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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, April 02, 1853, Image 1

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Ll'l" L . LIU
JJL.ll J.lll U.J
t!f. X! .1-1. 'I..1... IM!. JUJJg.-UJ-r-lliLJX-t-MM-i.
. i . . , . - .... .. i
v a. -a .j a a sr m m m m mm
"Down Goes the Price!"
Quick Sal anil mall Profit,
AT Till
trtxeap C'ah Store, on Hird, iicttveo
Dlain and Third Mvccttt,
'rpRK PUHSCRIBKR returns his Mincer thinks to
: i J-. the cilizensof Hannibal and vicinity, "J'arJicti
.ery to the Laditt," for their liberal patronage, end
hop to merit a continuation ol the same.
The proprietor will conduct his business on the sam
plan and principles that like establishments in Ne
York and flnston are now conducted. Hewilladhcr
irictly la the "ONE PRICE SYSTEM." Kvery
artirlo will be marked at the very " l-owest tanU
Price," and no variation will be made, unlet for
tyamage. No misrepresentation! or undue urging will
tallowed. It is my deteiminalion to do a straight
forward and honorable business, and free from the
trick o common to the trade, and to make my estab
lishment an ultra-live and desirnblo resort to purcha
ers.fer anything under the name of l).y Goods. .
' Wy 8toclccouist-i,in part, as follow:
iViotS, every sHlc and color.He to 1 He, Tor the best
MerUnact and Cochccos; Furniture do, Mc to HJc,
Inadde. CQloif: solid green, yellow, blue aa, b"' 12lci
tancy Fiet'ch Oil Chiuts. Srte, high colored, fa-dnoua.
lie Mousrne de Liinc, 14c, 13c, 10c. lvc 19c, 2Jc
La Sic Cwhmi'reisHSe, ncy fashionable figured
.! I W. 1 sl 10 and $1 SI); black lirodc Khme
V'-S u"! 1 Ho $ 3U Horonce bilks, all col-
'c e IOC )3e. " 15c; lM.Mch.nl Sheet iiiS, Hire
Vrd, wide 40c- i. e Brown' Shirting, l'e.11Vc
... M fa I cav No. 1 U'owii Shcetine. i - c
I! I i j if ivt.iuni i i
Tweed CasMinercs, f.0c and 70c.
.Shir. , g .,d Apron Checks, W to lac C' 'o " c'
J, r.:.dlG d-3c. l're.;cU "S , -T1;
Jure Irhh Linen, aofl fmirt, 45fl, i ' M
o colored do, 4-4,30e ; Linen inw.d .an r. 1-,
ctmmon brown Linen Table Cloths, $1 and $1 40 p.-r
nair. Fine N!icn 1UC blacjj, (jreeii, changeable
ind dove eolo,ed Kp?H.U Merino., .; ' '
ac. I'lai-i black a.id figured chang-ab.c Mohair l.'U-
F'rinjjes, nil colors,
r.- .In.- fu- and nD:
.haJosa.Id w,.!il.s,f.,n i inch to the U1ot lasluona ,
6 inch; black t f.om I cent to $1 Pr yar. l-w oI.OJ
S.J., ,l,il. Curlain Frin8 c lo Idle,
. .r" ........ r !;... ..ml Lire to l')C 1 ijauus
A beautiful largo size mezzotint' Engra
ving, "The Harvester's Departure," or "I'he
Ilarvesiure'a Ieturn,', at the option of the
writer, will be forwarded to every person
seeding us a club of Nine, or Twenty, with
five dollars a year, is a fact truly worthy
the 'Caloric' nqe, which is just now being
ushered in. Of the Knickerbocker Maga
zine, edited by Lewis Gaylord Clark, it is
unnecessary to speak. For twenty years
the cash. To insure the paper at the r.lub'it lias been the most genial, humorous, and
rates, which' are lower bv 20 pel cent, than
any paper of equal size and character has
ever been ofleied nt, the full complement
should be blU-red at one time. Additions
to clubs' will bo made at the same rates.
O3 Postage must be paid on all letters
sent us. It is required, too, by the present
spicy 'monthly' in the world; and the pres
cut volume will be better than any which
preceded it. The Homo Journal, edited by
Oco. P. Morris and N. 1 Willi., is well
known as the best family newspaper in
America; and the Musical World and Times,
edited by Richard Storrs Willis, with Low-
postage law, that subscribers to weekly ell Mason, Geo. If. Curtis, Thomas Ilas-
newspapen, to avail themselves ol tno
cheap postage, must pay quarterly in ad
vance. Inn postmasters, who are author
izod agents for Scott's Weekly Paper, will
explain the rates.
rO Copies ot Scott's Weekly l'apcr
will be sent as specimens to any address
Address, A. SCOTT, Publisher,
No. Ill Chestnut Street, Phila., Pa.
ta to ,o, Mouuan
tit ouao. r:nK' laa innaniB jji.iin ouu.-vv.
wi,:rt.il.n.i.. 12 eactii
ti'l'i'.s M.iilin and Linen Cumbiic lUiidlKrcl.icl't, 10c
. . ..t. . c i. .i . in . lai-.e 1 ravaU OUs o
rey l'lanl D Lame .lo.ttic por '"'
o;toh f.aj ll.,n.llu.rcl.iel, 6 cent,; pla'd Mad a, do,
J wonled. heavy, lor wmtr,$l P";.:
R ya.il' fancy fa,bi.ii.a'..l Veiling, cliaap ; Vest, Cot
and rant Kultons, A,a,o Shirt do, 8
:'i Zei)hvr Worsteds, 1 cent per ekein. l ilants , Miss-
... t 1 -.!:..! r:,llnn mill VilTM llllS': U'l UU
1' aim LiUliri UU....I. - . Unillimr
Men's IJclin Lined, 30c; grey and red clouded Knitting
T?rns Silk Arm Klabtics; Miss"' and Ladus' Lo.
'Bfy's'e'shawN,?!, $3 85, $J 40. $2 Btl, $2 90;
nu double do, $b 2U; small yarn do 0c Baraga
Harper'8 New Monthly Elagailno.
AZINE has already reached n regular
monthly issue of more than 100,001) COP
IES, and is still steadily anl rapidly in
creasing. The Publishers have endeavored,
by a well-directed use of the abundant re
sources nt their command, to render it the
most nttractivo and most useful Magazine
for popular reading in the world; and the
extent to which their efforts have been
successful is indicated by the fact, that it
has nttnined a greater circulation than any
similar periodical ever i-.sued.
Special effort wil1 bo made to render it
still more interesting nud valuable during
the coming year.
tings, Wm. P. Bradbury, Geo. V. Hoot, and
other musical writers contributing; and
which gives, among other things, over $23
worth of music ami a full course of instruc
tion in harmony annually, is the very best
musical iournal ever published. These
threo publications will post a family up in
regard to everything worth knowing: Art,
Science, Literature: music, painting, sculp
ture; invention, discoveries; wit, humor,
fancy, Bcntiment; tho newet fashions and
other attractions lor ladies; choice new mu
.nouowiY's "ointment.
a crifpi.k skts ajidf. his crutches a
t:r ti:x ykahs suffekino.
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thompson, Chamitt, Liv
erpool, dated August 20lh, ISil. .
To Proffor IIollowav,
Dkah Sis- I am enabled to funltM you with a most
extraordinary cuie effected by your invaluabU 0:ht
iiient anJ Pii'.s) which has astonished every person c
nnainled with the ind'erer. About 10 year ago, Mr.
W. Cui'.UMi t, of Saltney Street, in I ins (wo, was
thrown Iroin hi hor, whereby he received very eri
ous iiijiiri he had the best medical advice at the
time, and ve uf 'xrwaril an intmate of difTerent io
firmaiies, yet be (;iw wutte. and at last a malig
nant rui,: in; nicer sellled in hi Lip, which 10
compleiel . nippM him. that he could nut move with
out cmiciies for nearly 10 years ; recently ha be;an to
use ycir tuntn.eht an4 Pills, which hate now healed
Hie wcimd. tirenc'hctied his limb, and enabled him !
dispense with hi crutches, lollnt he enn walk with
I tliu rrP.ul..l . u c a ntwl ..-illi .d..M.l hallh .n1 vimn
sic for the S.ibbath, tlie church, and ihs ; r Signed) ' J. '1 HOMl'SuN.
firesides; reviews and criticisms of Musical A Most I'XTRAORDIN'ARY CLrtL or A
Works, Performer, and Performances; in, VRlEAlL
short, tho very pick and cream of Novelty,: Copy of a Letter from Mr. Hint, D-aper. of KJy,
Incident, History, Biography, Art, Litcra-i neai Uamsbro', dated MaieU 1st, 165.
... . . i. !..... To proP-sur Hollowat,
turo and Science ; including whatever can m tune since, one of my children wai af
be given in periodicals to promote Healthy . flirted vrvh dreadful eruption over th body and
Amusement and Solid Instruction in the ll"lb- 1 obtained the advwa of several miueut Sur.
prwiis iiiu I ity s:i. laus, lijt an wi niium ihq cu.' nui
consi.lei'.d hoele. At length I tried your CTn.liieut
and Fills, and without exaggeration, tlieeffeet was mi
raculous, for by perivering id their u, all lha erup
tions quii-kly diiaj peaiad, aud Ui child wa rattnreJ
t ncrlect heath.
1 previously lost a child from a similar complaint,
and 1 liruily beiieve, had I iu her case adopted yeur
meuicincs tiie would nave Deen ava alio. 1 auail be
family, and help to make it Better, Wiser,
and Happier, may bo now obtained for five
Prospectus to Do Bow's Review.
A 1 4 I a . .... !.-,.. n.J WfncfAl'vt
nuarilUU IO UlU IWHUIUU ...in " -" ; ,,., ,.4l,,u ,h. lh nf Ihi. n in. ann,..r.r
In addition to tho usual ' States of tho Union ; including statistics of, (Simdi J. HlRD. Draper.
. . T i rn .. I nrnirrn nn.l i nmptlii'. lllilustrv and Pllier,1
a-:ipie nnacnoiccseieciumsoi i o e.g.. mm .-.-e,.. ...... , -:: ' v. ... n..i AND AN amonmskixg CURB OK AN
Domestic Literature, an increased amount P"sc. uu.ism.ii n.u.. ....... wi.vu., OLU LAUV tiKVKNTY YKARS OF AGE
ol Ordinal Matter, bv the ablest American at 83 per annum, in advance. of a bau Li:o.
Write7-s, will be herJaf.er furnished. The CTCompIeto sets of tbe work, ten vol- Copy of a Le terfiomM.Vv.lkera.dCo, Che-
number of Pictorial Embellishments will , !. t'oun.l ha-i.lsomely, and tor salo at ToprofeMorITolloWAt'
be increased; still greater variety will be the office, New Orleans, and will be sup- Deah Si,-Anion th... numerou cures etTeeted i by
ranii.iuini.ui , ...... . , i ... .1 ... i ... .i..i:.,V,U ;n n. f !,. Iheuse ot vour valia'j.e imaicincs in the neiehbor-
given to its literary contents; Its Jvlltonal 1 iu tm uiuci, hood VVC may iv-ntion that of.n old lady Im.g in
and Miscellaneous departments will be still large cities or town?, lliey are an ineva-i,h, Vlll.,ge c, Pre,.an lbuui five mile from .hi
r,il,,r B,!..frp,l . nn,l nn labor or cxnenso luablo repository of practical information , City, fche had ulcer-ted wound. in her leg for many
Needles.the best brand assorted in papers, 5c; sleet
Knitting P'. 5 nts t.er.loien; Pins, aborted, 5 cts,
..II and cotton Corset Laces, Lad.es' 8d Gentlemen's
Pert-Monaies; Mohair Coat U.nding , 7 gros b ack
Oettou Tape, at 3 cent per dozen, bum Suspenders,
iron 10c to tiOc. While Linen Bi aid, three bunches for
cnts; Skein Silk, Patent and Cotton I breads, all
Knnnl Colton: letter. Foolscap and
Perforated P.'i Steel Pens, Pen hoUers, Drawing
Pencils, Slate do; Copy Book, and Red Ink; Uoll aim
Plush Caps, 25c lo 60c; M. R. ur Caps.b'Jc to $ io;
ui.. nnt.. fit 40 and SI 50 per pair; Men' do
S2 90; SiifanU' M.sse,' and Ldie Laced Hoots j
Misses' Sewed and Perfced Slippers, Nos. 10,11, i,
tt i .A n nt as cents ner pair; Boys' and Men'
Jreeans ; Cotton Batting 10c, pound bunches; w bite
and at. aw coloied silk bonnet Wire; Cotton do; Me;
UlM Eylets, Scents per gross; black Hat Crape; Han
Brushes, ttoc, 40c,. WW, 00c. Redding Combs; luck
let Fine do, 5c to Sue. Velvet 'lr..nini..g t Mpnne
Ribbon, aud assorted colors Lutring do Uucksk.,
Mo.ey Belts, 30c Lambswoql ana Silk Under-shirl
A hbeinl dlseount made to those bying to sell again.
The citizen ol Hannibal, und Marion and the ad-
Ml'that ih. r.tyl,elega.,M, durabiliiy and price, o
ih roed will' meet the approbation or ail. .
REMEMBER Tll'li FLAG SIGN, Bird .tre.t
.Kpattirs. S. M. MOORIC.
' ; ' ' ' '
. -.a.- u i NT V. W HOME,
-A A1N offer hi. Pipe of Pence and Welcome to
one r, iv nrii. and invite
J. hi Wf0U',i i Shoot Davis' new
5S Coiffiw; v?her. they . find a
jargo assortment ef, f- , u'
; .... I - ' AND
. . ' PIPES:
Aii;0, wi,ich wm H-acsfi?i
aerate to Cel. JAni tUt -in.
n With th 0 fyJ JJ'iiic-ff i rnmmer.
faither enlarged ? and no labor or cxpenso
will bo spared to render it in every way,
and in all respect, still more worthy of the
extraordinary favor with which it has been
llAnrnit's New Monthly Magazine
owes its success to tho fact, that it presents
moue reading matter, of u huxteii quality,
in a Mom: Ki.BOAvr style, and at a ciibapaii
rate, than any other publication.
Subscribers iu any part of the United
Slates may now receive tdie Magazine by
mail for three cents a numHer, or thirty-six
cents a yenr postage, either of tho Publish
ers, the Booksellers, or renodicai Agents.
Hives wwi ,uVf -i,;. iVlilAN CHIEF, jo Comme
teres! tq rtmemoer the IPl.AW H "ll-W-tSJ
What can be got for Five Dollars ! !
. Tho undersigned have entered into an
arrangement by which they agree to fur
nish the Knickerbocker Magazine, (month
lv.'i tho 'Home Journal, (weekly,) and the
Musical World and Times, (weekly,) to
new subscribers, at the very moderate price
of live dollars a year for the three publica
lions: all orders enclosinn that amount to
Dyer & Willis, will be promptly attended
to. ' .....
' Publisher of the Knickerbocker.
Publishers of tlia Home Journal
PublUheri of the Musical World and Times,
237, Broadway New-York.
Grand Literary aud ArtUUc Combination.
Arrangements have been made to fur
nish' the Knickerbocker Magazine, mo
Home Jouraal, and the New York Musical
World - and Times, to new subscribers, ior
five dollars a y eat ! This is cheap litera
ture, with a vengeance. The Knicker
bocker is $3 per annum; the Homo Jour
nal; $2: and the Musical World and Times,
fl a vear at the usual rates.
That threJirucn works can be obtained for
rcguarding our country, and should have a
place in every public and privato library.
A few sets only remain.
The Review is now rapidly crowing in
circulation, and will exhibit many great
improvements in the coming year, in size,
matter, and appearance. I lie loiiowing
are Its leading divisions:
I. Literature. Criticisms, essays, poe
try, sketches of fact and fancy, summaries
ot foreign and domestic news, movements
in New Oilcans, ike.
II. Commerce. Its history, laws and
statistics, commodities, shippinc, naviga
tion, treaties, tarills, exports and imports,
trade of the South and West, homo and
foreign trade. .
III. Agriculture. Discussion upon
cotton, lice, sugar, tobacco, hemp, Indian
corn, wheat, slavery and slave Jaws, Sic.
IV. Manufactures. I'rogiess o; Man
ufactures in the South and West.
V. Internal Improvements. Canals, Rai'
roads, plankroads, goneral intcrcommunic
tion South and West in the Union at
VI. Statistics. Complete tables upon a
of tire above heads of population, resoui
cos, wealth, mortality, black and whites,
veara. and latteiiy they increased to sued an alarming
extent as to defy all tl.e usual ren:dics ; liar haaltU
rapidly giving T under tiieMitienng sue ensured. Ia
this disltcssiii; condition she had recourse to your
Ointment and Pills, aud bv the assistu.ire of her
friends, was enatlcd to persevere in their n?e, until she
received a nulect cure. We have ourselve been
greatly astoiii.lie I at the efte:t upon so old a parson, .
.he being abovo 7j years of ee. We shall be happy
to satisfy any enquiries as to the authenticity of this
really wonderful case, eiihei personally or by letter.
A private iu trie iialli 1'uiice force, ai;o, oa oeen
perfectly cured nt uu old tcoibotic atliiction ia the
lace, after all other means had tailed. He tta'e that
it i entirely by the use of yoi.r Oiutmeut, and pat
loudly ia its pri?.
W e lercain, Dear Sir,
Yours, lailhlully,
April fl'.h, le5!. (Signed) WALKER, fc CO.
The Pill should he used conjointly wilh th Oj aitnt
In nioct ot 1 lie following case.
Bad Leg
Bad Breast
Bunion 's
Chapped hand
Com. (Sofi)
t ancer.
.intruded ana
ill' Joint.
Sirt N.pn'.ee
Scu' vy
Five Great Novelettes.
Attraction!! 1
Some .five or six weeks ago, we an
nounced that wo would publish five, first
class noveletios. written expressly for the
"Dollar Newspaper." Four we had in
hand at the time, and tha; fifth has since
come into our possession. . The first is now
nearly half through, and has everywhere
been "pronounced a story of great merit.
The following is the-order of publication;
i The Emigrant' Snuire. bv,P; Hamilton
Myers, Esq.: 'the Mad AriWt, Vf Jehn- l
la.. .
Iblishment of Profsi-;r Wolle-,t.
irrniple Bai,) iatuj;., by alt-
pes uirougnou n.e ii . ;i rsn.-s,
Vc. anil i.3c. ai:n '..wnn
'run house in the Union; Ks;
b. New Yoik. .
.1 a considerable aavir.; J Uking I'"-'
M R nireclion for '.h suidar co rC o-.'.i?at i"
every disorder are affixed lo each Pot. (ais':!7wiy
jAHBt a. N'riia..
Commlaaion and Forwarding Mercian!.'
Wo. 10, Commercial Street,
, 3T. LOUIS, MO.
Dealers in Kemp, Pork, Lard, lUcon.Flour, Grain, A.V
Cash advance made on consignment for el
jan27 J hero, or to our friends South or East.
" DR. M.' F. BROWN. -
P' RACTlTtONER of Medicine lnU lUbrantth llf.
'Office if the Drug Store of J. Ao.
HA4 u-:a. t:.i! v 1 UiMhWIW ' ft

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