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The Texas Murderess Captured South
l'akota Independents Victorious 1 hree
Actresses Cremated Congress Still
Working on Appropria ions Hanger of
a Big Flood.
sow tuby'bb: noHKixo.
Congressmen Realize that hut Little Time
Is l.rfl Them.
Is the House, on the 16th, E. B. Taylor,
rising to a personal explanation, said that
on the 14th in the heat of tichalo lie used
language toward the gentleman from Illinois
(Mr. Fithian) which he was immediately
Bjrry for. He had said that that gentleman
had a right to make a fixd of himself, hut
not with his (Taylor's) consent. His words
were unreasonable, unparliamentary and
unjust, and he apologised to the House ami
the gentleman, and regretted exceedingly
that he was under excitement at the moment
and was induced to make use of them. Mr.
' l'itliian. after hearing tho manly state
ir.eutof Mr. Taylor, accepted the apology
In the same spirit in which it
ha? ' been made. The conference on
the army apropriutton hill was then
adopted. and immediately there
after the House went into committee of the
whole on the Indian appropriation hill. In
tho ben ate, the credentials of Senator
Jones, of Nevada, and Mitchell, of Oregon,
for terms beginning th- 4th of March next,
were filed. The conference report oa the
rttHcatlons bill was agreed to, and Mr,
Mel'onnell addressed the Senate in advo
acy of his bill, directing the proceedings
of condemnation against the I'nion and
t'entral Pacific Roads. It was referred. The
diplomatic and consular bill was then
taken up and several commi.t-e amend
ments agaped to. Work Is so pressing, ami
time so shinrt. that It is not likely anv ad
journment will be had on the days of the
funerals of Admiral l'orter and Oeueral
Atcful Death of a Pennsylvania Girt in
a Passenger Coaelt.
An immense rock, weighing at least 20d
pounds, fell from IhuiucsiiP heights and
crashed into a passenger coach of the Wash
ington (Pa.) express on the Pan-handle
road. Instantly killing one passenger and
seriously Injuring three others. Their
names are: Miss Clara Fleming, aged l'.i
years: brains crushed out : badly mangled:
killed Instantly. J. F. 1K: a'me. aged -0
yoars; badly hurt about the head and chest.
Miss Mamie Baldwin, aged IS years: cut
about the head, breast, and arms.
I'nkuown man. badly bruised. It
had bie:i raining steadily for nearly
twenty-four hours, and landslides were re
ported at various points along the road.
The rock came thundering down the moun
tain side and it crashed into the center of
the coach, completely wrecking it. Mi-s
Fleming and Mr. Donahue were sitting in
the same seat, but the young lady occupied
th.? window side, and the rock came through
car and cru-hed her to death. Donahue
made a leap and escaped with serious cuts
and brui-es. A scene of wild confusion
liig Flood Impending.
A flood in bth rivers, unequaled by any
rise of the waters since that of February,
1S?4, Is looked for by river men of experi
ence In Pittsburg, Pa. The most conserva
tive estimates place the limit at twenty-five
feet. The fall of rain for over thirty bouts
along both the Alleghany and Mon.mgahela
rlvers from their mountain sources has been
heavy and regular, and it is still raining.
At many places great damage has been done
Murderess McCube Captured.
The Corpus fhristl, Texas, jail now
holds a noted prisoner in the person of Mrs.
Mary MeCabe the murderess of Judge Max
Stern. Mrs. McCabe broke her ankle when
escaping from the Mexican jail at Mata
moras, but that did not prevent her walk
ing a mile to where horses were in waiting
and riding horseback to the Santa Kosa
ranch, near which she was recaptured.
Sioux Chiefs Visit the Carlisle Schoo'.
The delegation of Sioux" chiefs from
Pine Ridge inspected the Indian School at
Carlisle, Pa. The pupils gave an Interest
ing programme of exercises which was re
ceived with many signs of satisfaction and
pleasure by the visitors. Ad interesting
feature was an essay on the 'Indian Mes
siah" by Chauneey Yellow Kobe, a Sioux
Fatal Accident at a Turners' Ball.
As the Turners of Kansas City, Mo.,
were celebrating tho thirty-fourth anni
versary of the Institution of their lodge
by a ball S.A sociable at Tumor Hall,
William Benjamin was Instantly killed by
a ball from a revolver which was dropped
by Henry Nathan, a detective.
Three Actresses Burned.
A dispatch give, a thrilling account of
the burning of the Ki-mseheid Theater dur
ing a performance. 1h' s'a.'e performers
appear to have been the principal sulTeier-.
three actres-es b.'ing burned t death and
several seriously injured.
He Killed His Man.
A fatal duel with pisti.ii has been
fought at the villas;- of K raMio-relo, near
tt. Petersburg. The participants were
Prince Vamlndsky and Lieut. Tomonossow,
both officers of t he Imperial (iuar.l. Tom
onossow was killed.
Hall A i i-; vi tn 31 eel Fitzsim no is.
Jim Hall, the Australian middle-weight,
has arrived from Australia. Hail Insists
that he once whipped Fitsimmons in three
rounds, and that the object of his visit to
this country is to tight him again.
.. . Kyle Elected.
The ballot for South Dakota Senator
resulted as follows: Sterling, 35; Tripp. 8;
Campbell, I; J. H. Kyle of Aberdeen (lnd.),
75; necessary to choice, TO.
Eulogies for Gen. Sherman.
The London newspapers all contain long
obituary articles eulogistic of Gen. W, T.
.PaiflwsJH's II alf-Devoured Body Found.
Tho body of Padlewskl, charged with
the murder of Gen. Seliverskofl in Paris,
has been found, half-devoured by wolves,
between Phllipxr.olis and Kazantik. The
body, tho paper says, was identified by
documents found in the pockets.
Brazil's Constitution Passed.
The election for President of the repub
lic of Brazil will be held immediately. The
leading candidates are Gen. Da Fonseca,
Chief of the provisional government, and
Benhor Moraes, Governor if the Province of
Can Paulo.
James Kedpath, the famous Irish Na
tionalist, journalist, and lecturer, and the
Vice President of the Autl-Poverty Society,
who was ran down by a horse-car in New
Tork, is dead from his injuries. He arrived
lu this country in 1848 from England, the
land of his birth. He was then 15 years
old, and obtained employment in a printing
office. He was widely known in both the
United States and Ireland as the "adopted
Irishman," a sobriquet given to him by his
enthusiastic Irish friends after his return
from Ireland, during the famine year of
1879-80. when, as special correspondent of
the New York Trilrune, he sent over a series
of letters descriptive of the distress in the
west of Ireland.
; Another man has been arrested in
Whitcchapel on suspicion of being the mur
derer of "Carroty Nell." When taken into
'custody blood was found upon his clothes.
The prisoner was seen in company with the
murdered woman about a quarter of an
lour before the crime was committed.
A group of French and English bankers
have signed a contract with the Paris and
(New York Cable Company, whereby they
acquire a large amount of the obligations
of the latter. The capital thus realized is
to be used In laying a cable from New York
to Puerto Plata.
The invitation of the United States to
Trance to be represented at the World's
tfalr In Chicago has been formally accepted
by tho French Government.
An attempt to burn tho admiralty
buildings In St. Petersburg ha9 been de
feated. The buildings adjoin the Czar's
winter palace, and it is supposed that the
deed was the work of nihilists intent upon
the destruction of the latter structure.
Mine. Augusta Berg, a Swedish artist
40 years old and living at the Metropolitan
Hotel, New York, died from the effect of
morphine, supposed to have been taken
with suicidal Intent. She left two letters,
oue to the Swedish Consul direr-ting him to
send her effects to her daughter and the
other directed to some naval officer. Mine.
Berg had been living at the hotel for some
time past. Mo cause was assigned for the
At Washington. Admiral David !. Por
ter died suddenly from fatty degeneration
of the heart. His death was calm and
peaceful. It came almost entirely without
warning. He was surrounded by his family
and several of his old servants. Ills death
will make no change in military circles.
His health had been so oor that
he had not for many months given any at
tention to naval matters. The President
was informed of Admiral Porter's death by
an orderly ami sent a feeling message of
sympathy to the family. He subsequently j
tent a message to Congress notifying that
body of the death, nod issued an order i
closing the Vxecut-ve departments on thu
day of the funeral and directing that the
Hags on all public buildings be placed at
half-mast ou that occasion.
General William TYvuuwch Sherman,
after a brave struggle for life, is dead.
Ho passed peacefully ami painlessly away
In tho presence of his family and a few
close friends. Tho change which marked
tho approach of tho end was so
slight that at first even tho physicians
failed to grasp its meaning. The Gen
eral was unconscious for some before his
death. Ho did not suffer any pain.
His respirations grew weaker until they
ceased entirely. Tin? end came so easily
that for a moment it was not possible to re
alize that he was dead. Dispatches were
bent by Secretary Barrett to President Har
rison. General Sehofield. Secretary Pro-tor,
Mrs. Senator Sherman, and other rolativos.
In compliance w ith a desiro previously ex
pressed by the General, his remains will be
interred In St. Louis.
At Ayer, Mass., the First National and
North Middlesex Savings Banks closed their
doors, and ugly rumors are afloat concern
ing them. H. E. Spaulding. cashier of hot h
institutions, is missing from town. Investi
gation tends to show that 1. ah the First Na
tional and the North Middlesex Savings
Banks are solvent, thelatterespecially so. as
none of the funds have been tampered with.
If there is any loss it will fall on the Na
tional Bank. Cashier Spaulding has doubt
less, been dabbling In stocks. This fact is
gathered from a letter sent by a New York
brokerage firm, demanding a remittance of
?1.500, which letter was opened by the bank
authorities. Spaulding was a regular mem
ber of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and
was accounted a man of sterling habits and
upright character.
E. M. McGillen, of Cleveland. Ohio,
sued the H. B. Claflin Company of New
York for $:1G4.C0J, which amount be claims
to have lost by putting it Into a cattle
trust at the solicitation of the Claflins.
Riot and bloodshed occurred at Clark's
thread-mill. The non-union spinners were
mot by a thr ng of 2.000 persons men.
women, and children hoodlums predom
inating. Several girls were crushed and one
girl was clubbed. Willie Richmond, aged 9.
was shot through the foot. Intense excite
ment prevails. There is scarcely one un
damaged sash in any window in the whole
in ill. A thousand panes of glass were
broken. It is thought there is likelihood of
a worse riot, and the probabilities are that
n.ilitia will be called nut. Tho Hudson
County police, it is feared, will be unable
to cope with the crowds.
Ii. G. Dim & Co.'s weekly review of
trade say:
There is some Improvement In business at
the East and a more confident feeling, and
at Chicago the tone is very hopeful, but at
most of the other Western and nearly all
Southern points business snows no increase
in volume and is rather hesitating. The
business failures occurring throughout the
country during the last seven days number
297 as compared with a total of 300 last
week. For the curresp mding week of -last
year the figures were 3.'2.
The toiler in the Quebec, Worsted Com
pany's factory at llaro Point exploded,
completely demolishing tho engine-house
and about half of the factory. Tho works
had been closed down for two weeks while
the toilers and machinery were being over
hauled and reBtted. Operations were about
to bo resumed, and about three hun
dred of the operatives were on hand.
Owing to some cause, however, tho
machinery was not started, and they
were dismissed. Many of them, however,
remained about the building, a number
keeping in the vicinity of the engine-room
for the sake of warmth. There was a sud
den explosion, which completely wrecked
the engine-house and dye-houso ami dam
aged a large part of the main building. A
great crowd gathered immediately, and the
work of rescue commenced. The fire bri
gade was called (jut, but. fortunately the
honors of fire were not added to tho calam
ity. A battery of artillery was ordered out
to assist the police in keeping order and
controlling the enormous crowd of men and
women, wh blocked up every avenue of
approach. About twenty bodies have al
ready been taken from the wreck.
Near St. Albert, Russell County. On
tario, Mrs. La France and two grandchil
dren wero burned to death In their home.
Mr. La Fiance will die from the effects of
exposure dutlng the night.
By an explosion of natural gas in West
Lafayette, lnd., four persons were injured,
two fatally. Thomas Northcut got up ami
lighted a match, wh -n the explosion oc
curred, blow ing out the whole side of the
house, setting tire to the building and burn
ing it and the adjoining one to the ground.
Northcut and Levi Brown wero badly
burned by the exploding gas, but the most
serious injury was to Mrs. Ruth A. Jennrr-t,
an old lady living in the house adjoining,
and her son, who are horribly burned over
the whole body.
At a Mansfield (Ohio) hotel Joseph
Rearlck, owner of a store at Tiro, Ohio,
went to his room under the influence of
liquor, blew out the gas, and was found
dead next day.
Eleven persons in North St. Louis wore
poisoned by head cheese purchased of a
farmer. One may die.
One man was killed and three injured
in a boiler explosion in a combination board
mill at Elkhar. Ind.
The Hocking Valley passenger train
collided with a Scioto Valley freight train
near Columbus, Ohio, through a misunder
standing of signals. The passenger train
was running at high speed, but fortunately
the freight was almost at a standstill. The
passenger train engine struck the tender of
the freight and hurled it. a mass of splin
ters, into a neighboring field. Engineer
Charles Bothwell was probably fatally
crushed, and two boys named Brown are
thought fc be fatally injured. All the
passengers were more or less bruised.
At Dischau, Prussia, an express train.
running at the rale of sixty kilometers per
hour Into tiie station, bio'xedown the buffing
apparatus, ran into the interior facade, of
the station, and broke up against a neigh
boring house. An investigation established
that tho accident is 1o be attributed to the
effect of lightning, which fell upon the
At Rochester, N. Y a night watchman
at Ht. Mary 8 Hospital discovered that the
eastern wing of the hospital wa.'i on fire.
There were 250 patients. 19 nuns, and a
large number of employes In the building,
but as far as now known all were taken out
unharmed. The entire east wins of the
building was destroyed.
An explosion of gas in the licit Line
tunnel, under the bed of Howard street, in
Boston, injured five workmen. John Dalls
was the most seriously injured.
Charged with peculiarly atrocious
Crimea George J. Gibson, secretary of that
freat corporation, the Distillers aud Cat-
tie-Feeders Company, better known as the
"whisky trust," was arrested in Chicago.
If the charges are true, and the Govern
ment officers in charge of the case say that i
tlw.M ( .. , . .1... . .1 1. 1 i 1 . . !
they are true, Mr. Gibson, the elegant gen
tleman and brilliant financier. Is one of thu
greatest villains unhung. His alleged crimu
contemplated the destruction of the great
Shufeldt distiller'. Chicago, and the possi
ble slaying of several scores of human
beings. This was done, it is declared, iu
order to remove dangerous business rivals,
and would have resulted in enriching the
big mottoixtly by several million dollars.
An Infernal machine was to be placed un
der one of Hie high-proof spirit ats.
When exploded the tomb would have the
effect of a Volcano. The building would be
shattered, tho liquor Ignited and s; read
over the wreck. Fire would complete what
the force of the explosion had left undone.
A hout 1 ii are employed in the build
ing, and they would have been blown to
pieces, ami their lorn and mangle I bodies
burned in the huge? ruin.
At Newark. N. J., William II. Hedden.
a wealthy butcher of tienter (Jrove, was
found lyuig iiucoii-uiuiis in the roadway.
He died without regaining consciousness.
He was murdered.
J. W. (iritTy. a married man. of Lima.
Ohio, shot and killed himself because a
young woman of whom he Was euamnied
refused to elope with him.
In the midst of a religioi s reivalat a
horch iu Haelton. hau , .1. lVe was ar
rested charged with lmr-c-sti aliir.;. The
prisoner walked quietly to the dour, when
lie tripped up the constable who arrested
him, and, although several shots were tired,
made his escape.
At Omaha, Neb., Herman Rodgers, who
last Week wrote a letter confessing that he
murdered a girl at Miser. Pa.. Is making a
determined effort to starve himself to death.
He has taken no food for seven days.
Physicians bound him in his cell and forced
food down his throat.
From reports brought from Sliawnee
town, O. T., it would seem that a veritable
reign of terror exists in that vicinity. The
trouble arose over the killing of a negro iu
the hitter's store in consequence of threats
mule by the negro on Postmaster Scott's
life. Everybody goes armed, and nobody
stirs out of the house after dark.
Judge Wilson Lewis, of Pineville, Ky.,
who had been active In suppressing bloody
feuds in that region, was shot and killed by
his own on. Sidney Lewis, whom the Judge
had put under bond as one of the unlawful
At Red Wing, Minn.. L. Con verse, about
4.1 years old, was found dead in his room at
the St. Jan es Hotel. It was evidently a
suicide, an empty morphine 1 utile being
found in the room. He used to travel for
Jones. McDiifl'ee .t Stratton, of Boston. A
divorced wife and a daughter live in Min
neapolis. -The S4. 900 stolen from the Ogden il'tah)
postofllce by a clerk was lecovered at Ar
kansas City, Kan., through the thief's con
fession. Charles Hitter, teller of ihe First Na
tional Bank of Evansville, Ind.. is short
Judge W. Ii. McCormick. a "49-er well
known on the Pacific coast, committed
suicide at Clifton. A. T.
Mrs. Laird, wife of William Hayes
Laird, of Winona. Minn., committed suicide
by taking hydrate of chloral.
At Dover, Del., Jess? H. Proctor and
Frederick Young weio hanged for murder.
j Av.and of Mexicans vi-itcd the ranch
I of VictGJ'ian Hernandez, near Marfa. Texas,
I and asked for his sou. When told thai he
was not at home, ihey opened fire and
i killed Oscar Duke, an 11-year-old boy. and
t wounded Victorian Hernandez, who is 75
j years old. A general feeling of appreheu
j sion prevails, and ranchers are moving
i their families from t lie vicinity of the town.
In a free fight iu
Connors was stabbed
and Dick dishing s 'ri
del er, -Joe" Inner, esc-
Omaha, Neb.
through lie
tisly cut, the
At Cincinnati. Ohio, the wholesale no
tion house of Joseph A. Jtigel & Co. has
teen robbed of silks and velvets to the
amount of 0,009.
At St. Louis, Mo., the Court of Appeals
has rendered an important decision that
w lil close club saloons. Judge Thompson,
in giving the opinion of tho court, says:
"Certain it Is that no person in this State
may lawfully engage in tho practice of
soll.ng liquors by the drink without a
dram-shop license.''
At New York, the commission of doc
tors appointed to examine Into the mental
Condition of James M. Dougherty has de
cided that tho man is insane. Dougherty,
who imagined he was In love with Mary
Anderson. tho actress. and that
his love wis reciproi ated, was
looked up In tho Kings County Asylum
toproenthim from annoying MissAnders ,n.
He escaped from the asylum and concocted
a scheme for avenging himself by killing
some fifteen persons whom he supposed had
something to do with his Incarceration. He
went to the asylum to begin tho carrying
out of his scheme, where he emountetvd
Dr. George F. Lloyd, an assistant superin
tendent, and, although not on his list of
victims, killed him. Dougherty will le
kept In r'-stralnt the remainder of hi, life.
Florissant, Co!., on the Colorado Mid
land Railway, is the scene of much excite
ment. Sample, of the dust have been sent
into town and most carefully scrutinized by
experts. Miners have expressed their opin
ions enthusiastically and say if Is by far
the richest pan they have ever seen. Thy
dust brought in a double handful contains
as much copper and gold as is generally
seen in twenty pounds of sand.
James Storey', of Parsons, Kansas was
granted a patent on an artificial egg. The
cost i f manufacture, it Is said, w ill not ex
Ceed 'i cents per dozen.
A number of smallpox cases have been
reported among the Mennoaites of Marion
county. Mo., and fears are entertained of a
repetition of the scourge which killed scores
of people in that, community a few years
ago. Thee people are uncleanly toa large
degree, and so careless that all attempts to
arrest the spread of the plague have here
tofore proved futile.
An English firm of solicitors, through
its Montreal agency, has conveyed the in
formation that ii fortune of SCO. 009,009 re
mains in the Chancery Court, to which the
French Canadian Trudeau family is en
Cattle Common to 1'rimo.,
...3 Xi:
... 3 -KJ
... 3.i0
f- 5.75
tii 3.75
Jlo;s Mill. ping (o-a.ies
Whkat No. i Bed
Cokn No. I
Oats No. -i
tk Ko. 4
Huiter Choice. Ci earner y
Ciikesk Full Cream, Hats
Loos Fresh
1'otatoks Western, per l.u
C ATTI.r Sh i j piug
Hons Choice J.ight
Sukkp Common to 1'riuie
Whkat No. ! Red
Cons No. 1 Wliie
Oats No. 2 White
Wheat No. 2 Utd
Cojiv No. g
Oats No. 2
Bahley Minnesota
a. i
.4.". .
7'J ft:
i 3.7.
." .97:.
CJI ..M '
;-b .(;,
& .74 '
(t 4.75
(!t 5.50
ft 1.01
& .54
Boos -.
Whkat No. 2 Bed
Cons No. 2
Oats No. 2
?S 4.50
t' 3.50
(i 4.50
C'i 1.01
i4 .54 'A
. 3.00
. . 3.(10
.. 1.00
.53 V,
Whkat No. lied
Cons' No. 2 Yellow
OAis-No. 2 Whits
Cons Cash
1.00 i 1.01
.53'-;.,!? .5-1'A
.41',".. ij .47 'a
ci oveb i SjTkd
as 1.03
Cattle Common to Prime 4 00 ((? 5.00
Hoos Light a 23 id 4.00
Shkkp Medium to Good 4.00 (ai 5.5J
Lambs 4.00 & 6.75
Wheat No. 2 Spring C4 (6 .95
COKN No. 3 .411 i .51
Oats No. 2 White. 40 c4 .47
ltTE No. 1 fcO & .61
Barley No. 2 00 (if) .07
PoKK Mosa 9.58 tgU.OO
Cattle 4.00
& 5.75
& 1.14
Wheat No. 2 Red
Cobn No. 2
Oats Mixed Western. . .
Butter Creamery
,racs .61$
.at V9 .14
.17 ej! .'.8
iiUGS western..
18 .19
Foss Kew Mess 10.73 IW2S
At the Kation's Capital What Is Heine
Done by tho Senate anil House Old
Matters Disposed Ot and New Ones Con
shloreil. The Senate on the 11th agreed to a reso
lution calling on Ihe Secretary of the Treas
ury for a list of ail persons, firms or associ
ations by whom bullion had been offered
(under the act of July 14, 190 , the amounts
and prices: a list of those from whom silver
bullion had heou purchased, tho basis on
which an estimate is made of t he market
price of silver and the amounts aud prices
of sjiier bullion purchased outside of the
l uiti d States, lu the House Senate amend
ment to House bill to li 1 he rate of wages
of certain cmphncs of the government,
pi-inline o!li e was non-concurred in. Sen
ate bill was passed to establish a record
ami ension oliice in the War le;artment :
also Senate' hill providing for the selection
of a site for a military ),ost at San Diego.
Cal. A b.h was passed extending the time
itl;in which the loctaw Coal ami Kail
road nipany 'hail construct its road
1 hroiiuh t he 1 ndian Territiry. The House
then wont into committee of Ihe whole on
Ihe legislative a ppronria! ion bill.
I s t he Senate on t he I'.'lh 1 he credent ial
of Mr. Teller for the ww Senatorial term
beginning March 4 were presented and tiled.
The f il!o in amoiiL' ot her hills wore iass,.i :
Senate bill establishing pier lights at Alma
pee. Wis.: senate bill for creation of a
fouiili ind i'irt I d il rii't in I'tah: llou-ebii!
to giant right of way through ihe Ctow
reset v;i ! io;i io the Montana A W yoming
li; iiroad t ompany '. v.'ii h am iidiueni st. The
Senate then resume:! considoral n.n of the
copyright hill, t he n nditigucs! ion being t he
amendment offered by .Mr. Sin rinan to
strike out the word '.prohibited'" and inser t
tho words '-subject tothe duties provided
by law." so that foreign copies of nooks
patented iu the I'nired Stat-s shall not ho
prohibited, but sh:ill he subject totarill'
duties. Owing to t he a li-i'iirc of Mr. Sher
man the bill was laid aside. In the House,
Senate bill u.is passed a'lt lioriing t he Kan
sas and Arkansas Kailroad Company to
extend its lines in tin Indian Territory.
Tin' lb u-i- then went into committee of
the whole on the legislative appropria
tion bill.
Tut: Commit lee oa Coinage, WoiMs ami
Measures continued its hearing on tho
i::th. I". .1. Norlands, of the National
Sill er Coie.Oiii toe. continued his argument
begun last week. Mr. New lands, iu refer
ence to statements ma ie before the com
mittee forecasting the Hooding of this
country w ith sili or if t he free coinage hi!!
was passed, said this could be prevented
very easily by passing the bill w ith a pro
viso limbing tho coinage to bullion, the
product Ion of Ihe mines of the world ami
excluding foreign coin. Mr. Nev.lamls was
then excused and Mr. Ilolden. of Colorado,
addressed the c-u. mitu' inlavorof fret
coinage. In t he Senate t he diplomat ic ;..ud
consular a ipropri.it ion hill was reported
ami placed on the cab-miar. The House
lill for a Tiubiic building at Kichmoud. Ky..
at a ci st not o- exeee-l .-,'.", intit. wns passed
Consider-;;; .n of fr.cco py right bill was then
Tiik credentials of WiU ani I'. Vilas as
Seiiator-ele :t f rom Ihe State .,f V, isv n-in
lor the to;;- commencing March 4 next
were presented by the Vice I'l esithiit in
the Senate, on the 1 Ith. and placed on silo.
Among ;he bills i -,.: .-1 anil placed on the.
calendar were House biils a in horiing t he
const ru-'t iou of a bridge across iha Ued
iiver af A Io aintria. Ti,. and across t ho
Mississippi tvl So,;:i; St. Paul. Minn. Tht
copyright liiil was then pro ecded w ith. Mr.
Carlisle offered an amendment intended
to carry out the policy of ihe Sherman
nmcnrimPut already adopted. The loeoed
ings wer- here interrupted by a message
from the I'Vesident announcing ihe deal!; of
lorn. Sherman. In the llou-e.a Senate bill was
passed authorizing the eon -i met am of a
bridge across ihe Si. Louis Kiver bet ween
Minnesota and W isconsin. The lb mse t hen
went into committee of the whole ou the
Indian appropriation bill.
lerrildy Airgravat iii.
A liip;li Oi'liciul of the povprniiient was
in a ootiiimiiiieativo iuoo.1 to ilav. Ho
sat, tii!'l liark in his coiiifortahlo
oilice i-liair, and ruM (o 1 lu; Trurelur
coiTOHiioriileiit : "1 have imvic a dis
covery that is worth millions to laslifiil
men. You know there arc some- follows
w lio no er can go into ladies' eoiiipaux'
without ln-ing otiiliarnos ed. lmt I liavo
found out s diiothinp; that will make a
l.ash't'ill man tho o li;d of tho most scll
cniiseiotis wo i nun that ever lived. Now
l' t me tell ou my sore!. 1 started
out on the hroad. general latfiriii that
a woiii;;n is more sen-iithe tiooiit her
feet than anvthin"; else. Hating set
tit d that in my mind, I Wpj;m a series
of experiments. The horseear is mv
favorite place. 1 love to see a ijueenly
looking woman get into the car and sit
down with the air of knowing that slio
is (he host-dressed lady present. In
an apparently unconcerned way I at
tiact her attention by looking steadily
at her feet, with an occasional glance
at her face. Of course, I avoid all ap
pearance of impertinence. 1 assume
the air of a man who sees something
that interests him. Xo matter how
enlhi the victim is when she entered
the ear, inside of five minutes she will
fairly nche to get to her destination.
She may have the handsomest foot in
the world, and know that it is encased
iu a nicely fitting shoo, but she will
wilt all tho same. It is n woman's
weakness. T have tried it on young
girls of sixteen and old women of eighty
- the lesult is tho same. Achilles was
vulnernlle only in his heel; but you
can't look steadily at a woman's little
toe for 1 wo consecutive minutes without
making her feel as though she would
like to murder yon." - Hoxton Traveler.
Kiu;eiiie's Valor in Cholera. Times.
Th-: cholera scare that has afllictod
F.uiope to a degree has recalled an in
cident of the time when Napoleon 1JT.
was at the heigh!; of his power. Tho
cholera prevailed to a frightful extent
tit, Amiens, ot never a day passed that
the l'.mpress did not visit the hospitals
to snpeiinlend, so far ph she could, the
noble work of allaying the sufferings
of the stricken. One morning a euro
rushed into the wa: d where thu Jlm
presH was consoling a dying man.
"Oh, your Majesty," eiicd the cure,
"two hours ago my vicar was break
fasting with me, and now he is dead."
Kugenie smiled placidly.
"That is well."
"Well?" echoed the cure, in amaze
ment. "Yes, it is well," she answered,
n once the cholera becomes as
violent as that it ceases."
'The Empress was right: from that
day the plague abated. Eugenie's valor
did mivli to fortify the people against
the epidemic to w hich very many," I om
told, fell victims through sheer fright
Popular l atlaeioo
That men never read cook-In oks or
fashion magazines.
That the physician collects Ins bills
with greater ea-c than tlie tuilor.
That only the eye-glassed ynung lady
feels that inward bliss which comes of
That a passion for fancy drinks do
nod's a hive of the beautiful.
That every two for a-penny liar is
qualified for newspaper reporting.
That the new tariff will. eat so the five
cent barber shops to increase their
That a folding bed was made for any
other purpose than the encouragement
of pr.ifanity.
Thai there is a woman living who has
not, in her boudoir a work on "How to
l!i come IN am if id. "
That t li M-e is a po xl-Iooking woman in
the wori! who doesn't know it
That there is anyth n? that, has sev
ered more friendships than tho simple
phrase, 'bend me live dollars."
That the dude isn't strong enough to
make the milk of human kindness turn
That the mat h is easily found which
liphts the lirst time you strike it.
That a man lias a bald head when
there are a half-dozen hairs on it.
That there is a limit to knowledge any
more ihan there is to a game of poker.
That, the fact of one's being a first
nighter increases one's credit any.
That prussic acid is a neater form of
suicide than paris itreen.
The Commotion Caused hy tho Statement
of a Physician.
An unusual article from the. Rochester
(N. Y. ) Democrat and ChronMe was recently
republished in this paper aud was a sul
JfcSi ot BiucSj comment. That tho article,
caused even more commotion in l'ocluster
tho following from the same papt'r bhows:
lr. J. I!. Hen ion, who is well known not
only in Rochester but in nearly every part
of America, sent an extended article to
this paper a few days since, which was
duly published, detailing his remarkable
ex pt'rience and rescue fioni what seemed to
be certain death. It would be impossible
to enumerate the personal iuiUiries which
have been made at our oliice s to the
validity of the article, hut they have I en
so iiuiner tils that further investigation of
the sub;e -t was deemed necessary.
With this end iu vieA'.i representative of
this paper cai'eil on Hr. Hcuidn at his resi
d e. when the following Interview oc
curred: "i'liat article of jours. Doctor,
has created ipiite a whirlwind. Are the,
statements about t he terrible c uditi ni
you were in, and Hie way you were rescued,
such as you can sustain''"
"Kvery one of them aud many additional
one,. 1 as brought so low by neglecting
the lirst and most simple symptoms. I did
not think I was sick. it. Is true I had fre
lleut, headaches; fi-1'. tired most of tho
lime; could rat not hing one day ami
ravenous l he next ; fell dull pains and
stomach was ouL of order, but I did
think il meant anything serious.
The medical profession ha- been tteat
iug symptoms instead of disea.es b r years,
and it is high time, i! ceased. Thu
symptoms I have jiisl men! loped or any
unusual action or irritation of the water
channels indicate the approach of kidney
dis'.ise more than a cough announces the
coming of consumption. We do not treat
the cough, but try to help the lungs. We
should not wast; our t ime t rv log Io relieve
tic- hcitdadic, pain, about, the bod or
ot her sy in pt "ins. but g- direct ly to t he kid
neys, the source id mo.t of these ail
ments. "
"This, then, is what you meant when you
said that more than one-half tint deaths
v. id. di occur ai ise from Ilright's disease, is
it. I tor?"
-Precisely. Thousands of diseases are
torturing people in-day. which in reality
art- Itrighl's disease in some of its many
forms. ii is a hydra-headed minister, and
the slightest symptoms should strike terror
to eery one who has them. 1 can Io tk
back ami recall hundreds of deat hs .which
plivslt-ia ns de dared at the time were caused
by paralysis, apoplexy, heart disease, pneu
monia, malarial fever
complaints, which I S",
llright's disease."
-Ami did at! these
and oilier common
now were caiised by
cases have simple
symptoms at first?"
Kvery one of them, aud might have been
cured as 1 was by the timely use of tho
same remedy. I am getting my eyes
thoroughly opened in this matter and think
lam helping others to seethe facts ami
their possible danger also."
Mr. Warner, who was visited at disestab
lishment on North Paul street, spoke
very earnestly :
It is true that I'.righl's disease, had in
creased wonderfully, and we limi, by li.-ii-uble
stat ist I. s. that from 'Td to "Ml it, growth
w as oi er s.'el per cent. I.o ik al the prom
Inent men it lias carried off. aniLis taking
oil every year, for while many are dying
nopal cut ly of paralysis ami it oplexy, they
are r. aWy victims of kidney disorder, w Inch
Pauses heart disease, paralysis, apoplexy,
i'tc. Nearly every week 1 he papers record
tin1 death of some j r.imiuent man from this
ft-'ourgi'. Ileeenily, however, the increase
has been checked and I attribute this tothe
general use of my remedy.''
Do you think many people are afflicted
with it to-day who do not realize it, Mr.
Wa :i:er?"
-A rominent professor in a New Orleans
modi .-al college was lecturing before his
class on the subject of Iiright's disease. He
had various liuids under microscopic analy
sis and was showing the si udents w hat the
indications of this terrible malady were.
And now, gentlemen.' he said, "as wehaie
seen the unhealthy indications, 1 win .lioiv
you how it appears in a state of perfect,
hcali h.' and he submitted his own lluid to
the usual test. As he watched the results
his countenance suddenly changed his
color ami command both left him, aud in a
trembling voice ho said: "tient 1 men, I
have made a painful discovery; have
Iiright's disease of the kidneys:" and iu less
than a year he was ih-ad. The slightest in-lii-atauisof
any kidney difficulty should be
enough to strike terror lo any one."
Yt u know of Dr. fle-tion's case?''
Yes, 1 have both read and heard of il."
'It is very wonderful, is it not?"
'No more s0 than a treat many ethcis
that ha ve come lo my not it'.- as ha ing be.-n
cured by ihosaitte means."
Vmi believe then that Itright's disease
can 1 e cured?"
I know it t'.iu. 1 know it. from my own
aud the expei ieitt e of thousands ot prom
inent ersons will ,i ere g ti en up to die by
both their physicians and friends
-You speak ttf your o n ei rit nee, what
was it?"
-A feai fill one. I had felt lamiuid ami
untitled for busim ; for years. tut I did
not know what ailed me. When, however,
1 found it was kidney difiiculty I thought
there was little hope ami so did the doctors.
1 hav e since learned that, one of the phy
sicians of this city pointo 1 me out to :r-gen-1
Ionian on the si net one day, saying: There
jjoes a man who will be dead within a year."
1 believe his words v ouid have proved true
if I hail not fortunately used Hie remedy
now known as Warner's Safe Cure."
Did you make a chemical analysis of the
case of Mr. II. H. Wa mcr some three ears
ago. Doctor?" was asked Dr. S. A. I.att imore.
one of tiie analysts of the State iio.nd of
Hi alth.
"Yes, sr."
'What ditl this analysis -,how you?"
-A serious disease of the kidneys."
'Ditl you think Mr. Warner could re
cover?" No. sir, I did not think it possible."
'Do you know anything about the remedy
which cured him?"
I have chemically analyzed tt, ami find
it pure and harmless. -
'I he standing of Dr. llenlon. Mr. Warner,
and Dr. l.at t imore in t he community is be
yond question, and the statements they
make cannot for a moment bo doubted. Dr.
llenion's experience shows that Itright's
disease of tin kidneys is one of the most
deceptive ami dangerous of all diseases,
that it is exceedingly common, hut that it
can be cured if taken in time.
KesjiertabI overty.
Miss Ikuiiie Key- I understood you to
fay. mamma, that ihe Kinersons wero
.Mrs. 3;aiiie lley Are they not?
Miss r,aitie Hoy I should say not
Kveryhody at church to-day had on new
fall spectacles, except Miss Kmerson.
She wore her summer glasses 'd)f Cud
A Heal Kalsum is Kemp's Balsam.
Tins dictionary says: UA balsam is a
thick, pure aromatic sul stance flowing
from trees." Kemp's Kalsam for the Throat
and Lungs is the only cough medicine that
is a real balsam. Many thin, watery cough
remedies are called balsams, but such are
not. Look through a bottle of Kemp's
balsam and notice what, a pure, thick
preparation it is. If you cough use Kemp's
I'.alsam. At all druggists'. Largo bottles
5H cents and $1.
It tl'as a Warm Day.
Mrs. Xnuvcaii-Mario (looking tip from
tho niornimr paper) W arc not fash
ionable, Henry. Wo should ho divorced
or separated: don't you think so?
Mr. Xottvcau-.Maiio Yes, my dear:
I will 0 away.
Mrs. Xouveau-Marie (io away? Oh',
how n:ce! I'll so with vou'. Park.
Mxv people think that tho word "Hit
ters" can he used only iu connection with
an intoxii'Mtiiit; heverajre. This is ji mis
take, as the liest remedy for all diseases of
the Wood, liver, kidneys, etc.. is l'ricUly
Ash Hitters. It is purely a medicine and
every art iete used iu its manufacture is of
veiretaole origin of known curative quali
t ies.
Ixri:KAKix; atmospheric electricity
oxidizes ammonia in the air and forms
nitric acid, which affects milk, thus ac
counting for tho souring of milk hy
Is order to love mankind, we must not
ex 1 eel, too much from them.
l-'ITSi.-All Fits Rtmno i free bv nr.Ktlue's Great
XiTie i:e.Wire: N i riis after firt ilny' use. Mar- j
Melons cures, t reatise aud J.'.'XI trial hottle free 10 ,
l it cases, head to lr. Kline. !lil Aruh St., ftiila Pa. 1
Annapolis, Jfld., Jan. 6, 'OO.
"J hare often used ST.
JJtCOBS OIL, and find it
a good Liniment.'"
THE Cov ofMd BEST.
Changes of Cllmata
Kill more people than ia generally known. Par
ticularly is this tho case in instance where,
the constitutiou is dollcate, and among our
immigrant population seeking now homes in
those portions of the West, and where malarial
and typhoid fevers prevail at certain seasons of
the yrar. The best preparative for a change of
climate, or of diet an I water which that change
necessitates, is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
which not only fortifies the system against
miliaria, a variable temperature, damp, and the
dehilitatiug elfects of tropical heat, but it is
also the loading remedy for constipation, dvs
pepsia, liver complaint, bodily troubles spe
cially apt to attack emigrants aud visitors to
regions tear the equator, mariners and tour
itttH. Whether used as a sa'eRuard bv sea
voyagers, travelers by laud, miners, or by agrt
eultuiiitts in newly iKtpnlated districts, this
tins Hpecitlu has elicited the most favorable
The r.hler's Silence.
A slory is told of a Scotch elder which
illust: ates ihe fact, already loo well
known, that ingenuity is much stronger
in some, men than conscience. In Scot
land it. is the custom to stand iu public
One Sunday a worthy elder happened
to fail asleep while standing at the head
of his seat iliiriiiir p ayer. and unfortu
nately he made a further slip by falling
all his 'eugth along the passage. In
stead, howexer, of making any fuss
ahout, it and exposing himself to the
chatu'e of sleeping in church, he lay still
as ii in a lit and allowed himself to tie
caiiied into tie- vestry, while the doctor
lelt his pulse and pronounced jt ., ,,..
rilled case of failing sickness. After the
j atient. had rccovcro;!. by the applica
tion of c,,, water to liis temples, the
dot tor sagely advised him to eat only
the most laxative food and drink noth
ing stronger than table beer by way of
preventing a recurrence of the sickness.
How's This?
We offer Due Hundred Dollars Iiewnrd for any
case of OitBii'h that cannot be cured by taking
Hull's Clilunh Cure.
J. CHKNKY TO., Props., Toledo. O.
We. the undersigne I, huve known F. J. C'be
i ey for tho last fifteen years, and believe him
) ei fe'-tly honorable in all business transactions
end niiHitrially able lo carry out any obligation
n ado bv their firm.
XV i sr ,i I ni AX, XViiolesale Druggists, Tolip,f).
V ai.iiiso, KiNNsN Jt Maiiwn, Wholesale Drug
fittts. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is ta'ien internally. acting
directly upon the blood ami untcotis surfaeebof
thcuys'em. I'l ice T"c per bottle Soli by all
A Kiss from Sitting Hull.
lo gard for my sex should, I suppose,
writes a Western lady, induce me to re
frain from leconling the fact, hut it is
true that I saw a New York belle in the
throng around Sitting Hull who, not
content with tho. autograph, aspired to
hear away some more novel memento,
and mincing up to him whiskered some
thing in his ear. The old chief grinned
and shook his head, then something
heavy assed from her hand to him, and
with another grin to tie crowd the
grimy, dirty, smoke-seenled old heathen
bent his head down and kissed her.
Donhiless that .specimen of dainty young
womanhood boasts today of the saint
given her. by Silting liull. the famous
warrior, the grand old chieftain of the
cieat Sioux tribe.
C'r.cnr. fashionable mothor! Why don't
you look aft r tho Wfitsiire ot your sickly
little child? Tiie nurse hasn't sente enough
to net it a hox of Lr. IiuU's) Worm lie
slroyers. Hy mail. 23 cents. John D.
1'ark, Cincinnati, Uhio.
A I.aml of .Military Titles.
A Southern paper ha a column hoad
i d "lo'iieral News." Evidently it is not
a paper that is popular with thema?s of
the Southern people, or it would have to
run Colonel and Major news, too.
t:iirnl'i I,'.iiiv.
Only, one never can tell whether a
l oet's )ioeiic existence and feelini? has
anv true relation to his own real life.
At. 1. tli at 11'1 can sav as to the merits of
liot'b'.ii',' Kleetrie !Soap pales into Hvtking
ni'fs 1 eloi't; the story it will tell you itself,
el its own iirrfect iiality. if you will give it
o.tf trial. L'uii't take imitation.
What is cch lu it y'.' The advantage of
l.ein known l i eijil! who don't know
Tiik KNT.itt: book is atly written, and
irives truty information for everyone
sirtiwlnjr fruit of any sort or kind. Sunt
free liy Stark liiv-., Louisiana, Mo. Urarme
Jiui i llrmtr.
Tin: plain man never feels at home on
a mountain, and the man from tho
mountain toi is lonely without a mountain-near.
tation which Induces Ctnii.-hin4 Immediately
'relieved hy use of WKici's Uiumltinl
Trvfltt." Sold only in tioxe-.
Tiik man who claims to know ail
thinns is disaRt'ooahli! to everybody else
and a chestnut to himself.
"By tho street of Bye and Bye you anlve
at tho house of Never." Dueidu to-day
that you will use SAl'Ol.IO. It is a solid
cake of Seoui-injf Koap.
Aiint'T .".(KM) children who arc entitled
to admission in the public schoolsof New
York City arc forced to remain at home
1 oca n so school accommodations arc iu
suliieient. Your health
is a citadeL
The winter's
storms are the
coming enemy. You know that this enemy will sit
down for five long months outside this citadel, and do its
best to break in and destroy. Is this citadel garrisoned
and provisioned ? The garrison is your constitution. Is
it vigorous or depleted ? How long can it fight without
help? Have you made provision for the garrison by fur
nishing a supply of SCOTT'S EMULSION of
pure Norwegian God Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of
Lime and Soda? It restores the flagging energies, in
creases the resisting powers against disease ; cures Con
sumptiontScrof'ulii General Debility , and all Atlantic and
Wasting Diseases especially in Children), keeps coughs
and colds out, and so enables the constitution to hold the
fort of health. Palatable as M ilk.
KPECIAL.-Seott's Emulsion is non-secret, and is prescribed by tTie Medical Pro
fession all over the world, because its ingredients are scientifically combined in such A
manner as to greatly increase their remedial value.
CAUTION. Scott's Emulsion is put up in salmon-colored wrappers. Be sure and
r;et the genuine. Prepared only by Scott & liowne, Manufacturing Chemists, New York,
bold by all Druggists.
B i 1
rscsx uinen aaeaicine.
n 1 n 1
taste. Children take it without objection. By drusgfrtai
Hi VtttttYRONAU ?iViS
LbJIm. uk Drusr.it for Ckiehttter a
boxei Kalftd with blue ribbon. TkttBtkr klm. JUfutt StttoHtutioni md Imitmtitmt.
AU piltt la pmatebMrd botm, pink wrapper, mr 4ujknu 4Mmatrf-ett-fc At Drwstteu, r 4 1
4r. in lumpi ror particulars, taauMBiaM,
Nmm Pmmer.
fed kj all Loeal lrmUr
It is very important la this age of vast
material progress that a remedy be pleasing
to the tasto and to the eye, easily taken, ac
ceptable to the stomach and healthy in its
nature and effects. Possessing these qual
ities. Syrup of Kiss is the one perfect laxa
tive and most centre, diuretic known.
A law has been passed in Kansas by i
which tiie districts may select and own '
such text-books as they choose. A 1
quantity of text-books will lie purchased
for the schools and placed at the dis- '
posal of the pupils, thus virtually making j
books frei j
Beecham's I'ills cure bullous and Nerv- I
ous ills. j
A paiu of knee-fatigued trousers may i
be called a two-bagger. j
Tim best cough medicine Is T'iso's Cure !
for Consumption. Sold uvcry where, "ac i
IIeai:i In tho gloaming "Meaow I
wow pli! spzt'."
And True
Is the poHilivc venlu t of people who take Hood's 1
Sur-aparilla. When used accurdiut! to dm-ctioiin j
1ht(ot-d ettVtrtb of this xc!l.-tit medicine are soon j
K-lt in ii.-rve hti-iith restored, that tind feeHutf j
driven off, a iford a.iiptite created, headathe aud .
dvt!pf-iia ivliev.-d, scrofula cured aud ai! the bad
cflVfta ot iin mire blood overcoflie. It fn are iu
iief-J of a good blood manlier or tonic medicine do
not tall to try
fioIJ by ill ilniKKlsts. 1 ; nil for $"t. Prepared only
by l'. I. lloiil A. t o. AuoUiei'ullts. Lowell. Mum.
IOO Doses One Dollar
The success of this Great Cough Cure h
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos
itive guarantee, a test that no other cure can suc
cessfully stand. That it may become known,
the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are
placing a Sairtple Bottle Free into every home
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a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for
it will cure you. If your child has the Croup,
or Whooping Couch, use it promptly, and relief
j is sure. If you dread that insidious disease
Consumption, use it. Ask your Uruggtst lor
SHILOH'S CURE, Price io'cts., jo cts. and
$1.00. If your Lungs are sore or IJack lame,
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts.
In order to Introduce ttiis great rtinetly in this country
will maii to any one (tending 25c one box C. C. C,
value 25c. and we will pive one iwt of
value 50c. Hvgeia Co., Iliimdale, IU,
Dywpppola the bane of the- preMItt gen
eration, it is for itsrure and itMittrnilants,
glck headache, constipation and pllei, that
Tuft's Pills
liave become so famous. They art gently
on tho digestive organ, giving them tone
aud vigor without griping or nausea. 25c
One of Ihe most important organs of the
human body is the LIVER. When it fails to
properly perform its functions Ihe entire
system becomes deranged. The BRAIN,
to perform their work. DYSPEPSIA, CON
EASE, etc., are the results, unless some
thing is done to assist Nature in throwing
off the impurities caused by the inaction
of a TORPID LIVER. This assistance so
necessary will be found in
Prickly Ash Bitters !
It acts directly on the LIVER, STOMACH
and KIDNEYS, and by its mild and cathartic
effect and general tonic qualities restores
these organs to a sound, healthy condition,
and cures all diseases arising from these
causes. It PURIFIES THE BLOOD, tones
up the system, and restores perfect health.
If your druggist does not keep it ask him to
order it for you. Send 2c stamp for copy of
"THE HORSE TRAINER," published by us.
Bole Proprietor!, ST. LOUIS, MO.
i" r"r n t"m"jrf
St, New Tork. Price GO eta.1
nerommenaeu ay 1 u jaiciaiu.
T, a ..uH v
JntKik Diamond Mrand In ltJ ud OmiA Mtallit
ua "Ketra ir 1
For Dyspepsia.
A. Ec Hanger, Propr., Stove Foun
dry, Montagny, Quebec, writes: "I
have used August Flower for Dys
pepsia. It gave me great relief. I
recommend it to all Dyspeptics as a
very good remedy."
Ed. Bergeron, Oeneral Dealer,
Lauzon, Levis, Oueljec, writes: "I
have used August Flower with the
best possible resul s for Dyspepsia."
C. A. Barrington, Engineer and
General Smith, Sydney, Australia,
writes: "August Flower has effected
a complete cure in my case. It act
ed like a miracle." --
Goo. Gates, Corinth, Miss., writes:
" I consider your August Flower the '
best remedy in the world for Dys- '
pepsia. I was almost dead with. .u
that disease, but used several bottl.u
of August Flower, and now const"
sider myself a well man. I sincere!1 1 '
recommend this medicine to suf1;' "
ing humanity the world over." fLi
G. G. GKEEX, Sole Manufacturer,
Woodbury, Xew Jersey, t. S. A.
for tho Family, the School, or the Library.
Hevisiou lias been in progress for over 10 Years.
More than 10O editorial laborers employed.
83n,000 expended before first Copy was printed.
Critieal examination invited. Cietthe Itest.
Sold bv all booksellers. Illustrated famphletiree.
0. & C. MKRKIAM & CO.. rnbUcners,
Springfirld, Mass., V. K A.
Caution! Th- ro have recently been isued
pveral c-lieap reprints of tlie 147 edition of
Webster's I'nabridped Dictionary, an edition loni?
eince fciiperannuated. The books ar given
various names, " Webster's nabrided,', "Tha
Great Webster's LiictionBry," " Webster's Bi
Dictionary," " Webster's Kni-yclopetlic iiictiona
ry." etc., etc.
"Many announcements concerning them are
very misleading, as tlie body of each, from A to
Z, is t years old, and printed from cheap plates
dado by photographing tho old pages.
'By thorough knowledge of the natural lawt
which govern the ope rati ma of dtgeition and nurri
tt in, and by a careful appltc atkiu of the nne proper
ties of iveti-a-lected Cocoa, Mr. Epos ban providi d
our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured bev
erage which may aare us many heavy ductors' bills.
It Is by the Judicious use ot such article or diet
that aooastltucloa may be gr dually built up until
strong enough to resist every tendency to dbwase.
Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us
ready to attack wherever there Is a weak point.
We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping our
selves well fortl&el with pure blood avd a properly
nourished frame." ".vil service Gazette. "
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Fold
onlv in Half-pound tins, i.y Grocers, labelled thus.
JAMES ElM'S & CO.. Homisopathlu Chembtj,
FOR A O.NK IHH.I.AK ItlLt sent ns byniil
we will deliver, free of all charue. to any person in
the United States, all of the following articles, care
tully packed:
One two-ounce bott'e of Pure Vaseline JOcrs,
Hue two-ounce bottle ot Vaseline Pomade.... 15
one jar of Vaseline Cold Cream 15
One cake ot Vaseline Camphor Ice ,. 10
line cake of Vaseline S ap. uuscented 10
Ouecakeof VaselineSoaii-exgiiisitelvncented 25 "
Oneiwo-uonce bottle of White Vaseline ii '
Or, fur KHf.jije tlnmps, any tingle article at Vie prim
uamed. On an it.voMHj be perttuadeU to acrett fnm
your druggM any l'aeline or ftivtHtruiitm therrfrinn
unlet Itweled iciift uu-r tonne, beitiuiw tou vlii certain,
ly receive an iniiUUioa irhich Atu liuie or mo value.
Cliesebroush Mftf. fix, 24 State St, N. Y.
Tl PnUII SHMtsSl.nmOrt.rall, l..mvskar I ft flO
lAwUMAbrisr NM l.l fr.ai TttKTV I. I U q
Intnl. 11 111 lMrT9ET lOM I At OS I, RAMI.
II I INrr snd F. if- B- A- mm Oraneere. Labor-
ALLIMnUL Retormem, (irceubaokers. and Anti
Mouopoustii, send tor sample copy Joliet till.) News.
rtaiiip tor particular to r .Nfci '
Timber V alms. Pre
en, ption nd Kome-
i-Uiup tor ia:rticulartt to . Nkt t EH.Olyrupia, Vsb.
address, we will trail tiul IfUIIXtlB
Inerer il: send ns yout -botti
kVi tr mm
Rirrnnv beavkk.
.1 .it 1 1 . - t . 1 ... .
rash at highest prices. Send for i'1'cular.wiiicb gives,
lull parU.ulars.E. C.lioughto ItoudSt . New 1 ork
ruu.vD is the only positive cum
tor his nainful disease. Past ex.
tierit.m. ...! lra tfi, itwulf
Depot, 1249 Madison Street. Chicago.
kI5to'J5 lbs. per month by harmless herbal
lremedie. No stiirvliig, no inconvemenca
o ' m m . DM strictly conndemiaL.
nu'vfcf?te.,nd testimonials. AddrewDc.
Uw.i.SN YMiii, 243 btata vtreeu Chicago, Iii.
Swollen or DCTSDirir.iT "FEET.
Smaller Shoes may be worn with comfort. Price co rt
rW.M f-- Km mill T-i-.l L-- . ..?
at Drue Stores, or by mail 1 rial Package and iJuSritEJ
pamphlet for a dime.
THE l'Li;SE CO., World Builuuio, New York.
Crt tfcisms on two recent Meroorr SyeTn. Read
about April 1st. Full Tables of Ccnte JU f orwarded
only to those who send staroiied directed envelope.
Also Prospectus MST FREE of the Loisettiau Art
of Never i'orgeltlnir. Address
fiof. LQ18E11E. a; Filth At, Sew a'prk.
2.50 PER DAY
Can be made sv
J7.S,.SnT.jrnrB!BW' Person selling
. Km hard laknr. dnt er HtrU
fcra.k repaired.
iM rcaay nr ma. An article every houiiekee&r
will buy. M.WpackagsoldlnPhil.delSiiL KreK3v.
airencT for one or mora eounUt ien competent pr-
oi . vinp rorparttcuiara. Vott
'IO.N CO., 44 .
fourth St., Philadelphia, Fa.
', " ' " " . - ... nuM.w. i,iuariuA
I prescribe and tally en
dorse Big a as the only
specific for the certain euro
of this disease.
Amsterdam, N. T.
We have sold Big G tor
many years, and It has
Eveji ioe oast oi saus
ction. 1. it. DYCHE ft CO..
rhlora 11L
St. 00. Sold bjbDrugclsta.
S. N. C.
Ko. 8-91
..." V.".? o Advert Iwrs. i.lrn do not mil
Jo mention this paper. Aitvertlsers like to
know what mediums pay them best!
For all those Palatal Ceaalalate aaa WaMieises
. ss ceana aatoaK the
Ladies of the World.
7 NO
e reitar I
I .aillMIMl sTT'siM
s rairys
I " JruiCasalalOi.
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