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The farmers' union. (Memphis, Mo.) 1891-1895, November 15, 1894, Image 2

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The Farmers' Unioi?.
K.ifu X Ramsay It Head-CtahN PoMtl
;! Com plOXiM I'.xrim ire;:t Interest
Dramaon Mini Tears Out Bti Temgue
More BondH May f,U. !
From fat anil ar.
Sot even a : encif mark ran
be found
on h lot o! a reek a e wnleb has been
th row up on ;h a beach by the storm near
Fish litnt. live uii.es nor: b of East i a was.
Mich.. o Lake Huron. The Identity of
tin; steamer which went t the l mom
s oanewber off ilia, point Fburs lay -r I ri
day remain- a mystery, although search
ers spent several hours banting over the
"roc.i;i;'e for li;r name, bverytlrin which
b.is been thrown up on the beach indicates
that the steamer was of the largest size,
us the broken timbers are all of great
strength The wreckage did not toraej
ashore i;nt;i Saturday afternoon, hut
esiny on t and ay morn in? the wrecUer-;
from the neighborhood were gathering in
everything f value By noon tbey had
strippei tint wreckage of pipes, whistle,
and even cat the binges cat of the cabin
duor. Tbe cargo consisted of apples and i
Soar, and the size of the wreckage in U-cate-t
that the boat ruu-t have carried a
cier of at least fifteen.
--Kufm X Ratusy. Treasurer of !l?i
nois, died at bis residence in Xortu Car
lyie at ."j: 1.1 Sunday m rniag. Never did a
man look as healthy as Mr. Ifamsay did
less th in hv; days ago. lie complained
Thursday to his friends of being sick,
and wenl lo Led suffering Inten-ely
with the same trouble that has
been bothering him f r the la t
ten years heart disease. He came ln-ir
dying hatur ia morning, bat r, Hied, and
seemed some better during the day and
that night, bat at 5:15 Sunday morning be
complained of the roota being warm, gave
me mighty gasp for bream, and tell back
on liis couch dead. He leaves a wile and
three child: e t
A point that has been overlooked in
computing the politic. tl eniipiexkm of tne
next Senate is the admission of Utah, with
trto Knifed States Senators. The act Of
the last session of Congress admitting
Utah provide thai iu Marco, is.t.", the
constitutional convention shall be held.
' he iirsi Tuesday after the lirst Monday in
November of that, year the constitution is
lobe submitted to tho people. The act
also provide, that a Representatl ve to the
l-'lfty-fourth Congress shall be elected at
the same time the vote is taken Upon the
constitution', also that State officers and
a Legislature shall be chosen and
that if the Constitution is ratified the
Legislature shall immediately t.cet and
elect two Catted Statu Senators. This
would make in all ninety Senators, and a
the next Senate now stands the politics of
the Utah Senators would cut an Important
ligure. Another probability which arises
is the admission of both New Mexico. and
Arizona, whieh may bo accomplished in
time, so that four more Senators: would
participate in the organization of the next
Senate. Kills have already passed the
Bouse f r the admission of b tu these
Territories The Senate Committee on
Territories has reported them favorably
to the senate an 1 they are now on the
( ri.z-l by a protracted debauch, Peter
Pepper, a Louisville barber, tore out his
tongue and died in terrible agony.
Too New York Press says: "A t tr the
close of husiaess Friday it was announced
that the Government will ask the bankers
for another loan of g5tf.MO.09ft Gold
bonds foTtha t amount bearing 5 per cent.
Interest will ho Lssaed within a few days
at a price which will net investors about
ii per cunt, annually."
James Forty .'ia-valtlng trial in Phila
delphia for kicking bis aged mother to
death, hanged himself in Lis cell with a
ropo made from hi-, coat lining.
Am s Mclnto-h. Prosecuting Attorney
In Indian Territory, twice shot Lee Ad k ins.
tax collector, through ihe body, on ac
count of an old feud. Ad kins may live
Brigadier General Atoxaader McDowell
McCOob has been appointed Major General
of the united States army, vice General
11 ovarii, retired, and Col. James V. For
syth, of the Seventh Cavalry, has been
promote! to Brigadier General, to succeed
Mo Cook.
Ship Ida C. Southard, from Philadel
phia to New Orleans, is thought to have
been lo.t she carried a crew of seven
Cherokee legislature has passed a bill
making it treason for any citizen to sell
bis real estate to a noncltlzen.
Federal Grand Jury at Jackson, Mis..
has declined to indict State officials for
Issuing warrants resembling money.
liive-tiKatlonsliowsth.it on railroads
owned by governments the charges are
very much higher than iu the United
Members of th took gang raided the
town of Leaap ih, I. T.. robbing a store,
killing one man. and wounding another.
Oscar G. Peters, a prominent business
man of Columbos, Ohio, committed sui
cide lu s sanitarium at Danville. N V.
N". J. Villara. In jail at Fargo, N. I .
has coafessed to ihe murder of a farmer
and his wife near Jamestown.
Suuleabars & Boeckeler Lunilier Com
pany, of St. Louis, lias made an assi.-n-inent,
with assets of CJd.OJO; liabilltits
not stated
The Spanish eo.ist steamer Fernando
foundered near Bhla Honda Tun of
her passenzer and the er;- were
Iu his speech during the Installation
of the nen Lorl May r of London. Preae
ler B eebery adv. cute 1 peace for Y.i
gfatad. Galllaunte Louis Fignier, the cote!
French chemist and scientific writer, is
dead lu Pa s. aged ii years
Father SchrelH. a well- known Cm a I a
pr'ey. has become violently Insane and re
f u 1 o submit to ,irrei.
Efforts ire being made la St.
t ii c ha k era to redec the cost o
k eplag with cbea wheat
i barge have beau made i f
u;s to
read In
n hum
-Cuelty t children In the orphau
locate t at Man ie. imi
- T o men war li !e I .ni l one injured
by lb i coilapso of an unfinished ;x"tor
build hi it In Montreal. C;eie..
Ernes: lluhn. uiuiniu: expert; fblldfM
feet down a abaft a' Nevada City, t'al.
and as ic-rlb!y waagljd.
M. M. Browning, a Philadelphia prod
uce dealer who is said to have beaten Illi
nois and Wisconsin farmers out of 825,000,
has disappeared.
Francis J. Calllnen, treasurer of the
Union Traction Company and a leading
trolley-car capitalist, was killed by a
train An t htt Krie Railroad at Uutberford, N.
J. lie fell under a suburban train and was I
crushed to death His head was torn from i
bis shoulders and both legs were br ke i. J
A. S. Watson, manager of Armour s
branch boase ou Bock well street. Chicago,
was knocked down, severely Injured and
robbed Saturday Bight 'J wo men jumped
on him and pounded him until be was in
sensible. ' hey removed bis 150 gold
watch and S-" In cash. Mr Watson was
discovered by passers-by a few moment
afterward and broazbt to consciousness
badly bruised.
he steamers Iron King and S. C
Baldwin collided in tite Clair River and
the latter was sent to the bottom.
Actuated by jealousy. Humphrey
Johnson, of Collin wood, Ohio, shot his wife
through the bead and then killed himself.
A colored man named Milton Barman,
living in Ouachita Township, near Warren,
Ark., was -hot and instantly killed by his
15-year-old b y. The deed was done about
4 o'clock In the morning, while Harm in
was iti bed asleep. The boy crept up to f ho
bedside and discharged the gun. the bail
piercing the body of his father. When
Questioned as to why he committed the
deed he said his father had whippeJ birn.
- The body of a man was found hanging
to a tree near Boscoe, St. Clair County.
Mo., some distance from a railroad. It is
supposed the man was hanged by a moi;.
There has been considerable stealing in
that county.
Sllon Lewis, the condemned Choctaw
murderer, was shot, at Wil burton. He had
to be sti angled to end his sufferings.
Train No. 5, B utimoro and Ohio lim
ited, ran into a fast cattle train at Rosen
steel Siding. Pa.. Wednesday evening. Six
men were killed In the collision and several
others were badly hurt The railroad of
ficials say that no passengers were hurt
Both trains were going at the rate of forty
miles an hoWr and came toge her while
rounding a curve Neither crew had time to
jump or soar d a warning, 'i he mail car was
: reduced to kindling wood. Only the
: heavy vestibules of the passenger cars
saved them from a simitar fate. Fully a
! dozen cattle cars were piled up In the
j wreck, killing and maiming many of the
! dumb brutes
j Tho schooner Acnle M. Pride was
driven ashorJ at tho entrance to Halifax
i harbor aud all on board, seven persons,
; perished.
An electric car, of which the motor
i man had lost control, ran into a freight
train In Elyria, Ohio Three passengers
were Injured.
At!) o'clock Wednesday morning an
express train on the Reading Road struck
a street car at Nlcetown. Pa. The car
was thrown fifty feet from the track. Two
passenirers are reported killed outright and
several others injured.
C. F. Aycock, County Treasurer, was
discovered Tuesday lying on the Boor of
bis office at Harrison. Ark . with his hands
and feet tied. a pocket-handkerchief
stuffed into his mouth and another bound
over his face. As ho was returning home
about 1 o'clock the nizht before from Lead
Hill he was intercepted by two men, who
Compelled him to return to the court house
and open the safe, which they looted.
The home of liishop Perry, iu Daven
port, Iowa, was looted during his absence
in Europe by a man who was given lodging
by the care-takers.
Two colored convicts in the Ohio peni
tentiary attacked a guard, and a race war
followed. In which several were injured
During a light at a dance in San An
tonio, lexas. two cowboys and the musi
cian, the latter u Mexican, were killed
Daniel W. Powers and Bradford Bry
ant perished while hunting in a swamp
near Halifax, Mass.
At Galliopolis, Ohio, throe men were
buried In a cavlaz well. One was killed
and another was fatally injured.
"Kid"' Ibompson, the notorious train
robber, lias been captured and turned over
to the oflicers by cow boys of Arizona.
At Pittsburg fire broke out In Hootb &
Flinn's stables, which contained a large
amount of baled hay. Several workmen
were throwing tho burning bay out of a
window when a large idle of bales fell upon
them, injuring twelve persons. James
Harrison was injured internally and his
spine was hurt He may die. i ho others
were severely but not dangerously hurt
The loss was smalL
Julius Pinkler was suffocated Monday
morning in a fire at Chicago. Ho slept in
F. C. Wing's printing-office, and after the
tire hal been extinguished was found dead
on a cot.
Rioters set fire to the Wst India and
Pacific Steamship Company's wharf at
New Orleans Freight sheds and vessels
were damaged to tho amount of 1200. 000.
Tho trouble is due to a race war between
white and black 'longshoremen.
The tug Crusader, owned by the
Grummond estate, of Detroit, Was burned
at Sault Ste. Marie. Mich. Henry Biitingi
and Charles Whiffen. of Port Huron, fire
men, were burned to death
Unknown Incendiaries made several
attempts to destroy the town of Addison,
the seat of Webster County, West Vir
O lituary: At Racine. Wis.. Lucius S.
Blake, aged Tlx At Loudon. Eugene Oudiu,
the opera singer. At Galesville, Ore.,
Hardy Eiliff. aced 70.
John English, of Portland, In'., elected
Sheriff on tne Republican ticket, was take i
ill after the close of the polls and died from
heart disease.
Philip Gilbert Hamerton. the veil
known artist, author, and p et, died at
Paris He was 60 years old
David SI Bennett, one of the million
aires of Buffalo, N. V., ai-.d an ex-member
of Congress, died, aged s4 year-..
Dr. Chalmers, ex-principal of tho Lon
don l'resby terian College, is dead. He
made a tour of America In
Mike Kelly, famous as a baseball
catcher for Chicago and Bost n club-, died
of pneumonia in a Boston hospital.
The Agricultural Department has is
sued a statement showing that during the
storm of Se,t. 24 to 29, L0S9 vessels, rai
ned at 17. 1 9,030. and in tne storm of Oct
to 10. L216 vessels, value! at si' 138 U00,
remained in port ou the Atlantic ai d Gulf
coasts, secure from daager throughout the
periods for which warnings were issued by
the Weather Bureau This makes a total
of -.;'; Vfv;eb, valued at t3S. 2 i 1, 0 0 ), a
large proportion of which probably would
have" gone out but for the v.amings I; is
fair to assume, it is state, that bad they
don. so nearly a',1 of them would have en- I
Countered the storms ucd been mere or less j
iamued. if not lost The records of those j
who went out In the face of the warning
show that in every instanc they suffered
severe injury or were destroyed Reports
from the. region traversed by the storm
give the warnings r dit for saving a num
ber of lives: one station alone. Charles-
t reporting pver one hundred lives
probably saved by this means.
C.pt W. T. Sam 1-son, Chief the Naval
Ordnance Bureau, has issued his annual
report. In It he '-ays that although the
modern guns authorise 1 by law are : Tac
tically completed it would be unwise to
Cut short the work of gun construction
until a reserve supply is in hand for an
emergency. Of 4:il Uotcbkiss and ICS
Driggs suns ordered 235 aud 5tf respectively j
a'ioa. Good smokeless powder has i
ie n maue at tie; tor pea o sxati n. out mc
j for eiga powders are not satisfactory,
j There is a i increased temptation to evade,
specifications and deceive Inspectors In
passing upon material. Castings supplied
by two lirms were found to c ntaln defects
which "nad been concealed from the inspector--,
and the mat'.er has been placed in
the hinds of the United States District
Attorney for prosecution. No further con
tracts were let during the year for proj"C
tiies, a sufficient number having already
been ordered to equip the ships excepting
common steel for 13-Inch guns. Of the
'..T-".' armor-piercing shells ordered, but 150
have been delivered. Since 0?t. 1 last
4,165 t ijs of armor have been accepted,
all hut Tsj tons Loin Harvevized. The
manufacturing facilities at Bethlehem and I
Homestead have been greatly improved,
making these firms the best equipped in
the world. A brief reference is made t
the armor-plate frauds, which attracted
so much attention during the last Con
gress, and attention Is called to re
ports on the subject already made to the
department. Estimates for next year ag
gregate S6.864.552, against Ss.UGL'.liO for
the current year.
American capitalists will establish a
bank in Puerto Cortoz.
Charley Mitchell, the English pugilist,
is said to be suffering from Bright's dis
ease. He may not live a year.
Emperor William, replying to Presi
dent Hole's official notification, has ac-
knowledged the Republic of Hawaii.
--A London dispatch from Shanghai says
that consternation has been cause! by the
discovery that Tai Vang squadron has
been caught in a trap at Port Arthur by
the Japanese, owing to the neglect or over
ruling of Ll Hung Chang's orders. Ll Hun.'
Chang disclaims any responsibility In the
matter. The correspondent of tho Stand
ard at Berlin says that Germany will ad
here to hisr policy of reserve and will cer
tainty do nothing to limit the demand
Japan may make uijou China He adds a
remark made by the North German Ga
zette, a semi-official paper, to the effect
that the Chinese ambassador has already
experienced difficulty in securing joint
action ou the parr, of the powers.
A special dispatch says 2,00 1 nat ives of
the Mawnojt tribe recently attacked Kli
wakiw nje, east Africa, and were defeated
by a force of German regulars and natives
under Huron von Ehrstelu. Later, how
ever, the Mauoji tribe returned to the
attack and captured Kilwaki wind je with
much bloodshed, it is added that the Ger
man force Is not atri it; enough to recap
t uro tha place.
Prince Hohnlohe. the German Chan
cellor, Is understood to insist upon further
cabinet changes, and it Is said that Frei
herr von Berlepscb. the Minister of Com
merce, and others in the Prussian Cabinet
will have to tender their resignations.
Embargo on American cattle by Ger
many works hsirdshi s on Hamburg com
panies who built ships fy the trade.
Twenty Brazilian artillerymen were
shot at Rio de Janiero for refusing to obey
the orders of their officers.
Officials of the Canadian Pacific and
Grand Trunk are to be appealed to to stop
the payment of excessive commissions.
Referee McClelland declare I void the
title of half a hundred property-owners of
Mamaroneck, N. Y.. to bind bought at fore
closure sale.
Monday's storm in Boston and vicinity
was confined to heavy rains until about 10
o'clock at night, when tho temperatnre be
came lower and snow began to fall A
heavy snow storm prevailed all night in
the vicinity of Concord, N. HL. Portland,
Me., and Montpelier. Vt. Message-; from
points iti Connecticut by long-distance
telephone report that a regular blizzard
with a wet snow and sleet prevailed gen
erally throughout the State. The wind
blew at the rate of seventy-four miles an
ho ii r.
'ihe three-masted sc'ioonor Mary L.
Peter ;eft Galveston for Portland Sept.
20, with a cargo of cotton soed meal and
w.'B due at Portland two weeks ago.
Nothing has been heard of her and ner
owners believe t hat she Is lost, Sho was
commanded by Captain F. E. Brougham,
of Lynn, and carried a crew of eight, men.
The schomer is valued at SS.000 aud the
cargo at Sd4.t)00, fully insured.
Bookkeeper Louis 11. Byers, of the
Brooklyn Club, is missing and 56.50.) of the
organization's money cannot be fuund.
The Agricultural Department is about
to issue elaborate information on the sub- '
ject ot -good roads," which Congress has
directed the department to investigate.
The publication will embrace the entire
I proceedings of the National Road Confer
ence, held at Asbury Park, N. J., July 5
and 6, at which every shade of opinion on
improving roads was presented. Roy Stone,
the special agent and road engineer of the
lit par t men t, will a s include a number of
addresses on the road question. He makes
no report, so that these addresses practi
cally constitute a report.
The human race is nearly ten
centuries older than science had Knowl
edge of before thi-, us a result of
the extensive explorat on of the
ruins of N.ffer. ne;.r ancient Babylon, as
described in a report to the state Depart
ment by Minister Teriel at Constantino
ple. These explorations are being made
at the expense of Phila te.phians, and Dr. !
I'eters and Profe-sor Hllpricbt. of the
University of Pennsylvania, have su
per vise-1 the work. Many tons of la- j
bles, vases. inscribed brick. ar- I
cophagi and the like have been ex- :
humed. the sensual and revolting worship :
of the God be. : rSbre c
colossal temple with its i
exp se i and t'.e religion,
customs i f men wh i live
f-rc Christ have bean
translated ins -riot Ions,
Says that if will roouire
contain the descriptions
early Known, his
! 1 rooms has been
govt rnment, a nd
I 4. 0 J I ye r- be
revealed bv the
Minister T rrel
six :y v domes to
f these marvel-
i us discoveries
The ladles of the Pi t tst
: free L
in malt
den; aru
re a i
m ana the Ch
tively encased
in g
arrageuaents for the reception and enter
tainment of the delegates to the tirt an
nual couveutiou of the Waifs' Saving As-
f America. This association,
organized last year a', the
ir. has already ta'cen a high
v hi a wa
World's F
nlace among tht
rfaaritable aud benevolent
organizations of the c untry.
Lines in Eastern territory are suffer
ing from a car fan hie, owing to the heavy
traffic i'i coal, live stock, and fruit,
Tne Minneapolis and St. Louis ha
withdrawn from the Western Passenger
As elation, leaving it in a shaky condi
tion It Is f and the President has authority
under existing law to exclude German
products iu retaliation for discrimination
against American cattla
Representatives of tran continental
lines held a conference to consider meas-
; me, to check rate uem ralization.
....! ..n..rt t.. h.. mdo to
restore tin? Western Passenger Association
j tu its original usefulness,
L To increase Its through traffic the Big
j Four has decided to establish a steamsatp
line from Mi! at 111 i'i o o to Benton Harbor.
Another effort is to lie made to put
Into operation t be proposed "physical pool"
on eat-bound freight and passenger busi
nes. Elaborate ceremonies marked the
formal opening of the Texas Cotton Palace
at Waco Distinguished visitors were
pro-cnt from all parts of the State, as well
as from neighboring States and the North,
aud the day ias observed as a general
holiday. The Texas Cotton Palace was
organized by the citizens of Waco, who
subscribed $259,000 for the erection of a
magnificent building, with
a front of 40:)
feet and a depth of 300. Tne mammoth
structure was profusely decorated from
basement to dome, and hundreds of people
viewed the interesting and instructive
exhibition of the natural advantages and
wonderful resources of the State of Texas
Rev. T. De Witt Talmage, pastor of
the Brooklyn Tabernacle for twenty-live
years, has resigned and may come to t hi
cago. Rev. Mr. Murphy, of the Broadway
Methodist Church, of Indianapolis, is al
leged to have packed the church board,
and w as denounced as a tyrant at a stormy
City of Mexico dispatch: The volcano
of Colima is iti active eruption, and the
people in the immediate vicinity are
greatly alarmed, as streams of lava are
pouring down the sloes of tne mountain,
the flames being visible for man.' miles.
They have abandoned their homes Police
headquarters repjrt a total of fifteen
deaths as the result of Friday's earth
quake and the subsequent eruption
Detectives found the body of Mrs.
Mary Cot t re II. of Hamilton County, on a
dissecting table in an Indianapolis medi
cal college.
Hundreds of people in Deerlield, Ohio, j
hav 1 been exposed to small-pox through 1
contact with a bristtan faith cure victim.
Custom-, authorities at Cincinnati.
Ohio, have seized the imported wedding
suit of Arthur Stern, the wealthy attor- I
William Mo-ley Rail, who was Instru
mental in establishing the Chicago harbor,
is dead In New York, aged S3 years.
Residents of New Jersey were awak- j
tied from sleep by the supposed explosion
and light of a falling meteor.
Attorney General Olney has decided :
that railway employes have a legal right
to belong to brotherhoods.
The price of high grade bicycles will !
probably Vie cut down one-third next sea- I
son. One of the three great wheel manu
facturing companies of this country has
announced its prices for next season. It
i. $10 ). This company promises to put up
the same or a better wheel, in fact, than
it has been selling this year at the reduced
rate When the price of a bicycle Is once
put down it can never bo advanced. Tlx
big company in question must know better
than any outsider could possibly know
just how cheap a bicycle can be made at a
profit, and when it announces its price
as $100 it is probably aware of what It Is
doing. To furnish an inferior wheel at
the reduce! rato would be suicidal This
also the company must know. But In the
circular announcing the re Suction it is
distinctly said that the '91 wheel will. If
anything, be of a better quality, owing to
recent improvements and better methods
of manufacture.
'I he Cincinnati Evening News, a penny
paper, started last September by the
Printers' Publishing Company, was placed
in the hands of Scot Holmes, as receiver,
with an order of court to wind up its af
fairs, Uiider attachments aggregating D?20.
S00 the dry goods establishment of J. G.
Glass at threveport, La., was closed by the
Bradstroet's reports show an" increase
in the visible supply of wheat In the
United States and Canada of 3,33,000
j bushels.
j Mrexel, Morgan & Co. bid in the De
troit. Bay ( by and Alpena Railroad for
1 b 1. 000. 001) at the sale at Alpena. Mich.
Cattle Common to Prime
Hogs- Shipping tirades
Sheep Fair to Choice
Wheat No. 2 Bed
Corn No. 2
Oats No. 2
Bte No.
Bi tter Choice Creamery
Egos Fresh
Po r atoes Car-lots, per bn. . . .
Cattle Shipping
Hogs Choice Light
Sheep Common to l-rime
Wheat No. 2 lied
Corn No. 2 White
Oats No. 2 White
Wheat Ko. Red
Corn No. 2
Oats No. 2
Bte -No. 2
Wheat No. 2 Red
Corn No. 2 Mixed
ATS No. Mixed
RTE- So. 2 ..
Wheat No 1 White
Coast No. 2 Yellow
OA rs No. j h te
Wheat- No. 2 Red
Corn No. v Yellow
Oats- No 2 White
Etc No. 2
Wheat No, i White,.
No. 2 Red
CoEJf No. 'i Yellow
Oats No-2 White ...
Wheat No 2 Spring
Corn No. j
Oats No. . White
B rlet No. 2
Bte No L
PCBK iiess
Hogs '.
Wheat No. 2 Bed..........!...
Cobs No. 2
O ais White Western
Be fte ft Creamery
Eggs- -Western
pi in (? 6 50
4 80 (ft 6 00
9 01 iff 3 75
Ri ( 54
61 ( 52
2S r$ 29
47 ct 48
IS. m 20
55 t$ 65
3 ' 0 ct 5 75
4 00 (.' 75
2 e a On
4S a 4-"-.-
62 ($ 6:
01?s Ji S2:i
3 no a 6 00
a oii tH 5 ft)
50 t 61
4f. t 4 .V
as ' -t 29 sa
49 Hi hi
3 50 fit S 50
4 0 aj 4 75
2 00 3 00
SlUg 52'-.'-2
S 51
.11 d a-'
60 is6 62
2 GO 6 51
4 00 .;: 4 75
2 00 2 75
55 5 S
:2 52
63 9 M
f:-t 9
3-j tU 93Hi
67-- 58
f"l.'t if,
57 (4 6s
';. S ;5 i
55 i'i 56
51 Jig
:2 vt i.t
63 55
11 'ij .11 75
3 (0 ? 5 ?e
a BJ -i 5 IS
2 00 t j 7i
." r ?t
SS " 40
23"-.v4 24'"
S3.4f 23
Toe Great Lakes a
Driven n Atlanth
Th I wed l ii i:nit:'
"-net Ii'im:; : . l Iron
Coast Three Men
triu. ui I Hopeful
Bad Stea nu the War Path.
ToM In a i
It is aim impoi
isible to
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ecticut 1
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uescrit e the
ten a u;bt
v Monday's
y pi ices too
phone com
Samagu t i . Ires w h
in t he uie of I on
atorm A com ; ete.i
it of tiia tne ; ra pi
panies a, ae at fully ! Ui i. ' k0, i) h'. Tti" loss
iI revenue from commercial business i
h avier. M re than S, 100 poles have Ueen
reported down, mo: of them having be u
torn out of the ground without breaking,
and 20,000 miles of wire are said to be
down- Where the po es have stood,
the , ires Pave gone down so loaded
with ice that a man COUid not lift a
section to replace it on th. poles. Fursous
southwest winds blew over the lake region
And all craft ojt ,civ in extreme danger
The schooner 1". ll. Maxwell was blown
ashore Friday morning near the Mania
!!iue Kiver. i lit! .-cither was very cold
in the northern portion of the lakes At
the Straits of Mackinac few boats
were reported as passinz up into
Lake Michigan, and only one. the
Lackawanna Liner. Lackawanna, passed
down. As there are several boats doe at
the strait-, they are thought lo have found
shelter under some of tho islands. The
number of casualties lu the storm s not
likely to be iar e. as many of the schooner
ileet have stripped and laid up for tne
winter. The going ashore of the schooner
E 11. Maxwell was the only di. aster re
ported up to a late hour Fr.day afternoon.
The four-mast -d schooner Massasoit,
of Taunton. Mass., was driven ash re at
Lon : Peach. The crew of eleven men was
taken off in safety by the cre.v of the life
saving station, from the lower lgglng
Fifty pounds of dynamite exploded at
Iiuntii.gton. fad . on the Ha I i Wood &
Keflex sewer. Tnree men were kiled. Tha
men were engaged iu thawing the dyua
i mite.
Senator Arthur 1'. Gorman, a: lla'.ti
more, s;iiii. when asked as i the cau-Os
fur the Oeixiocratlc defeat, that be h:id not
been paying any attention to politic! siuce
tho adjournment t tho Senate, but bad
been devoting the time o getting well and
iwis iu raucn better condition than lie had
been for some time. He said that the
causes of the defeat vera serious and it
was hard to tell what particular thing aa
mo-t influential. In political matters, as
in battle, men run for Du particular caue.
In s one case. Iho cause was a local cue,
aud not duo to anything tho Democratic
tarty had done. The causes which ex
isted In ls.it.', when the Republicans re
defeated, continued now, i- hatever sh. v
er , and the Denim
rati.- party a as suf-
i of the people .iut
fering from the action
as tne Kepuuiicaus Had none tit that elec
tin. lie did not think that the defeat of
1t Deii.oeratic party would be lasting,
hut ibat everything w. aid be all right af
ter a ahil - The Seaatordoes not aeem in
be very much depressed aith the result.
Jelieving .t only temporary.
Three masked mot entered F. c.
i Zaderly's store at Thormopolis. Wj.t
ovi-re ! the proprietor with puns, and
ompcllcd him to give them 1399 froin
! be safe. Mr. Knderly aad others pursued
lie robbers and sh : one. who was
j 'eognlre.i as .Like Snyder. Ho will die.
; fhe others escaasd.
Aara Oowitt, a young Andersen Ind . ;
! ;lrL went violently tnsani Friday morn- i
.ii tr. sm.l stood off ten men who tried lo
' ;::itiiTe her. Mn; rli-)e.l a ;iiece of scant I
' '.inr from' aa outhouse, and b swinging It
ont inualiy for an hour hold off the crowd,
i Several men were struck and seriously in-
jttred. When sho was captured at List. It ;
: look six men to ho'd htr while the rcd
bound her bauds and feef. As she is a
frail woman, the exhibition of strength
and enduranci was marvelous.
O-iwell Herring. 18 years old. a student j
; at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nology, stood all night during the storm n ;
: tin hanks of tho Charles River clad in a '
fall-dress suit and blindfolded He Buatly !
, fell from sheer exhaustion, and is now tin- i
der a doctor's care. The ordeal was part ;
! of an initiation Into a school soriety. The i
i young man's parents threaten to prosecute i
i the i erpctr itors of the affair. i
i i
Tho whaling bar ?.lars. which recent- j
i !y came into San Francisco from tho i
! arctic, has been dNma-itled and is to he
i burned to secure the iron a.d Cot per that
j ' in her The Mars was built at New Hed
; ford, Mass.. In IS24, and bas been almost
! con-'antly in hard service, nod among
' seaoen has always been considered the
luckiest whaler afloat
Cape Andrew Wasson. of Port Town- ;
j te!.d Wash.. ionles the statement that his ;
: cousin. Major .Tames R Wasson, com mlt'ed ;
suicide In Mexico recently Captain Y-i t- (
I o-i has iu-t received a le'ter from his i
! c usln. who Is soon to sail from San Fr.in
elsco for Japan
Killan Ranker's sawmill, near Fott
Wayne. Ind. was destroyed bv Bte. So :n-
, snranco. Loss. S3. 000. Firebugs were seen
ab mt the building by trainmen. The mill
j was the Oldest In that county.
Toss H alter, who killed Frank Cat
per.ter near Cortex, Colo, last .pri'ic.
st-irt "t ou: the other day avowlnt; that he
would kill the entire Carpenter family,
i Ho live' a brother of Carpenter and a man
; named Hale, witnesses of the f -rteer -hooting,
and opened fire, killin: Carpenter and
: fi-: gerously wonadteg Hale. A posse is In
An inmate of tho Akro-, Ohio, infirmary
named H nry Proctor quarreled w:th S. I'.
Stottler. the superintendent and cut him
terribly about the head. Proctor has been
arrested. Se ttler's condition !s critical
-John Pickett Trask. tS. of Amherst
Ma-s I College, died of typhoid fever.
: There are several other cases of typhoid
fever among the student-.
Tie? members of the Cabinet, foreign
: diplomate and a number ot distinguished
; srtiests Fr dav attended a ' auque riveu at
W isbington, by Secretary of Btate Grosbam
it: h inor of Amba-
ador B tyard.
President Cletrelani
the V bite 11 u o in hot
r of
a t.;n ner a
A BB b .3-a dor
Mi -or General 0 0 Howard of the
Cnited States army, has been formally ro
tired. laving reached the age .Iw.t.
Bobbers broke into
Fr-t National Bank ;
tne Oberlin (Oblo)
.nd g;t aay with
a.: u' tl in silver
-G- or.'c W Bogs, ex-city treasurer r
Tac it.-... W.i-n.. haa beei arrested on in
formation by the count .- attorney cb ir-ing
the eiaberzle ment ot S8t.9sS. tbesuiTede
posifeJ by him in th Sttspeade a -av ings
baaki Boggs Immediately bu.il
Indigestion Cured
"1 suffered with indigestion. Food distress
ed me very much. I took HocFt Sareaparilla
after meals, and before one baft if- w as gone I
could eat heartily without dhttresa 1 bars
reoommencea nasi s
nsraapwills to many I
never heard of its fail
ure to cure. Beccntly
our sts".c:i a;er.t had
the grip. After he waa
able to get np he had a
dtaagraeable sensation
and h. was' unable to
Mr. John Bennett perform bisdnttea Hs
took Hood s S.irsapartila, and after Bstaff one
tn ! u half bottles he w as fully cured. Truly,
there is no humbug: about Hood -- Sarsapartlla."
John BCXXETT, Seaman. Ind.
This statement Iseonwhacafced br Bigney A
Co.. druggists, Sunuiau. lud
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, per
fectly harmless, always reliable and beneficial-
Brings comfort and improvement And
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the'necds of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy. Sir rap of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing und truly
beneficial properties of a ierfcct lax
ative; eiTectuaSly cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and feyem
ana permanently curing constipation.
It has riven satisfaction to millions and
j nut, urjh the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts an the Kid-
nevt?, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in fH)e and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Synipof Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if cikred.
Organists and
Church Committees
LISZT ORG AS. Styh 804.
This ncw and Improved model Is attracting wlda
att-ntien amnnx en urea c: mmltte- and onraat-ta.
It la decidedly BOKrior to small Pipe ivaii- and la
unqneetionabiv tne nM perfat laafiNfMMl r U
dam. adrst-ud tor itptMarjoatiun. enl trte to aay
addrran ,
185 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.
V eilOr teTHcecrr.
Tlui2tAtnjtuJU'vLr. -
Tua can eave money by wearing the
VT. I.. Doaglaa SS.OO Shoe.
Beeauae, wa are the largest manufacturers t
thlairadeof shoes ia the world, and guarantee their
value by stamping the name and price oa tha
bottom, which protect vou against bicb prices and
the middleman's proflta, Our shoes equal custom
work la style, easy Bttlng and wearlag Qualities,
We have thm sold everywhere at lower prtcasfor
the value Rlvea than any other make. Takanoanb
atituto. If your dealer cannot supply you, we caa
Ol 1CKUV 1 1 KKS
frlce r, Cents!-
A; ply BaJm into each nostril
EI.V !! Us M VT arret) st N Y
Owen Electric Belt
Says: "Tbey are the Best" Get a cat
alogue by writing
The Owen electric Belt Ce.
209 State Street.
.nVIUra U .mliineton. D.C.
'Successful lv Pitwocutea Claims,
Xjavii iMacipatExtmlnarU & Peatioa ouraavu.
-. in : Mt w-r, i j.uaacauiigeaija, m amca,
jjjj j
ma aammvna
axvnoJ this rarra wmmm auapf st aeausasjaa
C HBf HbW JUSiC ' WltAbTVKilBf
uUPL RIOflLl ptavhaa-ng r.-;iv!r.v45r. on th
Xtw Yrit stoft Market ai d i'-tWtt intelii
geatbr a rkd by A. vv. BAUAi;D Ujil:er. ttO aad
S bread Aay. New York. end tor lx.pectaa
ir ,",ot

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