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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 17, 1853, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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r. a. oldi:r, M.N.u;i:n.
Will i:lii!.t at
Jl'ii ttille, cii Monday, Aiigiut CM.
At M.iditon, on Tue.-J.iy,
At l'.tris, on Wednesday, ...... " Il:h.
At Clin:on, on Ihuiadny, - " IS It.
M Miarpsbnrli, on Friday iCtli.
ANHannibal, on Saturday, - " 27'h.
At Palmyra, en Monday, - " .!i;h.
The public ate rrspectfnlly infotmeil that thee two ; '' .iMMim,iit, united fur li e rr.sciit ejson,
fnim hv l.ir the laimv.t collection ol UVIMi AN I M A l.S .tn.t Urn tni-t aliuetivp atr.ty f KNTKUTAIN
INti MlYLt.TlkS. eter exhibited in th e or ai.v o'hi r tont.ttv. The MenniM tie coMaim mnnv rare anJiberubh-lir.iinf.il.
bcaiitilnl srrcitnenn ef atiimateti nature, such" at As:ano K.icpliaiit.s Arabian Cimels, Asiatic ai d Afil-1 ttia In liivinir full, graphic, ar d faithful acc.unt t. what
NF.M-vonu triduxe.
Tn E NEW YORK TRlDt'NE haltif completed the twelfth
jear uf tu eiie'eaee, on the 'b of Aj lKalled lu
entrant) Into tu teens by an eolare. rraent of lt border, ad
ding fall; one thirl to lt arte, and which will reqalre oa
beccefrrtb. to pay mure fut the vthite paper oawbioh It ta print
el than all wa receive from Ita ral.acrlbee. And, ample at
ear Income ha born, (though less ample than H baa been car
really reported) oar eipendlturoe fur the next year mtut be
larjr.r than our ann'ial ipcorue haaerer jet bn.
W bare taken this Impntant step notsrlthou. reloa'ance,
bnt npn the aia'urceteonidrratlon. there arc birteen of tie
Mni ii'il in the Trlbuiij eetnhli-hmcnt aa proprietors erlth one
huujr.d and eoventy n.ored ncily em, loved in tbe paper all
tn tie ubsiod out nl lia correal income a id thle enlargement
addiei'iua i '0 C'On par am una to our eiptotes without ueccee
aarily Imvcuiiiigoiir receipts. Vat f encounter ao man j rrn
plaii.ia i f the euinll 1 pe, too fine print, had for the eyce. to.,
that woluvc rvnilred lorUk onr all nnibaonterrrlaaot makio(
a pvr which will fat itj many tttooaaada ho bnvt bitbeito
it ml a'".f, and to aniarm cur .uStcdr ido and AdTrilii.a
aa f ncure us a re w:.l f r our ex. rtl"in in the f ntute fqaal
to t!.at w litre enj.ird in the part. It waonaddrie-l.urib
to mr rea lir(t pfrr, and pnrat the hla tn f.ir, e ear
T i' lK'X d en i, we believe wa amy nra;1y double our oiiou
lati.ir; 3ii tH, ih tijhof no air.ei adrantagu to m, aeeurw
a. h -n it.c.-c uf t.ir Adrcrunng will leave oi Dothirg
to re ire.
Ti e Srtni-ve.ikly TMIuioa waa culargal te tha Daw r'jf cf
in dillv. 40.1 we lite, our e nntry fri'n li win linvenn i ill
mail, nr think they rann... ad nl a daily pa, er. to give thu
an evnuilnvtlon. We n at nuJv to eiadcnie thu Urrfret
po'lbla amount cf o elul and lat-rvilng rr alter Into our
Wicklt I yet It In (ihy-tcilly IrrpcilMe 'bat we rhcold print
thr Tn nne-thlrl nf tur ii-ttcm Irotn Kamte, Ai Minor,
India, CtMninla, M.'iien, C.-Mrjl America, Itat all
the are itn in our utid weelily. lhere l not another
)pjr I'miv.I tn t ie em; Id which e nitnini ao large an amount
if n elnlT criclnal rcnjlra fur aniuuil aiuut ar.d wa trust
: tht, "lr.cn t'tiu:i' h been reduced in mere I aiteti'lte, there
are thrifaiidn t f nur frienda who bave bilbrr'o taken the
w,ek!y, obi wi I hcno'f'H.h lako the texl we. klv. We will
tin rni-iioin to anyorowtin, wrtthv.ut eutjectiog ua to
exrMn". r.:t eee fit tn eryly f' r It.
I !'" W.iklt Tri' nna will likrwiee bo etta'jre.l n the new
!e id the Da v in .vi timbir r. xi, ' the cin-e i f tie cur-
i rent vnliiu.e. t wli ihen be Ihc larycat Weeklv hff .rd d o
C utirf.r (I per anniun tn the wrrtd. ami ita white ti'T )
I exi t ua renrlv r quit all thtl wo receive from in C lib Sub-
M'ritcr, v e tM li' po in ii .iK'- it pay t-y rr r 'pni. pg a j
wi.ic'i i n'il ni'h mlriui '.t, we mm t enntlr.no to k.ep witti-
in tl.e nar.-owo-i liuii.a. It is iuid every thimdny morn
i irg. ard c n'aine most i f tb matter of the Duly, with mure
I rooimnry tCAt untail nv ti l.vcr.u and rrnrevdirga aa cannot
w a mean u at nn w ecKiy ehall eurpau
DEALER in lumber, ihinglea, Utha, aaik, 4c, c
Office at the Counting room of Miller A Porne'a
Lurober Yard, on the Corner of Hill tad Third MtttiL
Hannibal, Mi. H
Hart.lbal.June It) 18M.,-tf
The Cheapest ever Oflered
ton IALB
WE ire telling our gooda oil tt tuch prictt tt will
enable peraont w anting gooda to buy more good a
for lest money thin vraj ever done before in Hannibal.
Our atock of gomla la complete In
common to usoj and wants of every peneit. All wo
want it a call tu convince the people of these facia.
purchase my goode fr cash, and tt vary law rate,
w hich will ei".Me me to
Our Mod; consist in articles as follow! :
))nots nnd Slioet, all kittrlt;
Ilurdware aatorted;
Qttpentwarc very latt ttylet;
Clotliinp- cut to fit;
of all kinds aim varieties; '
fash paid for Wheat top of the market.
Our customer will always find WJIf. I OWSLEY
ready to wait on them.
Uomcirber the afore, J. P. R AYBURN, Cemmercial
(Row, opposite the Biady House.) (my6-tf)
tan Lion. Hovel and liio.ilian Titei. lUel.t or Hnntinir 1 ei ii.nit.tni'li Ain-iican raiillicrs. Cougars. Oce
lot. Civil Cat, Mexican Lion, (timly ami Hl.irU Hc.hm, Wmves. ltooii. Hyenas t ti e celdirnii J lliahom
cattle and China Mucp; alao, a reai arirty of Mini at.rt Moi.Uty s, which w ill be exhibited in connection
Willi Mabir's l.'nilcd Males Ciicua, without ixira charge.
The Cavalcade will arrive in town on th.-ajiive m.nini, onJ 'hoic will he a CUVXD PrvOCESSIOX,
lieralJod by the Monter L'ephant haalco-Alia, one of tin- larccat in the I'nitetl Na e. The proce!0 i
svill be prrredril by the celebrated NLW lKK HU BA.N I), I'nccteil by tie teuownod liiif.e I'laver,
V A Sill'l'l l' .... r,, .. in the it I jr., I mi l tei'li the MAMMOTH PKU l)H M I C
AG K, wi iRhit c over lO.fk t), ponm:, tliawn by Kllilll .sNoW-S M l T. bll.l.US, altogether foitnu g a J."N'I'"',
laott tncnhcetit tnovirc ranoraina
A thriliinir perliriiiance at raihaxhihition in an iintnonse performiig i!en by fi'H'r Hidomlgri, the most
renowiicd oi' I.'on coaqueror. who will, at a regain priunl enter the mn of his trnittr gioupe ul Lions, 1 1
Kfrj. I.eopaids. C'cnpais. ranlhers,4i.c. the tame a. riluiruril ly liiiii in all tl.c ui cipal cities if I'.iuope
and America. i
M AU1K 4i CO.'S I'XITr.D KTATI'S ClKCl'S. lliis s'npemioMS eabli-l.mml is tire.vivzed at tII rn.n-;
mom exrci.se. and the moniietura IVrl proud in lerointi.onilii x I" tli tiiitilic a eenes cl novelne, ii!,iiuiae,l
bv nnv Equestrian Tfoupe now tiavelinc. Tl.e pin.cip.il -t.us who compose the I nue-irian '1'iovpe me. Mi. ' t i.e e, k v gran.
W. Watem an, Eq-jcatnan M.tnapr ami CAlrliiat.-d Uvii, Lvir an 1 m li io into: ; Davis Ki. liards, thn' ..rcrtul oriptuaa m; t? fo-i.t d i nev sc,w , f (v(
world' only bare lisck nder nnd celrbialcd Icipor :. I. Minlos, tli.it great India-rtitihrr mi.ii ami ulobii nn.l Jvr. Aidrcs.', tililll I.KV A MilMHAT't.
ladder neili iinert V. I'haiuberi. Ihc lainoiii ccmc inler ; W. Crl", in le.iis ct mii-.'iilar fl.-xi!ini;y t two I . I'u1 lit"", I i.m U uMinK". N w ,k.
star Cloivna, Tuss lloinei, the urviit Ameiiciii .Ics'er. also, S.im. Wi l-r, tho gicat l'i ilus'to.e Jnt!er ai d ! -'' 1 -N "I 'vn- v it l'. r.k" in -f. lint .'a'ca I f
the Wand Is IjUi, whtrevf it la Ihinklcg, aid bo It li
(Tayir 'n at! ew reynired in Advaacl )
Dnily Tribune.
Mill tihse-lrt..p. $.S veart I .MHoe ttree mon'hs.
si:mi-wi:kki.y iuuvnk i wkkklt tiuiiune.
!it en y, - - $ I On Si gle .pT, - - J fU
i n ciiirj, . . ft no ihrca enpns, ft tin
l'cno. - . Ji nn fseMv (nnnea.l'rt )I0 tiO
rostngo on tho Tnbur.o.
ruder tbe n. v in. a iipi , r. duiar sl.1i .r tera
1 i tbe weiklv Tntnine, ore year, ia !'
Ibjllly Tribune, ore jee, . . Jl Mil
i"e u.- ,.. K T J r.titi. -. one p er, ... ;,2
''" I'. anaas'era or tueia ttkit g ehsrit nf anl remit' ltg
li- n .rev iit a cuii oi men's w.ii w eo: Uii J in i eon
a te am CVm i ! e. - -
Itat. by J a. llifVlfiTOH, kt. KTiw tke tleva
Otltw of th DlatrMt Onwst aV tb taatue
Wftrtot of rtwMlaylvaaJa.
Another Scientific Wonder!
trtck clown, each lamriis lo' 1 1 wit crd Ihiidoi
liitnn:t i a vat ropiisit uv of N.i'hii iii.d Ait.
li' Hour cf Exhibition titrni I t I V. M. r.i..l 1 in hi 5'.
5T AiluiisJ.on. ;il els., cliil.iiin am! soiv.m's. f.v !., '. j ill" v.
IT Hoot Open at Hai.tub.il, a: - iml 1 nV.m-!;.
lor InttliT .ar:icila:,scc luipt- ( ivtciia! ttal oil Iplive luib i.i.d litlifgrvp'.i.
( aui:l li.wti)
bi -ii'is a I i s: nt' oliirik DlA III l.H-l. Hit t ,.... vst. b.
,1.111' rUM.lu.A'i eliiji'.
t!ie principal hotel.
V. M. D.W IS. Ar nt.
:ir. ites ni ' u- v i! l.vk
ar , ii I.mi f . r mi1 icru ti, r.s h tt i- 'i r
'osd ii a l.r in po .t.lo-., s d d
!'". In tr.e t'-i r.d s e, i. stf K coi
t in e ...-i i j, i. .n 1. 1 t' . t"i. might in at
tho 1' 'nis'ier.
.rt." Tie Vttik'y T.ilor.e i -n.l t i
an.u n.
pir. M.itev In
1 in any r
i.!-o.i at cii' rk ;
c-e in be liit win,
Tj tt a' JI p.r
l).ic;uri-oolvnis !
fPHEY tsl;o th. method ol
X of Hannibal and virimtv.
Smith & Dick's Now Family Grocery, ;
ni TTnrket Etrcct
new larnily (-.ocerr W on MarU-t ,t.,-t. t.i-i... .i- .,rcJ, )rop or ('aurf. 100
atelv BOith ot the msiUot h.m-e. !!. : t .. in.iml( I . '
1'ortlio raj.i l cunt oT Cancer, l'K'or;!od Snrc
Tltruut, While Swelling, Iii-otiKlii: is, Urop
by, Dysprpaia, ntul nil Diseases nrUing
Irotn utt Impure st.ito of the
r.viuerreolypcs ! !
keepitii; all kinds o!' lirocerifj si:ito t tin- re:. trade.
We intend keepmj on hand all kind of iiiaik.'titic.anil
M ill be plra?i.l to see our friends a! any tune vvlien iIkj i
want anythii.i; in our lino. Wo h:ve. and will conli-i
iieu te keep Kreali Moat on hand durinj thew iriei
aeason. As we have the bet opportunity of pnrcha- j
ains Kowls, Vrcetahlcs, &c, it will be to every inaiti
. " . . .. Lr 1. ..I I
inierest to can ana examine, urium jnu tiiunii n.
vVicrc, a we will have everything Hint can be oh
tained at the market house during the day.
r,ov2;ir SMITH & PICK.
vniii.i s,;np.v ro-
tuiiii.il mi. siu roiiii(l-
riir country thu lie I !nl lakitio picture-, nt i ' ,"",l"" ' mnSe'e Pni..iney of,
,,, ,i r . i i . "" 11 Dr.JnlmW llratier
.li illi'rv on lainstrt-rt.ovvr tv illmn s hardware nv; t'mf iimuiienn'i i-hvsininiy; p
btotr. sitnl wuuM inform tlirtn, that from recent
1 ailiUttons toliittb'.urk, ntul liia increnseii facilities,
1 lio is nuw jireparcil to take picture In n style
j far superior to any licrotoforei taken in thii city,
ainl at reduced price. CM and examine.
Intitrnvrntrnt in tn(:i"-nnislir, UoiltistrV.
IU. S. H.'ANUEUSUN would respectfully j"nn''
J.7 inform the citizens of Hannibal and cotimry
History of the Eccch Crop, 01 Cancer
lVnr bir ; I w-.i .i'71ic'r1 in t-2 'v. mut 'S ilh St rt-1'n
Itiita r.ihslliitM. ii in v - j y-u in, in uliith my Uu tsii lliui:tii
mjf Ittnjsi tm-n. thUa.f invni. 1 nn ii'MtHtc ihr
I i ; in tut. .kv iumv 'i wauui nut jir-t itM.n m
ti tf nl tu uivf nu1 iMi t;i' po't ritnuiiatiiin wuli tirilirr
rmith ttt i:t .i ,il iMit'i, in) ii'" w an niti untrtl lfp n .i;r.J
n . ir. ! If, My .iivn Mi-.i'lm tv;r u vlu .-ml my
Nn. 1)3 Olive-!., Kt. Second &. Third,
Mantifaeltirrr of
Pure Alcohol niul Piiie Spirits of any
proof 1,-q'iiie.l. At-o Spirit das, rho-rne Gas.
i.'iicimcai mi m ii cn:n;ii'i;e, wannnted ol asureiior
' ' rri' irert irnm Kennel, er thefiurth aintnarh af llie,A,
.li. . rn-,. ..i ii.in.n Lleiug,ie ireei riiystniojlcal Ckeeaiei
l.v.l It .nthinii, .M. D , P'llia.ieiphia, Pa.
"I l'lt;i:sT" Unrh leiheimenieanliitai the weird rapetit.
II leilie . In, I oleiiem, or rralditoatlii( principle of Ihv Gaeirio.
Jn.ee-iiis mivi'iit nf the fnoil. t'.e niirHvine, oreeervina. and
" leiiiiu eceui m the einnuch and liilesilnee. It la tiiiaclre)
' i I'" n't' alive Miiiuaoh nf the n, iliua f.nniini a true )-
.-liv.. rliii.i, (iiivitely like the natural Gatirlr. Jule in ua
in. mn .ii iihti, ma iurnininc a complete ana period aubatl-
lino ii.r It. r
Tula i Namn-'a nan remedr for an naXealthy eintnaeli. No
an ni m.iii cm equal H curative poivrro. It cnnlaina nn aleo.
I be . l.iiu rs, nrliK r nauaenua riruia Ii la eitreaiely aeieeahae
. in i lie i.i.io, eiul ni.i y W mk. n by the nmai treble iilrnia vtha
, ranui.t i .ii a naier craiker wiihnul Ilia most acme dietreaa
Drware nl' riruripd Imiintinna. lYpeiii ta net a etrua
Illa'l a ieaHuisirull ef Pepaln lurund In water, will dlrrt nr
tlli.lte live puiiiuleot'roaet kuerin elieul twu liniire,nui of the
Scientific Etlilenrel
r TlieJricnii(t eviilriice upon sviileh this r. aitiljr la keaed
i e i" i' o rn-b"t dearee eiirlnua and remarkable.
t:..ll on me a.'om ai d ret a diaciipnve clieular. eraila. eloin
a lsie, nu. mini nl' eienlinc evlilence. fmm Llfbie'a
Dieesiion) Or. Pi ivira
nl' N't ts' Vnrb I'Blwap.
tnslianira Phvalnlnei1 : P ttf Miii.u.an Me v.i.
Viiilieti Hr.t'nrpeuier'a Phyeielii(v etc., miber with reporte
ot eiiioe Irniii all putts nf Hie Di.lurt bin... r
., Ht pslii In Unlit anil Powder.
fir. llniitliinn'e lViwin la prepared in Pndrr and la Flute)
eorm-nnd in I'rercnrMioa viaia lor ih ne.oi Hhvaicians. Th
IKiMil. r will W aant by man, fnsi uf pnaiaie, lor aae dollarr
sent in lir. H. indium, Philadelphia,
tr uBne.kVK THIS :-Kv.r boll a nf the tennim repairs
beats the writim alenalme nf J rl. Hnavh'en, M r . tslt era
piifinr, Philadelphia, Pa. Cnpy-rhjhl and l iadn Mark aetured.
fold Uv all druiaiateand Uenlcia lu mediclnca. Price. Oil C
DUULAK, pit buiile.
tl.t I.a id i.w.ietinr tioll ATI nil I'll-'
V NilUIIU, lllll, II. . III..,!...... ...... .. - , .... ' , ... . ..
J i .in h,..i,. r. its tuk-.itation to the1 r'i :"'::. :r"i ."' 'h:"':r..J"r? .. ": h"-,"-v' 1 ti,r or' term.
f(U j-ia..e, ,.,,...e - " 1
i'emT i.-anej a-f y- c 1 1 nr. 1 1 nn rnlinut 1)11 RlimaSM'lL i
IIIIV mi"' .- ",,V,M - I i i,l.i:i.n.ti Kvtni.l..itid iKntil iiil .
Dr. A. will RUiiiutec to any person who want, U nttii w u muirvM .y m.
.ilital OH t'l Mltl pf-reUltti .1 lift- 1(1 UC IlM Kltlinl Ot Urrfh
I' l'i i t' w my ivi-;.!.' (mirttvr( iitnl nM thr un
hlf ur i1 iU in al or 4 ttn ht. Hint
hi Ul 1 , , m j i i p ,1 Voi, rnti i.rnri.11) i.t.r a Iiih. wli.ti-iliry l;ul m.i u . ! tt, j f tut; pttrpo-tfi. c.;!i tiltl tin! bo itd t !hf Old
und absorption that lie will make t.irm a stl, t wu ,., ,.(.rillliy tflw UIH r ,,., wv VMl. vo.im. 1 beproprirtur lio.ems it iim.rresary topurthm
lint will antniriini7e or Oil it toirotl.orn rorrtil-.r- u-a Uiu .-tiuiainaiy luitluin if ih v win mil nn mr 1.1 Lumber to n;ak' it or to sav o..v thin about rx-
lilall, niailhltlMIIM y 4 ( THOMAS 11 M.S. Htfih Ml. ,r.A... ..a lV.a K. a.;.. a.. ."..- U- .
. . , -- l'i in ntr an a. liar UifliVO ri.rii t,U I IMJXT V tl lit I'F II U I
I Look out for tho CM Lumber Yard.
V I'l.l.-ca-oneil rii.e l.iiniborsiiitiihle for oil InnM.
, Kirn ii.L.
ly and as perfectly tW t;rt liino lin y nro jml 1 M, j, ,
th vnnlltll SS'llllilIlt nllV irrillllitV' or illlcrillf'. lltl
their natural teeth ever did. Any jiersoii t ish- Ml K1(vil. r.i,.Vini! uVoT.MilIiTiiy'nr wn .'"hav- '
itii? evidence of this, if tliev will fall :i Di A.i I" i" " "i by iiio Kuit of B..o. n liiep in u:,ke it imb.ii',
, i' I Ills l oli.il. lilt . rij.iv lis lii-:illli.ri amiine powrs. I mnko ihc
he will ahow them seveml vr rc ttj-pei r.titi, ,,. ,s ,,,.;,., , reimiraie: Mv daughter. Vni.ii.ia
lower acts riRht licrc in th city, and let them; i.n..v....
judge for themselves. lYitietilar ultenttetv wvi.J UliJUS &UKt. Juiij,
ftivin lo Ui treatment of all disease, of tl.ej Ctlonic RhcumatiBia Cured!
lnOUtll, and Lie mal-positum Ol till- teeltl. i,rl,t.a.i.ia l.vi.. nd.sl ovei l,,r si hole uo.ly. Ih.rtniauer
All orel'.lti.rtS all'.l'.le.l, .Mid eliarces VCasisn- nl Hie dirciau a eo snoeni ll.al v diapaiml in'aaitn: her
, , i ',H'-S i"1'' nrrti.lnl i lit- Ioiik of tin 1',1't. thv h-.it .cHba nvor lirr
a..e. , iMtit.i in a.t I r.inl atlt-r li. iiiq lur raps, ana Inklup M or in hollies
TV li Pet'S'ira frc'Tl tr.rt eounlrv War.tllic: of ewaim. r.H.Kfe. oimi a tu-ni iiuaimiy ni eniii ni ai.en
work doie, and being unaemiatnted with the
true merits and skill of tho Dentists in this ci!y,
would do well t inraire hero in the city, where
tliey are hot!i known.
OfReo oer Ilritlint?ham' Drug Store.
Wax niLVDs.
C i K-eticed, a topjtt at WAX lUMI, a'
ailtlu, a nno ime diro.iid J.iliii"! Wrli.ie in aie He was con
li.t.nl in llio u"o.'s m tlie r.&lrai-t l' Boih-Ii Dhiii, anrl I naod
it. l.t I'lte we I. her eniee vi-ri all hialoit nnd tier head. n
bun il'ic l.i th aia'il. wa whiii ill iil uV Mio la umrried How,
anil bkeil im a lirallhy lauiilt i and hue urn bad the lta
rrmra ol her dioa stace.
Youra , e'e .
S. NEWTON, tSermid H.
Another Similar Case !
Ciriithalt of iVn. jUury Ujubavfh,
tlenrfemwn. IV l' tk-pt fe IRM.
Tl;ia ie tn certify that my daiiebtrr, Mary Kuiaia, wee afflic
ted wl'h ar emulous tore tee from Hie ace ul una awar aalll she
-Mseiciitetian;i, Hct left tye was uitl.inied in ewcta a ate
ree, ilial ihe ulisician rcasarkrd that it would e a aatraet If
. be ilnl tint Mie it. All"r eieilinc every niean tn sMae pnwel
'to subdue the tenfmaiion, the gnud erlet-u of Beech liiop in
I rheumattrm asd other diwaMS, Induced tme to aae tt. The
hased liom him. He would rem.uk th.it an experience
of eight veal i in thn bnsineiis civet the decided advsn
t.ije over anv othrr who never hod exwrtcaot hit
l.iimhor haa lee i puirliased lor cash and selected with
great rare, tu.in Ihe lat milla in the Pinery. Me-
.hnnics ami n'.hors v ihiii lo pin chase I.ninht r would
tin I it to tlnui j.lvai.Uio to call and examine the stock
of l.iiiiibiT nml Sliiioij at the Old LiiintiT Yatd be.
fo:e p'lrcl.asii.c fUrwIirre. If von cannot rot it for a
less price, I will guarantee you can pot it an low and a
Hotter artieie tor the same moaey. Also,Lunihcr,Shin
n',ei and wuidow h.
J" llon'l forpi t the Uir Sign on the wes' aide ot
Thud, hctwecn Uird ui.il 1 1 ill streets. I.ool jtit for the
MCn,,l 1IIUS. S. Mli J.I'.K"S
I'ehilitf LUMPr.R YAltll.
m:v riANO music.
Jl'ST Ixreivi'd at '.lie Kew Bgolt 8:oro, It D. K.
IS33. 1S53.
tviiolcsitlc llotlilers
Nn. 9.1, Main Street St. Laala, Mo.,
A r.H now leeiivinr a lares ainrk of Knahlniiable Clo-tlit-iittor
ihs Spnnj Trade, which we erTer rneellfnr
laeh, ar on ilnie, aa Inw aa any houaa in ibis eitv. Wa Invite
purcliarers in cull and eiamlne nur atoi k aa wa are deteraimed
not In be ilndernoUU
I.arco aFmntineni of Boya' Clolhlus, and ef Fnrnlatf
tiKt'niHla, atvtayaouhand.
in.iini-jni. W1-BS1 in, N ARell at CO.
C lt VllLH G
al"cr.rtM Pj1 and Dark Braid far MedlciBeJ TarcoKii. irnVei nroduced was tvondeiiui. In fner er hve dare ibi in
y for aale at the llroj btnra of itiammatinn allauSsdeai the tM'd'a ceneial bath irpieve
Ja'J d"" .i'i.iv.. "v-.... i...i ,-.,. v. ,
Just ri,liificl. New Sorts ;
" " " Wailes;
Qaadtillea, Tolkts.
Fi.tt.k Freemau'a Caiber Shop, by R. B. tiall ;
Reteriea of a Hatchelor, bj E. Marvel $
Mroy Yankee in Texas, by Taxten ;
Cap Sheet, bv Mvrle.
lor le at th K'cw B'iok Store bv
.iviuMf D. k. Carman.
Martin & Brother,
No HQ Maia St, St L' uia
No. 113 Broadway, Now Yo k.
We are now mantifactminR the lareeat anal neat
complete STOCK of SPRING CLOTHING aver f
lered tn the Public and by the first of March will have
it completed. Our FALL SALES a far eiceeseoi
oiii expectatiotia, that we were entiralv out f redir
and were compelled to disappoint hundreds t)f custo
mer. But for the approach)! j seasen we shall en
deavor lo manufacture; a (lock that will aupply all who
favor us with their patroiia(te. It ii useleaa to beast
of great bargains, as it is a Tact acknowledged by
all who have purchased ot us, that we can and do ail)
clothing that pays then bettor and aella off cloenor
than thou purchased at any other house.
Call, and wa will show yarn ejtreragV serstla leeoa
Ct Motto Larre Ralaa and assail ttroRtt.
Ko. 11S Broadway ) No. IIS Main Irosrl,
Nw Yntk. ? t. Louii. ;
feeI707 ,

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