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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, March 26, 1853, Image 4

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i noofzxmrs cixTibxT. ,
Capr of a letter fro Mr. Thompson. Chemist, LW
rjvftol, dated August 2mb, 18&2.
To ProfcltW HoLLOWAY. . .. ,.t : 1
Dca St- r m f nebled to tunish yoti with eiosl
atreortwsry cureffrcW by your tnselueble Oist
Kent and Fills', which lies stouisbetl every iwtrsnn ec
ontinlcd wilh tbe sufl'rrer. About 10 jesrs jr, Mr.
W. Cummins, of sltney Street, is tins kwo, .n
thrown from hit herse, whereby he sereived very teri
u injuria j he bad the best medical edvlre et the
time, and xa eftetwsrds au intioste of difleretit lo
flrnariea, yet he Rrw wow. and at last Malig
nant running ilcr Milled iu bia bip, which to
completely crippled him, that lit could not mow with
at crutches for nearly 10 yeara recently ha began to
us your Ointment an4 Pills, which lieve now healed
1he wound, strengthened hi limb, and enabled him to
dispense with his crutches, so that bt can walk with
the rreatnt ease, and with teuewed health and vipour.'
(Sipne.!) 3. THOMPSON.
Copr of IXiVr from Mr. Hir4, Sjir.'of K
near Oainsbro", dated Match 1st, li&i.
To professor HLtow,
hie -Some time sinee, one of my children was af
flirted wilh dreadltil rr.iplions over the body aud
iMnbe. 1 obtained the advice of several eminvut Sur
geons and Physicians, by all of who the case was
Considered boneless. At length I tried your OinlmeMl
and Pills, and without etaeration, Hie clU'ct was mi
larulous, for by persverine; in their use, all the erup
tion quickly disappeared., and the child wu restored
to not lect bealht
I pn
nrcviouslv lost a child from a similar complaint.
and 1 hrmlr believe, had I In her rase adopted your
snedicinea eh would have been saved also. 1 sliail be
happy to testily I he truth of this to any enquirer.
(Skmed) S. HiKI), Draper.
Copy of a teller from Messrs. Walker and Co , Chem
ists, Bath.
To Professor Hoixowats,
Da, a ft Sia, Amonc tha numerous cures effected by
thauso of your valuaHe snedicines in the neighbor
hood we may snention tht of an old lady living iu
tha Village' of Preston, about five miles from this
City. She had' ulcerated wounds in her let; foi many
years, end Utterly they increased to such an alarming
exter.tasto defy all the usual remedies) hor henllu
rapidly giviue; way under the suffering she endured. .In
this duiressikg condition she had recourse to your
Ointmeot and Pills, and by the assistance of her
Irieoits, was enabled to persevere in their use, until she
reeaived perleet cure. We have ourselves beeu
jQkatly astminlied at the effect upon so old a perseu,
ehebcirur, above 70 years of ege. We shall be happy
to satisfy any enquiries as to the authenticity of this
really wonderful case, either personally or by letter.
A private in the Hath Police Force, also, baa been
perfectly cured ol an old scoibutic aHection Jo the
lace, alter all other means hail Uiled. He states that
it is entirety by (he use of your Ointment, and speaks
laudly iu its praise.
We remVn. Dear Sir,
Yours, faithfully,
April 6:h, IR5J. (Signed) WALKER, ft. CO.'
Hie Pills should be uaed conjointly with the Oiuunmit
in snoat of the lollowmi; cases r
Bad lgs fhiego-foot Fistulas
Bad Breasts Chilblains Cout
Burns Chapped hands lilaiidiilarswetlingi
Bunions Com (Soft) Lumbago
Bite of Mas- Cancer Piles
chetoes and Contracted end llheuinotism
fcejid.Flict btid Jeluts Scald
Coco-bay ' Kiepbeiilwsrs Sore Nipples
twre thioaU Slcin-diseejee Scurvy
Sore-head . Tumour - Ulcer
Wound Yaw '
Sold at the Establishment of Professor Holloway,
544, Strand, (near Temple Hsr,) o niton, and by all
Vendor of Medicine ttirenghout tu United States,
la Pot at S74c, 87., and a.!., each. Wholesale
fcy the principal Drug houses in the Uiiiohj by Mers.
A. B. Jl D. Samps, haw York.
Crlner is a censideraoie aevrng-oy laamg
N. B. Directions for the nuldaac of patten4 Jn
every disorder are affid to each PoV (ncbl7wrT
vtoonmsQEmnjiATEi) soap.
. '" . ' I -"!'! f I '
ritHKetthrrftWrsr (wm nnpanra nunouiinlM (br (Mi
- ianMl stntrie f eoiMMie ohir le any auaaiiu,
lt l U thnrMM nllm . i , . - s. i '
who an miHQuntn4 wlib IS) eteperttaa; we Ht
wim)y My itnl t Rlvlrt a ft "ifrce orf w4Imiv ,
"eMvaa ke Mkf'lili heir the feiusl lubor, and al ha
inn. . - - t. , . i ,
. Iliiuwl dlreelloa hrnes awmavtie eeHi MHiat.
vruuiNAM t M. I.I.A.R,
Ko. I St. Cbilr ureei. noar Tlilrl.
, . '. . .. ni..ut, Mo.
St. l6iIS, MlsOUKI.
o., St. Louis.
Comralskloii and Forwarding IIoum.
1ttu aooaioci! ' ' reNci Mcraot.
Mogridee A McFaul, i
(Late Twichell a Morjidge,)
Comer Comnierctal and rise trert, F. Iouis.
CONHIGNM F.N S knd Commissions will aioet with
prompt and Tersonal attention, and libernt tiuk
uitvmtn will be given on Consignmeutt or Bills of
leaning in nana.
' The forwkritlnr and receivii.r of merchandise and
firodtire will meet with especial care and dispatch; the
ewest rates of freight arill always be procured, and
the expense ol stdrage nU'dryaK at murli as possi
ble avoided. . . I 1 '
Order for purchasing tiled at the shoitett notice
and luweat market price. I . '
Page k liacon,
Charless, Blow & Co,
Chotoan a, Vaile,
. Doan, Km a Co, i
, . Blow a Match, 1
Frost a Forrest, i New York.
Charlee A. Meigs, J
T. C. Twit hell fc Co.. New Orleans.
We have sn onen nnllev of Insurance, which will
cover all shipments to our address, when advised by
rruer per mail, or wnon enuorseu on diiis m lauHig
before, or at the time of shipment.
St. Louis, Jan. 29, 1S53. JViy
, No. 53 Olive-st., Ixit. Second & 1 hirU, .
M. louln, Mo.
ManuTncturer ot
Pure Alcohol and Puro Spirits of any
proor required. Also Spirit Gas, I'liuHgcne ttas.
Ctiemical oil and catnphene, warranted of a superior
quality, and for sale on reasonable terms.
: WhslMM'e ami RHull th-nlrp la
Nn 34. Main Sireel, between Cffifnui and Vine.
THE nitMrrlbrr Imve now In floro anil In arrive fur t"ifln,
8lcfc Unv 1'lHMn) Crlninit4 Cnk nl'
CoaiPTlilm all varlHin and quailUm niviiowiy m make up I hp
nimi cuniileie aasuiuaeat ovm trmt hr anlv In (tut umrknt,
. C. nine Fdenl ninl, rlnlrl rilmul, raliued-riowa-
Mlnr and Mtilborry, Prlnuil-Flowii-niui! anil Mullwrry, 'an
Inn lllti', l-'aiK-y Latrt and Wlnle Uranilr, Krllivaw art-. In
all Ihrlr vnrlrly nt style- aaJ tmtlMnl I'laln nllo l.naineMml,
lllur-IUIwil-FiC'irrJ, Lu.lcr-Hat.nl-I' isnml anil Imhl Unml,
KnalUla lima, IVa Kriia. Tea, rinlc. air., v., ui aninvi)
arw ahantni and nnlinrna.
.vrrv varlrly l riain, n anq t tn itiwwira ni nnirr-
M-an, (tji.irrn and WoMvrn,) Kramh and Uuhcuuau luaiiulau-
ursi. al iulucl price. '
' . 1 inwru rliiv
TM. Cnffres Tea and IMniirr Melts, Muca, rnlotura, Vnn,
kc.,a.,M ,) defctluilnu. Fairy Atllili't, itl all ktuili,
very L'kean.
KniJIidi T. D. riuna. and Asserkan Pipe Honda. Willi,.
Tea Traya, ol elenaiil deaiiiaa, ul our nwn lniHrialliiw, war
ramedeual tn an In Ihei market.
UBITA.SNIA vVaKK. of en-rv rieacrlntlnn. (mm the eele-
heated inanuiaclory el IJIeaaon a , In. nlieatei, MnaMcnn
Ml, II low luiree. Wa alaii ollvr a lull sinrk nl Goods Au
iheKA.NTA VH MARKKT; in wkk-.li the ailentlon ol I he
Merthnata enmred la hal irde It nariicularly Invited. At-
anrli'd Cralea lor lite Gnwniry Trade, packed In the beat manner
alwny.oe hand. (Mi acer a inaay -Tenia eiparwnar,
and nut vnennda In a nranner uolaicallad aal ., a oar nu
SUTiosn eu.toaienieaiiienllfy. ruclilu-ii.
Wholesale - Clothier,, '
Ke. WS Main lree St. Uiula, Mo.,
a UE anr reeelrtna a tare alock nr Vuhloiiabl Cln-
J tiiinar (m Ike Dprlna Trade, wldcli we flkr to Mil Air
(.'ash. or outlaw, a. ktw aa aay kouae m tklaelly. 'W Invlia
pa re nan ra in rail and eiaanae oul Mock aa wa ara dtunnlued
U.I A feu. Ulul.Nnlll.
Larea aarartiMiii nt Dnya Clothing, and of Pwrstlsls-
! UrMXla, always oa nana. ,r,p . DJ
IHCIIIU-V, ' "lJl.ni""vu,
L.V3artin' & Brother,
No 113 IZala L' nlA "
Ho. 113 Broadway, so X.
' We are now Banufaeturins the larresf hhd tno
LNi.lete S1X)CK ef SPRING CLOTHING ever r
, J to the Public and by the first of March wUI have
McNoll' Spring Stylo of Hats.
, AWiioteaale and Retail. 7 and IU, larkt 8u
' . -j ' err l nma MO.
I N tnlraduetiic tv Hvle r Haia Tor tne nprin or I8M 1
L wtwkl aak aaaMlal aiteatlnn to the toiwbhiaMim It presents
of ike romt luiportatu icnutaliea nl" an ankaia ef draas, aewury
aiul utllli. It lialiu ye uroaii ol' eurraot peoiMiriions, and
ai tin same rune Ally rdanted for a aumwer hat Ialas manu
rsnu,. mt ko. m BMita k Warelator." The richest a,a
..1 ,k. kl wnrkioauallla. uallral Willi tha Mnsl Untirlnr
virllanee of superviuun, canimt lull la unntaoa a kas wenliy of
2 4-1 kav a rait asMUtment of the llaest aooda In Aiy line, eom.
r lavUlns aU Miai it new, rloh ad MwklonakM In lints. Cana,
M,. ssd Psnana (Mods, eenectauy Wemaaa w awn ne mn-
Our FALL ALE8 so lareKceea est
aniLAjiartnnai. nasi warei wi w wn. ai t wm wi a. s
f wJra) eJopr:lled to diaappoli.t hundreds of custe
' L Bui for the ppisjachief; aeason wa shall n
ie sMnuUotura a -teck that ertll auppry all who
I" Mwiththssw natroruun. It to iseetess to beast
banraina, est afcet wkirwleded b
. have piarebased of that m eaa and tje be
tfaVfktbaV . u a. . J aullaa . ssvlT-jnlaikt.as.ji
235. S poxebeeed t any hae. '
- H Y.rvs KaUn aasall OrofltS.
', iU&to JJUOTHER, -
1Htwi . I Ma. 118 Mart street,
kiuub. iih wsoleasiu or raiaiU ol a emuwanUy mw rapidly
Ovawettni la wealik aad reAaeaiekl. and Hiuaa eiimaal warns
IkaKWlow. 'Atsiieaanw time lean sell the atapia uoUs ol the
hades, hear aa any mker In ai. IMS. i
' I reaesMlwea ,avlw a peraosuU Isispatltw of J'Vsinek, . ,
knekie ! ' ' 1 ' 'JOriai Mrnt-irA
is jm Market St., swst boost tu Main.
; Sa :.'iny ai Coaclv UariireU-c,
cariiara TriiamJ-s, Sio. , ,
j - n.rti 'Kin lit sirs-tit St. Loilia.
nHElR ilysIt in ll branches, tbr sprui sales, wjl
L ' be large and very complete, atid their slock bf Ohio
anned"" ' L. .,M a. r.mrrit
SKIRTING, HARTKS3 Afu ,uB;'.,w"l'"i
., r-.'i ajannor pe fiirf""; . , .
m U nMa ,rrful(v ItlVlte ball buyer to
. .ti. aesiirlns- them that no pains will be
spared te Riee eattsraction In trery parth uIm.,, , ,
.,',skin.9m. , ' .'
ItrietHrrmrtng 10 ipnd ;"br7tfi loftoni
and tho pihkeriOn" In whicb tha wisdoai
of "true economy in all personal and do
meslic itlaliotis'will be set forth and pruo
tiedlly illustrated In the authorli peculiar
manner. , . ,
As heretofore, the original contributors
to the "Home Gazette" will be among the
best writers of our country
One copy, per annum, -
Two copies, per annum, -Three,
. -
Four, ......
F.idit, (andonetotlieecttcr-unoftheelub,) 10
Tliirteeitcotnett.Dfcr mhmmo, " " 15
Twenty, . "
ff7 Thus U will be seen, that where a
dub of twenty unite and take the "Home
Gazette," the price paid by each subscriber
will only be ?1 a year, while the cettcr-up
of the club will receive a copy in addition
lor Itis trouble. Hj l ostmasters and oth
ers who wish to mnke up clubs of twenty
of one dollar each, can, in order to facilitate
tho reception of the paper by thoso who
lirt enter tho club, send $10 for ten copies,
nnd the remaining $10 when the club it
lull, at which time the extra copy for get
ling up the club will be forwarded.
Auarcss x. 8. Artimr & ft.,
No. 107 Walnut Street, Thru.
Arthur's Homo ltfagasino. .
Tho cheapest and the best yet offered I
Eighty pnees per month of choice readini;
matter for $'2 a year, or in clubs of four at
only $1 23 per annum.
I lie-"home magazine' was commenced
October the editor is T. S. Arthur,
VWa Lad j a Book I
' The tlaQeeLagauiM.. NW tolvme,.
xlvi. Litemy Vj pictorial; the look) of!
the Nation apd Vts Union ot- Amor'tca'!'
Immense Incrpasclf readint? matter with
out reducing tie iiVbcr of full pngo Sler.i
oncravlngs. '
It is useless fo ther,obluiher of Godey's
Lady's Book to rratkeny great parada of
what he intends to The work hM
been before the ptllicfor twentTthrca.
years, and It is a veJ-knvvn fact that the
latter numbers of a ytar n always superi
or to the commencing nes,nt he improves
with the expense with Thidn. each inonth
brings him, seizing every sewVeature of the
day nnd imparling it to his subscribers
on 1 .i i. . i. r I .
v. ii iuuL i iiic suuuc&si u iiiiiuiAns rui ins ihidk.
Nothing but real worth in a publication
could bd the cause of so prolonged an exit
tence, especially in the lite.ary world,,
where everything Is so evane.ont. Hun
dreds of magazines have been stvrted, and,,
after a short life, have departed whera
the "Lady's Book" alone stands triumph
ant, a proud monument reared by the La
dies of America as a testimony of their
own worth.
Many persons, who seek no further than
our title, presume that the "Lady's Book"'
is intended merely for tho amusement of a
class, and that it does not enter into tha
discussion of those more important ques
tions connected with the realities and the
duties of lifts which every well-informed
woman, mother and daughter, should bo
acquainted with. But such is not the fact.
It is now, as it has ever been, our constant
care to combine, in the pages of the "La
dy's Book," whatever is useful, whatever is
in whose hands is the entire editorial charge I !)Ure' d virtuous in sentiment,
of the work. A new noveiletto from his w,lh whatevei ma) ufford rational and in
ner, was commenced in the first number, noi.nl mtisemeni.
entitled "the old mans bride." , n expense ol one number of the "La.
This story is continued through th first V s ook, including steel engraving and
lour numbers of the magazine, horn Octo. "ierVf macr. Pai( 'or, not taken from
ber to Januarv. With the February num- Lng''sh magazines, far exceeds that of any
bcr another new story by Mr. Arthur, enti-;;,er mugazmo published in this country.
is and ' " "IU,VB "u cAccimwii, ana are wining io
tied "sparing to spend ; or, the loftons
tho pitikertons," will be commenced, to be
continued during several months. Thus,
in the first volume of the home magazine,
two nouvcllettes by the editor will be pub-
ished. As only a limited edition ot the
first numbers ol the magazine was printed,
those wishing "the old man's bride" mus.
send in their subscriptions early.
rrTln ordor to prevent misapprehension
on the part of the public, we will here state
that tho home magazine Is a monthly issue
of the home gazette, and contains the best
articles that tppear therein, thus hxing in
permanent shape and lor cuculntion in new
channels, literary matter from the pens of
many of the ablest writers in the country.
It is Irotn this cause that the publishers are
able, in the outset, to furnish the work at so
low a rate.
clip h ant,,:; ;
. 8T. XOUIB, MO' '"' , ;'
frliWnr aHrntioriwtid to Zweasns'oflkfT. , .,
To those who desire to recieve the Home
Magazine by mail, we oiler it at the folow-
ing extraordinary low club prices :
One copy one year, ...
Two copies one year, ...
Three copies one year, ...
r our copies one yeur,
Right copies one year, ...
Twelve copies one year, ...
Whore a club of twelve subscribers send
tn fifteen dollars, a copy extra will be fur
nished to the agent or getter-up of the club,
or to any address lie may designate. At
these terms, the "borne magazine" will be,
lor the amount ot choice . reading matter
furnished, the cheapest monthly publication
in the United State, i .
For three dollars, a copy each of the
"Home Lsazette" and "Home JVlagaiine
will be sent one year.
la making up clubs, it may frequently be
desirable U sinilel ini a fcioglelclbty both
?lyme niagazii.a"arid "Ijotne gazette" sub
scribers. This ciin'bd done by always ma
king the club price to the magazine subscri
ber one, sJollar twenty-five CcnU, nomntter
what the size of the club-tnoy be. The
extra copy to the getter-up of the club, in
alt such cases, can bo the gazette or maga.
sine, at the option of the party who i to
receive it. . ' .'
Postage fla Arthur Home JiSnga'tt.U
paid quarterly or yearly in advance, 18
cents tor the whole year.
, Address, T. 8. ARTHUR , CO
V. . ,, ,10.107 WalntitStraet,
' ' ' ...i ,.e. t ..i ' PhiUdblpiua.
nave tne tact tested.
Godey's splendid engravings on steel.
Remember that Godey gives more thaa
four times as many steel engravings molnh
I y us any other magazine. It is the fashion
with many magazines to announce in their
advertisements, "splendid engravings, lash
ion plates," &c. What is the disappoint
ment of the duped subscriber when he re
ceives the numbers of a magazine thus ad
vertised, to find h'u fine engravings are but
common wood-cuts as poor in design as
in execution!
The publisher of the "lady's Look"
performs all ho promises, and, as soma
of our exchanges are kind enough to
say, "more than he promises." Each
number of the "lady's book" contains
at loast three engravings from steel
plates, engraved by the best artists,
either in line, stipple, or mezzotint, and
sometimes four.
Godey's reliable fashion plates ar
published monthly, and are considered
the only really valuable fashion plates
that are published. They Iiavo been
the standard for over twenty-Uvo years,
in addition to the above, every month
selections from the following ure given,
with simple directions that all may un
derstand Undoubted receipts, model cottages
model cottage furniture, patterns for
window curtains, music, crochet work,
knitting, netting, patchwork, crochet
flower work, hair braiding ribl.o!
chenille work, lace collar work, chil-
drin'.Q anA inf.ini .4i
aren's and infant's ctothec
caps, chemisettesin fine, evervthiw
that can interest a lady will find its
appropriate place in her own book.
One copy ono year, $3 ; two copies'
one year, $5; five .copies cn3 yzar
$10, a.id an extra copy to the person
sending the. club; ten copies one year,
Wo; turleen copies one year, $20,
e can always supply back nunK
Ne 113 Chestnut Stmt,
,, . . rbl7-ly- i-l
1,1 ".
I l ' a i
A I'l f!

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