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The farmers' union. (Memphis, Mo.) 1891-1895, November 03, 1892, Image 4

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A TTasjilsn Sting.
What one wag terms "the business end of I
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When Vrrret Declined.
After the partition of Toiaml Nicholas
proposed that Vernet sh ulil paint a pic
ture on the subject. "I am afraid I cr.n
not do it, sire," ivas the answer. "1
have never painted a Christ on the
eross." "The moment I had said it,'
continued Vernet, when he told nie tht
story, which is scarcely known, 1
thought my last hour had struck. 1 ait
perfectly certain that a Russian would
.have paid for these words with his life,
or at lest with life-long exile to Siberia.
I shall never forget the look he gave me;
there was a murderous gleam in th
eyes." An Englishman in Paris.
Fore threat and bronchial affection1 arcs
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They are proverbially known tltr. ugbout
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To aid ingestion take one Small Bile Bean
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Hostox wants
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Remedy perfectly and permanently cure.
Treating Ailing
Women by Letter
Most cases of Female
diseases can be
treated as well
by us through
the mails as by
personal con
sultation. In writing for
advice, give age and
symptoms of your com
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111! tills
a&'V fl VEVl EiBll
Hturtllng Might at a Depot-Indiana In
dulge In a Free Fight Railway Official
Fined for Overworking III Men Murderer
Dead on the Cow-Catcher.
When the Panhandlo express train from
the west pulled Into tho Pittsburg Fourth
avenue station the other evening the peo
ple gathered thero bad a fright. Standing
upright on the con-catcher of the engine
was tho corpse of a man Imraled on a pteco
of pipe. Tho l.ody i roved to be that of
Frank Cariuaux. of hcrllanvllle. He had
be?n loading pat a too i on a truck near bis
home. lie was struck by tin engine of a
west-bound freight fain and thrown onto
the cow-catcher of tho cast-bound train,
whero a piece of pi.;e connecting with the
air brake apparatus ran into his buck.
Indiana Farmers Believed of Large
Amnrnta ly Clever Crouk.
At Elk li art, Ind., ni-n claiming to bo
agents for tho Hovard 1'tano Company,
Boston, Mas., are working a confluence
game. The victim is told that the com
pany will pay h!m as agent $12 a roont',
Tho man is wo:i worked up. While this
conversation i bains curr!el n another
team drives up with a piano In tho wagon
and two men on the scat, who imiucdiat dy
lug the piano into tbo bouse. Iht-n
tho general a;cnt pets rut a roll
of bills, says times i'.l be dull
for a few days and counts out. 0J,
or fifteen days' pay. Of course ho wants a
receipt Thomas V'anderaon had no sooner
siirnd the rapcr than the azent turned to
him with a entile and paid: "Now what
will you give for ltV To the astonished
Inquiry of hat he meant he replied: "Why.
my dear sir, I have your note for S4S0. " It
was In vain that tho farmer expostulate:!.
Mr. Vanderson concluded to accompany
the man to tho bank, where he finally re
covered his note by pay in; SUM cash for
It. He of course kept tha piano, which 1
said to bo worth ?12 , costing SUO deltv
A Chief's Ckc of Ills Scalping Knife Leads
to a lieneral Fight.
The I-idians of tho White Earth (Minn. )
Reservation are in a turmoil. At a war
dance Friday night Chief Wht.e Clou I. tho
most notei Indian In Minnesota, made a
murde.-ous attack with a scalping-knifo
on his a-.in. William Wrisrht. wounding him
in such a terrible manner about the head
and lungs that he lies dying in his tepee.
In the general light which ensued foveral
other braves were severely wounded.
Why a Railway Ofllel tl Is Fined 950 at
At Minneapolis. A. E. Law. the Northern
Pacific IMvlsion Superintendent, was found
guilty of overworking employes and was
fined g.'iO, with the alternative if sixty days
In the workhousi It has attracted con
siderable attention among those Interested
in laboring matters. They wl 1 look upon
tha decision as a prccolent.
The Green Mountain City Snstalns a Loss
of S150.000.
Th3 worst fire St. Johnsbury. Vt. ha
ever known began tuday morning ana
ra?cd lierco'y for two hour In that time
several business blocks were destroyed. A
gale a blowing from the northeast and
the fire swept o.i with resistless force. The
local fire department did splendid work,
but the high wind and the oil that
was stored In the burning huildinzs did
much to assist the projre-s of the flames.
Most of the business buildings burned were
substantial structures, but in the rear were
a lot of old houses whlrh had been looked
upoa for some time as veritable tinder
boxes It Is thought certain that a man
and woman occupying rooms in the build
ing where the fire started were burned to
deafu The other tenants had to lly for
their lives. Th3 total loss will reach
Died While Lecturing on Temperance.
While delivering a temperance lecture at
Grand Army Hall, Soulh Xorwalk. Conn.,
Henry P. Leer fell from the stage and died
of apoplexy Deceased was 62 years old
and prominent In the borough. He served
with the Connecticut volunteers and was
honorably discharged at the closn of the
war. He was a prominent Prohibitionist
and candidate for Ueprcscntativc on that
party's ticket
Ontario's Mineral Display.
Pavld Boyle of Toronto who is collecting
minerals for the Ontario government dis
play at the World's Fair, was In charge of
the mineral display of the provinoo at tho
Centennial in Philadelphia in 1-iT'.. and
says the number of entrto? for Oitarl i
alone for Chicago will bo larger than tho
wholo of Canada at tbo ContennlaL
Got 9.100 for a Terrible Keating.
Near Chlllicothe. Ohio, James Miller vas
sent by his employer, James Tbarp. a
wealthy farmer, to get s imo fence posts In
the possession of a tenant on Tharp's place.
In the quarrel that ensued the tenant was
horribly beaten by Miller. The injured
man suec' Tharp for $5,000 damages Tho
courts gave him flWJ.
Deep Snow In Russia.
A very heavy snow storm has been prc
atllng In Kutsia and In many places tbe
ground is covered to the depth of five feet.
tallway traffic has tejn interrupted in
very direction.
Scalded by Escaping Steam.
Five tr.cn were badly scalded and burned
by tho bursting of a steam pipe In the
Webster Manufacturing Works at Chicago.
Hayes Klected President.
Kx-President K. B. Hayes has been
lected President of the Ohio Archa-logical
Found Dr. Xewton's Dead Body.
The body of Dr. A. Newton, who had evi
dently been dead two months, was found
a clump of bushes on the bank of the
brook la tho western outskirts of Slcrlden,
Conn. The head was about two-thirds
severed from tho trunk. Ir. Njwton up to
a few years ago was one of the most promi
nent dentists in Hartford.
Money for the Dal I on Slayers' Families.
George C. Fmlth, assistant general man
ager of the Missouri Pacific Railway Com
pany, has sent f 10.000 to the families of
the men who were killed In the atrray
with the Daltons at Coffey vllle, Kan.
To Hang for Murder.
At Pittfleld, Mass, in the Superior Court,
the death sontence was passed on William
Cov. convicted of the murdir of John
Wbalcn fourteen months ao. It was the
first death sentence pronounced by a su
perior court of justice of that common
wcaltK May lie Declared Off.
President We he and President-Elect
Garland of the Amalgamated Association
held a secret consultation with advisory
board officials and rumors are being circu
lated that the Homestead strike may lie
declared off. Belva Lock wood visited
Homestead for tho Universal Peace Com
mission and investigated tbe strike, rhe
was surprised over the peaceful aspect of
tbe town and said that outside inter
ference was unnecessary.
Ten Vessels Foundered.
Details arriving dally from EL John's, N.
F.. show that the gales which raged along
the coast recently was very severo. The
coast was devastated, and ten vessols are
either lost or missing, and twenty-two
lives were lost. At Greenspond tbe sea un
earthed tha bod'es In two graveyards.
No Present Change in Coal Prlees.
At New York the Eastern and Western
wholesale coal agents met. Tho price ot
coal, it was decided, would be allowed to
remain unchanged for the present. The
Eastern agents expect tbe output for No
vember will bo between 3,500,00) and 3,750,
000 tons.
Prof. Swlnton Dead.
Prof. William Swlnton, compiler of school
books and late profeuor In tbe California
ftate University, died suddenly Wednes-lay.
I Father, Mather, and Two Children Lose
Their Lives In a Cleveland Fire.
: A Are, most appalling In Its results, oc
curred in a two-story frame building at
the corner of Central avenue and Harriet
street. In Cleveland, an entire family, con
sisting of a father, mother, and two little
boys, perishing. The buildin? was owned
by F. J. Vacha, and Is a residence and
More-rooms combined. In half of the
lower portion of the building was a saloon,
owned by James Shannon and John Mc-
, Ginty. Shannon and bis family lived la the
. upper section of the building. There were
i the ones that perished. The cause of tho
fire could not be ascertained, but It was
' believed to have originated In the saloon.
The family, it Is said, used the large front
room as a sleeping apllrtruent. They were
all probably overcome by the smoke before
the situation was realised. The front half
pf the building was completely destr yed.
nnd the four bodies were buried In t'10
burned timbers. Hiannon was 3S years old
and his wife was 3?. Tho eldest boy,
J union, Jr., was 6 years old. and John, the
youngest, 4 years. The tearch for the
bodies was begun by the firemen as soon as
the debris co.ilil he sufficiently cooled, and
all were recovered In a terribly disfigured
Terrible Collision lie t ween a Locomotive
and an Express Train Near Mnnaytink.
A Philadelphia dispatch says: A passen
ger train and a loi-oni tlvo on the Phila
delphia and Beading Kailroad collided at
Flat Kock. near Manayuuk. Ten persons
were killed and riftoo:i injured. The
wreck took fire and the Ora department
of Manayuuk was called upon. All of
the dead and injure! have been removed
from the scene. Both tracks are blocked
and all trains are l?ing dispatched via the
tiarmautown and Norristoxn brench. The
accident was cause ! by the engineer of the
north-bound locomotive disobeying orders.
The south-bound track beiu? occupied, the
engineer was ordered to wait at l'ei.coyd
until tho south-bound express from Suamo
kin. due at Broad and Callo w hill streets.
Philadelphia, at !):.'I0 a. m., had passed
Disregarding this he moved northward, and
just north of Mauayunk tunnel met the
cxpreis. A fearful crash followed. Tho
dead and wounded have been taken to St.
Timothy Hospital, Koxbjroujh.
Fire Raging at Ste. Anne de Ileanpre The
Shrine May He Saved.
Dispatches from St. Anne de Beaupro
say that lire broke out In a house there.
Thirty-live bouses have been destroyed and
the lire Is still raging though partly under
control. The locality In which the fire
spread was on the road from tho steamer
landing to the famous Church of Ftc. Anne,
the shrine of which is visited by thousands
of pilgrims every season from till parts of
the continent, and whero wonderful mira
cles are alleged to havo been wrought
The latest advices say that the church Is
sttll untouched by the flames nnd may be
saved. The population of the village are
in a great state of excitement at the possi
bility of the fire destroying what they re
gard as a sacred edifice and are making
every effort to prevent Its destruction.
Deaths Caused by a Fuel iaa Company's
The Mutual Fuel Gas Company at Hyde
Park, a Chicago suburb, is extremelyllkely
to find itself in serious trouble. Within
one week.slx peoplo have died of asphyxia
tion by the company's odorless product.
The pressure maintained is so variable that
Jets which have beet left turning go
out. When this happens In a sleeping
.chamber the occupant is almost certain to
die. as the returning How will fill the room
'with gas. That is the manner in which all
six victims were killed. Their names are
Curtis Cioddard. John Glassner, Thos. Co'.e
and wife, and A. B. Collin and wife.
A Temporary llridge on the Northern Pa
ri fir Gives Way.
News has been received of a terrible dis
aster on the line of the Great Northern
,Itailway, whereby six men were killel. one
ifatally Injured, and six others more or less
hurt. The accident occurred at the second
crossing of the Wcnatchee Blvcr, a few
miles beyond Wenatchce. A construction
train with eighteen men a'.oar i wits en
deavoring to crost a temporary bridge.
When it was upon the firit and second
spans tbe bridge went down, carrying the
first span with it, and the entire train,
with men aboard, was plunged sixty feet
Into Wenatchee Kiver.
Many Ituilillngs ltnrneil In the I. It tic
lttge of Huminelstown, Pa.
Fire started in a stable in Huminelstown.
Pa. For several hours it looked as if the
entire town would be swept by the flames
The farmers in the neighborhood came to
rescue and put out the fire. The loss is
estimated at 8:i,030, partly covered by in
surance. The fire was started from cigar
ettes thrown oy boys.
Search for the Hussar Treasure.
The queer-looking flotilla which anchored
Just below Port Morris. N. J., in the middle
of last July, has given place to an odd-appearing
barge, loadeJ with a big boiler and
a powerful engine. Early cn Satur
day morning the boiler legan to
shake, the engine tremble!, a cloud
of steam and smoke driftcl sky
ward, and the sixth attempt to discover
the S4.SOO.000 su prosed to have dropped to
the bottom in the wreck of tbe ship Hussar
over a century ago was underway. The
Chapman Derrick and Urelging Company
has the job now and is hunting for the
treasure with a powerful suction pipe
worked by a sixty -hors-o power engine.
A llnrniese Refused Citizenship.
An interesting decision touching the
question of naturalization has been ren
dered in the Albany (N. Y.) court on the
application of San C. Pco, a Burmese, to
become a citizen ot the Vnlted States. In
his decision Judge Ilanaher holds that a na
tive of Uuriiiah.belnj neither a white alien,
an alien of African nativity, nor a per
son of African descent, cannot be natural
ized and admitted to become a cltlze.i of
the United States.
Itlootl Spilled In a Hall-Room.
At a ball held In Smith Park, a suburb
of Sr. Joseph, Ma, James Carter drew a
knlf and commenced slashing at every
body in reach. A barber named John Chinn
was badly cut in tho left side, and Carter
started for a woman with whom he had
been dancing, when a clerk named James
Fiddler shot him three times, killing him
Instantly. Carter is thought to have been
War Department ICxpenses.
The annual report of Quartermaster
General Batchclder, submitta l t the War
Department, shows th it. during the year.
transportation was furnished for 442,488
person :t.'lM;i animals, and 92,244 tons of
freight, at a cost of $2,355,219. 'The
cavalry and artillery horses purchased
cost $103,000. The amount expended on
roads, walks and bridges was 9201,663, and
for water and sewerage 8403,733.
May Comdemn the Mohican.
The United States steamer Mohican
Khlch cost 81. 500,00 ) and has had only eight
years of service, stands a strong chance of
being condemned. Muring her recent He ti
ring Sea cruise she ran ucon a hidden rock
and sustained such great damage that it
will probably bo thought hardly worth
while to repair her.
Hank Robber KUled.
At Fremont, Neb., the night watchman
detected a man trying to blow open the
safe of the First National Bank.. Tbe
watchman shot the robber through the
head, killing him instantly. The dead
man is unknown.
Disease Rasing In Bnda Feath.
Seventeen new cases of cholera and five
deaths are reported In Buda Pesth. Two
cases of cholera and one death from the
disease have been reported at Ysselsteln, a
town on the Yssel, near Utrecht
Her Affection Injured.
Tbo trial of the breach of promise suit
brought by Emma Carslaks against Ir.
Mozart C Jenkins was begun at 'i ron
ton, sf. J.
fifty Thousand Drowned.'
Adv!?cs from China bring terrible ac
tuate c tbe lv of life and property
Yellow River, which Is called "China's bor
row." It Is only three years since the
whole basin was flooded, and now comes
another overflowing fully as disastrous as
the other. It Is estimated that the flooded
district la lad miles long by 33 miles wide,
that over 50.000 people have been drowned,
and that fully 1.000,010 will starve to death
unless the Chinese Government furnishes
them food from now until next spring.
These figures furnish some Idea of tho
enormity of the calamity, in which In
single villages the whole loss of life at
Johnstown Is surpassed.
Horrible Massacre of the Temoelilans by
Mexican Government Troops.
The news of the annihilation rf tho Te
mochlanj. a people who Inhabit a village
of Tunochlc, Mexico, and who are nearly
pure Aztecs, has been received. Two
months ago the Government sent the 110th
battalion, in commanl of Gen. Kanjel, tc
iimke the peoplo pay the tax raiiuliel ol
them and accept government ofHctals ap-
pointed to take charge or to kill
every one of them. When the soldiers
made their descent on the village
they were met and driven off, with
twenty-two officers and fourteen men
killed and two officers and forty-live men
taken prisoners. When the news of this
nffalr reached the ears of President IHai
he decided to annihilate the village, and
last Monday the attack was made on all
sides. Tho Temochlans, who only num
bered thirty-eight, with their families,
took refuge In the church and awaited the
attack that took place at about 10 o'clock.
The attack was made on all sides and the
slaughter was terrible. At dusk tho sol
diers gained an entrance to the church
and a terrible hand-to-hand fl.ht took
place, and the soldiers completed the mas
sacre, with :IC8 ottholr number killed and
many wounded. The village the next
day presented a terrible view. The
streets of the little village leading
to the church were filled with bodies,
and blood scented to have flowed in tor
rents. Not a man of the Temochlans sat
leftexcept thosa who happened to be out
in the mountains, but tho government ha.
paid dearly for Its victory. The Temochl
ans were some time ago a very wealthy
peoplo In cattle and farms but the lack ol
rain and failure of their crops had brought
they to poverty and they were unable to
exist under the extortion of the govern
ment and Its petty officials, and were
brought near starvation. The feeling
acainst the government Is very strong, anl
the Incident has been called the second
Alamo, which will bring light and liberty
to the Mexican people as it did to those of
The I.oss Will Probably Reach Half a
Million Dollars.
Seven buildings and property worth
nearly 5S00.000 was destroyed by fire in
Jersry City Thursday night. The blaze
started at Essex and Green streets in the
Brooklyn Cooperage Company's shop, at the
rear of the Havermeyerugarrefinery. The
building was four stories high, frame, with
a rear brick wall. It contained 50,003 bar
rels and about 2.000.00J staves, and they
made a hot fire and a big blaze. The en
tire fire department of the city was sum
moned, but in spite of desperate work
the flames spread to White's liquor
store and to several tenement build
ings and then to C. Heidt & Son's
cooperage. Devlin's big coal sheds went
next. The fire was now getting down
toward tho river. There were ten tugs
pouring streams of water on It and doln?
heroic service, but the flames kept creep
ing on toward Hudson street. They Anally
reached Colgate & Co.'s building, which Is
used for a "fat" house, stable and box fac
tory. There were about two liundre 1 bar
rels of resin stored there and a quantity
of fat used for making soap The bulld og
and all It contained lasted about half an
hour. With th3 destruction of this build
ing the firemen and fire tugs succeeded In
getting the flames under control. The loss
Is nearly covered by Insurance.
Brier Services in the White Honse Over
Mrs. Harrison's Remains.
The funeral services over the remains of
Mrs. Harrison at the White House, were
beautiful and Impressive, but were chiefly
characterized by the simplicity which waa
so dear to her heart. Except the sable
rosette of crepe at tho door-way, there
was no sign of mourning anout the ex
terior of the mansion. Tho floral tribute'
to the memory of the dead were
very numerous and if rare beauty,
lie v. Dr. Hamlin, the President's pas
tor, in a low voice, repeated a few
pages from the scriptures, beginning: "In
my lainer s nouse mere arc many man
sions" and Including several verses from
the psalms. He closed with tbe Lord's
prayer, which was repeated with him by
alums' every person In the room. Then
Itev. Dr. Bartiett, of the New York Ave
nue Tresbyterlan Church, who was for
merly Mrs Hnrrlson's pastor at Indianap
olis, hkj. up itte scriptures ana read a
number of passages from the Old and New
Testaments and the psalms which had been
selected. At the conclusion of the services
Mrs. Harrison's remains were taken to the
funeral train, which started for Indianapo
Lawlessness at Homestead.
Assaults upon non-union men at Home
stead. Pa., are so frequent tliut the author
ities may, in order to afford protection to
person and property, be oolled to declare
tho place under martial law.
Anxiety at Vienna.
Another case of cholera is reported In
Vienna, and the public anxiety is increas
The Bishops Opposed It.
The bazar of tbe Ancient Order of Hi
bernians at Grand ltapids Is not a success,
owing to the opposition of Bishop Itlchtcr.
Hot Springs Bank Lets Go.
The Valley Bank of Hot Springs,
cU sed its doors. Li-tbillties $30,003.
Heirs Dissatisfied.
The contest ot the a ill of the late Jamet
It. Rice is in progress at Indianapolis
Domestic Jars.
Family trouble caused Charles Martin to
kill himself at Lexington, Ky.
Cattle Common to Prime fx.no 3 6.(0
Hogs Shipping Grades 3.50 6.00
Hheep Fair to Choice 4.00 at 3.2
wheat Mo. 2 spring
Corn No. 2
Oats No. 2
Kte No. 2
Butter Choice Creamery
Koos Fresh
Potatoes New, per bn
Cattle Shipping
Hoob Choice Light
Sheep Common to Prime
Wheat No. 2 lied.
Corn No. 1 White
Oats No. 2 White
Wheat No. 2 Red
Com No. 2
Oats No. 2
Rte No. 2
Wheat No. 2 Bed
Coax No. 2
Oats No. 2 Mixed
.Rte No. 2
Wheat No. 2 Red.
.71 .12
.41Hti .'!"
.2 & J
..VI (ft .5-i
.27 (4 .2
. JO m M
.SO & .70
3.2S as 5.25
8.50 & S.75
3.00 4.2S
.S3 .70
.43 & .SSH
.!H $ .33
3,'tO i 5.00
3.SO 5.71
.fi'J .70
.37 ( .38
.2 .1S4
.S3 .54
t 5.00
44 .444
.32 (ft .329
.57 & .9
3.00 4.50
3.(10 $ 5.0(1
3.00 (A 6.00
.74HK9 -75H
Corn No. 2 ellow. 46 S .47
Oats No. 2 White SHit
Wheat No. 2.. 71 ai .73
Corn No. 2 White 41 ( .42
Oats No. 2 White n a .31 4
SIB 56 0 .57
Cattle Common to Prime..... 3.00 S.25
Hoos Best Grades .' 6.00
Wheat No. 1 Hard sr. t 7
Corn No. 3 46 & .47
Wheat No. 2 Spring .67 0 .68
COBM No. 3 .40 .41
Oats No. 2 White .ai m Jtt
Rte No. 1 1 $ .ss
Barlet No. 2 66 9 .68
Pork Mess 11.75 $12.2S
Cattle 3.50 as.60
Hogs. a.oo sxo
Sheep 3.00 s.o
Wheat No. 2 Red. 78 & .
Cork No. 2 mi gt jti
OAii Mixed Western .34 t
Hotter Creamery. : 28 .30
PoE New Mesa 13.00
Swept by Flames with the Wind Blowing
a Sixty-Mile Hale Entire Lower Portion
of the Eart Side la one.
- Wild Night of Ruin. . I
The lower portion of the East Side ot
Milwaukee went up in a whirlwind ot
flame Friday night. The burned por
tion comprises tho wholesale district,
tho Northwestern Eailway yards, and
gas works. It is also thickly inhabited
by Italians, roles, Ccrruans and Irish,
most of whom are poor nnd bavo lost
everything. The los will lc between
$5,000,000 nnd $6,000,000,
Tho fire started eliortly before 6
o'clock in the wholesale liquor house of
A. Blade & Son. The wind at the tim
was blowing fully sixty miles an hour.
As the f ro broko through the roof the
hurricane caught up ttio brands, and,
wh'riint? them across the Mock, flung
them full on the seven-story building of
liubb A- Kip, on the corner of Ilroadway
and IlufTuto streets. Before the engines
on a third alarm could arrive and come
into action the Kipp luiUling was a
mass of flames.
This was the beginning of tho en 1.
Th.i s arks were caught up by the g tie
and whirled hither and yon. while the
lirvnien, fighting bravely in tho molten
shower, found their efforts powerless to
stay the progress of this Haines. A gen
eral alarm was turned in. bringing tho
entire 1 ghting force of the city into
action, but it was unable to stay tbo
steady mar;-h of the flames which now
were rioting blocks away.
From this on it was a steady conquer
ing march. The big streams of water
looked like suirtgun playing against
the roaring sea of llame. From llubb ,V
Kipp's the tire had eaten backward to
East Water street, but there it was held
by hard lighting, with the fire com
panies enveloped in smoke and flames,
undistincuishalile except as the wind
whirled the curtain apart at times for a
People Driven from Their Homer.
lialked here, the flames threw them
selves with renewed vigor on the terri
tory to the eastward and leeward.
Ihere no engines stave I their progre-s.
and they rioted down across Ilroadway,
stopped lira moment in the block be
tween that street and Milwaukee street,
Lhen jumped over that and confnued
iheir unimpeded career toward the
lake, a half mile away, carrying
Jestruction, ruin, and despair to
poor families who wero in their
path. These people hurriedly left their
homes, carrying with them what they
?ould. ami where this was impossible
bv the sudden ont-'et of the hurricane of
fire fled swiftly, not stopping o look
behind, onlv triad to escape with their
lives. Mixed in with the small wooden
buildircs. which wore the dwelling
places of these unfortunates, were huge
holesale Houses. 1 no lire King maae
o invidious distinctions. J ne u.j
rade warehouses went with the hum
ler home. The only difference wa?
hat he stayed longer with the former.
The territory burned out is in the
liape of a slightly obtuse triangle with
he apex at lllade A Co.'s. on the river.
he uprer side Detroit street, the lower
Menominee street to Milwaukee and
hen to the Milwaukee ISiver, and the
base Lake Michigan. Roughly it is
pace two-thirds of a mile long on tli
uase line.
At 7:30 o'clock Friday night Fire Chief
Swenie. 01 1. 11 cago, received a iiii-!siig;
mm Ch:cf James roley, ot Milwaukee,
a-tking for imme liate a-sistance. Ex
actly at :U0, less than two hours after
th? call for help was received, the tra n
eft the north end of the ortnwestern
yards, with O. M. ll.nsliaw, a trusty
Jtiver, at the throttle. me train con-
istedonlvof four flat car" containing
the fire apparatus and a taboose, and
looked more like a tircus train than
anything else. The caboose was Idled
with 1 remen, reporters, and fire-insurance
adjusters. It was run as a spe ial.
and was given a through rtg'.it of way
from Chicago to Milwaukee.
Assistance also came lrom h.enosna,
Racine and other town ne.ir by. In the
meantime in Milwau'ie;; the scenes of
Chicago's big lire were re," ated. Hun
dreds of poor householders carried m
their arms, in carts or wagons wh itevcr
they had been able to seize and save
before they were obliged to fly from
their burning homes. They did not feel
safe until they put the Milwaukee Kiver
between them and the destroying ene
my. The tew engines which could be
brought into action were tinanie to pre
vent the wild riot. F.vcry street look
ing south was a molten hell. The efforts
Df that p rtion of the derartmont to the
west and north of the lire had been di
rcc'od toward holding it from any retro
grade march, and in this tho mtn were
The flames shvwvd onsi-Jerable
ec'ontnciiy m tr.cir ravages, iney
would jump across buildings for a block,
leaving them untouched, only to return
later and wipe them out in spite of tho
afforts of the llremen, who fought gal
lantly against the heavy odds.
Cant. Davis or the revenue cutter
Johnson, which was lying in the hart or,
ten lered his crew to Chit f Foley for use
in fighting the lire. They wore grate-
ully accepted, and relieved the n re men
n places where they had become ex
hausted by their hard tight. The re
serve force came just in time, and the
lohnson's men fought gallantly and ef
fectively. The Fourth licgiment, under tne com
mand of Col. King, was called out to
assist in guard duty, as tho crowds in
he vicinity of the b.troed distnet nnni-
lierel thousands, and the police force
was in need of assistance. A p'.a'oon
of the Fourth which assembled at tho
armory earliest w a sent to the House
sf Correction, near which institution a
fire was reported raging, where there
were no police for guard d ity, ail the
men being busy at the other li: c. Com
panies E and F were used for guard
duty along Detroit street, wnere mere
were piles of household goods which
hnd been hastily removed from ihe
burning houses, company A was on
guard duty around the Northwestern
vards. wnere tnieves nau luncn nuvnu-
tage of tho lire to attempt the looting
of box cars. -
Fully 10,000 people were made home
less, and leading insurance men say
that about half the loss is covered by
insurance. They estimate the total
loss at $5,775,000.
The losses ere as follows:
Bnbb Kipp. fnrnitore
J. K. l'atton Ar Co.. oiIr and paints.
P. Kissinger, wholesale liipiors
Milwaukee Mirror Works
R. Lelderndorf. tobacco
. 25O,(0
. 75.000
. -o.Min
. 25o.o
Unyler LUhoarnph Company 1(10,000
Ronndv, Beckham A: Co., wholesale
produce noo.roo
H. Weheftel Co., wholesale grocers... 2ii,noo
J. Wellmnre Co., wholesale grocers... 200.000
Milwaukee Chair Company 2Se,otK)
Northwestern frcUrht house, contents
and care 300,000
Milwaukee. Lake Shore ana western
freight houses -
McLandcn Hotel
P. Fluger Sc Co., confectionery
Saucr A Co.. glove manufacturers
Klfty smaller bnstne.'s houses
Five hundred dwellings and cottages...
F. P. Hohmen Co.. drugs
is, III
ro i,w
Welser A: Vllter, machinery
Toenfer .t Sons, machinery
llayley A Soon, machinery
Ferneker A; llro.. confectionery.
Oclortno & Orient In, tool nhop. .
Milwaukee Bag Company
Cabbomc acid gas, which is ejected
in largo quantities from the earth, is
being u ilize 1 in several localities. At
Burgbrohl, near Coblentz, a carbonic
acid spring opened during boring opera
tions, and which is eTght inches wide
and some thirty or forty feet high, is
being usel in the impregnation of min
eral waters.
It is estimated that ouly 00,000
Americans will visit Europe this sum
racr." and "they will spend about
$100, 000, 000 in sight seeing." Brother
Jonathan's Ikjvs and girls are great
on seeing, and they have got the
Cold Wave Comlnr.
The weather reports from all extreme ata
tlons announce the early ad vent of severe
cold waves which will, for a protracted
period, give our rezlon a taste of the frigid
This is not unusual la thl latitude and
at this time ot the year. In anticipation
of this fact, thousands of poaple are com
pleting arrangements to spend the winter
1 1 the South. For all such persons, the
question ot chooslnj a route is of great
Of all fottth bmnd roads the Chicaroaml
Eastern Illinois Railroad offers the best
advantages to the traveler. It Is the short
est line from Chicago to Florida and Oulf
Coast resorts. Its trains reach destination
ix hours in advance of any other line. It
has ) or feet passenger service. Its equip
ment is unsurpassed.
Its popular fast train, tne "Chicago &
Nashville Limited." connects with all
through trains from tho Wnt und North
west, is ves ibuled from end to ent. Is
heated by steam and lighted by ga-, is
composed of Pullman sleepers, Pullman
ladici and day coai'hes and a superb din
ing car. dlspensluz a cuisine the better if
which is not found in America.
The "Chicago and Nashville Limited"
leaves Dearborn Station, Chicago, at 4 n.
ik every day in the year, running through
without change t'J Nashville. Tenn.. where
it makes sure connections with the fatt
trains of the L. and N. II. R- for Jackson
ville, Fla.. St. Auzustlne. I'eiisacola. New
Orleans, and all points in Florida or on the
Gulf Coast.
For full information, time tables, illus
trated guide books, m ips, etc. apply to, or
dd-ess any a:eut of connei-.ln? lines.
Charles W. Humphrey. Northern I'assongcr
A-zcnt, 170 F.ast Tulrd street. St, Paul,
Minn.. City Ticket Ollice 201 t lark street.
C hicago, or Charles L. Stone, General
Pas-icncr an 1 Tloket Agent, room 41V
First National Hank Uuilding. Chicago.
Couldn't Trust a Woman.
Out in the West End lives a little lad
whose Christian name is Will e, says
Ihe St. Louis Kepublic. One day while
visiting his aunt, several blocks distant
from his homo, lie told her a family se
cret which ite had been positively com
manded to keep. While on his way
home his conscience troubled him and
hi', fa :-ed al out und returned to h!s
aunt, with whom this conversation took
Willie Aunt.e, you never w.ll tell
Auntie Xo. indeed, Willie; I will be
as silent as the grave.
Willie t with a troubled sight Well,
auntie, if you do tell, please tell them
not to tell.
With Ely's Cream Halm a child can be
treated without pain and with perfect
safety. Try the remedy, it cures Catarrh.
Mr sou has been afllictcd with nasal
catarrh tdncc quite young. I was Induced
to try Fly's Cream Halm, and before he had
used one iKittle that disagreeable catarrhal '
emcll had all left, him. lie appears as well
as any one. It is the best catarrh remedy
in the market. J. C. CUnistead. Areola, IIL
One of my children had a very bad dis
charge from her nose. Two physicians pre
scribed, but without benefit. We tried Ely's
Cream Halm, and. much to our surprise,
tl.ere was a marked Improvement. We con
tinued usingtho Balm, and in a short time
th;! discharge was cured O. A. Cary, Corn
in?. N. V.
Apply Balm into each nostril. It Is
Quickly Absorbed. Gives Hemep at oxcic
Trice 50 Ci'nts at Druggists or by mail.
ELY BROTHERS. 5G Warren St. New York.
Her Amernlmeiit.
Flossie had seen something on tho
street which greatly amused her, and
when she had concluded talking of it to
her mother she drew a long breath and
"Why, mamma, I just thought I would
"Gracious me. Flossie," said the hor
rified mother, "you must use more ele
gant language than that."
"Well, then, break open," she 6aid,
apologetically. And the amendment was
Uevr's This?
We rffor Ore Hundred Dollars Reward-for
any case ot catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Cetarrh Cure.
F. J. CHKNKY CO.. I'rope.. Toledo, V.
We. the undersigned, have known!'. J. Cheney
for the last flftet n years, and believe him per
fectlv honorable in all business transactions,
and financially able to carry out any obligations
made by their firm.
west irt ar vt nojesaie 1rnpKism. ioieuo, n.
Waldins, Kinnan 4 Jlarvin, Wholesale Drug.
cls's, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cme is taken internally, acting
diicctlv uron the blood and mucous surfaces ef
tbe svstem. Price. 5c per bottle, bold by alt
Druggists. Testimonial free.
Watch crystals are made ly blowing
a sphere or glass about one vara in
diameter, after which the discs are cut
from it by means of a pair of compasses
having a d'amond at the extremity of
one leg.
To the Copper Country
Is but little more than a night's ride In tbe
direction of the North Mar. Solid trains of
coaches and buffet sleeping cars leave Chi
cago each night at :00 (from C. M. & St. 1.
Ity. depot, via the Milwaukee & Northern
R. R. the North Star route arriving at
Champion. Mich., at fi:51 a. m., Marquette
10:25 a.m., Ilou-rhton 11:30 a. lu., ilancocic
12:05 p m.. and Ontonagon 9:10 p. m. T.iis
is the thortst, best, and quickeit route to
all important points on the Cppcr Penin
sula of Michigan. Try It. Breakfast
served on train en route. Berths may be
reserved in sleeplnj car o te week in ad
vance at City Ticket Office, 207 Clark
street, Chicago.
A New Itrlek.
Bricks made of plaster of paris and
pork are used in the construction of
powder mills. In cao of explosion
thev are broken to a'oms.
Important to Fleshy reople.
We have noticed a page article In the
Boston Globe on reducing eight at a very
small expense. It will pay our readers to
send two-cent stamp for a copy to Betlna
Circulating Library, 6 E. Washington
street, Chicago, IIL
ALEXANDER Hock Aii a v, of Blue
River Township. Ind.. is said to be 112
years old. He is the father of twelve
children. His wife is still young. She
is 30 years his junior.
How Mr TnnoAT HcrtsI Then why don't you
use Hai.k's Hosev of HonKHorND and TarV
Fiee's Tootuaciif. Phofs Cure in one Minute.
Statistics carefully compiled show
that within tltr.e years 5,0(Ml people
have lost their lives in Western Penn
sylvania because of weak dams con
structed in a slovenly manner.
Good for children as well as adults, SmuH
Bile bean -4.
John Tyler died at 72 from a n yste
riouv disorder.
m naa
11 has no am-
I a I
at reaaonable rater and up librral torron. Warn
INION, 93 South Jen-eraon Ktrcet, Chlcaco.
CMMaaaillvea and people
who have weak tones or AMh
au,ikMMiH Piao'aCarafor
Consampuon. It baa cawe
tkoawaaata. ft baa not injur
ed on. It la not bad totake.
It la the beataooith ayrap.
8oM averrwbere. SSe.
Desired laforanatloft.
We desire to Impress upon tho minds rf
the public the superiority of the service
offered by the Wisccn in Central Lines be
taeen Chicago and Milwaukee and M.
Paul. Minneapolis, Duluth and all poiuts
In the Northwest. Two fast trains leave
Chicago dally for St. Paul, Minneapolis and
Duluth with Pullman Vest Ibuled Drawing
Koom Sleepers and Coaches of latest de
sign. Its Dining Car Service Is unsur
passed. This the public is invited to judge
for itself. It Is the only route to tbe Pa
cific Coast over which both Pullman Vcstl
luled, first-class, and Pullman Tourist
Cars are operated from Chicago via St,
Paul without change.
Pamphlets giving valuable Information
can l.e obtained free upon application to
your nearest ticket agent, or to J as. U.
lYitio. General Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Chicago, IiL
IUttchek Hakrt Krcn found a
pound of rusty nails in the stomach of a
hog weighing ln'i pounds wbr.cn lie
slaughtered at Pottsvillc.
Guaranteed to cure lltlious Attacks anf
Constipation, Small llile lteans.
Pope Laxdo was suj posed to have
been poUoned.
aV-r ' ' 'vfm
Children of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Sollcr
Altoona. Ta.
Both Had Eczema
In Its Worst Form
Aflrr Phytic nt Failed, llood'e Sartapa
rilta iM tartly Cumt,
Great mental agony is endured by parents
who see their children suffering from dis
eases caused by impure Mood, and for which
there seems cure. This is turm d to joy
when llocd's Sarsaparilla Is tesortcd to. for
It expels the foul humots from tbe blood,
aid restores the diseased skin to fresh.
bca.thy tightness. Load tie following
from grateful parents:
"To C. I. Hood Co., Lowell. Mass.:
"We think Hood's rarsaparllla Is the most
valuable medicine on the market for blood
and skin diseases. Our two children suffered
terribly with the
Worst form of Eczema
for two years. Wo had three physicians in
that time, but neither of them succeeded in
curing them or even in giving taem a little
relief. At lar-t we tried Hood's tSarsaparilla
and in a month both children were perieclly
cured. We recommerd
Hood's earsaparilla
as a standard family medicine, and would not
be without it." MR. and Mas. M. M. So I. LER,
1412 Second Avenue, Altvona, I'a.
HOOD'S PILLS cure liver ills, constipation.
bilioUHSFfM. jaundice, sirk headache. Indigestion.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale In 60o
and 91 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
tomnuc nr. new rnk a a
- IS '.V'-'
fxvBIIBaBIIVaBaMaBnnn ataaMafMaMaaafWaaaffMaaaaaaM
Gas and Gasoline
Just the Thing for Feed Mills, Spice Kills, Sausage Machines,
Corn Shelters, Pumps, Wood Saws and Small Factories.
Coat of operating lrom two to ten rents rr how. according to size.
These Engine are made In aires ranging torn one to tea borra iwwer, and can be act np ready tor
nse in three bourn. After once In operation anyone can run them with perfect safety.
Cnllke other makes of Oas and Gasoline Engines, they do not require tbe cylinders and valves should
be cleaned every rev days. Thry ran be ran for months without any cleaning or other care than seeing
that the bearers are properly oiled and oil-cups kept f ulU
Write lor circulars giving full particulars, prices and testimonials.
Exclusive Western Agents,
87, 89, 91 and 93 South Jstf srssi St., CHICAGO, ILL.
Kora.-As to our reliability refer you to
I am a farmer at Edom, Texas. I
have used German Syrup for six
years successfully for Sore Throat,
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Pains in
Chest and Lungs and Spitting-up of
Blood. I have tried many kinds of
Cough Syrups in my time, but let
me say to anyone wanting such a
medicine German Syrup is the best.
We are subject to so many sudden
changes from cold to hot, damp
weather here, but in families where
German Syrup is used there is little
trouble from colds. John F.Jones, a
1. -
Ky Coetor says It set gently on ttw stomach. It vee
and klitneva. and lis pleuant laaatlve. This drink
U made from tierha, aud Is prepared for use at easily
as tea. It la called
All 4riinrl tt t Wr 4 t r. fflf-k.?'- If voti rwnrt t
It. V.'W A4rmi f. fr MB!tl. U-" I'latllj BraMs
ll Imweh 4s;. In or-t.-? to t fi!thv. this It wmam
tar;. A.ldre OUATOti I'. WOODWAttil. LaKof, M. I. f
Emergency Hospitals.
When the authorities In charge ot the
great Columbian celebration In Chicago
last week had done everything that they
could think of for th: comfort of the
immense multitude that would gather.
tbeyaddel what they called "Emergency
Ho-ipitals," so that any one who should
be iiijvired by the crowds could be taken
care of at once. This was a great idea
and one for which 'h ? orig'n itore havo
lieen highly eommeodeil. 'ihe idea is
one that can be cuffed out in e .eryday
life. You should icMliat jot have an
"emergency hospital" whn you take a
journey. Many people are unable to
stand tlte changes of drinking water, the
differ -nt diet, and the breaking up ot
their accustomed habits, without suffer
ing serius d is' urb nc generally end
ing in an attiek of o tstipation. This
is a gioat o .-il i:n I it slio lid be attended
to, because it is th door through which
a long train of li-caes rnter. You
should get a Ikix of tlic LAXATIVE GfX
Drops an 1 tak them at night b.;fore
going to bel. It may ! neeesrary for
you to take thorn in t'tis maimer for
several nights for they are a gentle lax
ative ; but if you do, you will nnd that
they act gently on th liver an 1 digestive
org .ins. They come in two sizes the
small size ten i c:it, the large size twenty-live
cents ict themot anydoiler.
S ill van" JiEMF.DY Co., l'tHina, 111.
R. T. KEt.'X .Ot7K4riS ORIKVTAr.
llcmnveaTra P tnpI- Frwlt.
Ic. Moth 1'atiitea. liaaO and
I tiii :"! tmi every blrn-
1 l-rJin drtitetloa.
t I aft txi th
7 text el 40 year.
w ta-t it t !
lire it iv properly
niad". Ai-cer o
emitrrfit ot m
:milarnanie. Dr.
I. A. Saver Mid t
laily ottite haitt-
1 tou ta rau-nn:
"Anyea ladimirta
ue Oi. ru. I reo-
cnimenl 'ov.
ail cream an
the least harmful
et all tb skin
r.rcpa- at o . Cme bottle will Inrt rii mnntli,otnn
lewrvrlav. Mm I'ornnE Si rtTii.K n-niovea super
Ur.oHs'liair without injury to tli xkin.
FKKK. T. lit iHKINS I'mp.. s; Great Jmies Kt., Jt.T.
M-Hewar of bane Imitation. l. Reward toe
am bt and 1 of of any one telling tuu
tbe ttoroaih, UvtT tuid bowrto, nun-,
tnjtein known forbuWaa-i
n aaie
w kne
b. eonKtlpatlia. UTtnenna, towv
nnKtinatitm. dmwpda.
painful dicMi. bad cmpjeataaj.
Lrul ail aimaoii canard nv failure of
tne ntnnuu-li, low or bowela to per-J
form tartr Draper
eating are Erneatf
vratieiiona. iTrwmriwiwww!
ItM tty taaintt one aner wm a-j
moe, as ; 1
CHtnCAL CO.. 1 Sinic St.. Kr Tot. J
hmI. lib. At IminHrt, i-r Mf-nt M mall.
Garfiold Toa a
Cures Constipation
1 ill la kMl nai II adlaillrallf rlnlni, r
. n. tt. No -'
In writltta; to Al vert iaer, tleae do not full
to mention thl paper. Advert Inera like tm
katow what meUltama pay tbern teat.
explosio.1 OR FIRE!
the imblifchar of the JJO,1Jf(JJ,jjt'
money to pay for it. .

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