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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 03, 1853, Image 2

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InAdTanco, ...... i)3 for six months.
First lnorlion, Flvo Otitis Line
F.cti Insertion aflerwanlt, T o ami a Half Cent ft
Advert Isemtnts will ho published Tram six to twelve
d.i) l Ctats ft Lint lor each iiistrlinn, Including
I h first,
our Rule for Uoofc nt Job Printing.
F.r too Hannibal Journal.
Mn. Editor i In your rpr of I lit work, I Botle ft ssll
1(04. by "Many Vol," tolioLIng sat to broom ft eamll
dat fn tht ofllc of City Marshal, and fool It my duty to
rotpnnd to that est). Is to doing, I jWi to their wl.hos,
and town ft candidal for that office. I hao only to j
that, ibentd I bo alocteJ, I will! according to tit bait of rot
ability, strictly aid faithfully dlwhar lh Juliet devolving
poo sror hooping la ltw tbt IntereMa of ibt clt.v, and
(' ettls nt. I fool otuoh flttttrcd by thli call, and roluro to
"Many Vo'ort" ray slnooro Ibankt, and tsmtlly tolloit the
tappwtof all. Vary respcotfulty,
I 1 I 'M I . - I J. J It I .t .I 1.
cy on ono side and Hannibal on the other, to
contend agninnt. Marian City wna toon atvept
off by the wave ef tlx Miilppl, nnd with
it many a gorgeoui "emtio in tho air." Leaving
railroad out of tho question, no Rood reaion
could have been ndvoneed fifteen year ago, why
Louisiana should not program nearly e fast
and as fur as I unnibal. IVlaiyra wo tho most
prominent rival of Hannibal. Slio lind tlia
county scat, while Ilannibul was craruracd down
into ilia extreme corner of tha county. The
cost of transportation from Marlon Oily to 1'nl-
myra wm but trilling, while the trado of a
largo arction of rich country centered nt the lat
ter place. Leaving tho railroad out of view, it
JoubtleM seemed probable that by well directed
energy, Palmyra might continue to tread close
Is the hcnU of Ilannibul. Trouble about title
was aa infliction of ill-starred fortune, retarding
the growth and prosperity of Ilannibul. This,
however, with other minor difficulties, ha vanished.
Thus, of n number of town contending for
superiority, there were no circumstance sur
rounding any ono of them, which aero of sufli
eient irnportunoe to render it indisputably ccr-
tain that it had been chosen for greatness.
The history and present posiliju of Hannibal
prove that Iter Future i in her Railroads,
Plttuk RoaJs, and Minvfaclures.
We anxiously search tho future with a glass
of "hextra double million magnifying power,"
m Samuel Wallar, Esq., would have said.
"When I get to be n man," snys the boy who
has jut put on hi first pair of pantaloons, "1
will go where I please, and do at I like, and
Father can't muke me Wo anything; and this
lofty idea wcll him, until the new inexpress
ible an scarcely contain their owner. A he
grow tip other dream light up hit path, calling
around him all the glories of a brilliant future,
with none of its drawbacks. As time progress
ri, difficulties, impediments and obstrucliens
unexpectedly start up and glare upon hint like
unbidden phantoms. Then a shadow begins to
lull upon his prospects. The view becomes
"mixed." There is no longer a monotony er
flowers and rainbows. An unskillful artist, he
nt first put nothing but light in hi pictures.
Experience learns him to intreduco some sha
ding, also, lie discover that no fairy attends
him to change pumpkins into splendid carriages,
or hares to magnificent horses, or everything he
touches, instantaneously to gold. Fairies slow
er in their movements, and of sterner aspect,
but not less potent for good, are to control his
destinies: these are Labor, Self-denial, Patience
and rrevcranco.
Cities and nutiens aro governed by the same
feelings that rule the dcstiuiei of individuals.
A man coming ta this section in ISIti, would
have been struck with the apparent necessity
for a town at considerable importance somewhere
on the west bank of the Mississippi, between St.
Louis and the Lower Rapids. Not looking to a
railroad future, which, like second Nature,
would most probably bestow Fortune' favors
promiscuously, and in seeming confuMon; but
considering only the commercial advantages
developed, it would have appeared that St.
Louis must forever remain the central sun, Wi
ving revolving around it the lesser light stud
ding the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. All
the produce concentrated at these points might
be expected to be poured into St. Louis, nnd
thonca would be drawn all their supplies for the
interior. Under such circumstances, no rrry
important town could be expected to spring up
There would be races for precedence, fostering,
and in turn cheered on by local rivalries and
petty jealousies, the small victory finally to be
awarded to that town which should manage to
gt tho beat atari, or which might be favored
with some neighborhood advantages. Would
this fortunate town be Louisiana, or Ilannibul
or Fahnyra, er Marion City, Canton, Tully
Lagrange or Alexandria ? All these places had
a fin acope af country back of them, though
Hannibat was probably best situated, in that re-
apect, the radius of her circle of trade being 70
to 100 miles, ever a country unsurpassed io pro
duotive capacity, and which, by immigration
was rapidly increasing in population. Alexan
dria ia tao near Keokuk. Lagrange, Tully and
Canton could not be expected to advance much
farther than they Lave gone, at they had Quin.
Mr. Hull ought net to be guilty of a great
many absurdities equal to that of selling his
stock in the Hannibal nnd St. Jcsepli Riilioud
at twenty per cent, below pari That itroke
of policy A'a n dead failure. Instead of bring
ing discredit upon the road, it only cuiwcd the
perpetrutor to be laughed at.
Thcro is one aggravated phase of this act of
ridiculous folly, from which wo aro happily able
to relieve Mr. H ill. On tho authority of a gen
tleman we published n short time ago a state
mcnt that Mr. 1111 had l o,n offered par at St.
Joseph just previously to selling out in this city.
Phis Mr. Hall pronounces a "lie. ' Wa could
or course know nothing about what wa going
on at Saint Joseph, except through information
lerived from others. Our informant confese
that he mijil have been mistaken, and wo fairly
concludo that he was mistaken.
A gentleman in SI. Joseph advertise that he
w ill buy all tho stock in tho Hannibal and Saint
Joseph Railread that may be offered for sule at
'20 pur cent, discount. Wo presume, however,
that ho may save himself further trouble. Mr.
I tail's is probably tho last of the lot.
Wo aro indebted to Thoniae 11. Hatcher,
'sq., Clerk of tho County Court, for tho follow
flora of Circuit Cntt.
The. K Thorn-won,
LvmIi DickiTion,
Clerk of County Ovart.
Tho.r. llatchor,
s Maturity. n.VI.
Cltrk 4 tho Uiuuly Court,
A 'fad Sad, IS.'.S.
Tlio Pennsylvania Kailroad Company
own -1J locomotives., ot wnicu itveivo are
ofacapaciyt equnl to speed of 80 mile's on
hour. Tho lkltimoro and Ohio railroad
have 1 11 locomotives, some of which aro o
equal speed. TliU immense velocity lin
been attained through the nclive coiujicli
lion of the railroad companies, who have
spared no expense in rewarding construct
ore for costly experiment.
DaowtiiD. i esterday a man was found in
the river about five mile above Hannibal, and
brought down to Seipio. He had apparently
been dead aome eight or nine days; was probu
b ly a deck hand; had en a blue shirt und blue
punts, with a handkerchief around hi wuist.
The soil of Siberia, at tho close of tho Sum
mcr i found (till frozen for fifty-six inches be
neuth the surface, and the dead, that have luin in
their coffins for one hundred and tifly year
iiavo been taken up unonangeu in the least.
A square of finely perforated zino pluced in
dead el gas, in one ot me panes oi a window
ia a ohoiip and excellent uoug or. ventilating
The examination of Misses Smith h Patricks'
soliool took place yesterday In the basement cf
the Baptist Church, nnd was largely attended.
The proficiency of the scholars wa very satis
factory even to thoso who were not acquainted
with the fact that the larger portion of the school
lias been mode up during tha progress of the
session, so that there ha not boen time io train
many of the scholar equally with other. Yet
the prompt readiness and correctness of answers
was much admired, and considered very credit-
hblo to the teachers nnd their scholars. T'vo
tudies, astronomy and botany, the scholar were
tu t examined In, on account of the latenss of
the hour at which they were reached in tho or
der of the examination.
Tho cxereisc in the evening, gave more gen
eral satisfaction than anything ot the kind ever
before witnessed iu this city.
Everybody wa delighted with the perform
ances of the primary class, during the day and
in ine evening, i no uiiio ioiks "oohi uiw
inging, ulthough they have been but a short
tune in training.
Tho performances of all tho acholnri In voce'
music, and of thoso who performed on tho piano
wcro much praised, as were all tho exercises of
ihe evening: consisting of A ong in concert)
Salutatory, by Mis S. Willi Hew' Quick-
step, instrumental, by Miss Shoot; Doclatnu'.ion,
by Mis Davis ( Music; Colloquy, Solar Sys
tem (admirably calculated to indelibly imprest
upon the memories of the pupils their knowledge
of the machinery of the Solur System); Decla
mation, by Miss F. R. Pavey; Song, Primary;
Colloquy, Woman's Rights ; French Song ( De
clamation, Mis C. Shoot; Song in conoert;
French Colloquy! Instrumental Duett; Reading
of tha Douquct; Song; Declamation, by Miss
M. Holscy ; Song, Primary class; Floral collo
quy; Vuledictory, Mis L. T. Hoiieyraau Mu
Miss Davis, en behalf of the pupils, present
ed a handsomely bound book to each of the
teacher a token of affectionate regard, well
merited, complimentary and appropriate.
liy encouraging such tcuchers, Hunuibal may
be always blessed with good schools.
2j" Mr. White, Mail Agent on the Die Ver
non, brings down the news, we ore told, that
enough counties In tho Third District have been
heard from to justify the assertion that L1ND-
Mr. Thompson has obtninod about two-thirds
of the vote of the county for Circuit Clerk. Mr.
Dickerson ought not to complain ; for, as one of
our merchants says, "ho could hardly expect us
young men to vote for an old bachelor I " We
don't like to encourage them; they ought to do
Utter. It is well enough to rebuke old bache
lors, for not sotting us young men a bettor ex-umple.
No mail up to-duy.
Joseph Mogridge succeed in business the
lute lira of Mogrldgo Jt Mclaul, of St. Louis
STAFlBINts. We leurnfrom one of our cit.
izen just roturned from a visit tolloono count v
that eu luosiiuy me twin inst,, a aeuou tiiiu
cully occurred at Rooheport, botween Mr. Mc
iUkmiy ana a tir. ijcwii, in wuion ino lormer
stubbod the latter in tho abdomen with a Howie
knife. An examination was made by medical
attendant eeen after injury was inflicted, and
the wound pronounced to be -fatal. Our in
formant learns however that death had not en
sued on Thursday morning, though no hopes
were entertained of hi recovery,
McQuiddy wa immediately arrested nnd
put on trial in a court of inquiry, which resulted
in ruling him to bail for his appearance before
the next circuit court, in tho sum of seven hun
dred dollars. Our informant was not advised of
(ho cause which led to the dirioulty. llruns
NOTICE t btrtby Ito In lh ortrtltor sail all nlhr
Inttrtittdtn thttstai of UtU.IAM KtMl, dfn'l,
that iht undtrilentd ailmlnlstrntiir of nnl Hatn, on tin flnt
day of tho aest llurimnr Itnn of tht IUIIi C mniy C mrl, r
at tnoa thorotrttr at laid curl will hoar tht sin, will uiaka
taal Mttltoiint of Ml dinlnlilrsi"H of said t to.
Acit418M-4t UILLIAM Kl.VI, dod.
Important to IIousekocptTsI!
1 til It sboto ttttnralod Snap It n art lots hli h ovtry I'orVy,
hottl, laiinilrrilnardlns; hovo, Ac, will lln-l up n a rni'c
fill trial, to b tht rj thltitj Nqulrcdforvooitouiy aodalti
of labor i
lit. Ilroans elothtt oan l wahcd In ont fmirlh tho tlmo.
If. Thty rtqu rono riil'Mpg or iH'UO'lloa'. tli.rtiliy taTing
WW, snd tho injurious tflocti of tut old nitihi'd.
3d. It blrarhwsnd laithain ruroly hl', and for e1.
ortt oloths It It oaiurpa.sod, ss If duo" not fxinot tho dyo,
but hat a tondrnoy to ,ot iho oolur. ki waihlug J'lnt aiai
windows It oannol bt tsorlltl.
It It warranted not Ui Injur tht olothet In ant war.
It It put up In boxot of ten pounds cat h. full ilirtctlont
on rsoh bos for tho uio of It,
Tbt Snap ran ho had al Iho hour nf John llivl, who I
solo acent I. M.trloa aonniv, on Kuth uroit, tnr Win.
ilrwn't llomp I'iosi, or ot Cu.U A look wood, on Msln, nour
UilUtrotk (luUtf)
" ST."L0UI3,"MIS30URI, "
Coinmi.s.ion und Forwarding Housr,
(t.ato Twiiciu'li ,v. ,Mn:ii,il.r,')
No. Commercial, Udow Pino struct,
CON'SICNMKNTNaml ('emmisioiit will morl wiUi
prompt ami iifoiiuI nllinliiti, nnd litirr it t' ASIl
AP AM'KM will hiiveii on Coiincniai nls or Hills
of l.silinn IN' HAND,
Tli" forwniilmi; nml rioovlni of incrrlinmlun Hint
prolines will moot wllli epoclal euro unci iiiii'!ii tlm
iowrsl inlos ot IVolKlt w, always b irruird, ninl
llio f XM'iie o ulnr.iuo ninl tli n y 'n as niiu li t pus
sihlo avoiilod.
Onli'H lor purclni.liiR fl!l,, at tho ilioi!p-t liotn o
and lowosl uiaikot piicrs.
iti:i't:iti;,vn:s :
l'dtfo (t, lUi'o..)
t liorUss, Wow ,V. fo.i S SI, Louis,
Clio'rau U Vallt'i )
Uoaii, Kiiu t o i (
Mow At M.m ln 1
h'lutt . 1'uivsti N'.'W Yoili.
t'hnilos A. Miirsi )
'i.C. Twliin'11 it Co., NViv D l.'uns,
I liava an oi.ou nuiii-v oi' lni,nniM'. Ah!.-ti ,n
cover lilUliivinoiils In uv a lilros-, uiVn n lvi d lv
i urr por limn, cr whon endor-od on lulls ol l.olii ii
Ui'lorv, oi at lliu Iiiiio ol tlilpinohl.
N. Louis, Janury !., 1S:i, ( U )
Missouri Stnto Mutum Tin' nnd Mn
rino lnsnranco Company of Si. Louis.
npllnl gJlMMioo. iin,i toiiKiaiitty
0 liicrru-liiK.
I KN Fire I'nlinot issnol, nial Toim Pnlicii's lor
any pciioil liom ;0 iluys io six jrois.
It. D. Vvsp, K M. Ki'doll, ,t s MfCiinr,
" W- AU-JcuuIrr, I'. Wviwm.
T. W.lloit, C..H. l'ork. I). A.'.lanmnv.
, S- M- F.OGF.I.L, P.rsalci.t.
It. 1). "cnN,Tifsnror.
F. R. IIomh, Srcrflnrv,
Il- 'IIIO. S. Mll.LF.lt, Axeut, llamiilu.l, Mo.
jo JO A3. ly
Clovoinook, by Alien Carry
Fifsli Uovrs from Western Woods, ly Miss Fullor
tieiiis I'm in Fable Litml
V'ay to do Good, by AMioll
Corner Slone, by C. U, Taylor)
Q't'-er riuiiiiels, by Mrs. Tulhill j
For ? u!a at (lie fiw Uouk Mote, by
jy"H' 1). K. CARMAN.
M.ator.N tviMi in
And Negroes for sale.
THOMAS 1). HF.F.n,
WILL eoiilinne to purcliii.se NeRroea, alwnys pny
inu Iho lil;lnt cash price. Ho con bi loiiiot
in the my of lUmiibnl, or al It in resi,ri,ce, one milo
souin oi ino city, mi iho old No.v l.imlon nt:ul.
tie win always keep on Ininl a ll el Nejites
vn ui.-i'oiiinioiiaiiiii; lorms.
The Mobile paper Rive official notice of the
nrruncement between tho New Uncans and Mo
bile cainpunlci for building a railroad between
the two cities. A itibsoribtion for 500,000 of
the Mobile connany is to be opened en the 12ih
instant, and reinuin open until the SOlh, after
which the amount unsubscribed will be offurod
in Louisiana and Mississippi.
whirl! he will sol!
T. V. UF.FI).
W I N F. .
Int Old Port. Shfrry. M.,1,.1.. i.rnt ... 1 si .1. i...
fnr Snorsinontal and M.hIiuIi al purji,M, vmsianlly for alt
at tno llrnu 8'nro of
July so, isas SAanra AXPKR80N.
J1, N- Al'l'-nN'. has Just opened and
er- r will koep cvamautly on band a llonoral A sort-
r4 Dlu6" Modlclnca, Palnta, Oils,
awU Varnl.n. Hyo-Siuff., Window tilt's, Sol.vs, lVr
rumrrv, eVp, UnuhM, and ovory uthor artlolt uunlly Vopt
In a Dihr Sioro. Ihttt article bavo been rolootrd l htm
olf wllb tva esro, as-lsted by opt of tbt he drnvvtua In
tbt State, and ht WAHHANMowry artk-lt told b him. to
bt (1KM INK AN1UKKSU. ' '" "1,w
11 ooouptM tht U'd stand of U I tint and Uathtws,oa Mala,
strett, opp,lla tho Oily ltolot.
Jlanalbal, July 30, iSM-d.tw.1sj
Daguerrootypo.- 1 Daguerreotypes! !
w.r. riTTs,
Resident LrnrrvHn Artist, would simply re
mind the citixoni of ILttmibul und surromwl.
Inneoutitry that ho is still taking pictures at hi
(Jalrory on Main street, over Willson's hardware
city of lUhmbal, bavo potlttonod o to grout aa order oi ,,"! ... .,.,n, mat irom receni
prohibit tho oreotio ol wooden buildlnsi on said Biook, I aiuliUoni to Ills stock, and Ills inerouiod fttoililies.
Wbsreai, tho owutn of a major part of Block No. It, In tho
lotmon, im '.iu.m"T ia now proimreu to take blclurct In a
rv ibis alt, du warn all noroont trosa putting, up an woodoa r... !i , . ... V V V .. .
boildtoc or bulldlnlrJiatldIUuke4)ntrryolaldOrlIJaoo.iW,,,1u, " "J "rioiore tUKenin Mt
UautuUi, July it to, I. H. utiMta, Maur. 1 tad at reduced prices. Cull tud cxuuiiue,

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