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; jsgislatlTV nd demanded bj. the genius of til
iir constitution!." '
j'Tho forebotfings of evil consequences occa
iioned by a perusal of the preceding extracts
wrere not cssened, but were further excited by
, the tone and tenor of the resolutions passed by
partiouar friends of yours at the Court Heme
(n St. Louis friends who were supposed by the
; nuhZie to IHimcil nrr-fminpnl"i vnnr pnnliHunp
r r j j
1 ntlH tn innn Ir ..mi .nlim.nli
But (he pioceeding at JeiTersen county following
rapidly thereafter, and under the guidance of a friend
so devoted as Cot. Cowan, were still more startling,
becauseVIlt more strenglr calculated to place your
self and friends in apparent hoitilitr with all of the
Usages and organizations of the Democratic party of
' I the nation, ai well ai of the State. Talcs the follow-
I ingmo3t unequivocal specimens i
f That we esteem it ilia signal gur
. 9 tnarshal our forces for th contest in
Very respectfully, gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
Between 12, at., yesterday, and 12, m., to-day.
Thot. Dims. Shelbvvilie. Mo t O. Wilson, Milan.
Mo.j C. Collier, do W. Buchanan, Bloomington, Mo.j
Mr. Harper, Ohio j R. J. Bradley, Palmyra, Mo. Dr.
Mcnullomrh. and Four Servants. Louisiana! L. P. La-
baum, Ralls county 1 N. Barnham, Paris, Mo.j John
. ., . urn: 1 T T" . tl I -
8. ranter, HUMS county t niuiau n. iuutu, ow'
town, Ky.j R. V. Samuel, Ralls county.
un of Democracy to
in August next, pre
paratory to the great battle to be fought in 1RS4 a war
to the knife, and the knif-i to the hilt, upon the nullifi
cation and secession resolves of 18 It1; suinplaster cur
rency and all paper hanks of circulation; upoa union
and harmony conventions and platforms, gull-traps to
catch Democrats, and all "regular nominees," whether
ebunty, district. State or national. War upon all to the
death I"
."That we will support no man for clerk ol either ol
the courts in this county, nor no man for Congress, nor
or any oiner omce, who will not pledge nimseii to tne
support of the measures and principles expressed in
the foregoing resolutions."
These resolutions, declaring war upon the organiza
tion of the Democratic party, and virtually proposing
a dissolution of it, had a preface which closed thus t
The"regular nomination," once potent in all elec
lions, S'it'j and national, h,.j lost forever its magical
power, and become the land 01 weakness, fraud and infamy."
This preface, as w ell as the resolutions, were osten-
laho'.ly pronounced by enemies to nave, been written
by you, and as no authorized contradiction, as far as
we have seen, has been given to the public, the charge
i inciting or countenancing disorganization and tac
tion rests not nione upon you. but also upon ail friends
who voluntarily continued to act with you. In the
roiit.it of this unfortunate state of affairs, certain mem
tiers of tlio Legislature, several ef whom ore charged
by many to bp under your personal influence, formed
common wiiii ina wnigi, and inu placed many a-aie
olfices in the possession of the Wnigs. Soma of the
best Democrat i.i the State were deliberately voted
-down by this unnatural coalition, a.id Whig prelerrcd
over them.
The apneni to us from nil nirts of our dis
tricts, and indeed from all purU of the State, to
know whether we approved of this disoreinizinx
conduct, have been numerous, urgent, and often
hoatcd. Our renv has been utiii'ormly, that it
met our decided and m jst ii'icuuivocnl disanpro
bation. .The action, like the corresponding ao-
tion. durin? the election of a United Mates hen
ator in 1851, we considered most indefensibe in
any point of view in which a (rood Democrat oan
view it. We sincerely regret that any Democrat
i'rora any cause, allowed his tWings on either of
those grc:it occasions to betray him into conduct
...i.:i.w...' . n...: . 1.1 I
tviuu:i aii.jsciiucui. rcuubiiuua wuiuu uuiupei imu
to condemn.
We consider that it would be politically
wrong to recommend tho President to appoint
any ma,i to any oflice first, who is not honest,
capable aiid faithful to the Constitution. Sec
ond, who is not friendly to the administration,
and who will not labor to make it successful.
Third, who does not heartily believe in the doc
trines of the Baltimore platform, and will not
pledge himself to live up to them, i ourth, who
is not friendly to, and who will not zealously
uphold the organization and usages of the Dem
ocratic party. Not only do we consider that it
would be politically wrong to recommend a man
to a Democratic President, for appointment to
oflice, who does not possess the above various
qualifications ; but wo do not see how any Dem
ocratic administration can ever knowingly ap
point a uisorgamzer to any omco whatever
If, then, the sinister rumors in vogue, were
to be credited ; if onu Interpretation were to be
put upon your speech, etc.; if the course mark-
fid out by tne resolutions meets your approval
and will command your support, it is quite clear
that we should never be able to agree in a con'
We believe in conventions of the Democracy,
and so (Athe other matters herein before stated;
if you agree with us in that regard, there will
be, there can be, no difficulty in agreeing as to
men; but u our views do not accord as to meas
ures, it will be impossible to agree as to men.
For we should want and be compelled to in
sist upon appointees who would adhere to the
measures of the administration, and the regular
organization and usages of the Democratic
party of the State, and of the nation, and under
any ciroumstances, could recommend ne oiner
without boing inconsistent with our former and
present rules ot action.
Hoping that we shall, upon comparison of
views, be found to wholly agree in alt essential
particulars, we have the honor to be
. Most respectfully, your colleagues,
t Hon. Tbos. H. Bcrtox, Washington, D. C.
, COL, B Elf TOtl's REPLY.
Washington Citt, March 10, 1853.
1 ToYlfin. Phtlp$ and Lamb .
, GrwTLiMEit J Your communication of this
' day's date is just received; and as it bears inter
nal evidence ot having1 been prepared for pub
lication. I conform to its intention by remitting
it JO ciissoun ivi mat I'uruvse.
Jeremiah Stillwsll, Frankford j Thos. Carroll, do
, C. Clady, Mexice, Mo.j R. H. Caldwell, New ln-
don Win. O. Young, do P. Lindle, St. Louts, Mo.j
Win. r. Samuel, Kalis county mm. voom, a.y.
$.00 Reward.
BROKE JAIL, at New London, last night, the lStb
Inst., TWO MEN, on by the name of David
Morgan, 45 or 50 years of age. about 5 feet, 9 or 10
inches high, heavy made, bad on grey blanket over
coat, pantaloons of same color, also a pair of black
pants low crowned, black hat, fair complexion, hair
quite thin on the top of the head, beavy whiskers.
The other. Geo. Clark, alias White, about 5 feet 10
or 1 1 inches high, has a black speck on the white of
one Ol niseyea. iney Pad who mem a uouuir-oar-relied
shot run and a aine-l barrelled shot un. I will
nav the above reward for the apprehension and deliv
ery of the above name! persons at New London,
Ralls county, Mo. SAMUEL SMITH,
March 19th, 1853-dtf Sheriff of Ralls county.
It Is not vet determined where.
But C. W. BRYAN wants $10,000 In
At the St. Louis Stove Store, for ubicU he will give
in exchange,
Fllley's Celebrated C harter oan ana
rioiieer Cook Stoves,
At the Lowest Cash Price.
Kf 8t. Louis Stove Store, Main Street, two doors
North of the Brady House. C. W. BUY AN.
HAVE just received a portion of their Largo and
Extensive assortment of Ladies' Fancy Dress
Goods, and Gentleman's wear. (mch-24-w-tf)
bit. m. f. imowN.
PRACTITIONER of Medicine In all its branches,
OlRceat the Drug Store of J. B. Brown & Co.
R-sidence, South-west Corner Bird anu inira oireeii
HanN'iual, Mo. (nch?4'5:i-wly)
rpiIE undersigned has just received an assortment of
1 PIANO FORTH MUSIC, and can lumisn any
pieces that may be desired. WM. LUntn.
... . .. - K t. ! i lt!ll
wesi aide oi main, oeiween uiruanu inn.
And for sale ot the "Lone Building" corner of
Main and Bird streets,
Blue grass and timothy seeds ; Clover seed by the
barrel or bushel. A general assortment of Groceries,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Brooms, Cotton Yarns (
Cotton batting. All kinds of Nuts, Oranges, Lemons,
Fies. and a host of articles not mentioned here : Like
wise, a thousand things that isnot'hereforsale. Anx
ious to sell all for CASK UP AND THE MONEY
DOWN. Like to forgot one thing, the Eaele Mills
Hour is here tool uiarlSdlf T.JACKSON.
C)VWW For which the highest price will be paid
in cash, at the St. Louis Stove Store."
mchMdtf C. W. BRYAN.
f4)J. B. BROWN t CO.. Druggists and Apoth-rt
ITeraric. Citv Hotel buildinz. Hannibal, Mo.rH
k..n eonatantlv on hand, a full and carefully selected
Slock of Drugs, Medicines, Proprietory Medicines,
pure Wines and Jirandies lor medical purpose, ueiue
dial instruments, Paints, Oils. Brosle), Varnishes,
Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass, Glassware, Spices, Per
fumery, Fancy Goods ke., with every thing usually
found in a completely furnished drug establishment.
Our Medicines are Selected with "especial regard to
freshness and purity, and are all W ARRAN rtD gen
uine. tf In making our purr bases from abroad, we deal
only with respectable and responsible men, and are
governed in our selections, by the QUALITY rather
than by the price of articles.
(mch21-'5i,wly J. B. BROWN fc CO.
JUST received from Philadelphia, 10 doren Sups
rior LINEN COLLARS, the linest ever brought
to Hannibal, which will be sold (for cash) at p.ices
angmg Irom IS to 3 cts. eacn. can aim see iudid ai
he Lone Narrow Room," nearly opposite the City
Hotel, fmch.24.w3tl JNO. W. McVEIGH.
H 111) II II II
c. w. "bryan,
Stove Dealer, Sheet-Iron Worker, Copper
smith, and Tinner,
Mala SlrMl, Two Daora ITortla ef 'Brady Hasu,'
Sells at Wholesale Prices, STOVES AND TIN
WARE. I invite particular attention to the PRIZE
PREMIUM COOK STOVE, which has riven univer
sal satisfaction to all who have used it I warrant all
my Stoves for twelve months, and if any of the platen
break during that time, I fu mish new ones free ot
As I design remaining permanently in this place,
the public are safe in taking my guaraateeforthe goad
performance of the staves kept by me.
All my stoves are manufactured of MISSOURI
MOUNTAIN IRON, and for goodness of metal and
beauty of casting, they excel any stoves made in the
Western country.
tJT The man who moulds Hollow-Ware for O. P.
Filly is considered the best workman in the United
States, and this accounts for our Hollow-Wans and
Stove Vessels being so much smoother and better than
any others you will And in market, whether made East
or West.
I have constantly on hand, a supply ef TINWARE.
to which I particularly invite the attention ot the
country trade, as the quality of my ware, and the pri
ces, shall be such as to induce them to call ou me again.
The introduction of
Into Northern Missouri, to any extent, has been in the
last thiee yeaia; since which time they have been
gradually increasing the manufacture and sale of Ihemj
and although, owing to their being light and smooth,
and something new, some little difficulty attended the
sale and nse at first, yet by always making Stoves and
Castings of the best quality of Scotch Pig and Missouri
Mountain Iron, they have proved to withstand fire bet
ter than any other Casting made in the Western coun
try. The Furnace Castings and Hollow-Ware particu
larly, have been superseded by it, wherever it has been
brought into use, and always given satisfaction. Hav
ing lived here a number ef years, and being permanent
ly located here, purchasers can rely on our guarantee
aste (he quality of the articles sold by us; and as to
the operation ot our celebrated Prize Premium Cook
Stove, just read the certificates of those who have used
tliem, and are using mem uow. And anotner advan-
p ' j best material in the w orld, but he can at any time get
the city of an Yxect or P.la,e without any charge, by letting us
. . L ;:.. ..: ;i .1.. .l,r at. u rnrl"""".""". " " """ . wr-
josppn, imuwuii, umi. ............ j -ji ; ranted, and, in case ol impertect
graduition, masonry and bridging ot twenty-five b9 prom miae ue
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned ad
ministrator has obtained from the County Court
f Ralls conntv, letters of administration on tne estate
f PAK&EIl JNUKV&L, deccaieu, gearing uio iuitn
All persons having demands ajainst said estate, are in Blue, Fancy l.mi
required to exhibit them lor allowance, within one year u'l'iV-pur, '
rroia tne nate oi saiu letters, or wey iuy h,kiui"u
from any benefit of said estate, and it such claims are
not exhibited williin tnree years mey win oe iorevi
barred. JOHN D. BRIGG3, Adin'r.
March 24, 1832.-w-3t
JUST received, a large stocK of Jewelry, at the
CITT JEWKLKY ST0BE. Purchasers will do well
to call and examine bctorenurcliasiug eHew'iere.
O BALED PROPOSALS will be received at the office
VJ ot the undersigned in tne ciiy oi nannioai, missou-, , a purchlwr wlM havc in bltyil,g . sti rouisj at0va
ri, until the Twentieth day of April, lor the '0f us, le would not only begettinga stove made of the
lion, limsunij, o.i ......h...s ............ ... 7 DCS
said roail, extendlPg wesi irom nainuuui
tions will also be received at our omce in
nil-, adilitionrl extending east from St. Joseph. The
remainder of the line, extending a distance ot over one
hundred and fifty miles will be placed under contract as
soon as the same can be prepared by the engineers.
This line embraces some very heavy excavations and
euihaukments and several large bridges.
Plans, profiles and specifications will be ready at each
place one week previous to the letting.
Contractors II. and St. J. R. R.
Hannibal, Mo., March 14, 1853. mchlti i-dwtaS'i
riAPT. A. S. ROBARDS, formerly of JUJ
y the State of Kenti'cky, having taken tri. .1.
the Brady House in the City of Hau nibal, J" j
mo.,lor a term oi years, wouui respecc afeadB,
fully solicit a liberal share of Public palronaee.
would noi make any exiraoruinary promises, but be
wishes so to conduct the House, as to make it deserve
the patronage which he hopes it will receive. Having
general acquaintance tniougn mis and the adjoining
States, he will take pleasure in communicating such
information to travelers as they may desiie; Hannibal
Wholesale and Rrinll Ik-alrra In
No 34, Main Street, between Chnnul and Fine.
E lubacilbera liavn now in glnro and In arrive lur Ssrlni
Sale". One Tlinu.nnit I'rntc and Cn.ka nt
Comprlilni all variciwi and qualiiira nrceaaary lo mitke up the
limit compkte axuriuMitl ever offered lur sale In lliia niaikct,
t:. C. Blue Edged Dipt, Palnlrd. Primed, Painted-riowa-
Blue and Mulberry, Pnuii'd-Fli.Mrn-lllua and Mullwriy, an
il rn ana w line ornniie, r.innenwure, in
nyle and paiternl I'laln While Enanielled,
d-Klcnreu, i.Uitre-Kaiiwd-t igurea ana uirm xinnn,
Kntll.il China, tea Sell,, Teas, Platea, He., t., of aniucly
new show and iiniirna.
Uverr variety of Plain, Prenrd and Cut Glanware of Amer
iran, (Kailnin and Wetlern,) t'rencli and Buiiciuiau uianulacl
ur, at reduced urlcca.
Teaa, Cnflce", Teaaand Dinner 8eii, Mur, Colnnre, Vnw
ace., Sc., of every duKrlullon. Fanry Article., of all kinds,
very cheai.
KncMali T. D. Pipes, and American Pipe Heads. Wallers,
Tea Trays, of eleanl designs, ot our own importations, war
ranted equal to any In rlie market.
llltlTANNIA WAKE, of every description, from the rele
brated wanul'actory ul tileason st Sons, liurr.beiter, Maiaaclm
setts, at low prices. We also offer a full stock of Goods for
the UANTA KB MARKET; lo which the attention of lha
Alerchiinla engaged In thai tmde is particularly Invited. As
sorted Crates for Ilia Country Trade, packed In the beat wanner
always on hand. Our packers liuvv many years ciperience,
and out up gooda In a manner uol excelled anywhere, as our im
meruua customers can testily. nub lu-St.
ion, the article will
purchaser, which ha
will not find the case with Cincinnati, Chicago, Pitts
burgh, and Eastern made STOVES, as you cannot gtt
any odd Piecos. Even if they were warranted, it
would be impossible to get odd plates from such a dis
tance. We, tt- , undersigned, having used the St. Louis
Stoves manufactured by G. F. Filley, of St. Louis, and
sold by Carter W. Bryan, at Hannibal, Mo., take
pleasure in recommending them to the public as an
perior in point ot draft, durability, economy, convent
ence and ease of regulation, to any Stove which we
have ever used :
John I. Filet,
Ueorge C. Foster,
Dr. L. T. Brillingham,
Charles W. Mills,
Hemy Utterback,
Wm. Hawkins,
A. Ingraltatn,
1 hoinas Coverdall,
K. Uiinter,
Jesse Wright,
W. P. Kercheval,
Win. Logan.
Israel Johnson,
John Fagan,
Washington IMryers,
B. Breeding,
W. L. Ucy,
J. B. Hayden,
H. P. Oregoty,
Oliver Terrill,
James Emison,
E. Truett,
T. Ballard,
I. Tufts,
L. Lyle,
Daniel Ford,
A. M, Hawkins,
Jamea Thompson,
IS53. 1S.1X
Wholesale Clothiers,
No. 90, Main Street 8t. Louis, Mo.,
being the point of embarcation, for a large portion of i A BE 't,l"! ,rE? "J, F'tmhlonablo Clo
.1.. ......I ..l r., ,i,- -.,, i!.' " . tlilna for the Spring Trade, which we otter to sell fur
Vi- id" uuiuormg uu iuo : cash, or ontline, as low a any horwa In this eliy. W Invite
Missouri River. purchasers lo call and cumin our stuck as we art deteruiiued
EJ He will at all times be prepared to accommodate not io be undersold.
the travelers with horses, carriages ami waeona. itc. . Large asjormieiii of Boya Clothing, and of Furnlsh-
r . - j " ' '.lac uoona. always on uanu.
T. R. Selmes.
John B. Chasley,
Wm. Eddy,
Cyrus Walters,
T. R. Spencer,
Ueo. A. Shortridge.
Bloomingtoo, Me..
J. C. Ogden,
D. W.White,
John McGlaughlin,
Hiram BlanctiarJ,
Dr. N. Nelson,
B. K. Bryan,
John L. Mathews.
W. R. Davis,
J. Armstrong,
Warren Fiuley,
J. C. Henderson,
Wm. Massey,
A. Greenlee,
John B. Lewis,
Levi Barkley,
E. Leonard,
Hooper Mitchell,
John Short,
J. Mosely,
Wm. Kidd,
I F. Franklin.
Cook Stoves.
Persons wishing to buy stoves, should give us a call,
and examine our uew patterns of
as means of conveyance to any distant point.
April ito, loo. mcbZIdtf
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrcna Mill.
JO nibal with the intention of selling wheat and buy
ing flour, would do well to call and see us before sell
ing or purcnasing eisewnere. Kememoer tne big stone
Mill on Bird, betweea Main and Third streets. Give
us a call. A. 8. ROBARDS tt SON.
tr N. B. Our Flour is sold nowhere else but at the
Mill. Every sack and barrel is branded with our name
on it i
meh21dtf "A. S. ROBARDS . SON."
y-t -ui-it 1-.' J o
Having secured the agency of (hem for this city. This
stove possesses advantages over common stoves, in
thickness Ol lue piaie, ana improvements in iubui.i,.
To tho People.
I WOULD solicit the special attention of all persons
who know themselves Indebted to me, to the fact
that with the Commencement of this year I am DE-
TE.KMirve.jj io ciose up an oi my old accounts, either
by C ASH or NOTE; and that an early call and prompt
action on the part of every one of my debtors will
Your pumblo servant,
McNeil's Spring Style of Hats.
Wholesale aud Retail, 17 and It), Market 8u
IN Introducing mr Btvla of Hats for the Bprlng of 1853 1 1
i. would ask especial attention to the combination It presents
of thi, n.n.1 Imnonsnt .miuIhUm nf an article of dress, beaulv I
and utility. It is light, yet sirongi of corrsci proportions, and 1 1. j, jverl up by all stove dealers and manufacturers,
at the aame time fitly edapted for a summer hat. In the nianu- . . .. . f t .- ior . descendinff flue, of anf
faciuranf Hats, my motto la "Excelsior." The richer ma- De ie Deal pattern ior e oescenutng nu,
. ... . .... ... k ....j Hi.h ..........a ' nu. .nil msiiA K.njir or W 31.
W.IWMMIII, WH W"l.in.lllljumw.-iiH uwiumt .hiuiu.i.i.-. n.n f , C T SJ 4
Tnis stove was paienieu Depiemior, iw, u
wherever they have been used, have given general sat
isfaction. This stove weighs some foity pounds more
to the number than any other stove ever brought to this
city. Tne plates in luem are irom one-nan to mrcw
louring 01 an men in imcaness. io. s wcigus ur
300 pounds, We warrant them all against fires. These
atoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which carries the
heat tUt is generated under the tire -plate gown me
front part of the stove, between two thick plates to the
draft at the bottom of the stove, thereby adding great
heat to bake wiib on the bottom, and remedying that
which has always been a fault witb stoves ai au
scending flue, heretofore. 'Ibe Charter Oak has one
flue andonejnlate more than any Air-Tight stove Vet
invented. Tbey will cook with one-half the fael
which one of the ordinary stoves will, and will last
for twenty-five years. nh.l-e!3m
vigilance of supervision, cannot fail lo produce a bat worthy of
ma motto.
I have a full assortment of the Ones! goods In my line, rom
prising all that la new, rich and fasbtonabla In Hals, Caps,
Straw and Panama Goods, especially intended to meet lha do
mands, either wholesale or retail, of a community now rapidly
advancing iu wealth andreAurment.and those aniticial wants
mat lollow. At the same nine 1 can sail uie staple guoas oi iu
trade as low aa any outer in St. Louis.
1 respeclfnllp Invite a personal inspection oi mi smc.
mchia 1m JOHN Mi NK
17 and IS, Market St., next nous to Main.
Sd March, 1853.
AT a meeting of the Board this day, It was ordered that a
call of ten per cent, be made on lha Capital Block, para ¬
ble to lha Treasurer, Mr. Klljab Hawkins, on lh loth nlarsa
and a additional tf n per cent., payabla on Uit lal April.
ny nraar Oliaa jjovu oi svircvu..,
F. UVERUIQ, Sectttarr,

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