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IaAdvaaoe, ...... ft! for six months.
Fitet insertion. Five Cents a Line ;
Each Insertion afterwards, Two and a Hlf Cenla
Advert isemenls will he published from six to twelve
days it Two Cauls a Lint for each insertion, Including
the first.
h our Ruh for Book and Jtb Printing.
fir we er Mtnortaed to announce V. H. BTRONil a
raedldete for Citt MABsaai at the approaching November
M0U0O. (tO(GJtd)
The Marion County Temperance Society will meet
pursuant to adjournment, ou Saturday the 3d day ol
feptember, at 10 o'clock, a. m., to discuss the Maine
Liquor Law. The friendi and opponents of said law,
re requetted to attend ; and the different divuioni are
requested to be represented by delegates.
T. II. TAT LOW. Pres.
Palmyra, August 8, 1853. (auglOd&wtd)
At this Office, TWO COMPOSITORS.
Eio. Jare-a Cukath, of Palmyra, will (the Lord
willing) preach in the Christian Chapel in this City,
Saturday aighl and Sunday next.
The Courier and Messenger will please copy.
Hannibal, A ngnit 16, 1653. D. T. MORTON
tho shore, where dash's the western surge.
This alene marks her enterprises and her fu
ture glory. Coming thousands will here enjoy,
in their happy shades, the ease end the com
forts flowing from the step which the wisdom
of their fathers has planned, and which their
energy is executing.
Beware of "vidders."-SAiivt Vellkr.
'The editor is absent and a principal com
positor sick, which must account for the scarci
ty ef reading matter in to-days paper.
The appearance of this little city, of about
three thousand inhabitants, has many paints of
interest. As you approach it on coming up the
river, the bold outline ef the western bluff be
tomes broken, and as you draw nearer there
epens before you a recess, bounded en either
land by a precipitous hill, in which you etlength
perceive a city to be nestled, stretching at first
long the river bank, and then climbing the lull
that rises in the rear. This view, caught as
the morning sun gilds it with its beams, is
But the view from the river in the morning
is compensated by the view from the hill in the
evening. Mount the hill back of the city where
the golden glare ef mid-day is fading into the
mellow light f eveninr. and see. mirrored
in the motionless, crystal ware, the hills and
weeds of the rivers' banks, the smiling face of
tho city, tko ature sky, broken with clouds, and
tho setting aun, the painter of oil this fair pic
ture, juat giving it a last look, as he hastens
away to shed morning on another continent, and
to point the way by which tho busy pich be
low shall pursue their industrious course, until
they have opened an easy passage direotly to
that wealthy land.
Ascending tho abrupt bluffs, to tho north and
south, and still sew views greet you, full of
beauty and interest.
As you come down the river from tho north,
upon turning a point, you shoot immediately up
on the city, and stare with aurprise to aee a hu
sy city, thus suddenly start forth to sight, from
the midst of a calm, and wilderness solitude.
Two or three churches point their spires to
wards heaven, and two or three more, if they do
vet exhibit so conspicuous outward sign, it is to
aend up as lofty witnesses to heaven, Iron their
worship within their walls.
A lively business is carried en by several
stores, packers, and forwarding houses.
Mechunics also flourish ; but there is an a-
fcundant opening for establishments in almost
every branch of the manufacturering interest ;
and it is to be hoped that the way will be found
for them to be established. A good back coun
try, ani) a railroad in process of construction,
eena to give them strong onceuragement.
And that railroad itself its farthest bourne
tho Pacific shore leads our contemplations out
of the city, from which it starts into the limit
less region beyond, and forward into the teem
ang future. Hannibal is the second city
which eeco the fleet iron courser of the prairies
atarting out from her bosom to stop only upon
A lady fair, with golden hnir
And eyes as bright as stars,
With pensive air, sat in a chair,
Within the railroad cars.
On her lip, sucking of pap,
Reclining was a baby
Who might have been about sixteen
Months old maybe.
The baby cried, and then she sighed,
And wished its pa wax home,
An old gent near asked her the year
In which its pa had-mizzled.
She raised her eyes, and then she cries.
In sentimental tone;
"7'Arfc long ytars I've passed in tears.
Since Villiara is been gone."
The gent, says ho, "how can it te!
Your babe is but n ehilt.,,
What's that to me, dear sir?" says she,
".Vi husband's often irrit."
This auestion is l.aing brought to practical
issue. 11 is aurnilt-'J Hut a woman may htlv
endeavor te persuade her husband brother or
son to keep away Tram the grog-shop but it u
not so fully conceded that she mi) make efforts
to keep the grog-shop away from them. In
Michigan, however, she has claimed and exer
cised this right with the happiest results. In
recurring to the history of the late struggle for
tho Maine Law in that State the Temperance
Advocate says :
"In Leoni the ladies went to the place ef vo
ting, distributed votes, labored with the oppos
ers of th! V ru succeeded in convincing ma
ny of the e-r'r o their ways.
"In TeuumM.li the principal ladies af tho vil
lage organized and appointed committees to in
duce the voters of the town to go and
JUST arrived, the Choir Melodies, the Dulcimer, the
C'nii.ii Siicieil, Mason's Sacred Harps, Christian
Melodiest the Christian Psalmist, numeral. Also a
variety of Psalms and Hymns.
For sate at V. K. GARMAN'S
(auglOdtf) NEW BOOK STORE.
THE undersigned administrator
ol the estate ol Kunr.Kl vaiv l.,lts,:!t
SCHOA1CKK, deceased, will
sell to the highest bidder, on Sat-
dav the first dav of October next, the Valuable aim
lately occupied by the said deceased, in Monroe county.
Mo., two and a hall miles East of Clinton, on the
S ate Road leading fioin Paris to Palmyra and Hanni
bal;containiug 3 Jo acres, dlH) of which is under fence,
an. I ISO acies in a high state of cultivation, and the
balance of the Kind is well timbered.
There is on the premises, a good dwelling house and
barn, and other necrssaiy out buildings, with a good
orchard. The farm is well watered. It is sucrpiible
of bring divided into two small farms, but will be sold
in a body. Fossoision will be given on the hr.--t day
of Mari'li next.
Terms of the sale, will be one-half of the putchaso
money on the first day ol March next, the other hall
in twelve months from the day of sale ; bond and ap
proved security will be requited a good and sullicient
deed will be given on receiving the last payment. Any
person ishing to aee the premises, can call on Samuel
YaiiM-hoaickeor the undersigned administrator, living
in the neighborhood, who will show the land.
August 8th, ItOJ. (augllvstit)
r. H. Slft'LlNO,
C. M. AlcCLUNG & CO.,
115 Main street,
Will bare rewired by theMof S-ptetnber, their stock of
Tall and Winter,
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods!!
JT will tuibrace a greater variety and to wore commanding,
1 and general, wan tney Bare ever mereil to tnie tuaraaw
F.ery article the requ reuients of lb re'ail trado dvuuunls,
can ha obtained from them.
It wiil be Ibeir contain exertion to so conduct their bnl-
nets, a to make it the interat uf the merchants to ileal with
them. Kter; article in their suk, will be eolJ a lur aa it
eaa be obtained in this ctly, or delivered from ww York or
Uueton. It U their deeira to do t unineo with nepontible
I merehaDta and in octt a manner, tbat when oiiceoomuiraced,
it il continue. They know their lueeeas depeods solely up
on the tnccass of their customers, and it still M their aim t
make their intercourse w it n merchants, mutually and recip
rocally beo 11 Hal. they a--k from mer-hant who vi'ii M
L'uii thu fall, a thorough examinatii D id tl air rU-ck and
pi iocs
tl. Uais, August r, lSS3-d.tw.1ro
OINCK irv removal to the House I
vote for. O now occupy. (Opposite the Citv
the law, and they rendered efficient service to Hotel.) my sales luve so tar exceeded
the cause I my expectations, that I have been
i -' ii ! .. r . . ol.liiH to make con-i.ler.ihle addition
"In Grand Rapids a committee of two hun,,, nv il0CKceivcj within the l.tt
area laoies uuenueu u.e election, onu eiecuon-. few days, a poj as.rimeni oi
ecred all day rnr the Maine Law.
"In Detroit ladies visited the stores and pla
ces of business distributing votes, and politely
inviting the gentlemen to vote for tho Law.
One Irish woman led her intemperate husband
to the ballot-box and saw him vote "yes."
1 1 T m...., i.l..r (.Inn.. n t V. m C... 1 1. m
wereeoualty active in behalf of the good cause. m"riVn.V,l;",Cr."n.
Gad bless them!" lower GOODS are sold, the larger the sales will
THE second year of tho Hannibal Femalo 4
Seminary, will commence August 22d, in
i K a kmsnt nf tha Bantiat Ptiitrnli-
Miss M. m. oniiii, rrinoipai,
Miss II. A. PATRICK, Aaais't Teacher.
Hannibal, August 16, 1853 d5t
Carsicr of II ntai anil Centra BtrecU,
WM. SHOOT, Proprietor.
TcasDAV, August 16, 1S53.
R. Harper, Pittsville, III.;
VTm. Whip, Palmyra;
W. H. Crow, Dixon, Illinois ;
Miss Henigar, do, do ;
G. K. Bingham, Arrow-Rock, Mo.j
C. S. Lipton, Favette, Mo.
F. Butler, Ralls Ca.;
Samuel Cutwrigbt, Monroe Co.;
W.n. Pool, do, do;
Miss CutwrigM, do, do
George H. Adam, Montgomery Co., Mo. ;
J. Ashmier, Bardstown, Ky ;
J. Kellog. Peora. III.;
George Waters, Ralls Co-;
J. E. Richmond, City.
Boys' Coats, Pants & Vests.
Also, a good assortment of rtl.ick
Satin, watered satin, black henred silk, black Italian
cloth, llutf. white, and rifiured Meiscillr Vet: extra
superior and medium-tine linen boooi shirts; diawcis;
blncK satin and fancy colored siU adjusting stecK;
sup. black satin ciavats; fancy sitx cravats: under
. ' . , . i.:. i. :.. i i.i . . .
ill ii is, xc , c., in. ii in auuiioii m me stock on nann.
wh'ch foi
r the
ill be.
consequently both seller and purchaser benefited all
1 ask is a lair cnaiice.
IT" My goods I Know, will compare favorably with
any in the City- HIRAM McYKU.H, Agent.
Hannibal, June 23. isf3 (11 )
Missouri State Mutual Fire and Ma
rine Insurance Company of St. Louis.
Capital SitKl.OOO, and couslanlly
I ii err usl u ,
OTEX Fire Policies issued, and Term Policies tor
any period from 30 days lo six yeais.
B. D. Tape, S M. Kdp ll, J. S. McCune,
C. S. Greeley, B W. Alexander, E. Wvman,
T. W. Hoit, C..H. Peck, 0. A. .lami.try.
S. M. EDGELL, Pres.uent.
H. D. BaroM.Tre''i,vr
V. B. Hombs, Seer. i; .
tf THO. S. MILI.KN. Ajjcnt, Hainibal, Mo.
in st RiifiE ivi:n.
Stdbyiko Te VViathir. In Lloyd's . j .i ..t i,,:i,i:,,.i f
ooms, at London, there is a. curious weather Main ,j BirJ ,lrectl
guage. It is an index turned by the vane on LI. KINDS OK GARDE." SEEDS-Onion sets;
the reef, constantly showing hy the vnne below ijtx. Blue pass and timothy seeds; Clover seed by the
the direction of the wind, while a pencil is at-, barrel or bushel. A general assortment of Groceries.
i I1.WWI. wvt.vii lama ;
uts. Oranges, Lemons,
wind has been blewinr for days : making re-1 a thousand things that is not here for sale. Anx-
cord as distinct as the reaciled course of a shin' ious to sell all for CASH UP AND THE MOXEi
n the ros.t.r'.ehnrt at . Kti.Jvin. tkl. ! DOWN. Like to forgot one thing, the Eagle Mills
. .. j , ' , r flour is here tool tnarlidtf T. JACKSON,
of tho wind, an insurer may make some ealen. """" '
lation upon toe prreress at a vessel, ant shane v. nownsu.. a. a. i auk. . v. r. aiwa
aoi.t in ctASK. om aaaraaw. a. caoxia.
Corner of Main and BidUle streets,
St. Louis, Missouri.
MANUFACTURERS af Steam Machinery, Hy
drtmJic rrretea, Oil and Tobacco Screws, Mar
se's Patent Saw-Dust Burners, Pag at Colds iaXra
Lirea'ar Satn Mill; tot horse, sleaai or water power'
and all kinds of Mill Work, ac., e.
UTTIiey would invite the attention of Millwrights
to iheir new and large stock of Patterns, for every varie
ty of Wheels lists of which will be lurmisbeil wbea
tlesired.by mail or otherwise.
Their extensive Boiler end Sheet-Iron Works, under
the control or A. Crosier, afford facilities, for Man,
factum and Repaiiing BOILER AND SHiET
IRON WORK. In the most improved meaner.
Good Second-hand Boilers geaeially on band.
August 16, '53 daw
Holloway's Ointment and Pills, an Infallible
Remedy for Tumours, Swellings, and Contract
ed Joints. Ann Carter, housemaid, residing
with a family in Ilnrton crescent, had an immense ta
mour in tier right knee, which increased to such a
sire that she could not bend the joint, and waa ia con
sequence obliged lo Itsve her situation. Her medical
attendant informed her that there was no chance of
cure, ami it w i uld be necessary ta amputate the limb. '
This opinion not satilying her she commenced using
Hullouay's Ointment and P'lls, and by God's blessing
they have been the mean of effecting a perfect cure,
nd she lias rcsumrd her former situation
And Negroes for sale.
TT71I.I. continue to purchase Negroes, always pay-
h i; the highest rat) price. He can be found
in the ntv ! II jiiiulul, or at hisresider.ee, ene mile
south of the city, on the old New London rna.t.
He will always keep on hand a tot of Negroes
which he will sell on accommodating terms.
jnne30-tf T. D. REED.
t'leterno' i. by Alice Caiey ; 1
l-'res- r.e.tv . Iroin eslell Woods, br Miss Fuller
iv i .ilt;
C- l 'i . vlr ;
- t. lhill;
,. Siore,hy
the direction ot the wind, while a pencil is at-, r.errei or ousnei. a general aw
tached to a chart, and moved by the same power,1 WooAtn and Willow Ware, Brc
. , . ' ..' Cotton batting. Alt kinds of Nu
so as to mark the precise course m which the. K ,,, , )lf ,r,ic,,. not
... .j v. . . u lt : .1 . . i . ; .e . , . , . . .
ltis business accordingly.
TUST ReceiveJ and for sale at the New Book Store,
J by D. K. GARMAN,
Putnam's Monthly ;
Peterson's da.
Harper's do.
Godey's do.
Graham's do.
Knickerbocker do.
Illustrated Magasina of Art, te. jyttwtf
It. W. O L I P II A N T
V9. 10, Sr. CharU9t.,
Particidar attention paid to diseases of iht
Washington ronndry, Engine and Ma
chins Shop,
Coraaer of Second and Morgan streets,
11 ASl'FACTl'RERS of Steam EaRiBs aad Boilers, Saw
111 ar d lirul &IUI BtacauMry, lobaoeo ly rews i
Lard Kettles. Wd Sorswa and CrliBiisrs, Wool 4
chinee. Young's Patent Smat Machine. Building UaatuKe,
3r- Ageau lor sal oi jamos oouia a. aannt- Ma
chin. Cards. (euSSji)
Wholcaale urocr and CuinmisUou
Jiovembrt lt2
;mk. l .v. i: i: m a s school
n KV. PAMFl.EMI-lt-OX.A.M ,HllopeaaaFjiglih aad
Ik i'.R-in,l S'ho.1 tor U..v ia liunnihal oar lae aet tioa
.1st in S 1'ieii.brr, in ibe baMOieel ot tbeSreoovl P esbyteruta
1'hur. h. iVrini., r quaru t i.l elvaa wek. INe enassa
Knjlihb I'.ian.-tw. Graphy, Arithmiie,le . SM; Higher
I'nil. .nt, t'hesaisir, Ac, $0 i' ; Clasrica, $7 ; Fwk,
liarman, ami UmWe-Latrj Bouk-Kaepiof, aaca eitra, $V.. ;
Fuel and oar uf room, 60 een'a.
1' informaiioo in regard to qaallfieatloa) aad experleoee,
Mr. E rrfrrs t lb fullnwinc t-timoaial : I
faoM rn-mirvT rirnca. "Tbt mat eertif thai Mr. 1
UVllt-l 1. 1. r-
A'i(u-i i:;'.i. :i
n.i. r l . .
It Ik b I . . ,
-a i"s;ia-cd at Westara K--rv Cullcn in
i . .. . . ' L. . J ' .; : . . r . .
Aug. 2.M.
' di-utiguuked fur talent a ad
:irt I-ruling i hi eleea. Ilaiseno
:i ir. t-uct in any departacent of d.
: .i- .'.-.uf -r rkillia Laomasrw, and vould,
... i rl . r in a Claesie Saminar.
laLuhrit E PIKKCK.
r . C I . ge, ) I'rca. West. Kca. College. "
1S1." I
Faca Jrroa Va fwaaaisasa aso Oraaes "I eon ear
fully with the rentimeau In the oertiftoate of Prestdeat
Pierre, of the qualification ot Her. D. Easeraoa to Instrsnl la .
"any lepsrtmmt of education," and eheeriolly add, tbat
have been a oenstant patron of hi aobool, taagfat here since
iia organisation, and that it is surpassed by aoae aad equalled
by few stithin my knowledge for elBeiewcy and nreraaseal.
West EIt, June M, 1&4J."
Wecorlially coocurin tb JOHN M.O0MB8.E3Q, S
ahore rtcmuendationa, JOUS WATSON, r
(auJ4lin) ALFItED WARNER."
Jl'ST come fi-om the East. New Piano Music, among
which aie New Songs, New Waltzes, New Polkas,
ect. Ket sale at D. K. Garmaa's
(auglO ltf) New Bek 8tere.
rPHE undersigned proprietor, would respectfully In
L farm the public, lhai he has just opened in a tew
and el. (iint stlr, the above house) ; and knowing the
anticipations of his friends, he assures them and the
public that his ptide and ambition shall be satisfied,
not only by keeping a much better house thau has evra
leen kept ill thii city, but that none shall excel him ir? ,
the State.
This ia a tall pledge, but try him and you stall k
aJiicJ. WM. SHOOT.
N. R. Shoot, Jordan & Davis, in connection with
the house, have the largest and meet splendid Stabk
outside of St. Louis, in the State, where the public can
be accommodated speedily wi'h afe and fast horses,
tine biurgies, carr ages, or hacks, for any destination.
Also the best feed and attention to horses or am lea, alt
at fair rates. (jTl8wtf)
IS Agent for the Phienological, Water-Cure, and alt
other publications of Messrs. Fowlers a. Wella, and
will procure theirs or any other works on accomaaeda
ing terms. Oiders respectfully solicited. (mylw4-a)
Fine White Flour!
A SPLENDID ARTICLE, roe tale at the AR-
jtl?tf i

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