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The farmers' union. (Memphis, Mo.) 1891-1895, February 19, 1891, Image 3

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Protection or No Protection.
Protection or not is the ti!k of the diy.
But to all the good icojlu. I plainly would
The protection of shoes that will koo: ymlr
foot dry.
Are bettor than polities ever Co hi,-?h.
Keep your head cool, your (cot Soe;i them
The umicrtmliti(r riole:! 1Vhi ilsinpnesw
and harm;
There Is nothing on earth c:i il" this so well.
As l'hiips Boilirc Prtlmer ilioes tlmt always
These shoes will he found t M. Humphrey's
Where h? sells for cash snd sells his goods
His flue dress sulfa he sells them so cheap,
No house in the county Is aide to compete.
AVe have n line line of necktie? ami collars,
That we're selllnx for dimes eil us Tor
Wc have a jrood llae of flue uuderwear.
We're selllnjr l,f piece us well us liy puir.
Our trunks aivd rulfce.s t hat 'sehenper than hay
Vou would do well to pee Jlieni if yon'r1 e.o
itij; away,
I our liltf line of pants of I. lack, stiic and
v pray,
0 are trying to close them t.y uifht and
Joncsty Bob's
ireat 5 an! 10 .-cnt cheap stor Is where they
hnva everythlhjf you want and sell eheaicr
ian aayho ly, as fis follo'xin prices of a few
thin;- III prove.
he s:-:lls FOR 5 CTS each,
One 10 inch wash linsju, ! pint bucket, 3 quart
stamped pun. 1 it. eup, tiest ; 1 big dipper, bis
cuit ei'tter. puddin;r pans .1 pt extru deep,
round Jelly cuke pr.ns a::y size, two '.) i:ieh pie
pnns. calie cutters, v.-v't'tabic sraters, Wpr
rais; pepycr boxes i'l ti:i or (rlass. beauties;
alt cbakersof ail kin.ls, bouuties: all kinds
of dipp.r-3 and la 11 -s; any sizeJjiot li.ls, Iiest
funnels, any siz; apple eorers. curry combs,
tack hammers, toy ImteiK'ts, screw drivers,
JiastiMjf spoons, sad Ju-ou stands, coffee pot
stands, silf brackets: mincing knives, pen
knives, Joy bells. senile' i owls, stove lifters,
vork screws, cim e-rxners, silverlne nmtrs,
j '.panel trays, sewing machine oilers, shears,
c.o turners, cook's fork, a big one; potato
niashurs, wire boilers, wire strainers, vegeta
ble lifters, wire photo easels, tea and coffee
t-t miners, flue combs, coarse combs, round
combs, pocket coivbs, thiuibles kll sizes, iest
made; 50 liuir pins, ski liest ademautine pins,
41 carpet tacks. I.ua) ln-st matches, all po off:
21 shoets or love letter paper. 25 enveloites,
playing ot.rds, dominoes, checkers. Jew's
liurps, French harps, nest vickh, bird baths,
rlas buckets, tumblers, Koblets, bird cage
n-ups, rubber teething rings, box of shoo
Mucking biff as a wavon wheel, stove polish,
sewing machiee oil, pcK-ket looking glass,
tooth brushes, hand brushes, clothes lilies,
4 jb; mouse tri;-, wood faucets, wood
spoons, t hook racis, HI inch bi-.ndana luiud
k. lehi.-f. all-kind-J of handkerchiefs, 3 cakes
of the finest toilet soap, napkins, 5 best rub
I r tip le id pencils. I:'.tcs C; by ID inches, 2."
cl.it" pencils, iv-t quality, comb and brush
e:-so with mirror, iv.k. muccl.ifye, tablets, dolls,
i illdlii blocks, a iiije line of S cent glassware,
memorandum Imm'ks, 1 yard best garter web.
all sizes lamp chimneys, 2 yards lamp wick, J
dozen safety is baby breast pins, Indies
bre:;t pins, food .(imiity, toy cups and sau
crs. c -ildren's hooks, child's handkerchiefs
rr Sets, fancy hair j!a-, a nice line of wine
classes. '.'.Sin toothpicks, a good line of tooth
pick holders, T, best sewing- ne lies, 18 sheets
lj"U' paper, 1 lmrif.il d in!)'.- watch afe. 2
ilvt!iiuo toy 2 pint c.jps. Nt make; I
loy sprinkl'.T. 0 ta spoons. I :ire saovel, cov
ered hiind!.-. The aho. o nrt teles you can buy
for i cents each, nu.l :u:tiiy more that we eaa
not mention.
X beauty sil-.-.-rln,- eom'i ease, eurlinjr irons,
corn pop--ra. :r. Ms.diil nrlieles in ne package.
different kiuds of bulier tii lev', fi dllferint
kinds ' cream pin-hers, I w ire hair ItusIi,
loihes brush.Jserub brush, stove brush, shoe
trus'i, l fy broojii. whisk broom, r0 foot
ltlif:s line, tl tnble spoons. nl!ii:.f pin. 6 qt.
dfs-p paus, lOqt. miik pan. one VI inch tulwd
cuke pan, I mzc si d Icohin,- class, 12 best
rubber tipped lend pencils. 1 mop stick. 1
Sou bundle liro shovel, ladles breast pins of
many styles ml-d-dd, :t qt. covered bucket,
qt. cups rivitej bandlat, (i i;t. tlorin pulls,
supHr lowls, coffee pota und tea pots, alow
jnns. Trr pans, dish pnes, 1)1 wash pan,
sprinkler, boys toy carts, metal tire, fornieily
a 25 cent out?; jrciu pans 6 in a frame, best on
earth; spitiocus, bread puns iron, culender
U pans best made, milk strainers, waiters,
3 kinds of sifters, towel rollers, tea steepcrs,
rollinp pins, butcher knife, pen knife, kniTe
p.ud fork, knives only, shears, lamp burner
imd wicks, hiijryy whip, pot chains with han
eles. Ho bus also boys' wagons, whodbar
tots, shootiys. cli!.lr, enrts, and KM different
articles in tinware, pl;swnre, queensware.
notions, fte. at prices runL-lmr fr-jm 15, 25 and
5 cents to 51 eac'i. Try Honesty once. He')
nil rifUt. If -c.ii can't jret your money's
worth at Honesty Hob's store, then you will
never ret your money's worth any mare, any
Time Tible
Trains will arrive at Memphis as follows:
&o. 1, Mail
So. 3, .
KO. 11, Freight..
Ho. 13. Freight..
9:TO a. m
0-.2S p. m
l!:45j. n
1:10 a.m.
Na. 2. Express I0;0S. m.
Ko.6. Mail ttt p. m.
Xo. 12, Freight I2rf5 p. m.
Ko. it, Stodt i'rel?ht 10:43 p. tn
Train No. 14, stock express wtii run only vn
Tiiesdnys, Thurslays and Saturdays.
Train No. 13 will pass Memphis only on
Wednesday, Friday and Monday mornings.
C. A. DEWEY, Areiit
3ounty & 1. U.
Meets first Friday in April, July, October
ami January.
JosF.en Mn.i.Eft. Tresident.
G. S. Collins, V: "w-I'resident.
J. f Tknnast. S-cretarv.
AesTiN !;. I. knon. Treasurer.
W. H. K. Smith. lecturer.
5). S. I.awresck. Assistant Lecturer.
I-:. J. 5yuth. Chaplin.
J. C W atkins. Slennnl.
Asv fHANK, DHrkeeier.
f,. .M. Ai.i.kn, Assistant Doorkeeper.
r.lWAHll i:ttek, l
.1. U. Talbot, VE.xecutive Com
Jakes Gakmaw, j
Kev. J. W. Kitti.k. 1
r. N. Noiii.k, J-Judiciary Com.
KeokuM Wester
Farmers' Union.
THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 1S91.
Hnvlnjt been a teacher In Heojlauc county
for the last ten years. I 6ubuiil my name for
Commissioner of Public School? of Scotland
county, nsklnjr the votes of tho people nt the
April election of 1K)1. W. H. 5IOOKI1.
S. A. Miller, of (jorin, was in Mem
phis, Tucsila)-.
The electric light? was tui neil on
Tuesday night.
A concert is eontemnlateil for the
hctiofit of the hanJ.
I.oru to Mr. and Mrs. A. Tinnry
the Kith inst. a girl.
J onion McCnnn, of RIooiuriohl. la,,
.vas iu the city yesterday.
Bend M. Mills' plow and wagon
advertisement in this issue.
Jos. A. Walker and son arc in
Lewis county, this week, on business.
If you want granger prices oa tin
ware or spouting, go to E. S. Zugg's.
Morey Lovell, Chas. Kitts and
Harry Blake spent Sunday in Milton,
Miss Ida George, of Milton, Iowa,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. 1.
Miss Piiiie Graslo, of Kiiksville,
Mo., was visiting friends iu this city,
last week.
The thanks of this office is due 1).
1. Jackson for a fine lot of Northern
Spy apples.
Miss MTtle Phelps, of iuincy,
III., is visiting tho fasiily of W. T.
Ballow, of this city,
Henry Blanchard, of Azcn, has
been allowed a comfortable poyion
by the government.
Will Boyd, Walter Leach and
Snowden Powell, of Milton, la., were
in Memphis last Thursday.
The Farmers' Union is in the
front lines fighting for justice, ivsml
us your support. It will cost you
but I.
The Scotland County Mutual In
surance meeting was held in tli?
Farmers' Union office last Saturday
John Douglas and family left
Tuesday night for Kirksvillc, M.,
where the' expect to make their fu
ture home.
Thomas Foglesong, of Milton, la.,
came down to the land of plenty,
Monday, and purchased a wagon load
of potatoes.
I). W. George and daughters, Misses
Ora, Idaand Anna, of Milton, la., were
visiting C. 1. Baxter and family Sat
urday and Sunday.
Jack For Sale. Bred n Bourbon
county, Kentucky, and a first class
animal. Address or call on J. T.
Spillman, Sand Hill, Mo:
S. Foglesong lias the best dray
team ever seen in Memphis. The
color cf the team is black aud each
animal weighs 1530 pounds.
An infant son of Geo. Btaillcy,
died in this citv, on Mondav, aged
thirteen months. The deceased was
buried at Bible Grove, on Tuesday.
Our patrons should remember that
this office is fully prepared to print
horse bills as neat as ossible and at
prices tthat will astonish the world.
About one month ago a prize was
offered, sit the shooting gaiter', for
the best score in 10 shots, counting
10 as perfect, one Stevens rifle, as
first prize, $5 as second and $2..r0 for
third. The shoot closed Saturdav,
'eb. 14th. Frank Monroe carried of!
the first prize, the rifle, with a score
of 96; Harry Buttles took second.
$5, with a score of 95 ; Otis Fravel
took third, $2.50, with a score of 05.
There was good shooting doie ly all.
some 25 or 30 scores above 90.
A gentleman from an adjoining
town was in Memphis Saturday and
informed us that this city injoycd
the best trade of any place of its
size au3'whcrc. This is due from the
fact that the merchant of the city
are selling goods on a very close
margin and the people are becoming
aware ef this state of affairs.
Mr Dailey, the horse buyer who
has been making this city- his head
quarters, received the intelligence
Monday that his fine residence in
Montgomery City, Mo., had burned
on Sunday night A small insurance
was on the building and contents.
Mr. Daily left for Montgomery City
Mond.ty night
There will undoubtedly be a large
transfer in Scotland county real es
tate this spring. It is becoming rec
ognized the world over that better
agricultural land exists thaff ran be
found in this county and the prices
asked for the same are much- lower
than elsewhere.
George Witherspoon, of this city
stole a ride on a freight train las
Saturday, and when the train neared
the Kahoka depot, jumped off and
broke bis right leg. He was brought
back to this city Saturday night.
There will be a building boom in
auguratcd in Memphis tli coming
spring. At present it is almost im
possible to rent a residence. Twenty.
five to fifty good residences could- be
reu4d here at once.
Courity Court Proceedings.
MESirnts, Mo., Feb. 9, 1891.
The resignation of Jno. S. Frj'oras
Justice of the peace of JefTerson town
ship w:;s accepted.
Overseers bonds for the year was
fixed at $300. Poll tax lilted at $3
at the rate of $1 per da fir hand, or
i'2 for hand and team. 25 per cent,
to be paid overseer on work actual ly
The sum of $10(52.91 was transfer
red from county interest fund to
county school fund.
Messrs, 3foor, McKee and Cramer
were appointed to draft rcsolui km s on
the death of -Judge J. M. Clark.
Hy agreement between county court
and F. T. Hughes the matter of mak
ing levies to r,a judgments was de
ferred until May term, lHiU.
W L. Smith was allowed $2l for
viewing roads, bridges, etc.
F. II. Conclly was allowed $10-1.30
for boarding paupers.
The order heretofore made approv
ing the bond of J. K. Witt, for the
sum of $75, in favor of the county
school fund was recinded.
A Cram shop license was grsuted
D. Crump.
Resolutions of respect to Judge J.
M. Clark was preseuted and ordered
spread upon the reeej-ds.
The new bond of J. K. Witt for
$75 in favor of the school fund was
The eluik was instructed to give
notice in the Kemocrat for receiving
bids for county funds depositor'.
Settlement of Geo. W. Buford was
presented and approved.
Boad district Xo. 1-G5-11 was or
dered changed.
Settlement of Charles Horn, road
overseer, was approved.
The following bills were allowed:
Brandenburg & Hammond, sup
plies for county .$2.95
J. C. Leach Sup. to count v 27.55
H. H. Saliug, care Alice tutton, 2.50
J. L. Traves, services assheriir, 12.u'0
II. II. Saling, " " 20.00
A. II. Farnsworth, salary 15.00
C. K. Burrus, ' " 15.00
G. W. Buford, " 15.00
The bond riven bv Alice Foster to
the county was ordered released.
The bond of the county collectcr
was tised at $00,000.
Bond of Elizabeth 11. Jones for
$300 to school fund was approved.
Court adjourned.
Died near Ottumwa, Iowa, on
Friday, February L5, lS'.U, Joseph
K. liillips. The deceased was an
early settler of this county and went
through all the hardships of frontier
life, but by his splendid business
management accumalated consider
able of a fortune. He was at one
time a county judge and was recog
nized as one of the leading citizens of
Scotland county. Soino years ago'
he moved from his farm in this conn-;
ty to Milton, Iowa, where he built a
Cue home and engaged in the bank
ing business. For about two years
he had been in jioor health and was
at the Ottumwa mineral springs, in
the hope of gaining hoalth, when he
died. His entire family was at the
bedside when death cane. His wife,
i tiaugnter, .Mrs. v. 1-4. mm, ana a
soiv Will Billips are left to mourn.
The deceased was buried at the Bil-
lips Church in this county, on last
Sunday, many of his old friends from
Memphis being present.
Arrangements are being quietly
icrfectcd for building a $20,01)0 hotel
in Memphis during the coming sum
mer. It will be built of brick and
firstxlass throughout. It is intend
ed to make the new hotel in keeping
with the cit A3 soon as the ar
rangements are entirely made we
will give the full particulars to our
The Cautril correspondent to the
Keosauijua Democrat says: "A herd
'oiled Anjrua cattle, -5 or oO, from
near O-kaloosa, passed through town
ist Sunday cu route for a stock
breeder bv the name of Schenck, in
Scotland county, northwest of Mem
phis, Mo. They were an extra One
Postmaster Cowell has jierfcclcd ar-
anseinents which enable him to re
ceivc subscriptions for aliout 2,000
lilferent papers and periodicals, and
to save the subscribers remittance
foes and postage, and will guarantee
against losses. ill also receive sub
scriptions for county papers.
The following marriage licenses
were issued by the circuit clerk dur
ing the past week: Noah J. Trout
and Mrs. li. E. (Jivons, August Kraus
and Miss Ida Xeel, F. 31. Woodsmall
and Emma Connor.
L. E. Vangicson, of Kiowa comity,
Kansas, has purchased Ed. Butler's
farm, three miles cast of Memphis
The farm consists of 120 acres and a
ver' finely improved tract of l?nd.
Died on Tusdaj, February 10th
1881, of consumption, Mrs. J. S. Sim
mons, at Pleasant Ketreat. the le
ceased w,-u -15 years old. The re
mains was laid to rest yesterday.
The proceeds of the St. Valantincs
supper, given by the ladies of the
M. E. church, seMli, Saturday, Feb
ruary 11! h, was $40. A good time
and supper is reported.
Thomas Broadwater, Jr., has re
signed his posiiien in the Murphy &
Miller stefe at Lancaster. He ex
pects to Start fer the west i--few
Disn; III this eit at the resi
dence of C. II. Blake, Monday, Feb
ruary Kith, 1891, Crawford, son of
John and liebecca Davalt, aged -1
years, G months and 9 daj's.
Little Crawford had come in town
to visit his aunt, Miss Mary Kinney,
when he was stricken with scarlet
fever. With the befit care of physi
cians and friends, he could not get
well The remains were intered in
Bieldand cemetery, at Hitt. .Mo.,
Tuesday, February 17th.
Over the river, the Itontman pale
Carried another, our household pet;
Dai-lini? Crawford, I so him yet;
He nroifoi! on his ho.iom his dimpled band.
And fenrlesBly entered the phantom burk;
We saw it jf'lde from the silver sand:?.
And all aavr sunKiijne jre-.v strangely dark.
W'e may not minder the veil iipnrt
That hides from our vision the jrutesof day.
We only know his bark no more
May glide with ours on life's stormy sea.
Vet somewhere. 1 know, on the unseen sea.
He'll watch, and wait, and bebeon for me.
And I sit, and think, when the sunsets ;oI,l
Is Hushing lit:! river, nnd hill, and shore.
That 1 shall oc day stand hy the waters cold
And list for tfce sound of the boatman's oar;
I shall eat eli u illeam of the snow y sail,
I shtdl hear the Unit as It nears the strand,
I shall pass from siht with the boatman pule.
To that liettor shore In the spirit land;
1 shall know the friends t hat hnvctfonc before.
And Joyfully sweet will the iiiccti.-ur be.
When over the river, the peaceful river.
The Anrel of Death shall carry me.
M. A. K.
A stabbing nil ray occured near
Kahoka, Clark county, last week, in
which Lloyd McKee, a wealthy sloe!:
raiser was killed by two brothers
named William and James Shaffer,
tho quarrel growing out of an old
feud. Win. Shaffer received a .stab
in the right breast, jut below the
nipple, anil a bad gawh aero-s the
left hand. It is titougiit that his
wounds will terminate fatally. Tiie
coroner's jury returned a e -d:ct hold
ing the Shatters for the murder of Mc
Kee, and they are now in jail. All
the parties concerned were prominent
in Clark county. L ineaUer Repub
lican. The murdered man is an uncle of
Ed. JL Mekee, of this city, and he
luforms us that the trial of tho mur
derers will take place this week.
Lloyd McKee was one of the lead
ing citizens of Clark county and there
appears no reason why he should have
been murdered. The trial will, no
doubt, result in sending the prisoners
to the nenitentiarv for life at least.
Johnson Township..
The I'rospect Grove F. & 1.. Y .
regular meeting on Saturday night.
Feb. 21st, still in a prosperous con
dition. The literary meets regular every
Wednesday night, subject f ; discu
sion, Resolved that dramshop license
should be abolished.
The health of the community is
The excitement over the wolf
chases have subsided, the destruction
of stock being so great that the peo
ple determined to rid themseives of
Mr. Wolf. Baits of poison were set
for them, and one wan found dead by
Win. McKldoury which measured 1
ft, 2 i.i.in height 4 ft. iin in. in length
and weighed ;." lbs.
The Prospect GroTe Cooperative
store is iu a prosperous condition un
der the management of Miss 11. Sea
right Riley Mccks is moving on a farm
west of Memphis.
Chas. Selby and wife will occupy
the house just vacated by Mr. Meek.
Program of the night session of
the F. & L. C, of Scotland county,
on April 3rd, 1S91.
'rayer, Hcv. Tanquary.
Address of welcome, Pres. Miller.
Response, Prof. Morgan.
What of the third party led by U. 1'.
Talbott, followed by Ed. Cutler
aud others.
Paper, Arc our Statesmen on the de
cline, by W. R. Moore.
Closing remr.rks.
Closing song, by Memphis Public
Look here! When vou come to
town remember wc carro a full line
of family groceries. Call and see us.
Our goods are fresh and clean and we
make prices to suit. Bring us your
butter and eggs and get the highest
market price. We sell at whole
sale nnd retail. East side 6iuare.
List of letters remaining iu the
post-oillce at Memphis, Mo., Feb. 18
891: Birt Creek; Mn. Mary J.
Childers; Theophlts (iolusbeny 2;
Mrs. Norah Keller: Miss Fraukic
McCurry; Mrs. Mary Smith; J. M
Williams; Mr. II. M. Wise.
F. M. Cowf.i.i., P. M.
Blind Boone delighted quite a large
atylicnce at the Grand Opera House
last evening, by his wonderful power
on the piano. It seems like his child
as he tenderly caresses it and draws
from its strings music of the grandest
and most difficult kind. His powers
of memory are wonderful, aud he
plays any tunc called for by tho peo
ple in the audience. He can remem
ber an entire tune by hearing it play
ed once, and reproduce it with a fidel
ity that is almost startling. Those
who have heard Blind Tom say that
Boone is Ins superior in nearly every
thing. This afternoon he closes his
engagement here for the benefit of
Weslej- church. He gives a matiuee
performance, and will play a number
of pieces for the little folks. Peoria
A man from Chicago was hear
Tuesday trying to work up a scheme
to sell goods to the farmers in large
orders awl take their notes. Better
look out! for these fellows. There is
an aftertfap to all sucli-6cheme3. Your
home merchants will do- y ou more
good: Milton, Iowa; Hcrakl.-
I I I Ain't Hec'd K.xp'd Due Dist 1 Due O'r Dae Co
Isaac iiormiia 1 HI 10 i-r'-.X, litem i'X.'.C, ZC.i.l
J. 11. lturehdin U H H tW.Vi 4.2rt 1T.S
S. Marker 4 W 10 4'i.Tl -is.0) J l.'.vj
Hemv Kirburt 5 64 1' 1M.2I TO.ft. SW..V! - is.c:
J. W. nickersoa 2 ('.." 10 V2m1 l i0.)) 4101 W.MM
3. i". Houni ;( i'.o 10 in:,.; rcw :n ;n ai.tm
J.T. spi-rks 1 15 10 li. i!) JliM in S.-..tW
I. KlliiV 1 IM id M :V W S'12
.1. .ShepnersoTi a m In Tr.sii Fft.4- l-!i :.!.'
2w. H. t.'nrrv ;i W 10 : CA i'.t.f ) ::.7
John W. Tnompsoii 4 Or, III 77 00 1.02 11.25
J.W.Kerr I r,7 !0 H ti? ,.2 ViMt
W. J.Mvers i fti !! lis ;. li.'.eii
Thos. A. ';;H ;i. tt 4 r.J 11 T.7'J :Vj -.11 L'a .'0 -. I
Jus. W. li.ukev a tii i ',-1 ii.I.I 7 0) :!:.!
.las. Harb X ? H "ii:.'0 7 IT 21 M
'J. r.Teniiant, 5 i5 11 3.77 bios TA.ia I7.."0
.1. II. Troth I i II 41 M ".'11. C :: : Ul.ttl
C. K. Monitor 2 11 "Oi.K bis 40 i.4. 44.7,"
.1. A. Mummoiid :i M II 7i.:-'l 4ti.2.t 25.01 2l.4t
.1.1'. Davis 4 rs 1 1!H.("4 0 J-4. M.l! :: .it
II. VcClnui 1 07 1! 'SI Ti 57.11 :Ci 1,0 :.i (i
i. W. WnodMiC 1 HA 14 l.KJ 1H 1,7 I '-'i ISUfl
II. K. Weaver 2 114 12 W.50 55.15 Ha. 2!i.:.
A. M. Ilradlev It fit 12 1IS.7S W.'O l'lst 4175
W. II. Miller 2 in 12 U-U'.l f 20 2':ii ;;o.ii'i
tico. Hilller :i (15 12 n:0.4't 1 lit iO 47 : '.I 41.15
K. W. Campbell I Mi 12 !i50 5T.M) 2:i 50 :i7.75
W. li. l)riie 2 12 !i 25 M.IO l:t 15 :il.l4
Jos, A. Walker :t fill 12 HHss ill 55 I5.;n 42.75
II. Ji'oore 4 c.'.; 12 n.:!- is; o I l.ss 45.0!
Win. Daniels 2 07 12 S4 S5 07.M 17.17 17.75
J. H. Com-h 1 ns 1:1 im.iKi tm.in .:o T2.tM
.1. It. Puriev 2 t!5 11 IIS Si. I:i5.'.i5 pi. 20 515
.1. S. Craw ford 1 Oil I.! T2.Su IH.tsi tt.'.'O
.1. S. liMUer 2 (l:i j:i 1I7:."J 121 .02 '. '
Jeese- beeper 1 07 1.4 ."O.'iy Hi .! 27.50
are ri;dit to the front with the first Jssr.e t,f the runners" and Labors'
Cision paper to announce that we are .still acknowledged to be
th. only ONK TlilCK House a:xl Lenders of
.3 5
Carpets, Window
&c, &c. 3all
Mrs. S- A. JEW15TT & SOlSf.
23 n
Boots, Shoes,
The place to buy is at the Mills
Mo. The largest stock of Implements
either, wood or steel beam, tirub or
durable for rough land or road work.
land. Full line of Cultivators with
trip or breaic pins, (jeucral repairing, especially on plows and machinery.
New Shares or Shovels pointed, ground and polished. Cultivator wheels
rind shovels. Bull Tongues, Rolling
faimiu. Farmers, please bervr in mmd that every article is
ar.d we. are here to make it good. c make tho BEST FARM WAGON
in the market and challenge a comparison with any wagon made in this
locality or brought here for sale.
Memphis Marble
CMS. f.
293 and '295 Wabash Annuo,
1 a&y
M . 1
3 Y r3 ce ca
Shades, Coffins,
and Sec Us,
lletween I. Sccord's and A. Simon's Stores.
i M
i hi
llais, Caps,
Valises, Tninte,&c,&c.
Tlie hr;re: t nnd mnA et;i
city, ii'.clr.dinj; i t the '
e Ftock in tho
Styles, ut
D. S3S20RD,
wkst sun: of the squaiih,
nyrx: ins, 2sEo.
Wauox and Plow Wontcs, Memphis,
in town. All sies Breaking Plows,
all purpose plows made strong and
Shovel plows extra strong for grub
straight beams parallel beams, sprimi
Coulters and general supplies for
im:. mills.
& Granite Works,
2 Manufactures Monuments and
Tombstones from the best materials.
Work (Ji ahaxtek;.. TERMS TO
flFQ. CO.,
Stoves and
The Oni.v Fiisst-Ckass Stock- in Scotland county. The Superior
Cook Stove a specialty, IJecause it is the Rest Cook Stove danufactuscd..
Any gOMii usually kept in a hardware tock wo cam' and the ip.irility is the
best and our prices ale '-l,ivo and let live!"
3E. R. BARTlyiECT.
Those wishing to s.-eur;? a loan on improved f-.'rrns will save mosey by cop
suiting the undersigned.
At lowest rate of interest. Six to eight per cent, from 1 to 5 years, witi "
privilege of paying installments after one year.
I v.ill also insure you against Fire, L-ghtninp;, Tornadoes mid Cyclones, i:
the very he? t insurance companies of the land.
Loans closed jiroinpily and satisfaction guarantee!.
The Furniture Dealer.
Manufacturer of ami
& db W s&a E&la dbeJi
A Complete nnd Varied Assortment of Tinware Always in Stoekl
Special articles made to order. Spouting, Guttering and other work irr h .
line done promptly and efficiently, at price 3 lower thai, anywhere
else in town and out of the best iuatori.nl iu the market.'
Give Him an Early Call. North Side
that bh'igi'it, spaiVk'lixo m'ag'azine?'
no noTiPQ wmm
edition ;''Vi;Ecr.:!!EB, im. 100 tiiol-saxd coriss.
The Cosmopolitan i liif: vtty : nt (!;e Now York Time cnlla It. "At itfi'price, th brls
est, nit si vi:t ;ol m:! heat c-litil cf the Magazines."
Snbscribe-An Unusual Opportunity
The Cosmoi o-.iy.vN, j r year $2.40
Farmers' Vnk.x, " $1.00.
The price of ihe two pcblTcalious 8S.50'
This oiler is only to new subscribers to the CosMorohrfA. ami oi.
for one year.
"It has more rt!Hi-s jh f :ich iii!jri.fr t: :.t nre rctu'uililc. nnd fewer iiii'ititerosting pt
tlmii any n;' i! !i!!-i'nrk-s." Boston Jeornal.
The 0!mi)politan fsa ni:-. s Xi ihe first time iu tfitfeaxtoo literature,
A Splendidly Illustrated; Per logical at a Price billiertodeettied MpossIKe!
It will he a liberal education to every n:omf;er of the household. It trill make the nlithUp '
plcnsamly. It will irtvc you more iiir rlie nn.ner than vou can obtain In any other forn
Do you want a lirst-c-liifs M:iKi!ic. rivinir i iuiuitlly l.:ibo paters by the shiest uritsri i-i
eltiverest artists us realah!t- 4 jl.-v-ii.iiic as money ein make a Magazine
thut makci a i.i!. i..;iy ot live sulijefts if
Send $2.50 hi this otlict ,w.i snure botb Tlftteiroipilta nif Farmers' Kal
Queens ware:
Three or Foot Burner Evaporating Gas
clic Stove is liic Vn osdcr of l'ne Age.
The Deal arransrem-.nt for lighting thcStovc
imm'iiiiieiy without ;re'iert:Uir is a wohder
ful i:iiir'jveraent. I'o child could ruukc a tujar
tske on it.
No Smell! No SmoKe! No Soot!
All the pimilitity for worfciiifr the stove liy
n leaver which ihdic.itcs when the burner ia
open or ch: ed has been retained iu the Evun
orutiiiKQiriCK yc.it
P.uy i he 1'i-aporatinr Ql. ICK MEAL STOVE
und ri'KHI.F.SS STEAM ttK)KEIt 8lld jou
hiive the ih;st nnd Most Economical Cook
inc Outjit OS E.lHTH.
s MUIyGH .
Junior In all t!"ucK;'of
Public Sparer Mcrapliis, lissom i
m nnth r
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