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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 23, 1853, Image 4

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Will EililhU nt
August 271.
" 2-lth.
" 5th.
" 27lh.
lltir.taville, Monday,
At Madison, on Tuesday,
At Tana, od Wednesday,
At Clinion, on Thursday,
At ftharpsburgh, od Friday,
ALHaaatbal, on Saturday,
At Palmyra, on Monday.
The public are respectfully informed that these two vant eatablishmente, unittd for the present season,
form by far the largest collcctien of LIVING ANIMALS aud the most attractive array of ENTERTAIN
1NG NOVELTIES, ever exhibited in tliiior any olber country. Ilia Menagerie coiitaini inauy rara and
beeutilnl specimens of animated nature, aticti as Aaiatic Elephants, Arabian Camela, Aaiatio and Afri
can Lion, Re j at and Brazilian Tigers, Chela or Hunting Leopards, South American Panthers, Cougara, Oce
lot t. Civil Cat, Mexican Lion, Grizzly and Black )are, Wolvee, Peers, Hyenas the celebrated Braham
cattle and China Sheep alao, a great variety of Birds aud Moukeya, which will be exhibited ia connection
with Mabie'a United Slatea Circue, withoat extra charge.
The Cavalcade will arrive in town on the above morning, and there will be a GRAND PROCESSION,
beralded by the Monater El phant Kaaleo-Alia, one of the largest in the United Slatea. The procetaion
will be preceded by the celebrated NEW YORK BRASS BAND, directed by (be renowned Bugle Player,
F. A. STEELE. Conspicuous in the Grand Cavalcade will be aero the MAMMOTH PBKf OUMING
CAGE, weighing over 10,000, pounds, diawn by EIGHT SNOW-WHITE STEEDS, altogother forming a
oat Magnificent moving Panorama.
A thrilling performance at each exhibition in an immense performing den by Signor Ilidoralgo, the moat
M no wind of Lion conquerors, who will, at a certain period enter the den of hi terrific groupe of Liona, Ti
ger a, Leoparda, Cougars, Panthers, Ac, the tame aa peifeioied by him in all the principal cities of Europe
and America.
MABIE 4c CO.'S UNITED STATES CIRCU3. This e'upamlous establishment la organized at an enor-
muua iinirat, ana in proprietors ii prouu in recommencing io me punnc a aeries 01 noveltiea unsurpassed
by any Equestrian Troupe now traveling. The i n:, ir t! ' us who compoae the Equestrian Tioupe are, Mr.
W. Waterman, Equeslrian Manager and eeleuruied iv. f. i and aix horaa rider; Davis Richards, the
world's only bareback rider and celebrated leaner: J. Si. i i..t!it irreat India-rubber man and tnh. mn,i
ladder performer; W. Chambers, the famoua senna rider ; W. Loin, in feats of muscular flexibility ; two
star Clowns, Puas Homer, the great Americau Jester, alao, Sam. Welse.r, the great Portuguese Juggler and
trick clown, each famoes for original wit and humor j betides a host of olhers and in fact, the whole estab-
lutimtnt is a vast repository of Nature ar.d Art.
tr Heirrs of Exhibition form 1 to 4 P. M. and 7 to 10 T. M.
If Admission, 60 eta., children and servants, V eta., to the whole combined exhibition.
13" Doors Open at Hannibal, at 3 and 7 o'clock.
For fnrther particulars, see large pictorial and descriptive bills and lithographs, at the principal hotels.
(eugl3dfcwtd) W. M DAVIS, Agent.
Cell the attention of purchasers Generally to their carefully selected stork r rh a.i
which we have jnet received. They refer particularly to their stock of
EMBROIDERIES Of real French work; Collars, with and without points ; Under Sleeves ladies' Em
broiderod Handkercbeifs t Edgine. and Insertiiigs i Transferrins; Banda. tChemistis . t:..'. .
i .-11 ' k-A. ii ' . i t i . . . ' . r-" i - "i-., bvui
oeauiiiui Dvuiaco Liiiiin. p-j inn biock it one oi ine moai coupieie ever brought to this city
DRE8S I GOODS-Prirlts, Ginghams, Jaconets and Uwns; Barage le Laines, Tissues, plain nd figured
French Chmtxes for children ; Summer de Laines, Alanaccas, Poplins. &c.
uitcro oiL.n.3 a selection oi me moai t e mil lasti onaoie styles, amonrr which r ih. .i n ...i.
J. o.: u j j . ... r,i . Til '. .7. D . . I""'" "'"' "
nv ookb, wu uiuvii ill uruiBiiu aisu voriviy ui oincft 91IK9. Ul all WltltllS and prlCCS.
BONNETS AND RIBBONS A Superior Selection, and cheapelr than the same styles wereevor sold before.
OEliILlSM16W'SW h.AK casaiinerca, Linens, Dran D'Ete.Veatings.and Cottona&es.or the newest slrles
STAPLES AND SUNDRIES Domestics, Checks, HicKory, Cliamhrays, Nnnxeons, Ciirlnin Mimlins,
naiiuKorsiitju., wivw, Hosiery, riauneia, owua ana Jaconet Muslins, Irish Liucii, Ladic'a, Skirts
Filet Mitts and Gloves, Parasols and Fiiua. .,
BOOTS AND SH0F:s We wish to call the attention of the Ladies to our atoeic of Ladies Shoes. We
ikokwc i in. i.uo.i .iiu ic.i pities ciniom maue. o uava aiso au Kxcullvut alocK. of Men's and Chil
dren's Shoes and Borta, from the finest to the coarsest.
HATS AND CAPS Gents' fine Silk Hats, all prices am! Spring Styles, Panama, Leghorn, Citizens' and
Talm Leaf Hats, Gents' and Boys'. '
QUKESSWARE AND GLASSWARE of the newest Patterns ami Styles.
CARPETS We have a lot of Intrrain. three ply, and star curputnig, which we will eull at St. Louis nriees
COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND MII.LIMOUS-Will fuul'i,, tl.i!, tock ...any Mylo".ot to be lo, d ,n
mo'.esale Houses, and aa they were all -.. l. cted Iroin the Importers, in the East, will he .,,1.1 r.. u
cannot fail to give entire eatisfaction. tr Call and examine tlio Goods before purchasing elsewhere even if
Viii air natl hnu urab will liaa uliiiu.irl In i.riisi Ilium It., ti-ii-i . . . - ...
TBI. NEW YORK TRIBUNB having completed the twalfth
year of Its exlstenee, on the Vth of April, signallted Its
entranoe Into its teena by an enlarinrmeai ot ita borders, a
ding fully one third to Ita area, and which will require ns
becocfor ih to pay more for the white paper on which it ia print
ed tban all wo receive from Us rulflcrik'rs. And, ample aa
our Income ban been, (though lesa amil than It ba been cur
rrnlly reported) our eipenditures for tho next year must bo
urgcr than our annual Income baa ever jot ben.
Wo bare taken this important Men not without reluctunco
but Un the mnturceto nfideratinn. Tberaare thirtoen of us
ineorncl in tho Tribune eoUbll.huient as pmprlotora with one
hundred and seventy nioredirrally em l.jM on the parnir nil
to bosiilffirtM out of ita current Income and this enlargement
ajdi-aoiuo fMi.ovn per annum t our expenrea wit bout neecca
anrily iinireiwiDKour reoeipta. Vet wconconnter somanyooin-
I'IhinU i l tno sumll type, t lino print, bad for tbe eyoa, Au,
that we have rcsolvui torlrkourall ontlio enton rlaeof inokin
a pui-r which will ratify many thouennda who hnvo Ltthortu
tjod nt(,f( nod ao eulnrao our uhtvriptlon and AdvcrlUinc
m in orcuro us a roirarj r r our exerti"ns to mo lutiiro t.iuui
to thut wo havo or Joyed in the past. If we can add ore-fourth
U our reading matter, and prerent the whole In fair, elear
typo of food firo, wo bolioTO wo may neaily double our circu
lation; and this, thouxb of DO direct advantaKo to us, fecuros
iaen an locrcvo of our Advertising as will leuvo as nothing
to desire.
The 8uml-wy.klj Trlbuco was enlarge i to the new also of
i ho daily, and wo urge our ecun'ry fricodt who hove no dally
mail, or think tbey cannot alh.rd a daily rarer, to slve this
an examination. Wo alwaya study to ouodenso the largost
noaslblo amount of useful and interesting matter Into oar
Weekly ; yot it la physically impowible tbut we should print
ther eveo one-third of oar letters from Kurope, Asia Minor,
Indis, California. Maxkw, Central America. Ao.. Ac But all
theee are ctven In our eemi-weeklv. There Is not another
paper issued in tba world which eontaina so large an amount
of mainly original reading for so small a ram; and we trust
that, since postage baa boon reduced to a mere bagatolle, there
are tnousanda of oar (ricnaa who have bitberto taken tbe
weekly, wbo will henceforth take the aeml-weeklv. We will
aend a specimen to any one who, without subjecting as to
expense, shall see ill to apply fur it.
Tbe Weekly Tribune will llkowlse be enlarged to the new
alia of tbe bally in September next, at the close of ita cur
rent volume. It will then be the largest Weekly etfordid to
Cluba for $1 per annum In the world, and Its whlto paper will
cost ua nearly or quite all that we receive from ita Ulub Sub
scribers. We shall hope to make It pay by appropriating a
amaii pan oi toe lew space we mua create to A jvcrilsemonis
which until euoh enlargment, we must oontinuo to keep with
In the narrowest limits. It is issued evcrr Tbumiav morn
lng, and eontaina saoat of the matter of the Daily, with mere
summary accounts of such Evonte and Proeeedinga aa cannot
be published in fall. We mean that no Weekly shall surpn
this In riving- a full, srrarhto. and faithful aooount of what
the World ia Doing, w hereof it la Thinking, and how it la
(Peyme In all ease required la Advance )
Dully Tribune.
Mall Pubserlben. 5 a vear t tl 60 for three months.
blngle copy, . $3 00 I flingle copy, - J CO
Two copies, . . 6 00 I Three copies, - - b OS
leaoopies, 30 00 Twenty (to one ad rat) 20 UO
jostage on tno Tribune.
Under tbe new law, rx stage to regular subeerlbers
To tbe weekly Tribune, one year, ia SH
The Dally Tribune, ene year, (1 Ml
The tiemi-Weekly Tribune, one year, . 62
4i5- Postmasters or otbors taking chareo of and remitting
ua iuo mosey i or a ciao oi twenty wiu be eniiuea to a copy
of the Weekly trails.
J& tSubscriptiuBS may by forwarded at any season of the
year. Addroaa, UltEKLKY A MuKUUTH,
Publistaera. Tribune Bui Id nea. New York
flr Notes of all specie-liavina: banks in tbe United States
are taken for subscriptions to this paper at par. Money in
closed in a letter to our aadreee, and deposited In any Poet
vmco in toe initeu orates, may be eonnuerea at oar risk ;
bat a description ot tbe bills ought In all oaees to bo loft with
mo rostmaeicr.
fiSf The Weekly Tribune Is sent to clergymen at tl per
Millinery and Dress Goods.
On Seiond Street, North of Hill Street,
TS now receiving and oponing her SPRING STYLES
J. ot liWUa, enabling her to supply tier custoiuui.i
with all kinds of fancy silx IloiincU, Embroidered
Gimps, and Gimpa of every description ami iz. (She
w ill keep cwi baud a variety of Spring Maiitilla.ot n new
stylo, end Misses' and childiun's Basque!). Aluo, a
liandaome assortment of Veils, Ribbons, nul Flowers.
Dresses made and patterns cut to urdir, in the latest
styles. Gloves, Liiimgii, Feathers, Ladies' Ruling
Hats, and everything else usually called for in such an
While extending a general invitation !o call) she
wishes the fact kept in mind, that she is determined
there shall be no reasonable ground of complaint on
account of Prices. (mcli-31-vry)
vr-n'W' flina mriT w c emvuurn
General Ne wspaper and Advertising Agent, Comer of
tieeona and t neinui streets, (over tlie post umce,;
!St. Louis, Mo. .
It'T Kreelved, a rnrr'y of WAX PKAOS, at
J Ivtg9...41') Willi
Wholesale Candy House,
ON Hill street, Hannibal, Mo., (Opposite J. A.
Inlee & Co.)
Where they keep constantly on hand a laru assort
lent of CAN'DIhS of their own Mnnul'acture. and ol
superior quality to any made in the Western country.
l'liey hope to retain tho patronage of the Old Ileal
ers in tho Establishment, and also to make many new
P. S. All orders accompanied with a remittance,
will be punctually attended to.
(my5'5itf) J. LONG (c HUOTHER.
r. cnouTKAtr, jh. jas. harsisom. rtLIXVALLK.
Commission Merchants and Proprietors of tba St.
Louis Roll ine Mill,
various shapes, Sheet Iron and Boiler.. Plate.
Nails and Spikes, from the ore of the Iron Mountain.
. ml - am. fcT .. O . . ... - -
an oioro io. norm oecoun street, at. jjvurs
May 3, lS.".3.(dfcw6tn)
Daguerreotypes ! Daguerreotypes !
w. r. PITTS,
T) csiilcnt Dagurrcan Artist, would simply re-
XV mind the citizens of Hannibal und surround
ins; country that he is still hiking pictures at Ilia
Gallery on Main street, over YViilxon's hard wure
store, and would inform them, that from recent
additions to his stock, and his increased facilities,
ho is now prepared to tuke pictures In a style
far superior to any heretofore taken in tins city,
and at reduced prices, call and examine.
No. Da Olive-st., bet. Second & Third,
St. Louis, Mo.
Manufacturer of
Pure Alcohol and Pare Spirits of any
proof required. Also Spirit Can, Phosgene) Gas,
Chemical oil and cajuphene, warranted of a sunerior
quality, aim lor saie on reasonauie terms.
Look out for the Old Lumber Yard.
WK-LL seasoned Pine Lumber suitable for all build
inir tmrnoscs. can all times be had nt (ha Old
Hannibal Lumber Yard, which has been established 8
years. 7 he proprietor deems it unnecessary to puffins
Lumber to make it sell, or to soy any tfiiiiir uhont ex
perience in the business excetit to those who never pur
chased from him. He would remark thut an cxporienco
ot eight years in tho business gives tho decided odvan
tai;e over nny other who never had erywru'ticc his
Lumber has ream nttrciiasett tor cash and selected with
pre at care, lnun the nefl mills in tliu 1'iiiery. Me
clinnies and others wishing to purchase Lumber would
find it to their advantage to cull and examine, tliu stock
of Lumber nn.l shingles nt the OKI Lumber Yard be
lore piirciiiisine; eiaewiiere. it you cannot e,.'t it lor a
less price, I will euaiantee you can i;el it u.i low unit a
better article tor I tie same money. Also, Lumber, Mnu-
gles and wnMow sh:-Ii.
j ' iJoii'l lorrei me iiu; .mi;ii on in,- weti snla t
Thin!, between Liid uud Hill streetn. Look ul lui the
Sign of THO.S. S. MIy.KkS
lehWll LUfllHf.K lAll 1).
l. ism
JUST Received at the Now Book Store, by D. K.
Juat Published, New Sonps;
' Waltzes:
" " Quadrilles, Polkas. jyUwtf
Ft ank Freeman's Ilarber Sh op, by R. B. Hall j
Reveries of a Batclielor, by K. Marvel ;
Stray Yankee in Texas, by Paxten j
Cap Sheet, by Mvile.
M"For sale at tlie New Book Store by
jyMwtl 1). K, OAKMAN
DIALER In lumber, shingles, laths, sasb, c, Ac
Office at the Counting roosa of Miller h Pogue's
Lumber Yard, on the Corner of Hill and Third streets,
Hannibal, Mo.
Hari.ibal, Juas 10 lBM-.-tf
TlieCheapest ever Offeree!
ron i alb
WK art, selllnir our pooila or! at such prices as will
eimhle persons want ins; oa&i k buy mow (roods
for less money than Was ever done before in Hannibal.
Our stuck of iroods is complete in
common to uses and wants of every person. All we
u.nt 1. m rati ( ,m,tinrj the noonle of thiuM facts. I
purchase my goods lor cash, aad at very low rates.
wincu win enaoie me in
sell Very cheap.
Our stock consiats in articles as follows:
Hoots and bhoes, all kinds;
Hardware asiorted;
Queensware very lata styles;
Clothing cut to fit;
of all kinds and varieties;
r, i I r tl . . . . IL- . ,
caso paia lor wneaiivp oi iu Hiin
Our customers will always find WaV. P. OWSLEY
ready to wait on thera. ' '
. Kemeiroer me srore, j . r. n a i o u b w , cemmerr.iai
(Row, opposite the Biady House.) (mytt-tf)
aWad amneStM at a of raurreae, fat ttje Ta
lit I, nv i. a HArTOHTWaL D., ttl UW oiwan
Offlo s ah IMttrtM oouat the kaatsn
. WrtjM of taowrtnBJa. .
Another Sclentiflo Woadorl
Dr. J. 8. MOUCHTOff'8
I'rrparrd from Rennet, mr lh.rn.rlh alomaeh of theej, afie,
. i , un,,,H i.il-iiik,..,,' ruypiniugicai VHMIlin
br J. H. H.miiIiiiiu, M. I , raila.lelhia, Pa.
"I IlK.CST." Much lathe lr,i mmnn. tirih. mill !....
It lathe chief elameni. of ereal dlacstlna urln'clnl. nfiiiM fl...
Julia Ilia olvnlil of lh l'orf, the pmirylns, irrrflnr, and
lllnulatlna of Hi etmuirh and isl.illsc. Il la itraetr4
from lite dlavanva ainiiiaeh of the oa, thaa fnruilns a irna di
l.v fluid, pieciarlr Ilka the aaiural Gaatrie Jnlcn in Ita
cavmlcnl powera, aud laiulrhlof a cuutilel and perlacl aub.it
tula fur It.
Tin. la Nalnra'a own remedy for an enhrnllhjr atnoiaeh. No
art f man can nual Ita caraMv mwsra. It comaina no alto- 1
ni, oiuent, acuta, or nnuaanaa druia. 11 la eitrcmtlv ag rreakl
lo tb taale, and may ba taken hy the mnal feable nallrni.
cannot eat a watar crnckar without I ha moat acute dianeas
tt'waiv u, uiuaK iiiiiiaiiona. i fmin in i,nt a eras
Hntf a leaanoosit'ttll af IVnata lnriiMd in miii 4i. -
dlaaolva five pouuda of reaal Koflu ali.ut two hears, out ef Ik
aielrntlflo KvManre I
trT Tha Rglrntilla evidence unnn which thia ranrfv i. k...j
In Ilia lilaheal doare cnrlnaa and riu.arkabla.
t'ailoa lliaaeaat and set a descriptive circular, (ratla. slvhtc
a lam auiount af acienilAe avi.linca. from r.l.hi.'. a.i..
Clieniimry; lir. C'tMiiha'a Phyalxlory of, lln-.uoal Dr. P.ialra
on rKl and Uldi Dr. Johu W. Iirawr of Now York l'alvr
ally; Prof. Uunijllaoh'a I'hy.l.il.ijy ; p of Ullhniaa, ef Vahi
Colluc; Dr.Carpenlrr'a Ptayalolonyt Sic., toaUir with rapon
of curea from all puna of tha Hulled tfiaira.
frpam lu Fluid aud Powder.
Dr. Houchton'a Panaln la nrviuifvd ! PnwiU . - J I. Vh.t.
Form and In I'rcacrlption viala for ilia aeasf Phyaiciaas. Tha
iowdur wlll he aunl by mail, free of postal, for n dollars
cut to llr. Hmishtoa, Philadelphia.
ry OllbtkV t Til 18 Kv.rv bollla of tha ....l.. -.
baara Ui written alaoatar of J 8. Haushiaa, (I D., aal ore
prieior, Philadelphia, Pa. Copy-riski and 1'rad Mark aacarM.
rsi.1 oy an aruKgiata an dcalara la medlclnea. Prtc. ONE
DULLA R, par bonis. '
1S5S. Sft3.
Wholesale Clotlilera,
Ma. 99, Mala 8ttel It. Laala, M ,
A RR now roceivin( larn atock of Paahlawabl rio-
tv ihlitts for tha Spring Trade, which w O'er l sail far
nli, or ou time, aa low aa any huu.j in thia citv. W. ..
putcluiMira 10 cull and eiamina oar stack aa we are determined.
11.1i to be un.lcrild.
L,ce nrli.n 111 of Day' Cloinina. Bad ef Purat.k.
iK Ufxxla, always 011 bund.
men iu-w jiii. nausTER, MAR8H ft Cr).
1853. ST. LOUIS A.ND KEOKUK. 1853.
U. . fllAll. hi RAMBUS.
1I K VERNON, Htifus
fora master.
U.w Able Muster.
JKANNIE DEANS, J. llrown, Master.
Ouu of the ubovo Sidendid Steamers leave tha Keo-
kiiK Whurf lloat, foot of Locust Street, St. Lais,eve,
ry evening ut 4 o'clock, Kumluys Excepted.
lin y will leave Hannibal in the following order :
The Die Vernon will puss up every Tuesday and Fri
day Morning, at 10 o'clock, dowii Wednesdays and.
Saturdays, Ht 10 o'clock, A. M. Tha Kate Kearney
will puss up 011 Wcdnesiluys and Saturdays, at 10 o'
clock, A. M., down Thursdays ami Sundays, at 10 A.
M. The Jeanuie Deans wilt pass un on Tburedava
and Sundays, at 10 o'clock, down on Fridays and:
Mondays, at 10 A. M.
ST" It will be observed by the ubove arranecment. ne
rackets pass upon Monday or down on Tuesday.
For Freight or Passage having superior aceommoda
itons. Enquire on board or of
(apl-6'6-tf) MILLEIt Sl POAGE, Agents
Attorney at Law.
HAVING located at HANNIBAL, Missouri, will
practice in the courts of the counties of Marion.
Klls Tike, Moulgomery, Warren, Lincoln, and St.
bOhVe in Collins' New Building, corner of Main and
Bird SU

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