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N.ts for Bee-keepers j County Convention.
Strong colonies usually protect them- A county convention of the ." oc an s .
helves against robbers and bee moth. Christian Temperance Union will be I
A ;itxl (leal r extra comb is needed ! held in th (Jumberlaiid i'reubyterian
When the extract Jr is used, t'hurch, Gorin, Scot laud county. Mo., tJ
The Italian is the in-.-t and the most! Thursday, August 2Tth, !-'.::.
profitable of the different varieties of The Canvention will be composed of
11. . r fi ffl f - . r ',...:.. . . ...1 M ....
(Mfs. ! LUC W . . i . I ., 'i tU! Ill U1U .)H Hi'
While candying is evidence of purity, phis, and the Y. V. C. T. r. of Mem
the fact that honey does not candy is phis.
not conclusive evidence that it has been j Mi-- Klla Harrison. of arthage. Mo.
adulterated, will be present to assist durinr the da
Bees gorged with honey never volun- and give us two of her good lectures
teer an attack and rati always be made i at night.
.. . . ... ., i
peaceable by inducing them to accept Morning session will ojien a: :.. j
liquid sweets. I a- m-
The formation of new colonies should a. in. Devotional ex rcises.
ordinarily be confined to th.- season 1'aper- Individual duty in VV. C. '!
when th- are accumulating honey, j ' Work.
Queen less colonies, unless supplied! Paper Narcotics,
with a queen, w ill invariably dwindle Report of Memphis . . 1. I . an
away or be destroyed by robbers or i."W.C 1.1.
moth. I Symposium The most beneficial thin,
When the weather bhol the bees will " you' L'"';ki Unions,
do much better if they can be shaded. Noon-tide hour of Prayor.
When combs are stored to be used as Afternoon Session -2:0(1 o'clock,
needed they are often injured, if not en- j Ievotional Kx. rcises.
tirely destroyed by moth. The bes
remedy ia to fumigate occasionally wi!
It is very important to store honey in
a dry plaee in order to prevent it from
granulating. With care honey can be
kept a long time without injury.
It i- a good plan to set the hives it;
rotation in hexagonal form, nix to eight
feet apart each way.
Hives should be set close to the
ground and le banked up in front level
with the entrance with sawdust, gravel
or -and.
It doe.- not ia to neglect the lees.
They will work for you fathfully and at
the same time will board themselves
The best time during the day to ban
dit; the bees either in extracti tig or for
any purj)ose i- from ! o'clock in the
morning until .' in tin- afternoon. At
this time there are more of them si
work than at any other time.
.In-t as soon as you find the com lis in
your upper stories about full of honey
they are ready to extract. It is not nec
essary to wait until they are sealed
It is not necessary to let honey re
main in the combs to ripen. It will
ripen itseif if left exjMwed to the air in
almost any kind of open vessels.
The old queen comes out with the firsl
swarm, thus leaving the parent stock
ip lee nl ess for eighl days, and then tin
firsl young queens emerge from th
cells. The first swarm is always th
cream of the colony and from these we
tret the greatest quantity of honey.
They should he well cared for.
Uy placing your car close to a hive 12
or Jl hours In; fort; the - -conJ .-warm is
sues you will hear the shrill voice of the
queen. It is called voice, but it is the
ihrat ion i f t he wings. The sounds are
"p-e-e-p. p-e-e-p. p-e-e-p." TllC lleXl
riearesl mature queen et imprisoned in
the cells will answer, "quack, quack,
quack.' When you can hear these
sounds and the day is line you may look
u for a swarm. The Republic.
Minutes of Morning Se ion.
Words of Welcome by Gorin Union.
Response by Memphis Union,
Paper: Demurest Medal Contes
w irk.
I'aper: Temperenc Lecture.
Paper: -Whal inspired me to work i
the W. '. T. P.
Parer: Plan of finance as recom
mended by State Kxecutive Committee.
1 'nfinished business.
neoo i. in. Lecture ; Mis- BHa
Harri-on. State Lecturer arc Presi
dent of ijil district. Miss Harrison
will also lecture in the same place on
the evening i f A ugusl Mil h.
Miss Ki.i. Dkmpsy. County I 'res.
Mrs. ( rra A. Kays, Pre-. W. C. T.
I '. of 1st I list. Memphis. Mo.
No Dissappointrnent This Time.
Rut Rev. If. M. Myers, of Paris. Mo..
will lecture for us at the South M. K
t hureh on the evenings ol Augusl ld.
23d and 24th. Mr. Myers has had ex
perience and cultivation to render him
a worthy and an entertaining lecturer.
Formerly president of St. Charles Col
lege, i.e lectured over the country. fl
has shown himself a success as ;i lec
turer m .-i hoot centers. tils style is
plain, simple and easy. bu1 he is elo
quenl in thought and impressive in man
tier. Let a 1 come out and hear him: In
will benefit you. His lectures will !
historic, and therefore instructive,
rickets on sale now and in the follow
ing order: Tickets for one lecture. ''
cents: for two bought at one time
cents, and for the three all at one pur
chase 'i cents. The color of the tick
ets will show the riumlier of lectures
paid for. The proceeds are for the use
and ln'iiefit of the church.
.1 . M. I .. fioYi k. I 'astor.
For Constipation
Ayer'c Pi!!s
For Dyspepsia
Ayers iFilis
For Biliousness
Ayer's Pills
For Sick Headache
Ayer's PiUs
For Liver Complaint
Ay jr's Pills
For Jau a - 3
Ayer's Pills
For Loss of Appetite
Ayer's Pills
For Rheumatism
Ayer's Pills
For Colds Txr rr Qi riT
Ayer's Pills i W wi!yi.
For Fevers
civ R. BARTTT,
Uought ami
Ixchangoc m Commission. Rents Collected ant'. Taxes
Paid CZ vbstraets Procured.
nVdR ftft1 m Mm m tate Security,
I a ! i.e
and most
m 1 to j cat
r-i 1 1 i!i
'el.tl U
time, at lowest current rates id inferos
Loans payable in enst ailments
before due, if desired.
( ount
Ayer's Pills
l'n-inircd byDr..T.r. VyorScCo . Lowvil, SIx3.
So.d t y IruBit8
Every Dcrc Effective
'Wiiship. Vit and School Lkouds lought and d on I'lUnmisstosl
Written on all classes of property Fire. Lightning or Cyclone. Also, Lift
and Accident Insurance in the leading companies of the world.
East Side Sun-it - McmpMs, 3!o. 4 (ymtiv Wt ilJlwl )t o,,c
i a 1 iv liuirriiiiv l ao v (l I
Farmers in Mississippi Valley.
I enclose a !it of "country homes"
whose owners have lieen ruined ly the
low price of itrtton ami whose homes
are now offered for sale by I het 'aid well
und .luduh Mortgage t'omjianv. Here
i-a list of fifty-eight farm- offered foi
sale by a single mortgage com pan j
and t he closing out of farmers is baric)
t'ommenced. T1mc marked with a
cross in pencil are in the valley here
ami are in a section thai is as fertile
as the valley of the Nile. 'Sou will
notice that these farm-, part wooded
And part under cultivation, including
Imildins, cotton gins and all improve
ment!! are offered at an average of some
lo ner acre, a hifurc not oer one-1 aires !eeii i
Here i- the way Sam ( ' ok. editor of
the Mex ico Intelligencer, puts it: Why
should a banker, thy mos1 assuluous
defender of liijrh rates of interest, win
from youth has been trained to build U
dividends for stock Indders at the ex
pense of thos; who toil, be entirely en
trusted with tl e creation of laws whicl
make or unmake inonty? Has then
ever been a moneytary conference
where the debetor class has beet)
represented'.' No! I think not! Vh
then, would it not be wLe fr our
money creators totakeinto their coun
cil men who are not only wage workers
but who have 'ii in debt and have
after hard toil paid their liabilities
i f ii;! forms, 'i!r:ilci:i. Spasms, i'il-. Slrrp
Irtmit'W, OiitliK --. Itiii'( Opiiun
Habile lrtikwes!. oti., iin--un l u OK
I1KKS' K KSTOIt AT 1 V K M KilM. ti
Cwvvn-d l.y On- i-uii'-tit IimHihisi s - i: Ii ! iti iut
vous itisi'fist N. Ii not contain ojiiaH's or lau-
-r..iiM.lo.-. " I Iav t:wu taking IK. HIl.KS'
K IISTOK ATI V K S!;ilVIM5 lor ! piUr-v.
Krem scpiciiiii-r la Junuar;. hkh ;:i osinu lot-Nfi-vinv
I t'ail a! Isl 7- i-onvuls'iii:s. :tnl ib .
after lU ! mohtlis' n havt no more ailat.-:
JOItS l: "I.t.lN-. Itoenti, Mich."
I have : Oil. Ml I.KS' o i:STOK-
ATIV i: M-: INK ti utioul r ur in mths. ll
has brought we ivlM"f iiud curt. I have tsiken it
r.r epi.cs'sy. and after uing it for wut week have
l.ail u 1 altack
11 1 ItO C. BRASICS, II. ath . Ille. Pa.
I hint Neuralgia in..! Heart Disease very J
!MSt Aauust I coiuroenewt i use In . Miti ' Ilfxtiir
.irne At rcuir 11 ii Xetv Curt fur tin Ururt. After
i.tkinu 13 :tt:. s i am I'ufnl. Ttie ' rviiro i
Kietuad t.i huild up the system unl r-utke rieh
iiIimm!. All our family use aiul think hmhlyol r.
3fUr$' Xerv ami Liver fills. They eured wetifin
diiri ti'in ami otfn rsslisonJers. I r-i otumeiMl tie n:
all highly. M Us. J. II. 1m KUI.O.W. ; ikn ta.O
oll on a positive Runr.i m i'.
Fine t ook of great cures l i ce at lni..;:; Every
w here, or adlresa
'JR. MILES' MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Ind.
Sold bv BROWii & DAWSON.
AC-t- - J,
Does the largest husmcss of auv it; Xorthwest Missouri. All husioets
I 'I'otn I i attended to. luniuissitns ieasnable anl
S i tisfaction QUA R AX T ICKD.
Keokuk & W estern R.R.
Train- will arrive at Meniphi:
-,, j Mail
Xo. :;. Epr
S o. I I . !'n L'lU
So. I'reiyhi
..;n; east
e.:. i-. -.!:
S' . 4. Mail
I i i 1 w s :
U : I . a . tn
Ml:12 . in
I2:iifl p. in
r:4(; H. in
. IO; 1,1 ;1. m
l:iv ) . ill
12 :".'" p. in
10 ! Ill
CitL o Bank,
Paid in Capital, 50,000.
Surplus, $16,000.
i ram : I , sleek express will run my 01
i, sihiys. I'liiii-s i:iy- am! Sat mlays.
rrain X. V.l will tass Memthis only n
uilni a in . 1 ! .!::;.;'. '. Mnmiill lilorainifS.
c. .v. :k r.v. Ay i t.
ll Vou Waul Information About
ir Kstal
1 n.
r. (
1 I
PENSP XS PK K lKEI) i 1 1 :
Soldiers, Widows
Gbiklrcn, Parents.
Also. rr SUliors and Sailors uisabhil intlw
line "t tint v in tin- Ktinilar Army or Nuvj
since I he wair. Survivors of the Italian wars
ol i to 4'2. attti i heir " i'1 ?. now -nt;Tl-.l
! rejected claims a steeialty. TtHus
itilleito Itijrlicr rats. Si-ii'i for iu
Vi charge tor advice. No fee until
3 17
ri V o
111 i IL Jt
J. E. PAUttlSH, President.
C. St. MM IIS. Vie.-1 id. lit.
ith a Huctnatinr currency, and to-day N. v. I. Esi. IE, Cashier,
hjkve iiraeticall v solved the financial MILO ov.N. Assistant Cashier,
problem! Silver and gold should Ik ' fHKECToits: J. E. Parish. N". V. Leslie. J.J
e. line. I e.ni.'il ! v oluoimr on., nn a imi-it. I 'ow nsen '. P. .?. Miller. If. I'otuhs. Chin !e
,i. .,i . .. : i . . .. i .. ii I "mm r. i . 1 1 . ni
VN.IIl ilie Uliier. I1M M1IT ll.l- ill ill
ned a- monev, ai
I Matlivk, K. I . Tho
I nu rii uii ; ; . E. I.
ui'erman ad has
ll t.
tliird of what thev should bring, bs th j when the seiisii
wild land alone is worth Io. I his list hx-en. as I believe it will regaled 11 ft Lit r L p ,
is not all this conipany ha taken in and a free coinage provision substitu j i'lD UdiuUldluu ll Gl.'J'l UiliU
The large places in this valley, bid in
by them at to eentst on the dollar,
they have retained for tbemseivet and
ted. the monej famine that new exists Warranted APHRSITlii" " '
win siHti ; ass away ana a tiotiy eonui- j
titn of trade will follow. Marion
I am informed that thej lost a large
stun of money East year running those
p'aces. raising cotton, and they will
iosc more this year.
There is no money in this valley and
land ami lumber ia absolutely unsale
able. I can sell my clear lumber to go
north usually, though just now we ear
not sell in the north, bul coarse lumlvr
for bniTding cabins, :.. here cannoi
In- stold and to ship it north will hardh
pay freight. 1 cannot sustain myself
in the lumber business and must stop
About all the lumber mills around me
have failed or shut down. 1 have quit
cutting log in the wood - and as soon as
I can saw up the logs already cut and
sell the lumber, 1 will unit anu go 10
buying car lots of lumber and shiping
Everything is at a dead lock bank
ariK'l's I AV een or ..
X s'k rif .'- .
nay victims in netgh- v wheti - b-
They .-.-ll a windmfl BcTpV ' feoattpxe. .
agency territory for what appears in ' rotccoorOtiam, ortarou.b ui.fi
the agreement'signed by the victim to 9SsSSi
be a small price conditioned on the back, seminal WaknesMIyster-a.N
, . i tratioa, Nocturnal Em ion . I .-. : :
sale of worth of windmills, the sine , weak Memorv. Loss ( !
lenrv.wnicn it EfCiecw " lain
oM !. and insatuty. Pri c U 00 a 1
( unit v Herald.
1 . ii ik i
who are finding
boring cuunt ies.
Drugs, Patent Medicine, Paints
Oils, School Supplies
hui tuna ..iiLl ail ill l i1 lL'S 1 Ii L lid. I i mi;, in
Filling Physicians Pcrscriptkms
given prompt attention and guaranteeing sat
is fact ion in all cases. Having mawd int
the largo Socort'' "Milding on the west sid
of the Square, wi'cik a New Stock, are prepar
ed to furnish all customers with a
Fine L,ine of Goods
and at prices that cannot be beat in nort
Missouri. We cordially invite all our ol
customers, and everybody else, to them
t r i a 1 .
ttUU UVJ 1 U jLAJ 111111
Boots, Shoes, Hals, C aps,
1 . Ww
S -M :-r-r- ' Ri
--v -s.- T li b
iiv tearing oil
ne year irom date
end of the ajrree
A VkRiTTEM GUARANTEE ia irvtii fcr
ment it turns out t. bo an ituii clad r..oorler received. lo refund the v: aej if i
, . . , Mbmnantenreisnot effeotel. We have thon-
onmiisery note such as has been r.s.-.l 'siU1.i, testimonials from oil and y. r. ni
witli t..lliii.r ,.tT.-et iii i.. ...it ! both sexes, who hv," been penasnentlj- . r i
western Brancn. . ... 27, j'. rti lsd, ir
Baring Route,
Via Pleasant Retreat and Greensburi
If s
valises, Tniofc
if Grover Cleveland could oait fish
ing long enough to come to Kansas City
and stand on the. Burlington bridge
awhile and see the rail r a; 1 racks black
with men that his policy has thrown
out of work, he nii.ht get an object leff-
ir a!
1 ;.
,V I A VS V.
avs and Fridav
id 1 1 . 1 .
i iiiife-t aiiii most L"ouiilet' stock in
city, Includinii lt 't tlfh c.t
D.C. Rilev.
F. H. COXOLLY, Proprietor.
refusdut: accomodations to their cus.o- j ,,n that would ilo him some 'rood. Hi
iners. oomMUlDg everybody to pay up J wabbling secretary of the treasury
and not tayiug out a single nickel that ; oc.-ht t accompany him. to... They
they can avoid. The government, banks WOnt come, though. Grover will fish TV., r T vThnn' ' P'l
and people are alt short of money. If ana Stui!e while the i-ountrj goes to ) , V, 1, ) J ll
thi and a heavy fall in 1 rices until! hades. K. '. Mail.
. . . . .. . 1 t . , 1
VIHW is inwer uian ever u, :i ie kih u. . - j a 1 1 111 I J I '1 1 1 1 1
i not proof thai there is not near mon- ; iatnpaigtt tlie old oarty papers
f eaoogh, then in liod's name when can ' vv,.,.,. telling the people to woi k harder
I::a.:c- free. 11AKT i;
: - " ITats ir. :o Btvles, war
rante i to give perfect
sa: sfai ti .a. Price, 62.50.
- r for : 5tt Failing to
1 (lers. we will, for pur
ship direct y express,
e:.ot of pric, fashion
ti HAT Co., Su Louis.
Manufacturer of and Dealer in ali kindaof
t prMf f it'.' Yours truly.
aUU speili
1 less, if thev wanted better .
tii:i. Prentiss.
I times. Now these same fellows are twenty minut
1 tellin' the p ople to not hoard their
The Iowa Populists will hold their money if they want better times. Do
state eon v eat ion in Des Moines on Se - j these 2xl editors knoa what th.y doj
tember th. want'? Auburn, lnd Times.
A Complete and Varied Assortment of Tinware Always in Stock.
Act ca a new principle
tetmlate the irrer. Blottiarfc ... .1 ....... i,. ... .,..1.... c .. 1 . .
eel bowels through tk qivciai win-res lua.w wwi. cpiwuii", wuiu-riuj; ami otlier WOrt in
line done promptly an i efiiciently. at pnee lower titar. anywhere
else in twn and not of the best material in the market
t s lis. rnia
tvtedily cut; LLLic?:.oB8,
torpid liver aad eaastSpa 1
tor., rsaj.eet, riiiest, .
t.'ani tea tree at cruristfc
fir. fiJt. lai Cc , Latar hat
f ii in 11 Ib i'irn Utm in 1 ir! ('ill W.rth Cid Dnhlic Cnnr a - t.
ll 8 lt-'i ' ft. KlkkirL lad. "lui uu vl 111 .UUl llll'lll OUUait, .111 III llll IN. L
r 7
tree BotUe Ir. Miles' Xerriae Dru--igti.

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