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Ledger J
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The Weekly Ledger
Fee h, KeUaMe Market
Tie NETS thai
Mai II the ttu.
: la Advaac.
Jlnatfi Ceeuatr Cejeree
inlnfl Service. Stack
.Nat,,. aa4 AsricaKarai
Mtftera OeaeraUr. .
in 4
R. M. WHITE, Editor and Proprietor, : ; Te Oo Pside in the Pes. and Oa fiope.fo the Fataee, ! 0 Add Vigorous Work in the UlVing Present.
' $1.00 per Year In Advance
--R1MH NOW. f
4 Strictly noma Jouraai
Vou L.
No. 49
11 '
. fcs for i
rick F
1 UmA
I) r;
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rain 0,
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to Wt"
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imsnt ,
that ,
of W
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City, VI
s old, t-
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, metr"'
: of pb
T. 8.
was 15'
1 to H'
jrUiaeJ ((J
ea Po11,ry
i; M-i
f! iVoekly Ledger
Editor nd Proprietor
s'ive $5.00 in cash
rson securing ten
1-in-advance sub
for the Mexico
ledger, or $1.00
j new subscribers,
easy money. Any
an or woman can
ih.ake from one to
"ars by an hour's
, i their neighbor
lb it now. This
y be withdrawn at
. The Weekly
i always 1.00 per
Jvance. Sample
ee. '
. M. White,
r and Proprietor
Mexico Ledger
laat that business men
created In the growth
ty of Mexico should be
u ncilmen.
t s
i II. S. Hadiey has ap
K, II. Buckner,' of Callaway,
...'ii Sharp, of Montgomery.
' B, Clements, of Macon,
HTiT-'tiiMi Dr.
l as Ui'w n
jpliui .V,
i two i.
Iff, f OdoKMi, a
piUj.'holfl ov.-t
ht of the board of Hog
Fulton Mo. The other
, J. H. Hereford,.; of
K. M. White, of Mexico,
two years.
. es not allow her Presi
ir In publlo on horseback
l lia will captivate popu-
T til
1. - or on the other hand make
)i I i a ridiculous. But if
Inn)..,- h i a Roosevelt for Presl-
Id-nit wuiiiii not , have much of
a cnaui-e to dictate about his horso-
.tll-U !) W
eoff Tl.r
, o storluliy
Hjn (Mo.) Leader edl
"Mexlco business men
and believe In organ-
U.i . i aanuol banguets are
ik li en-,'J ' ' 1 wno mwho" worn.
tln t It a tin i viiantsto work together
J to pull traiio to a town. Then aftt-r
B tliu truuii k :U In town It Is all right
""to acnio for li, Dut first got tbo
fm 1 ! .a who danced with Mr.'
Tuft at tii j Ailauta ball say he is
ery niji!.l.'
on his feat It Is prob-
ladles took care to be
ins their own feet. Three
.An on a dancing slipper
ctn is not a pleasant
u If they are prosldon-
"alK th;i.r. i'''
:-vry iii!;"'.'!J
kundil !
With l': 'i i:i
-t;;il l-i"
COMt'LAI.NT Is being made be
cause tiufiura, who testmea oeiore
th Grand Jury that they had bought
cWhist toivirary to the law from sa-
Jiwn ",! a, I. been arrested by the
1 tiiiud under an ordinance,
pniviJi that an attempt to
, li iuur by minors ia a misde
. Sumo claim that the ordl
iii invalid, while others take
ICE. thkh
Jths t.,iii,,tj that it is peculiar that
jyst sLouM Uo arrested and fined un-
;or tin! city ordinance for buying spir
Mmm litjuor, while the saloon men
re ot luTtsiwd under the city ordi
nance fur selling the same.
Hochi, a dally paper of Toko-
si out with a warning
jBgahisit the fgltators In the Callfor-
riiito 1 i i iiiituw who are proposing bill
Juin;lcia to tlie well being of the
. 'Japas). s ;. Nobody enjoys having Ja-
Jban sltako ltr fist at us but Just the
ssame th, so agitators should be sup
' 'pruBHatl. if wa ever have to fight the
militia Irilaiulera- We want to have a
JpetttT ciinw than excluding their chll
.0 riiim public schools and denying
ths?m oi
natural rights.
iiirt ia In session.
iri, v.
and K
ion ol i
l :hte Compound
Ky.-"Lyaia E. Pink-
.liable Compound has cer-
I world of good and
I cannot praise it
enontth. I suffered
i tAin v aone me a
I f rom irregularities,
I dizziness, nervous
ness, and a severe
female trouble.
Vegetable Com
pound has restored
me to perfect
health and kept me
from the operating
will tinver be without this
in the house'-Mra. Sam'l
Fourth St., Louisville. Ky.
ir Operation Avoided.
. (5a. "I suffered untold
om female troubles, and my
:1 an operation was my only
uid I dreaded it almost as
drath. Lydla E. llnkham's
-i Compound completely cured
lit an operation,' Lbn. V.
i. P.D.8.
years o( nnnaralleled mto.
Tins the power of Lydla E.
Vegetable Compound to
ule diseases. The great vol.
solicited testimony constant
it In proves conclusively that
iliikham's Vegetable Conv
remarkable remedy for those
g feminine ills bom wliicb
women suffer.
r" -""
County Prosecutor in
Tells of Glaring Protection Accorded Bar
Rooms by the Present City Government
Claims Ordinance is invalid Concerning
Minors. "
Prosecutlno Attorney E. 8. Gantt
the relation of Via, city government to the dramehope ef thle elty deals -with
the situation In strong word, and eaye the matter hae reached a
point where the ealoone when Indicted
city ordinances. "
He asserts the situation at present
and demands the attention of the
negro boys, minors, for buying liquor
Kemp called forth his remarks. The
for selling the liquor but the, boys
the ordinance, making It a misdemeanor for minor to buv llouor la
nvalld and wae really passed 'as a
When scon by a representative oft
the Ledgor Friday, Mr. Gantt very
warmly denounced the action of the
city In their recent arrest of Grand
Jury witnesses and the allowing to
go free and untouched by the uuman-
icured hands of the city government.
He stated the matter was one be
tween the people and the State and
the City government, dramshops and
City Marshal. Ills Interview In full
follows: " ' . "
The City council may as well
attempt to enforce an ordinance pro
hibiting small boys from eating green
apples in May as that which makes
It a misdemeanor for minors to buy
liquor in saloons. The dramshop sit
uation in this city is ludicrous and
hypocritical. I have little doubt In
my own mind that the city ordinance
making the buying of liquor In sa
loons by minors an offense is In
valid and from the opinions that I
have heard expressed by other mem
bers of the local bar I am not alone
In this. In fact there Is a certain
doubt In the minds of the city au
thorities thomselves as "to Its valid
ity. ' -
'When a certain Mexico paper
stated that this law was for the pro
tection of the dramshop keeper It
never made a more truthful statement.
The ordinance Is inconslstant with
the State statues. Interferes with the
enforcement of the State laws pro
hibiting dramshops from soiling In
toxicating liquor to minors and Is
absolutely absurd.
Marshal Kemp was furnished the
names of the youths who testified
before the Grand Jury by the saloon
keepers and arrested them upon af
fidavits sworn to by himself. Why
did be not arrest the saloon keep
ers for selling them the liquor?
'The fact is these boys were ar
rested for telling the truth before the
Grand Jury. Mr. Cullen and I have
Informed Judge Williams, of the city
court, to notify us when he has simi
lar offenders, If they be such, and
we will gladly defend them.
I ask you as a representative of
a conservative paper seeking the en
forcement of all laws, to take a week
of your time and attempt to learn
when in the past Marshal Kemp ever
arrested any minors for purchasing
liquor In saloons and why he doesn't
do so now, and why doesn t he ar
rest the saloons for selling to them
In these specific cases.
The ordinance has been on the
city statute books since (July, 1908,
and is at present .hanging framed on
the walls of several of our saloons.
'It fa time that the citizens de
mand Justice, la the city government
to be dictated by dramshop keepers?
Are the State laws to be laughed at
and made light ot in this manner?
Are the saloons to be accorded pro
tection on one hand and offenses
overlooked upon the other?
"These boys, both black and white,
who went before the Grand Jury and
told the truth are to be commended.
Their arrest under the city ordinance
Is an outrage. If the present situ
ation concerning dramshops continues
In this city It remains to be seen
whether the Joke is on the people
and the State or on the city council,
dramshop keepers and City Marshal,
The assertion, in another paper con
cerning the ordinance, ia as follows:
This is the first time since the
ordinance was Introduced that it has
been enforced. The object of the or
dinance was to protect dramshop
keepers by keeping minors out of. the
'It is a difficult matter sometimes
to determine the age ot a man who
steps up to the bar and orders a
drink and It was thought that by niak
tng the law regarding minors retro
active, there would be less violations .
of the law.
"The defendants In the above cases
niAufoii fuiltv tn hnvlnz nurehased
lluuor from local dramshops."
J. H. O'Brien, who has been night
Inspector for some months past, has
hnon nmmnipii ir the position of
chief Joint Inspector In the yards
nt Trinidad. This is quite a proml-,
nent promotion for Mr. O'Brien, tor,
he Is yet a young man and the po -
altlon he taken to-day is full of re -
sponslblllty. Before coming to La(clent strength to support hie weight
Junta, Mr. O'Brien was a master me-! and he chopped them all out. Not
..nanlc in one of tho shops of the. one ot the geese died nor 'waa no-
Bnltlmore and Ohio. La Junta, Col.,
: '
Mr. OBrlen was formerly employed
at Francis. He married Miss Lola
Marshall, of this city, and has many
friends In Mexico who will be glad
to hear of his promotion. -
Dr. Theo. A. Keeton, formerly of
Mexico, now of Chicago, endorses the
Ledger's plan of cash In advance and
pays for bis Ledger to Jan. 1, 1911.
i ...j.
Scathing Interview
In a scathing ' Interview eoncemlno
by Bute etatutee are ealved by
. ; .. ..
Is one disgraceful In every detail
people. The recent arrest of three
In the city dramshops, by Marshal
saloon keepers were not arrested
had to suffer. He further asserts
means of protection for the ealoons.
And : Other Favorite Food without
Fear of an Upset Stomach,
You can eat anything your stom
ach craves without fear of a case of
Indigestion or Dyspepsia, or that your
food will ferment or sour on your
stomach if you will occasionally take
a little Diapepslu after eating.
Your meals will taste good, and
anything you eat will be digested;
nothing can ferment or turn into acid
or poison or stomach gas, - which
causes belching. Dizziness, a feeling
of fullness after eating, Nausea, In
digestion (like a lump of lead In atom
ach), Bllliousneaa, Heartburn, Watet
brash. Fain In stomach and Intestines
or other symptoms.
Headaches from the stomach are
absolutely unknown where this effec
tive remedy Is used. Dlapepsin really
doe all the work ot a healthy stom
ach. It digests your meals when you
stomach can't. Each triangle will
digest all the food yoa can eat and
leave nothing to ferment or sour.
Got a large 60 cent case of Pape's
Dlapepsin from your druggiBt and
start taking to-day and by to-morrow
you will actually brag about
your healthy, strong stomach, for
you then can eat anything and ev
erything you want without the slight-
fat discomfort or misery, and every
particle of Impurity and Gas that is
In your stomach and intestines is
going to be carried away without
the use ot laxatives or any other as
sistance. .
Eggs are Scarce and Costly
(By Gosh.)
Eggs are very scarce. In the large
cities the price has soared to 40c
a dozen while in this city "shanghai
berries" retail at 30c the twelve, tf
they have them.
The restaurants and hotels are un
able to till orders for "gump fruit."
The commercial traveler who comes
first may get his egg but If he does
not come first he has to do without.
The following dispatches from va
rious sections of the country show
the exact conditions regarding the
egg market.
New York City, Feb. 4. A well
known Pittsburg millionaire made a
vulgar display of his wealth in this
city to-day when he ordered a dozen
eggs for his breakfast He said he
had intended buying a new motor car
but after considering thought he
would spend the money for eggs in
stead. " '
Pittsburg, Feb. 4. Andrew Carne
gie, the Laird of Sklbo and great
American philanthropist, has discon
tinued the serving of eggs at break
fast and will donate his dally egg
money for the use of new libraries.
Chicago, Feb. 4. Mrs. Hass Casch,
a well known society leader of this
city, gave a ball last evening that
for lavish expenditure outdid any
thing Bradley-Martin or the Vander
bllts ever attempted. One of the sa
lient features was the serving of
fried eggs during the refreshment
hour. It Is stated by those who know
this was undoubtedly the greatest ex
penditure for "eatables In the history
of society In this country. '
Jersey City, Feb. 4. Moore Muny,
a well known millionaire ot this city
was held up last evening while tak
ing home a dozen eggs In his motor
car. The thugs relieved Mr. Muny
of the eggs completely Ignoring his
$15,000 diamond pin In the delight of
their rich haul.
Goose Story That Is A Winner
Mexico always forges to the front
iand now Alton, the home ot the na-
ture, faker, must needs look to Its
' laurels. Chas. Baker, a farmer re-
siding 2 miles southwest of this city,
has the following goose Btory to ten
in connection with the blizzard
Mr. Baker has a flock of 65 geese.
Friday night 16 of the geese went to
rest on a pond near bis house and
' the next morning were frozen In their
beds, surrounded By 3 Inches of Ice,
Mr. Baker took an ax when he dls-
j covered their predicament and went
, to tne rescue, ine ice naa emu
ticeably Injured after their peculiar
I Mr. Baker says if any doubters de-
to be shown he can exhibit the
hole. In the Ice from which he re-
! moved the geese. As a nature faker
with the goods to back him, Mr. Ba
ker makes Dill and the rest take
back seat
The Infant daughter ot Wilson. Thorn,
as Is very sick at the home of Mr.
ana sirs, jonn vauBan, ' ; -
All Pleaded Not Guilty and Their
Preliminary Bet for, February .11
Wiseman In a Mix-up Near Bowl
ing Qreen Last Summer. ,
The four robbers, Wiseman, Con
nors, Fitzgerald and Bell, who are
under arrest in the Palmyra - Jail,
charged with entering the Ilasco post
office several days ago, were ar
raigned before United States Com
missioner Geo. C. Moore, Monday, at
Hannibal. . ' All pleaded not guilty
and Were takon to the Palmyra Jail
where they will ta held to
await the preliminary heating
which has been set for February 11.
Bert Wiseman, one ot the four, was
implicated In a train robbery near
Bowling Green last August -when
Con Mulllns, of Feck, Mich.,
was robbed of $1$. Conductor Smal-
Iery, who had charge of the train, tel
ephoned from Bowling Green to
Louisiana for the police to meet them
at the train and Wiseman, with the
others were arrested. . It developed
that John Wise did the robbing
The party ot three men and one
woman and a monkey were making
the fairs.
At Louisiana, the four were arrest
ed and on the way up town a fight
ensued in which one of the gang was
shot In the arm.
Weapon That Killed Wagner
Thought to Have Been Found
Another discovery In the famous
Wagner murder case ha been made.
Constable J. 8. Atkins, of Vandalia,
has found a harrow tooth which he
believes Is the instrument which was
utilised In the killing of Wagner.
The weapon Is In the hands of Prose
cutlng Attorney E. 8. Gant, who will
have it microscopically examined for
traces of human blood.
Constable John S. Atkins found a
harrow tooth which he thinks is the
Instrument used by the murderer of
August Wagner last December. Mr.
Atkins found the tooth near Bland
school house after two week' search.
He has been assiduous in' his search
for clues since the occurence ot the
murder and he Is to be congratulated
on his discovery.
It was found on the road side In
the long grass close to a hedge fence.
The tooth is about a foot long and
was broken from an old fashioned
harrow, It Is covered with some
thing which may be or may not be
The tooth Is now In the possession
of the Prosecuting Attorney Gant who
try to ascertain what it Is. Bland
school house Is on the road which
Luther Anderson took when he re
turned to his father's bouse on the
morning of the murder after leaving
August Wagner's house.
It Investigations prove It Is blood
upon the broken tooth it will clear a
part of the dark mystery.
Luther Anderson, the accused m
urderer of August Wagner, wa ar
raigned before Judge, Barnctt, of the
Circuit Court Friday afternoon, and
entered a plea of not guilty. His
trial was set for the second Monda
In June.
When he entered the court room
Anderson showed little effects of his
incarceration beside the prison palor.
He was brought to this city from
Montgomery City where he ia being
kept because of the crowded conditio
ot the local Jail by a deputy sheriff.
Anderson, It will be remembered, is
charged with the brutal killing ot
August Wagner, a well-to-do young
farmer who resided near Vandalia.
The murder was one of the most bru
tal in the criminal history ot the
county. Wagner waa discovered by
neighbors at the foot of an out-cellar
stairs, his head beaten into a pulp.
The funeral of Jas. Spangler, who
died in the hospital in Fulton Tues
day waa held Wednesday, He was
interred in the family, cemetery In
Callaway county. Mr. Spangler was
a resident In this city until his health
failed him. The Ledger extends sym
patby to the family. -
(Vandalia Leader.)
Mexico has the son of a real live
English Earl Incarcerated In her Jail.
That dilapidated looking old building
will have to be repaired now. A ma
trlmonlal catch like that Is liable to
be kidnapped.
Crusade Commandery, No. 23, K. T
Feb. 6th. Full uniform. There shoul
be a full attendance. d2t
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailine in this
country most dangerous because so decep
tive. Aianysndden
deaths are caused
by it beaut dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
apoplexy are often
tne remit ot kid
rev disease. If
kidney trouble is
allowed to advance
ed blood will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, brick-dust or sediment in
the nrine, head ache, back ache, lame
back, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervous
ness, or the kidneys themselves break
down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
better health in that organ is obtained
Quickest bv a proper treatment of the kid
neys. 5wamp-Root corrects inability to
hold unne and scakuni; paininnassinfflt,
and overcomes that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often through
the day, and to get up many times during
the night. The mild and immediate effect
of Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
is soon realized. It stauds the highest be
cause of its remarkable health restoring
properties. A trial will convince anyone.
Swamp-Root ia pleasant to take mid is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. Yon may have a
sample bottle and a book that tells all
about it, Dotn sent tree Dy man. Address,
Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Binehamton. N. Y
When writing mention reading this gen
erous oner in tnis paper. Don't make
-T ; J eT.li
yo something in place of Swamp-Root
any mistake, but remember the name.
i u yvw w jvh iuu w uwi'iivuHvu. .
ii ii nil rvi
The Facts About Peruna.
Is Ferona an alcoholic beverage In disguise! Ii it possible to as Penuut
u substitute for whiskey t S people buy Penuia and use it as a toddy, or
a bitters, or a bracer! . .
It would be the easiest thing in the world for any one to demonstrate the
falsity of fucb statement. Let any one go to the drag store and purchase a bot
tle of Fernna. Let him undertake to tue it as a beverage, or take this remedy in
dose considerably larger than those prescribed os the bottle. Would the result
be alcoholic Intoxication ? Botaing of the sort let any one try it and sea,
Pernna is a meiical compound quite heavily loaded with medicinal ingred
ient. If taken in dose larger that prescribed it would prodnoe a positive
drug effect Ho one ooold take it as a beverage. If any one doubt these state
ments, try it and see. We know that Parana cannot be used a a bever
age; that it will not intoxicate; that it cannot be used as a substitute for
liquors. We guarantee that PE&UKA COHTAISS 50 CHEAP WHISKEY
OK AST 0THEB. WHISKEY, for that matter.
It contains a small per cent, of oologna spirits, absolutely essential to dis
solve and hold in solution medicinal ingredient, but the drug contained in
Pernna prohibit its nee as a beverage. It would be the easiest thing in the
world for any one to demonstrate this if they chose to do so.
reruns is sold everywhere. THE
ehemiit have analysed Peru and
wuissey. sow we onaiiemje any oncmisi to aemonitrate any such statement
Let any one who has even a smattering knowledge of chemistnr nnrchase a
bottle of Pernna and see whetuer or not it contains whiskey, find out for him
self whether or not it is composed of cheap whiskey and cubebs. Cf course,
cubebs is one of the ingredients of Pernna, but then are many other iiurred-
T. 1 1 ; .1 i i . M ... . " -
nuii. it nuiuuii iijiuuui E&saueiuu, voryoaus lormosa, couinsonia, and at
least four other medicinal ingredients. To be sure, no chemist could so ana
lyse Pernna as to be able to identify the various medicinal ingredients. This
is beyond the ability of any chemist But any ordinary chemist would be able
to say that Pernna is heavily loaded with medicinal ingredients of some kind
in addition to cubebs.
Now why are these statements repeated when their falsity oould be so
sadly demonstrated? Simply because there is continued hostility toward Pe
rnna on the part of the medical profession. Very likely the magazines which
took np the crusade against Pernna and denounced it as a cheap beverage
were misled by statements of the medical profession. Probably they were
sincere in their attitude towards it But now, after all these things have been
aid and refuted, it would seem to be in order for such people to use a little
fairness and common sense in the matter.
Every time any one save that Pernna is nothlnp but chean hik
cubebs he is telling a lie, an absolute falsehood. Koit people intend to speak
the truth. But the prevalent habit of repeating other people's statements,
without investigation as to their truth, has led many wen-meaning people to
say these false things about Ferona, - . . ,
Used according to the directions on the bottle, FEB. UNA IS A SAFE
AHD EILIABLS CATAItHH EEMEDY, but, like any other good medicine! if
takes in excess of those doses, it will produce drug effects very unpleasant to
the person who takes it , , ;? ' , .
- It is therefore np to every honest person to quit making such statement
concerning Pernna, or acknowledge that he is repeating slanders about which
he knows nothing. One might just as well say that Castor Oil is an intoxicant
that if taken in large enough doses it will operate as a "boose." If people
never tried to see, but simply repeated such statements about Castor OiL the
majority of people would come to belie ve them. It is no easier to demonsb ate
such a statement about Castor Oil than it would be abont Pernna.
Any one who takes Pernna knows that such statements are mlse To sav
that Pernna is cheap whiskey and cubebs may constitute good material for
Jokes on the vaudeville stage, but there is no excuse for any one who uretenrl
bv um uuuiiiuwftjruig WTW 6i' feu vib
Defendants Become The Plaintiffs
International dissension In a fam-j
lly of eleven children, all grown to
maturity and well (long toward the
sunset side of life; trouble over the
settlement of an estate, charges of
poisoning, hiding of valuable papers'
for many years, burning of ether "pa-
pers" In the oase, are a .few,ot 'the
points that go to make up cult now
being heard In tho Madison County
Circuit Court at Edwardsvllle. , All
Western lllnois .1 interested In the ,
ease. Mr. Philine Thornourg, ot tnis
city, I one of the litigants. '
The contention Involve disposition
of property of the late Charles F. Tib
betts, who owned several hundred
ocreB of land east of Edwardsvllle,'
and near the town of Alhnmbra.
The estate was administered by
George Roth, of Highland, who had niB distinguished services to the na
been Mr. Tibbett'a agent during his tlon and the fact of his years that en
lifetlme, and was closed up two years forced absence from home in Ohio In
later, final receipts from the Ueira performance of public duties had pre
belng for 1259.55 each., - 'vented him from complying with the
February 15, 1908, C. E. Tlbbetts,
H. Tlbbetts and Otis Tlbbetts, the
three youngest sons, filed a suit at
Edwardsvllle for relief and to set
aside a mortgage and deed executed
by the senior Tlbbetts to another
son, Dr. M. D. Tlbbetts. The mort
gage was for $7,600, and, according
to the doctor, represented loans made
to his father and accrued interest on at tlle christian Church Thursday of
a previous mortgage. ternoon and evening, was largely at-
The day after the suit was filed
Doctor TIbbets filed suit against the
brothers, who were parties to the
other proceeding, asking that certain
deeds made to them be set aside.
Cases Heard Together.
These cases are being heard at the
same time by an agreement for the
evidence to govern all, and hence
the parties to each becomes ,both
plaintiffs and defendants at one and
the same time. . ,
An added degree of Interest was In
jected Into the proceedings yesterday
by the presenting of a deposition
made by one ot the Bisters, Mrs. Flo
ra S. Walcher, of Lawrencevllle, Ind.,
In which she stated that she had re
moved four deeds from a satchel con
taining her father's papers and had
replaced blank pieces ot folded paper
in the envelope.
She said that her father, on the oc
casion of a visit to her, placed in
her possession the satchel, saying he
had made the deeds to protect the
family, as he was surety on a bond.
She thought the deeding ot the
property to the four song an injustice
to the other seven members of the
family, and accordingly substituted
blank paper for the Instruments and
hid the latter. "
Later, and only a few weeks be
fore he died, C. P. Tlbbetts was vis
iting another daughter, Mrs. Phtllne
Thornburg, at Mexico, Mo., and be-
comlnir 111. asked her to open the
satchel and burn the envelope with
Its contents.
She did so, and seven years after
ward in conversation about burning
tho papers Mrs. Walcher revealed
the fact that the real deeds were in
her posession. She turned them over
to one of her brothers, and Otis Tlb
betts filed his deed at the court
house In Edwardsvllle.
Brothers Ahead of Doctor.
This was the first Intimation that
Dr. Tlbbetts had of their existence.
In the meantime, he had bid In : the
home farm of 320 A. for $11,395, and
was In possession of the property
He at once filed suit to set aside the
deeds for the purpose ot quieting the
title, but tha day before the . three
brothers had asked that his mort
gage be set aside. . .
All of the children are present and
form an Imposing array of silver
heads. ' -
. ... iv-i-
been said over and over ae-ain that
found it to contain only cubebs and
- Acjivatvu laisenooQ.
Taft To Bo a Mason At Sight
Cincinnati, O. Feb. 3 Grand Maste
of Ohio Masons, Chas. S. Hosklnson,
has tendered to Wm. Howard Taft
the rare and high honor ot being made
a Mason on sight. Taft has accepted
and will return to Cincinnati, Feb.
18, when the Grand Master will con-
vene a distinguished company of Mas-
ons In the Scottish Rite Cathedral
and exercise the high prerogative
which belongs only to a Grand Mas-
ter of Masons. This honor so rarely
conferred that there Is but a (ingle
Instance on record In a hundred years
ot htstoy ot Masonry in Ohio. In 1892
Hon. A. S. Bushnell was made a Mas-
0n at sight.
The petition to thus honor Toft
was submitted by three grand officers
and sets forth high character of Taft,
usua requirements of the grand lodg
for lnltlaiton and advancement of
candidates. Grand Masters ot every
state will be invited to attend the
The Foreign Missionary Rally, held
tended bv the Deonle of this city
ani delegations were also present
(rom Fulton, Farber; Vandalia, Cen-
tralla and other nearby towns. The
principal speakers were Dr. James
Butchart, a missionary to China, and
W. H. Hanna of the Philippines. Each
of these gentlemen made splendid
talks on the needs as well as the
advancement of the missionary cause
In the countries In which they are
working. The moving picture and
stereoptlcon views shown at the ev
ening service added much to the suc
cess of the meeting.
Work has begun on the remodeling
of the Central hotel building, which
Is to be occupied by Greer, the Fur
niture Man.
Tho Knock-out Blow..
The blow which knocked out Corbett
was a revelation to the prize fighters.
From the earliest days of the ring tha
knock-out blow was aimed for the Jaw,
the tmple or the Jugular vein. Stomach
punches wero thrown in to worry and
weary the fighter, but If a scientific man
had told one of the old fighters that the
most vulnerable spot was the region of
the stomach, he'd have laughed at him
for an Ignoramus. ' Dr. Pierce Is bringing
hoae to the public a parallel fact; that
tli sVmacV Is the most vulnerable organ
out otlie prhn ring as well as In it. - We
DrotectburhtaHs. throats, feet and lungs.
but theAvtmioliVe are utterly Indiffer
ent to, until dlseVAttndi the solar plexus
and knocks us out. Make your stomach
ur stomach
us nl IJontnr
it " vo ursel f1, 1 ri your most vuTne?
WJUoldea Medical Discovery
alile,, jpqt. "Uoldea Medical Discove
euros "weak , stomach, Indigestion,
dyspepsia, torpid liver, bad, thin and im
nure blood and other diseases of the or
gans of digestion and nutrition.
The'Golden Medical Discovery has a
specifio curative (fleet upon all mucous
surfaces and hence cures catarrh, no
miktMr whra located or what stage it
may have reached. In Nasal Catarrh it
Is well to cleanse the passages with Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy fluid while using
tha "Discovery " as a constitutional rem
edy. Why the "Golden Modlcal Discov
ery " euros catarrhal diseases, as oi ins
stomach, bowels, bladder and other pelvlo
organs will be plain to yon If you will
read a booklet of extracts from the writ
ings of eminent medical authorities, en
dorsing It Ingredients and explaining
their curative properties, it is mauea
res on request. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce,
Buffalo. N. Y. This booklet gives all the
Inrradlsnts entering Into Dr. Pierce's
medioines from which it will be seen that
thev contain not a droo of alcohol, pure,
trlnla-raflned ilvcerlne being used Instead.
Dr. Pierce's great thousand-page Illus
trated Common Sense Medical Adviser
will be sent free, paper-bound, for '& one-
cent stamps, or ciotu-uounu iok oi smuuim
Address Dr. Pierce as above.
i waav.
Harrison Property Sold and the Pat
rick Estate Disposed of at Auction
at the Front Door of the Court
House t
The fine Harrison farm, south of
this city, 7 miles, was sold at auction
at the front door of the court house
Friday afternoon. It was sold to W.
W, Fry for SS451 which would have
to be paid to clear It
The Patrick estate In the west end
of the connty, was also sold. .160 A.
north of Centralla wa bought by Os
car Hanley at $43 an A. T. L. Craw
ford purchased 80 A. for $55 an A.
and Flood Patrick purchased 20 A.
at $19.50 an acre.
Mexico Boy Gets Oovernment Job
Another Mexico boy has been hon
ored. Ralph Mason,, a son of W. J.
Mason, of this city, has been ap
pointed by the government to a place
In riAnommAn a i I, M 1 1 1 1 1
Department of Agriculture,
the present he will be lo-
and for the present
cated at Columbus, South Carolina.
He has a position as dairy Inspector
with headquarters at Columbus. This
Is a most Important position and
carries with It a good salary. ' j
For the post eight months Mr. Ma
son has had a positron with - a dairy
firm In Pennsylvania. Some time
ago he took the examination tor the
government work and shortly after
wards received his appointment - Ho
was graduated from the department
of agriculture at the Btata University
In 1908. During the four years he
was In school he carried oft a num
ber of prizes, all of which were valu
able ones.
The government Is beginning a
series of experiments throughout the
South in the way of developing agri
culture and especially dairy work,
and Mr, Mason's many friends will be
glad to know that he has secured sue
a position. '
After a short visit with home folks
here he left for his new work Thurs
day afternoon. .
A. H. Moore's Narrow Escape
Providence, that mysterious force
which governs alike the fall of the
leaf and throne, Intervened Friday
morning, to save the .life of i A. H.
Moore, a clerk In Ferris A Cauthorn's
hardware store. Had he not changed
hie position while standing on the el
evator, In the rear of the building,
he would have been Instantaneously
killed by the fall of a 1000 pound
weight. '. t
Mr. Moore was working on . the
large freight elevator in the rear of
the building about 10 o'clock Friday
morning. The platform of the lift
had Junt touched the ground and as
he stepped from It the 1000 pound
weight, on the machine, fell from
the roof, 40 feet above, and crashed
throguh the flooring where he had
been standing but a second before.
The weight crushed through the
heavy oak planking on the floor of
the lift as if it were card board. It
was several seconds before Mr.
Moore could realize how fortunate his
escape had been. It all occured so
suddenly. That death would have
been Instantaneous is without ques
tion. The weight would have man
gled his form Into an unrecognizable
mass, had he not moved aside when
he did.
,' Mexico, Mo. Feb. 6-'09.
To my friends and patrons:
Irrespective ot rumors to the con
trary, I expect to continue to manu
facture Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Sel
tzer, etc., and I hope to merit the fu
ture patronage of all my old custom
ers and as many new one us desire
to soil the Mexico Bottling Co.'s pro
ducts. I will be unable to see, per
sonally, my many patrons, present
and prospective, but I desire to as
sure them that the standard as estab
lished by my plant, high quality of
Its products, satisfactory business ar
rangements and righteous dealing, wll
be maintained In the future as It has
been in the past.
I desire to take this means of
thanking my many friends for the
encouragement that they have given
me and to assure them that their
words of cheer are most highly ap
preciated. Respectfully,
(Signed) Mrs. J. A. Swartswood.Prop.
Which have stood the test of time
deserve a place In the medicine chest
of every family. Mothers are to-day
administering to their children the
remedies their grandmothers used. '
For thirty years, Lydla E. . Pluk-
ham's Vegetable Compound, . made
from roots 'and herbs, has been cur
ing the women ot this country from
the worst form of female Ills, and
merit alone could have stood such a
test of time and won such an envlabl
time and won such an enviable rec
Mrs. G. A. Ross, daughter of Hon.
and Mrs. W. S. Hathaway, of this
city, and the school with which she
Is connected, was royally entertained
by the Persian Legation of Washing
ton City this week. The function
was one of the most sumptuous, of
the season.
Col. Ed. Kunkel has one of the
best arranged galleries of pictures on
the west wall of the postotflce that
any one ever "put his peepers on."
Tha pictures are greatly admired by
Ed's many lady friends. Later on
Ed. will havo his "chromo" taken
life size and placed In the center of
the group, then the collection will be
complete. O, glory. Dill.
Hon. B. C. Waters of the Legisla
ture from Audrain county, is a mem
ber ot two of the most Important com
mlttees ot the House. Ways and
Means, also the - eleemosynary com
,,. M 1 1 1 1 1 jminniiiiiniiiy m i i
Baking Bswder
is the most efffcieat and ' V
perfect of teaventag agents,
No alum, lime or ammonia. :
" "I
30 20 and 10 YEARS M
JJ ' Ma
2 .---ii
, rT
Charley Murray was In the
F t
attending a gents' tailoring school.
Pott ft Glandon harvested 800 tons country, whether It be Yale or Har-
of Ice during the season. ' vard, a a freshman without) atand-
' ' ' ' " . , ' . . ', . Ing the customary entrance examln
J. J. West wa confined to his at"on '
bed by Ulnese. .. one of tha first thing required by
- J. W. Thompson, of Benton
was arranging to go to Texas.
' Two horses belonging to Mr. Ray
nor had their throats cut by an un
known party.
Mrs. Shootman broke her thigh
bone by falling. The same day MrS.lmaad9 tnft6 tho sollool gpIrIt ,hal,
mum ten on me siaewoia ana oroae
her ankle. . '
D. D. Bltven advertised that he
would have a public sale of stock and
farming Implements to take place
Feb. 12.
John Cahall moved to Wellsvllle to
reside. !(.; 1 . .-. ,.;r
Harry Slovens rented tho ' Field
farm, Just east of Mexico.
Prof, Bills had his singing school
at eBavor Dam. , '
John E. Gllmore and Miss Ella
Creamer were married by Justice Win'
scott, , t
Cards were issued announcing the
wedding of John Beatty and Miss
Mary .C. Smith, both ot Gant.
Mr. Cottlngham, of - Tulip,
Mo., and Miss Annie' Llewellyn, of
Laddonla, were married, .-
W. L. Crawford and Miss
Browning, of Toungs Creek,
married. , ; ,
C. A. Witherspoon and brother, of
Kentucky, bought D. Anderson's farm
south ot Mexico. Price, $35 per A.,
P, F, Dyer, of Cehtralla,' , bought
the dry goods and grocery stock of
J. N. Rosser at Rush Hill.
Edward Harrison and Miss Carrlo
Kendall, of Edwardsvllle, III,
married. ' 1 - ::.. s
J. W. Stewart and Miss Charlotte
Hepler, both ot Audrain, were mar
ried. .. ; . . . . ,
R.- 0. Graham, W. R. Carter and J.
A. Glandon went to Mobcrly to as
sist in organizing a new North Mis
souri Fair Circuit. '
H. Jacobl was in Quincy, 111., to at
tend the funeral ot Mrs. S. Simpson,
formerly of Mexico.
Miss Ada Treloar, sister of W. M.
Treloar, of this city,, died at her
home In Kansas City. The, inter
ment was made In tha Mexico ceme
tery, , :,'.(.! , . ' i ,'
Miss Blanche Elliott was visiting In
Hatton, Kan. : -; " ;
Jeff Sims purchased the T. J. Kel
so dray business.
' The residence of Charley Dufflus,
near Benton City, burned. .
J. C. I?lngo traveled for tua Urowu
ilarrow Co., of Kentacvy,
Mrs. Sarah E. Mansfield, aged 8?
years, died at her homo In this city.
Jas. Roy Key, ot the Ledger, uu-
derwent an operation at a hospital
l-i Bt Lti for appendicitis.
Mrs. 8. Gilbert, aged . 87 years,
died at her home 16 miles north of
this city,
James - Marshall returned ' home
from Alaska. Mr. Marshall had been
In the Klondyke country nearly a
M. Jenkins, ot this city, and E. A.
Feutz, of Rush Hill, formed a part
nership in poultry business in Rush
Ernest Gantt, of this city, had a
position with the Pittsburg & Gulf
Railroad Co., in the legal claim de
partment, with headquarters at Kan
sas City.
Not Coughing Today?
Yet you may cough tomorrow! Better be prepared for it
when it comes. Ask your doctor about keeping Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral in the house. Then when the hard cold
or cough first appears you have a doctor's medicine at
hand. Your doctor's approval of its use; will certainly
set all doubt at rest. Do as he, says... He knows.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. c. Aim Co.. Lowell Maa.
Robust health is a great salt-guard against attacks of throat and lung trouble, but
-constipation will destroy the best of health. Ask your doctor about Ayer's PIU.
Mexico High Sohool Wins Honors
The fact the Mexice High school Is
member ef the North' Central As-
sociatlon of Colleges and Secondary .
school Is known by -many, In this
eitV( bu 1tvt mUz the significance ;
that membership carries with It, This ,
membership Is only possible when a
school ha attained a
certain high
standard ana auowe
graduate to.
enter university or college In the
City, A school that Is admitted to this or
ganization Is every, teacher must bo .
a collego graduate. That no teacher
has mora than 6 periods each 'day.
Each period shall be ot 43 minute
lengths and that tho labratory and
library equipment shall bo op to e
certain high standard. It also), do-
be good Tnlg determined by the
Statu inspector ot education. The or
ganization is a national one tor the ;
promotion of education, ; .
The following communication from
the secretary ot the State University
on the committee ot accredltod school
will be of Interest to all f . ..
Columbia, Mo., Feb. .3, 1909-Supt.-, ;
Lea B. Hawthorne, . Mexico, iMo. .
My . dear Mr, Hawthorne! , Ia a re
cent meeting, tha University Commit
tee on Accredited Schools considered ;
tho report of our School Visitor, Prof.
Elliff , In regard to tha Mexico High .
School, and decided to add to previ
ous credits (1) unit each In English,
Drawing and . Physical Geography
Accordingly the list of credits Is as
follows: .-. i. i ;
English, .: i .
Algebra, X. l-2y .
Phys. Geog., 1.': i -Sol.
Geom., ! i
I'l. Trig., 1-2. r i ,
Anc. Hist, 1. , i i .; , '
Chemistry, 1. .
Gen. Biol., t.
M. 4 M. Hist., 1.
Eng. Hist., 1. ' . i . .- ;
Amer. Hist., I.
Latin, 4, . i
Gorman, 2. . s
Physics, 1. - j
Phys. eGog., L
Drawing, 1. : , !
Man. Tr., 1.
Total, 23 1 2.'
The Committee is pleased to nolo
that tho school ia woll organized, the
work well proportioned, and discipline;
excellent. It wishes to congratulate
you. on tha fact that tho school la
now a mambof ot tho North Central
Association of Colleges and Second
ary Schools. i 1 , ; ; :
Very truly yours,
t- J. II. Coursault,
Seo'y of Committee on Accredited
Schools, l i .. ;
Mr, and Mrs. Henry F. Langenberg,
of St. Louis announce tho marriage
of their daughter, Ida, to Mr. Joseph
L. Mclntyre, on Wednesday, Feb. 3,
190!), iu St. Louis. , .
Mr. Mclntyre is a former Mexico
boy and well known here, Tha Lod
ger extends congratulations in' ad
vance, i ;i ( . i , .; .
The new ordinances ot the city ot ,
Paris have been enacted by, the city
council and inaugurate several chang-,
es. ' Hereafter It will be unlawful to
either spit or skate on tha sidewalk,
and you can not build a barn within
20 feet ot a street or an alley or
any kind ot an cut-house within 5
feet. The most drastic, enactment Im
poses a Ilcenso tax of $25 a day for
selling or peddling merchandise on
order and puts Larkia soap women
i out of business, iWe may expect an
: armod rebellion soon.
Every Yoman Will Be Interested. '
If yoa will md4 yoar name and address we will
mall yoa FliEB a package of Moihor Gray's
AU3TKALIAV-I.KAF, a certain, pleaMot herb
cure tor Wmiicula ilia. It In reliable regulator
and Qever-fatllng. If yon have pains in tbe back.
Urinary,. Bladder Kidnwy trouble, vae thle
fileasoct miina of aromatic herbe, roota and
,iv. All rirtieaiJte toll It, so cenls, addrtae.
The MouiwUnii Co.,Le Key, N.Y.
Montgomery, Mo., Feb. 4. The an
nual district conference ot tha Meth
odist Episcopal Church, South, em
bracing the counties of Audrain, Cal
laway, Boone and a part of Randolph,
will meet for a three days' session la
Montgomery, the last of March. Tho
Reverend ,W. A. Hanna, ot Mexico,
will preside.
-- ' '

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