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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 16, 1853, Image 4

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-f . .sWr-a a a LLM ft j . V j
I a", a U. a" : XVtt,tH-l &Sr.i1 - .X - J
a jb a s &
August CJi!.
Will Exhibit at '
1 Iitt.tsville. on Monday, - .
At Madison, nu Tuesdar,
At Paris, on Wednesday, - Sill).
At Cluilon, on Thuisday, -...-.----'- '.'.'itli.
At Miatpsbt.rgb. on Fiiday, " iMith.
At Hannibal, on Saturday, " 27 111.
At Palmyra, on Monday, ' ' VUth.
Tuc public are respectfully informed that these tw'o vast t'staltli.-hmt-nts, united for I lie prrMt season,
toim by far the Img-st collevtinn of LIVING AM.MAl.S and the most attractive air.iy of KNTKl.TAIN
1NU NOVF.LTIKS. ever exhibited in this or any other round y. The Menagerie contains many rare and
beautilul spc miens of animated naluie, such' as Asiatic F.lenhants, Arabian Camels, Ana tic and Afri
'can Lion. Royal and Diarilian Tigris, ( beta or limiting IoprJs, South Ameriran I'antliera, Cougars, Oce
luts. Civil Cat, Mexican l.ioii, Grizzly and Black Bears, Wolves. Deem, Hyenas ; the celebrated, llrabain
cattle and China Mieep; also, great variety of Biula and Monkeys, which will be exhibited in connection
u nil Mabie's limled Mates Ciicus. without extia charge.
Tbe Catalcade will arrive in town on the above morning, and theie will be a GRAND PROCESSION,
heralded by the Monster Klephant Kaaloo-Alia, one of the largest in the I'nited Nate. Tbe procession
will be preceded by the celebialed NEW VOKK 1SKASS llAMJ,lirecled by the renowned Bugle Player,
K. A. STEELE. Conspicuous in the Grand Caval-arle will be seen the MAMMOTH PKKrORMlXU
CAtsK, weighing oxer 10 (UK), pounds, diawn by E1UHT NOW-WHITE MEEDS, altogelher forming a
most magnificent moving Panorama.
A thrilling peifcrmauce at each exhibition in an imaiense performing den by Signer Ifidoralgn, the most
renowned of Lion coaquerois, w ho will, at a certain period enter the titii of his leirihc gronpe of Lions, Ti
gers, Lecpaids, Cougais. Paulliiis, &.C. the came a. peilviined by him in all the principal cities of Europe
and America.
MABIE at CO 'S UNITED STATES C1KCUS. This stupendous eftabli-huient is oiganued at an enoi
mous xi euse. ami :l.c lotincturs teel proud in recommending to Ilia public a scries of novelties nnsmpassed
by ai ) Equraniim Troupe now tiavrling. The principal Mais who compose the ! questrian Tionpe are, Mr.
W. Wateiwan, Kqucstriuu Manager and celebrated two, four and six horse rider; Davis Richards, the
world's only bare brk lider and celebrated leaner; J. wholes, that great India-rubber man and globe and
ladder perfoimer; W. Chambers, the famous sceme rider j W. Cole, m teats of muscular flexibility ; two
Mar Clowns, Puss Hornei, the great American Jester, also, Sam. Welser, the great l'or:uguee Juggler and
irirk clown, each famous lot original wit and humor j besides a host of olheis and in lacl, the whole estab
lishment is a vast repository of Nature ui.d Art.
IT Hours of Exhibition form 1 to -I P. M. and 7 to 10 P. M.
IT Admission, 60 cts., children and servants, ?.r cts., to lite whole combined evhibitioH.
ITloors Open at Hannibal, at - and 7 o'clock.
For further part iciilai. see laige pictoiial and descriptive bills and lithographs, at the principal hotels.
(augliKtwtd) W. M. DAVIS. Agent.
THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNEbaTlnf oomplaUdtiafwalfUi
year of it austenee, oa tat 9th of April, tiaualiiad tta
entrance into iu leant be an anlarfrrrment of ita border, ad
dins; fully on third to its art, and which will require, oa
henceforth to ray mora for the white paper oa which it M prtnt
1 than all w recjire from its rahacrilers. And, ample aa
eur income lias bnen, (thmn;h hn ampla than it haatwea ear
rentijr rencrted) our expenditures for the nait jeax muat be
UirijBr than our annnal income has aver jot been.
We h.no taken this impiriaut atrp not without relnetanee,
bat up n tbe maturat cennidrratino. There are thirteen of at
concerned in the Tribune, eftabli.hment ajpreprietort with on
hundred and seventy mole d rtctlr employed e.n lbs paper all
to betubsitted oui w iu current income and this enlargement
add; torn $. tmii per annum to our expenses without aeorea
sarily iuciessing our receipts. Vol we encoenter so many eom
pUinu of the small type, too 6ne print, bad f'T lh eye, te.,
that wehaverraolTcd toruk ourall on the enterprise ut'makine
a pir whioh will rat rfy many thoutanda who havo bitbeno
l-wl aloof, a lid so enlaxo our t-uberriplion and Advcrtiiing
to secure as a reward for our exertions in the future equal
to triiitwr. hsvccDj. v.ti in the) set. If weean addo-fuurth
to our rea,l:re nmtvr, and pr-rent the wbol in fair, clear
'P uf good eito, we believe we may nearly double our eireu.
latiun; aad thu, thouvh of no direct advantage to us, aeeur"
arh aa increase uf i ur Adtcrtiting aa will Ioto at aothine
to 'core. 6
lhe Seml-ekly Tribune was enlarged to the new r'.-e of
the daily. ni urp our cuntrv friends whi bare no dally
mail, or think they eannft alLrd'a daily par. to give this
an ejauiinutbo. Wo alwaya atnJy to eoodrar the largest
powil.lu amount cf u ctul and int'eres-ing matter Into our
Weekly yet it is plivMeal'y iuiprtblet we should print
therev 'u or.e thir l ui" our le;t,w from i:ur.'), Asia Minor,
Itdia, t'aliloruia, Mexico, Cculral Amtri.-a, Ac, Ac l;it all
these are piren la i.ur rcn.i-wcciily. Ibere is not an-thor
paper issued in tbe wotl i which coiitairt si large an amount
f niair.ly original riading fur so small a sum: and v trust
thst, sii.ee p.ieucehst Iwtu rvdncvd to a n-ere Uatello. ihtre
are tl.m.-audj of our lricnds who have hitherto takn the
weekly, who will henceforth take the scmi-weekly. We will
send a specimen to any one who, without auHecting us to
cxpcn.e. shall see tit to apply for it.
ibe Wtakty Tribune wili'likewine be enlarged to the new
tire of tbe luily in cptrniber next, at tbe clve of ita cur
rent volume. It will then be the largest Weekly affurj.d to
C:ubsf ir$l per annum in the worid, and its white par will
co-t ut nearly or quite all that we receive from iu Club Sb
srriters. We shall ho to mak- It pay by appropriating a
small fiart of the new space we thus crsate to A lTertisemeuu,
which until such ci.larment, w ruut coniir.ue to keep with
in the narrowest limits. It i iued every 'Ihursday morn
ing, and e .nlaint n.iwt i f the ms't. r of the Miilv, with mora
summary acooumsof sorb Ev and Pmdirg as cannot
be publi-hed In fu 1. V. e . ,n tl i . U ,.v shall turrvaa
l tin in g.ving a lull, grp . . . i .
tbe Wiid u lAjing, at. r. :. . J .
ac ent of what
i d how it is
In ''e s ' n A..anc )
Mail KvTiher.. J i a erj $1 Mi t treemneth.
wngle copy, . . f no Si gl onpy, - - t 00
Two oopios, - . j nu Three copies. - - 6 oil
Tenoopios, - - Ju no Twenfs (toonead'rr) 10 Ml
Postage oa the Tribune.
rnder tbe new law, i ag-i to regular suli-criberi
Tn the weekly Tribune, one year, is - - . - if,
ine Daily tribune, oue year, . tl Ml
Tt-e -Hmi-Wet-ky Tribune, one year, . jj
i" i. masters or others taking Vhiirce of and remittinsj
Z. .T J. i' ' " "Bl7 wl" w euuuoa u a copy
r .-"h-eiiutii-nt rua by fnwardH at any season of ths
ye-r. Auurou, :i;Ei:i KY M. EIHATH.
riT-Nitesef .. : .. ltat.au a in I:,
are taken for su I , 'i . :m, km, i' l ........ i..
closed in a letter t. . .. .-.rev, a-id denutiicd in an l.it
(JRiee in the tnitid S'a'es, may be cun-idered at our risk;
out aaeseriptioo ul tbe billt ought in all eases to b left with
the P'latinaster.
To Weekly Tribune is tent to clergymen t Si nee
Smith & Dick's New Family Grocery,
on Market street
THEY take this method of inloriniiig the r.licii
ti Hanoihal and virioilv. that thev have ottelirt.
a new family gtocery s'ore ou Market street, itnmedi- Rprrll Drftli or Canrpr Hnnt
ately north of the maiket house, where they intendi ""SYVri?? x-iirivi i '
Wiintuid keeping on hand all kiuds of maikeling, and; l r the rapid cura of Cancer, Llcerated bore
will oe pieaseu to see our menus at any time wncii iiirj- aiuuat, siuiic ,?cniiu, sji uiiunitia, xivr
want anything in our line. We have, and will conli-j tyt Dyspepsia, anil ull Diseases arising
Tie! to keep Fresh MeaU on hand during the w inle, . f an j tat ,
aaMnn X ti- hai. fli hcf nnnnrtiimt v nf tiurrha. -1.
ri-V,. l. V..l,kU, A f it u ill ha In nam inin'i iilood
interest 10 can ana examine, oeiure purcuasiug eise.
where, as we will have everything that ran be ob
tained at the market house duiing the dav.
no27lf SMITH it DICK.
t;-nrrelnw-n. Nov tN, 1K5?.
Dear Bit : I waa afflicted, In I&iM, '.".i and '30, with a Serotu
loos condition ol uiysyslwi, in lncli asy oliysiclan tliouiht
t ... ' I . i . - in I ... 1 a . 1 1 luvnlv-fl 1 w a a ta-airar,-, in I Iu
1AU. S. H. ANDERSON WOlllJ respcctfllllv simplest dit-t ; iu lact, my alomacli would not dieesi loud sut-
I J ir.rr.rn. tl.s. ;tiri f ITnnnil.nl anH rmium 6l;"'1 " -' '"ih. consultation Willi anoiber
' a.-......- j nu miii sii-ilies bun. mv eisa was hmitouacea ttisro arali-a
and incurable. My own physician ceasml visiting aae, and uiy
I death waa fully expected in a slittrt time. Jaun-a Websier
rsllid on me. and persuaded mr to uso the Citract of Beech
I utu. in a lew days uiy appeiue tiiipmvee, ana an ine un
... , - . iueasa.ni avmnioma ivhii but smwacn ph-ii.i ui. mv ai-ntrrai
Ur. A. will gunrumce lo any person w no wants iM.,Uii was o in.m,vt i.y un use r u, m a or t v..i. u.ai
Improvement in Antagonistic Dentistry.
S. H. ANDERSON would respectfully
inform the citizens of Hannibal and country
rsptciaUy, that he is inserting teeth on an im
proved plan, which, for its udantation to the
functions of mastication, cannot be surpassed.
History of the Beech Drop, or Cancer
a tnt of teeth let their iaVS be CVCr SO irri"-1 "' we'S'" Incn-ased Iroui liS lol.j pounds la twelve a.omlis.
a set Ol ircui iiuuur jam u. -vt "-''rc. Vou can scarcely auier a house wlwre tliey bad nm used it.
Ular Or badly del ormeu iron, tile loss Ol tllCm; ami allacku.wli dee its (real vinues. My family Is never
,,t .lnmii..!. il,.,t I , as Sa-lll m-iLs ilium s c witliout It. nd 1 atlrihuie my rood health entirely 10 iu turn.
and absorption Hut he w ill make litem a set , wU1 tllull). ,., ,,,,,, , .y cu.
that will antagonize or snut togeiiieras regular
a .. .a ... . ,1 las-IMItl.
IV and as perlecliy tnc nrsi time iney are put in "- j. K
... il.l. ..in.... ii.ur, iiudirin.. If lliov la lll rail nm. ma. ...
' .. 1 MIIU 4 HI, , ,4 ... 1 1 -I.
Reorcelown, P. C. 9rft.
Sir. Khltveli: Hetievins H lo tc tnc umy 01 nio
Iio have
kluv. KLL.
: mouth, without any irrindm;? or ultfritig, an
their nattirul teeth ever did. Any person tv .sh
in? evidence of this, if thev will call on Dr. A. Im-mi u ii.hu j by me t.wsn of Bwii iii i ake n putiiic.
, ,, i vi . .I1 that otliris mav i-Miov Us li.-allh-rt-KlorifiB powers. I insk.- lite
he will ehow them several enUre upper ntitl ,lltm , MM.n.iut and ccniiir.ic: sty u.U!iit.r, virmuia
lower sets richt here m the citv and let tnem ftiwion, ior imm icie'i in
judge for themselves. Particular attention
given to the treatment of all diseases of the
mouth, and the tnal-posttion ol the teem.
All operations warranted, uud charges rctseu.
N. B. Tcrsons from the country wanting.
work done, and being unacquainted with the
true merits and bkill ol the Dentists in this city,
would do well lo inquire here iu the city, where
they arc both known.
Office over Brittiugliain'i Drug Store,
DEALER in lumber, shingles, laths, task, fe., ate
Office at the Counting toon of Miller it Fefuat
Lumber Yard, on the Corner of Hill aid Third streets.
Hannibal, Mi. '
Hannibal, June Id 185i.,4f
TheCheapest ever Ofiered
roa mi
WE are selling our goods ol at such (trices at will
enable persons wanting roods to buy more goods
for less money than was ever done before in Hannibal.
Our stock of roods is complete in
common to uses and wants of every person. Alt we
want is a call to convince the people of these facts. I
purchase tny goods for rash, and at very low rates,
which will enable me to
Our stock consists in articles as fellows:
Roots and Shoes, all kinds;
Hardware assorted;
Qucensware very late styles;
Clothingcut to lit;
of all kinds and varieties;
fash paid for Wheat top of the market.
Our customers will always find WAf. P. OWSLEY
ready to wait on them.
K. Di'irberthe store, J. P. RAYBURN, Commercial
( Kow, opposite the Biady House.) (my6-tf)
a an Asa ft,. a.
hy. a aiOUUUTOV,' eiril-lai Oss elsrtT al
Ottaa of taw DtserM Ceaua
" lassylTaada.
Another Scientific Wonder!
Daguerreotypes ! Daguerreotypes ! !
v. r. riTTs,
Resident Dagttrrean -rtist, would simply re
mind the citizens of Hannibal and surround-
intr country that he is still taking pirturcs at his
Gallery on Main street, over W; .-vi.' hardware
store, and would inform them, ii .:.: uotn recent
additions to his stock, and his inci Lased facilities,
he is now prepared to take pictures in a style
far superior to any heretofore taken in this city,
and at reduced prices. Call and examine.
No. 53 Olive-st., bet. Second & Third,
M. Louis, Mo.
Manufacturer of
Pure Alcohol and Pure Spirits of any
proof required. Also Spirit Gas, Phosgene Gas.
Chemical oil and camplicne, warranted of a superior
quality, and for sale ou reasonable terms.
rrrnaml from Rrnnrt, sir the fourth stomach ef thr atlr,
alirrrtinns nl Baron I.leliic.11,- erral IMivsralneical Ckeaaist
M, H""S'"o" N. I) .ruilaJcl-Jiia. Pa.
t. . . S7" '.' 8uc" ,,M' swamnf mf lha word Panun.
It llir rlnrf elrmra,, fw rrral slirrMlns nrlnclnla er the G.sirte
Juice Un-snlvent of tlM liaa : n.r.i.i... n ...
sliniiiiM.nf arrni of iha alninaih ami uimiui i. ....'.ai
from IIb- diri.livr lon.a h of Hie us, ikus lorumi a Irw ali-t.liv.-
rliuu, nrisrly like ine natural Gastric Juks in us
hnii irs p.i rr, and furui,lilu a coniplrte and perlccl aahsii-
Tlns is Natnrr'a own retnsslv for an nnhsslihv sto-aaefc. It
an l mm. can rtiual its curatitn Bowers. It contains no alro
lii. Imirrs, arlJ-, or nauaeoua struts. It te ritmssrty nirmakln
in III- lu-lo, ami may Or takrn bv I lis uosst lorkhr ialHiiit- stkn
raunot rat a avntrr ciack-r kiiIhsui llie boom nrnte distmai
Ill-ware ol tlrurrrsl Ivitialiona. fmm BMI drnt
Hull a lrassH.rull of Pepsin lnlu-.it In avaler, mill dire-t ar
d in-nive live uouuda ol roast avef In euaut twu linurat uut f iu
SSeleamne Kvlrleiare I
ty itieHrM i.iiuc evidmce upon winch tins reasedjr la kassa
a in Ids liiclirst drpire curh.us and rcuiarkabln.
C.ll on lUr anal an. crt a drarriptive cuanlar, rrails eleinc
a larrr aim.unl ol arHinlirk evidence. Imaa Ltrku'a Aaln.al
Hh,,...iiy. I., .C.uV-e PhysloKnr, .fJiHtsnns b.. FVirir.
.'"? "J. r-John W llrni-f nl Nrw Vork I sow
riw h,T ' .isssjsnari ; r CM n unman, mf Vain
C..llri, Ur. s.u. uirr s rii..Hr lofrlfcor wiik rspoiia
utcuitslrum all .K iaorili Lulled flairs.
... , i .r "a Iweler.
p. . j V " I'T""" i-uorr ana ta fin si
onn a nd I u I'i i set ipi mn vais tor ine m nl I'krssciaaa. Tk.
"".."'.i'Vi b.'" aii,t.f paaiatc, iu Mt atoUart
Kill III IW HiHItliloii. Pl.isd-Iiliia.
ST- tin.-KUVt Tllld!-r:v..y kotilaof ine sr-nnln. Pennt.
Iwara llir wrinsu aienamie of J . Hmt-htMi, M !., anW !.
C-Wrtf" Trad. Mark mcJZ.
rl. rT," ,,r',", dc.lcis in niodicinn. f rke. OK It
HOLLA It, per tkiitlc.
TJ5T Retailed, a rerr'J of WAX BEADS, at
Til RE Old Tale and 1'ark Brands foe WeJicinal jurrobts,
I for sale at the Urug btult uf
Chronic Rheumatism Cured!
v. hi'-li -radually clli'lidi.l over Iter w holt- Issly. 'Cue cli ira Icr
ol llie Wica-i' uai hi viol. -Ml tlial we dospniri'd ol savins tit-r
loos, mid drraili-d llir los ol tier t',-i'l. e1!!,- had si-alis ovr.r her
ciiliri M sd i nod alter Hani- inr rus,ai.d lokmi: rior III hoiil.
of -.nuilo'- Panarrll, and a crc-il ii.anliiy of f)i..p mi harsi..
nulla, miiih' oiii- dir.t.-d Jiioirs W vliHl.-r lo nit-. Iio was tou
lnl.nl ol' llie aioota. ol' tUe l-Atiart !' Di-itIi 1io, and I us.1
it. lo lure w.-.-ks hrr sores were nil heat'-d ; and net hrad. so
tiortilile lo llie M,lit, was soon diiod up. bhi.' is uiunird now.
and bi. ssed w ilk u io-allhy fujtiil)' aud has uot had llie leasl
icturu ul her UiscaM: aiucu.
Vours, etc ,
S. NEWTON, Second at.
Another Similar Case !
Oritjuulc of" iVrt. Aury iliubaupk.
Ueor;rtown, I). C. Hc. -i, IB.Y2.
Tina ta lo certify Ihnl my daughter, alary Ktuuia, waa altlir
led with serolu Mius sore eye I'rum the ai:e of one yceur aniil site
was rich! years old. Her left eye was inrl.imed in Mcai a de
cree, lhat'the physician remarked thai il would he a miracle If
ske did aot lose it. Alter exertinf every weans ia our power
to anlnlue Ibe n.ilaiuaiion.iue cood eil'scu of Beech Piop iu
rlieumslism and oilier diseases, luduced aae lo uao It. The
ertect produced was wondertul. In lour or rive days the in
Rtaumiaiioa allMilwded the child's tenets I health luiuievul.
aud she aow cilubus the piuurc ul good htalth.
Look out for tho Old Lumber Yard.
"1 17 K L.L seasoned Pine Lumber suitable for all btaild
V ine purposes, can all times be bad at the Old
Hanuibal (.umber Yard, which has been established 8
years. 'J lie proprietor deems it unnecessary to put, his
Lumber to make it sell, or to say a.iy thing about ex
perience in the business except to those who uever pur
chased liom him. lie would remark that an experience
nl eight years iu the business gives the decided advan
tage 'over any other who uever had eienr-sr his
Lumber has tee -1 purchased for rash and .-elected with
gioat care, lroin the best mills in the Pinery. Me
chanics and ottit rs wishing to purchase Lumber woulJ
Ihul it to their advantage to cull and examine the stock
ot Lumber aud Mutinies at the Old Lumber Yard be
fore piirclmii,e clew here. 11 you cannot got it for a
less price, I will Guarantee you can get it as low and a
belter article for the same money. Also.Luiuber.Suiu-
Eies aim w ui.iow a-li
Y l' Uou'l forget the llie Sign on the wes. side of
i niru, uenvctii Dim anil mil siieels. ImoI jiii Ioi the
hignol THUS. S. Ml.i.KR'S
i o-bli LLMHa.K YAUI
TUST Received at the New Book Store,
Just Published, New Songs ;
m .. Waltes;
" Quadrilles, Polkas.
by 1). K.
li'S, IMS.
Wboleaale CloiUlerh,
Ne. 90, Mala Streei St Ionia, kin.,
A Its now teceivla; e lanja nock f Psu.hl.wabl Cla
(hlna, foe llss Sprint Trade, which we alter t. sell lor
Cash, or ou unw, aa low aa any hovsw la this city. We lasii
pur. hawra lo call and uaaiiae our auxk aa w ara ateKsaalaest
not M be undersold.
Laras assortnteni of Br CUthlav-, aasj of FwaUalk-Is-b
SJssml., alwajaoahaisd. sssat
us.kiO-w Jaa. WtBITKR, MARSH a. CO.
Fiank Freeman's lUihei Sliop,by R. B. Hall ;
Reveries of a llstcbilor, t E. Marvel ;
Stray Yankee in Texas, by Paxteu j
I'jp Sheer, by Mvilc.
t-T" For sale at Uie .Sew Look Sloie by
jyHwti D. K.CAILMAN.
Martin & Brother.
No 118 Maia St, St L uia
No. 113 Broadway, New Yo k.
We are now manitfaeturiiur the larpest ana meat
comi.lete STOCK of SPRING CLOTHING ever f
lered to the Public aud by Ibe first of March will hare
it comnlelrd. Our Fill. Kiirg r.. j .
oui expectaliona, that we were entirely out fgwods,
atid were compelled to disappoint hundreds of custo
mers. But for tbe approaching season we shall en
deavor to manufacture a stack that will supply all wka
favor tis w ith their patronage. It is useless to beast
of great bargains, as it is a fact acknowledged hf
a 1 w ho have purchased ot us, that we can and do sell
clothing that pays them better and sella off cleaner
than those purchased at any other house.
Call. aad we will skew yoa thrwaua, wlUa ssleaav
tr Motto Large Sales and assail prellt.
o. 113 ftroadway i t Ka. lit Maia
ivew ioifc. 4 1 s.

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