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The farmers' union. (Memphis, Mo.) 1891-1895, January 11, 1894, Image 2

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-The Fanners' Union.
ftamaglfic Kvldrnre .Biist Coughlln
w Interest In Hawaiian AfTalrs-Sm-MHlW
Kald of JlurgUr In IMnwl
rt office -I.oos'm l'ension Restored.
ToM I ii a Few Word.
At Fort Wayne, lnd.. e:.rly Friday
morning two burglars were discovered
tearing Schnbert's tailor shop carrying
five suits of clothf One of the men.
Thomas King, was arrested, but the otber
mado his escape In a highly enaatlonal
manner. Officers chased the two men to
the railroad, where they were blocked by
a moving train. The robbers wen sur
rounded, but King's pal stuck his head un
der a cur, grabbed an iron brace and
swung himself under the train to the other
aide of the track and rolled down the em
bankment. The rear tru ks of the car
struck his hack, but he was not Injured,
and ran alongside the train and leaped
heard Tne police were afraid to attempt
to board the train. King is a desperate
Frank liardeen, a reputable man. Su
perintendent of the Bardeen paper mill
at Otsego. Mich. , an 1 a consulting engi
neer of renown, is said to be ready to tes
tify in the Croa la trial at Chicago that at
the time of the murder la May, lbstf, he
was superintending the construction of
some ;mbllc norks at Ed .e water, near
where the trunk which had contained
Trunin's body vas found; that early
en the morning of May 5. before
light, bo was surprised to bear
an approaching wagon at a point whore
there was but little travel; that ho turned
a search light which he had Improvised for
use in his work, square upon the wagon,
an 1 not more than fifty feet away saw a
yellow express wagon drawn by a white
horse, driven by one man, the wagon con
taining a trunk, and beside the outfit
walked anlel Couhlln, the man now on
trial for Crania's murder.
-Saturday morning's dispatches told of
the arrival of the revenue cutter Corwln
IT San Francisco from Honolulu, but' w hat
Information her officers brought is abso
lutely conjecture only. Her comman
der did not land at San Francisco,
but steamed away to Mare Island
navy yard. As soon as he could
report by wire to Washington, a dispatch
was received from that city by the cos.i
mander of the cruiser Mohican, which was
followed by a greet beetle on that vessel
and preparations for Instant departure.
The Ccrwie's officers were silent as the
grave. Bat it is surmised that the gravest
condition exists at Honolulu. It is
even hinted that there has been collision
between United States and provisional
government forces, with Mood hed, and
that the Cor win 9 a commander bason board
prisoner Ko one was allowed to board
her. and for several hour ; telegrams Hew
thick and fast to and from Washington,
Three masked robber broke Into Dela
v:ni, Wis., poetoffice at :i o'clock Friday
morning, blew opee the safe, secured nil
the cash and stamps it contained, bound
and gagged the night watchman, forced
the night clerk In a livery stable to give
the ui ahorse and surrey, and then bound
and gagged htm atul m ole their escape
The robbers were at wort, on the safe in
tbo poetoffice when Cbauncey Sage, the
Bight watchman, lirst saw them. Foolishly
be attempted to rout them single-handed
and failed. The marauders overpow
ered him mil compelled him at the
points Of threo revolvers to go into
tbo ofllce, where they gauged him,
bound him hand a. id foot and dumped him
Into a Comer, Then the burglars went,
back to their work. Sage, securely gagged
and bound, heard them resume their drill
ing and could distinguish every motion
they made. They said nothing, however,
that would lead to their identification.
None of them uttered a word.
Commissioner Lochren has rescinded
the order suspending the payment of a
pension to Judge Long, of the Michigan
Sin rente Court, Ihls action Is taken, the
Commissioner says, because of the provis
ion In the deficiency bill passed by Con
gress which declares a pension a vested
right which cannot be suspended without
thirty days' notice.
A man was killed Thursday night iu
the Methodist church at Marysvlile, O.
The regular prayer meeting was In progress
alien two men under the influence
of liquor entered and began to Inter
rupt the leader of the meeting. George
Chambers who asked them to keep quiet
several times and finally told them to go
out unless they could behave themselves,
Tl.:.. 1 .1... ..1 1 - 1 . i ,
mmm .iii.ru u mt- ii-iais aim I i:ey matio a
start for Chambers, who retreated, and. as
he was trying to keep out of their way. he
picked up a poker and dealt one of them.
Alexander Rodgers, a blow over the head,
knocking h'.m down and injuring him so
that he did not regain consciousness, The
greatest excitement followed, and it was
with great difficulty that Chambers was
taken h me, where he was arrested soon
the steamer Mason struck a snag and
went down at Friar's Point, Mis-, No
lives wore lost, and t apt. Keith is the only
one reported Injured. The Mason had 500
tons of freight. St I.-u is steamboat men
are of the opinion, owing to the locality,
that the Mason will be a total loss.
The steamer Venezuela arrived at New
York from Venezuelan ports bringing news
of the election of General Crespo a Pres
ident of Venezuela. On Dec. SO four per
sons succeeded In passing & forged cheek
of a prominent depositor in the bank of
Caracas and secuted it"l.O0i).
Mrs. Joseph Waatz. of Miamtsborg.
Ohio, crazed with the grip,se!zed her eight-mouths-old
child. Sadie, and hurrying to
tbo canal near by plunged in. The water
was drawn from the canal, when the
drowned uody of the mother, with her
dead babe clutched to iter breast, was
found lodged against a lock.
Obituary; At Detroit, Lansing M. Pitt
man. aged 37. At Vienna, Baron Karl von
Hasenauer. the Austrian architect, aged
Fire broke out In the Tttylor Building
at Worcester, Mass It spread rapidly and
before it was go: under control had caused
damage estimated at $'200,000.
The Haynes Realty and Financial Com
pany at St. L ulls has made an assignment,
with liabilities of tlCO.000.
Postofflce Inspectors have arrested J.
IL Wills end William A. Ball, at Sigourney.
Iowa, on the charge of using the metis to
defraud patent-right owners.
A little after 4 o'clock Saturday even
ing the pumping Station of the Indiana
Natural Gas Company pipe line at East
Chicago was blown up, and will probably
result In the death of at least eight per
sons. ne of the Injured men. after re
gaining consciousness, put his hand. to
his face, when the flesh dropped off. also
tbe hair from ids bead. He then ran a
quarter or a mile anu siou on me mam
pipe, then fell in a dead faint Ttie pi,
were torn up end the escaping 'as burned
up i iver sixty feet.
lr. Herd an committed sui,-lie In the
:irr House Chica; o 1I
was despon
ds and marit a 1
dt nt t (trough bus!
r-v r-
Boben McClure, of Perrysvllle. was
arrested at Ashland. Ohio, for forging
Boyd Ensen center's name as securit to a
note for 855,
A Bock Island freight, train crashed
into tbe rear of a Union Pacific freight ten !
miles east of Lawrence, Kan. Tbe Union
Pacific caboose, a passenger coacn. a car
load of lumber and a carload of bogs were i
burned. Five men were hurt and tbe con-
du t'jf and one passenger on the Union j
Pacific train are missing. Th Rock Island j
train engine was smashed and afterward
Caught fire
Sani Miller and William Wsbenett were
sentenced from M uncle, lnd.. to two years
each in "he State's prison.
A broken rail wrecked an east-bound
expre-'S train at Bremen, lnd. A tramp i
believed to have been killed.'
Indiana's Supreme Court ha reverse 1
the verdict in the case of McAfee and
Parker, sentenced to death for murder.
As a result of the Coroner's investiga
tion, Lem II. Willis lias been held for the
shooting of Lawyer Hultz at Sullivan, lnd.
L S. Dwoyno, editor of a Cleveland
Polish paper, narrowly escaped assassina
tion at the hands of a rival editor's wife.
Frederick Teseher. less than 20 years
old. is in jail at South Bend. lnd.. charged
with having procured poison for a t-'irl j
who wanted to commit suicide. Tescber j
is the son of well-to-do and very highly I
respected parents, hi- father being a lead
ing furniture dealer. His mother is pros
trated. Arthur Warren, aged 30 years and
married, was walking on the Ohio and
Mississippi track to his work at the brick
yard at Sekitau. when he was struct by
an express train and instantly killed.
Russei Davidson, aged IT, while hunt
ing at Frankfort, lnd.. was Instantly killed
by the accidental discharge of his gun.
- A German woman was kicked and
beaten to death at Fleming. Kan., by her.
husband and two boarders. All were drunk.
"Rev. Frederick Howard, alias John
Lord Moore, the International swindler
who had been on trial for violating I'nited
States postal laws, was found guilty at
Jackson, Teen., on twenty-two counts of
the indictment. This w as Howard's second
trial. On the first, after a four days'
struggle, the jury were unable to agree
and were discharged. The district attor
ney, however, was convinced of Howard's
guilt, and asked that another jury be im
paneled. It is the second trial which has
just come to an end.
Burglars blew open the safe iu the Na
tional Bank at Franklin Grove. 111., and se
cured 815,000 to 25,000.
Three men were killed and -eor;.l in
jured by the premature explosion of a blast
at Boston.
At Buffalo Frank McCabe. a hackman,
wa- shot in the thigh and Eugene Carr iu
the foot. McCabe, ''.irr and Arthur Ma
boney, a saloon-keeper, quarreled over the
fare charged by the hackman. A mirror
v.tl: ed at $1,090 was smashed during the
By the falling of a scaffold at tbe new
Union depot, in St. Louis four men were in
jured. Six men, instead of three, are now be
lieve I to have been cremated iu the wreck
at Lin wood, Kan.
Fifty masked men at t'alhoun. Ga, re
Covered several stills seized by revenue of
ficers Da vid Louden, acting .Tustlco of the
Peace, for eight years County Recorder of
Shelby County, Indiana, and at one time a
member of the Shelbyville City Council,
committed suicide. The cause is unknown.
Louden was in the revenue department
during the last Cleveland administration.
Boston's Globe '1 healer was destroyed
Tuesday morning and many of the sur
rounding buildings. The loss will be very
Six dead bodies have been recovered
from the ruins of a Buffalo boarding
house. It is believed others perished.
The Avenue Hotel, at Stevens Point,
Wis., was destroyed. Proprietor and guests
had a narrow escape.
During the absence of their grand
mother Lena West and Landon Bailey were
burned to death at Sedalla.
The Columbus, Ohio. Watch Company's
property has been placed In the hands of
Philip IL Ilruck as receiver, upon the ap
plication of C. T. PfatT and Louis Linden-
berg, who say they are sureties upon
about 360,009 ,.f obligations the company
must soon meet and it has no funds to
meet them with, 'i be total assets of the
concern are about 5400.000; liabilities,
Fire at Tacosea Park, a suburban vil
lage of Washington, destroyed Birch &
Co. 's store and the postofflce.
Most of the business portion of Red
Key. lnd.. was destroyed. l oss is put at
875. 000, with insurance of $33,000. Loss by
the burning of the Globe Theater. Boston,
Is ( laced at $."00,000. Manager Stetson will
rebuilo at once.
At 5:15 o'clock on Wednesday after
noon da noes were discovered issuing from
a window on one of the upper floors of
C;u:i!e'- elevator at the corner of Madi-on
end Water streets, Toledo, Ohio, At
tee o'clock at nig lit the best j or
ttoa of the business center of the
Ci'y was a mass of smoking ruins.
Property to the value of nearly SI, 500. 000
lias Deen destroy eu. I lie insurance com
panies hare suffered to the extent of fully
$900,030. Hundreds of people have been
rendered homeless, and thousands thrown
out of employment by the destruction of
i heir places of busiuess. Toledo has suf
fered the severest blow in her history.
It was discovered that three lives were
lost in a New York fire, in the bttlidtng-ou
the corner of Pearl street and Coeuties
slip. All were suiTocated by the smoke
There were about fifteen persons in the
building when the fire was discovered. The
loss is small.
For nearly two hours Wednesday night
; wentv-f.'ur gallant tiremen with Semes
ehove and below them stood between the
worst fire they have had to fight in ten
years and the probable destruction
of a large portion of the wholesale
district of tfte city of Detroit. They
failed to save the huge wholesale house of
T. H. Hincbmen 8t Sons, but saved many
millions of dollars' north of valuable busl-
property surrounding it. The fire
raged furiously for nearly four hours and
In vol veil a loss of close on to i 300,000. with
an in-uranee of about 0.000. Several
firemen were severely burned, by the hot
flames, but none seriously.
Col Alfred A. Wynne, a son-in-law of
Gen. Winchester and a personal friend of
Andrew Jackson, 1- dead.
Ex-Congressman .John E Butt u died
at Mexico. Mo., from the grip He was an
author of not'- and n a 54 years old.
Ex-Judge Granvilie P. Haves died n
New York from heart trouble He was the
author of a work on assignments.
William D. Bi ncker. general superin
tendent of tbe American News Company,
was found dead la bed at his borne sr.
Captain & R Grummond. e-M yor of
Detroit and a wealthy vessel owner. Is
dead. Be was b rn in ls-'ll
Bishop McNierney. of the Catholic see
.f Albany, is dead He was born lu New
York 'fly In 1828
Orlando B Potter, an ex-Con: res-man
and a brother f Bishop Potter, dropped
dead n front of the BuckiughAi lio.ei.
New Fork.
L Quincy Hoover. a Maseilon (Chios
newspaper man. drpjed dead while walk
ing i be streets. His death is attributed io
Frederick Gcbbard is engaged to Miss
Louise li. Morris, a Baltimore society belli-.
Obitu;try; At New York. ex-Congressman
Or! undo R Potter, a-ed 70 At St.
Atbans, Vt., ex-Congressman W rthington
C. Smith, aged 70. At Albany. N. Y. liUhi
Reverend Francis McN'ierney. Bishoji of
All any. aged 65.
Galusha A. Grow r." nominated for
Congressman-at-large by the Pennsylvania
Republicans at Harrisburg.
Republicans of the Fourteenth New
York District have nominated Lemuel Ely
Quigtr. of tbe Nov,- York Tribune, for Con
gressman. Frederick A. Seagrist h.is been
nominated for Contrrefs by the Fifteenth
I list r let Kepublicans.
Last mouth the public debt increased
S-!, 000, eft and the cash balance decreased
Payment of 1.010,003 in gold for inter
est on bonds carried the reserve do n to
Messages of congratulation from till
over the world were received by Premier
Gladstone on his 84th birthday.
Predictions of Premier Crispi's oppo
nents that Italy is on tbe brink of revolu
tion are not warranted by the facts.
A blinding snow storm prevailed on tbe
English channel. It is believed a number
of vessels were wrecked.
Nicaragua mid Honduras now have
something to tight about. Policarpo Bo
nitla, leader of the Honduras insurgents,
has Invaded 11 nduras from Nicaraguan
soil, captured the towns f Corpus and
Yuscaran and set up a provisional govern
ment, which has been recognized by Presi
dent '. iaya. of Nicaragua
Ten anarchists arrested for complicity
in dynamite outrages in Spain have been
given over to the military authorities for
Miss Julia Marlowe i- soon to begin her
annual engagement at McVicker's Chicago
Theater. Her repertory for the trst week
will be: Monday and Saturday evenings,
'The Love base;" Tuesday. "Twelfth
Night. ir What You Will;" Wednesday.
ihe Hunchback;" Thursday. "As You
Like It:" Friday. -Much Ado About Noth
ing;" Saturday matinee. "Romeo and Ju
liet." -Miss Marlowe is the most promising
young actress the later years have given
us," says a prominent dramatic critic, '-I
saw her Viola to-night. It was a perform
ance full of pretty points and full of imper
fections. I don't think I have ever seen
such pretty business as she put in. Tbe
way she handled her little cap was a
study of mixed boy and girl. Her ges
tures were so graceful at times that they
almost called for a round of applause She
had a kind of modern poetry about her.
She read Sbakspeare as if be had been
'leunyson. and sometimes dropped into a
colloquial toua She checked her comedy
just when it seemed to be breaking out,
and the other characters seemed to amuse
her more than interest her. She has a
quiet magnetic comedy ; she hits sentiment,
she has dramatic fire, and they'll all come
out with her development. She has a
charm that has been rare for many years
in Violas and Juliets and Julias youth.
Her uest-sustained part so far has been
Julia in 'The Hunchback.' but she has
done dainty work in everything."
Mrs. Lease, indignant at her removal
by Governor Le welling, says his adminis
tration is more corrupt than its predeces
sors. Iowa is overrun w ith tramps, who re
sort to force if a pitiful story does not
bring food and shelter.
Driven insane by the manipulations of
an alleged spiritualistic leader. Lowell
Putnam has been sent to the Su Louis
The sheepmen of West Texas are badly
discouraged. A dispatch from Fort rtock
ton says that conservative men estimate
that 50 per cent, of sheep in that section
will die the present winter. There are
thousands upon thousands of sheep coming
across the Pecos, and there Is nothing in
the world for them to eat except dead
grass, 'lhero is some water, but It cannot
be had for sheep, as the cowmen are
fencing and guarding it. There was a lit
tle grass in that section, but it has been
killed by the frost. There have been sev
eral conflicts between cattlemen and
sheepmen growing out of pasturage dis
putes. The sheepmen are moving their
herds toward Mexico, and the cowmen
swear they will die before the sheep will
go over their ranges. The sheepmen say
that they will keep moving on and tight
the cowmen with Winchesters if their prog
ress is impeded.
Because in tiling a tooth for Mrs R
Powell, of Chicago. Dentist t lay ton cause!
pain he was soundly thrasbel by tier angry
Orus Barnell. of Bed Key, anl Miss
Ett.i Chalk, cf Indianapolis, eloped and
aere married at Mencie,
A monster gas v ell was developed at
H uncle with a pressure so great that tbe
usual practice of shooting it is out of the
In an interview Admiral Da Gam a de
clares the Brazilian revolutionists are
lighting against a military tyranny.
Telephone communication between
Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek has
been completed.
Seven thousand per -o us witnessed the
opening to traffic of tbe Kansas and Mis
souri bridge at Leavenworth
Capt, Pendleton of tbe Amy Turner le
char?d with refusing to succor the crew t
of a Nor wegian vessel in distress.
Tbe Sew York, New Haven and Hart
ford Railroad Company opened tbe hand
tensest office building in New En -Sand at
Hartford. Conn.
In convention at Columbus the Ohio
Farmers' Alliance adopted resolutions de
manding the removal of Secretary Morton.
Gander's inasterp'eee. - Le BoJ
,' A muse. '.va ruined by the carelessness
ot a St. Lewis elevator boy.
At Kalatuazo . Mich, Mrs Morris Red
den, aged fifty-nvL- years, while alone, was
stricken with paralysis and knocked the
lamp off the table breaking'it and setting
lire to her cloibia?, which vas entirely
our i d tro'o h-:- ) dy. She lived eve. al
bonis in terrible agony.
Express com pan e- d
Missoui i are to I e sued fot
piy with an ordered cut in
dieg busin
failure to
of b rrist n.
He was given
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nay I
0 i '5
- MendelL
lnd.. ma v bw -me I lind
ad of ep-om sa!ts
Benley. the actor.
oil-- r-
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f til
r l is
Treasury -bows a I. al
io, ording to the reperi
. .-Via.. Daniel Vveb- or.
s -ts ate of l.oj-l.eti
At midnight the e del
bis wife dying and bi-i-
t bought th" cheese
remain n parked too
- At Bi
illlil t w '
r a - ' e i
i ically 11L
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;-o :
lOW ill :tll"
liepiies ! m
Charleston, S C
parts of Sout'i
t hat short or. ps
press i 's effect o
cuiar letter sent
, News and Couric
i 'a roiina are 1 1 t h
and low prices h i
. business. Put the
b.' the
r to ail
effe t
d a de
vi otst is
s hav
over ; t he mt
ufactur'.ng indnstrix
prospered ; ;i Sj
have nsu on ful
labor U abun
do and the p
bre;:d and meat
re i f hard ti'ne-: the n.ili
t hue all the year round
f:t: the counties weil-to-p
e are living at borne-
are in plenty and to spate.
Several small lott Ties be-an business
::t New Oceans and will test the la ".
Sarah If Angle was victorious in her
suit against tbe Omaha Koa
doe her husband's es.ate for
! i r
Labor Commissioner John II. Sover
eign, tit and Master Workman of ibe
Kni rhts of Labor, has been officially
squelche i so far as his ability to order a
strike on tin-Northern Pacific Railroad is
concerned. An injunction was served upon
h.m. at Ies Moines. Iowa, bv Deputy Uni
ted S ates Marshal Etberidge restraining
him from interfering in the difficulty
which the document states likely to occur.
The order comes from the Fasten; District
of the I'nited States Circuit Court of Wis
consin. The receivers of the road have
taken crest pains in preparing the docu
ment which practically precludes Mr.
Sovereign from even expressing an opin
ion. New York butter dealers allege that
Armour and others are protected by of
ficials in violations of the oleomargerine
Creditors representing Si. 000,000 hav
ing failed to extend their deposits, reopen
ing of Milwaukee's Marine Bank is doubt
ful General Master Workman Sovereign
calls on workingman to petition Congre-S
arsinst an issue of bonds,
Tic Plymouth, Mass, Cordage Com
pany's man. in- th nil! h;.s startel on full
time, the night gang, which had been laid
off for some months resuming its labors,
bis calls for "."0 more employes In sc
curing these preferences will be given to
tbe old hand-1. Binding twine will be tbe
main production. The Warren Foundry
and Machine Company began workat Phillip-burg.
N. J., with about one-half f rce.
About 150 bands are still idle The 11 -,id-inz.
Pa., rolling mill resumed operations
after an idleness of several weeks About
350 men were given employment, The
Lowell, Mass., Carpet Company began
The Northern Ohio Blanket Mill at
Cleveland resumed operations in all de
partments, giving employment to about
:if0 men. '1 he members ot th-j firm say
that while they may be affected in the fu
ture by the tariff bill, utile -s a fair and
equitable adjustment is made, yet that at
present the outlook for trade is good, and
that tbo orders on hand and assured will
keep them busy for some time.
Sixty days have leen granted officers
of the American Building and Loan Asso
ciation within which to restore the assets
FrancD T. Walton, better known as
"Plunger" Walton, proprietor of the Grand
Hotel in New York, made an assignment
Two hundred of Cleveland's unem
ployed marched to the city hall and de
manded that they be given work or fool.
A company with Senator Brlce at Its
head has secured leases of Indiana gas
lands and will pipe the product to Ohio
A company with 510.000,000 capital has
, ; .1 .. . . , i ,
I oeen organ izeu io acquire anu worK coai
lands in tbe San Marcial Valley.
Cattle- Common to Prime fa so (i 6 00
Hogs SUpping tirades 4 08 0 5 50
i Sheet Fair to Choice 9 25 i 4 to
I Wheat No. 2 Bed 00 CI
Cobs No. s :
i Oats No. 2 27
i Rye No. 2 45
! Butter Choice Creamery X
I Boos Fresh 21
' Potatoes I'er bn ia
I Cattle Shipping 3 oo
! Hotis Choice I.tiiht 3 00
Sheep Common to Prime 2 to
I Wheat No 2 Red 56
j Corn No. 2 White 35
I Oats No. 2 White 31
! Cattle . 3 o
' Hogs 30"
! Wheat No. Red 57
Co kx No. 2 32
j Oats No. 2 28
; Pork Mess 13 00
is 5 r
C. A 39
& 57
0 36
0 &
ft 5 00
o :
0 st
0 29
13 73
: Cattle
j Wheat No. 2 Red
; Corn No. 2
! Cats No. j Mixed
- Bra Ko. 2
: Cattle
: Moos
W heat No. . Red
Corn No. 2 Yellow
; Oats No. 1 White
S Wheat No. 2 Red
Corn No. 3 Yellow
Oats No. 3 White
Rye No. 2
P.EEF Cattle Good to Prime
Hogs Mixed Picter?
Wheat No. 1 Hard
No. 2 Red
1 "Wheat No. j Spring
Const No. j
Oats No. 2 White
: Bn N o. 1
; Baklet No. 2
3 00 E 00
3 B0 & 5 fO
2 00 ( 3 53
5S.(i 53ft
Wn-d. 371;
63 55
3 00
3 00
2 ipt
ije. 4 7-.
ft 5 M
v 3 SO
32 2
60 0t S
36 0 37
91 a y.'-;
5j (s 5"J!s
n 0 5 2T.
i 0 ct 0 0
Tl (t 71 ...
2 63
E8't60 f'.'-
S4 0 ! '
47 "i 4! "
49 W' S-i
: Pore Mesa. 12 50 13 w
, Cattle 3 00
0 5 75
t 6 25
m 43
0 40
0 27
014 M
Hogs 3 7'
Sheep a 25
Wheat No. i Bed 66
Cons -No. 2. 42
Oats White Western as
Brrrran Choice so
Pome New Mesa 75
Small Pea Kpi'.'emle in Mexico Mormon's
Stupendous 1'roduet of Iteot
Hanker Morgan'! Beskerwsity
Young Man of the Wint'.v City.
- Wild
From 1 ar and Near.
Ry cab'e from Buenos Ayr's: Infor
mation come from Pemasabuee that the
i: o Brazilian cruisers, Nieiheroy and
America, are practically disabled. The
captain and otneers of the Nlctheroy so
armed at all times ; s the crew has been
iu a state of semi-mutiny ever since ths
ves-el arrived at Peraambuco, The dyna
mite gun of the Nfctberoy !s almost use
less and a few discharges would lot, sen its
fastenings and endanger the lives of the
gunners, who are not too well versed in its
complicated workings. Were the rebel
warships to attack tbe two reseela at this
time their victory would be a compara
tively easy one. Owing to the defective
condition of tbe two ships President Pelxo
to has countermanded the orders that they
proceed to Rio Janeiro and will await the
arrival of other warships, which are ex
pected from Europe, before making a de
scent upon Admiral Hello's fleet.
There is an epidemic of sma'.l-pox at
Torredo. Mexico. One hundred and ten cases
ar.- now under treatment. At the to not
I.erdo. five miles south, there are 223 cases
L M. Johnson, general manager of the
Mexican International Railroad, has tele
graphed an account of the situation to tbe
Federal authorities In the City of Mexico,
and requests that compulsory vaccination
be established at once.
The bee sugar factory in Lehi. it ah,
the largest in the world, has just finished
the season with a record of having manu
factured ovt r four million pounds. This
1 was built by Mormons with Mormon
capital, and having been carefully and
economically run is considered a great
success. The sugar beets under Irrigation
bare proved more profitable than was an
ticipated, i he sugar qualities seem to
l ave been improved, tbe beets being su, e
rior to the same kind from which the seed
was obtained.
It has developed that J. Pierpont Mor
gan Is the philanthropist who has donated
a large sum of money to Nathan Straus'
new charity at New York, the grocery
store where articles of food may be pur
chased cheaply by the poor. The amount
given is understood to be 50,000. Tbe
man who makes this generous gift, never
speaks of his gifts to the poor, but it is
thought his charities foot up fully $100.0 0
Charles E. Eggleston. son of Charle P.
Eggleston, head of the Chicago Board of
Trade firm of Eggleston. Mallette &
Brownell and founder of the suburb of
that name, was a prisoner in Justice Brad
well's police court Thursday, charged with
threatening to kill his father. The young
man pleaded uuilty to disorderly conduct
and was fined 8100. The One was suspend
ed and the defendant was taken away by
his father, who intends to place him in a
sanitarium w here be can regain his health,
which, '.he eider Eggleston says. is ruined
Ijiarettes Tbe utmost
secrecy w:is observed in the court proceed
ins anl few people understood the mean
lag of tbe appearance of the well-known
broker and r ;il e-;i;t man In the 1 ck.
James V. (Jalvin. pitcher for the Pitts
burg League base-b, ill team List season,
was arrested in Clevelan ! on a charge of
robbery, preferred by II W. Hubbard, a
tailor. Uubbarl claimed to have been
robbed of a $259 dlcn ond pin and a natch
worth $123. and gave a description of the
man. Galvin was found and with three
others w.-.s arrested. A!l denied their
gttitt. No trace ot the missing jewelry
was found.
Surveyor General Ash, of the Duluth
district, reports a decrease in ep--h item of
the lumber cut
Judge Hatch, of HcGrnior, Iowa, fell
from a bridge and br -ko both legs above
the knees.
Sol Collins. EntinS; Creek. Ma. threw
powder on the fire. Collins, his wife and
four children will die
Representatives of many States are at
Detroit to form a new secret labor society.
Editor Goodwin, of the Sedalla (Ma)
Bazoo, was thrashed again. This time a
man attacked and thoroughly whipped him
Private trSal of the big high pressure
English locomotive was made at Milwau
kee. The time was poor.
Superintendent McClaughry. of the
Pontiac (ill.) reformatory, denies the
rumor that he is to go to Massachusetts.
Mra Mary McOrath. worth $49,000. died
an hour after being du ; out of the rags
and tilth in her St Louis home.
Plans for the Milwaukee public library
and museum, to cost $,"t)0,000. have been
selected by the trustees
The Duchess of Argyll died at In-
verary Castle. Ar jyllsliire. from a com
plication of ashthma and bronchitis.
A dispatch from Folkestone. England,
says It Is feared that a Ixrge vessel lias
foundered near there. A lifeboat with its
bottom stove in has washed ashore there.
Extremely cold feather prevails in En
gland and on the continent. The gale
blowing over the English channel Is so
severe that the B ail boats were unable to
William .1. Bruce died at Burllnzton,
N J.. after a lingering Illness of several
rn n.ths. Tbe direct cause of death was
paresis Mr Bruce had filled many prom
inent public positions and was also a prom
inent newspaper writer, his witticisms be
ins t;u ted Throughout the country under
the caption of -Bruce's Salad."
he young sister of George Farrar. a
boy of 11, found his de:id body in the r oods
near Greenville. Ala., with a gunshot
wound in the breast. Irby McCarthen. an
other boy. is jaLed for the murder. The
two were .eon fighting about a gun. Mc
Carthen says he did the shuotin?, but
claims self-defense
Harry Kennedy, the well-known ven
triloquist and son; writer, died at New
York. Mr. Kennedy was about 4." years of
aee and was well known throughout the
country. He was a proadnent memler of
the Elks and for the last few months has
manage! the new Bijou Theater in
Chief Ford's figures show tbe value of
she country's foreign trade for 193 to be
the greatest since IttOl.
At Scbeti City fire destroyed the opera
house biocit. Seven business houses were
burned. Tbe loss will pr 'bably reach
3 '.000. with very little insurance.
J. Ster.ing Mcrton. Secretary of Agri
culture says he dees not intend 10 abolish
the agricultural experimental stations.
Charles Hamilton, used 25. tbe de
faulting cashier of G- W. Sloan & Co. g rc
cers. of Bart ford. Conn . committed sui
cide on n train. Hamilton was In charge
of an officer.
Tttr Arm.
Was Never No Fall S3
War as Now.
e tt,
One effect of the recent "hard
time" throughout the co .ntrv is
visible in the great increase in t tie
nuniler of recruits taken into the
armv in the past year and the con
stantly inereasino; number of anplt
citions at the recruiting stations all
over the count ry. In SBe&King of
the present state of affairs, an army
officer connected with the recruiting
service said:
"The army i nearer full ar present
than it has ever oeen si - ee the war.
j The maximum allowance for the
j standing army is by law 25,000, and
out of this number we rarely have
j more than 2:, 006 or 23,000 m the
ra ik. At present however, there
j are only about l.4 vacancies in thr
i whole anuy. and orders have had to
. be issused to the ofHeers in charge of
all the recraitfng stations to restrict
the number of recruits taken in.
"The fact is that it is not nearly
every man who can get into the army
if he wants to, and the lines arc be
ing even more closely drawn as the
amount of availabl material in
creases, so that it is not more titan
one out of six or eiirht applicants
who is accepted. There are perhaps
Hit? or sixty recruiting stations
throughout t he country, with an of
ficer in etiarge of each, an 1 when
ever an applicant presents himself he
U obliged to answer n list ol about
fifty questions as to his mental
qualifications and i ast record, and is
thou examined physically by a sur
geon in charge of the post.
"It he passes both of th se exam
inations, which only a siuali propor
tion of the applicants can rj , he is
turned over to the neatest recruit
in? depot, where he is put through
mother examination before a hoard
nt surgeons and examiners, and there
he may be rejected again, in which
case the cost of his transp -nation
and board are charged up to the re
cruiting officer who accepted him.
In spite of these rest rid ions,
however, the number of applicants
for the service has so Increased that
the army is practical! v ful:, and I
ran touceive of no reason lor the
present state of things except t he
prevailing hard times, which, have
il riven large numbers of men without
9i her means of support to fail back
:u the ( government
Washington Tost.
for a li nz. "
A Cltii-atfo dim
He was a Chicago elevator boy.
Probably like otber elevator boys, ne
jerked his rope ami stopped the ele
rator a foot froai the sill, chewed,
road a dime novel, scared passcntrera
by his bead Ion?; descents and ij!:ed
their bosoms with pericardial panga
by rising liuc an unchained 1 tlloon.
lis elevator was probablv always ;tt
Lhe sixth sitiry wnen yo ; were n the
Hist and the reverse and on these oc
casions iie irob.ibly treated tl
nenuers' b il ;is a tlutinna
obi hfato which required sere
cores to satisfy the performer,
elevator hoys are part of tin
, 1
M. st
be? me a Chicago elevator b
probably all of it and more,
story uollding caught lire in
stories. Tbe staircases w.
and smoke Kcd tonuuc- w
ing about the netting ot the
ay, was
His s ia
it s mid
re dame
re play
elevator shafts. The tire escapes open d tn
bunting windows. In this tier, f or
nate a'score of men and women were
pris ned.
Four times up through the t!ama
and smoke Charles K. lit yer shot bis
elevator. The cable heat d l II it
blistered his hands. The woolwork
of the shaft was on fire. Each trip
as he went up for his living freight
he passed ou toff-ight into the smoke,
and once he left his elevator and bora
back to it two women overcome with
the foul air. More fortunate than
Jim Bludso, who "held her no.le
agin the bank till the last galoot was
ashore," the elevator hoy escaped
with bis lif ! and saved ail lor whom
he risked death. The w old is full
of such heroes. They arc all about
us. in elevators, on locomotive foot
boards, on car platforms at the loom,
the anvil and the spade. No man
knows them. They are as other men.
But there is in this English sneaking
race that which flames to bcorism
when danger nears, and there thou
sands of unconscious heroes who read
tht se lines who if dath were to call
thf roll before to-night would un
hesitatingly answer "Here:" Phila
dc.phia i ress.
Kohu matin's Peculiar! ir.
S humann often was ve;v ai'-entr
mi tnled. and he had a habit of whis
tling in company, oblivious of all
around him One evening he was
invited to a dinner at the house ot
bis friend, lime Henrietta Voght. of
Leipsig to meet a number of guests.
He arrived very late, after the re
past had liegun. He lowed hastily
to the company, spoke to none, but
hurrying to tbe piano began extem
porizing. Alter a while he arose,
with an expression of satisfaction on
his face, strolled around the rnottl
whistling an air, and then iuhinf
to the door disappeared, and was
seen no more that evening.
' On another occasion he visited h's
friend Dorn, saluted him. and then
took a seat opposite his host, but
spoke not a word. In vain did i orn
try to engage him in conv rsation.
Schumann listened with amiable at
tention, smiled, showed interest, but
never opened his lips. At last Dorn
ceased to speak, and the two friends
remained silent for some time, ga
ing abstractedly at each other. Sud
denly Schumann arose, extended his
hand to Dorn. and said:
''When I come to Cologne again I
will rail on you."
"Do so," replied his friend, "and
we will have another opportunity of
being mute and silent together."
Schumann blushed slightly, then
laughed heartily and departed.

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