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It, &flolng this, the New York Tribune lays
iikmlftfY f n flvaml AralnAnt nin.
I l '! :
tuo concur in tne fpuuou uim u is enure-
jetieableto convey the largest bout and tar-
. riki hraabinv Ian tmll nrnunrl It Vm
Is, in the very hort tie of thirty to itty
Intes. Ills thought tnat $tU0,lUO wil be
Iple, while a canal will oast $1,500,000, 1
The Cincinnati Railroad Record remarks f
ekitir. or eunnorter. for a veel
' on a railway can be found, we have no dojibt
this plan it entirely pracueaoie. u u do piac
tioable, It will have two or three decided advan
tages over canal. In the; "first place, a vessel
anbe passed much more npidly. In therexi
ntaoe.it will suffer lea amsge than the ves
sels new do frn Motion against the walk of
tha miral. m the oocMsinal collisions with
other Teasels besides this, it will probably be'
cheeper , iV .'! t.
Thia chefae, U a new i&a, but it t il 1
J Tho editor of the Quincy Whig i the
only sensible editor in his city. Although wo
have preferred to occupy the position of a specta
tor of the fight, rather than a warrior, in a con
test where the spoils to be brought off and the
glory to be acquired, were not likely to be very
considerable, yet We may be allowed to express
gratification at the prospect of a termination of
the war. So far as we are concerned, we ao
cept the olive branch, and now complete the list
of cheers for Hannibal three cheers for Han
nibal, and three cheers fox Quincy !
The following li from the Daily Whig, of the
10th :
We suppose there may be matter, both for a
musement and annoyance, in the littlo breeze
that has sprung up between the papers of these
two thriving and eo-ahead cities. But we
be charge and confess that it is tho height of folly
on both sides of the river. This is saving as
touch as can be expected of us. If we did retort
The fossil remains of art elephant have been bpon the bagaidUol the Messenger we will do
Uaely Aaooyered In Ohio. When' completely Ku
examined1, it is thought thee remain will show
' almost Ihe entire bones' ant frame of the huge
monster, much beyond, peijaps double the size
of the living Asiatic or Affoan elephant. . ,
ight miles south of
The Railroad Will pass
Shelby ville, and three mills south of Blooming
ton.. ' ' j
TbsstMoicf Etko strgcK a sac in Fairy Lake (Red
Hivwl an tha Mlh ull and rent down In nine fet
water. , The boat is a total Us. Il is supposed that
600 bales of cotton will be sit out ole cargo ol Buu,
miTD fKoif nwia-rilvai or i&vu.
Telecraphio dispatches we received yester
day, by E. W. Clark & Brp., of the suspension
of the 'Bank of North Amefca, Seymour, Conn.,
the Eastern Bank, West BUingsfy, Conn., and
the Woodbanr Bank, Wodbury, Conn. A
good many of these notes particularly of the
Bank of North America,' irt in circulation in
this eity. The whole brod ore probably Wall
street concerns, altough wf lave heard an inti
nation that some of our dizens are, in some
wr. ooanected with some if them. What ef
fect their . suspensions w have upon other
Cenriectioin paper will be nown to-day, when
the Banters and Merchant come to look at the
... r . . -ft II! .I1A.L
failures bow announced. spuuncan, ot iiu
Terrible BaUreaA Aseldeot-ererat Perteas Killed.
PhiUelphia, March 6.
OaThursday night, the aigrant train coming
East raa off the track in .tp cut on ins renn-
sylrania toad, between J-ei.ton ana Hunting'
don.' Persons had been sereitier way to warn
trainr nearly due against le boint where the
accident took place, out thonsi who was sent
west, after walking some ejtiice, sat down in
a shanty and unfortunate fill asleep. The
' ' train that passed him cam4nt violent collision
i j ith the erippled train, klife four emigrant
passengers instantly. I workers aieu yesier
layi and two others not exrcd to live.
Mdibci akd Soicio.-lt Leon, N. Y
the wife of Andrew FranM during his ab
two of her chiaVn. and severely
. wounded a third; after whiithe hung herself
in one of the out houses. IlF., upon his re
turn home, entered his houltumbled over two
of his children, lying dead Ithe floor, a third
lying near severely wouna. ana nearly iro
st what we expect the Messenger to do. in
feference to its article admit that it was all
ammon" and out of place every where, except
the . way ef conversational jesting which is
itended to be forgotten as soon as the laugh has
tea away, .mere is no rivalry and no occas-
ltt for rivalry between the two poir.ts. There
uroom enougnior both to thrive and prosper
vim me oest wisnes lor tne mutual advance
ment. Business relations will, and do exist, be
ten them, to the benefit and advantage of both,
a we trust that no mistaken reeling or rivalry,
idunfounded elements of irritation will be al-
lo(ed to mar tha'. harmony which should exist
brween the citizens of the two plases.
e take pleas are in the fact, (and it is a fact)
nannioai nas energy, weaun ana enter
, and that she will make these instrumental
r steady and rapid advancement. At the
sari time we claim the same thing for Quincy,
Alt he legitimate "quarrel" that can be reason'
abl tolerated between the places can only in
volt the question, "which is going ahead the
taiist x" Ibis is a controversy and the only
oneilmissible. It is one which can be carried
on hhorably to both points and decided without
treabig on each other's corns. Then, "what's
the le of a fuss r" Especially when carried
on jet for the $akt of a fuss P We don't be
lieveCiat two such points as Quincy and Han
niDamouia "let tneir angry passions rise," or
that heir newspapers are established simply
for tl purpose of indulging in ill-natured ex-
travrtnzah against each other, which amount to
nothir and are intunded on either side to con
tain rare poetry than truth. In thus tendering
the oie branch, we proi.ose to "call it half a
day-id quit 1" Both parties to retain their
side dns and stack their muskets and case the
jnprolssional eame of firm'; blank catridges just
for thlfun of hearine the report, and seeing the
smokd Three cheers for Quincy and two and
a haltbr Hannibal with the privilege of add'
ing thlother half t inis I
C)om iUa
Tn Preahvterv of Palla will hold
pring session in the town oiiladelphia on the
Friday before tne nrsi Dauia in npni nexi.
mil fiiif nirUDIV
1! t TlilillAW iiuvuii
Stated Clerk.
V 1
It niut ba healthy to reailr. T. Jackson'i
advertisements, because afie philosophers
write in testifying that"laiiand grow fat
a true adge.
T)j B. Il.'Washineton adlises the timo of
commenoement of his prepairy school
The Die Vernon came thlorning crowded
densely with passengers.'
)ie Vernon, this
in St. Louis
Mr. -Bailey, came up on
tnorhing;; states that Mr. it
and wUl be1 -up to-morrow lit day, end that
advertisements for contract will very soon
annear in the papers. " Thlad will be com.
inenoed immediately.
The article in our paperesterday, com
menting with some severiU romarki made
bv the ' Hannibal Courier .reference to the
Pike County Railroad, ttfrom the Pike
County, (111.) -FVeo
omitted . by mistake.'
A difficulty occurred this m
Ford, ol VO vm veruoa, ana
which retnlted in soma rather
latter t7 tha former.
PrMifhe credit was
between Cantaih
tn of- this vlace.
trettaent oi tne
We learn from a letter to one of our citizens,
that the efforts of the Rev. Wm. Ross, at Spring
field, have been crowned with great success, in
the Temperance cause, forty-seven additions
having been made to the number of the Order
of that place, one of whom was a dram-shop
We further learn that Mr. Ross has accepted
the invitation of the Sons of this place, and that
he will be here on the 14th of this month, at
which time he will commence and deliver a se
ries of public lectures. Oseola Independent.
ihe new lork bunday Atlas announces a
iscovery that bedbugs are moro profitable for
flavoring wine than cockroaches, whilo the fla
vor is found to bo quite as good. Contracts
have been made with some of the fashinable
boarding-house keepers of Philadelphia and
New York for an ample supply of this new ar
ticle of traffic It pleases the boarders mighti
, Of course "bedbugs havo riz."
. . Bhoottng In a Ball-Boom by a Lady.
we are intormed of the following particulars
A rto occurred in New Orleans, on Wednes
day evkiing, 2d inst., by which three cotton
pressetand 4U.U0U bales of cotton were consum
ed. I Was feared all the insurance offices in
the cit; would be broken by tho losses,
A ostructive tornado recently swept over
the coutry adjacent to Clurksville, Tennessee.
The till for organizing
failed i the Senate.
Nebraska Territory
C. W. "b"r l" A N,
Stove Dealer, Saeet-Iron Worker. Copper
smith, and Tinner,
Hal atreet, Tm Dont Hart t BradyJIomM,
Sells at Wholesale Prk-es. STOVES AND TIN
WARE. I invite nartioiUr attention to the PRIZE
PREMIUM COOK (STOVE, which has eiven univer
sal satisfaction to all whe hari used it. I warrant all
my Stoves for twelve months, ind if any of the platee
Dreaa aunng uu lime, i uimisQ new ones tree ot
As I oesign remaining permanently in this place,
the public are safe in taking my guarantee for the good
pertormanee ol tne stoves Kept by me.
ah my stoves are manuiacmrra ot MISHUUKI
MOUNTAIN IRON, and for geodnew of metal and
beauty of casting, they excel any ttovei made in the
Weitem country.
Q The man who moulds Hollow-Wan for O. F.
Filly is considered the best workman in the United
States, and this accounts for our Hollow-Ware and
Stove Vessels being so much smoother ami better than
any others you will find in market, whether mala East
or West.
I have constantly on hand, a supply ef TINWARE,
to which I particularly invite the attention oi the
country trade, as the quality of my ware, and the pri.
ces, shall be such as to induce tbem to call on me again.
Latcnews from the Vice President states
that hiscase is regarded as hopeless.
The liahland Mary JVo. 2 struck a stump
last Thrsday evening, at a wod-yard about
two mils above Hamburg, and sunk immediately
nearly i her cabin floor. The boat willbe lost,
and the rgo more or less damaged. The Slim
andoah anded alongside and took off her crew
and pasangers, and a few moments after leav
ing her truck a log or stump, and a broke forty
of her kill timbers. She leaked a little, but
landed hr cargo in St. Louis, in good condition.
The Yohld's Fair. We are elad to learn
that Haiiibal is to be represented, at least in
part, in ne Worlds fair in the city of JNew
York inilay next. Two of our citizens, Wm.
N. Greet and A. . Robirds. Esq.. intend con
tributing ' The former Will send on a bale of
hemp am (wo coils rope, and the latter, one or
two barris flour. We do not believe they can
be beat ;bow they will attraet general atten
tion. Mseenger.
Two freimt trains are reported to have run to
gether yeterday morning near Huntingdon, by
which iw) persons are i reported Kiiieu. sxo
names ascAained.
a case which occurred at Grey's tavern, at
l'oa Cove, in Uktfown. last evening. 1 he com
nany had assembled for a dance, and had gone
through several dances, when William Bowman,
of Upper Mill-water, was dancing down the
side of the hall where a young lady of Upper
Still-water (whose namo we suppress) and her
brother were sitting; she rose and discharged
both barrels of a double-barrelled pistol at him,
the ball of one of which took effect in tho back
of his shoulder, and the other entered the wall.
The yonng lady who was dancing with him was
omewl.at uurnt by the powder. A great ex
citement ensued. The young lady was perfect
ly calm, and stated she intended to kilt him
that she came for that purpose. She said the
reason she did not shoot him in the drawing
room was because she could not get near enough
to him. The reason for the act she said was
well known to all present. If she could only
have killed him, she snid, she would have been
perfectly satisfied. We are informed that the
impelling cause of this desperate attempt to
take life and wreak vengeance is well known in
the vicinity where the parties reside, and is tho
one which almost always lies at the bottom of
such acts. We understand he was arrested the
day before for breach of promise, and obtain
ed bail. .
The young lady is said to bo reputable, and
the sympathy of thoso who know her is deci
dedly in her favor. After the act she went a-
way with her brother, and no attempt was made
to arrest her. How seriously the man is wound
ed we cannot learn. The ball was broken up
in consequence. Bangor (Me.) Mercury.
Arucdote. The late Gen. D. of S m,
was once on the sea in command of a fine ship.
It was at the timo when the French captured
American vessels. One morning he found him
self in the midst of a French fleet. A few guns
were fired at him, but he put about his vessel,
and by ingenious management escaped capture
There was a Yankee on board the ship, who was
making his urst voyage as "a raw-hand." UU'
ring the sceno above described, the Yankee was
particularly active, and zealous at his duty. At
ter the escape, ho was seen sitting disconsolate
on a hen-coop, and apparently much detected
The Captain called linn, and inquired why he
seemed so melancholy when all hands were re
joicing. "Why, bquire," answered tho Yan
kee, "it seems to me most oncoramon hard that
we couidn t have cotched one out of so many on
The intioductionof
Into Northern Missouri, to any extent, has been In the
last thiee years; since which time tbey have been
gradually increasing the manufacture and sale of Ihtin
and although, owing to their being light and smooth,
anj something new, some little dilhculty attended the
sale ana use at nrsi, yet oy always maKing aioves anil
Castings ot the besluuallly ol acoicn i'ig anil Missouri
Mountain Iron, they have proved to withstand lire bet
ter than any otner Casting made in the Western coun
try. The Furnace Castings ond Hollow-Ware particu
larly, nave Deen supersedes! oy n, wncrever u nas nee a
brought into use, and always given satisfaction. Hav
ing lived here a number ef years, and being permanent
ly located here, purchasers can rely on our guarantee,
aste the quality of the articles sold by us and as to
tne operation ot our ceieoraieo. rnze premium Look
Stove, just read the certificates of those who have used
them, and are using them uow. And another advan
tage a purchaser will have in buying a St. Louis stovo
ot us, he would not only begetting a stove made of ths
best material in the world, but he can at any time get
an odd piece or plate without any charge, by letting us
Know mat suco is wameu, as an our sioved are war
i anted, and, in case of imperfection, the article will
be promptly made good to the purchaser, which ho
will not find the case with Cincinnati, Chicago, Pitts
burgh, and Eastern made ST.OVK3, as you cannot get
any odd Pieces. Even if they were warranted, it
would be impossible to get odd plates from such a dis
tance. We, the, undersigned, having used the St. Louis
Stoves manufactured by G. F. i illey, of St. Louis, and
sold by Carter W. Bryan, at Hannibal, Mo., take
pleasure in recommending inem to tua public as su
perior in point of draft, durability, economy, conveni
ence and ease of regulation, to any Stove which we
have ever used:
The following names were registered at the City
Hotel to-day. We could not get the arrivals at ths
other Hotels to-day in time for publication.
O. J. SchruL'gs. Kv i R. H. Barnura, N. Y t M. A.
Cohen, St. Louis ; C. H. True, Laxinglon Kyi J. Dun
ham, St. Louis i J. B. Booker, St. Louis i J. Asmuth,
Midillegrove; Mr. Kightly, Kyi Mrs. Kightly, Miss
Uarslaiphen, Joel (J. Kirumonil, E. Kussell Wile and
Child, Mr. Sett and Lady, J. Siglor, Shelbyville, Mo.;
John I. Ellet,
George C. Foster,
Dr. L. T. Brittingham,
Charles W. Mills,
Hemy Ulterback,
Wm. Hawkins,
A. Ingrabam,
'1 houias Coverdall,
II. Guntcr,
Jesse Wright,
W. P. Kercbeval,
Wm. Log'Mi,
Israel Johnson,
John Fagan,
Washington Meyers,
B. Breeding,
W. L. Lacy,
J. H. Hayden,
H. P. Gregory,
Oliver Ternll,
James EmisoD,
K. Truett.
T. Ballard,
I. 'lulls,
L. Lyle,
Daniel Ford,
A. M. Hawkins,
James Thompson
And f or sale at the "Lone Building" corner of
Main and JJird streets,
j.x. iiiue grass ana iimomy seeas ; uiover seea oy tuo
barrel or bushel. A general assortment of Groceries,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Brooms, Cotton Yarns ;
Cotton batting. All kinds of Nuts, Oranges, Lemons,
Figs, and a host of articles not mentioned here ; Like
wise, a thousand things that is not her for sale. Anx
ious to sell all for CASH UP AND THE MONEY
DOWN. Like to forgot one thing, the Eagle Mills
flour is here too I marl5dtf T.JACKSON.
T. R. Selmes,
John B. Chenley,
Win. Kddy,
Cyrus Walters,
T. R. 6pencer,
Geo. A. Shortridgn,
Blooinington, M-,
J.C. Ogden,
D. W. White,
John McUlaughlln,
Hiram Blunchard,
Dr. N. Nelson,
B. K. Bryan,
John L. Mathews,
W. R. Davis,
J. Armstrong,
Warren Finley,
J. C. Hondersou,
Wm. Mastey,
A. Greenlee,
John B. Lewis,
Levi Berkley,
E. Leonard,
Hooper Mitchell,
John Short,
J. Mosely,
Wm. Kidd,
I F. Franklin.
Wttcv fnnU Rtovea.
Persons wishing to buv stoves, should gtva as a call,
and examine our new patterns of
A swinler calling himself Ikyley, recently
stole a lioriin Quincy from a man named Lamb.
The Iatteroaught him at Lagrange, but finding
he could d nothing with him by law, undertook
to whip hii He was about to get the worst of
it, when asrowd interfered." Bay ley ran away,
andXsmb ;6t bis horse.
next session of his Preparatory School in the
same room, and on the kame terms as before, on Mon
day 21st inst. Latin, Greek, Algebra, Geometry, Trig
onometry, Natural Philosophy, Monoc bromatics, Ate.,
ate, also taught. Pupils charged from day of entrance
to close of session, except in case nf protracted sick
ness. (mchI5d2twlt) B. H. WASHINGTON.
o nnn pounds of i
yXJXjyj For which the I
highest price will be paid
in cash, at Ihe " St. Louis Stove Store."
lochUdtf 0. W.BRYAN.
Having secured the agency of them for this city. This
stove possesses advantages over eommort aiuvn, ...
thickness oi me piaie, ami
It is given up by all stove dealers and manufacturers,
to be the best pattern tor a descending flue, of aoy
stove now made East or West.
This stove wm patented September, 1Sj3, and,
wherever tbey have been used, have given general sat
isfaction. This stove weighs some foity pounds mor
to the number than any other stove ever brought to thia
..i.. Th. nuta in thuin are from one half to three-
fourths of an inch in thickness. No. 1 weighs over
300 pounds. We warrant them all against flres. These
stoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which carries the
heattLat is generated under toe nre piaie .u
front part of the stove.between two thick plates to the
draft at the bottom of the stove, thereby adding great
heat to bake wiih on the bottom, and remedying that
which has always been a fault with stoves of a de
scending 8ue, heretofore. 'I he Charier Oak has one
flue and one plate more than any Air-Tight stove yet
invented. They will cook with one-half the iuel
which one of the ordinary stoves Will, and will last
for twentv-five years. wcnl l-""1

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