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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, April 20, 1853, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Thitnfr Afrte arrived at New York on
lha I8tb With Llvtrpool data to tho flth. lk
on li quoted Uu aotlv. Beef ind fork no
Improvement. Flour had declined li,
Sir Laoy do Evani yivt rtntleo In tho Home
o! Lordi, of t oorretpendence between tho lit
Uh Government, Spain, Frknoe nd tho United
fitatai, concerning th allegnd Cult annexe
lion. '
, Tho Mli-ourl rlvor I overflowing nil th.
low Inndi about Council lHulIe. Tho
Drumwlcktr lay that nit txiircw juit in
from tho mountitlni, ropieaontetl tho anow
allying very deep above. Tho Missouri
li ot rlilng at Hrunnwlck.
By the f eoine.
The Iron tnntt'.m lit South Si.Toid..hlro
have rtmolved tion a deciraaa of 520 per
A letter to the Now York Tribune, from
Snte Francleco,. tin toil April lfttli, ilttlei thnt
tho trniimhlp Indopendenee, duo on the
13th of February,' with 500 pBMengem, hnd
not been heard from for wonily a month,
The Alta Unliiornla thinka there nre no
roaionahle p'ounda for alarm un yet.
"I "Ml. HANK will Itetnie jVmw
XJ evening, commencing l c Jock, In thn Cliilet
Ian Church, on "Jtpuilu! Mtiulotnttitni."
A Negro Woman and Child
p.tionir r
ri.iV.I Ui) WM. P. UWsM'.Y.
NArt.it, Throe hundred l'erln were nr
rented concerned In. llio attempted Ineurreellon
nt Pulermni ftvo wero exeeuted. Swlae eolillere
wore found naeaialnoted with ponlnrde In their
iirenata, to whluh were appended A piece of tie
per containing word of vrtiinmin of Masr tnl.
Tho government or nlutly immediately imu eev
rid peraene erroated and ehot, nt the eainn tlmo
laming a pTirulmnitlon thrrmlenlng to rato thn
eitle uf Molly tn the around. The alarm ipreiul
' to Naplre, where all Nlel'mr. rt'tdenti Went nr
dered to louve,
Ureal mtU ity m prevalent In Hiielii, many
aoldiera uu lurlliMh nre ordered to join their
regime nte.
A aline It of an earllupilie win felt nt. l'ort
mouth on the. Bth. und wne nlo noticed nlonjr.
in tet eeaat of I ranee.
BoUtl lettee. ' '
Klder U. 11. Moore, of forli, Ky., will preach
at tho Chrlittan Church, on Saturday night,
23d tnit., and on tho following Sunday, at 11
o'clock, dtd
A widely dovoloped eomplricy hoe recently
been detected In Berlin. It wan to have bro
ken out between tho 8d and 0th April, and had
rntnlflentloni throughout Germany .
l'.hland hae promlied thn Auitrlan govern'
nient that ahe would keep on eye on tho pro
eeadlnira of Kouuth, Manlal, and other refit
gaea.to prevent their engaging In any more ploti)
and if they come within reach of the law, they
iheuld be Immediately preiecttted,
'PHE finder will e liberally rewatiltil, If he will
JL kave It at thti olSne, or kl the Arrena Mill.
tt li nnl vt ilntormlhtil hf.
But 0. W, BRYAN wnnta $10,000 In
At tli Itt. Loula Hlove eioio, for winch he wilt W
in enphanee, .
rilltr'a Olehratrd ChMrtr ORk nuel
rionrrr auk 8to)Te,
At Ihe ,owen:ah 1'ilea.
l St. Lauli Hlnv Store, Main Strut, two rlnura
mtrtli or tne uranv uoute. v, w.miiia".
WE the uilriiltni(, hivlni UMdOlleif, Filler1
Celebrated Cltrt OjJ AlrTIht Cnakfia
bv HlW of hi. Louk and ml
ef lUi'nlbil, Mo., take plea
ain. Manuletnrad
bv l!. W. IHlYANl
uri In rrttininemtliil them to tlie onblle tuiierlor In
point of Uiafl, economy el' Tuel, convenience ami eaie
or riiiUtlon, to any AlrTllit Cook Stove wbioh vro
hve evr oA, , . ,
M. V. Htlilnslte, I lohn ratlrlJxs
William Itliunl. I', tleoty.
;j.l'. Clark, (pt-T .l If.)
fltat Inferlliiu, I'Ivk Onll a Mno
Kch liiixrlton itriirwili, To and a ltil(Cati a
Advf rtlnnnit nt will bi pnbllnlied frnm ila tn twrlvt
dyi al T io On! a Un Im earb iiitvrtien, Ineluduig
in eru,
A tinlt(ma and taty ran be areumiuedatad llh
a Itnnm id rloani, In prlvaie lamlly, In a
nlMi! ultiittlon, II' prlli'ilon be made aonn.
Addie IIuk 101 I'flit Ulllrf, (RiW ri-at)
Thin Kitning, al enri Vniulh Ai'ijAf, in fmni
oftht i.Vfy er.
NOTICK la lieieby alven that Hi un.lril(ri,l ml.
mlnlitratnr tins btolnrd from tli t'lerk of the
llalli Cnniity Court, In vaf atlnn, Inline c.r edinlnnlr.
linn With the will anni'Vixl, mi the ontaln nl JOHN
11YAH!, draiillbinilnilnl Arrll II, I'M.
All perioni havliiK Ovmund aialimt naid ettnl, am
reqnlrrd to exhibit Uiom fnr illowanrr, within un yeitr
from the date of uld Utlra, ortliev mny b precluded
fiom any benent of laid ftele, and l turn rUlinnrn
mil exhlbltrd wllhln Hum yearn thev will be forevei
barred. (.' ATII AniNK II V A US, Atmlulotratrlk,
April CO, lSi3,-wni
"PUR farm fnnnerlv belniiiiiia tn Jmpli Hi'ki'iliy,
X lylm In Piilln Tnwmlilp, Ivulli emmly Mo,, con.
talultiK funr hniulred nnd fmty ann with e oml 1'rnme
hoime, with Iwn inomi blnv end two nlmve,wlth two
Roodmeiieflilmneyi, a kliehen with a tnu vlilmney
and oihnr out bnllillnaii, miwaidi nt one hundrnd uvrM
unilrr fiMiee, eighty In enlilvatlon, the irinHlmlirU well
tlmnerfil, Inyi li Ik it and rtiy and nioitlv ol the brt el i
npland Mlaiourl Hull, wltn a Rnod beailiiK oichard ol'i
elrri IVnlt, a aprlng llml never futli of Ihx heil of v
Irr, mrioiinilcil by deme nvlllfincKt of Riiod I'llircin,'
two rhiirrhf rieer, tli fUrthrt not mme thnn three
Mile, n eciiool noixe witlilti one mile, wlmre nn oijun. '
Ued tchool li tiiiKht. A wariunly ilred Will be lunile.
Foi faitliir irtlviitiii ee the premier, vtirh will be:
hown by Namnel trwatleii, living nn the m.
April 41, l(,V WII.I.IKM M. HAt-'KICIlltV.
Mr. (lv.o. HcniinTKM. ntut It. i Iakknm
I'll, , kn luilli.ilii.d lu , I fii? lm In the ritl.-mml tint "" i
oln nf Iiii.Imim inmirr., JNn. 0, MLATt lll'iiHB i
MitlilRVdWIm I
NT. I.Ol'IS, MO.
rpilK rmilr Annual Premium fur the fnur beat
X h"hiuln ot tnbucco, the ginwlh of this State,
will be awarded on Friday, ITlh June nuxt, aa fullowi
for the Aral premium bhd. mannlecturlne tebaree, T0
eecnnd " " " "
i flrt " ihlnidnt "
econd " "
The JiuIrm will, ai formerly, be aeleeled
I'lnnler, or ineir nni.
It I desirable that lubarco Intended fer enmpelltlea,
honld be h!pped in a lo arrive In Nt. Uul a week
pievlmi In Hie day of tale and be narked "Pirinluin."
All loharco cniiilgned to na will be covered ky our
nnl lev ol' iiiaiimnae. bv wrMln linured" en the bill
. '.. V ... -'ill ' .
01 lailint. l miu per nnu., wnnie r" puiucumt imguni
I tpeditfd. HKItlllOUU k SOIf, Proprietor.
by th
And for aaUatth'Lnne llitlldlng" comet of
Main and lllrd atreiita,
ALT. KINDS OK" 0A1U):. HKKDU-Onlon eeti
Dine raii and timothy ed t Clover ad by the
barrel or buihel. Agneil atioitment nf Oreaerlea,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Urooin, Cotton Yarn
Ontton battlni. All kind of Nut. Orange, Umnni,
i ll, and a but of arllelei not mentioned here Like
wlie.a thomandthlnolhal I nnl hurelor il. Ant
loo. to .eMail lor CANIt UP AND TIIK MONRf
DOWN. I.Ike to furtot one thing, the F.aele Mill
flour la her tool marlOdlf T, JACKSON.
J CRT reeelved, a lre etocK of Joelnr, at He
CITY JtWILET IT0XI. Pnrchaier will (tn
No, lb) and J'J bernnd etreel, rK Poit Olltf.
1033. Bt LouiB, Mo. 1033,
UAH In More and I In receipt of thn following de.
. rul'le tloclt of Oroi erle, which la olferied at the
Inweit market rale fur prnmnt pay i
bOD hhdt N. 0. and cIT'd Mgr, 301 bbU r.l'fM do,
in blillluerd nit, 100 bit chocolate,
9ii(i bo Are cravkei, AO krg i bar lead,
(mil bs or on mioi, mn no duck anot
luirfANG Y AND M PLE (loODS! ! f
ft tall thai atlaiitliili til' luirrhttiatri vetitttrk II v to their e aiefultv oalerted ilerk cf Irexlt and
Tn.aMMeia:Kaijamm.:aB'. jsa
Which we have but received, They rer partlvnlaily to their lock of
P. M H HUI lit. Klfcfl Ul
aMliUr Un,IWrellBlfk
i. ...nr. i H......k f.n.. k i-Tkl. u r n. m.t rainnlet ever brmiullt lo till r It v
I) It KAN UOf) US Print, UliiRhamt, Jaconet, and l.awna, Uatage l Ulnv, IlKinntr, plum and llgured
1'rench Chlniaoa'for children ) Humniere! I.aine, Alnpanen. Popllne, kt,
QUVM Blf.KH-Aaelectlon el ttitiuo.l elegant rlllnnabletvle,antng whlrhare the plain colored Poult
de olea, m much In demand i alio a vuiiMy ei filar bIIIkk, of all width nnd pnci, I
BONN NTS AND RIBBONS A Hupeiior Selacllon, and eneaper tnin w m eiyi r..r ...... (
GENTLEMEN'S WKAn-Calmeir.l.lnena, Denn II'Kte, V.tlngi.end Ci)ttoiMid.H,.f the iiewtyle
lioar1neiioitmewtof Chlldrn,ir.Ortiti,aitehilJaahmeioltelTweede,Aie.
STAPt.V.S AND 8UNORIES-!mtlr, Check. Hloaory, t.hainbraye, Nunheen... ( nrln ji M'l'l n ,
lhawl. ItandKarehelf, Cravat, HeaUry, r'lanneli, Hwli and Jaconet Mulin, lnh t.limn, l.allc' Mitit,
too ream tea nnnei', Hill bH Itmon vrun
iliH)lieKillvynlt,l(K)ildo(. A. do,S0ddo L, il'itn,
1)00 tu a hoop bucket, SUil do S hoop do,
M ilna hall bucket, 3(H) rtuata B'l'd tub, I It I ach,
100 dor. vine wah bnard, 150 lx cloihr plm,
UDile well.tincket. 300 be block natelia,
Vuu Itoinan nintcbee, 100 bbl nikum,
400 lihl hmter and water tiaekera. 100 do plleh,
inn bhlH rn.ln, '.'Ail hx rlny pipe, 100 do ttnn de,
iin I'ltoeeg'v'd Turk plpe-beala, UH bbl paarl btil'v,
00 dcraliokii. I In 5 gallon, 100 eki rice,
10 bid ipllt ppui, UO bat Rrlll.li iuitre,
1(e) bx dnnliln tvllnud (alaeialu,
Klcnnli Krolcli ale, Vo bhl Mamn'a blacking.
!!un Imlt Mil r It v und La. S, II, mole.
H00 chcU Ii'I gieen and bUtk ten, 400 bxi Oe de,
100 pit golden viii., fiOi' b Va aad Mi, tobacco
X00 cut "inok'n iiiniirco, tun do cut clieivlng do,
100 lix yellow bunk do, lift lu rpui.ltt tnuk'g do,
100 hi Macnhny nmif, V bbli R.-ntoh de,
BO m regalia elir,'U) Mprlnclpe do,
) M ltiiiilii,ni,o box. melee do,
'U') f.oxrM Cuba and Havana lxe do,
1011 dK M, K, rulxlii, lOOOdruin Klinefig,
AO caoia ynte enrraril, 60 fialUdnte,
M eanl( primp, t caie do, In gle,
JiUl bbU A H. nlinondu, 91) do If, at do,9K do nilierle,
Vn bbl f:nrlin walnut, va an cream nut,
la eall and examine hulurupiirruaalug eUewher
CtAPT. A. K. HOllAHDS, fnnnerlv of
' the Htateol' Kentecky, havlnu taUen
the Krady HoimelntheClty of llnnnlbitl,
Mo.. for' a terei ofveiim. wouldranrct
All til l I I I .. t
iuiiv (unrii ueerai anern ni rounn rnironu.
woum no: uiaxe any iixirituriiiuary prorni, li ,t l
wlihe ao in enndimt the loiie, at to muke it dotw
the patronage whh'h he hope It willrerrvi. Itatlrg
a general ucoiulntance tliriui(h till and Km inljo'.plng
(lieln, he will Ink ileauiin cnmiuiinleatlng n:a
Informal ln to trnvrlui a lliev may deiliei lluiti l'atl
being the point of einbarniklliiii, for a largo portion tf
kiiim, xii n n.. eaing ua poini oi lunuarciiuiiii, mr n irg portion tt
tnenia ciip and letter piiper,ai'(Kidn wrepptng do, ( travel lu and fiout the country bordering u ',Ue
Mluoiirl Itlver.
IJT He will at all lime be nrnnarrd toaceommoJnte
the ttavelera with horn, canliige and waion, a ,
aa mean ni conveyance io any uiiiaut poini.
April Tin, le.ij, mtRjm'i
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrcurt Mill.
IMltMVRS AND MKIICJf ANTS I'nttiieg to lUr.
nlhat with the Intenlluit ol' i.iik wheat and ln
tng Hour, would do well tn full mid ere ua bnfore e'l.
tne er purchailng rlnewhere, llememher (he liirt o'onn
Mill on Bird, between MdIii and Third etreet. 01.
uiarnll, ,, ft, UOIIAtlDH k SON.
If N, II. ft ir I'liuir I nld nowhere elm but at tk
Mill. Every ml and barrel hbnmded with ournami
nn Id
mchtildtf "A.S HOIIArtDH fc SON."
IKS- 01 real r'reielt wnrk t Collar, with andwlthont point Cnder Hleve I.adlet Km
(rchair relfflnir and lnrtlng Traml'errlng Band, CUeml.etie t Cap elan, Mima
Choapont and Bout Writing Ink.
TT liltirriMUIIAM At liUO, ,u now manu.
i t'ectuiliig HUok Writing ink ol' a iiperlorqull.
t), whloli they U very cheep . thirty cent a dote,
euiie. or five ceiilt a Diet. Steel iten inav b left
, 40m) keg nail, 4 tntid.nOO do blued land ;tde.alla, leunding In thltlnk any length nf lime without eorn.
1 M) do leiu'e doll, H end 10. IftOdo bind do, , a ami 10, 1 d lnj,
1 jii(idi)lliillilngdo,H,Sai'.dlO,IOOd(iwrnughtdii, I p, 9. At whnllc, they will ')! It at Strt a br
TS do iilU, d to 7 in, IfiObxi taulri, 4 to 1 1 i,do,li, I mrtt 'JJ d-tl 1
noil ling COMDIl jrrn, mi mu iinirn ....... . , . . ,
Tlnr'CSrcdhwb-k ,,,,, 1 0 iti roUNlW Or 01.11 COPI'M Want
. eoa''VM. Ver. which lh.hlhe.tpr,.,. will be P..
: ..Iii i t..- N-,,. , o..i x ' ' i in eauli, at the" nt.i.ont move more,"
,um iim win. iii. .-.. .."..., - .., i,,lii,i,lil'
atil-a halltle. ftinl f3leuaia. afAMrtlei kml Pah
BOOTS AND SllOKS-.W wl.h lo call the attention of the T.vlie to our nine x nf l.d'
tiave aome of the (tne! and lateit tyle onUim made, We have alo an exoallnnt ntuiu ol M in
JtenNNhoaiend n'.tVom . wnntet o t i.ooareeat. ,K. Mlll
llAin Arvu PAi'Buenia' una mix uata, an pine n cipuim n ; ..,,,.,
,' ami
. , , . i i ,i i.u .i..
U(1 nnnrne iicirmx, n"i um rirn uu.
(10 ckt P.ng, endll'ti, til lo l.ritud U.v k do,
hM hxei)ililh, 100 lh ai)h,1ld bbl No, I aalunnt,
000 can Hullliiioie Cove oyuien,
60 ce aidlui't, wlinlei,linlf and mutter,
Ml bbl Veean nuta, 100 bi pea nut,
1000 lliblicl iirien nr
npnlei, ft'io do dried iearhr.
000 bx teltow rniitllee, COO bx palm oup,
i tiewcat Pattern and Wyle. . . .
. nnd atar eernetmg, whleh we will etl al m.
l.inl price,
et a
even If
Palm Leal' Ht, tJeul' end Hey'.
CARP TS we have a lot or ingrain, tiMnty, ana atar earpeuux, V -i
COUNTRY MERCHANTS AN& mIi.U N:US-Will nnd in thi fSAVu
..i. , .... .1, .u ,.... ii ..).,. j c.,. ik. trnHnrtxr. in the K.it. will be eold at euiii price
I Z fc IV tR Irfiattoi: Can ad mmtnVth. tiooda b.toi. purch.,ln? f'
i i not buy, wlll be plcaied to how (hem. ap IM-Iy Ol LI.NS k WWI' "1-"'
T"TliTe"iiT lie d i?tl"o nfn t lie" l'"r l' o ts of"
Anrl In all thu alflorcnt Klnda of Good "anally kept In llnnnilial 1 1
otevej..l received the LAItflF.ST AND ThTmOST TASTY I W ( ' a h.d. rf ttood, ever
jKtsau'S ms&s ffiaw-fl w &u
Wholesale or Rotalll
ron'tbetleN-eawonUntllyoiteomeandaeeforyouraolvea.ror Prlcei here have Declined,
We have a very
Urge Lot of
rMtiee Af all ahitiloa at itrl QuitUtUaM
nt. and a Ixtb and taty .orimeat of Ladle' Khoea of alt klnda. Parawl, all color and Price! Jlou.
?. Cn..m M to Chanjeablemtkarovta cent per yard, a very due a,
rtlnaut of Lawmt BareM de I.aine , llata, Cap, and a . '
' VA-e.; . .i.-. " ' ' ' ' ' ' CHI'.AP SI ORE.
BO uK Ulnananap, vuvi un uir cuimira,
nilbx apeim eandle. Midi (Willie ep,
noO bx Kliavliig uap, lilO ekt lloitmi ttirW,
Quo bx inreli,VOii lib. Wilmington tr,
100 bbl cider vinegar, JOO beg rltle powder,
800 keit blantliig powiir, 100 i:a4 caniatni' iU,
II million O. D. eai a, 100 M I'ael mlety In.,
too bug pepier, lOii il aUplve, 10 c.i rntmeg,
QO bbU clevn, 1AO0 natt eaila,tlO bhli gr'd glt'ger,
lift bag race ginger, 100 bxi Riuttaid,
SO canixtera muVird , HO keg K.nglifh do,
;tt)0 hxt Vuderwooil' picklet.StiDiloprpperaauce,
jno bxa tnmatoe eatai p, lOdo Cayenne pepper,
300 bx atauited eaudy. 10 do rock do,
you hx nunrted ground iple, ftOOdoa bed ceid',
000 enll Manilla cordag attnried.
10 hi flax MWlng twine, DOilO lb broom twin,
(too bx window aW, 7x0 to lOxlt,
100 bxa ouart Itaak, 3X) do pt do, SO hi id do,
00 bx lumhli'V, nM, (10 do gla tleeanter,
000 bx inat Jar, 60 cimoni H. V, Indigo,
A cm Mitdraa liidlgOi 1 do Manilla du,
10 catk crop madilee, 60 bbl alum,
flO bbla eopperai, U3 do erlmttone, I rk aulphm ,
UO bbla chop logwood, M bx extiat do,
100 eaak earb aoilu, 0 rk waihlng do.
10 bbla Kpaom aalt, 100 bx black ink,
S eaaea white chalk. S3 bbl whiting,
S bbl putty, in biaditai, a ao camphor,
on Kg
IA ca.e
tfl bbl !ainera oil. BO bat I
too nncket brown Java eoiVee.OO bbla Jainalclld.
Hm) bbla N, O. molaiiei, 800 do city and La. S, , do
900 bbla loaf,pewd and ertuhad angar,
lAOO bag hie eoOee, 400 hagt Ugnayra eoflee,
StXI bid rectified whltky, AO do Bamhoti do,
tOO bbla ronenl;aha do, I de eye de,
10A bblr Am. htamly, 19 ! dn glii)
; New Boot nid Shoe Mamifiirtorjt
,flMir. DNDKHSKiNr 1) take (hit method -et.
L n liil'nrmlng hi old euHtoiner, filnndt f til
land the imhlle ginemlly, that I hate iirIii " Voa.
' .- '.I..... ..,' .1 ...I. ...I CL fIL.
rnmiovoci'ii ,iii uiniiitturuin' ui iimnn niui r.,iuoi iup
very bet matrrlul, Ptieon wlililng artlelai la my
line w ill dn well to give me n cull, hcMm puicliatlug
elsewhere, a my tloek l well (.cllout.-.t, cnmpillu
Ihn bait aiilel nf I'lench and Aincrlcun call eklne
ditto lilp, ditto upper, nil ol' which t will make to
order nt. the horl.t notice,
If Hhop on Hill atreet, a few door eait or Setmae
P, H.l will keep cwnttautly on hand anaitortment
of fine calf boot, kip hoot i aUo, eoare boota and
ahoei, which 1 will wrrnt t he of th very beat
(piallty, rinchltl.il luiwll' J It. Y,
" ' ' ' AT' Tit K
riillndcliihlA (lotlilnir More,
In Commercial Row,
a Yt'RV ai'n.num tot nr t iuthme. r taiMi nyi.e
llual mr Htlna and Ouinmer wear, TH" ptlrea an
iv lnwi an III, amiila are ell well eeleelcl. neil 'if .' iu
l.ilal, tinrrliaai re f annul fittl I he aiOleit, V have ll.ni, h
Ifhina, llata and l'ai. taril M nin, LliV Hlmaa, fi.K'l
lUriOaerehleia, Uluvn, fco. Olileily t'luinili), but a lllll
"iVei'aufi'f II nu Inutile In ahnw gimrf, anil wnuU keim
I te wall a Ihi' touiila, anil bt llmlr uiii jlent , buinio a.rvmii,
j far irrlli loeucuuiiina lr their BiieeieH f
' aichMdSm Aami.
I potty, in oiauiiti, s oo campuor,
g aaltpetre, lOiki oa yelpowdi',
iet a'd plavlng ennle, 1100 ifoa broeui.
Il tanner oil, 60 batlieta aalad Oil,
, VjnOt'OKAl, will bf retrlVfil at lh llffina nr III ewrrtarf
I ul ihe ny l.'etiy Plank llimil rimiimiiy, iwhlni ertina I
lh linnii' nr Mr, Tfinm Hull, Rlnilailiiieai llllnnlii auA aiMi
11 l'ie nrtlr of Ilia Twaniirer nf enld ilnin,an (aneilil,
mieaoeriii eniii vauiieav. tea in er Aru mr viti
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