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Mexico weekly ledger. (Mexico, Mo.) 1855-1956, February 04, 1909, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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It WU1 Help You
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"Before I toegta'to take CaMuVLsffered ep badly.
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Ed Dermodr Ui some better. '
ire'yoii doming but,' to-nigbt, Mar;
Antr '"' '' ",' : ',
Logan Bjbee tu rallied from a ae-
Te;e attack of lagrlpps, ., :.
Capt. .fotterbairallledrromanag-
Bravaied aweolc of. la grippe. -
Amae Jeaklw em rallied from a bot
attack or trie np Uiru a close call.
Ooli Jefl Wfjoda, Cltr Marshal of
Canoard, waa M Vezloo Saturday lba
klngmrJ9ltfnend. '
We are gUS to learn that our friend,
Sn "Enddlpb0 Eeeton, bt Aoxrasse,
who baa been serrotnly 111, te better.
Cap. Joni T.'HleT It now In the
ttockey-faced owl tuslnet at Beardt
town, llllnou. ' John Ii a hummer..
CA mmloal concert waa reeled off In
tbe AViverlr .Hotel parlor , Sunday
erenlug, . muoia to the deltgbt of a
"crowded house. '.V Tb Owl was lure
there with the goo Je.
Utssasirlly ,Powell, Ella Geary and
Claiborne , Jaokson, of Mexloo, ware
delighted jfuestaol, the Mlseea Peck,
west of towa, Buaday. " - ' ""'
Col. P. V. O'Brien bai bought of
Col.' Lyman tbe1 line 200-acre farm,
known u tbe Jake Stephenson farm,
soetbwert 6t thwn, at a long price.
061. 'O'Brien' )k there with the goods.
Col. timer Kelset, the hustling
Mexloo agent for twelve metropolitan
paperi, las the Owl's thanks for nifty
favors! By olose attention to businen
Elmer has worked np a splendid trade.
He Is lure there with tbe goods.
Sister of Miss Golden Pippin, who will
. lead in tbe grand opening march at
Col. Joe Pratt's fancy dress ball
. Or. Frankle Welnand will be Miss
Pippin's gallant partner.
Col. Beamer, tbe bustling Metropol
ian Life Insurance young man, called
at tbe Ledger Monday and revived
several drooping spirits. Wherever
you nod Ool, Beamer you find sunshine
and happiness. O, glory I O, glory 11
Charlie Heck, late of Cannellton,
Indiana, but who now owns several
bricks In the Shoe Factory, filled bis
date and preaobed at tbe Owl Boost
Sunday. Beck Is a warm member.
Misses Amelia Welgand, of St. Louis,
if' "
Cheap Cash Hou
Groceries, Meats, Butter, Eggs, ' Fruits,
Vegetables and Fresh Fish, - at
Mexico, Mo.
Also Wantec Dressed Hogs, Dressed Chickens.'1 Geese
and Ducks ' ' .
Start the New l i
Year on a Farm
of Your Own
Somewhere in the rich and sunny Southwest,
where land is to be had at a reasonable price '
and on easy terms; where many crops can be ,
grown and where you : will soon become
See the Country Before
On first and third Tuesdays in every month
there are special Homeseekers' Excursions to
every part of this territory which afford you
this opportunity.
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STORES 1 wo! 1 In
:111a Ttnhlnann. nf Centralis, and
Mrs. Asa Humarrt cklflretvoi arhl
oP Mexloo, were charming guests of
C&. and Mrs. B. lioHooCQiVundsy.
OI course Balph Hutcherson was also
ttjere with bis rainbow.
rr. TV J."Kinr fiiSftTa Twl's
ibianks ft a ilfeattA lictare lr)n-
setf. We appreciate ktbe fin r toe
noted physician very much.
Col. Charlie Harvey, of A 1 toons,
Iowa, sodJpol.JCTvdeWnUsf .the,
same cltyjire.lliJieiiSa shaking
hands with friends. ..heft wlfj,,tske
part In a blg.rabblt uosfluth of
Inn thin wK. UtX. llarei400U
good, reeis gooa ana gooa,lf)
Ernest Garrett hss,MWCtateoVlm-
selliWilh Col. SllGMtt,,tblnehop
Tbe tirrname la, opf-Urrett
& Garrett. Sid SBl.fcroe arft-botn
artists. TbeyibayeXwlendtd, trade.
Tbe weather last FrldftiLwaiiSeroe,
tbe worst tbe legQfll oj other
owl ever eiperleocedn; (thlsmrck of
tbe woods. . We weresafey, jbonsed In
a hollow log, and.hank heag) tbe
Owl's top-not was.n.raffle4,fa0T
! Why is tbe moon .oaUadAIhe 'silver
moon?" Listen, Junbteaiise'UaDmee
IB halves and qusrteiaQHfeftbiWbat
do you think c! tbAtB Any charitable
disposed person wbo,lgbes,isi4nate
30 oenta to thai bsdgejrjttvsl (wtbus
banding out this vsluablertnfocnratlon
will get paid bok)1j,brfeiafld We
sbaU turn tbe 30eeqtao(er tatbeOot
tonwood Springs Boari, fi Aswotated
Sweet Ubarltlea .fagtefJiil .orIT
ITbe Owl attendedh iaocy dress
Dlrectolre grand ball Saturday nlgbt
at a palatial manskm near the historic
sod romantic Eset Lake. All present
had a glorious time. (Tbey were
bsppy bours.) it waa all nanda
round till mld-nlght's holy hour. Toe
ball was given In honor of Miss
Peaeble Bobolink, a charming young
lady of Decatur, Illinois, wuo Is visit
ing Mexloo relatives. It wss one con.
tinuous round of untold pleasure. Tbe
young ladles were oiut flip and tbe
ouys nifty. Such beavenly bours de
oot oome every oayn kDey am, our
uvea would xm vaoisb away. Wafers,
cheese aud crackers, pickles and bot
ouflee were banded out to tbe guests.
"See tbe forward starboard dead
llgbtS . ' I : ' 1
Tbey've been dead for many years
WU1 tbe Captain trade tbe scuppers
And tbe running lights for good
. beers?" , . s i
Tbe Owl learns that Bay Dick Car'
ler and Bill Gregg wilt be live stock
buyers for (Jot. Tom Cropper's meat
emporium. Both tarter and Gregii
are olose buyers and buy none bat
tbe best. Ool. BUI WUllngbam also
has a fat job with tbe emporium.
Dick Lane will be the artlsilo meat
and liver sllcer. Mr. Lane Is a great
favorite with tbe ladles, i
Tbe Owl learns that a prominent
mall carrier and bis wife, of tbls
city, bad a close call from being
smothered near onto death tbe other
morning, and bad not a near-by neigb
bor come to tbe rescue of tbe said
mall carrier and his amiable little
wife, tbey would now have been all In,
down and out. A borrld folding bed
closed up on tbe couple and for a time
shut on tneiroreatn -
For information and litera
ture, address,
B. H. PAYNE, G. P. A.,
; St. Louis, Mo.
mh.s.v? twrosetp.
Alio JtaliuifcorKlarto Kkt a
Effort to Stop Sunday Shooting.
Wllrrbe GMd Mwi to stoeal
EvU for Ysara. "
day morning Just before tne fraud
Jury adjourned, will be of Interest to
all luoal hunters. It wst to toe ef
fect tbat Ike proaocutiog attorney
andiibet kip
and (bat a
11 me law f iptto
a atop be put to Sunday
nuntlngvlie latter Uiruws-4upu-lar4imiHkpatffw!yenaItui9
lhe)inwrltlii base duoe 'all they
oould to call a bait oo It.
Toe present game law ibnuld be to
liieed, ant dny roraltioiilefif have
WWfHl rd-'.Pajiianli
v iolation of (he statutes or Indlsorlml-
"ri'pifir.Tlie gsjme f ru)aiarce
eacb fear and all tbe prowotho tbat
can be aflVrded it Is beeessiary, to pet
eptuate it j
Reuben Dilutes: by One Dill
What became of the other mso?
Are you glad yon are Slngbiria f n ct
f)Ed bermody Is not so wall Ao-day.
Hs is quite pcorly. n
George Ssuer, lsto of Xo'utsvlllr,
Sfn H Slerking for TVm. Kemper.
Said tbe saucy little bird on Golden
Pisipln's hat I saw it In tbe Ledger.
Amos Jenkins baa been wrestling
wltb an aggravated ease of la grippe.
k fil. G. C. WebS and wife, of Doawi
Illinois, are vlsltrog)be famlljof
Cr Down, of toit county.
Clav B. WIilte.will.bat In. sil'ktnds
of gartferl alaff -orr vis SO acre farm,
, tiMt west a(
ASk"n$qaire Adolphur "WTCoHfo
bow the ' case" against that elty eX;
mlnated. 'Squire was or th uryJ
About tbe only thing a thin FulU r
girl oan be pretfl- it M OAt Aoood'
can say her ankles look like beer kegs.
The little hiBd of ; Mr. ind.Mra
Joseprl Hdwdesbeil Is quite sleki Also
the little child of J. W. Jones, Wtst
Liberty street. Both have pneumonia
Carl feanford and wife, formerly oi
Mexico, now of Chlcsgo," Sre soon to
visit Meiloo relatives. "O,' Joy ! Can
now weighs close up to ISO pounds and
wearaiiiiijrsfK.; rvyj;
Major J. B. Martin, tbe Sample
Core merchant, has our tbsnks fur
favors. Major Martin employs pretty
and accommodating lady clerks and is
there with tbe goods.
Br, Kanaly bad bis picture taken
Tuesday and tbe same will soon ap
pear In tbe Ledger, where It will be
admired by our many i thousands ot
readers. Toe picture should be in
every well regulated household.
For dinner, Tuesday, the Ledger
Owl wss tbe delighted guest of Col. J
W. Pratt, at tbe City Hotel. Mra
Alice Eoton, a most estimable lady,
is proprietress ot tbls popular nutei
and everything Is up-to-date.
Andy Cbllders bet Jesse Hoover one
dollar that be could out Sod an owl'
glzurd. (Not tbe Ledger 01.) OI
It. L. Davis sas all nolle uals bavt
gizzards, aud otuer ovlor have not.
Great sUades tt Cottonwood Springs
Can tbls be true I
Col. Bulus Underwood, of Thomp
son, was here on business Wednesday
Tols spring ibis warm lHJe vliiau
will have a boom. Already ground 1
being broken for several ski-scrapicii
Dulidtogs and ouroer lots are bight
then a cat's back.
Deputy Sheriffs Crcckelt Woulery
and Cbarlie Jobnsou took two Leg roe
to tbe penitentiary Wednesday to
serve sentences for breaking Into ano
robbing Fred Morris' store of goods
and money a short time ago. Croctett
and Charlie are warm t.fflcisls.
Tbe Owl learns that Mrs. Ella
Bedbury Is now owner of tbe Fix It
Shop wltb George Ma lb las, manager
Joe Daniel, master mechanic ; Bobert
Sims, artist, snd Prof. Tom Sweeney
telephone, grapbopboue and automo
bile expert. Col. Sam Howard is going
to try bis hand at farming. Suooets
wall of tbe bunch.
Capt O. M. Carter, who has had
charge of the Mexico Brick Plant for
some time, has returned to Chicago
and Henry Meyer will resume con
Dr. D. T. Moore
Successor to Dr. Diggs
31 xxxxxxxxxuxxxxixxxxxxx;
H C ! ti f. H
J '
B Capital and Snrplns $150,000 E
Oeosral Banking
Basin est
Mexico, Mo.
Omen Ground floor In Robertson
nui(aing.nenti Hopkins A Edmund
Of Mules, Cattle, Hogs
I Ml' . . K . ..
Monday Feb, 8, 1909
We will sell at public auction to
ths highest bidder at our farm, 7 mile
northeast ot Auxvasse, miles south
ot Benton City and three miles north
of Bachelor, Callaway county, Mo.
110 HEAD LIVE STOCK as follows
30 HEAD OF MULES: . 26 ot them
broke, are from J to 5 years old, are
In good condition and would do to
ship. They run from 15 1-2, to 16
hands high. Five yearling mules.
CATTLE AND HOGS: 25 head of
yearling steers, about 50 stock bogs,
and some extra good thoroughbred
Hampshire gilts. They are bred."
M. V. Harrison, Auctioneer.'
in . ii Ins ' a r "ITS J .
aiAlt rnm.
Runw Say Firm of M. H. Pembsr-
st -v-
ton, of Hear Cewtrxtla,
7oU te State far Expert merrta! Pwr-
ramored that lion.
M. M. Pem
of Ceatra-
bertoa's farm aoathwttet
Ua la to be purctuiVMl by lh Mate
together with 200 acres recently pur
churl by Mr. Pemberton.
It's whole . so tte rumor ha it ,
til1fe ased as A eaed experiment
farm by tbe agrknllankl collage. The
State-may be asked to make, the pur-
aiaopi and u approprieie the sum
-$Jt.oe ir buiMlnge' eoi aeces
sary 1 na prov e ments."'
JMgtOi stowl Assails Irs. A. Holmes
Hf,Hm siretieai by stealthy foot-
etSDS behind her which had been fot-
wlnd. IW! Several wrecks VW. Ar
thur Holmes, a resident of south Max
loo, started ts ma Thursday, evening
shortly before atoW 'clock when
passing the residence of C. A. With-
erewMSv ion s . Bolivar at. , , Berere
ii.' t.Li ...va .k wa
wit '" (viw w mvmr -
caught In the grasp of a man, who
proved So be e negro, and hand
thrust ever her mouth te keep her
from soraamlnf .' ' Ahe succeeded nev
ertheless' In ralolng an outcry', which1
drew the attention of several reel-
derrl, who, aatna t hef pld. I t'
Mrs. Holmes bellevea the negro naa
beea following her since she reft the
bustBeea section of the city though at
the lme she paid little heed jo his
OMtsppsatu Be anempieu w mui
flel tfcm af he changed to a turrled
almost fun when she reached a dark
place In the block.
She began to hurry when she sua
jtas being, followed and
son behind was closing in on pr
she skarted to rn. The nero! must
have been cktser then she suspected
for In few steps he had her within
his igrasp. -She waa carrying a hand
some gold handled umbrella, a Christ
mas t resent, and he attempted to
wrest' this from her hand.
In the struggle that followed he
removed his hand from her mouth
and she screamed for help. Her cries
were heard by several residents in
the vicinity who came to her aid. The
negro released her when he found
aid was coming and disappeared in
the dark.
The assailant wss attired In a dark
suit with a light vest and wore
smalt ap. His features were" hardly
dlscernable la the dark. Mrs. Holmes
hsd a terrible experience which . left
her In a very nervous condition.
Mexleo Home Torn Op By Storm
The reeldenee of W. W. Johnson,
In north Mexico, was damaged to the
extent of several hundred dollars Prl
dsy morning when the bllztard wss
st Its hslght Hsd there not been
a change In the sleeping quarters of
the family during the psst few days
the accident might have resulted fa
tally. The family sll consider the
children hsd a narrow escape.
It was at six o'clock Friday morn
ing when the entire household of Mr.
Johnson was aroused by a crash and
rending ot timbers. They Immediately
Investigated snd found the large chlm
ney In the center of the residence hsd
blown over and In Its fan caused
tbe collapse ot the roof. The wind
finished the damage by swirling un
der the broken ratters and tearing a
part of tbe roof and house away from
tbe main structure.
It has only been a few days since
two ot the occupants of Mr. John
son's handsome home occupied the
damaged pert of the house. ; Had
they been In the room at the time
of the accident they would surely have
been killed. Tbe part of the bouse
damaged Is practically ruined though
none of the furniture was Injured.
Farber Hay Have Monster lay
Plant ia fi-ar Future
The Mississippi Glass Co., of St
Louis hss leased land and Is drilling
for clay near Farber. If the company
find the style of clay they desire
a plsnt will be built.
Options and mineral lease rights
have been secured ss follows :
Option to purchase: Wm. Machln ,
130 acres; W. H. Brandon ,40 acres;
T. F. Hesse, 40 acres; D. T. Weakle-J
80 acres.
Mineral rights: Mary A. fieeby, 170
scree; Q. H. Stevens, 120 acres; Q
F. Schroll, 10 acres; Carl Baas, i
acres. .
A representative of the company
was In Farber Tuesday and secured
permission to make Investigation of
the clay In the Lawder coal mines,
and It Is supposed that this will be
done at once, when other lnvestlga
tlons will be made on the lands on
which tbe company has secured op
tions. ,
Columbia, Mo., Jan, I . Luncheon
at prayer meeting in the plan adopted
by the Methodist Church here In orde
to get the men to attend. Tbe Rev.
C. M. Bishop, pastor ot the church,
put the plan Into operation Wednes
day night, and it proved a success.
Many men who are regular attend
ants on Sunday attended prayer
meeting tor the first time in months.
Several thought "the eats" came af
ter the service and arrived late, but
found the praying in full blast and
the viands already disposed of.
In speaking of the Innovation, D
Bishop said tbe custom Is an old one
and that many members ot Protes
tant churches In old days were forced
to bring their supper along, on ac
count ot the long distances they had
to travel. The value of social Inter
course, coupled with religious service,
was not to be underestimated, he
said. Columbia Methodists will, ac
cordingly, take their suppers to the
church Wednesday evenings. ,, .
Washington D, C. ,Jan 29 In lieu
of damages sustained during ths Civ
il War the senate today allowed the
ths Southern Methodist Episcopal
ohurch of Mexico, Mo., $710.
' ' -
For years the Southern Methodists
ot this city bare been endeavoring
to procure damages for the use of
their church during the Civil War as
a stable for troop horses. Each year
tney nave been drawing closer to
a settlement. They asked for 12000.
Some 10 or 11 years ago the Pres
byterian church, of this city, received
$665 from the Government as damage
money for the use of the church dur
ing the War. "
D.,lnt. W 1 4 1.. . . I
Mason Is
SATiUfihAsSfiLVEft- -
"1 A Anf-st flVftfBrfrrefhr1
4 ntTml'J T4rv,r,
lfed&iMbrJ Se AAWN-
rormea axpjjaisa.jiui4i'o
ISaa rranclsco'lfta?0. Declaring
lr V ierV te-'htff'iit'Wlrt' e
lid ,OlVMni-Pfor"r!
I J. Bee. Culled. Statee NaVf drtwrv
. , f l.w i -i A t..kL .OJJXV-t I
Rare Islsad. gave Te-afeM "W1 rSel
lebular hypothesis, which B""i'wM
lant tbat of La Place promulatee'
10 ecientiflo0W,u,w"',n1
ir t .... t..
iuarned soriellfes t Ms eWmtyynww m
Twelve years w&urfce1 WUe
i Ufc W"t 0r du
1 which Is OMi t)BiXr
i.. uiuxraxiiUiAtrhit Im-
iliBOTV iwemn w n -
loeaM ireseaitaw dtswbel taO
'Im theory of the construction ofctwft
saiksM vsMsa44sswMBVitwleVesf)M)
ereloDed a new theory otsrnjnwakii
itituDuuita gairasUsaM)'tfH lev lata
t earthquakes bjatSMutokrte of o-
eenta w4 to jiiisy r
! The Msstsiitsttipf- Professor See's
ieory -of the formation ot the solar
ystMnitwaa ioiwws;
iHe denies that the planets were
ver detached from the sua when tha
klobe tss dssiid Into a nebula fill-
ag the planetary oroits, ana i suu-
tolts mathematical calculations to
show that all these masses have been
Originally, the system was a spiral
jieeula ot much larger dimensions
than at present, formed by the auto
matic coiling up under mutual gravl
tation of two or more streams of
cosmical dust which met in such
war as to produce a whirling - mo
tion about a center of vortex.
Ax. the nebula colled up under Its
own mutual gravitation tne spirals
were gradually drawn nearer ; . and
nearer together, and au tne nuclei
formed In these coils revolved la ellip
ttcal paths ot large eccentricity. Thee
original nuclei la tbe colling streams
were the beginning of the planets,
which became larger by gathering up
more cosmical dust, while at the
same time their orbits were reduced
in slsa snd rounded up under the
secular action of the resisting medlui
against which these bodies revolved.
Tbe resisting medium is the true
secret ot the roundness ot the orbits
ot tbe planets and satellites. The
nearly perfect circularity of these
orbits has always excited the wonder
of tbe greatest mathematicians.
This nebudous resistance has great
ly diminished tbe size and eccentric
ity ot the original orbits, so that our
solar system was in the beginning
much larger than It Is known to be
to-day. But as Neptune's orbit Is al
most an exact circle. Professor See
feels confident, and so announced to
the society to-night, that there still
exist several unknown planets of con-
slderable site above Neptune, some o
which msy yet be discovered.
"If Neptune were the outermost
planet," he said, "the orbits would not
be so round, for this circularity of th
orbit Indicates that Neptune revolved
for a long time against great resist
snce, and, therefore, the nebula at
tbat distance was dense enough to
bare afforded matter for several
other planets beynod.' So that wltb
the most powerful telescope, we have
as yet by no means reached the outer
limits ot the solar system,
Mr. See Is an uncle of Mrs. L. M.
White, ot this city, and at one time
was a resident ot Montgomery coun
And Other Favorite, Food without
Fear of an Upset Stomach.
You can eat anything your stom
ach craves without fear of a case of
Indigestion or Dyspepsia, or that your
food will ferment or sour on your
stomach It you will occasionally take
a little Dlapepsln after eating.
Your meals will taste good, and
anything you eat will be digested;
nothing can ferment or turn into acid
or poison or stomach gas, which
causes belching. Dizziness, a feeling
of fullness after eating, Nausea, In
digestion (like a lump of lead In stonj
acb), BUliousness, Heartburn, Watei
brash, Pain in stomach and Intestines
or other symptoms.
Headaches from the stomach are
absolutely unknown where this effec
tive remedy is used. Dlapepsln really
does all the work of a healthy stom
ach. It digests your meals when you
siomacu can't. Each triangle will
digest all the food you can eat and
leave nothing to ferment or sour.
Get a large 50-eent case of Papa's
Dlapepsln from your - druggist and
start taxing to-day and by to-mor
row you win actually brag about
your healthy, strong stomach, for
you then can est anything and ev
erythlng you want without the slight
est discomfort or misery, and every
particle of impurity and Gas that Is
la your stomach and intestines la
going to be carried away without
the use of laxatives or any other as
si stance. - , .:
Leland Convict
Is his "Ludshlp," the Count of the
county Jail, a former Inmate of the
Stats penitentiary at Stillwater, Minn
A letter to this city from that nan.
si Institution and addressed te City
maranai itsmp, leads the local au
thorities to believe he may be the
ssme person who spent 10 years in
that "stir" under sentence for forg-
Tha letter wss from ths Warden
of the , Institution and gave a de
scription that fitted the prisoner hers
it also states the prisoner there
posed as a son of a titled English
The Warden ot tbe Stillwater nen-
itentlary saw an account of JU p.
Leland's arrest nnder charge of forg
ery In a metropolitan paper and also
ssw the story wherein the details of
his claims to titular fame were aired.
This brought forth bis communication.
i "irfjniK- it lit t! i
a Hint nn.i
I jj-v
m DR
I a.ut. y0gP (j 1 1 0 1 1 AH D
1JA3M tjii jirf n wi-- ; ,
' Ib ( Baskets. sfsW AwTt rlMA
imPimtfTi esi
WLM sTO&ssstsm "JSJ w jwsr m ,w- i
pniuDeniA - eensunp i io
im i Lii"U j""'
ItiSwr pHws-eU. I -t sk
ljin9To-jslb s-
tllw V
fj'- , Trn.
McMillan Memorial Ass'n For-
mert Organized Thursaay
The 0. A. McMillan Msmorial Asso
elation was formally organized Thurs-
dsy afternoon at meeting held In
ths McMillan Nigh School. Misses
Eliza bath Gill and Maude Wallace,
ths originators of the movsment to
erect a tablet or bust In honor of
the lata superintendent of Mexico
schools, were present and explained
In detail what their hopes were. '
The primary purpose of the organ'
Izatlon is to erect, through voluntary
ubacrintions. a bust of bronze or a
tablet In honor of the late D. A. Mc
Millan, which will he placed in the
Auditorium of the high school bear
ing hla name when that section of
the building Is completed. .
These subscriptions are not to be
solicited but must come voluntarily.
A member of each class will he ap
pointed a subsidiary secretary to In
form the members ot his class of
tbe movement and that should they
care to subscribe be has been ap
pointed to receive money.
Miss Elizabeth Gill was elected
president, Miss Esther Norris secre
tary and James Jesse treasurer. All
subscriptions that are not sent to the
class representative should be given
to Mr. ; Jesse. Tbe executive com.
mlttee is composed Of three offi
cers of the Association and Superin
tendent Hawthorne. The committee
to ascertain the cost of a tablet or
bronze bust Is Mrs. R. R. Arnold, Sr.
Miss Maude Wallace and L. M. White.
The Information committee Is com
posed of tbe Rev. A. A. Wallace,
Miss Nannie Wright and L. M. White.
Tbe style ot memorial depends, to
a certain extent, upon tbe amount
subscribed. Whether a bas relief or
bust can be modeled from a photo
graph the committee does not know,
and should It prove they cannot, then
It is hoped to not only erect a tablet
In honor of Prof. McMillan, but also
place a handsome oil painting of
him In the building.
The matter of perpetuating the As
soclation after all the subscriptions
bave been made and forming
alumni Association for the High
School with each year celebrating by
an annual dinner was also discussed
and will later be given serious con
It is hoped that all who intend sub
scribing will do so Immediately so
that the memorial may be placed in
the building for commencement and
unveiled with fitting ceremonies.
Friday was "Carnation Day" and
is to be generally observed through
out tbe United States in membif of
the late Pres. McKlnley. The estl
mate by a St. Louis florist is that
ai least zuu.uuv persons will wear
carnations to-day, ie said by others
to be very conservative.
Lost Deed Found lu Hay Loft
Owen Hopper, of Boone county ,
was In the hay-loft of a barn Wed
nesaay nignt when he found a sack
of papsrs. In the sack was a deed
from W. T. Berry to Jaa.Jefferion
which clearsup a flaw In the title to
ZOO acres of land,
Hopper waa so excited he ran to
the home of Jas. Procter nearby
who returned with him and opened
tne sack finding the deed.
ini need was placed on record.
but Mr. Jefferson held the land for
18 years and paid taxes all the time.
After his death search failed to bring
to light the deed. Mr. Berry took pos
session of the land on Jan. 13. He
paid little heed to signed notices to
vacate and a suit of eiectmem
filed against him Wednesday.
(Columbia, Mo., Tribune.)
O. J. Moo rs to-day sold Forester.
his shapely two year old saddle stal
lion, to C C. Judy," of Tulla, 111.,
at a four figure price. Forester la
one of the best prospects for a show
horse of the lopllne class that has
h'ft Boone county Iq the past, few
Oxford Falstaff, the blooded Dash
chound, property ot Paul St. Vraln, of
Mexico, which was shown at the dog
show In East St. Louis last week,
carried off three firsts and one sec
ond. Last year the dog was shown'
et an exhibit and csptured four prizes, 7 L, 7, eP"-
vi.iiiiitej wishing Miss Katberlne another
auvkrtidements PAT
ms.rin;rrfrTa , t Vjy. 1 1 r.
- . eompietelf prostrated me that I wss
work, a. w.u a. er J"
Oti I?ctrclr
if TT T ' "V 'I'Tir
Ths Premier Chautauqua meets wit
Mrs. Ned Rodes next Wednesday.
Mrs. W. H. Brown Is home from a
visit with relatives In Columbia.
Mra Clara D. Snidow Is visiting he
daughter, Mrs. Russell Spurllng. ,
The Shakespeare Chautauqua Circle
meets with Miss Nannie Wright next
Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Dr. Russell, of Fulton, Is the
xuest this week of Mrs. Dr. Moore
and Mrs. D. A. McMillan.
Miss Laura Robertson left tils
week for Washington City to attend
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Edmonston, of
New Franklin, are the guests of rel
atives here.
Mrs. Louis McKee has been visit
ing relatives in Vandalla for several
Mrs. George Blowers has returned
to ber home In Kansas City after a
visit with relatives here.
The Premier Chautauqua entertain
ed tbe other two Chautauqua Circles
on Wednesday of this week, for Mrs
J. M. Pollard who' has been one of
their members and who left on that
day for Kansas City where she will
Mrs. Clarence Barnes was a pleas
ant hostess for the Fleur-de-lis Thim
ble Club on Thursday afternoon. The
customary diversions ot sowing, tul
Ing snd eating were (.iiried ou and
proved r.o less Interesting tuan al
ays here tofore .
Mrs. R. P. Hopkins gave a most
pleasant one o'clock dinner party on
Thursday. Her guests were Mes
dames Alice Bickley, Carrie Roth
well, S. P. Emmons, F. R. Sanfoid
S. M. Edwards, A. K. Luckie, A. B.
Smith and R. S. Martin.
Fifteen members of the Wednesday
Club met this week with Mrs. McMll
lan. Mrs. W. M. White very ably
conducted the lesson which was con
cerning the famous Catherine II. Mrs.
Thicker read a splendid paper on
"Jukorsky," followed by Mra Beal
who gave an Interesting talk on
"Country Life in Russia." Mrs. Ar
nold told many unsuspected facts
about tbe "Clrcassions," and Mrs.
Robertson talked most Intelligently
on Princess Deehelven. .
remain permanently. The Circles met
at the home of Mrs. N. R. Rodes,
where an interesting program was ca 1
ried out, and a Dutch lunch seemed
fitting refreshments as the study of
the history of that people Is being pur
sued this year. The entire number of
guests accompanied Mrs. Pollard to
the train and gave her the Chautau
qua salute, thereby creating a great
sensation among the passengers.
The members of the F. A. E. Club
and Borne others wended their way to
the home of Mrs. Cassius Clay Mon
day afternoon, and spent a very de
lightful several hours In her charming
society. They were first entertained
oy some beautiful music - from the
Vlctrolla and this was followed by
games at which Mrs. E. A. Hearing
proved the expert and waa rewarded
with a dainty handpaiuted picture
done by the clevor fingers of the
hostess. Mrs. Clay had also provided
somo extremely pretty tally cards,
each showing a lady's head sketched
upon it. a two course lunch was
served. ,
The Beta Sigma Chapter gave a de
lightful afternoon party Monday for
the active members of the Gamma
and Pbl Mu Chapters at tbe home
ot Miss Lena Johnson. A number of
Hardin girls were In attendance. The
hostesses stood In line to receive thel
guests after which a "guesser" was
the order ot the day. Miss Llmeric,
of Hardin, made the greatest number
of words from the combination, "Beta
Gamma Mu," and received therefor
a large bunch of pink and red roses.
A two course lunch was served, the
second, ice cream and cake, show
lug pink and red, the Beta Big . col
ors. Each guest was Dresented with
favor as souvenir of the pleasant
Last Wednesday little Miss Kath-
erine Adams' home was made gay by
about forty lads and lasses who came
to; celebrate her eleventh birthday.
After playing games, the youths fol
lowed their little hostess into the
dining room where the table was dec
orated with a centerpiece of pink car
nations and cut glans vase filled with'
pink carnations. The crowning glory
ot the table was a huge cake with
eleven blazing candles. Little Miss
Catherine blew out the caudles to the
delight ot ber guests. Strange ' to
say, several of these Juveniles wore
more Interested In the cake tban the
candles. The intense enjoyment of
birthdays to the youth was fully reul-
l..A ti.U. . , . .
pleasant birthday next week; v
1 .1
n Tean.
AND $1.00
Hemphli Man Proposes Amnesty in
Order ti Straighten Out Our His
tory. . ' :' ' '
Fulton, Mo., Jan. St. When Rob
ert Lincoln, the father of Abraham
Lincoln, was married to Nancy Hanks
in Washington County, Kentucky, the
father of Captain Robert M. Berry, oi
Williamsburg, In this county, was on
of the signers ot the marriage bond,
and a copy ot the document is among
the Captain's papers at his home,
while the original is In the records of
tbe Kentucky county.
It was a law in Kentucky In those
days for the bridegroom to guarantee
proper support and maintenance ol
the wife by giving bond, and Mr.
Berry guaranteed to donate about
1250 In case Robert Lincoln failed to
provide for Nancy Hanks.
Captain Berry, who Is now S4 years
old, is well Informed on the early his
tory of the Lincoln family and knows
many incidents in the boy life ot the
martyred President.
The blizzard the Worst In yean
One of the worst blizzards that
has ever visited this section In years
enveloped Mexico and Audrain coun
ty Thursday night. Ths storm was
preceded by a heavy rain and elec
trical storm. Ths wind was terrific
throughout the night and ths greater
part of the dsy. Electric wires were
blown down and many pieces of bus
iness dependent on tho light company
for power were forced to lie Idle.
Windows were blown In, trees razed
to tho ground and early Friday morn
Ing when ths storm wss at Its worst
all of ths working girls In the city
could sesreely reach their plscss of
employment. ''
The snow drifted on the sidewalks
in some places, reaching a depth of
a foot and forcing pedestrians to util
ize tbe streets. During tbe storm
business waa practically at a stand
still. The wind blew the icy parti
cles ot snow In swirling eddies that
stung the face of those unfortunate
enough to be out with the pain of pin
points. We have had deeper snows
but none quite so terrific. Nine year
ago this State was visited by a three
days' storm that registered a fall
of 21 Inches.
Damages Done by Storm
of Thursday Night
Throughout this city the storm
razed trees to the ground, broke
window glasses and blew over flues.
The glass In two west side windows
of the court house were broken out
The tin root of the top story of the
Clarkson Hotel was removed; a large
plate glass at the home ot R. M
White was crushed In and the flue
at the home of W. W. Johnson, on
N. Jefferson street, blown over.
Electrical wires are down in many
parts of the city and the high winds
Friday made the work of repairing
aimosi impossible. All trains are
also late due to the high winds.
At Lamont, near Sedalia, a torna-
doo swept tlfe town about 6:15 Thurs
day afternoon. Several persons were
slightly hurt, two were dangerously i
Jured and property valued at 110,000
The opera bouse, a two story trick
building, was wrecked, the roof and
walls ot the second story, and also
the roof of the freight depot were
carried off and deposited on top of
a freight train, which was standing
at the station there. Other buildings
were twisted off of their foundations
and their roofs carried away.
Wtteroas, Mark Dixon and Mattle
Dixon, by their certain deed of trust
dated the gth day of April, 1908, and
recorded In Book 32, page 364, in the
Recorder's office of Audrain county,
mate of Missouri, conveyed to the
undersigned S. M. Locke the follow
ing described real estate situated in
Audrain County, State of Missouri, to
Lot numbered five (5) In Block num
bered twenty-six (26) of Ladd's Ad
dition Extended to the City of Mex
ico, Missouri, being same land con
veyed to Mark Dixon by S. M. Locke
by deed recorded in Book 75 at Page
58, Deed Records of Audrain county
wnerens, the Interest on said note
remains due and unpaid and said
note by the terms of said deed
due and unpaid and default has been
made In the conditions and terms of
said deed of trust:
Now therefore, at the request
the legal holder of said note, and In
pursuance of the provisions of said
deed of trust, I will, on
Friday, ths 19th day
of February, 1909,
between the hours of nine o'clock In
the forenoon and five o'clock in the
afternoon of said date, at the front
door of the court house, in the city
of Mexico, Audrain county,. Missouri,
sen the said real estate above de
scribed at public vendue to the high
est bidder for cash to satisfy said
aebt and deed ot trust and the costs
of mcecutli'ig, this trust. 47-4t
8. M. Locke, Trustee.
' 5
4rei,,.jehn,(f 'rarti. i
HaTy-.Sil; Harxijbov.bj, ClT
their certain deed" of tro .... !
lSUraay of" April 1904. an'iiT
XUknSi Jfl. , II i ..
erf "rffice" of 'Audrain
of Missouri, conveyed, to to.'T'"'!
signed. W. Arths,-Baarp ta r
tog. described ..real estate -bJJ i
Audrain count. fitai ., '
The east ball of the east k.h - !
tlon 24; the east half ot th,
of ths southeast Quarter of IJ'
tlon 26; and tha west halt of a,'
half ot tho west half of a','
and the east half ot tha
quarter of section as, all i0
50, range , west ot the 5t p
ceptlng from above ground o
one half acres now nm. ...
iur j
yard, containing SCO acres, gJl.
less, subject to a prior oeejV
of IkuOO rocorded In Book ii 1
38 of said Recorder's offlc.
said first deed of trust was !'
th said W. Arthur Sharp h:
to secure tne payment of
promissory note on said su
Bjeuiiuuvu, ruin.
Whereas, ths interna . ....
remains due and unpaid am J 1
note by the terms of salt jj!
due and unpaid and the tan i
land remain due and unpaid tti'l
w, uu .: i
r,- v4 w g
the buildings on said properh f
an red as required by said 4m (
. ..- .. . "-CE
sua ueiann naa mad. u i i
conditions and
ud terms of uu J I
Now therefore, at the i.u .. '
- a
legal holder of said note, soda
suance ot the provisions of nui
at trust, I will, on t
Friday, tha 5th day -
of February,
between the hours of nine o'cW,
the forenoon and five o'clock si f
afternoon ot said date, at tin if f
door of the court house, la tt1 f
of Mexico, Audrain county, gj
sell the said real estate abortl "
scribed at public vendue to thi f !
est bidder for cash to satljtj '
debt and deed of trust and Um f
of executing thlstrust t '
44 W. Arthur S
Notloa of iHuu
Stato of Missouri!,
S I-
County of Audrain) '
J. F. Patrick and Anna HanW.
' : - ;"' ," Pui hoi '
' '"''" ' TS- i '
Kate McGinnls, Greene Patrick, f 5
ra Minor, Julia II Crosswhlte, kt ut
Patrick, DewariL Patrick, Nola Pc f"t'
Blanche Patrick, Bulah Patrick ,ar
Lr-ona Brooks, Defafc : bm
In the circuit court of Audnuiii1'
ty, Missouri. p-1"
By virtue and authority o! ifc a ' :
and order ot sale made by tbt aiau
Court, In the above entitled a
and of a certified copy thereof, r
November 13th, l?0g, I will, n lmil
Friday, February 5th, ti ar
between the hours ot nine o'cta '"r
thu forenoon and five ocio'ck li
afternoon of that day, st thtfItP
front door of tho Court house, b to 1
city of Mexico ln: Audrain ni11'8
Missouri, still, at public vendus, 1
highest bidder, the tollowlni i1"'"'
scribed real estate, viz:
The northeast quarter (1-t)
tlon three (3) township flfty-tnl
.. . i . , . , . i. '
(1-2) ot the northeast quarter 4.
fifteen (15) township Ki
range twelve (12) and n
seres the west halt ot the nor
quarter (1-4) ot section siiten
, ex
township fifty-two (52) range s
(12(, . " ' ' . ' ' I
Terms ot Sals as follows, rb: f
halt cash, the remainder Is h
months and to bear Interest v
rate of six per cent per annm
J. B. wootery, sm
Notice is hereby given that Le"1
testamentary upon the eeun
J. J. Kerr, of Audrslc "
ui j a - v.... ':
hihuuii, umviiBcii, una
granted the undersigned, J. B.
by the Probate Court of i
County of Andrain. bearing dm -
15th day of January, 1909. f
Alt persons having claims us
said estate are required to
them to me tor allowance wltoii
year after the dale of said Let'-
they may be precluded from st)
eflt of such estate and if suck tk
from the time ot tbe publicity
this notice, they will be W
barred. J. E. Kerr,
46-4t- ' Execnw
; Notice of Final Settlsmsnt N;'
Notice Is hereby given that sr
settlement of the estate of W) m
Dishmsn, deceased, will be sutH P
the February term of the Pi--?
Court of Audrain county. Miss"
be held at Mexico, Missouri, M Y
second Monday In February, H
; Thomas Bass, AdmlnlstrsW J.
- 4-4t
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice is hereby given that
settlement of the estate of D
Wayman deceased, will be m'
tbe February term ot the Pi'
Court of Audrain county, Mls.
be held at Mexico, Missouri, ol
second Monday in February, lW
J. W. Gamble, EzeciK
Tbe annual stockholders' Wy
of the Mexico, Santa Fe and r4 :
Traction Co., for the election t
rectors, the Increase of the coml
capital stock, amending by-Is1
other business will be held Is (
office of the company, Mexico,
Tuesday. 9 a. m. March 9tb, lr
Mathlas Cruin, Pres.
dlt 41St a W. Qalther.jj
Crushed in a big snow slide
tween Alta and Salt Lake City, -l"
Luther S. Turner, 35 years old,
of Mrs. Elizabeth Turner.
miles south ot Hallsvllle. met 1
death Wednesday morning.
A telegram to the Chief of P" '
gave Turner's initials as T.
stated that he read tho ColoV
Herald, a copy of which wss In 'V
poiiket when his body was recov
The body will be shipped to ,
VHIO..;.. ... . . ...v , .
On Monday evening Mrs. D. A
Mlllan very agreeably entertain p
six o'clock dinner Mesdames Po?
Banford, Wilson, Fry, Roberts""
Locke; Miss Mary Pollard, MeJJ
Sauford, Locke, Robertson and Ff f

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