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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 17, 1853, Image 3

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"! 1 1 -' . ... . 1 . It -'. L
Nos. 30 and 32 Second utreet, near Post Office.
1853. St Louis, Mo. 1853.
UAS in store and is in receipt of tha following desi
rable tock of Groceries, which it oHerted t the
lowest market rates for prompt ray :
mm nuns rv. t. ami rri 'ii migar. 3ix arils rlT u d'J,
IlKHi phi's M. R. raiin, 3000 drum F.litie fis.
Ml casks ante currants, &0 hails dates,
Ml casks prunes, bO cases do, in gl.iss,
Kill bids S. 8. almonds, 25 do H. S. do, 25 do,
Si Mils English 'Vnliuits, 2") do cream nuts.
4O1M) kegs nails, 4 to rlil.i !iOi) do hltid 2 and M nml.
im) do toner dot, K anil 10. 3.r0do lirad itn.H.M and III
lilll do lushing do.A. ai.d 10, lK) do wrought do.
7.i do spikes, 4 to 7 in. IMlbxs t.tcks, 4 to 14 oa do,
.Sin) h.igs rnttnii yarn. '.'00 do ilnjen do,
I Ml li,i;s white cK'rx't warp, 1K) do rnl'J do,
100 hales b.ittiiic, i0 do candle wick,
'MM do wrapping twine. SiM bids mackerel, 1, 13, anH
:IKI hnlf bids markrrcl. Nos. 1,2 and 3,
I TO hbls 10c beltings, Nkl bxs sealed di,
.'ilcks Eng. co,lli-li. .r0 do ('land Bank do,
1000 bxs roil,ih. Ml lbs each, 20 bbls No. Isalmo-.
200 cars Baltimore Cove. ojslers,
(0 cases saulinc. wholes, half and quarters,
fnl bids pecan nuts, 100 but; pea 1 'its,
lUiKl Inishrls lined apples, Son do dnid peaches,
tio bxs tallow candles, 2(K) hx palm soap,
Ml bxs (Hcan soap. 200 do star candles,
30 bxs sperm candles, H) do (tilp soop,
300 bxs shaving soap, 100 ck Bo!on salaoratus,
3i ) bvs staieh. 20o bbls Wilininglen tar,
l.'i blls linseed oil, 100 bvs chocolate,
Coo bxs In n erackeis, fu kegs bar h ad,
M" bait drop .stmt. Kill do buck- shot,
loOJ reams cap and letter paper, 3(iKJilo wrapping do,
li'O reams tea papi'r, ion bxs lemon sviup,
luou bagsilauy salMtNmdoO. A.d,2)odo 1.. B Jo
fifitl dot 2 hoop bucket. 200 do 3 hoop do.
100 doz hall bncke Is, 3tKl nests p'l'd tubs, 3 At S rath,
100 dor. zinc wash hoards. Iful bxs clothes pins,
S.rdor. well-bucket, 3011 bxs block matches,
200 bxs Roman matches, toil hbls oakum,
20l bbls butter and water ciackers, Hal do pitch,
list bbls rosin. 250 bxs clay pipes, liHI do stone t,i,
2; cases g'?'! Turk pipe-heads. 2.) bbls penrl bail'y,
2(KI deuiij kn, 1 to ft callous, IXI cka rice,
10 bl Is ;.l it peas. 20 hx Hritish lustre,
lliO bvs doiihle relit,, I alat'iatn,
ilc.i-ks s cli u'l1, f'n iihls M.vcin's blacking
2ro hail bid-1 ity a:i: La. ti. U. molav.es,
SOU chests li'l gi. I'll and black teas, J 00 bxs do do,
loo pks golden vmp fiiK' bxs Va and Mo. tobacco
300 hx" cut ainnk'K tobacco, 100 do cm! chewing do
M il bxs yellow bank iln, V"loa sip.itiish sinuk'g dj,
Ion jars Miiciitmv Miutl. 2 hbls Scotch do,
Ml M retalia cigars. 20 M pi inctpe do,
Ml M II lVail.l lUl,3lNI huxea nee do,
2(Ni boxes -('iibaand lliatia M-r do,
li'O bbls cider vinegar, .iuo kegs nlle ponder,
3tlkcgs blatini; powdci. I1M1 ca-es canister do,
2 million ('. I), cans, ion M feet sni.-iy tu-e.
Sun hags pepper, 100 do ulspicc, 10 cases'iutmrgs,
20 bbls 1 loves, riJ mat Is cassia. So Dblagr'd ginger,
SS bags iace ginger, loo lixs mustard,
1(1 canisters mustard, ;HI keg. l',nelih do,
300 bxs l,Tnd"rw ood's picklea, .100 do peppersauct,
PHI bxs tniiiatue catsup, 0do t'ayciinc pepper,
300 bxs acinic I c-.t n ' I lo do roc'ta do,
200 bxsaoite.l ground spices, SOU doz bed coids,
,'MKI coils M nulla coi.lnu'e assor e.l,
10 bis l!ax sewing twine. 30ntl lbs bloom twine,
In rth crop madder, .VI hbls alum,
fill hbls coppeias. 2.'i do Brimstone, I ck aulphui,
2 bbls chop locwoiiil, 50 bxs extract do,
iriil ents carh soda, 5 vk washing do,
in bid.. Kpsom t.ilts, 1 1 mi bxs black ink,
2 rases white chalk, 25 bbls whiting.
5 bids putty, in hl.iddt'is, 3 do camphor,
Nl kx .salipetie, Muo doz yea :t-ioiler,
15 rases ass'd'pl.n ii.i; cuds, 300 do, blooms.
10 bbla tauneis' oil, Ml baskets salad Oil,
2oo novkcts brow n Java colf.-e, 50 bids Jamaica, od
30 bids N. (). molasies, KiKldocity and La. S. 11. do
200 bbls loaf, pow 'd andciiishrd suar,
ljOO b.ip Rio collee, 400 bairs Lauaj ra ColToc,
300 bbls lectilied whisky, 50 do Rnuihon Jo,
I no bbls Mouoiigaliel.i do, I .) do lye do,
too bbls Am. biandy. 10 do do gin,
100 bxs quart llasks, 3nn do pt no, 50 lif pt do,
t'lKt hxi tiuiiblers, nss'd, 50 do glass decanters,
200 bxs squat jars, 50 cuioons S. V. indigo,
.' cases iMaiiias indigo, 1 do Manilla do,
.00 hxs window glass, 7x'J to 10x14,
At t nting of the Board of Directors ot the
Haanibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company,
convened in thii city on the 25lh inst., il waa
Kwo1tc Tkal tb KohIomt la Chkr, In addition to th
Ever alraf -oonfamd oa him by a mediation uT Ihlt B rd.
and a it barabj latraeld to eausa a fall and onmpte'e
xsmiaatioa of tba rontea through Collier ttrawt. and also any
otfcar raau tba la bl )odrment may tx doemed adrlsabla for
Uw inwcMt af tba Railroad Conpaay, and to prepara aa astl
Sc.tc nC th ooaia of thsea MTtral routes, tngihrr with their
relaiiva working and prospeetlro alua U the Intereet of M
Rjsd, and that ha baalso empowered to asoertatn upon what
. ik. t. mmii U,,t mh hi.htAlned noon the
arrral nates, and alto to reoeiva proposithna from land
bolilef or ta areata, upon woai w cvwrj uiuuu.
of laad eaa aa obuioed opon the banks of the Mieslnippl
river, and nroa each other placea in or adjaoent to the city lira-
1.. - - -s ..1 ... .r Inr1 mm h ma fliwm llMlejnrv
for the an of (be Oompan for the aeoeasarjt building, and
that ha ha required to report at the next meeting of the Hoard,
rrfaaa a gaHing the right of way through the cuy of Han
thai, aad gUlnglaod for depota and other bnildmge, nece
aary for tba wanu of tba Company, be and li hereby repealed.
Propoaitionti forth snle of hinds to the Han
;KI ml St. Jnsnnli Railroad Comnativ. for n
ite for Depot, &.O., in the city of IlunniUI, in
accordance Willi trie above resolution, are invuuu
from th property holders, end will be received
t the oflioe of the undersigned, on or before llio
first Monday in September next.
The quantity of ground necessary for the use
of the oompany for the terminus, will be not less
k.n flu crx- nn nr aear llio river, and ten ad
ditional acres, lyino; in a body on or near the
line of noact, taistaneo not cxrscumg io nines
fmndi riiir
Prenositiona should be sealed, and endorsed
a . . - if , . 1
"rronosal for uie 4 grounu tor uepoi, anu
contain an tccurjtte description of the ground,
its locality, quantity, &c, with reference mude
to a plat of the city.
Chf. Kngr. II. & St. J. R. It.
Hannibal. Julv 29lh, I& td.
City pupera copy, and send bill to Railroad
Tan Parot. Msjnr B icklin rcqneata nl to state that pro
tMettioLi from property hiMera will be rcoclrcd for any
atnocnt, from tre sores down. Fit acres was nacicd aa the
amoantof land that arontd be required for a depot, and It Ccr
talaly ean aske aa diffrranea w-;h Msjor Bueklin or the
Brd of D rector, whether pmporltb na for the sal of any
re aena awaea from one maa or a d.n men, aeparately or In
onmbln lua. The ob la to axwrta'm where and at what
I rise groaad enough for a depot an be tbtainei. A number
A arraons aulirht w mbine to maka ap tbt amovnt reqaired; or
they may arparalely, or any ooe that eboosea, may send in
fropositioBa to atll iadeaotuly small amount.
PRK.PaR' I) Heller's Teats, aa eaoellent artlcla for sore
and tender nipple, for sale at the lVnir Store h
July . lS4.f-dam K. N. AMOKRN.
Commercial Row, Hannibal, Mo.
To Coanirj Sfrchants nnd Dcnlm CcHfrally.
WOULD invite all purchasers of Hooks, to
call and examine his Slock, which is us large
and complete ns nny in ilia WeMera. Coun
try. He keeps constantly 011 hand, in
large quantities, School Hooks. i every
land now in use Also full .sU..l. of Mis
cellaneous and Medicnl ll"oks, '-'..iiuniery,
Taper, Blank Hooks, Quili, Itiii, I'ens,
Slates, &c. Together with a line assort
4nent of Klegant Fancy Stationery, su.-h
jts has never before been otlVrod in the
All of which will be sold vcrv low.
1). K. GAL. MAN,
AVholeiale Bookseller and Stationer,
Commercial Row, Hannibal, Mo.
Hannibal, July 19, lS53: dGm
H A M Sf!
Just received, a superior Lot of Sugar
Cured Hams. For sale low bv
jyI5d&w3w T. R. SELMES.
THE LAPGEST and the greatest assortment
of goods ever brought to Hannibal, just now
received, and will be sold, certain. The suU
acriber would particularly cull the attention of
his woholesale customers to tlua fact, and nil
persons coming to Hannibal to purchase poods
will rind it greatly to their dvantHge to rail on
aa22-d-tf. T. R. SELMES.
Important to Housekeepers!!
TBI abuse etlebratsd map la an artlele whk-h erery family,
bset, hvaadry, boarding boasa, ., will find os a care
Sal trial, be tba very thing rcqaired for eoonomy sods ring
t labor:
1st. Biaaaaa atatbes eaa bs aM in one-fourth the time.
' M. Taayresratraao ratMiqrer neauiding. tbsroby raring
taker, and tba mjarWwe affeeu af tba oM method.
Sd. tt bteaeaiee aad leases tbsm purely white, aad for eol
swd etotbi H b SMrpaaecd, as rt dov not eatraot tha dya.
vat baa a taadaaay ta sat tha eol or. For washing paint and
tsVtaWWW 4( wMsBsMt Ws (swncllwtwlsi
St b) wanaasad aat a kajara tba olotbea la anv way.
t mparts 4a tamer tea Masai aaeb. Fall direction!
eja) asab bac twr tba sjas of it,
Tba Soa aaa be bad at tba boose of John Daris, who la
eats aaraat fee Marioa eewatr, Vifth street, near Wm.
Onm'i Bsbib Treo, er of Carts Lock-wood, ot) Main, near
VUlatraai, (angMtf)
Into Northern Missouri, 1o nny extrnt, hnsbocti
in the lust three yours ; since which time they
have been gradually incrensing the iiinimlactiire
and sale of them ', mul ultliough, owing to their
being light nnd smooth, nml something new,
some little difficulty ulU'ndt'd the sale and ne
nt first, yet by alwuvs making Stoves nml C:is
lines of the best ouality of Scotch Fiirmul Mis
souri Mountain Iron, they have proved to
withstand lire better than nny oilier Casting
made in the western country. The fun.nt-e
castings and hollow-warc particularly, have
hecn superseded uy 11, wncrevrr 11 lias been
brought into use, ami always given satisfaction.
Having lived hero a number of years, nnd ho
iiii permanently located here, purchasers can
rely on our guarantee as to the quality of the
article sold by us ; nnd as to the operation of
our ccMirutcd Prize-l'remiuin Cook Stove, just
read the certificates of those who have used
them, and are using them now. And another
advantage a purchaser will have in buying a
St. Louis stove of us, he would not only be
Kcttinji a stovo m.ule o'' the best material in the
world, but ho can n' r time get nn odd piece
or plato without un . .trgc.hy letting us know
that such is wanted, s all our stoves rro war
ranted, and, in case of imperfection, the article
will be promptly made good to the purchaser,
which he will not find the case with Cincinnati,
Chicneo, Pittsburgh, and Eastern made Stoves,
as you cannot get any odd Pieces. Even if
they were warranted, it would be impossible to
get odd plates Irom sucn a distunce.
We. the undersigned, having used the St.
Louis Stoves manufactured hy 'J. V. Fillcy, of
St. Louis, am1 " CARTER W. BRYAN.
ot Ilanni'- '. " ' pleasure in recommend
inp-them- : 1 superior in point of
drul', t nt".''. ' . 1 , . ni'iny, con . 'liuiicc ntid
ease of regulation, lo any stove which we have
ever used :
IAtrrai ti mul 1'n.i limit v. ......
CONSISTINt; of 'I'alfM ami Anenlotrs' Hiourapli.
leal. Historical, Patriotic, Mo-.-il, HeliL'ioin, nml
niii i-ircea, in i roe aim I'oelry. tompili-il
hv William Viol, Is K.
John I. Ellet,
(ieoigc C. Kos-ter,
Dr. L. T. Hi ittit'uham,
Charles W. Mills,
Henry L'tlerback,
Win. Hawkins,
A. Ingram,
Thomas Cover dull,
K. Gnnter,
Jess Wi ii'l'',
w. p. KrviM .:,
Will. I '.:
Lmei J,jini :),
John Piig n,
Washington Mejcrs,
H. lirceiliug,
W. L. Lacy,
J. 1). Haydeii,
II. P. tiregory,
Oliver Terrill,
James Kmisou,
E. Truett,
T. Ballard,
I. Tufts,
L. Lyle.
Daniel Ford,
A. M. Hawkins,
Jumcs Thompson,
Wm. II. llonck,
Wm. (jreeves,
M. M. II rron,
Wm. P, i!ton,
I'ciei" iMiidrr,
John lli.xim,
T. R. Srltncs,
John C. Chesley,
Win. J-Mdy,
Cjrus Waters,
T. U. Spencer,
(ieo. A. ShortriiW,
l-loomingtun, Mo.,
J. L. l'ilen,
I). X. White,
John McClaughlin,
Iliram Illanchard,
Or. N. Nelson,
It. K. Hrviui,
.Tallin L. Mathews
W. It. Davis,
.1. Armstrong,
Warren Finley,
J. C. Henderson,
Wm. Massey,
A. (ireenlce,
John It. Lewis,
Levi Horkley,
E. Leor.nrd,
Hooper Mitchell,
John Short,
J. M.iselv,
Wm. M.'Kidd,
F. Franklin,
Josiah Hinton,
W. (Jreeves,
Chas. (Juris,
Jesse Uoheison,
E. C. Spenee,
A. J. Pickerton,
John li. Helms.
D. C. F. Clay.'on,
M. I ateron,
Persons wishing to buy stoves, tdiould give
us a call, ami examine our new paltvrus of
Er r--, r-''V!n ikf. sw -, o
The Footpath nnd Highway; or,
T'AMlF.RlNi;S of an Aineiicmi in tireat Bntain,
in 1W1 ami '.V.'. lv Kcniaiiuii Morean. Tliis
volume emhoiliea llio obn aliens ol the author, maile
UK rtiim nioiiint wanilerinps, as a rorrepoiuloiil
for Aineiican Jouinalai ami as he traveled much on
loot, ilillor esentiallv from tlioe on the aamu l ouu-
Ine, by other wi iters.
NewTlienies for llio ProU-slant Cleruy;
(tKF.K.DS williont I'lintity, Tlieolopv illioiit ll'u
inanity, ami I'roti-siani'i.in witliout Ctirtt inint v I
A i'li Notes bv the Kilttor on the I.iteratme ol' Charily,
I'opiilntipn, rauperism, IVIitiral Kconomy, and Pro
testantism, t'lie creat iinestion which the Iiook ili-
eiisses is, whether tlio Clinirh ol this ni;e is what the
primitive ('lunch was, ami whether Christians hot li
pastors nml people are i!oin their duty. Our author
hrhevps not, ami. to our iiiiinl, he ha inuiloout a stnmir
case, lie thinks tlwre is ahuinl.iiit room for n lorin at
the present time, ami that it is nn .let almost as inurli
as in the day of Luther.
For 'ale at the NKW ROOK Sf VOUE. jj I.M:f
IIviitf secured the agency ot them for this rity
This stove possesses advantage over common
stoves, in thickness of the plate, and improve
ments in draft. It is given up hy all stove
deulcrs and manufacturers, to bo tho best pat
tern for a descending Hue, ol any stove now
made Last or W est.
This utove was patented September, lS52,
and wherever they have been used, have given
general satisfaction. This stove weighs some
forty pounds more to the number than any other
stove ever brought to this city. The plates in
them are from one-half to threc-rourths of an
inch in thickness. No. 1 weighs over 200
pounds. We warrant them nil against fires.
These stoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which
carries the heat (hat is generated under the fire-
plate down the front part of the Move, between
two thick plates to tho draft at '?ic bottom of
the stove. C. V. DKVAN.
July 15, lg5:?-(!6.n)
J. II. is. T. A. Mi DANNOLD.
.taint ,n i api . .01;
the Liuio Mau, Merchnut Taylor,
HAVE associated themselves tecether for Hie
mpose of rniiyinj on the TAII.OUINC m'Sl
NF.S in all its various lraur!tes
On Main stieet. one door inn tit of llio Tlra.lj House,
ami next Ooor to C. S'. Dijhii's Slove Slore.
They have am! will keep, the host of Journeymen all
the tune, and will Kxecnle Work as Expeditiously,
as neatly ami as l.i-luoimlly as lin y know lunv.
We will nol s;iv we will ln .it the man thai in 'k.-s th"
fashions, hut wi'.l s.iy tin y will k.e; as i.c.ir the pie-
loos as positilo,
M' I.ri.non has the lnru'ct, hri amt rhenpet stock
of Cloths. Cassimeres, Velini;s, 'I't imniii(;s mnl S im
trior tiooils, that ll.innilial oyer ha I the goo.l Im to
liave in it.
t-fliive us a rail eenllenien, yon nrn bound tci be
suitnl in my kiml. or ipiality ol Uoo.ls.
Itaniiib.il, April !., i.VI.-,IOni
K. V. PITTMSN. WM. 11. rilTS
Impoileis anil Wholesale IIimIi is in
No i7, Main St., ST. LOUS. MO.
June 9, 153. ( j ; ly )
WE the uinlersigiiej, having nscil Oilrs V. Filley's
Cook inc Stove, Manufactureil by Filb'y of St. Louis,
anil sold by
C. W. r.UYAN,
Of Hannibal, Mo.,
Take pleasure ill rrcominemliiii; llu'in Iodic public as
superior in point of ilinft, econouiv of I'm I, eonvenienee
atirl ease of rrpulalion, lo any Air-Tight Cook Stove
w hirh we have ever hcii useil.
Lime for Sale!
1 hnve lime f -r '0, of n
Fine Whitf Quality,
Alld w'ui : i i it
Vtry ( !u.. t,ir (asli.
At tho lime kiln formerly occupied by Pat
rick . I. Wills Hill street, Hannibal. Mo.
mylir.JJ.,m JOHN G. GEUKY.
J he (a hiii ami Parlor;
Or. Slaves anil Masters t complete in one Duodecimo
Volume of H3t paces, by J. Thornton K.inilolph.
The Christian ohsviver spi'.ikim of this wotk says
it is -liepleto with iiiriilents ot tlinllin interest.
Well conceived, ably imi rated, and contains soeues of
i;reat dramatic power."
'One. of the most iuteiesliiiR hooks we bnye over
read. A thousand times more truthful than Uncle
Tom.'' There will be a universal rush for it." At
lanta fUa.) Republican.
I Ins i just the woik lor the limes. Tlio inciileuts
are so tlnillim; that the reader's attention is lived oiler
the perusal of the first sentence." Marlboro (Md.)
For sale at the Now Book Store, by
jyUwtf U. K. GAItMAN.
New Scientific Books.
X Field Practice of layint; out Circular Curies.
EliS) the Tracticabilily ot Improving the Naw
frahon. KEL1U1UN AND GEOLOGY, by Trof. Hitchcock
a new work of Ihrillinc inierest.
a new work by J. Thompson, M. I).
For rale at the new Hook Slore in Commercial Row.
july lilU . K. GARM AN.
Barber's Shop.
RESPIXTFULLY olT.'rs his services to the
puis lie. He keeps the best quality of razors,
ami keeps them slinrp. Ho will always pay
strict uitcntioti to cleanliness and neatness.
He cuts nml dresses hair in a style that
never fails to ploaso his customers. As n
knight of tho scissors mid razor he yields to
none in Hannilinl. His charges are reasona
bly low. As ho intends to continue fitting
up nnd improving his establishment, as last
as his means will allow, he hopes to have
the patronage of tho citizens of Hannibal
whose well known chief characteristics
of pnerpj, leaJs them to rlesire to see
everything n the progressive mnrch.
I.i'f-ti'leet it is tho shop nearest to Iluk
mnn's Stove Store. It is on the west side
of Maiu street, two doors north of Bird
street. (ap-23-d-ly)
Cheapest and Eest Writing Ink.
LT. UK1T1TNUHAM & BRO. am now uiaiiu
s facturuig Black Writing Ink of a superior quali
ty, whicti they ielt very cheap thirty cents a dozen
cones, or tiva cents a pint. Steel pens may be left
standing ta this ink any length of time without vono
tini. I'. S.At wholesale, they will sell it at $10 a Ku
icl. ! tii. V :: 1 t'
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrrnn Mill.
I IiiKbI u ith 111 ititiilim, nf jtlin wh.il mnA knu
ing Hour, would do well to call and see us befora fell
lug or purchasing efsewlieie. Remember the bi;tone
Mill on Bud. between Main and Third streets. Giva
us a call. A. S. RO BARDS & SON.
t f N. B. Oin Flour is sold nowhere elua but at the
Mill. F.wiy sick and barrel 19 branded with cur nausa
en it :
vi' IV( ' A . KeB . RTS i"V

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