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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, June 04, 1853, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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f 1 11 SJJU1 J J i IP w m. . Lin
Dora Go tho .Eriea t;
Small Pr:ll
One Price Store.
THE 6VBKCRIBKR retorai hit .ln.re thank U
the eiilteniof Hannibal end vicinity, "forlieo..
(try ( IA LtdUi," lor Uietr liberal palrootge, ant he
hoixit to merit a continuation l th tame.
Vhc proprietor will conduct hit binineitenlh. nut
plan and principle thit Ilk etlablithmontt In New
Vrk and tiottoa am now .rmdiicted. H. will edher
etricily to th. ONE PRICE KYSTKM." Kmi
artiel. will b marked at (lit vr-ry Lament. iMk
lrlCC' and no varution will h made, tin) ate for
tramtge. No nmrepre tcnlaliou. or undue urinf will
baaUowed. It It ruv (tvtrtmiitalion to do a atralght
forward ami honorable butine., and free from th.
trnthl l euruinon to Ih trda, and lo mak. any eitab
hehpient an nttractlve and dutiable reeort In puKhai
era, lor anything under the nam of Dry Uned.
No name will bo tpared m ptrurliip Tor my .nttem.
evt ariilieat dtlay, tucu article, which are not to
oirad lit lliif market.
Buying only Iron the mjioifrt,end the beit Wh.te
le lon in 81. f.oui. Mv lelecttone ara mad
lib greet rare, as in ftgitnre of My It and rfer.atatry.
I willbe in rvv'tipt of roodi terrfcfy to long nevlge
ticn rtmaititopcn. Winch will enable ma at all timet
o hav a complo'e eortrnenl on hand, for tho Inipee
'ion nf Ittoa. wtthiug to purrha.. Fancy, Varitty, and
&'afila ttv tJoodt.
My ttcwh coiui.te. in pail, a folic
Merilmvk, Cochrco, rhillip Alloa . RaanHon'i
Laht.J. Dunnel!';!, Auieiican. Snrac'M!. lob. Man
Metier, MavI'icIo, Providence, and Bloomdel.. nil of
which ere 'Renowned' for tlrganr. of ktyt. P.il
VVn' ind thimble, prices ranging from a to It.
SO r. from the.leVrated factory of Hertmiwn, lOtt
v saucy ratmoitabi umgnam I .awn, sat: rainreu
Beratre le Lainen
Fathionabl. ittyUi 20c, V3e, Sic, end Met for euper-
ax i.
Silk Borages.
Mot bountiful pittterna ami f.nhloimbl. alylet, Site,
:.4t-: Tallin. rinxt both wave. Met plain, nink,
btut aud blatK, 40ct ranry mIk tir'tMi, aOv'i black, do
AH Wool Do Laincn.
Pink, grrri. hlua, black and tnoda,
VUckat $1.10,' . IV l. SCI: wataitd. at l M:
fcacy fltvuod, at P7e It, tl.10. $l.li. and l t5i Hr.
antillk,aU rolori, Genchawa, . HUcfit.k'Ket KvtUa
nioalin. VM(nrv lawn, Jaconet, Card anualin, hotorol'
4trd Swia, Capnat,ono pirct aiipoiftnci Whita t)m
'y: I'unch vkorkiitg cotton, I man Bon.
rpr F.mbrici, H colnm Irish hntn: niWow tat do
Itiiaiia linm ihtatinc, 9-4, 70ci blaachtd ahotin
! ano m t joi uianar, n-t Bicarnao Mtiiiinai
Promra Shaati'io, l-Jci Buparnii. 4-4 T)caln(t, tici
rrooa i-n, ai inri i;ononana ana iranimt lor .-nu
vniSwoar, at 12r(S8ci 4-4 Bliya Uii.it.
A complcto aaaortuioiit of
Hosiery and loves:
Kranrh Embronlorod Collar., Vmlrlavi, and L.
O. HaiMl.rcheili: Lln.u llandkarchmfi, at IC t. 40ci
Kmbroidr.d (10,(1,00; Silit V.ila, at $1,M: Cotnaon,
l SWl
Hair and Tooth Brushes.
A variety of Combit tff Draa Button!, faorl dot
Aral. Whit, and Colored, S dot.n for 5 ct.i Cot'on
le and El(iii;: I. ill. and thread KdiH(r,i Swiao and
Jackon.1 tdfing and lHirrliiij,troro luc Io40e; Ivory
Trioiawra, ai oc.
A lam aaaortia.t ot SiU Parali, at tU to $4
Latest Style of Bonnet
and Cap llihhons,
Alwava on hand a eotnnlato Kloci of Z.nkvi
d, at 1 ent par Pnem, Workln CMvaaai fwforalod
paper, at 80c par 8hre4.
riilt Not. rpr, Fanoy and Bin tMtt dot Pooh
Capt Fancy Knv.lop.ai Plato, Whit and Buff do:
Mtcl Pnai Ivory IVn HoWeni Copy Baoxi, at K and
loci wat.a,at T(c and I5ci tuai. iMncii.
Black and Bed Ink.
Aandwm aatin atrined ninr Vetta, at Mc to tl
a.iotall Lot of ailk Aurl Winter V.jla, will b cloaed
ot at 5c, worth
LaHI MiMe and Cblldrent
Shoes and Gaiters.
From the atott eoaamofi to tk. moat tidy, the Lattat
iwyreat fnram t eoii raoroccoi iowii'., oya
MeoH Celf Brorani.
A libeial diacount made to then, hyinttoaall aaraln.
Tk citliena dt RannibaU and Mariint and 1h d
joining toiintwa, aro rtanoctiullv aolicittd to an xam
mation of my atock oa vitttlraj the city. I flatter ay
Mil inai in. aiyio, eiennc., nuroDiuiy eta price J
ih. voext win meer. rna orfronaMon oi am
S.M. MO0F.F,
Coy Irlrre Vn ftr. A Uevd, . ArMxtN), near
- naner. nnrtanaiAeaira
To Prefrnor llotLnwavi
Am I avail mvMlfofth. Ant opnartunitv nf Inform.
tif you, that for a vary lone netted I wai tffllctdltn
n oanfarom inuin.t. ana iiMiienr awtinntin(i in ne
head, attended by le of innetit. diecrdered .tomar h,
and nnarally Inmah-ad heilthi F.vary M.anahad
failed to fiv. m any permanent relief, and it length I
Became to alarming mat I wa reany airau .i rotxi
about without an attendant, In thla melancholy con
dition I watted portonally upon Mr Httghoe, Chemlat,
iian.cn. i.r in. nurpoeo oi eonaumng nm at 10 wnat
I had batter tloi k. kindly recommended vour Pilli. I
tried them without delay, and after taking them IWr a
abort time I am happy to bear leailmonylo their won
derful emrary. I am now ratord to peifeet health,
and enabled to raatimo my ntual dutlea. You aro at
liberty to publlak tnit letter in any way yon may think
proper. t em, (Mr, yetir obedient Kervant,
June mn, mail. rsignotii JOHN l.l.UYD.
F.itrtti fHtrfnm Kihvrd Aowry. l't.tvf Mi
Walk, Tbpt Ailed Jftii 81, IRii.
To Profeteor Hoi tow a vi
Dkab Sia I deem it n duty I owe to vou and the
public at targe, to Inform you of a moit mlraculoita ro
coyery from That dreaitfal dlatai., Dnorav, and which,
under Uod. waa etectrd by your invnluabl. Pilla. I
wat tapped Av time, wlilun .Igltt monllta, and ekll
fxlly tieated by two medicil practltloneia, but could
nni pi cured, until i nan recur., lo your remedy, and
nolwith.tandlag all I had undertone', thit miraculoua
teoicin euro me in id. coum ei aiv week.
f Rimed)
rlr(( Irtfrr from Mr, S. Ciorn, (Vmiil, of
viinoH, near jmeiai. aaica jam mi, ihjl-.
io iToiettnr niLiowavt
Daan aii e I am reiimeted by a ldy named Thorn.
it. wit trrlved from tho We.t Indie. I aconaint voi
that for a period of eight year, hetrelfand laoiilv aul
fcrtd from contiuual bad health, ariiing fiom di.ordert
of the llv.rand atomach, lndipetion, l.oiol App.tit.,
vlol.nt llead.kcbet, peine in tit. weakneee and
general debility, for which aha onenlled Hi. met em
men! men in titer e.lony, but without any ueiielictnl re.
ultt tt I Ml ah. had recoura. to yuur invaluable Ptllt,
which In a varr abort tlmo eflevted to great a haute
far the belter, that ah. continued them, and tli whole
family were reatotad to health and etranglh. Further.
th de.irea m. to aav, that ah. haa wltncM.d their ex-
Inordinary virtuet in tltote e.miiUlnta Incidental to
chiidi.n, particularly In c.iei nf Meanlraand b arlat.
ua, having erfVcted poai'ire cure. .Ithrt. diaeae with
nootheri.medy. (Signed) H. GOWf'.N.
JMH ei(crled rilh ore (Mndirny tgintio in f A
vMiennf cemjMatnU.
Aim Urooiv lnfimmtion
nor. Throat Aithma Dvnentvrv
Jatindic. Atone ai d Gravel Rilioui Com-
Kryeioalaa Ltvet Comnlalnta nlaintt
soconoary syaip. uioteh.i on tb.
iomi amn
Lumbago Tic Douloureux
klKiil rieiwa. ta OU oaa I
tjibr J, a. Hi utrn.v, r. b, i u.ik'. I
aav at ir (mm a aw hriira I
of KMMTlnaK
iLDOtlur Boieiitlio Wo&deri
SI, Loins Slow Ston.
0. Ifc'TrXYAJf,
A - mi Vi i in
on, OASTRIC J I ict.
I"rrrd from Rennet, or Ihe nwmb etemath of tbeni, an.
ftitKtian. nt karaa ltlii,ih .real FKrelaluaiijel Ch.ml.l
k J. i. Hiiiiijhtati, M. U , PhllaiUleHla, Pa.
'I hllll'.eT " ta.k li lha u.i Hit nl O.uia
tt lellia ahureltmtni, er en.iili(..iU ptlnclpm ui ihc (Jolrl.
JxtniheMlvminr (lind. the .inliyinf, errwrvlht, and
MlmalftllM aai af Ike mutjKk ! Inlixiliwe. It It iiiaci4
Oitm il ditteilve etnaiaik f (lit ' tkv. lUranne a trn 41
e neld, rmMif like th nmural Otxrle Jnlce in In
kl pewere, and AirnLklet a tneivlole and wrlti I tubatl-
nir n.
nan mnvn, aria,ar MUmti orut. II Iteiirrmriy inie
to ike u.ia, a, may fce lakrn ky 0 mn.t r. bl. eailint. whe
r.nnivt hi ttt tre.bnr niihnm Hie nioel a.ute dltliMt
Btr r mri.' Imliettene. rVMln It Ret a tii
Mlf a lMluuuirull r lMla llukJ la ailih will JIWI a.
diwalw v Kuant.arroe.i keefla ekaul mo kaart,uM eflke
nntla Mdneet
TkeOeltMiria tvlUrae upaa wklclithle ttmtdr It bterd
t In Ike kiiktH turlaut an. remarkable.
('It an K. attHt and M a dncrlettee clitular, eratlt, (tela.
. lam amnant t arlamlAa avlilaaca. fraia Luaia'a Aain.i.1
Cbemietryi Hr, Cvmba't rky.lniofy nf.Ulir.tlunl Dr. Panlra
an r and Dlai l)f. Jnha W flraper af Htm York t'nlr
ally I Prnf. DanfllMat Pkr.lalnf y i t af Ollllmea, of Vale
Cllei Or. Caraanici'i Fhy.iely te.iker llb reporit
elaaraa Iran all a irl. nfilia IJniiia eiaira.
mi n in e iiai and ptwe.r.
Dr. HeHBhlun'a IVmIh la nraaar. la Puwer mn4 In
Fotmaaj In PmrlBil(ia villi lar ih anal Pkyilclin..
pnwyufWIII ke eanl b aiatl, frve uf pa.ite, lur en dullair
. . . ... . L I I-
wni ... if. nnuinmni illlsnriaiiia
ITT onoKKV B Tllint-Heaiy Wuenf th inulnn Pipit
kware Ilia wrlttra ninatuia nf J K. Ilaunliinn, M l .! i .
atMinr, I'kllt.alalila, Pa. evt ilht and Tl.J" Ma k himI,
Cai. by all .tvnfi.it aad daaliie la m.JUm... I'm,', uSh".
DOLLAR, nvr Imiilt
T. L. BRITTINHM k kltO , lt.nnil.nl,
aui'M ly WkoniMii' and Hivuil Am.
Dekler, Shtnt.lTdtt TwkJt,
imlth, hnd. Tlhnor,
BelM nt Whole.il Prir7rdVltl AND Ttff
WaRR, I Invite pariU ilM atlenilon t. the PIU2C '
PREMIUM COOK k TOYB, which huflv.nutilve.
lal tntltlaction to all who havo'tund it,1 I warrant all1'
my Htovct f.r Iwelv. moi.lbt. and If Any of th. platao
break during that time, HUrnlth ntw .btt freo tl 1
A. I Jeeign remaining permanently in Ihtt piece,
tha nubile tro tnle In taking my guarantee forth. .od '
perforaianc. ol Ih. tl.v.i kept by me.
All my .tovet ar. Bitniifirtured of MISSOURI t
MOUNTAIN IRON, and f.r (oodnett ol metal and
beauty of catting, tbey rel .ny ttov.i mad. in tho
' vre.iern country.
rr Th. mnn who mould. Hollow. Ware for 0. F.
1 Kllly it eomldered the kett wtrkman In Ih. United :
, Ntatet. and Ihlt aecannti for our Hollow. War ant
i Htoye Veetela being to much emoothar and bettor than
any olh.ro you wiunnd lo market, wk.lhor aid. Cut
or writ.
I hav. constantly en html, a tut-ply of TlNVTARf,
lo which I nartlvularly Invito tha attafillon of ih.
country trade, at the ou.lity of my Ware, and Ih. prl
ret, thall be inch at to indue, them lo .all on me again
RKAD THIS ! Thoinlrixliiolici of
Into Northern Mmourl.to any enent.hai been in ik
an tniee yeart tine, woick tlm. they hav. bi
Kiaiiiinn uiw aoanuiaciur. anu late or Ihrmi
and although, owing to their being light and nnooth
and tomethmg k.w, torn. Illtle iliincully attended the
tale and me at Ant, yet by tlwayt making Stove, nut
Catling, or th. beotouallty of He.ilch Pig and Mltieun
Mountain Iron, they hav. protoj to wilh.tand Am bet
ter tber. tny other Citing mad. in the Vetr coun
try. Th. Fiirnae. Cattlngt md Hollow War. partic
laily, hav. bem auperteded by it, wlierev.r it hat br
brought into me. nnd alv.ayiaueiiniti'ction, Hav
ing lived her. a number of yean, and b-iigMimnw.,,1
ly located heio, pnrvhateri ran rely in, nm giiar.atfx
t.t. the quality of the article. ild h nt tlM u,
the operetlon nf our celebra'ed Pil rienimai Cook
Rto., jutt read the rertiilratet .r thoe who kaeu.e I
them, and ar. aiing Iheut uow. And aijoilirr tdvk c
titjje a purchaier will hare lit buying t St. Unit atom
nt nt, he would not only begrttuiK a tnve innda oi' th
ben innterlal in Hi. world, b' he fi ai anv time ki
uu odd iiiecvor plat, without any rhtrKe, by k-ltiigu
khnv that inch it wantexl, k all vnr ioc ar war
ranted, and. in cat. of iinnerra'tion. tha artloU ..in
; be promptly mad. good lu Hie pur.'haer, which he
, mi ii n.inr.-. awa manir nw in in.rinnr (mmarii. n. n una i.ir.i i . ah k i . it... l l
trtaf WMIHN.iI lliaarailva i.,.l. tl aanlaln. I,., aim I . . ,. , ' ', ".tT " 7 V" '". f 0OH
Thi Rtory U continued tlirotigli tltf lim
four numlxjn of tho ttiHguiinc, tioiit (K lo.
bur to January. With tho February timif
Iter another new iury by Mr. Arthur, tttti-
lied "sparing to ittntt or, tltt lyftoni and
the plnkertont," will be commenced, to be
continued during levcrul
lit the flint volume of the
will not It 1 1 .1 Hit ioe with t'in'n,iia;l, Ctii-ano, I'Ri..
huili,aiiil Ka.lntti inade rilVKSa you cauiiul
i 'ui . k. i . " " w,r" wnrrnnted. i'
would he luiio.ibleto gat oddpl.tet I'mmaurh a di.
W., the. Hinltrniitneit, Imving u.e.l tht M. Ui,
Stove, intiiulai.tiiird by U. I'. 1 ill v. of til, l.oun.aM
I told by Carter W. Bryan, at H.i.,tl, Mo., take
).,. .r,u in iTvviniiir,niii. uu m v toe iiiiniic at n
hiri. ...
have ever medi
F.v.raoftUklndi Pilot
Venereal After.
rtelenlien of U
Female li regular-
Bowel Com
Conttip.tlon of
the BoweU
Wormt of all
Weakneat, from
whatever cam.
Scrofula or King' Debility
r.ru a.c. avc.
Hold at tk. ottiblithment nf Pmfmiior HoLtowAv.
144, Strand. near Temple Par,) London, and by all
vvnuora oi Meoirinet inrougiiont tn united ntatet, In
box wat 87,.., RTc. nnd 1.50n. each. Whohteira by
th. principal Drug Vh.ntet In th. Union, nnd by
Meetr. A. B. I). hANUt, Now York
tfTheit t. a contlderable i.ving by taking th.
larreraltea. '
N. B. Direetioni for tk. rildanc of p.ti.nt. in eve
ry dteotdrr ar. affixed to each ben.
McN.il'. SpTiatyie7o7"n7u!
Waanwel. tuit Avian. IT art l, Market Ol..
t N InlMMlatlM mv Hlvla af Hnu Air Ike Pnrlnt or IN.M I
rial a.k e.Dlal aiiantln n. (he rmnklniitna. H rrmma
af lha Moai lataartaal rre,lM(aa af an aiilala al tno, kaaai
aa. uiilny. It la lit hi, y aim ' enrratl prenurtlana, an.
I tka aame tlm Itlly adainad for nam hat In Ilia Man.,
ntetara nt' Hale, a.y atniin ta "Kmalalnr." Tha ittlu .t
Mtlal and Ika kaat wntkman.hln. unlit, wllh tka aiiMi ami. ma
Tjilant ar eaaarvialM,eaamtt rail I. praauct a kat worth af
Ike mot la,
I kave a rati aiteitmiat nf the Aaaet twNl. la mv It, ram.
ptetaf aH tkat ta nw, rtoh la. Ikaklaaakia la Him, Cm
iraw a a. ta.aia CinaiOa, aaiwclaliy taiamM tn maat tha tin.
maaOa, at tka. wkataaabt af rxail, (M . anniwianliy m .aaHtly
oOeaaaiat at annKh and r.aa. iwnt. a a. lliaM anikrlal warn
that Mlew. At Ik eaaaa II km I can Mil th M.al. fuoai al tk
'4m aa mw aa any atkrf ta ai. Lettta.
I raanreinille lal(a a paraonal In.im'.llnn efrnv emrk.
aaakl.lm JOHN MrNKIL.
I" and to, Market Hi,, mikmtH Main.
Saddlery and Coach Uardwarf,
Net. II. Kortta Malm Kiret kt. Loula.
r1HEIR alck In all branch.!, for tprlng aalct wil
JL be largo and v.ry complete, and their .lock of Ohio
Canned b. Htrrneaeed.
They would vnoat roopoctfuliy invft til kttyor to
give thorn .all, enuring them that no pain a will t
pared to iv aattafactt.n in tvory parth ulnr
tab 1 (Met
8iI 7 , ' P. ar attF IMtt'l I
Ftferilir all htkllll Hi .llrtl'l lIuraKllil a m... a.
month;!, rims' eitrr and ea. of retiilution, to a lit' Ktote iv
lonie mnuiuiue.' 'rr . .... "
two nouvellcttrs by the cilit.tr will be jmb. j";,,; .V v,UWt,
lislicd. Aa only a litnitul eilition of iho 1 Dr. I., T Mrittinghaiu,
lirst numbent ot lh mogaxine wan tiittf.id, '!i'',l,,'"r,u' l,u,'
thof wishing "the old man'i bride" inus' ; wmiiw"!!?!,;
end In their .ulscriptlons early. A. lnsiai,aui, '
iTP"Ii ordni' In limvpnt irtUniiii.'i. lima uu I ia. ( wteinnn
... . ........ (-
ou the part of tliet puhlic, we wtil here xtute
that tho home magazine in a monthly mmw
of the home gazette, and contains the best
articled thai tppcar therein, tlui fixing In
permanent thapo and for ciutil'ttion in uw
diar.nuU, literary matter troiu tlio pent ul
tnauy of the ablest writer, in the country,
It in from this Olllso tliut the tulilia.lir tra
..i i. i.. . i.. ....... ; .t. .V ,i. .. !t)llvr 'lrrill.
auio, in ins viiTOt, tu iuriii.il intl worn eu o Jautea Fmi.nn
aVU A ml. I L. I. 1
IV ... 1W.
To those who desire to rccleve the Home
Mognzine by mall, wa otter it at the folov
ing extraordinary low club prices:
I It. (iittitcr.
' lot Wright.
I W. I' Keicketal,
; tVni, 1.1','Jiii,
lrp Juhnton,
I Jolt. Fugnn,
VVa.hinton Mi yet..
; H. Ilieeiuij,
W. I.. Lacy,
ij. B. Havtlen.
K. P. tlrrgu.v,
vTJ. AT. UttiiKJY,
One copy one year, . . . $2
two copies ono year, ... 4
Three copies ono year, ... 4
r our oopies one. year, 0
Eight copies one year, 10
Twelve copies one year, 15
wnere a ciuo ot twelve subscribers send
ue fifteen dollars, a copy extra will be fur
nished to tha agent or getter-vp of the club,
or to any address ha may designate. At
these terms, tha "home magacineu will be,
for the amount of tiholca reading matter
furnished, tha cheapest monthly publication
in tha United Slates.
For three dollars, a copy each of the
"Homa Gstette" and "Home Magaxina"
will be sent one year.
In making up clubs, it may frequently be
desirable to unite in a single club both
"home maffaiineand "home gazette" sub
scribers, t his can be done by always rna.
king tha club price to tha magaaine su'osrt
ber one dollar twenty-five coivts, no matter.
what the, site of tha club njjty be The
extra copy to tha getter-up of tha. club, In
all such cases, can be tho gaaeite, or maga
tino, at tha option of tha party, who is to
leceiye it.
Pfittagt an Arthur' Mom .Vtif sintv!fi
quarterly or yearly km,,advanca, 1$
cents for the whole year.
Addrtsa, T. , aRTitVR 4. CflL,
Vo. 107 Walnut Ktrcet,
T. Ballard,
I.. I.yle.
Daniel Ford,
A. M. Htwkint.
i Jtmet IhomptAN,
win. ii. Huiick.,
Wti, (ireevet,
M, M. Barron,
Wm. Dautton,
I . It. Ktlnm.
John R. Chv.lay,
Cjrut Walter.,
T. K. Rpeneer,
veo. A. fthortridg.
Rloemiiigtui, Mo.,
.1 O.tVdeii,
D W. While,
John M. filaughlia,
llirtm Rlanch.rd,
Dr. . Nelt.a.
H. K. Hrvan.
JehrtL. Nfathe.,
W. K. Ilavia.
J. Aruittroiin,
Waneri Fitiley,
J. C. Herniation,
a, Mt.tey,
A. O eaala.,
John B. Lew ia,
Lett Btkkley,
K. Leonard,
Hcprr Mitchell,
John Rtiert,
J. Mutely,
Wm. Kid,
F. Franklia,
Joslah Hlntca,
W. Gre.e,
Chu. Curtt.
Je.ee. Koberooa,
NOW t-Akl llaaa.
Peraoni wlthing to buy ttov.a ah.ald give tit a .,
and examine our now pattern, of
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