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tSoofr Btltttib Pattrg.
OJsaejsaal .
. ITMtt rNl.tlDMM. I
s51 ayes) arc full of darge--,
tBawanj tblr tender glow I
nT'H leave thy heart 4 Strang ef
To peaeefal hours below I
1 Wirt yoa aiea (ivt earnest heed
att ant Wright eyes your sight mislead
And whii blat ayes your glances win,
Xoek not loo deep too deep therein.
Jlue eyes with aoul era beaming,
Thay look thee tbroagh and through
JTlUi ligkt af love they're streaming,
, S Bild, and warm, and true.
lad When my heart is tor distressed,
Aad aerroW Alia y lonely breast,
Let, than, blaa ayes my glances win,
Whet joy, what Miss, 1 it thertial
Hut eyes from heaven art lighted .
With holy, loot- born glow, '
To cheer poor aaaa benighted,
And charsa him out of woa I
And when cold wintry clouda arise,
And ihroud la gray tho sunny ekree,
'Tbea lot btua oyoa my glancoa win
I Bod ssy tky ray day Iherln
A very inUreetiaf leial baa btta igoing an,
durinf several daja past, before Recorder Holt.
At the laat oscclinf af tha City Council, a
Mr. Gayart applied far a tavern license, with a
view of telling liquor under it. This wee re
fused, and ho proceeded to acll under hit State
and county license, and without a city license.
Illewaa arroetod, a jury cnpaanelled, and law
jere M. P. Green .ana! L. L. Hawkine, for the
city, and R. F. Richmond and Woa. P. HarrU
ton, for tha defendant, argued tho case on
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.
Tha case wae finally decided by a jury of 12,
in favor of the city. Gayart waaiined one hun
dred dollari and coots. The coata willie pretty
Wo have not been able to attend the trial, but
understand it waa protracted by the discussion
of two educations which tho counsel for the
defendant insisted on arguing before the jury.
Oue was, whether the Legislature had delegated
the power claimed in the ordinanoe. The other
was, whether tho Legislature could constitu
tionally delegate such a power. .The case will
probably bo carried u,p.
Early on Saturday morning, Luke Ontario
witnot if d another of those torrible csl unities
-which have become ao common of late that they
fail to wrest attention unless accompanied 'by
unusual recklessness or mora than common losa
-of life. Tho Octan Wan steamer with 60 souls
on board took "fire .when on her downward trip
free Hamilton, about 40 miloa above Kingston:
.and although within a mile and a half of tbVC
jtwlian jhore, wae burnt till tho weight of the
ojuohinory eunk bar. 6b evaa a new steamer,
ihi being only her second season. What was
tha cauae of the fire, whether she was properly
provided with buckets aad life-preservers,
whether ofiioore and crew did all that men could
do for tho- preservation of tho property and life
oamitlod to their jehaige, we are not vary def.
.ilaiiely inrormec. ino law ana wo know,
however, and it 'throws -auspicion upon somebody-with
our present limited knowledge of the
If acta we cannot aay upon whom the raoull
waa tha loss by fire or water- of 28 of tho 60
persons on board. The Extra. Ogdensburg
Sentinel says: giving Mr. Blaekroan, one of tho
crew, af authority, that while tho- wreck was
burning, a high-pressure steamer passed with
out rendering assistance, merely inquiring the
name .of tho vessel, Waa that high-pressure
toamer manned by men, or devils, that they
could .past by where score of human beings
were awaiting evident destruction ? If tho
k statement is strictly true, probably tho Captain
did not' think much about it. lie might have
thought that with ane eteainer less fan the lake,
freight might bo half a cent a ton higher so he
Jet (hem burn, asked tho name for useful
knowledges sake, and went about his business.
tWe dou'l know all the facta and it is wise to
wait for them before drawing conclusions.
But, all men who vakia life half ai higuly as
they do their property, will suspeot that not on
ly in our crowded ojtiea and along tho Hudson
-not only on the California coast, and on Use
linos of Western Vailroad but. a our groat
lakes as well, and all about us, rook m
the rule, and carefulness the exception. At
he late Chicago calUoion. ; tha 'Engineers and
vonductara ! fcvth trains, and tha Superinten
dent of the machine shops af ana of tho roads,
were found guilty of tha most culpable care
lessness. . Uxi Ik Coroner' Jury done its
asJhola dhtv. a aasnect it would lava found
tUl others ffuiUv to-wlt, the artployers who
ttBtjichtipoitat thargat t men eapable
i' su.-r I1..' ",f 1 . .' i in jiijii .ifsA
of forgetting their , responsibility'-"- If things
keep on as they are, wo shall think mora high
ly of those whoso fears make them home-keepers
who dor not travel for fear of accidents.
and stsy by their own houses; suspecting that
1Y. 1. l-.L.o !i c. : j ii n
wan, ik in o pectus jup-i mimmciu on ail nail
road and Steamboat lines 1 It is not. weak to
avoid a noted "murderers' alley" after night
fall; nor is it silly to bo afraid to ride on rail
oars conducted by madmen, with 'an 'Engineer
who don't care a fig for your life who never j
haa read an important rule of the road, though
printed on the time-table wkich he has thumbed
every hour of the day. It is not old womanish
to give up a pleasant trip on the lake, it vou en
in a boat which has every facility for taking
fire, and none at all for quenching it when the
flames burst forth. , If a Railroad line is deser
ted because it is no longer safe, the Directors
will soon enough learn to be careful. If the
traveling publio turn away from every route
which is strewn with the sacrifices of our in
creasing recklessness recklessness will speed-
Uy go out of date, and we shall bo treated as if
our lives wero worth the price of our tickets.
N. Y. Times, 4th.
For lbs Journal.
Since the enactment, by our City Council, of
the ordinance prohibiting the sule of liquor, on
Sunday, several of the b'hoy i, .old and young,
have been in the habit, in the place of attending
church, of taking a pleasure trip on the ferry
boat, to the head of the Sny, and making them
selves generally useful, in helping to wood,
Ste., in consideration of the privilege of taking
a jug of the crttttr along, On last Sunday
some person added a little tartar to the contents
of the jug, and the way it produced sj mp
toms of cholera, cramp cliolic, &c, was i
caution. The first feelings were a little
grumbling at the stomach, and the boys
would take a little -more to settle it, and
soon it would need still a little more to set
tie, ui'til, finally, the Ca).;ain, finding he
was about to lose crew and passengers, as
a meant of snv'mg them, threw the jug
overboard ; but the consequence did not
cenke here they presented a picture of a
vessel going to sea with a crowd of lands
men on 4joard, all laboring with sea-sick-
uess at once, and between the groans of
the suffering could be heard threatening
loud and deep against their self-nppoiuted
doctor, could they find him. One of the
party though; it was all up with him ; de
clared lie never had such on attack of
cramp relic before in his life ; sent for two
physicians, aud finally prepaied tw give up
tha ghost. Another mudtvon onslaught on
a pile of raw potatoes, as a means of set
tling his stomach, but he could notgel over
one potatoe down before 'twould come
roaring back again, with a sound like some
one hallooing "New York I" "New York I"
Now, we think that if this is the effect of
stringent temperance laws; if the health, com
fort and happiness of Ire people are to be ob
structed, and their rights trampled upon in this
manner, then I say, for one, that this is no longer
a free country; snl that our constitution ii
abused, and we had best not have any at sail I I
Wanted to Hire Immediately
Good Axolucn
TO elearthe timber off the line of the Rail Road,
1'iotn here to Talmyra.
Persons wishing to C'ontrset for f reding Sections
on t in line, cao k t a Fair Price per Cubic Yard for
ion (the ssme, aid Payments maJe Sisfictory to
b m y applying lu n, at this nlsee .r Palmvra.
Ha .ii. May It , 1853 (d2w) . M. frIZER.
Barber's Shop.
RESPECTFULLY offers hieer vices to the
publio. He keeps the best oualitv of mors.
and keeps them shai p. He will always pay
xtrict attention to cleanliness and neatness.
He cuts nnd dresses hair in a style that
never fails to pleaso his customers. As a
knight of the scissors and razor he yields to
none in Hannibal, tin chargesare reasona
bly low. As he intends to continue fitting
up and improving his establishment, as fast
as his means will allow, he hopes to have
the patronage of the citizens of Hannibal,
whose well known chief characteristic
of energ, leads them to desire to see
everything on the progressive march.
Recollect it is the shop -nearest to Hick
man's Stove Store. It is on the west side
of Main street, two doors north of Bird
street. (ap-23-d-lv)
the Luce Van,
Kercbant Taylor,
HAVE SMBcistfd thfmfelvfs tr-rrihrr for the
rn'poM of eanying on the TAILORING BUSl
NK8S in all its various branches.
On Main Mrret, one dooi north of tho Brady House,
and next door to ('. W. Bryan's Siove Store.
They have and will keep,tie bait or Journeymen all
le time, and will Kxeeule Work i Expeditiously,
neatly and as fashionably as they know how.
we m in noi sar we win ceat ine man that makes the
fashions, but will say tbey will keep as near ibe pic
luies as poisible.
Mr. Lennon has the largest, he.it and cheapeit stock
of Cloths, Cas.imeres, Vettings, I'limmings and Sum
mer Goods, that Hannibal ever bad the good luck to
have in it.
Vf Give ns a call gentlemen, you are bound to be
suited In my kind, or quality or Uovdi.
Hannibal, April 2S. MM.-dSm
Nos. 30 and 32 heroin! fired, near I'ost Office.
1853. St Louia, Mo. 1853.
II AS in ttore and is in receipt of Ihe following deti-
IX rable Mock of Groceries, which is otftrsed at the
lowest marfcet rates l r prompt iy :
60 l hints N. O. anil cl'fM siiRar, 300 bbU cl'fd do,
lOtKJpkgs M 11. rail-ins, 300(1 drums Kline figs.
M rsas Ziute einikril!, 6u liailndiitti,
50 casks primes, bit ca;es do, in class,
JiHJ I uls S. 8 almonds, 25 do 11. S.do.i.'ttlo filberts,
'ia bbls Englikti valnut. 26 do cream nut.
4000 kegs nails, 4 to 6d,.S()0 do blud2 sm! 3d naili,
AOO do lence doti. 8 and 10, 3'iOdo brad do, fi. H and 10,
li K1 do finishing do,6, 8 i;il 10, 100 do wrought do,
"i do piA. 4 lo 7 in. 1)0 bx tacks, to 14 ot,do,
SIHI bags rotton yarn, 2U0 do dozen do,
ISO bags white ea pet warp, IUU do cul'd do do,
400 bales baltiiig, 3u0 do candle wick,
300 do wrapping I wine, 000 bbls mackerel, 1, 23, and
300 half bbls mackerel. Nos. 1, 2 and 3,
100 bbls roe herrings, 600 bxs sealed do,
50 cfcs Eng. codfish, bO do Grand Bai.fc do,
12' O bxscodiish, 100 lbs each, 20 bbls No. 1 salmor.,
900 cans Baltimora Cove oysters,
bO cases sardines, wholes, half and quarters,
bO bbls pecan nuts, 100 bags pea nuts,
1000 bushels dried apples, bOO do dried peaches,
6' 0 bxs tallow candles, 200 bxs palm soap,
SO h Olesn soap. 200 do star candles.
Philadelphia Clothing Store,
In Commercial Row,
1st A VERY SUPKIUOll lot or ClMhinr, of laiwl alyles
tillable lor Hprlng and 0uffiuier wear. Tha prices ar
ty loar, i as His .m4 tin all H Mleeled, and ot sood tna
lerlal, pi'tliaaera ramini fall lo ke .nllttf. W liave Beciaad
rkues, Haia aad Caps, Carpel Bass, LadltV Slioet, Pocket
tiaiidherchlMia. Oioves, fcc CliUfljf CMmUiii(, but a lull
asirytlilne else.
I ennsidi-r Ii no tranhl In ahnw funds, aad would be pleat4
lo trail on lha people, and Imi llHilr obedient, bwiubla eervaal, aa
far aa odurlo mducaiuaiila (or Hull Unas Is x iM-rnrd.
asch30 dial . ' .Anl.
Daguerreotypes! Doguerrebty pes !I
w. P. PITTS,
Ilesirjerrt Daurrean Artist, woulJ simply re
il iu'ini the citiiens of Hannibal and surround,
ins; country that he is still takine pictures at his
Gallery on Main street, over Willson's hardware
store, and would inform them, that from recent
additions to his stock, and his increossd facilities,
ke it now prepared to take pictures In a style
lar opnor to any nereioiore.ia.eii in tut
and Jt reduced prioes. Call and ejtuminev ;
. , . . ' ap2fldtf.
- '
JLUU just now tr ud for sale wholesale
rih1 oheap), by i T. R-.pfXMES'.-
r"PIlE firm of Corte, Loekweod k CofiInan,are 'd
JL day dissolved by mulnal eonseidV Our bmn.vt
will continue under the nam ol Curts k. Lock wood,
who will pay all demaida againrfl the late Firm, ai.d
Receipt Tor all moneys due lliewim.
April HI, ICtM. 'AI.I K 1 i.
K. A. L'CKW000,
Thankful for past favors, ar.d in want of more.
would call the attention of tho Ladies and Gentlonito
to our nevr stock of
Dry Qooda anrl Groceries,
Which we pledga ourselves to sell oa lair terms aa
reasonable profits.
Jl"S4iectluiiy Yours,
(ap ao-d2iAwit) CURTS k, LOCKWOOD.
8T. LOUI9. MO.
THE regular Annual Premiums for the four brat
bogsbesds of tobacco, the growth of tb's S'.ate.
will be awarded on Friday, 17th June nex', as ful own
For tbe first premium bhd. manufacturing tobacco, i."0
sreonu " - 3,-
u first shinpins; 60
second - " " - li
The Judges will, ss formerly, be selected bv tht
Planters, or their agents.
It la desirable that tobacco intended for competition.
should be shipped so as to arrive in St. Louis a week
previous to the day of sale and be marked "Premium."
.All tobsceo consigned to us will be covered by our
policy of insurance, by writing "insured" on tho bill
of lading, at $75 per hhd., where no particular amouut
is specined. BF.RIHOUD fc SON. Proprietors.
It is not yet determined where.
But C. W. BRYAN wants
$10,000 in Cold,
At (lie St. Louis Stove Store, for which ho will envo
in exchange,
Filler's Celebrated Charter Oak end
Pioneer Cook Stoves,
At the Lowest Cash Piice.
K3T St. Louis Stove Store, Main Street, two doors
Norlh of the Brady House. C. W. BRYAN.
WE the undersigned, having used Giles F. Filler's
Cooking Stove, Manufactured by Filley of St. Louts,
and sold by
Of Hannibal, Mo.,
Take pleasure in recommending them to the publie aa
superior in point of ill aft, economy of fuel, convenience
and rare or regulation, lo any Air-Tight Cook Stove
which we nsve ever aen usou.
M. F. Iinhinette,
William Shoot.
J. P. Clark,
Gardner Shultt,
John Partridge,
P. B-atv.
John Witheri,
Dr. M. F. Brown-
And for sale at the "Lone Building' corner X
Main and Bird streets,
Blue grass and timothy seeds ; Clover seed by Ilia
barrel or bushel. A general assortment or Groceries,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Broom. Cot'rn Yarns
Cotton batting. All kinds or Nuts. Orang -s, lemons.
Figs, and a host of articles not mentioned here ; Like
wise, a thousand things lha' inot here-fur sale Anx
ious to sell all for CASH UP AND Tilt. MONEH
DOWN. Like to forgot one thing, Hie I-'..;' Mills
flour is here tool uail.Mtr T. JACKSON.
Uouse sad Lot for Sale.
TftE undersigned wishes io sell his House and Lot.
J. situated on Sixth, between Bird and Hill 8trcots.
It Is a oas story framo bouse, axed eomfortablvr for a wd ,trln ,nortet uotu..
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Irrena 2IU2.
nibal with the intention ol selling wheat and buy
ing flour, would do well to cull ant see us More -ell
ing or purchasing elaewheie. Rrmr-mber the biga'one
Mill on Bird, between Main and Tnird streets. Give
us a call. A. KOBARDS SON.
KJ N. B. Our Flour is sild nu her el- but at the
Mill. Every sack and barrel is branded with eur name
on it:
tncb21dtf "A. S. ROBARDS ft, SON."
Caeapest and Best Writing Ink.
LT. hKlTHNOHAM at BRO. .ire now mann-
facturmp Black Writing Ink of a superior qualU
ty, which they sell very cheap thirty cents a dozen
cones, or five cents a pint. Steel pens may be left
standing In this ink any length of time without corro
ding. P. 8. At wholesale, tbey will sell it at $10 a bar
rel. fjnca-'2S d t
New Boot and Shoe Manufactory !
riinb unuMisitoiiii'.u isaes una ton ".on
X ol informing bis old customer, Cri":,ris
aad the public generally, that I hate again
commenced tbo manufacture of Boots an.t Mnejof tha
very best material. Persons wishing ertic! s in 1 my
line will do well to give sno a call, beior purchasing
elsewhere, as my stock is well sellected, comprising
the best article of French and American calf skins.
ditto kip, ditto upper, all of wbicb 1 will make to
. A snail family, witb all tha necouary out bml
.- tood garden, all kinds of shrabbery, and a fiuo
well ol
Possession riven Immeat Heir, and indtsflatabla title.
for tertsisJU., apply at thae Messenger office, or to
JaaTT .. r A. . MeDO.NAta
OT Shop oa tliU slreat, a f"W doom east of Se)mesL'
Store. . , KICHAKD f 1TZPATRICK. j'
V, S.I will keep constantly on bead an assortment '
of fins calf boots, kio beats also, oarsn boots abd
shoe, wbicb I wjll warrant to b of the very het
.uility, fmoM6-dJinwtrj l;.V,

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