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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, May 23, 1853, Image 2

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liiUlliA.Ll JuUKNAL
:0 OA EVuMXU, M l H l3
ZjAina:, ..... ta far lar mental
On yesterday, the Jem.iie Deans ut
n4tite two aviiers at this l e. .'
nothing Wki known or haard of hiiw tor more
ih.m year. At U, however, he u found,
nd id circumstances which left no duubt as to
i he rn.-tmei in which his European esperinees
who, upou examination, were piun niti'' vl ,h-d been b-ught. Orie morning, the American
to have the Small l'vx. TI.U mr.. ,.v, r. i.urgn, w. mmm i
Cn'l. Bovvn arcoiiipu.ied 1 1 e Alnr-I.al tu
IK Iilb iAiLt joch.VAI.
r.vt lu.'ciiiuii. i it . . , 4 1. H
..kit IiisvIllOi. ifirl-wids, T0 iiiJ UiTC. li'i
Ailvtttitesitnti will bt publitlitit from tix totwlvr
iajm at To Ctnll Lum Ur cb ii.itMou, inc uil i t
:b kikt
We have often sai l, and repent the claim,
thru Northern Missouri is one f l'ie iml
fti'tile district of country in the United
S.tt.., nnd perhaps io. the woild. Our soli
ttiiher requirt nrlifirl.il stimulants nor
l.ri::on. It produces weeds and every
ItitiJ of grass without cultivation or stiniu
K.n:, tin J in the greatest profusion : and,
but partially cultivated, nm pi eductions
per arte vastly exceed those of the far
lam! Kentucky aud Ohio kinds.
But while we- insist upon the truth ol
these facts wa ate sorely puzzled to account
f straogirs and to ourselves, why it is
that, almost every day, we sou arriving at
our wharf, delivered for rule, and lor th
coniump'.ion. of our people, utmost even
article (except hemp, tobacco and wheat)
which our rich tad thrifty agriculturist.
ought to produce and furnish. Savin.
nothing of plows, carta, wagon, casting-!.
and other agricultural articles which ui
mechanic ought to furnish, we are pained
to see, almost every dy, landing from
above and below, corn, corn-meal, flour,
chop-sturT for feed, potatoes, butter, and
even eggs. It Is well known that our fam
ily grocers, In order to a supply, for the
demands of the city, ore contained to go
or send to our more frugal or more indu
strious neighbors of Illinois and Iowa, or to
St. Louis, for large quantities of the above
mentioned articles. But the city people
are not their only customers. Respectable
farmers are often found buying potatoes,
bacon, flour and meal, so imported ! How
is this? Will any one furnish the true
We alio import largely of another pro.
duct of the Held ; but on this, except as to
the quality, we manage to make up the dil
ference In exchange. We import largelv
of whisky ot a good quality. This wc mix,
or rectify," and send back to them, at a
less price than we pay. So that, except to
tnuc,h of it as we indirectly exchange for
hemp, tobacco and wheat, in the buck
country, we are nearly even-with our neigh,
bora on that article. This exchange is in
direct, it is true, but thoe other article-
operate in a manner to produce a direct
drain of my and a Itss. It may be that
our country u not suflicie&tly settled; or
that the facilities of good road ar wimtiag.
Botlx, perhaps, may be pleaded , but we
hope that, when our plunk roads are fin
ished, and when the railroad shall be put in
motion, that instead of importing we shall
be able to obtain supplies for home con
sumption and for export. We could ray
much on this subject, but our limits forbid,
at this time.
The fact that two Small Pox patients
were landed here from a boat, yesterday,
shoulJ remind our citizens of the propriety
of providing permanently a suitable pluoe
for persons afflicted with contagious diseases.
the Recoidec's (lice, n ad gave an exp!an
atioti vf Uie matter, hoi it nt being a i--l
ic.tory,,a (l ie ol fiity dollars wan put upon
him. lie did not pay the fine, and the case
Mill be taken up.
The invalid were poor pprons. ani hid
paid about their Inst money to iret to this
place, nnd would it Imve l-een I'liM, with
out knowi.ig they hud the Small lVx, to
put them olF i:i the woods, to ftuffer and
die? Would it have been light, knowing
they had it ? X.
Kcwarkiiig upon un uiticle in the Bloom
ii.gton Uepublkun, the UanuibaLMesjenger
W i.-hing hnwevtP larhow that thii city
was hostile to 1'airayra, the Bioomingtoli
tlrpuhlicati charges the Journal of this city
with iruVepre-ebtiug Mr. i'ratte, and al
ledues tM. Mr. IVatte in its opinion naid
there is hostility in Hannibal toward
i'ulmyrs.' Mr. I'ratte has bten represented
(nnd truly we doubt not) to have xnid th t
Hostility existed in Palmyra towards Han
nihul. Mr. I'ratte is aware of that fact, and
has ruu denied it, or i,;nilird his dip
jiroval if it. Why thfie ore does Hie Ke
publicao seek nviuuke him say wnat he ui.l
not say ? cUaxl to et I'almyra ngninst
tUunihali to maguify die pretended
wrong to the former, nnd to plant in h-r
txisoin the roost deadly ammoaitiei toward
the latter.
1 ElvElT US MLt-tiAil lZX
Th wirclf of Tm r tail; j ri wii'iiis
Clit'mr4 rmatioin uv'trt ira ti an g
but inorul wreck, H i'li mui n,i w:i.' vncr,
ipralte to the li null lieail of u U -i : .).,
AlJ ultrrtaUwu 4rninc As.x
CDa allis r t.
Many ve.-.rs 4fr i'l IIm iih r .- .he vr
eighteen fnut'lrf J and lil Ire li I m, r Inc.-
houit a v: 1 1'V ro'-rcii-n , uf N v York 'ouk
charce of u little boy, who Im.l b-en le;t an ur
plian. The pirrntsul' lluc'iild had bem actur
r tome liplit celebrity in the tlit aire tt the
United Stales; but d)iiig wi.hin a ahnrt tine or
each other, they left behind theua, in a state of
complete dentil ui inn, three young children.
The eldeit of these was handsuuie hoy of about
six years of upe, wi h a quick eye, an ae ive
spirit, knd a rein..rlal ly iu.elliuvni countenance.
Th Mnereh Mlufnlinm we speak hail known
the p ren' ol the c''iM. kii I out of d y f,r it
helnUsMios, ho aid his wil'-, who had no chil
dren, adopted it as l.eir mi n.
How happily tlie.r!en ht-y p.el Via dy
in the h'tu. of th henel.R cr, 'inur he was be
lovtd by the iw-i cd!h je.pl-; how, in
th strengih or iheir .reai hflrciii.n, the mer
chant an I hi wife imik him o C'iropi ;how he
pent unme four or five pha.ini year under the
care and teaching f a reveren I nn h-man near
Lon Inn; hnw he o-o h.trk f(t in to the city of
hi birih In finish hi eduo .ii-.n; and how he was
generally looked cpon u the rich merchant'
heir it would take Ions; to tell. But we would
fain linger upon this pr:ioii - of our iory lain
dwell upon hi precoriou wil and p'aa for
Uariiinghis feat o's'reni; h aud tili'y hi ease
an'i (trai-e on horseback h' dt sicri'y in raoe
and stream, and his urcc in le-ruina: promised
a brilliant future. But the ad tide must be
told, no matter hnw unwilling the teller f He
was er.t to the Otdlet; at GurlulUviMe. amply
provided w-lh money. In those day, dissipa
tion amnn the students of the coMees was un
happily but too conxnon, and amor the most
dissolute and extravagant, the wildest ruffler of
of the ton, the hardest drinkes and the most
(Wins; gurabler, there wa ever te be found
i save a countryman ef kis from the pna ie
incurred in a drunken debaoch. lie eame in
lime to rescue uwr predipl from prison, and
through hi influence ke was set at liberty, and
enatded te return home.
The first to rreet him on his Undirvr was hi
old pu'ron, the Merchant, who was now alone n
the world, foe hi wife had died while the yjts
was away. But he took the wanderer to h
arm, and led him back to the quiet heme he had
uuiuttd to untrracioualv. The Question then
rose a to what shoulJ be dune for the youth;
and on lx eipresting.A wish to become a sot.
Uitr, nv-rot w mace with tno merchant s
)ri"i -, fitid the Joune; m;n was entered a a
scootur in the Military AicdeT at West
Point. For a little while all went en well; the
young cadet wa assuMou in hi studies, bee one
he favori'e in the ne, and was looked upon
by the uuvers and protestors as one or tneir
most protnisins; pnpi!. But alas ! alas ! the
old habits of diMtpaiioM nere tee strtmjrte be
given up all at once. lie neglected hi duties ;
he drank to eseess; he disobeyed order; he
. ... .
openly tneered at the regulation of trie acade
my and in ten months from bis aatncuisUon
he was casuiered.
(To U Ci"t:snc.;.)
The noi-e made by the passage of a
bombshell through the air, is thua described
by a private soldier who served in the
Mexican wa:
It was here that I heard lor the first tim
the singular and diabolically horrific sound
which a large shell makes when passing
witiiin a short distance; 1 don't mean when
it explodes, (as that exactly icsemUles the
noie mud in filing a gunj but when it
pauses within a few, or it mav be fifty or a
inn lred yards; the noise seeming equally.
lou 1 and discordant in either case. 1 rrcol
i ot a reply of heuet M'n k Kyan on being
aked if he had ever heard a sound like thai
before. "No," said Mick, one can both
tear and feel that sound bv the eternal.
I leil it all over." There is no earUilv
und bearing the s'iglites; reemblanr to
us monilrous dusonnce; the angriest
-hrit-k of the railway whistle, or the mo t
emphatic demonstration of an asthmatic
engine at the starting of a train, would
seem like a strain 'f heavenlr mrlodv bv
coinparioiti. It was amu-ing, even ainid.t
the dancer from those horrid miaile, to
see an otfiotr, after getting up anJ anathe
matizing Ids men emphatically for lying
down on the sand.diop as suddenly and a
flat as anv of them, when the next shell
came whizzing rather close to him."
The GaUay
alarming' y un the
.. " s
Packet y: Emigration is
t'trti fent Uii wicktd smmve, m ird ';: s
al that ihey'Uar fof ihey m:rry l ra iWer ',
not from ot, and TJimiwe ekpeneic i
miserir. and none of. the M-sj.irs, rvi
described. Tho"e methm vlw rAr : re- .
i.i . . .. .i Hi
pugvnnt an lore w ,ifr w-w
rt ef wiveandme,hril.jrr..eiii. The
eaet this reUlion is enter t wesfur lie in-
ellecteftbe tsre i suQu-wml ms orert to
choese thr proper i-bj c,ll e better. And alo,
marry ki please no une but Joursetv-not even
parents, brothers, :ter, nun-reia ie,tr any
person ele. Marriage i a matter rcha'xri'
your cam." you alone toiist fcbnV the ri r.-r-
ijaence. no peron, IK even a pren', i.u ;r.-
least right to intertere. or aiciaie in mis tnaoer.
Foe they can no more ore for you than they enn
eat, sleep,' breathe or die and go to the bright
mansions 'in heaven for yon. They nu t give
good wholesome mdvic. merefy, but should leave
the entire decision tetlie unbiased judgement of
the parties themselve, who mainly are to ex
perience the coniecnces ef their choir.
Nseao Siaaieioa. We undersUnd that
aemo ten or fit teen negroes belonging to a gen.
tleawn in R -y csninty, atampesled not long since,
and touk up their line of march for Iowa.
Several were Uken in Grundy county, but at
lat advice some were still aA large. St. Jo
seph Oaaette.
Mr. L:Fore, a repectalle euicen nt HronV-
Tille, Ind , died a tew d- ys sii-ce while under
the influence of chloroform, adroiuiatercd for 0 e
purpose of pendneing inscnaikility during a ut
gical opcratien.
It is a fid ion of the poet o n hnt the Frit.
Uh ttt hs braved the b. t)e ami the brsav fcr
a thous nd year. t i sctrcelv twn liundrJ
years since England beecme a pewer cn lie
Srarea bv LisnTXiMo. We I---n .
through Nr. A. C. Uinton, that the 1m f
Mr. ibiia Bates, four miVs this side ot' Jc
ey ville, was struck py lgbiimg jMei.:y
inorning, and entirely ronemnectw Ihe lit"
was first seen about daylight, im laie n.
exiinui-U it. There w'ero 12 horses, 5lH)
). Lyj bushels of cot u, and a small quantity
of hay i the bam.
All wu bvst, except four of the horses,
which weie cot wut, but verv much injured. -
I Four of tho-e which perished, were stae
hres. belonging to J. II. butch. We
presuajc there wa no Insurance, aa farmers,
seldom insurv i.ch propeity. Alton Tel..
As a r ilwry tr in was some time since prv.
e.J.mg from Berlin lo Madeburg, some j.er
su in one of the carriages brp.n b.lkmg of k
murder and roLUry whicli had been cmnit'e()
oavthe previwis evrniig at Berlin. One ef l'..t
passenger remarked that the criming, '
er be wa. wa sure to betaken, sooner i '.-.Ur.
No sooner ha J he spoken, than a vci:.; i )s-
who was sealed by hi side, leaped a!l si cca
from the window of the carnage,
: . i - i
wcreaae, we hi m.nRiy,j - - , , . ,v. " " .J v
for there 1. rea.onto apprehend that a wfflcieal, ? .L f -- tii ti" . .Z 'Z. .
ly coufesscd to '.Jie murder.
number of laborers will not be found in the
country to reap the ensuing harvet. It is with
the utmost difficulty that men can be obtained at
advanced wage, and even in the Boat thickly
pnpuuted rural district, to carry out th pres
ent agricultural operation. Every morning
1 c f. : ...Miw
irain mat leavea birc-ogii icnwnus , . , , , . e
:.v 1 n ii ideath was the tskii' d
Viunuvu wo avaa essMesfe eue we tew bviiwiwssj wa
to the hbmII farming and laboring cLsscs.
wa givenand ihe train was stepped. D o
Froan the Opiawka Speetaor.
ax xxnorut owxenog to xasxt
Many mothers objoot lo iheir daughters mr
The death of John Thornton Doniphan,,
which took place a few days ago, should be
warning to per -oris keepins poisonous
dose of corrosive
sub'imate, ini-takea for snlis, the former
having been accidentally placed where the
latter was usually kept. He lingered tor
nearly a week, aud !ied ou Monday even,
ing last. His remains were attended to
a a" i i a,
ryinr on the ground that married women not,"' ' resung pisce oy a large con
i .i I -. . i ; ... I aaii r. nf 1i I U7nS ct7irilkSltiiM ! I ! t
oniy laae nine or no wijujuifn.i, om wiiwp . ....
dered unhappy by the cares of the family, and with hi bereaved parents, and with his
by being shutout Irom all the Meacnres or o- aunt, bv whom Ihe tatal mistake wis made,
ciety. What an idea I hi ! What a reflection I Liberty (Ma.) Tribune.
on this heaven-born institu'ion! Those whom
marriage renders unhappy, or even whoa
pleasures it abridges. Welter not marry f cut.
A fine stone chunk was lately built in. Ml,
souri, upon the facade ol" '.nich a stnne cutter
But what is the origin of this a boost blasphe-'waa ordered to cut ihe following inscription ;
A hsrse broke away from a buggy on Wednes
day jnJ ran up Pine street. As he neared would hay broken his proud spirit, but it did
Nm:h street, a lumber wagon crossed before not. Bt-caiue his benefactor refused te nav his
hi.T,bvit without pausttgin his full stride he gambling debt he had con'r-cted in college,
dished at it in the true steeplechase" style, ; the willul young man wroi him a violent and
fkarcd it ani the driven who wis sitting be. abusive letter, q-iiiied bis boose, and aoon af
twesn the wheels, in the most gallant manner,terwrd left the country with th avwd in.
ani went on at an uiwbaWd pac. to the aslon.j tent ion of joining tbe Greeks, bo weraat that
isbment aad fear of pedestrians generally. St tim in th midst of their atruraUia with the
Louis IWwirf. (Turks. He never reached hit destination, sxl
men ilca f Why lltat all th tdearar f "Mr house hU be called the houe of prayer.-
'Tounsr Udio ar summed up in attending balL He wa referred for aocuracv. to lb verse ef
one more wild arel desperate than ihem all and' parti, sleigrorides, pleasurcacurtiowa, in scripture in whiwh tbes word occur, but un.
that er is th subject of our story, now a good ' love-scrape, courting. Gin ing with the beaux fortunately h transcribed, to ihe scandal of so
looking free hearted young fellow of eighteen. jto secure a mora advantageous snatch, and ciety, ihe whole verse: "My Iiqus ahull be
Friend advised with him, vn.l he made fair things of this kind! It certainly en hav no oalled the hwts of prayer, but y hay made it,
promise in plenty; tutor remonstrated, and he.oAa- origin, and u an impous reHedioa on a den of thieves.
declared that he would amend and win the high,
est honor yet; companion tempted and wine
allured, and he embraced the filthy sire and so
fell. Inste.id of coming from th University
with honors, he was expelled.
Une would thina that disgrace so public
the marrur institutions aad the family reUi
0 V a
tiens. J An increase of farm products lessens the
I scorn the mother, I pity the daughter,. who marke price, and the consume.- i mora bene
would postpone siurriag an hour ta allow ih fitted than lite- producer. Therefor th en
Utter an opportunity to take a little more fftaf courgement of agriculture is th interest ef th
vrc, before marriage shut her f rom ih world whole peopli.
and its vhutunt (I) In doing, they eon-j
demn marrwg as a ntossevy evil, and aimply OcTaca. Another affray took place
that matrimony i thai hataluj altar uv burn. t lhe Brvery, D.ar the ciiy cemetery
ing embers r which worpenLstb srinoed Sond eTcjBf between about a den
with all her hpes and prospecti that caarned A "., - , ,
Ira ia. a riavish, an isJolraUr slradgvy, and Germans, and annuel number o Irialmien
therefor te be postpoood as long a. 'poesi- whl5h lwo e,lhcr
vjfc severely cut, by throwing turnbkn and
An! tti;e wes w-o .e tpr iv-' Other niUf. Acn Tolrgraph.

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