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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, April 05, 1853, Image 3

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Caldrall'icltufr.fiM wuti a Su
f -nl Ur relation to Ihr txtlnsfidn TtKa
Utjr Litrjltf' 1 Th RepubllcWi and iWri..
igenierrocotewhfct "ihey callVtHe Pe
iffy tlbUi' for city officers. TWa Vioket
ppri,: be composed of Whigs and Dero-oei-ativ:
TJw tiivii idvbttftei Vn unmlxeJd
Whig' 'fMkbtV'utt Ultima tb' te the only
rfc!g. .pr' Jo! St.' Louis, asserting , that
feoth tbedther Whig papers hav gone over
ttt la'jDtnoeracjr. The Republican, eo the
other hand, speaks of the News as a paper
"etippoibjl by some to have Whig tender.
ciMl"; -- ' " -'" ' '
:' " : ' -ucx cunt nan koas. '
Vji lesra that the flan), road spirit it op in
lulls, and that the people are determined that the
L1W Creek Rood ihalL bis. built,. . They will
build it by private subscriptions rather than pet
asU a failure, though Hannibal nd the Ralls
ootintj- court easy be relied on for assistance.
At a. small sale at Mrs. Dsoley's on the 15ih
ult.t 4 1500 were subscribed. Mr. Wm. Splaun
eueeeribed $fi00 "of this amount. Farmers find
by experience that k is infinttly better to pay
toll, tbaa to remain at the mercy of the weather
in reaching- market, en the old roads. Even
when the dirt' reads art in good order tbey
prefer traveling on the plank rued and pay the
te1 cheerfully. One gentleman informs us that
he lost $160 by 'being- prevented from reaching
market last winter, by the pad condition 'of the
dirt roads.' This Would have paid toll a good
while en a plank read I. end it is such facts and
figures as these that most forcibly illustrate the
advantages of plank loads.
Judge Birch has been appointed by President
.Pierce to the Registcrship of the Lend Office at
f taiisourg, mo.
t ': CsaJLmii appoints ss.
Ctu(.a Ma ton,: of Iowa, to be Comrais
ioner of Pateuts, in place of Sitae H. Hodges,
resigned. ,., .
Geo. W. M.xTreiriiT,of Ohio, to be Com
missioner of Indian Affairs, vice Luke Lea, removed.
Asa C, Msavie, of Missouri, to be Register
of the Lnnd Ofuce et Clinton, Missouri, vice
Andrew M. Tu'.t, whose term of office ha ex
pired. ;
. i 1 1 ' .
Accurrrs C. Maasa, of Illinois, to be reg-1
liter or. in una oince at iuincy, Illinois, vice
Henry Aibtiry, removed.
Damon Hooses, of Illinois, to be receiver' of
public moneys atQuincy. Illinois, vio Henry V.
oiniivan, remjvea.
JH.,fc T, A. McDA!;::. l'j,a. rPv....: ..!,. nA
JH mm mm at- amm . m seea eta . a . .A
. ' . . : Mtffini t,t v
At the M. K. Church. Bouth. min itwutomi. ki.lt bl. (air avoWitaa.vl
Its rerular inesiirc W MoetV. tb. nth daV JlHeeiber, Gw. Clark, sllae White, about hrti h.Wl- Hei the FRIZ
Ihks monlb. Lt m bre ' fail mcftinc.H Kryihh.ef r ?" '8?. Wirt ijw ".'"T.oV lto!e rttL'!T has aH ':
a.aA jaf saia Aaa j a sswif sa v saaeaai aa naaanaaaaaM ww n AK utji u at wv e sau
flirnrt run ane a i ni mite iw ew 1 W,T 7 Vltlaa te all woe " ;T.f trta !
lh. .biVe reward Z tbe appr.ben.l-r. art a.twt ftT,. ths. ais f
wk w ,fcU m4aae
r..iaiBC tefe.tb.ie-
piils on eeerf ens moveiMois ip;i
I1rt inrenion, Five Cants 4 Lfns
Eah laiertion ifltrwtrdi, J mo aad a Half Onto a
U. . . . ..
AdvtfilieaMnts will be tmbliitanJ frora lis to twelve
ari at Tare Ctn a Lin for eacb bsartien, IticludiRf
jP arn.
NIXT SaTUBDAI WCEIC,( April Bth,) a nxtinc
will b held at Frankfort la rnmidar th stibjeel
f eontiDiiing thx Itaanibml and Ntw Landoa flank
I(ot4 to FjaakTordt to -opto books for jubtcription,
te. A larae atteadance if rtouaittd. .
i (mcb 2f-dt4r)
Mr. Geo. SviitaoTB. and 1L F. Lakrvak,
bl iin tuthorlirS M act lot tmt. In tha iiimmki ani Iran.
aulaaaC Inlm laaitan. 1HO. a. BLATCIt'Oa. :
PBOrOOAtJ wilt b ratalnd M Iht OSIct of lh "Mratara
f Id Hnjr Carif Piauk Rta4 oiapanjr, (whkn offlra la al
kemm of Mr. Tbm. Hull. kliMVrKook. HHnolat and am
i via atact m tna rtaaaaraf nr aal iiapa at HaaalMli
paiuianv. i
Miaaark) anlll
tiaf an4 Hauilaf af a mi
tt. tiit ath 0r April aaii, far llw Cl
ratHMlauaalllva IHataik L Klahl
fari anS all lachM kin, la maka aillaa af flkak. Ra4
' of t
lh above
a isto, loo-aii
i, UMUKi. MITtf,
- 8brilf of BiU county .
I ' wr i Mrt lft'sif 1 1 1
tpfft ndaniea' bas )o raeeivad aa aiaortnent cf
Ja. WANG rOHTK MUSIC. eiMrean riimian mnj
ptaeMat aaav lKdairt. WM. COHF.lt.
Waat aid of Maie, between Bird and Hid.
And for sale st the "Lone Building" comer of
vMaia and Bird streets.
ALT. KINbSUF'dXItDE SF.KDI Onioa tatij
.SluornuaaaaVtiiaollty aead-Cloai:sdbf lli
barrrl or buih. A eneral aHoitmaot of firocarics,
Woodtn and Willow Wars, Broom. Cotton Yamt
Cotton battinK. All kinds of Nula. Oranrvt, Imona,
Fgi, and a boil f artlclft not nanuonee ftrji.iK
wiia.athoiitindtkinF tnat4nol hm far lata. Am
Ion. to Mil ill fur CASH UP AND TflE MONEY
DOWN. Like to forent oa thint'. tbe Ect Milli
our,is btra tool tnarlBdtf T. JACIUQf
ftflaalha Hanalbal tony lha tfnv,
Alaa at ih aamt Hat ane alacaa, will kamalv Praanaala
rat llw fawluf of aaM tof, two ratlw aa4 a half thick, t aak
will ka aaM at Ik an irk atotwim, rrtnrvlnf IwtMjr ftr aaaa.
aaill lh, wnrk la SnUbaS accorSliw la Com rat I.
. BMf for lha Cutttnf anS Haalln uf b Loft natt a ata.
fata rraaj Ut Stwlnf .
B araVraf Ibt anrS.
LEWIS MULL, fwrtlary. ,
r Ik Caaatf , atartk SI, 18M. atcMMid
tt If not yt tletrrminsd whrr.
Bat C. W. BRYAN wants $10,000 in
Oold, -;
At tbe St. Leuis Stove Btera, for wbich be will give
in txrhanra, -
Filter's Celebrated Cbnrtef Oak and
Pioneer took, 8toves,
' At ths Low it Caah Prlc. . s 1
-F" Si. Leuia Stov Store, Main Street, twe doars
ponn 01 ids rau uome. . sr. hkxaih.
" I I I '1 I I "Ml ll
Spring and Summer Styles! r
-Main Street. Ilausilbal. ma..
ina , aiirauoq piircDaaera eanaraliv.
DO iMbioaa
eerafutly talictad stock of freb ab
to their
faibioaabla , i
SKALKD fEOK6AU willbe rwoivad at tha eflce
of tba andenicned in tha citv of Hannibal. Minou.
tL until tba Twentieth day of April, for tha cradua-
tt, niaionr, ana bniigin; el twnty nv miles of
aid voad, avteiidinc Wtit trom Hannibal. Pronoii-
tiaiu will alio be received at our otlice in tba city of
Ht, josrpa, mtouri, until ins tenm aay 01 may, far
the graduvien, uatonry and orldlng or twenty-tiva
nila, additional astsndin; caat from bt. Juieph. Ta
remainder, of the line, estendinr a distance ol over one
hundred and fifty Sri ilea will bejilaeed ander contract at
toon as tee same can ba piepnrC try the etirineers,
1 hit line embraces sooiaverv keavv CBcavUiona and
einbatikments and several I arte britlrei
, Plana, profiles and pecifieationi Wifl be ready at sack
plats eua ween previous to Ike letting.
ft '-avrr tB Ar.nnt.
' Contractora II. and bt. J. K. R.
' Haanibal, No., Mareb 14, 18U. ratblS dwtaAu
Which are jat now receirtd. . Tbey refer particularly
to their stock of ' '' . .
EMBROIDERIES, of real French Work J
Collars, with end without points yaeer Sloaves La
.dies Keibroldyrei' Handkarcbeifi Edrinrs aod Inser-'
""at I viiriamuti mtipva, tilt.
. aome beautiful Reulaet Collar. - fhia itock is one of
' tba aunt aomnleta ararbroiifht to thii City. :
DRESS GOODS.Prints j Ginghams ; Jao
onati'aod l awna; Barege de Lalnei j Tiaiiia i Plain
nd riurd Sarefeii j email Figured French Chinlses
tor ChiiJeaj Summer da Lain Alpaceas Poplins,
DRESS SILKS.A Selection of the niest
eleg apt Fbioaable Styles, amonf which are tbe plain
eolered Poult de Soies, so much in demand alto, a va
riety of Black Silks, of all widiht aid nrieei. '
or selection, and' cheaper than tbe same styles were
wsversoht befbrev .. ! ": .
GENTLCMEN'3 - WEAR. Cessimeres t
Linens, Jrap d'Kte j Vsitines end Cottonailat, of tha
,ewetatyles' alao, w fine essorlment of 1 Child rea'i
Coad; aoeh Cabaietattes Tweeds, ate. . -, - ,
Cheeks, Hickory ' Cbambrayat Nankeens Curtain
Mnklioet fihawlai Handkarehelfsi Cravatai Hosierrt
yikrineU, , Swiss and Jaconet Muilipit Irish Liae
Mdwi' iini euw Miuaana laievca, imponcu tram
Vranee; :f I i (-
(Country Aferehanta and Milliners will find In this
.stock many at Tie not to be louaa in Whoieaaie tloasei,
i - . - .it I r I. . i
iiii at ,upj tnt ail aaivdvti iiuui im inimviTB, in
,tke Eaat, Witt be Sold at Such prtcks as camlet fail to
,fivs entire satisfaoiioni' OT Call end examine tha
,i8oods before pircbaiirr elsewhere even if yoa do Dot
kuv era will be oieaased to show them t .
B00T5 AND SHOES. Wa wish te call thealttn.
jtlen Of the Ladiee to Oar Stock ' of Ladia Shoes. ' ' Wb
bar -soma af tha finest and the latest stoles custom
Made. We Kave alto aa excellent stock of Men's and
.Children's Shoes and Boots . ftott the SnesI to the iobrs
eat Hats aad Caps QeoU'Aae Silk Hats, all prices
ed Bnrinc Stvtet i Panama. Li bora Wove. Citisens'
aad Palm Let f Hals, lie Ueata aad Beys'. Queens
tra iHieaasrare, i mf vwea rsiiame
BtyleevCamt we have a let of lorraia, three-ply
aod aWf ti?tf. which wo will li al St Leuis
fCetj. y-Lltn ij) C?LWS f
j area nnnnini r-
.KuWi. sr. -
serttaomaTr--, '.f
, 7. -rr-rST d Tor ro.. Lrr.T.
NT Air ,VV rti ,tov'
y of eaettng, they ca a-r , ,
Ueoentry. ... UnUow-War w. r.
o:ri:l-.iMrad the bw ?,D",1rt-aa
.i"bi. .:rmur.moh.r an- battartb
Steveeteele belt so i am .da Saat
any JL you wiff And ta as-i- .
or Teii w.i.aunPI' i tbat'
. i .i.miw irrv : . i mm ion v.
to whkn t pr,,5uurir,llrof my
..llmeal IOfl
TUST received, a lirrre atocic of Jawelrv. St tbe
J CITY JTWrLET rra&S. furchaaers will do well
to call and eiamtae bol'oraiiurchaiinc ettew'iar.
. . 'sv.' intf ear
pAPT. A. 8. ROBARDS.formerlrof (
tha Rrad Hmiaainlh Citv trf Haanibal. IS 1 a
... ,
Mo., lor a term ol.years, woahl respect- awaCB
tully solicit a liberal share or Public patestiaga. He
would not make any extraordinary promt,, but be
wishes so tO conduct the Houae, to ma'ke it deserve
tbe patronage which be hopes it will receir a. elstrrif
a general acquaintance thioireh thia and the adtoiainc
States, he will take leasure in communieatlnr aueh
information to travelets as thsv may detiiei Hannibal
being tha point of embarcation, for a larga portion of
me iravei ioana iron in conniry Daruerlnf on tbe
Missouri River.' ; . ' ,
tJT He wilt at ari times be prepared to accommodate
the ttavelera with horses, esrriagei and Wagona, htr,
as means of conveyance to any distant point.
April 71b, 1853
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrena MiTI.
aibat with the intention of celling wheat and buy
ing flour, would do well to call and aee us before sell,
ing or purchasing elsewhere. Remember tba big stone
Mill on Bird, between Main and Third streets. Give
nt a call. A. 8. ROB AfcDS St SON.
tr N. B. Our Flour is sold nowhere else but atthe
Mill. Every sack and barrel is branded with our name
on it t
mehJIdtf "A. 8. ROBARDS SON."
Chsapewt and Best Writing Ink.
LT. BKITriNGHAM fc BRO. .ue now maku
a factoring Black Writing Ink of e superior quali
ty, which they sell vary cheap thirty centa e doceo
cone, or five cents a pint. Steal pens may bs left
standing in this ink any length of lima Without corro
ding. .
P. I. At wholesale, tbey will sell it at 1 16 a bar
ral 1 mcb..'J3.4:tl
Nos. SO end 32 Second street, near fosl Office.
1833. St Irtmia, Mo. 1353.
HAS in store and Issn receipt of tba following desi.
rable stock of .Groceries, wbich ra oleraed at tha
lowest mareet rates. iir prompt pay i
euu nnos rs. u. ana en 'a sugar, suo oois cri'S do,
: 3)0 bbla loaf,povfM and crustied sugar,
bags Rio eolTee. 400 ba Lagnayta coffee,
. 2K) nncketi brown Java enrfra, 00 bbla Jamaica do.
' 300 bbla N. O. molasses, oodoeity and La. 8.-H. de,
. zuunau lois cny acu ia. o. tt. molasses,
ft 00 chests b'l green ai.d black teas, 40A bxs de do.
' 100 pksfoldo tyiup, 40f bts Ve ,kd Mo. tobacco,
0 bis cut sinok'g lobacea, 100 do cut sbewin do.
, 100 bts yellow bank do.lD oo panlsh amok'gdo.
; 100 jars Macaboy nulf. tbbls 8cotch do, 1
60 At regalia cigars. 90 Mprlncipedei .
60 M Hvana de, 300 botes melea do,, .
S00 hoses Cuba and Havana sixes do,
ICMW pkgi M. Jt. raisins, 3000 drums Etma figs.
130 casKs Zantecurranli, 60 fiailadaUSf ,'
i 60 casks prunes, 60 cases do,' in glass,
;l00 bbla A. 8 almonds, 23 do H. 8. do, 43 do filberts,
i ' 29 bbls English walnuts, -23 do creaia aula, 1
,4000 kecs nails, 4 to d,500 do blued 3 and 3d naiU,
600 do lance do S. 8 and 10. 350 do brad do. 6. 8 and 10.
; ! IInO dofiiiishlrigdo.M and 10, 100 da Wrought do, de,
o aospiices, to i ut iou dii lacaa, a mis ox, ,.
600 bags cotton yarn, 200 de dotea do, .
i J50 bags white carpet warp, 100 do col'4 da, do, "'
400 baiea batting, VM do candle wick, ' - "
. BOOdo wrapping twine, 300 bblsoacMrel,l,t3, and
300 half bbls mackerel. Nos. 1,3 and 3, . ; i
1 100 bbls roe lierrinRs, 600 bxs sealed do. ' " 1
(0cksEng. eoJftih, 60 de lirand BiJ do, M
1200 bxs eUtb, 100 lbs eacb, 9o bbls Not I salmon, :
; : BOO eana Baltimore Cove oysters, ,
60 cues sardines, whules.half and quarters,' " ''
-' 60 bbla pecan feuts. 108 beta paa nuts, ,
1000 bushels dried apples, 600 do dried peaches,' ,t ,
tXiO bxs tallow candles, 200 bxs palm aoap, ,
' 60 bxs Olean soap; 200 do star candles, ' '
80 bxaspaim candlea,60 do CastUo soap, ,i i . t
300 bxs shaving soap, 100 cks Boston, salaratus, ,
200 bxs starch, 200 bbls Wilmington, tar, ,.t , , ,
100 bbls cider Stnegsi't 300 egS nfls powdtr, ' u'
100 kers blsatin j powder, 100 caaaa canister do,
t miUion C. 1. caps, 100 M feat safety fuse,
SfiO bsg s pcppsT 1C0 de sUptce, 10 eases iatsf
, JJ J For wbich tha highest price will ba paid
in cash, at the " St. Leuis Store Store.'
mcblSdtf; C. W. BRTAN
New Boot and Shoe Rfaaifaetorj
THE UNDERSIGN r.D takes thia metiod !
of lufonoing his old customer, friend Ftil
and the public generally, that I have again ' UaV
commenced tbe msnutaclure of Boot and bhoesof ths
very best malarial. Parsons wishing article in -cay
line will do Well to give me k call, before purchasing
elsewhere, as my stock is well sellected, comprising
the 'best article of French and American calfskins,
ditto kip, ae ppcr, aril of Which I Will make to.
order at lb shortest notice.
EV bbop on Hill street, a few doors east of Solans
Store. HIVHARU rijPATKXi;a.
P. S. I will keep conslsntly onbsnd an esrtmWt
of fine calf boots, kip boots alsa, coarse boot end
shoe, which I will warrant to be of the eery beat,
quality.' " fmchl.dlmwtfj H. T.
PatlladelBhia ClolhlB? Store,
In Commercial Row,
IB A TK3V SUPERIOK hM af CMhlac, mt Mlaet mytm,
enllakle for Bpr!nf an4 Suwaiar wear. Tha aricta ar -ry
law, na4 aa Um ao4a ara all wall atkwtad. and afenae Ma-
latial, Biirchaaara taaaM rail k ba tuliad. . Wa ka anit aS
Shaaa, If au ana Cape, Carpal , La4l Shat., Pocket
Haatf karchltlk, Ckwaa, Ita. CkWS Clalklaf, bat a llllle a
rjinitit ia. . i . ' I ' a
aatteidef It aS Smakta te ttwnt aties. aad waalS W pltatvd
rail N Um aaaal, anS k llw k nktStut, lltaial atrvaal, aa
aa aabrla laSaMMat far latll Mass la Mnctratil.
. a :i . . OfeAKSTOM, ;
Stable darnS
MOTICE is hereby riven that the nnderslaSied ad
ministratoroftbe eitat of RACHAEL NORTON,
deceased, will apply al the May term of tbe Ralls
Couaty Court, te maka final settlement of skid estate.
when and where all persons interested Csn alteud if
tbey think proper. VlaiSsBS IiOKiyK, Admr.
April 7, li-w4t it ' . i -it
A Meeting of tha tUockholdera of tba Hannibal
J. Library .Institute, will be held oa TUESDAY
Evening, April 6(h, at early candle light, at tha Olfic
of Pr. D. T. Mortasu " t -i' U i ' .
' Impevteet business wi.M be presented end ,all atet
esteVe ladled to attend, (asch is.tw)

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