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The Farmers' Union.
Meyer Goes to Prison for Life Br Idee
turned at Martin's Ferry Treasurer
(Mmarott Found, Inane from Drink
Murder In Indianapolis,
From Far and Near.
Tbii number or names of the Coxey
Hm drowned In the attempt to navigate
the Matte Biver In Colorado cannot yet be
told. The river wan a raving torrent
Thursday and many boats were wrecked
at the bridges Twenty-nine boat"', con
taining 185 men, pasted Henderson I -land
bridge. Only twenty, with less than 100
men, reached Brighton. ome boats were
deserted, their occupants taking to the
rjad. On the McKay bridge teveral men
were drowned. At Henderson Island bridge
twenty-one men were in the water at one
time, but were rescued with ropes by Balph
Lee and Louis Kraut er. The bout of oue
tnati from Utah, known as "I'reiichy," has
leen recovered. Of one boatload of eight,
six are said to have been lost Most of the
bodies have been washed dovin stream.
Many of the oxeyites believe fourteen to
twenty men were drowned. Many men
clung to the trees along the river banks,
and an order was telegraphed to Denver
for skiffs to take them off.
Dr. II. C K Meyer, the poisoner of men
for Insurance money, was sentenced to life
Imprison meat in Sing Sing by Recorder
Bmytho at New York. Meyer appeared
before the bar looking very pale and ex
ceedingly emaciated. The court was
crowded with spectators anxious to get a
last look at the notorious poiso.ter belore
he retired to seclusion. Ills mo. Ion for a
new trial was withdrawn. Ibe Recorder
talked for a few moments on the atrocity
of the crime and then, passed the sentence
lie regretted that the jury did not return
a verdict of murder in the first degree for
the poisoning of Ludwig Brandt, which
would have meant death for the prisoner.
Mrs. Meyer, wife of the prisoner, will soon
be placed on trial for murder.
Early Friday morning an unsuccess
ful effort was made at Martin's Ferry.
Ohio, to run two coal trains on the Cleve
land, Loralne and Wheeling Kallroad, after
a week's tie-up. Ties were placed on the
track, dynamite was used, a revolver fired
and knives exhibited. Four deputy mar
shals and two reporters were on the train.
Their lives, together with those of the
trainmen, were threatened If the train
was not run back, and this was done. The
nob. Including women, increased from
fifty to 400 In ten minutes. The bridge at
Whisky run was burned, and troops have
been ordered to the fields. Troops have
gone to several Ohio points.
"Hilly" Slmsrott, missing treasurer of
the Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association,
Is back in Chicago. Ho Is In a semi-Insane
condition In a sanitarium for Inebriate-,
lie was found In Bostt n and brought homo
by his faithful wife. He can give no ac
count of hla four weeks' absence. Ills
relatives themselves tell conflicting (stories
as to where he Is and what Is his condition.
The officials of the Switchmen's Association
...know nothing about htm except sundry
wild stories they read in the papers. The
return of Slmsrott has left his case as
mysterious as ever, and the mystery may
Horace Greeley Douglass, a prominent
Democratic politician of the Fourth Ward,
of Indianapolis, vas found dead at his
home early Friday meriting. His skull
was fractured, bis face bruised and bloody,
and all the Indications point to a murder as
mysterious as the many others which the po
lice department seems an Able to unravel.
The wounda are mostly on top of the head
and could hardly have been received in a
fttlL 'Ibe police think It probable that
Douglass took poison and then Inflicted the
wounds upon himself to give bis death the
appearance of murder.
The railroad raco for Kalny Lako City
and the gold region thereabout has begun,
and surveys are being made by at least
three American roads. It Is likely, how
ever, that a Canadian road will arrive
first. The Port Arthur. Duluth and West
ern has been granted a subsidy of $4.;t)t) a
mile for the thirty-five miles necessary to
be built, and work will be begun this sum
mer. At Koston wreaths of roses and of ivy.
with bunch a of lilies, pinks violets, and
otner flowers, were laid Thursday about
the tomb. In Auburn Cemetery, of Edwin
Kooth. and loving hands scattered loose
flowers In abundance around the monu
ment that was erected a few months since
to the memory of the greatest actor that
the new world has ever produced. Thurs
day Is the first anniversary of his passing
R. B. I.an?don & Co . of Minneapolis,
have secured a '2.000,000 canal contract in
Arizona, The country to be irrigated Is
400.000 acres, mostly in Maricopa County,
and the water is to be obtained from the
Bio Verde. The canal will start above
rhirnix and will be 110 miles long.
The Ohio Prohibitionists have put the
following ticket In the field: Secretary of
State Mark G. McCaslIn, of Kent: Judge
of Supreme Court, J. W. Koseboruugh. El
mir: Mate School Commissioner, Profes
sor F. V. Irish, Columbus: member Board
Of Public Works. II T. Earles. I ronton.
Kansas Republican nominations: For
governor. E. N. Morrill: for lieutenant
governor. James A- Trout man; for associ
ate justice Supreme Court, W. A. Johnson;
for secretary of state, W. C Edwards; for
auditor. George 11 Cole; for tic usurer. Otis
I Ataerton; for attorney general, F. B.
Dawes; for superintendent public instruc
tion, 11 Staniey; for congressman- at
large. B. W. Blue.
Qneenstown dispatch: The Canard
steamer Lucanla. whlc'a arrived Friday
from Hew York, has lowered her best rec
ord by thirteen minutes, and at the san e
time sailed seventeen more miles than on
the earlier trip Her time on this occa
sion was 3 days IS hours and 5s minutes.
Lawrence Sptller. convicted of the
murder of Lot tie Uowe i n April 28 in the
suburbs of Staunton. Va., was hanged Fri
day. Tito drop was only four feet. Death
seemed instantaneous.
The Costa Ricm Congress baa levied
an export tux of 4 shillings per quintal ou
A Gotham rumor has it that ex-Feci e
tary Wet. C Whitney is engaged to marry
Miss Joannit David go. of Virginia.
The corporation of Limerick, Ireland,
has decided by a unanimous vote to con
fer the freedom of the city ou Lady Aberdeen.
Samuel Alexander, who murdered
James Nesbitt In Chicago in 1&01 and later
escaped from an lnstne asylum, has been
captured In Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs. John Spruance. of Oak
land. CaL. while on their way from Cali
fornia to Dansvllle, N. Y., were relieved of
a bag contaluing S4.500 worth of diamonds
and S175 in money. The bag. which was
fastened with safety ptns to Mrs. Spru
ance" s person, must have been wrenched
off by an expert band, for she has no
knowledge when it was done It was
missed just before reaching Buffalo.
By the explosion of a keg of powder at
a mine near Jermyn. Pa., seven men were
bur.ied, some of them fatally.
Five boys, whose ages ranged from five
to twelve years. Inmates of the Catholic
Sisters of Mercy Home in Tarry town. Si V..
have died from poisoning, tho result of
eating herbs picked on the playground of
the Institution, reven more boys are criti
cally 111 from the same cause. Most of the
Inmates are orphans. The poisonous herb
was a root which the boys mistook for
It has been discovered that Joseph A.
Sawyer, the Monmouth (Me ) farmer, who
was so mysteriously murdered two weeks
ago. had at the time of his death about
SIS. 000 in cash, notes and bank books se
creted in various places about his house.
The loss by the Eraser Kiver flood In
British Columbia Is estimated at S4.000.003.
H. II. HefTn -r. a former m ember of the
Chicago Board of 'J rade. committed sui
cide ut New Orleans.
Isaac Goodman, an Elwood. Ind.. farm
er, was sentenced to four years in the pen
itentiary for operating a fence.
15y the explosion of a gasoline gener
ator in a laundry at Portlaud. Oregon, six
Chinamen were killed.
-The steamship Texas, 3.010 tons bur
den, with a general i-ar;o and a deckio-td
of cuttle, was wrecked off Trepassey. N. F.
She was bound from Montreal for Bristol.
II. II. Welch, an old, respected and
weK-known resident of Chicago, drowned
himself In the pond at Line dn Park
Wednesday morning. After wandering
through the streets for a long time before
dawn he wound up at 6 o'clock In Lincoln
Park near the pond at the foot of Fuller
ton avenue He decided then and there
that he had seen enough of the world's
misery and so he plunged into the pond.
Mr. Welch was 00 years old. For more
than a quarter of a contury ho had been a
clerk in the registry division of the Chi
cago postoffico.
Bjbbers ditched a Mobile and Ohio
passenger train near Columbia, 111.
Linares. Mexico. dSpatch: An Amer
ican. T. H. Prltchard. of Michigan, en
route to the hacienda of Francl-c Lopez
was waylaid, killed and robbed by bandits.
Mr. Prltchard Is said to have had a large
amount of money in bis possession.
Two swindlers, representing them
selves as members of tho American Hall
way Union, Induced Mayor Hopkins of
Chicago, to buy i&i worth of spurious pic
nic tickets.
A gasoline stove exploded at Kansas
City and two servants. Mary Glynn and
Nora Kelvel, were frightfully burned.
Mary Glynn died shortly afterward, but
tlte other girl will probably recover.
James D. Ford, a prominent attorney
of Toledo. Ohio, was found dead In a hotel
In Cincinnati. Heart disease caused bis
John McCaffery. a pioneer of Chicago,
and a conspicuous figure In the business
world, is do id. He was 8G years of a:e.
William Cornell, an eccentric miser of
Potighkeepsie, N. Y., has Just died, leav
ing an estate worth f 1.000, 000.
William Walter Phelps Is seriously 111
with laryngitis, complicated with fever, at
his home at Teaneck. N. J.
Joseph Haworth, the actor, is serious
ly ill at Boston.
Obituary: At Salt Lake City, J. R T.
Walker, .IT. S. A., retired, brother-in-law
of James G. Blaine; at New Orleans. Rev.
Dr. Henry M. Smith; at Kansas City, H.
M. Valle. aged sixty-three.
Joseph N. Carter, Republican, was
chosen to the Illinois Supreme bench. Mon
day, from the Fourth Judicial District, by
a plurality upward of 4.000. In Oregon,
Monday, the Republicans e'ecte 1 their en
tire ticket, from Governor down, with the
possible exception of Superintendent of
Schools. The Legislature will be close and
tho Populists may hold the balance of
I power In the Senate, though the Republi
cans claim they will have a majority in
both houses.
Congressional nominations: Twenty
first Illinois District, John J. Hlgglus,
Democrat; Secoud Maine, Kelson Dingley.
Jr.. Republican, renominated; Seventh
Missouri. John T. Head. Democrat; Kighth
Kentucky. James R. McCreary. Democrat,
The monthly debt statement shows a
net cash balance in the Treasury of $117.
654,335. of wbich S78.wS3.Sfi7 is gold reserve.
It also shows that tho Interest-bearing
debt May 31 was f63S.S41.S4A, an Increase
of only i4f0. The debt on which Interest
bus erased since maturity was fL $38. 399. a
decrease of $3,f40. The non-interest bear
ing debt was $30.016,32;i. a decrease of
to7,S3. The aggregato of interest and
hon-interest bearing debt was fl. 016,916,
660. a decrease of S'40. S7U. The statement
of tho cash in the Treasury is as follows:
Gold. $l4S.OC,7.sif,; silver. $512,194,054; pa
per, fl OS. 081,172; bonds, minor coins, etc.,
I1S.S3S.838, against wbich there are de
mand liabilities agcregatlng5C65.4CS.92si.
making the decrease in the available cash
balance for the month (7,243, 45a
Second Assistant Postmaster General
J. L Bell has resigned, to become traffic
manager of the Jersey Central Railroad.
Surgeon General Wyman. of the Ma
rine Hospital service, has received a ca
blegram saying that cholera prevails at
Myslowlts. l'ppr Silesia, and is spreading
over the Russian border. A second cable
gram says that cholera prevails at Mlaua,
in Poland, near the district of Stettin, but
not In the town.
The te'ms of sixty-three Presidential
postmasters will expire this month. Most
of them are in New York, Pennsylvania,
and Iowa.
Representative Houk, of Tennessee,
has introduced a bill in Congress to reim
burse the soldiers of the rebellion or their
heirs for the average annual difference
between gold and the value of the paper
currency In which they were paid.
Secretary Carlisle says the subject of
another bond issue has not been men.ioned
in the cabinet and declares that he has had
no conference with the President regard
ing it.
Congressman Cadmus who-t Gaston
informed of the conversation he had over-
heard regarding tbe tariff bliL appeared
before the Senate Investigating committee
and confirmed the latter's story.
Eight army officers were retired on ac
count of d isablllty. All but seven of this
year's military academy graduates have
been provided with places,
The Italian crisis has come to a head
with the resignation of Sig. Crisp! and his
Cabinet, announcea Tuesday in the Cham
ber of Deputies at Rome. King Humbert
reserves bis decision with respect to ac
ceptance or refusal. The action of the
Premier Is the result of a Cabinet meeting
Mi nday nizht after the debate on Crispins
proposal that the Chamber Intrust a com
mittee 'A eighteen, to bo made up of mem
bers of the several political sections, with
the task of preparing and presenting on
June 33 a measure for reforming the ex
penses of the public service in order to in
troduce the greatest possible economies,
the House In the meanwhile abstaining
from any discussion of financial matters.
The Cabinet were agreed that the srnall
ness of the majority by wbich tbe Pre
mier's motion was carried a majority of
11 in a session of 438 vas a warning that
no success could be counted upon for the
proposal when its det ails were made known.
All the members of the Cabinet acquiesced
in the suggestion of Sig. Sonnino that it
ought to be left to the discretion of the
Premier whether their resignations should
le tendered in bulk to the King. Rome is
greatly excited.
The Chinese emperor has an effective
method of stopping strikes. He recently
promulgated a decree ordering the ring
leaders to be strangled and the others ban
ished. The strike collapsed.
Ttirpin has been Induced by Paris jour
nalists to present his new engine of war to
Advices from Tuxpan. Mexico, state
that a terrific windstorm passed over the
village of Yahualica, about seventy miles
back in the country, destroying a number
of store buildings and dwellings and kill
ing ten persons and wounding fifteen
Lord Ro-ebery's Ladas, the hippie Uo!
of England's sovereign people, won t'io one
hundred and fifreonth Derby at Epsom
Wednesday in a fair field, no favor and in
the presence of the greatest assemblage
that ever tiironged the historic downs. All
Kritain paused in tho rapid revolution of
the machinery of industry and social lifo
to watch with fevered .ilnd the struggle of
Hampton's unbeaten son as he came down
the hill, around Tottenham and up the
famous incline, and as tbe primrose, rose
bars and cap of Finland's primo minister
flashed past the winning post the cheers
that rolled from tho Immense multitudes
were speedily echoed In every city of the
The shareholders of tho Suez Canal
Company met at Paris and voted to con
tinue Ferdinand do Lesscps' pension.
A Rock Island train was ditched at
Round Pond, O. T.. because the railway
company refuses to stop Its trains at that
point. The train crew were made prison
ers. The Northwestern Elevated Railroad
bridge questiou at Chicago Is settled at
last Saturday night ex-Judge .Tamieson
left Washington for Chicago, carryini with
him a license permitting the company to
build the bridge According to the plans
there Is to be no central pier. The abut
ments are to be 210 feet apart and the
bridge a kind of a split and teeter affair
which opens in tbe middle aud rises in the
air, the parts on the land side of the abut
ments sinking into the ground.
That American manufacturer are find
ing new fields for their products Is shown
by the exports for ten mouths, which have
reached the unprecedented total of fl83,
305.294. Alexandria. Ind., has contracted for a
water works system, to cost 60.), 000 and to
be complete 1 in four months.
A report of heavy damage to the Kan
sas crop and higher cables caused a boom
in the Chicago wheat market Wednesday.
Best prices were almost 4c over Tuesday's
In the Northern Pacific inquiry at
Milwaukee the examination of President
Abbot, of the Wisconsin Central, was con
tinued, but nothing of importance was
Ada XL Dow Currier has been awarded
$19,140 damages by a New York court
against Manager David Henderson for In
jury received at tbe Chicago Opera House.
The Indiana Grand Lodge. Knights of
Pythias has elected thesj officers: Grand
Chancellor, James M. Hatfield. Hunting
ton; Grand Vice Chancellor. C. F. S. Neal,
Lebanon; Grand Prelate. Otto Kolb, Boone
vllle; Grand Master at Arms. Erastus Pea
cock. Rensselaer; Grand Master of Ex
chequer. W. A. Morris, Frank ford; Grand
Keeper of Records and Seals, Frank Brown,
The manazers of the Page Belting
Company, of Concord. N. 1L. state that a
careful examination of the books shows
that the shortage of Manager Wormer. of
the Chicago office, will reach nearly S4.000.
Tho defalcation was discovered two weeks
ago. but Wormer claimed that it was
small, and agreed to make it good. He
has now disappeared and Is believed to be
in Canada.
Gov. Richards.of Montana, has issued a
proclamation forbidding the sun dance of
the Ca'urd'AIene Indians at Great Falls,
Local authorities are directed to take the
steps necessary to enforce the inhibition.
The University of Pennsylvania has
conferred the decree of doctor of science
upon Dr. Sarah Hackett Stevenson, of
Twelve hundred militiamen went to
Cambridge, Ohio, w here strikers have in
terfered with the movement of Baltimore
and Ohio trains.
The clubs of the National and Western
Leagues atand as follows In tho champion
h!p race i
L. cent. W.
L. cent.
tfaltimore. . aj
Pittsburg. v4
Cleveland 1
Bostons 2s
Bri-oElvn ..!
. 1 NewTorfcs.l
.60" St. Louis.. .is
.yo I.ouisvilles 10
.622 OMcaos ..13
L. cent. W.
s GrdF.apldsi.
X .tvfi Mitwa'fceeslO
12 JBM Indtan'p'ls.J
14 .57$ Detrolts.. . 7
L. cent.
Sioux City ..j
Kansas C'v-1
Minne'p'li saw
Toledo? 13
The theme of the new p'.ay.uAn Ameri
can Heiress. by Francis Beinaa, with
which Mr. Joseph Brooks will o, en the
season in Chicago at McVlcker's Theater,
With hi dramatic company, while new to
the stage, is a matter of every-da? life in
reality, ani deals with the young Ameri
can iiri and the titled foreigner. The
many recent mesalliances, in this connec
tion, prove thar in seven cuses out of ten
the n;,me of 'nobleman" is misapplied.
But It is a remarkable fact that the cul
tured youns American girl aspires to be
honored with the dignity of Countess.
Duchess or Princass. The motive of -An
Americas Heiress" Is to shour as nearly as
I ossible the result of such unions as those
of the daughter of J. W. Matftey the
American millionaire who married the
young Prince Colouna. iliss Wheeler, of
Philadelphia, who was united to Prince
Pappenheim, aud other charming girls who
have, thrown the sweetest part of their
lives away by such marriages. The sub
ject is one wbich appeals directly to Amer
ican women mother and daughters.
Certain social Incidents are touched with
delicacy and humanity, and the situation-,
whi.e often thrilling, are true to nature.
Operations are being generally resumed
at the iron mines in the Lake Superior re
gion. Shipments of ore have already
reached !30,000 tons.
There Is no change in the situation at
the Chicago banks. Money is even more
plentiful than heretofore.
Colorado striking miners have accepted
the terms of arbitration and laid down
their arms.
Forty-eight grain elevators, the prop
erty or the Eed River Valley Company,
will be sold In iho interest of the creditors.
Indiana miners in Sullivan County
outwitted the militia and burned five cars
loaded with coal.
A telephone message to Indlanatlolls.
Ind., Mondny night from Shelburn said
the troops were Area on by strikers under
cover of the night. Communication is bad
and it could only be learned that four of
tho strikers were killed la the return
oiley. Brigadier General McKee sent
a call for the second Gatllng gun. the
first being at Cannelbutg. Shortly after
midnight a special train Was secured, and
the rest of the Indiana light artillery
under command if Capt Curtis. Speaker of
the last House, was started over tbe Van
dalia via Terre Haute lor the scene of the
outbreak. Rush dispatches from the Gov
ernor were sent to seven different military
companies to prepare to march at any
hour on Tuesday. There was much excite
ment at tiie Mate House and the Gover
nor was up all night There were eight
companies at Elburn, counting the two
that came up from Can nel burg. This
would give McKee about 400 men. Op
posed to them were nearly S.OOO desperate
strikers. A messenger from Ebetbora
said the strikers lire! anvils all afternoon
to attract the men from the hills for miles
around, but It was not thought any such
thing as an attack on the militia was con
tent (dated.
The Immense plant cf the National
Title Works at McKeesport. Pa., sixteen
miles from Pittsburg, on the Monongahela
River, was In the possession of a mob of
5.000 strikers 'luesday. who declared their
Intention to battle with new workmen and
officers. The cit at night was in a state
of insurrection, and anarchy eras rampant
on every street. The bloody scenes of
Homestead, on the other side of the
river. were enacted, and in all
probability they wilt be repeated.
The men are just as determined as
those who held the Carnegie mills against
the invasion of th- Pinkertons. and
will fight against any and everything. All
efforts on the part of the Mayor and police
officials to disperse the strikers resulted In
failure. The company has, apparently,
thrown all responsibility on the city offi
cials and sherilT of Allegheny county. 'J ho
trouble Is the result of a strike that oc
curred at tho mills. May 14, agalust a 15
per rent, reduction In wages.
The miners of the Peoria (111.) dis
trict on Wednesday destroyed the good
record thoy had established for them
selves during the present strike by a crime
which has startled the entire commu
nity. A mob of 'M0 armed miners at
tacked Little's mine at Wesley City, a
short distance bnlow Peoria on the Taze
well County side of the river, drove out
the men. killed an innocent spectator,
severely wounded several otners. burned
the mine building, and then blew up
the blazing ruins with dynamite. It
is believed that several of the strikers
were either klllcl or fatally wounded, but
the strikers carried their men off Into tbe
woods. The trouble which culminated in
the tragedy has been anticipated for a
long time, and the proprietors of tbe mine
charge Sheriff Herman Frederick, of
Tazewell County, with being responsible
for It and will endeavor to make Tazewell
County i ay the damace.
R. G. Dun St Ca's Weekly Review of
Trade say i:
it Is a sign of cheering Import that In
finished business, represented by clearings
and railway tonnage, there has been less
decrease since the strike began than might
have been expected. But in Inchoate busi
ness, tbe orders which start tbe wheels, to
rosult In tonnage and payment weeks or
months later, there seems to be an actual
decrease. Meanwhile the consequent In
terruption of traffic and industry increases
The Boppage of iron furnaces between the
Alleghany Mountains and the Mississippi
River has become complete, and a great
number of concerns manufacturing iron,
and others requiring soft coai or coke for
fuel, have been forced to stop Business
cannot increase In volume under such cir
cumstances, and yet payments through all
clearing houses for the week show a de
crease of only 20. 8 per cent, compared with
last year.
Cattle Common to Prime
Ho;s Shipping (Made
Sheep t air to Choice
Wheat No. a Red
Corn No. 2
Oats No. 2
Bye No. 2
Butter Choice Creamery.. ..
Eggs fresh
Potatoes Fer bn ..
Cattle Shipping
Ho;s Choice Light
Sheep Common to Prime
Wheat No. 2 Red
Corn No. 1 White
Oats No. J White
Wheat No. Red
Corn No. 3
Oais No 2
Bye No. 2
Wheat No. 2 Rd
Corn No. 2 Mixed
Oats No. 2 Mixed
Rye No. 2
Ho. e
Wheat No. 1 White
Corn No. iellow
Oats No. 2 Mixed
Wheat No. 2 Red
Corn No. Yellow
Oats -No. I Mixed
Rye No.
Wheat No l White
No. -.'Red
Corn No. 2 Yellow
Oats No. 2 Mixed
Wheat No. 2 Spring.
Corn No. 3
Oats No. 2 White
Pauley No. I
f-l FO Ct 5 00
4 On &, ft 00
3 00 (9 4 fO
57 & 6t
39 40
3V $ 40
49 f& ftO
10 ifi IT
10 ( 104
jo tB l oo
5 CO (it so
4 ou $3 ft 00
2 69 gt 4 00
51 (9 M4
40 & 41
sg t n
5 on (!t 4 M
3 00 4 75
!3 & 3t
37 (8 38
40 41
44 46
2 50 (? 4 60
4 00 J 5 00
2 00 & 4 50
&5 fft'4
42 42
42:v3 434
Lfl 62
2 50 4 ro
4 01 a 6 00
2 0 (1 4 co
6J 9
4 J j 42-9
41 Of 41-j
6T & 57S
41 v 41",
3K $ 3S1
11 & 61
61 ' 61St
tS 10
44 t 46
S3 & 431?
ft". (88 66
3 4054
41 42
63 54
49 t n
11 75 e-12 25
PoBK Mess. .
m 5
Wheat No. i Red.
Crn No. 2
Oats No. ' White.
Butter Best
Eggs State
Mr. Hour Deprecates Its Prosecution.
While Mr. ltlutkburn tjurstion the
Ownership Sis Year Penal Service for
Hank Wrecker Hauirhey of ludianupo'.t.
Told I n a Few Wonli.
The Government's suit for $15,000.00)
ncuinst the Stanford estate was n Thurs
day made the subject of discus-don In the
Senate. I be ;uetin arose upon a resolu
tion introduced by Mr. Hoar. Instructing
tho Committee ou Judiciary to pass upon
the equity of the claim, and whether It
should col be set at rest Senator Hoar
said the Government ousrht at once
to decide the question of extinguish
ing and putting this claim at rest
He did not soppo e. he s,aid. that any
one seriously suppei that the Govern
meut had ;i claim against the Stanford es
tate, and it was proper that the judltiary
oinnilf.ee should inquire whether this al
leged clai'n was founded on a technicality
ir upon law and equity. Mr. Hoar recited
the benefactions under the will of Gov
ernor Stanford and added: If the Govern
ment had a claim of S15.OJ0.000. thnt was
aulytveity cents apiece for the inhab
itants of the United States to whom Mr.
Stanford had consecrated bis lare estate,
and It ought not to embarrass ttic closing
years of his widow aud cripple and. per
haps, destroy tho great gift he had made
for the benetit of the poor by seekinis to
press it,' No one. Mr. Blackburn said In
reply, felt more deeply than he the
public spirit manifested by his late
associate in devoting so much to
educational purpusivs. But tho real
Mtestion was. did be own the estate,
or had he sought to divert to this Uigh
purp s an estate that belonged to Hie
United States? 'i he Attorney General had
already taken steps to determitto this
question, and it was the first tin:o be had j
iver heard of either house of Congress at
tempting to stay the band of the law offi
cer of tho Government.
Theodore 1. Haughey. President of the
ilefum-t Indianapolis National Bank, vhs
on Thursday morning sentenced to six
years in the penitentiary for his part in
the wrecking of that Institution. Judge
Bnker expressed deep regret in pronounc
ing sentence, saying that It was an un
pleasant duty to sentence a man that had
so long beon respected for his uprightness
and integrity as Mr. Haughey. After i ro
nouncing sentence. Judge Baker shook Mr.
Haughey's liund. Mr. Haughey is sixty
eight years of age. Previous to the reve
lations of his mismanagement of the bank.
Mr. Haughey was one of the most prom
inent citizens of Indianapolis Had simi
lar revelations bsesi made about Benjamin
Harrison they would hardly have caused
a greater sensation. Haughey had been a
resident since 1878. For nearly forty years
ne was Treasurer of tho Grand Lodge of
Odd Fellows, was prominent in Sunday
school work, and has represented Indiana
as a lay delegate In the Mothodist Gen
eral Conference.
In Alexandria Buy, St Lawrence Hir
er, the steamer Ocean collided with tbe
barge Kent Both boats sunk. Two pas
sengers are missing.
The German National Bank, of Den
ver. CoL, did not open Its doors Thursday.
Cashier Kunzmiller says that tho Institu
tion Is compelled to go out of business.
The German National is one of the oldest
banks In tho city. The President is J. J.
Beithmann, who is very wealthy. Atone
time the bank's stock sold for '335 a share.
The bank was closed during the panic last
summer, but subsequently reopened on an
agreement with the stockholders Tbe
closing of tbe bank means liquidation so
fur as Ttosslble. It Is impossible to ascer
tain wnether the depositors will bo paid
in full or not 1 he deposits according
to the last statement, made May 4. were
$853,025; cash resources 181,008; total re
sources, $1,777,423 In December the de
posits were $1,033,000; cash resources,
$335,000; total resources. $1R-0J0. The
cap. til of the bank is $530,000; surplus.
$50,000. Charles M. Clinton, Cashier, re
signed recently to accept the Vice Presi
dency of the American National, and sc
manp depositors went with him that there
was a great falling off of deposits at tbe
German. This Induced President Beith
many to close out the business. It is be
lieved none of the other banks will be af
fected. The Chicago Lake Street Elevated
Ii ui Thursday night stole a march on
their rivals, the Northwestern Klevated,
by clinching their right of way for their
down-town loop. Three hundred men
aud about twenty teams were put
to work ou those parts of the loop
that are Intersected and traversed
by the proposed Northwestern route.
The work was begun about 7 o'clock
and pushed rapidly. The work was being
done under special contract by J. S. Pat
terson, one of the conditions being to have
it completed within twenty-four hours
from the time it was begun. Official
make no concealment of the fact that it is
a move to outdo the Northwestern. The
permit was obtained from the city Thurs
day afternoon. Tbe loop system for a
down-town terminal will solve the vexed
question of transferring passengers to the
retail district of the city.
War has been declared by the Chicago
administration against delinquent railroad
Companies, and after a long conference
Thursday between Mayor Hopkins and
Corporation Counsel Bubeas the most sen
sational litigation ever begun by tbe City
of Chicago Was started. On behalf of the
city Corporation Counsel Ribens filed In
the Circuit Court twenty-eight suits
against as many railroal companies for
amounts aggregating more than $2,090,000
for land dmr.ages resulting from the con
struction of viaducts over various streets.
The force In the law department has been
at work for a mouth preparing tbe papers
In these cases. The facts were submitted
to Mayor Hopkins who ordered suit to be
brought at ence.
General Guytierrez has been pro
claimed President of San Salvador.
G-orge Ohteyer. Chairman of the Ex
ecutive Committee of the California Anti
Debris Association, asserts that hydraulic
mining has reduce 1 the navigability of the
Sacramento and Feather Bivers at least
one-half during the low-water season.
Kansas Republican State ticket: Gov
ernor. E. N. Morri'l. of Hiawatha; Supreme
Court Justice. W. A Johnson.
Prof. William Dwight Whitney, pro-fc-sor
of the combined chairs of Sanscrit
and comparative philology at Yale, died at
New Haver., Conn.
Thief NaganaO. of the Chippewa In-d-aas
has died at the Fond du Lac reerva
tioi . He was M years old.
K.'v. Myron W. Beed. tbe Denver min
ister who ran for Congress four years ago.
b s been removed from his pastorate for
his criticisms of tbe Cripple Creek mine
SENTATIVES. Oar National Law-Makers and What They
Are Doing for the Good of the Country
Various Measures Proposed
and Acted Upon.
Doings of Congress.
A resolution providing for tho payment
of the expenses of the bribery and other
investigating committees out of the con
tingent fund was adopted by the Senate
Monday. At 10:30 the tariff bill was
taken up. the sugar schedule then yI -Ing.
The galleries of the House were
unusually well tilled. and on the
boor was a goodly array of oc
cupied desks d urlng the early part at tho
day. As the afternoon wore on the at
tendance thinned out. and when the ad
journment came there were not a half-hundred
members on tbe floor. Two Senate
bridge bills were passed, one 10 authorize
the construction of a brldse across tie
Delaware Rivet by tbe Pennsylvania and
New Jetsey Kallroad Company, and the
other extending tbe time for the construc
tion of a bridpe across tha Calumet Kiver.
The Bra ley State batik tax bill was dis
cussed by "Representatives Dalzeli and
Bayner for the o position and by Repre
sentatives Cobb and Dates in favor of It.
and then the House agreed to a Senate
Joint resolution appropriating $10,000 to
dof ray the expenses of the sugar Investi
gating committee.
Compromise amendments to the sugar
schedule In the tariff bill were :Ul adopted
In the Senate Tuesday, insuring its pass
age at an early datk While In executive
session the renate. for the second time
within three days, confirmed the nomina
tion of Jerry Donahue to bu postmaster
at Decatur, HL He was first con
firmed ou the Sd inst. but at
the instance of Senator CttlloM tbe
matter was reopened, and, after sou.e
discussion of the merits of the cass be
tween Senators Ctilloni and Palmer, the
Senate decided to stand by its former ac
tion and reconfirmed Mr. Dosiohne. In
the House a resolution w:is adopted to
vote on tbe Hrawley bill after the call of
the committees. Mr. Cos offered hi
amendment providing for the total uncon
ditional repeal of the tax on State banks,
Mr. Bryan said be wi uld propose a bill
which would provide a larger circulation
of natssr money under the exclusive con
trol of the Federal Government
Before entering upon the discussion of
the tariff Wednesday the Senate passed
seven bills one of them being a House bill
and the others Senate bill Mr. Plack
burn reported favorably a resolution from
the committee on rules for tho appoint
ment of a special committee of live Sen
ators on the existing public distress. I
whom should be referred the petitions of
Morrison L Swift and others bearing upon
tbl subject It was adopted without di
vision. The Cox amendment for the total
repeal of the 10 per cent tax on State
banks was defeated In tbe House by ICS to
170. A viva voce vote cn tbe Hrawley bill
was then taken and tbe bill defeated Mr.
Turner, of Georgia, nddressed the 11 o uso
In favor of repeal, and brief speeches
in opposlticn to the bill were Htsdn
by Repr-sentatlve Meikeljobn of Ne
braska. Bingham of Pennsylvania. Rob
inson of Pennsylvania. Cockmn of New
York. Hicks of Pennsylvania, and Quigg off
New York. The House went into com
mittee of the whole to consider the Indian
appropriation bill, and filibuster was
mat ted as a result of Mr- II olman's request
that the first leading of the bill lie
dispensed with. Hay. of New York, ob
jecting. A motion to ndjonrn was adopted.
104 to !S, and at 3:23 the House ad Journe L
The action of the Attorney General in
claiming il 000. (K0 from tho estate of tbe
late Leland Stanford occupied the atten
tion of the Senate until the tariff bill wan
taken up. on Thursday. Mr. Hopkins' bill
for a new public building at Elgin. Ill .was
reported to the House. The original bill
carried an appropriat ion of $100,00!), but tbe
Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds
cut down the amount to $75,000. With this
amendment the measure was favorably re
ported and was placed upon the calendar.
The House Committee on Hallways and
Canals agreed to report the com
promise bill drawn by Representative
Byan. of New York, for the survey of a
ship canal route from the Ohio River to
Lake Erie Tbe bill places the matter In
tbe hands of a board of engineers to ho
appointed by the Secretary of War, who
are to select the most practicable route
and for which work $20,000 is to be appro
priated. Ihe Senate did nothing of Importance
Friday. The tariff and tbe Stanford claim
were the onlv matters discussed. Tho
day's proceedings in the House were en
livened by Mr. Walker's complaint of the
poor ventilation of the Homo and the In
capacity of the architect of the Capitol,
and bv Mr. Weadoek's replv to the attnek
of Mr. Lint n on the Catholic church. Tbe
buslne-s transacted In the morning hour was
the passage of a bill for the registry or en
rollment of the bark Skudenaes and of a
bill to deline the present units of electrical
mcauieryents. The conference report nn
the Pennsylvania aad New Jersey Railway
bridge bill was adopted, and n resolution
auth orizing tbe Maryland State courts tc
occupy for five years the old ITnlted Stat
courthouse in Baltimore was agreed to. At
4:50 o'clock the House took a recoss until
B. The evening session was devoted tc
pension bliL
Tho nv st conspicuous man among
the newer members of the Labor party
in the British House of Commons is
John Burns, writot Justin McCarthy,
ML I. He lies about him the charm of
a stronjr, self-reliant manhood he it?
aoove all things a man. You can .-ee
this in his (!ark, soft, gleaming eyes.
They are eyes which invite conliden-e.
John Burns is a working engineer who
has led a toiler's life, aloat and ahor
and under various conditions. He has
worked along tho. e mysterious African
rivers whic'i are associated in tho
minds of most of us with tho expior
ings of Stanley and of Km in Push a.
He has erorkea in London sheds and.
yards. He is a fine and powerful
sj eaker. and can control a vast meet
ing of workingmen with irresistible
force. He is a great democratic in
fluence, and political parties and social
organizath ns can hardly reckon with
out him. He seldom speaks in the
Houe of Commons, but when he dos
speak he speaks well anl goes straight
to the point. He nevet speaks but on
s-omc subject which he thoroughly un
derstands und about which he has
something important and direct to t-ay.
He h:tJ a tine and even thrilling voi e,
and cn-. always feeis that boom day
when his time comes and hisownqi es
tion is uppermost he will make a great
Mientifle Drops.
Ix Corea umbrellas are of oiled pr.
er. have no Bandies and arc simply
wot n over the hat.
The eyeball of an owl is immovably
fixed in "its sccket, hence the look of
wisdom that that bird always appears
to have. In the horse an eye in which
white predominates indicates a vicious
nature. .
An important invention has been
made in the adaptation of magnetic
electricity to the prevention ot the
slipping 6f car wheels. The use of it
is said to increase the hauling powe
of an entice many per cent.

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