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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, May 27, 1853, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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mi ii v Mtf Hum ."i-jiii mum
. Alfrln Plow.
V wens veslerdny ihown a plow, In
'nluil ku I. Af t Mfivv Vranxhmiin.
"v " "v . , Biai I'm are brny rrqneitsd to call a mealing ar
now redding In thlt olty, which is to ba the Distort or ihe Hannibal ami t. j0eph Raiitosd
ki iH t. Ota Work!1 Fulr, a cht of the ftf HthiCaiy of Hinwib.i, Wed.ied.iy tin li June
TV lt'tjri Ames, Nmfitry IA JaaniSel ad
. Jf Ullraed Cmijmhi
Bin i Yur hereby reqneittd to call t mealing r
By ardtr of tin undersigned director.
Hannibal, May 3. 1811. GEO.' A. MtOlt VltlOE,
a meeting oi we noaru oi uiiernrs ir asm -om
'tio ei of St. Louis manufacture-.
Me ft vice invented the plow torn year
Y.iit'sj lii Alvlun, Africa, whir It li now ol
)i. st exfi'u iveiv used. Tha plow we taw
wn, nimln In thit city, at the foundry of py will bo held in jurince of th. eh. i tin
"! hi f 1 1 .V. I'niv ov on l;heiiat. between ,,,nr e' srwcinrw. ""'ninuiv.iim,.,
M.....wr.i iviuwlc,oounosnui,ueiwcen bt, Jo,;ph( Nfty ,J( W3. aaMiiwU ,.i.iy
I I I ' 1 1 .111 IV1IIII Milfoil, WIICIO It IIIKJ us
.ii .t im been tried In thl Slate, and
;iiia-v. I'm niiH) admirably. It U pi
iio.tiK v i bv in 11104 to be fur superior to any
tiling o.' tho kind ever used In thU country
Chttpaat nd Beat Writing Ink
L I. hulTllNOlUM 4 BRil, ra now nun
lecturing Hleck Writing Ink ol' t aiipeilnroiall
ly, whic i tney sell vory cheat thirty cents a uosen
cents, ol nve cen'e a putt, bimi pens way no ii
Kos. 3 J ihd Si Second street, near Post Old''.
1653. fit Louis. Mo. 1833.
HAS In ttoro tml It In receipt or tht following ileal
kU ...I. -r f?-..... ...l.t.1. I. ...r i . ...
i.tfi. piwvh VI ..lOTrnc-, WHIVII It UlltrtCU at IC
lowest ineiket rates rl prompt rsy I
U.l hints N. O. end cpf M Kr, SOO bbls ct'fM do,
IOik) pkgs M H. rilni, SOOOummi Klmt Igi.
00 rt 7ntoriiiuni, Mlitilnduto.
W wUn.iv n few word. Iti coostructlon, Vm ,n ,n" ,n" n"nm ,""
v.ui.l .it iiiiirr ill rtnri-ntinn. I At wkoltuto. thv will irll II il 410 t bnr
It rum without bflntf held by the hnnds, mch ai d til
nit J u nuiiiii'Ud und kit itroigiit in tne
fvii mw liy two wheels by which 111 depth
l nlii rotil.itid. The elevU U compowd
of uii Iron bar w hhdi Ii railed or lowered, m
orca ion ntny require, by a imall icrew,
which inav hi turned with tho hand. The
Btent mlvintntfe ol thli plow U that the mo
tivti powrl pluced nearor the work thin
In inner plowi, and tho mold-board belnn
miiilg'itur, thero is about one-third lew fric
tion than In any other plow now ued.
Conseqnently, H require! one-third less
power to do the same amount of work. It
I, also, arranged with a varrlr.ular lecnrd
for plowing iMtigh, atiimpy land, and for
breaking the ground close around Ihe roots
of tree, the olovi moving on lither ide is re
quired. In plowing with tint Ingenious pioce
ot machinery, all a mn hni to do ii lo wilk
nlong hohinil it er suppo.'t himtolf on thi bin
l!o ut lie may inolthe, inl turn the plow und lot
it in nt Hie corner. It turn up the ground it
a regulnr I'epth, from ihe mot ihallow to the
Iepet rurrow, m required, unevennen of the
land nuking no iliiTWonce in its running. The
pnrgon of its gnnu possesses Ml the advintnges
4)fnll other plows in use, and many prculiarily
its own. It in, indeed, an ingenious contrivance,
and farmer ought lo see it if thiy wish to pos
ses a complete article of tins sort.
Those who luve rougk, stony or stumpy
I in I kIiohM not full lo possess one, a (urge
routs and other impediments to plowing are
turned up by il without difficulty, and the ground
tliMiihly worked prepured for sied. To
iliuse who my be interested in this new im
provement, wo will soy that these plows are
comparatively chenp considering the work there
i upon thorn, Thare are nine different sixes
liiirniit-d by the number! from one to nine
... . ii t !.L .11
INit. I being tin smallest, no. I wun an mr
lixtui. ci'iiie i l about $22, and they increase
a: the rate of about $4 per number as they as
0'iiiinii ihe M.,W of sixe. All the works ex-o-ptinjr
ile lt..'n and bundles are of castiron,
h i I (ii plow inny be had if desired, with, or
wi hut i ho rTiilating wheel.
A n U mo lei of the plow vy" ent on to
W..!ungtnn yestertlny for Ihe purpose of being
nv.r nv,l, and one that hd been used near the
'.: ; I. ...... . ,1,. V.,I.I'. LVi .1 ala.v
rn, n Ml a fill i v iiviiii. wi. w
York. Mr. Ronce deerve great eredit for ihe
invcniion, and it will doubtless be patronised by
firmer, nml aiwer the purposes Xor which it
is iiiteii ld. We undcrstnml that these plows
are to hem mufaolured at MoMurry and Pauly',
on CHesnut street, where Mr. Ronce will be
found, willing to give any information that may
be desired on the capacity and pretensions of his
plow. St. Loui Intel.
Barber's Shop.
rnrai joiinson,
RESPECTFULLY offeri his iirvleei to the
pubtlo. He keeps the best quality of rstors,
and Iteepi tlumhaip. He will always pny
strict attention to cleanliness and neatness.
lie cuti and dresses hulr In a itylo thut
nevir falls to plense his customer. As a
knight of the scissor and rntor ho yields to
non in Hannibal. I lis charges are reasona
bly low. As he Intends to continue fitting
up and Improving his establishment, as lust
as his means will allow, he hopes to huve
the patronage ol the citi.ens ol Ilannibul,
whose well known chief clmracteilsttn
of nnerg), lead tin in to desire to see
everything wit the progressive tnnrch.
llecollect it Is the shop nearest to Hick
man' Stove Ston. It Is on tho west side
ft II net VM iMifrmn.til wlir
Sat O. W. BRYAN want
$10,000 in k oW!,
At the 8t. I.suis Ktove 8tori,for wbivh hi give
in fxrlunfn,
rillirri Celebrated f'linrter Oak Mbit
IMoiteer ook BiTes,
At th Lnwril CiiIi JMr.
J"Sl. Lams ti'ovo t.r. Mull' Sift. I'i d" i
North ol tit Brnly Home. u. W. UhV AX.
WE th undtnlgnsd, hivlni uiedGiUa 1'. '
of Main itreet, two door north of llird i.'Jla Nnur"WrJ b'
tki tlmi Max,
Ktrchaat Taylor,
New Boot and Shoo Manufactory !
fpMIK UNDRRSIGNRD lakes this method
X ot inlbrmiiiic his old emtomerii, t'tiemU fill
and the public tnerally, that I have again ' w
cninmncd tn aiannt'aciur of Boots smt Mioetof lh
v.-rv hsi material. Ptrson wishinc articlts in m
line will do well lo Riv m a call, More purchasing
riewlii, as my stock is wall llretd, comprising
ili hurt anicla of Fismeh and Amtricaa calf skins.
Jiito k'i'.d Ho upper, all of which 1 will maki to
oidr at th shortest notice.
I I Shop oa Hill street, a few deors east of 8lms
p $. will keep consisnity on hand an assertineiit
or (ii. euir boots, km toots auo, e iarM onois ami
h' e, which I will warrant to be of th very best
quality. inchl8-dlmtfj U.K.
60 cssks prunes, 60 Class ilo, in ll.i
lisj hlili s H almonds, 4 ilo H. S. do, J do filberts,
il. LI. ....-...l. ...... a . ' I
xu nnis r.'ipriiiii Timiiis is no cream mils,
40UU kegs nails. 4 to ttd,&00 do blnU 8 snd 3d nsils,
60(1 do lenre do N, K anil 1U. .140 ilo brad do, . S and 10.
100 do Biilshinf do.e.a ai d III, Inedo wmuLhl ito.
7 J do pi-i4, 4 lo T In. I S6 b't lacHr., 4 l 1 4 i,do.
o"v vagi couvn jam uu ne uoill ci',
150 bags while ea pel wsrp, 100 iln cMM do do,
40 ba'ea battlnf, x) do c-mlla wick.
300 ilo wispplng twin, SiH) bbli maikrl, 1, $3, anil
aw nan ouia aiicimi, ioa. i, x ami a,
lis bblt to biriiiis, 600 bxs . aieii Ho,
SO cks Keg. ecxtn-h, M ilo tiiand Iia ft do,
IiO bxsrnl,th, 1U0 lbs each, fid bblt No. I iaWr.,
900 cans Baltiinoie fw ny.lin,
60 eass saidinei. whnlei,liatr snd quartets.
60 bbls recsn nuts, 100 beta pes am,
1000 bnstiHt dried spples. 6ou ilo driad peaches,
' 0 bx inllow csndks, you bxs pa'm soap,
60 bxs 0!an soap. 00 do star canities,
10 bxs ip-rm eaiidlei, AO di C.istil soap,
JiK) bxs shaving toap, 00ckt Boiton salwrstut,
kuu exi narcn, vmi ooia wiuningioii lar,
19 bblslinsrd oil, 100 bxschi eol.le,
thiO bx lire crsckeis, SO krgs bar Irud,
6tM) bags drop shot, IM) ilo buck shot,
l(MK) reams cap snd latter p.ipcr, dKH) do wrapping do,
100 reams tea paper, loo bxs lemon syrup,
lOOObngsdairyiull.KHMJdoO. A. ilo.'.'O id,. D '.e,
tksl dbi 8 hoop buckets, SO I ilo 3 hoop do,
100 doa hall buckti,300iiet pTd tulu, 3 .V 8 ach
100 doa line wash boards, 1MI bxs cloihrt pins,
VSill well-buckets, 300 bxs block mslchct,
CtXl bx Hoiiian mslrhas, 100 bbls cakum,
ItOO bbls buMcr and water viackeia, IOi) do pitch,
lisJ kbla rolu, SSH bxs vUy p.p. liNI do slour do,
ii caes g'a'd Turk pipe heaus. V.1 bbls psarl bail'
SOO demiji.kiif, I to 5 ailun, Itsj rkt lice,
10 bt.ls split peas, 30 lx Huii-h lustre,
lOU bxs double irtii.til taiaeialus,
10 casks hcutch a:, t btut Maton't blacking.
2(4) halt tblstily i.ndl.a. K II mu'ia,
MK) cbt li'l gn eu hi.il blsvH l a,, 400 bxs da dj,
100 nks goldi u tup, iOc lixs V and H i to'i.u r
3iH) kx cut auii'k'x lubacro, loo do Cit chewing il
10 bx yrlluw bank do, X i oi. ianisli -muL'cao,
HHI lira Mci.b.iy mhiII' 9 ',bl S Milt h do,
60 M retails ctsrs. Jitl M piine pe do,
60 M Hat ana ilo, Siki box. infl,- do,
S0.I boxes 'Ciibannil H.ivana ix" do,
lnO bbls cidi-r vinegar, Joo kv4 rids puwdrr,
II million O. ii. cais, KHi M It el aitiyiiue,
toil buLS er, KM do aliloe. 10 casei i utmrt a.
So bboclovut, IM0u.all-casia, to bblt gr'd ginger,
j Dags hit aju gi, i ni nxs m'isiar.1,
So cam-teia umnard, ;'0 fceg, Krg ink do,
3( 0 bxs Uudei wondS pu fcl..,iini,lo pepprsuci,
10U bxs touiilu catnip, in do t'syiiui parptr,
Shu bxs asone.l caml, lo du ro- k do,
i! U bxs asoitel giound pics, 600 Xoa bed colds,
600 fails Manilla cord; stsor d,
10 bit flax swing twine, iono lbs brm twine,
10 tttk ciop madder, 60 bhla alum.
SO bbls coppeias, ii do oriraalone, 1 eft sulphur,
t. bb's chop logwood, 60 bxs extract do,
Ibo cstks caib toOa, Scki washing do,
10 bbls Kisom salts, loo bxs black ink,
8 cases white chalk, 86 bbls whiting,
6 bblt putty, in bUitdtit, y do camphor,
10 kegs taliiietre, liNxidm )eatt-powders,
16 cases sss'd plav ii.g c aila, 300 dos brooms,
f 10 bbls tauneia oil, 60 batkeis salad Oil.
8ixpockit brown Java eoiTo, 60 bbls Jamaica, do
300 bbls N, O. molastes, boo do city and La. 8. H. do
xuu ooia loai, pow-u ainiciuna sugar,
1600 bag i Uio codW, 4oo bags Laguayra lorTte,
SOO bblt rectifted whisky, oodo Bnmhen do,
100 bbls Monungth. U du, 16 do r do,
100 bbls Am. b.amly, 10 do ilo gin,
100 bxt quart fla.-ka, SOO do pi Uo, 60 lif t do,
H00 hxt tumblers. atvM, 60 no glass decanters,
800 bx aqiut jar, 60 reroom S. K. ind go,
6 cases Madiss indigo, 1 di Manilla dj,
SOO bxs window gla-c, 7x9 lo 10x14,
HAVF. atoristed tlnanlvfs teglher for the
ii'pi of c inyi ng on the TAIl.oni.NCi DL'Sl
NKS In all itsvnriinis branckes
Uii Mam -ti"-t, one dnor nnith of th Tlrsdy House,
ami next door to ', W. Uiysn's Move 8'ore.
They have and ui I keep, fie best el Jeuinevmen all
II Inn, and wid Kxeculu Work as Kxpnlitiously,
as neatly amiss lnliun,nblv as the;' kno.v how.
W w ill not av w w III brat the' man that oiakts the
laihlot s, but will say thry will keep as near Ihe pic
tu as ss potsilile.
Mi. Innon w thelnrgfst, last snd chrapest stork
ef Claths, C'ss.imer-s, Vratings. Iriinming and Sum
mer Unotli, I bat Hannibal vr had th good luck to
nave in It.
Uiiivi us a call gsntlranrn, you are kbund to br
lilted in my kind, or ap.ality nl lioods.
Hannibal, April US, HA:i.-dUia
ui uanmcau, moH
Tske pleasure in rrCMinmeuiling ihrm to thr ) ,hll .
nprriui in point of disll, economy of ful.rm tn an.
ind ease ol regulation, io any Air.Tiglit di a alove
which we hiv ever ssrn used.
And for salo nt Iho "Lone Huilding'' c...ntr of
Mum nml lliru streel,
Dine giat and limnlliy srol Civci 1
hairel or bu,hi'l. A K'n'isl assoiumiit m (.,
Wooden and Willow Wsi, Bionnis. Cot .ii
Cotton bailing. All kinds ol Nuts Oral f' v I iiiinil
Kigs, and a hoat ol aitiules not lorulionrd I i n : l.ilt.
i.e. a llmiisand I It in c Ilia) is not hare I'm m'. AnX
ions l.i sell all lor CASH VP AND Til :. M.:iC.
DOWN. Like to loigol one Ihing, the r .rle Mill
Hour it her toot uitilJdtf T, JAl uM'.N".
V ike
Philadelphia Uollilnx Store,
Xu Commercial Row,
II A VKIV KI PkMOS Ini nl' rimliiiif, or tttrat alylsa
a auliaiiiv in, etiilni ai.a "iinntn r wrar. 1 nr nm is arr r
i low. bn! aa ih4 an.Mla art all wrll M-lwir.!. aitS t.r .owl mi
ll' rlai, itiifi'liaara (inmui Hill in lm huIimI. Wa liavr linn, nn
-hiira, itaia aim vat, i aipi u iia, i.nri-' iniNra. i-.m ai'i
H.iii.l'.'ii lii'ia, 0 m, 4i.-.lili ny Ciuiiniit. bul a luiir i
iriyn inl fi"'.
I tuiiaifT.r II an Iroii'ila la ahnw fnnli., ail 1 n-nulil ha plaav.O
mi wait on On poiii. ai.rl Ih iinlr niM-rlii'iil, hmntilr ai'r.aiil, aa
lr aa uluilng iiiUactiiii iila I'ur lliuli dim la n nri rm il.
II. I KA.t,0 I.
aarhM llais Asnil.
MACICEREL. Now Crop. " "
I'RIMi: AUTlt l.i:.
lU'J Just now arrived und for sulo wholrsnle
r'hl t!hea).l-)- I. II. MJ..Mr.K.
nova i it i r.ivni: rut: iusk!
TUT. LAHUFT und tint preutest assortment
ol (funis ewr liMiiglit to H.itinibiil, just kow
receiver., unit will be sold certuin. ihe sun-
soriher woul l pnrlieiiliirly cull the titlcntion of
lii whok'tuln customers In tliis fuct, end nil
persons coming to Hunuibnl to porchuse gooila
will find il greatly to their ndvuntngo lo call on
npr'-u-tf. 1. Iv. M,i.,MI..
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrrna Mill.
IARMF.Rt AND MKRCHANT8 coming to Hia
tubal with the Intention ol tellii s vxheal and Iniv
irg Hour, would do well to call and " e us brlnr ell
ii or purenasing ei-ew lieie, lono uiBcr in lug stun
Mill on Bird, brtwciu Main ami TiiikI s'rMis. ttlv
us a call. A.N. ItOII ARD' It SON.
IT" N. B. Our Flour is stld nowhei"! bulitlh
Mill. F.tery tuck und buirelitbrandedwilhourusBi
on it i
mihJI.Itf A. b ROltARDI At SON."
Lime for Salo!
I have limo for sale, of a
Fiiiti While Quality,
Atu will sell it
Very Cheap 'for Cash,
At tho limn kiln formerly occupied by ?nl
rh'k J. Wills Hilt stieet, Ihnnibjl, A' .
myllWdm JOHN . UVnYlY.
Duguorrooiypcs ! Daguerreoty pes !i
Residint Prtgurreun Artist, would simply ro
min I tho citizutis of lljnnibal mil siirrini'. fl
ing country tltixt he it still Inking pictures nl l is
U5&iSX? COm,y efi(5"U':ry Majnrtml.irver W.ll.on;. Imrdwu,
Ilsvlng reeelvnl nXi.Miil ami Irgal nnnre tnst ine , . .., mi n..m i- vrii,
H iii. Win. M. C nk Imt ieicurd the otlioenl' Judu'' nddilions to his stork, and his increased facilities,
l th H.niiibi CjuiI ot Ceininnn plas, ami that a!)n lV!V ,,ropivrcd to tukc pictures In a stylo
vcr,:vi hZ ruan'tV,;;.. i; .ns r.Mrrior ... 1,. t.kM in ,.
.inn in ruiiuvi'ti jii ivva.
bv law, dirrcied at d niih-rad an eleelionlo be In lit In
All such acahrv. Snd elrclinU'Will be held nt the
City Hall. In the CiW "I llnniubnl, on Fatunl.iy the
.'X:h day of Mav, A I)., liVI, brtttern Uie lioura or H
o'clock, a. m , and I n'r'o- K, p, m .ol' that day i nod
Till h lor th niirimaeol lilting the unexpired lei in el
th ,aid Co..ke, nrcasimiml by his .aid Kesiguation.
tf which yon Hie said Votsis of Mason Township,
r herrbv not ill d.
fJivsu iinilrr my hand, it tho City of Hannibal , this
17th dsy of May, A. O .
Msver ot lb City of Hannibal,
May I7ih. 6S d-t;wtd
Call und examine.
JUST received, a Rcneral ,ortment of Funcy
Fashionuble Suinux r timids Tissues, Sliol
leyi, Silk Itarusca, Funcy Juconct, Canton
Crape Shawls, hmbtt Herllm l .inct, Hluck Nik mo dearth timber off th lie of the 1!m Rod,
Veils, i.inuu ljinen vambrm iiumikcrcneits, x rmm hire io raimyia
Taka IToticol
rr0 AM. WHOM IT MAY C iNCF.RN-tliitlsi
I eeihl'y lluit we are in great need ol uiumy. An
without t nlln r pirliminarica wi wish lo say lo all It
drilled to Smith Jt Dick, either hy not or arc u.i,
wulk up In the scialch, and pisy a purt, if vou c
pay all and you have no idea how gi.iuful wi wilt
I'eel lor so gie.it a favor. Hrnlet, il wili put us vu..r
greater ohlicaiious to cooler tavort on vou.
myisdif SMITH tlCJC.
Wonted to Hire InimcJiatcly !
Good Axe-iJii n.
eaiabli.thment, whir they will alway And the richest I
and most ixteiisiva assorrmenti oi warcnes ana jew
elry, Silver si. 4 Plated War, consisting in part of (.old
and Mlver lvr svaicnea, nreaainina, earrings, rin-
Painted Collars, Superior Whale-Bones, &o.,
&,o., ut reduced prices.
riease can ana sec. s. ni. Muuut,.
May 17lh, 1853-dSi)
tPHE umlers;gned Dronrietor, would respectfully i
X lorm tne puDiie,iaai ne aas jiiii openea in i.w
Persona wishing to Contiacl for Gra.lii g Sectica
on this line, can grt a Fair Piice per Ouhw V. d u i
doing the same, and rayments mwe alnlactory ;c
thrin by applying in inc. at this place or Palmvm.
Hannibal, May 10, H63.(.li) M. blZKIt.
A ROY between fourteen and eight 1 years of
of steady habits, to learn th Tih KlNO BU'I
NF.Sj st the St. Leuisatove Store,
Hannibal, May ISlh, 1R53. dlw-wtf
rpilC rogu'ar Annual I'nmiuina lor th four best
A hut ahrads !' tobacco, the g owth of tint Stale.
rt R. STF.VF.NS.epo.nthClty Hottl.htt just I will h swarded on luUy, I7,h June next, at follows; land ehgant style, the above hone and knowing the
,L a received, In iddiilon to his former stork, the I Fur thettut prrmiia him. maioiiactunng tobacco, T0 anticipations of his frien ls, h astuies them and the
iaieett aatorlinent oi jewelry ever Dreuiiit l lianui-1 " aecania " " " sa public inai bis puoe ami amoinen man ee saiuntu,
. . . . . . . ...... ... k I m a . m .1 .. i . i , . l t Liu . i. . .1.- . ....
oal. lie inviiva nia euaiomera i can at in avuvr aiiai anipping - ou not oniy vj awrnna oincn mini awit ,iib., ii i,h
aecen " " " 86 been kept m this my, but mil noiii ibau xci aim lo
a a. iii, aa ivianvrit, mm avirvivu pw nte ue a'aie. v . .:. , ' . t. '. ... . .
Plant..., or their . gen... .... I Tki. is a tdl pled,., but try hi., and yon.kaH ! ". "-s SlZmi
" r ,?',fu,,,ici'to" v?1- ..... .. jw'j.a. ;:. ;ehSorho. t .;....
H.-cinooi, jonian aa aavia, ii, wwivciiod wiiia . " t. . . ......
hhr Sn'f.or Exchange for Hannibal iv);rr'y.
A TRACT of unimproved Und In Monro county,
on l)'ih Creek, six and seven milts from In
towns of Florida and Pris, respect iyily, contain! g
jrei Rings, Pencils, Lockats, Gold rob, Vst and Guard
Chains, Bracelets. Gold and Silvor Spectacles, Card
Cases, Silver Combs. Tea Poll, Castor. Caadli atlicka
Accordeona. Guns, Shot Sags sad Pouch.
EJTUood watcaesat eyary aeKnptioai cararuuyn
I wtiiusea
paired and wamitUd, t keep Urn il
t ooy rewreea.
.1 U W. -LI m a. ..... . :.. tw 1 - . . I
previous I th. .y of eal.aadb. mat k.d Premium " the houH. h.va the Urged and moat splendid SUbl pa:nlir advnntsges kl a stolc farm. Pjy"
All tobacco consigned to as will be eovetvtl bv aar outald. of St. Loui., m the biaia, white th public oani snehl wJm. n Mr.nr.unn . i..
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I. II. k. T. A. McDANNOLD,

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