Miss
Mamie Gamble. Teachers S. L. Mo-
Cord, John Foddy, Mrs. Robt West,
Mis Jennie Adklna, Mr. E. H. Dl
Mis Carrie Wade was visiting In
Dayton, Ohio.
of this city, bought a large flour mil
In San Jose, 111.
Robt Calhoun
were arranging
Store in Mexico.
and C. D. Glendy
to open a Racket
James Ford and W. X. Sims en
tertained twelve Mexico couples at
their borne, west of Mexico.
Rev. J. D. Greer waa employed to
preach at the Christian church at
Funeral services were conducted
over the remains of Emma, the fire
year old daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
John Ewlng.
CoL A. D. Pratt who formerly con
ducted the Windsor Hotel in Mexico,
died in Chicago, aged 86 years.
Hons come to Rescue and Appro
priates Money to Furnish an Air
Fleet for Safty In War
Washington, Jan. 30. By voting an
appropriation of $500,000 over and
bove the amount originally approprl
ated tbe faeuse to-day made liberal
provisions for further experiment by
army wltb balloons and airship for
use In warfare. The subject gave
rise to spirited debate which con
tinued moat ot the session. Oppon
ents of the proposition sought to en
compass Its defeat by raising all sort
of parliamentary point but the chair
In an elaborate opinion over-ruled
these and thus paved the way for
incorporation of a provision In the
army appropriation bin.
The Lady Maccabees of Washington!
and Holllster Hives gave a public in
stallation of officers at their lodge
rooms Monday evening. Mr. M. A.
Bo miners, State Commander, wa
the Installing officer. After Instal
lation a splendid musical and liter
ary programme waa rendered, and
wa much enjoyed by the huge au
dience. A special feature of tbe
programme was recitation by Miss
Lily Hendrlx, the blind poetess, of
Elmer Qatewooc delivered SI head
of kogs to Hodge Keen it Peck on
Wednesday at M OO per ewt Weight
215 lbs. average.
My, my, my. How some at the
old fences, trees and limbs ot trees
and buildings did suffer Thursday
night about S s. m. They were tipsy
topsy turvy the next morning.
Miss Nola Hsnna, teacher ot Qate-
wood school, visited A. Brace's Wd,
nesday night of last week and took
In tha meeting at Bethlehem, held k
County Evangelist Rev. J. L. Conner, j
ot Mexico. Likely all tint preaching
may be had soon, aa many ot the
brethren ar argent Some stand on
neutral ground whits others object to
the onward more. Rev. Conner is
certainly a power In tbe pulpit and
la certainly mulching the fruit trees
of our association finely.
J. Walter Holloway purchased of
J. Reece 8 purling an 80 acre track of
land on which Pat Roberta lived the
past year. Consideration, $3,100.
Albert Snow purcbaad ot Lakenan
A Barnes 1(0 acres ot good unim
proved land lying Just south ot tbe
old set ot Improvements, 1-1 mile sq.
we understand from soma sources
paying $9400 and from others $10,
000. Now whichever Is right I'll
leave It to you to guess. It's good
dirt and the price yells out that Aa
drala dirt ot tha right quality la atlll
in demand.
At Wm. Fraaler'a aale Wednesday
all bis atuff brought excellent prlcea,
but then he had good atuff. Several
horse selling from $1(5 to 190 per
head, rattling good ones they were
however. Cora In crib, 68c per bush
et uang plow with broken move
board brought $35. Disk $25. Wagon,
iis; cornplanter and barrow In pro
portion. - Mr. F. will leave farm
Ing for a year or so and go back into
ths machine shops.
Claud Thomas haa rented 200 acres
of the old Bruce place now owned by
Mr. O'ConnelL of Illinois, for tbe com
Ing year.
Payton Roberts will occupy tbe Wl
dow Grant 8 purling place the ensu
ing year. Hate to lose Pate and wif
from our midst
John L. Cleveland purchased 55
of tbe Beaver land at $55 per A. No
improvements on land, either.
Mr. CConner, ot Illinois, waa
business visitor here recently. He
likes this country fine snd pleases
himself by thinking he's made a wise
purchase, tbe Jourdan section,
$50, about a year ago.
Wm. Elsie thought his stealing
march upon bis friends here on Tues
day, Jan. 24, which time he boarded
the early Centralla train for Mexico in
order to get Recorder Whitney to his
office early to procure license
Mrs. Hadlay Formerly a Newspaper
Woman Sh 1 New tha Charm
ing Mother of Several Little Ones.
she replied. And so they are. They of the L. O.
Slate Representative
T. M. and kin. Bom-
may not fully understand but -. they j were each made abort addresses in
are outspoken and truthful and I have behalf pf Maccnbeelam. . These la
found that they are about a capable " are always very pleasan
as the man to make the assessment ' speakers and their presence Monday
return and it Is to be hoped that ; evening .added much to ths enter
they will be more entrusted to do tainment :
wed Mis Emma Hlppen. Aa I've
stated he's there before the early
birds flew and all time thinking what
a wise guy he wa and by ( p.
bade single cussednea a gladsome
good-bye and swung Into tha bene
diet's column by gladly grasping his
sweetheart' hand as the preacher
bads him, too. Our boys, of course,
knew all of the tlma about the en
tire arrangements, but Just didn't let
on, yer know. But the next night
they had htm treed and such a cha
rivari you never beard and ths boys
got theirs, for Bill and lady did cer
tainly respond to the customary pro
clivities. The whole affair wa cer
tainly a roundelay. Laying all Joke
aside we certainly welcome Mr, and
Mrs. Elsie Into our midst and wish
them Joy and long and happy lives.
May their Uvea be crowned by
sparking festive all their days.
Mies Conner, of Mexico, spent the
past week In our vicinity. Sh ac
companied her father, Rev. Conner,
to hi work here. Somewhat ot
rough Invitation to the country life.
Tha fiercest of fierce storms swept
over our country the 28 and 29th and
30th of January. Thursday was
bumper, Friday was the fiercest of
furies ever, and Saturday waa not
any alow old girl, either. All glad it
la past and gone, and everybody is
wllaer, better and happier.
Cecil Mallory suffered with slight
fever and lagrippe last week. Glad to
report he's better.
W. H. Mallory made a visit to his
brother, Edward, in Pleasant Plains,
Howell county, also to other rela
tive In Arkansas recently. A good
and Joyful time reported but old Au
drain three mile north of Skinner
look best to blm. It wouldn't do
for all the good people to leave here
Tbe many friend ot John Key
ympathixe with him In hi aad be
reavement the loaa of hla mother the
past week. She died st the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Dunkln, ( miles N.
E. of Mexico. Tb remains were laid
to rest in the Skull Lick cemetery, 4
miles N. B. of Centralis. Rev. J, L.
Conner delivered the funeral dl
course to the bereaved ones.
Tha separation ot soul and body al
ways leaves a sad plight on the liv
ing aoula ot mankind. This time It
la our sad mission to chronicle tbe
death of Mr. Ralph King. Sh wa
a young woman and bad been mar
ried only a few year. She had gone
back to her old bom In Wyoming, Il
linois, on a visit nor did sbs scarce
ly reach home till shs became sick
and in ten short days her spirit fled
from tbe body and left sad, aching
hearts mourning and weeping. The
young husband and aged father here
certainly have ths sympathy ot the
community at large. The remains
were Interred at the family burying
ground in Illinois.
Misses Ethel Baker departed Mon
day for Columbia to begin the 2nd
semester at Stephens College.
The split log drag Is a thing ot
ugliness snd uncouthness but when
used in the right time makea mighty
nlcs riding and then an Ita ghastll
ss Is covered up.
John C. McOe will have a sale
Tuesday, Feb. 21, ISO, preparatory to
moving to town.
Old Madam Rumor was around' last
week and whispered In my ear that
mighty ale little laddie and lassie
were soon to wed over on ths creek.
My .good friend, too, so tbsy say.
Tbe boy Is a professor and farmer.
The young lady is a school marm.
That's a near as I'll toll you this
time. So, good-bye.
trJag T per cent Interest from date ,B'V",t certaln" "
.rf sale. No property to be removed I wa? U tne '' them to do
until term ot sal are complied with. ' ' ,
is! to begla at I0.M a. ta. dl-wltf Mrs. 8. I. Wlnscou, who .rjsjted
. E. KERR, Executor. .friends the past week la Kansas City,
Col. El Underwood, Auctioneer, returned to-day.
Charlie Brown, west ot town slaugh
tered a mammoth porker for J. D.
Miller, of this city, Wednesday. The
hog tilted ths beam at 520 pounds.
CoL Miliar fattened tb bog on corn,
Cottonwood Spring water and acorns
Jefteraoa City. Jan. 27. The bio
graphy ot Herbert B. Hadley, tha firs
Republican governor ot Missouri In
thirty-eight yean, I In brief as fol
low: i'
1872 Feb. itO; born in Olathe, Kan.
1892 Graduated from tha University
ot Kansas.
1894 June 20; opened bla first law
office In Kansas City.
1894 Fall campaign; mad hla first
political speeches; not a a can
1898 June; appointed first Assistant
City Counselor.
1901 Oct 8; married Mlsa Agnes
1901 Elected Prosecuting Attorney
ot Jackson County. 1
1901 Defeated for re-election.
1904 Elected Attorney General of
1909 Inaugurated Governor of Mis
1908 Elected Governor of Missouri.
His principal claim to tame rests
on his record as attorney general,
the more noteworthy part ot which
1. His successful ouster proceed
ings against Standard Oil. Waters
Pierce and Republic Oil companies.
2. His closing of the Delmar race
track at the order of Governor Folk.
3. His Investigation ot freight and
passenger rates and hla defense In
the court of the maximum freight
rate bill added to hla prosecution of
the 2 -cent passenger rate case in tbe
federal court. . , J
4. His prosecution of lawless llq-'
uor dive In St Louis county at the 1
order of Gov. Folk through his as
sistant, John Kenntsb.
These accomplishments and Mr.
Hadley were the principal contribut
ing cause to Hadley' election as i
governor. Mrs. Hadley was the bus- j
talnlng power to Hadley the man, an -
all Important function. In his case,
to Hadley the official. Tbe law en
forcement methods of Hadley's office ,
worked in such harmony with the ef-)
fort of Gov. Felk In that direction
that many Democratic voter who .
hold morality in government above
partisanship supported Hadley and
brought about his election.
Hadley himself is ot somewhat ner
vous temperament, expresses himself
In crisp, audible sentence and throw
the secretive politician into a Jit by
hia apparent Inability to talk In gum
shoe whispers. The politicians consid
er him cold blooded on this account,
but Hadley' devotion to bla family,
hi friend and bis ideal doe not
bear out that estimate. He can say
"no" a easily and emphatically a
"yea," when the occasion seems to
require It He is quick to appre
ciate a courtesy and equally quick to
resent an Injury. He dislikes social
formalities and derldea the pink tea.
His devotion to his dogs and his
Winchester Is second only to that
which he bears to his family and
friends. He taboo club and lodge
for "Home, Sweet Home."
Mr. Hadley wa a Vassar girl.
She has done creditable work In the
newspaper field and Is at home on
literary as well as domestic topics.
On account of her love for home life.
the public bad caught few glimpse ot
Mrs. Hadley prior to the inauguration
when she stood at her husband's side
In the receiving line. The universal
verdict of Mansion visitor was that
the lady of the house is not atrik
Ingly handsome, but charming In her
manner and with undoubted strength
of character. She is a pronounced
brunette, with dark hair and brown
eyes Her personality Is moat at
tractive with no trace of fret or stew.
Their son, John, aged six, daughter,
Henrietta, aged tour, and baby, Her
bert, aged two, are the especial prid
of the Hadley family. They are
bright children and will make the
mansion ring with tbe music of chil
dren's voices for the tint time since
the Francis administration.
Tha great Mexico Fair will be held Aug. 24th to 27, Inclusive.
At present tha Association haa affiliated with na particular circuit
awaiting tha time when they cat choose ths beat of the newly formed
circuits Just organized.
The matter ef building will b considered In a short tlma. Tha direc
tors promise ths nubile ths largest and best fair avar given Mexico.
The Fair Association are cot only D. Jackson. Horace Mundy, W. W.
bent upon making the racing events Johnson, Wm. Slninis and a R. Mid
better than In the past but will make ' "eton. , .
... , . Th Mexico Fair haa always held
the ahow ring, aud agricultural and ,n (he ,
show not only of flue product and
horse flesh but for good speed event
horticultural prise better. It will
be a real county fair In all tbat the
term signifies.
Tbe following director met Thurs
day evening: E. H Carter, Geo.
Lee, John Mclntyre, Wlllard Potts.
W. F. Atkinson, Carter Johnson, A
a well. The directors are all men
of acumen and ability along this line
and tbe public can be assured of a
Fair better and mora entertaining
than ever.
Have Yon Heard f Hyomal for Ca
tarrb, Ashma and Hsy Fvrt
if Ton wheeie or snes, hawk or
spit, snuffle or blow, something i the
matter with the membrane oi
respiratory tract, and you neea ny
nmni. '
l ji ..t Hvomel bectuM It
will cure you of any catarrhal or In
flammatory condition that exists.
it l.n't inmsrh medlCUM Or
nrav or douche, but a very pleasant
....ii. iitiaentlc balsam, from the
eucalyptus tor1 01 Australia, Tou
t..n.,t.,. m hiiaamle air through a
small, bard rubber Inhaler, and It
reaches every nook, corner and crev
ice of th membrane, and promptly
kills the catarrh germs.
Otla Purdy will seU you a complete
Hyomel (pronounced High-o-me) out
fit for $1.00 on th money back plan.
"Tbe use of Hyomel cured Mr. Cut
ler of catarrh in 1904. H has strong
It endorsed the us of HyonicI In
Stat Senate, Wants Eeaiur to
Am bolls h Soul-Eats Buslneas-I
Sub Flower Stat.
Topeka, Kan., Jan. 20. Tha Judi
ciary Commute has been consider
ing senator Travis's anttaoul-mato bll
and it will probably report It back
favoring passage.
Th bill makes th abandonment of
a wife or minor children a crime, and
th penalty a term In th Peniten
tiary ot not more than five year.
The Judiciary Committee may amend
the bill by qualifying tb wife .
asrtlon by tb word "without Just
"Tbat will suit me," Senator Tra
vis said. "I don't believe any Jury
In Kansas will become so advanced a
to recognise 'The Order of Fifteen.'
Ghosts, like affinities, won't go In
"I desire to make it so that when
a husband aays he Is 'atftnttlxed' or
'soul-mated' he'll have a chance to
From the Factory.
By Golden Pippin,
; Mr. F. Kleaelbach ha gone to Bt
Mr. Jack Williams la visiting In
St. Louis.
Mr. A B. Mclntyre left Wednes
day for bis home in Hannibal.
Blattner, of St Louis, la wltb
When tbe court found that the son
would not visit his dying mother be
Issued the papers.
Washington, Jan. 31 Representative
ioamp uiark, of Missouri, declared
at the centennial rally of the eight
i.nniian cnurehes, of Washington
neio in the Vermont ave. Christian
church , bit niaht. that the nri,i.
pie oi unnst and Baptist should un
'We want pur folk and the Ran.
Mat to com together." said Mr
Clark. "There Is mora dictionary than
ineqiogy between the two churches
nr. i
snouia get together The Bap-
wnau are gettoing together. The Ban
anu sieuoaists are dolus ev.rv.
thing. The dawn of a practical Chrit-
Limn ll r 141 anf nai nil
Tuesday was ground hog day and CENTRALia to uivi .
tb llttls yodant when b ventured! nsw arunn, n,..
from bl hols In th early morning' Centralis voted Monday on a nroo
saw bi shadow ' oslt,n to 1 $25,000 school bond,
Ptbr six weeks. This Indicates, so to build a nW high school bulhjln
popular oral superstition ha It, six The nronosltlon
- ------ " " rule pi
Tells Disciple or Christ and Bap
tist to Oet To-Oether - Says
Other Denomination Are Doing
It. -
Chicago, Jaa, 81 A warrent charg
ing larceny of $4000 but In reality de
signed to bring B. F. Morris, a young
attorney of New Tork to the bed
side of hi dying mother, wa sworn
out here today. When the applica
tion was made .another attorney stated
to tbe court that the case would
not pa prosecuted but that the war
rant was Issued by the mother who
4 . 1 .
i i- y - . s
' ), v r v' ,,J i 1 ' v ;
. If, -.C-1 - f --'V -V 4 i i
h f Uoh ' "A -
r. ' n ,v,- i K I :
.,. . -. , ' .- .
'V' " f;-.;-:. ' ': ' 'J'jj
: : ; ' 1
Conditions In Phllliplnes Very bad
The American people to-day little
realize the conditions with which the
amy have to cope In the Philippine
Island and each day this question
grows graver." The foregoing state
ment was made to a LedKer renre-
how serious It is.
"A goon as a Mora finished the
common grade school he begin to
read law In some office and from tha
time on Is useless. With education
Hon they discard manual labor for
a profession. Just what the next f
stationed at Manila. P. I. Lieut.
Nichols Is home 94 leave and Is In
thl city with his family the guest
I of hi mother, Mrs. It. E. Nichols
desired to see ber son before sh. TZJTZ"'.- . "' " Z1U
- no uoa oeen in Manna
I year and was at one time ordl-
sentative by Lieut. Ode C. Nichols, of year will bring to pas cannot, of
mo 0uio u. o. inianiry, at
present , course, be asserted but matter are In
a serious condition and will grow
worse If the present condition con
tinues to prevail"
weeks ot bad weather,
160 to 66,
Miss Llnnh Svhu (-
FOR NEAT UP-TO-DATE WORK. her room by. Ume.7.
nance officer In Roosevelt' rough rid
er during the Spanish-American war.
"The education of the people of
the Philippines," continued Lieut.
Nichols, "I a matter of grave Impor
tance. They are all desirous of be
ing physicians and lawyers and none
Tramp, During Blizzard, Bu g To
and Fro to Keep Warm Whl e in
Railroad Yards, at Montpomery
l ity. Mo.
spent Sunday in
many Instances, aud ar viaa 101 get goou, suu.iomuu unmrai over
go on record regarding this marvel-1 at Lansing or In tbe county jail."
... c. 1, - I - " 1,1
ous catarrh cur, ana enaors a. 1
Mrs. A. Cutler, 201 Post Ave., Battle Shoe btritig 1 1 CMS
Creek, MlclL
Children In Bad Condition
Miss Frost has arranged th As
sociated Charity room in tha City
Hall as a dormitory and ha quar
tered there tour of the children of
Mr. Daniel, ot whom so much ha
been written Yecently. Tb children
called on Miss Frost Friday, Baying
their father had left borne, taking
wltb blm the next to the youngest
child, saying he would return after
he had seen bis brother in Iowa.
Without food or fuel they almost
froze Friday and finally decided to
seek aid from the society.
The youngest child, six months
old, almost starved, waa taken by a
Mrs. Edwards who will care for It
temporarily. When the remaining
two boys and two girls reached the
charity headquarters they were In a
half starved and frozen condition.
They clung about tbe stove for sev
eral hours after their arrival, seem
ingly unable to get thoroughly warm.
When Mis Frost arrived at the
charity room Saturday morning, she
found the little one all dressed and
their ' beds neatly made. They had
a warm fire roaring In tbe stove and
were ready for the breakfast tbat
Mr. Kate 8 pence donated. The bede
were loaned for tbe use of the Asso
ciation in emergency cases by I. M.
Just what will be done with the
children It Is Impossible to state at
thl time. It wut be necessary to
first ascertain the father's wherea
bouts and what be la doing before
any dlsposltioon can be made of the
little one.
THE work being accomplished by
the Associated Charities here Is .be
yond the knowledge of th general
public. You may hear at time of
some specific instance where the s-
Mr. R. W. Gill
Montgomery City.
In tbe Factory one I worked,
Now I am broke because I shirked.
We are now the largest exporter ot
hoes In Audrain county. Frank Mc
Cord Is a close second.
We noticed the "Owl" on day
last week laboring under a great bur
den. He must have dropped his whin
Miss Minnie Heltemes, of our fit
ting room, has gone home to be at
tbe bedside ot her mother who Is Ul.
Several weddings booked for this
spring and more to' follow In th
rosy month of June.
Have you seen the new sandals tha
are being worn by some of tbe lead
ing men of tbe cutting room?
Mr. Geo. Cleveland has been de
tained from work on account ot a
very sore eye, resulting from a cold.
W. J. and C. I. Morris spent Sun
day wltb their brother, Frank, In
Our Factory la visited, about ev
ery other day,' by K railroad magnate
In disguise.
We think "Dad" Towaon la a
sociauou ha succored tbe needy, but I competitor for Johnnv lUd'a ro.1.
"uu oeneui u 1( to tne 1 1 on as electrician nf lh lr.nra
nunnj poor is past woraa, it aoel
Our cutting aud fitting room en
joyed a vacation Friday and Satur
day on account to tbe sever weather
The "Owl" must, be hiding aa wa
haven't seen him since tb cold
Mr. L. E. Webb, who has been em
ployed In our cutting room and Mrs
not assist until the case has been In
vestigated and the tact learned
whether those In want are the truly
deserving poor or merely ths lazy,
anxious to be kept through no de
sire to labor and earn on their part
Too much cannot be aald in praise
of Mis Frost, superintendent of the
Mexico Associated Charities. She ha
had experience in relief houses of the I Webb, of the fitting room, have left
large cities and conducts her work I tor Hannibal.
here in the most approved manner.
?he is In touch with all who are In
want and need attention and from the.
love that shine In every face when
she is greeted by her charge at
tests mat ner assistance la not
only bodily but spiritual. While kind
ness and motherly love seem a part
or a woman's nature, yet it is not
every woman that could undergo all
that Miss Frost doea dally and always
wear a smile and be ever ready to
Dr. Louis Mc-Kee reports very little
illness among the employes Just a
few cases of love-sickness
I love bund? -
Why were VAlec" and little "Jim
my' delayed until noon the morning
after the dance? Talk to them we
wont "snitch."
Wednesday "waa a record breaker
for visitor. People were comlna and
go 10 tne very limit of the town folKUIUB u lDe afternoon and It goes
help one poor sufferer, even thouKhlto ,how ther realize what a benefit
she is completely fatigued. The As-1 factory is
sociatea Charltie I an institution
few cities the size of Mexico possess!
ana none of them better conducted.
It stands as a monument to tbe snlr-
lt of enterprise that dominates every
move maoe hy the city and an ever
lasting testimonial of Mis Frost's
ability and loving character.
- Mexico Girl Finds Gold
inrough the merest chance while
walking over her farm in Macon coun
ty, a former Mexico girl discovered a
gow mine. The find has been inve
tlgated by mining engineer and ehei
Mr. H. Stone, who was formerly
employed In our cutting room but
left a few weeks ago, has again re
turned to our cutting room. They
all come back.
All good people help, a worthy cau
alnog and Join brother Hank Hus
tertnan'i league. Ask him about, it
and he will gladly give you Informa
We all enjoyed a very nice talk
from Mr. Tom Williams about "So
cial Duties." He Is a verv fluent
lsts have assayed the nureeta 0,,rt I speaker and Imparts Kood advice. We
from every Indication there Is not alwoulcl 00 SIad to hear ' from blm
aouDt the yellow metal Is there andlaga,n'
ill fthllntiAnnan Mm I...I. a . I
er Riley I. the fortunate woman . . m r0"er " P""
Mis Chandler, she n t WKen ot th" w'" remedy, as we
In this citv several v.ir. J ne ta b' " his old post.
Mis Mayme Maher. a charmlna
this city several year aao when
sue conducted a millinery business
The Ledger Is In receipt of a let-
ter from Mrs.' Riley telllnn- of her
discovery. While the papers in gen
erai nave had much to say concern
us me oiscovery of gold In Macon
Montgomery, Mo., 31.
tmpiuaea to nave Den a
Alf Church
tramp, was
... . . ... I KlfllM (,.... .
ui mem tnina of agriculture after' " "vm aeatn, after a
they have received more than an or- muer pericnce, the result of the
amary degree of education. The Is- " 0,1"ra n thl section for
land are In a continual state of war- j year-
fare. We would be better off if I He had 801ie lnto aelf-locking box
there were fewer petty politician an j car at Central, Mo., and was hauled
educated Moros In Manila. jto thl city during the blizzard. The
"Th island of Luzon possesses car wa Bide-tracked here, where be
much more land than the entire Jap-1 wa unaule b make anyone hear his
anese emolre. vet i r. r ones.
the rice consumed In Luzon Is Import
ed. The paper In Manila at present
realize this terrible condition and are
editorially urging the government to
only educate the Islander high
enough to I 111 the soil Intelligently
so that the country can better itself
and become self-sustaining. As "long
as the Filipinos are given the higher
education they will refuse to follow
agricultural pursuits. One who I
not familiar with the situation at
present In the Islands cannot realize!
George Snodgras and Flay Clare,
of this city, passed, and, hearing bis
appeals for help, rescued him. It
took ten hours for him to recover.
II.. ....
says ne nod to run to and fro
young lady of our fitting room, has
returned to her borne In Centralla.
Prohibition speeches will be In or
der soon. Such orator aa our well
known friends ""Happy Heinle," Col.
Potter, the "Owl" and several oth-
coounty, very few were aware that a rn wU1 Proclaim the cause from the
Mexico gin wa the fortunate per-1 "prlnk,or In the rear of our
son. I building.
Mr. Rllev's farm la is mils. .t. I
east of Macon City. It wa on Nov BAH" GROWS LIKE A TREE
8th, 1908, that- the dlscoverv ...I
made. Nothing was said at the time Soutn Dakota Farmer Produce
out a nugget wa sent to Mr. Beam. I Stable as Horticultural Slda Line
u assayer in Colorado, who assayed
the metal and returned his report a
snort time after stating it would pay
$650 to the ton. This Is verv rich
pay dirt
Tl. ,
' precious metal seem to he
on tne farm in the greateat quantity.
A government engineer will make an
Investigation of the find aa soon aa
tne weather permit. Mr. Rllev will
start mining in the early apring. The
au.u is ciose to the surface and eas
ily reacnea.
n It Grows, Grows, Grows
Canastota, 8. D. Jan., 31 Tb Clip
per of this place is the authority for
the tatement that South Dakota ha
gone Into the barn raising Industry.
A few years ago a farmer near Go
liad built a small barn, uslne- ereen
willow post at the corner and all
along tbe aide.
After a year had caased he saw
that, whereas, he had out the floor o
the ground. It was three feet above
tne soil
Tbe willow noste. instead
DIES nunncaii v l0( helng dead, were verv much alive.
Frank Akrldge. 68 venm nM aia I 'n their upward move thev bad ear-
suddenly at hi borne near Laddonla rtei the barn "loa-
Friday evening. He had been In hi. U,t W the barn wa on Milts
usual health and hla .m .ulnia feet high, and the fnrm.r nut
- wvss ucaill I . a-
was a great shock to hla famllv h ib Be nr Bnd surrounded the
the community where he lived. The P0"1 wlth ,ld'n. thereby making a
Ledger extend sympathy. Itwoatory affair.
mere I now a space. of eight
Inches between the floor .nd ika
owner expect to
Rev. W. H. Hook I home from
in.v'h,e,tCar "'Li",81" RDi Part of Vandalla - he
nay, like a wild beuat. to keen niiv , . , ..
and finally hi. slrenglh gave out. day e "Z'ZLl te '"ree-tory "" b, Itii
' , " A.wmm HUUJWtlOri .
tinn o..m
nui,i,tui uas resigned his posl- """ '""ure wa "The Book of Es
Uon a body guard for Dr. Kanaly ther'" """J wa very Interesting to
and baa taken a contract to cut a mi,8 audience.
large amount of wood for 'Gene Sul- Curtl."Bvberirin" 7hr"a...
man, northwet of Mexico. , Bl "u ! i" 8""
a bwj UglVJfc,
vol. John C. Fecht is a candidate
for road overseer In hi district John
Is a mighty good man and well un on
rqad working.

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