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TEEMTbfVki DAity'joniiiL
InAaTance, J3 for six month.
First Insertion, Kive Cent t Lina
Each Insertion afterwards, To and Half Cent a
Advertisement will b published from nix lo twelve
day at To Cauls t Lilt lor etch Insertion, including
the tn at.
Is nnr Rule for Rook and Job 'n'nfi'm.
V ar authorised lo anominoe 0. 0. STKONil a
ravdl lalo fur Ciiv UiiumAii M the prowling Rosrober
lirtl n. (etigSdld)
The Marion Comity Temperance Socli'ty will inert
p 1 1 n;i nt lo iilinirrmti.t, oil Saturday the 3d tiny ol'
fepiinilrr. nt 10 o'clock, a. M., to discus Maine
Liquor Law. Tim fi iomls anil oppnu'iiti ol' .il l luw,
aie ieqtieicd lo attend ( und the difl'irenl divisions ait
requested lo bi renrctentml by delegate.
T. H. 1 AT LOW. IVes.
P.vlroyu, August ., lftfia. (aiijriodatwtd)
At this Oilier, TWO COMPOSITORS.
(ioon Ntws. W'ehuve intelligence on w hich
we rely, thut a ro.i.Viir hai 6yh tnrjc or flit
co.$tivetwn of tht railroad fiim Dtcatur lo In
Jiannpolix. We have tint Itarnt llio I uriicnlars;
but lite contract looks to the early completion of
lha road; und the work to bo done in the best
manner. Tht liuk in the irrtat railroad line from
St. Joseph to the rasttrn citits Wiwn .aei
find lUnnibal-lS PROVIDED FOR. This
will be otio of tlicmo.it important railroad routes
in tin Linoii. 111. Journal ol the 11th.
Religious Mo'.irc. Uuv.G.S. Wka
viirt will preach at the City Hall on Tuea
day, Wednesday and Thursday evenings
the 16th, 17th and IStn inst. By request
ho will pren:h upon the following texts
On Tucsdaj evening. The Huh Man and
La:arus; on Wednesday evening, The Prts
rnce of the Jmd, from the text "Who
shall be punished with evci lusting destruc
tion lVoni the Presence of the Lord and the
fclory o his power '2d Thens. i, 1). And
on Thursday evening on the "New Birth,"
from the text "Ye must bp Horn Again
John 3d.
Sikam Mai iii.nkky. Wo would call at
ten tion to the advertisement of Clark, Ren
frew Ai Co., of St. Louis.
Nov llniirr.- The Cynlhiuna (Ky.) New
lias at the head of Us editorial column a picture
representing a globe labeled " Our Country,'
with one-half submerged beneath the waves of
mi ungry sen, while over all floats the " Flag of
our Union," which is about the site ol' the wtiol
globe. The enormous proportions of the il;
ore probably meant to symbolize cither the
greatness of our present power or to prefigure
u hoped for fai t, that our territory may extend
ovor the whole earth. Dut, then, what's the
wotld sinking for P II may be meant us
warning of the danger of such n centralization
of power , or, it may intiinulo a desire to drown
every part of the earth except that on which our
country is situated which would display a sen
t uncut, cruel, bloodthirsty eud not to be tolcrn
ted. Again, what's tho sea in Mich a awe
about ? The picture nuzzles us. Will the
editor of the News please explain the enigma
Hy virtue of a decree of tho circuit court
Pike county, Mo., in the matter of T. E. Wil
hams and W. Robinson, i. P. H, McBrid
E. Fox and A. W. Reed, eighty acres contain
mg the Elk Lick Springs, will be sold in Bjw
ling (Ircen on the .r)th day of September next,
the highest bidder.
Th Hannibal City Liquor Law Reform Anoclatiea
Will meet to-night i.t early candle-light
full attendance is earnestly requested, as busi
ness of much importance will be transacted
The place of mooting is the Baptist Church
Uoddirv and Amiest. On the night of
the Dili Inst., a quantity of money and n
gold and silver watch were stolen from
Sim w's hotel. The author of the theft hai
been stopping in our city for soma days
rnt, under the assumed name of Kingold.
t hnsstncu been ascertained, however, that
he is the notorious Yulcntine llurke. After
Liking the goods he went to the river ond
took a skill, and was supposed to havo gone
down the river. 1'uMuit was made, with
what nucrrs wo are unable to determine,
oi the parly in pursuit has not yet returned.
In Dm meantime, suspicion being enter
tained ngninsl a certain Dr. Hai ton who
was discovered to be very intimate with
Jurke prior to the robbery a saair.lt wnr
rant wus obtained and hi nllice and person
thoroughly aoarnhed, when lour dollars in
lvcr was lound concealed in one of his
irkins. Here it is proper to add, that
10 Doctor, on the morning alter the rob
be rv, nnd also a short time livlorn being
searched, had declared that the thici had
tolen a coul from him nnd all the uionev
he had. These tacts, though thev wern not
uH'n'icnt to convict him, mndc it evident
that l.o was In Mime wnv commoted with
tie robbery. And on Thursday morning
facts were brought to light which make his
guilt still mora cerium. It appears tlmt
Jurlou, on Y cdnediiv evening, went on
board the packet and guvo tho mail ugenl
letter lo be delivered to u man in Alton,
for tho purpose, us he said, of seeming the
arrest of Diiikc. This not being credited,
inc. Idler was opened, mid found to have
been written to lluikn, und fur the purpose
of putting him on his guard ngiuust h'w
lursuers. hen these lacts were made
known to our city authorities, on Thursday
forenoon, Dr. Barton was again arrested,
and is now in tho custody of the officers.
That he will be found guilty of being an
accomplice in the robbery in question, there
is little dvubt. Louisiana Kecord.
lo this place, ou 11th inst., of Dysentery
M'.mi R., daughter of Dr. D. II. nnd Suu M
Washington, pged month and 11 doys.
On the 29th iast., Mr. T. P. MoMuaar.of
Puhnvra, Mo., lo Alias Lir.tn T., dnushter of
the late John Wright, of this oily.- Lou. Times.
Lionr Coin. Au American traveler thus
describes the process by which light coin is do
tected uttho Hunk of England.
In another room was a machine, exceedingly
simplu, for deteeiing light gold coins. A row
of tliem dropped one by one uon a spring soiilej
ll tho piece ol eolu was ol llio standard weiitlil,
the scale rose lo u certain huight, und the cum
slid oil' upon one side into a box: if less than the
standard, it rose a liltlu higher, and the coin slid
oil upon the other side. I asked in wui5hr
what wus the average number ol light coins iliul
came into his hunds, and strangely enough he
said It was u tpieitioii lie was noi allowed lo an
The next room I entered was that in which
notes ore deposited which are ready for issue
" We have tlnrty-t wo millions of pounds sterling
in this room," tho cnllcer reutarkud to me, "will
you take a li tis of it?" I told him il would be
vastly agreeable, und he handed me a million
nrrliu", (live million of dollars,) which 1 re
Crived wuli nunv thanks for his liberality, but
he innUted on my depositing It with him again,
as il would be hardly sal to carry so munli mo
nov into lue street. 1 very much tear that 1
nhull never ee that money again. In the vault
beneath the floor was a Director and the Cashier
counting ihe Lags of gold which men were pitch-
ingdownto tliem, each bitfr, containing u tliou
laud nouuds sterling, liisl Irotn the mint. 1 Ins
world of money seemed to realize the fables ol
F.nslerii wealth, und gate me new und strong
impressions ol the magnitude of the business done
here, and the extent ul' the relations of this one
Institution to the commerce of (he wcrld.
If there exists tiny doubt that the adiiiiuistra
tion is fairly in for the Pacific Railroad, tho fol
lowing from the Washington Union ( which w e
uppose, is authoritative in this instance) would
be conclusive:
It may turn out, and we think it tirobablv
will, '.hat the determination of the tro eminent
lo furnish tllcetiial aid in the construction of a
raiiroad through ils own territory, wherein lie
me great physical obstacles, will give to the eie
tcrin isc so much certainty of success, that indi
vidua! und municipal capital will bo enabled to
construct not only one, but many divercine
tracks tnroiigii the Mates through whoso terri
tory il may pass. In that event tho original
strict doctrine ol construction stand intact. 11
il become necessary, however, for the govern
ment to give aid to private capital to promote
the euteriirisR in the Stales, then it does not fol
low that mi appropriation from the Trrusury is
essential the aid may be derived from the ruth-1
lie lands of those Slates; and, in that even!, the
old strict construction principle may not be dis
turbed, if ut. even il it becomes essential, in or
der to insure the success of the enterprise, that
money hliould be appropriated by the gov
ernment to be expended in uid of llio work in
the MuUj, it may be lound, upon careful inves
tigation, that, the power to protect our Pacific
pof sessions, in obedionco to an express trut as.
sinned by the government, may so far be regard
ed us a spccilic l or rxpnss grant in the con
stitution us to authorize the onnronrialion.
Haiutuai. DacMiAUDS Dcci 4m;d Lunatics.
A case was decided at Princeton, on Friday,
which comes within tho provisions of a law pass
ed ai mo lasl session ol llio now Jersey Lecis
I. .(.,-.. vi.- r n : i .. ... " .
In yst Wacos.. Cui. Robert Stewart, the
p. in i o of our sporting community, has just
li.'o'iit. oul a wapm built expressly lor the ac
commodation ol the b'hoys who are fond of
grouse shooting, ll has seat for four persons
with a most ingeniously arranged set of apart
ment for oil tho "accompanying documents"
necessary lor u tour upon the broad prairies.
There is a pantry, ice-hot, feed-box, gun-ruck,
and a nice, cosy little pluce for the tt cthrtts.
Hut the dog kennel, which is situated at the hind
end, and is calculated to accommodate four of
the "pure bloods," is a perfect menagerie of it
sclr. There are us many windows (round
holes) ns there are dogs, and us soon as "Don,"
"DicL," "Job" and "Troop" are fairly encased, i
u head is seen lo pop out of each, with the usual
impatient whine lor a field of larger liberty.
Take it altogether, il is a very skillfully arrunged
and convenient establishment, mid with "Hob"
and three others fully equipped, for on excur
sion, il is very pleasant to make one of them.
And then the reicarks that are made as the car
avm passes through the country. "Here comes
n show, lor 1 see the monkey a-lookin out."
A bow-wow soon convinces this greeny that he
ha mistaken the critters, ond he growl out,
"no it nint neither; it nobody but some d d
dog pedlars." Burlington (lovs-a) Telegraph.
A correspondent of the Detroit Tribune, in
writing lo that paper, August 1st, says:
A day or two ago I received a communication
from one ol my IriciiJs, residing in Rockland,
in the State of Maine, in which ure some state
ments in reference to the celebrated Maine Law,
winch 1 thought would interest your readers,
The writer of the communication is Rev. II. C
Tillon. He is one of the prominent clergymen in
luuine, ami uas taken an active part in the tera
neronce movement. The following aro extracts
from his letter, and arc important to us, because
they come Trom an eye witness, on the spot
where the law originated, mid where it is now
in operation
Morsmsnt la a right DlMotlse.
We learn from tho Memphis Appeal, that
Mr. C. C. Baylor, a gentleman of character and
epittation in that city, has recently delivered a
Icoture at Holly Springs, Miss., on the wisdom
and ncceisiiy of exempting negroes from sal
under execution for debts of their ewtier.
Two objects are proposed by this movement
ono to ubate the clamors of the abolitionists
Hgainst the force separation of families; and tho
other to Increase the number of slaveholders,
by exempting the poorer whites from the loss of
their slaves, in consequence of debt. The pro
posal is said to have secured the approval of dis
tinguished gentlemen at the South, and a for
mal uppcal to slaveholders for their approbstiorjy
s soon to be made in the Baltimore Cotton Plant
er, so far as it goo, tins is a movement in th
right direction.
t'urucr of Alain and Criitrs Blrrtls,
WM. M100T, Piopiietor.
STUAV, August 13, 1803.
FV'ix Crawford, Nplet
W. R. Hsihn. St. Louis
4'. C. Dyer. Marylaud
Mia. M. Odd. Monro
John Bsirl, Mai inn )
Kicliaid Drane, do ;
Jerome Morsnelle, Perry Co , .Mo ; '
E p. Riy, Chicago)
Daniel Darid, IVcu iji ;
AUulmin llloex, St. Lou is t
'i iioui. Mall, Kk Co., l.l.i
C. Muicliul, (juiucy, III.
FcstnAY, August 14, 1&64.
M. Ihuiirll, New Luiiduu
H. Wilks. I eor
T. l.ilMtll, .S'l, j,oili;
J. I) I .hub II, !.
J. II Williams, Q lincy,
J. hold isi n, Cla kst i I ', M .;
Mr. L. I'uuk aud lv Uuldiuu, H'.. Loin, t
K. Lai o, do j
J. A. Ihsler, City )
i -on HawKins, City ;
W. M. Coke, SI. Louis i
K. Vonphul, do )
A. G. Hild, do;
K. C.ncr, Ci'iesgoi
J. V. Lnr, We.l Ely.
The Muskingum Temperance Allibiice, at
Zancsville, have uulliorizrd the President, (.'.
Springer, to correspond with the Uubernatoriul
candidates of this State, whether they are in fa
vor of having the Maine Law," or ils equivalent,
enacted by tho Legislature of Ohio, und that
tilth correspondence be given to the public
ihrouh the press.
A SiNovLAa Fact. A marriage so'emnized
in Svjulh Carolina is indissoluble, either by con-'
sent oM.he parlies, or by the judgment of ui y
foreign tribunal or stutute rf any foreign Legis
lature. No liidiciul tribunal in South Carolina
has nny authority to declare a divorce, and no
divorce has ever been grun'.od by the Legislature
of South Carolina.
The man who returns his neighbor's umbrella.
was seen a day or two since walking in compa
ny with the VOUnir ladv who rmsd a loiiLino..
gluss without taking a peep at herself. It is
believe iney are engaged. May every blessing
attend 'em.
23 The man who hung himself with a cord
of wood has been cut down with the edge of a
O" A gentleman seeing some cows in a field
razing, said: "He did not wonder that the grass
id not gel high, as it was cou'd down." Again,
seeing a cellar nearly finished, he remurked: "It
was un excellent foundation for a story."
n HV. PAN! PI. KMHRiON, A. M., will open sn EnRliih sad
. vlS
IJ-.-k. l-.l ll.l " .1 . . K.
111 our Mate, the most desperate opposition. d.jr to tk-e'ewber, in thtbaigmtntof lb.SnJ Pte.bjterUa
-.11... ft till I 1. . ... .
lllllirii. Tl A P.lv-itvnnlirtf iat.iiA.l u tiMmmls.!..!! 1. 11 111 IK It ItV A Kft lif nnlll liMi iln:iiT.nriis, i.iaii i CrtUfOb. TertUV. !' T UUtrlpr of elfiVDII Wnfklk PtrF AOmmnH
three gentlemen, who proceeded to try before af desperate fortunes, and irresponsiblo ch.ruc ttsWi?
. ui un inoiiisiiion into mo iiauiiuai arunkcnness T. i mm. i 'i wo ui.iumumi ur positions
rmu, and Uaublv-KnirT Bok-KMplo, eaoa siUi, $J.(JU j
i .ii sun ear ui nx m, seats.
F r iD'nrniaiion in roitard lo qnallfloatloui sail expsrlsado,
Vlr. K r. f rs t tti liliilng Itviiwonialsi
Tmuu rii siniiST 1'ikuck. "Till, uisj esrttfy that Mr.
"Voii-I l'ni..Y.in m ctaduB'cd at Wasum U Oollcga In
Annum Ih.fU. II alike dl.-tlnnui.hed fur talent and
'h .lthip, snd held a dot standing in bi class, lie la eon-
. well (lualili.a to insuust In any ecpartaiant of adu-
i m-.snirlv. vvllirS will K n.! .-ti-M.I .... lirellldicO llll DU.lllC lllind. Oll lllinor i Ipii, istdirt'd
rinatim . All linuoe sellers n.wUr u the great maior.'v of ll.c voters of Main are in ! "V'T I bu' W&V"!!. Jff? "".
i.. - . : .. . iwi
. is Ulicvcd, izcel u Trarlirr In Ctsrsle Bruilaarj,
"VWitsrn R-ai-rro C.,1 fg, 1
Aii. SIM, 1841." ;
Vtt. Waal. Kei.Colltg."
Fru Jeuot Van Fstsasissss asd Othiss "I toneur
of Charles Skiltman, and his incapacity to take One thing 1 woil I say to our Western friends,
careofhis property. The jury gave a verdict could wo gain their ear. Dj not cr lit tho
Ihat uch wa tho case, mid according totho law,! statements f our political papers which oppose
the orphan's court, on application, must appoint a ,aW'. Such here, certuinly speak falsely,
guardian over him. lie is divested of all con-1 The most untair and lulse statements ure made to
trol of hi
his reformat
penalty, are forbidden to sell to him, and lcirallv ! favor d law."
he is lo be treated as a lunatic. I "Ted your friends mother fad. Our law is
most pnpiilur where il is most strictly enforced.
IT t r. Slf fi rrtt .. I., il j . 1 - t . . j I .
itioKc jails e,iPfT- YHTr ine Jiiiriing. in ins iou'ii uiv irajj.c is nairnsufprtssoi. Wei
ion v I.) (Joiiricr suys that last year, when the have a population ol t. curly te
jiirsciu .i.-.uor looauiiargc 01 me jail, mere w ere "01 ono grog-aunp in hib pi.ire. t ne lourill ol ;' rt.-wrini.ut id cduosiUm," and olicirfully add, tbaV I
seven in its cells, and that there have since been July psed us quietly i s any other day. I did h,ve l)"'D e o'1"1 itrnn i f hi sohm.i, (aught here sine
at diflerent time, thirty others! but now, since! not see one intoxicated irati during tho d.y."
the Vermont Maine Law has had time to produce "It is dilVcront, to be surei in some oilier pla
its legitimate effect .locks and keys are Useless, o ces, but just ns far us the law it executed, does
the jail is without a tenant. This is the third it Bu'a 'u public favor. If you with to maka
jail in Vermont which ha been emptied by the your luw a favorite with 'ho people, enforce it,
new- prohibitory liquor law, and the editor very giv a practic d exhibition of its effects. Crime
firoperly add: "The simple truth is, the sale of will immediately diminish poverty will very
iquor peoples jails prohibiting it tale emnties soon begin to disappear taxes will fall oflT for
them1 and it is in tho power cf the people to 'he cause of Ihe public expense will be removed, 'cct
say vvnteh they will have. ' nnd property will soon rapidly accumulate." I (suglO.ltf)
e a population ol i.curly ten thousand, and . .1. WV '"" r . S" """' w
- i . r tii . lrIT"" qonsiioaa oi nv. u. buiermn 10 inatruotin
fauruanittllnn, and that ll issurpsossl lij nous and fqaal led
by f within my knowirdi. M fffinlrnfy snd aflrrrnioent.
-VVj, E't. June IS, H63."
'We cor lialiy ounrur In th JOHN M. COMnS, ESQ.,
tws ric niuMudatlena, JOHN WATSON. .
(augtjji.im) ALfRED WARNER."
JUST eome fiom th East. New Piano Music, among
which are New Sorgs, New Wabtts, Nr Polkaa,
r ei sale at u, a. Uannsn's
New Book Slere.

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