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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 25, 1853, Image 4

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aV - - . J .... " . 1. - E." J
August 2?d.
- 23J.
- f5th
- 27lh.
" .
united for Id peasant season,
i n nil liriT U fetV
Will Exhibit at
Uuitevilie, m Unity, ........
At Madison, en Tuesday, ........
At Pans, on Weduesdey, ........
At Cliatm, en Thursday, ..... ...
At Sharpsburfh, en Friiiiy, -
Al Haaaibal, en Saturday, ........
At Palassra, en Monday, ........
Tb public are respectfully informed that I lies two vast es:.i'....
form by far Iht largest collection of LIVING ANIMALS a"! l;r
iau nui t.L.iit.9, ever xniotteu in inn or any o'ner cm.; ' i..- ..arrie roiitaint many rare and
bsaatilnl specimens ef animate natur, audi" as Astulie lf..rpi.a:,t-. Ai-Uan Camels. Asiatic and Afri
u Lions, Rey aland Braxilian Ticeis, Chela or Hunting 1 enp.inu, Sou'li Aimiican Panthers, Cougars, Oca
let, Ciit Cat, Mexican Lioo.Grixily and Black Bean, Wolves, Deer, Hyenas ; tb celebrated Brabant
eetll and China Sheep; all, a (teat variety of Buds and Monkeys, which' will k exhibit! ia conuectiou
with Mabie'a United State Ciicus, without extra charge.
Tb Cavalcade will arrive iu town on th above aim nine;, ami thri will be a GRAND PROCESSION
ktrttdtd by tb Mooter Elephant Kaalso-Alta. oue of the I ir.jrjt in the taitd Staie. Ttie procession
will be preceded by the celebrated NEW YOKE llRAS B. N D, liiecied bv the renowned Hue' Player
T. A. STEELE. Conspicuous iu lb Giai:d Latal-ai' vi't he seen the MAMMOTH PEKMIRMlvi:
CAGE, weighing oer 10 OuO, pounes, diawn by EIGHT ; NcW-V illTli STEEDS, altogether forming a
M....l8 . ..........
Itirilluif petloruiar.ee at each exhibition in an ii.nni.-c priroranig con by S gnor Hidoralgo, the most
lied ef Lien coaquerei. who will, at a ci:ain imiod enter the tit u of Ins ferritin eroun or I . T..
: at peiiMiuua ny u.ni iu all the rn.cipal citiei of Europe
most i
A tbriTlin
lenowneu ei l.ien coaquerei. wuo will, at a ci:a
en, Leopards, Cougars, Panthers, i.c '.lie tame,
and America.
MABIK CO.'S UNITED STATES CIRCUS This stupendous cstUi-.hmetit I organised at an enor-
tviw Hnnej, iib in pruiJiieiura irvi piwuu mi muiumenuiii!? 10 me puuuc a dene 01 novelties unsurpassed
by any Equestrian Troupe now traveling. Th principal atari who compose the i quettrian Tienpe are Mr.
w. vtateiman, a.qiestrian aianagar ana celebrated two, lour and six hots rider; Uavi Richards, tb
worldenly bar kirk iidr and cclebiated leaper; J. Sholea, tlrat great India-rubber man aud (lobe and
adder perioiincr; w. I banners, the Winona areiue ruler j W. Cols, iu leal ol inuacular flexibility t two
tarCloni, Pus Homer, the great Ameiicau Jester, alio, Sam. Welser, the great Portuguese jurvlet and
trick ctowatearh fnmcua lo rng.iikl wit and humor 5 bctidea a best ef othen ami in fact, the whole estab
lishment ii a east nposiiry of Nature ar.d Ait.
IT" Hour of Kxbibitioo form I to 4 f. M. r.i:J 7 lo 10 P. M.
tr Admiu.on, SO tt., children and avrvunts, ?i els., to the whole combined exbibitiox.
EfPoore Open at Hai.uih.il, al a m il 7 o'clock.
Tor fnrtbtr prticiilais,sre Uije picluiial ai d ticicriptive bill and lithrgTaphs, at tbe principal hotel
(sugl3dfcwld) W. id. DAVIS, Aeit.
- 9. H-l-LLIl 1
NEeT.l'ORK TltiniWE.
TBI 5SW YORK TRIBUNE haying completed th twelfth
year ef Its xistac, en th ttb of April, rijrnaliicd If
entrsM late Its tM ky aa nlarx mwnt ef Iu aurders. a.1-
dtnx fally n third to Its area, and which will require as
heDOftrttrswy mortfortht whll paper oa wbtoh itM print
od tbaa all w rrestve rrnm Its tehsrriUr. And, ample a
eur iDowe baa been, (iboaih k-t ample than it ha tmea ear-
renuj repnruaj ear expemlitura lur tb next year mutt b
lareer than oer aaonal umosm has ever ret beea.
V bar takes this Impirteat step not without reluctance,
rmtepwtbmatretei.aidenitlea. There art tbirteea of s
oooewned in the Tribune enubllKhaient as proprietors with One
nunami ane eTnty snortdirreuj employed on tn neper all
to he.bbtutrd oat of Its earrent iaeum and tilt mlaiKement
adds som tit 000 per annem to oar sinenses without nceree-
tehly Inerewins; our receipts. Yet weeneoentei somen; eoa-
pmmu w im tmsii type, in ans print, ted r tne eyes, Ac,
that we have rtenlTed iu risk ear all oniheentenrlsenf makiae
a Barer which will satisfy many thoesands who hsre hitherto
stood aloof, and so enlarge our PuUcripilun and Advertlrinx
a to secure as a reward fir our exertions In th future equal
to that we bayearjoyed la the put. If waeanaditie-fiurih
to oar reeding matter, and present th ehnle In fa.tr. clear
type of good siae, we belisr may aeaily double our clrru
latior: asd this. tbt.uh of no direct advantage to us. t rur,
sech aa b.ereae of eur Advertising aa will lure as nothing
The Semi-weakly Tribute was enlarge? so the new site of
tbe daily, aad we erg? eur country friends who bar no dally
mail, or think they cannot alLrd a daily raiwr. to rive thii
aa examination. We alwaja study to coadcase tho larerst
pnsstbls amount of aful and intens'ing matter Into oar
Weekly 1 yet it la phyrlcalty impcwibl 'h.l shi ulj print
tber oree one-third of our letters from Kari.pe, A-ia Miror,
India. CaUfornla. MxlM. Cer lrtl Atr.rlr.. A. Ar. It 11 .11
these are glesa la our strtii-ncekiy. Ibero is not another
paper ied la tie wo:ld which eintains so large an amount
(4 mainly original reading (ur so small a sun : aid wo tru.it
that, slnos pneisgt baa txu redvcod toe nine Ugaullv., there
are thoojandu of our frlocds who haeo hltbirio tnln-n tt-e
weekly, who wlil ber.ecforth take tbe semi weekly. W 0 will
send a specimen to any one who, without tut j'.e.ir.g us tn
xpeao. shall see It to apply for It.
Th Weekly Tribune will likewise be er.lffroj tn tb new
sis of tb Daily la September nrxl, at the cle of ita enr-
renivcrum. it will tntn be Ui largest Wiekly aff .rd.d to
lutMIir 1 per annum in th wield, and irs white rfr wul
cost as nearly or qaite all that we receive from lie C ut Sob
scriters. We shall bone to mak It pay by rt rwitij ir
small part of the cw space we thus create t.. AtTtriiseu'i,i,
which uatil each enlargment, we must e.mtlrue t.i kiep it ti
le tb ntrrowest limiis. It Is Issued every Ihimdsy rr...rn
ing. aad eoataina most of tbs matter of tbe Diilr, wiih m r.
summary accounts bt such Krenu acd Prooedinirs as cannot
b pubiithed in fu I, We mean that no Weekly rhall uriiv
giemg a run, grapnie, ana ranniul arcunt t wbai
ta world u Uolng, wbcrvuf it is Ibinkir.g, aid bow it is
(rsym la all esses reqalre1 In Advance )
Dully Tribune.
Mall Sutisertbeft, $5 a year ) $1 H tcr three smiK
Magle copy, . . 1 00 S gl copy, . - S On
Teo copies, . . i 00 I Three enpirs, - 6 111
Teoops, . . SO 00 Twenry (mone ad"r-) '.'O tiO
iroeuge oa tne Tntmne.
Under tbe new law, pieiag to regular aub-cribcrs
To th weekly Tribun. vn Tear, 1
Tbe Deily Tribune, en year, - . . 1 in
The cemi-Week'y Tribune, on year, ... 2
rNsuwasters or others taking charge of ard remitting
u a ujct ror a ciuo 01 iweniy wui ne cauuca to a com
of tr-e Weekly gratis,
T8atmiptioas may by forward.! at any season of tbe
year. Address, DUEELEY A M. EI.UATIl.
Pablisaers, Tribune Buildings, N.w Yurk.
ifX.reof all specie-raying ISaaksin tat loi'ed States
sr takers for satseriptions to this paper at par. Jl.ic.-v in
elosed in a letter to oar address, aid deposited In any P
OIRc in th United Plates, may be roa-iiered at our n.-k ;
net a aesonpuoa ol tM bitls ought in all eases to be left with
the Fntmastr.
f4f la Weekly TribuL ia rent to eln-gyrrtn at $1 per
DF.Aj.ER in lumber, hinRlc, laths, sash, lit
Othee at the Counting room Of Miller II Por?ne'
Lumber Yard, on Die Corner Of Hill Ind Third streets.
ti !i.s ai. "
Htr.i.)bt)tJui 16 18&2.,4f
The Cheapest ever Ofered
roa iLt
3atIW HKA.MlWV'ItA.lLi
WE are selling our goods oil at such price as will
enable persons wanting good to buy more good
for lew money than was ever "Ion before in Hanutbal.
Our stock of goods Is complete in
common lo s and vt ants of evcrv person. All we
wan 1 1 call to conviuc th people of these facts. I
purchase my goods for cash, aud at very low rates,
which w ill enable me to
Our slock consists in article as follow)
Root and Shoos, all kinds;
lliirchviire aorlcd;
Quctnayvare very lute tjlc;
Clolliiri! cut to fit;
of all kinds and vaiieliesi
Cash paid fur hi-at top of the market.
Our ciistomcis will always find WAf. P. OWSLEY
ready to wait 011 them.
Komi rrher the stoic, J. P. RAYBURN, Commercial
(Row, opposite t lie Biady Mouse.) (my6-tl)
1 i. "iWUHTON. at. b7utlewera
OtBoa of the IXitrlrt Court a tb ttrtim
Hrrrkt of reaasrlTejLl.
Another 'Scientific Wonder f
It I.'
J Ull
Call flie attention of purchasers generally to their carefully selected tockof freh and
V1 SJslOUm' xTK MMmWWL' ew-J , ssiwa.
Which w hav just rccened. They nkr paiticularly to their stork of
EMBROIDERIES Or real Ereucb work: Collins, with and without
broidcred Handkercheifa ; Edeine and Ineeitings; Transferring Baud, Chiuiisltes ; Caiiea's aura soi
besatiful Soutach Collars. lr This stock is on of the moat coinnlrte ever brought ta ihi.
UKES8 GOODS Priut, Gingham, Jaconet and Uwn; Uarage de Laiucs, Tissues, plain and ficured
French Chintxes for childieu Summer de Lainee, Alapaccas. Poplins, fee.
DKEi-S SI LKS A selection of the ost elegant fashionable sti les, among which are Ihe plain colored Poult
de Soics, so much in demand also a vancly ol filacg Silks, of all widths and prices.
BONNETS AND K1BBONS A Superior Selection, and cheaper than the tame tyle were ever sold be
fore. GENTLEMEN'S WEAR Cassimeros, Linen, Dran D'Efe.Vestings, and Cottoaa tes.of the newest styles
alo a fin as toil met it ef Children's Ciin.li. anrl. f"s iln..ili.. T......l. s.. '
STAPLES AND 6UNUJUES--1)ouiIks. Checks. Hickoru. Chamh revs. XiitisreAnB Pi..r.it, f...i:
Fhawla. HandKercueUs, Cravats, Hosi.-ry, Flannels, Swns and Jaconet AIuslius, I lull Liueu, Ladies' Skirts'
File! Mitt aud Gloves, Parasols and Fans. .,
BOOTS AND SHOES We wish to call the attention of the Ladies to our storx of Ladic Shoes. We
aineiiat w, un uire., uu laicai i-.jirn cujmm iiiaur. nave aiso au excellent slocc or Men's aud Chil
dren's Shoe and Bot ts, from the finest to the coarsest.
HATS AND CAPS-GenU' fine Silg Hats, all puces aud Spring Styles, Panama, Leghorn, Citixcns' and
Palm Leaf Hats, Gent' and Boys'. "
QUF.EN8WARE AND GLASSWARE Of the new.st pultcrns and Style.
CARPETS We have a lot of Ingrain, three ply, and star carpeting, which we will sell at St. LouU prices.
COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND MILLINERS Will find';,, this mock m.0 ,.vl.. ...,i , k . ..V. f'
Wholesale House, and a they were all select, d from the Iu.iMiit, r, in the East, will be sold at such prices as
caanot tail logivsj entire salisfactioo. IJ-Call and exaimue the l.oodt beiora puicliasing elsewhere ri-en if
J rm was sjv, ajuj a WW w w ivu.w v ouuw limit I iy J
Daguerreotypes ! Daguerreotypes J !
w. p. nr rs,
Resident Dagurrcan Artist, would imply re
mind the citizen of Hannibal nnd nurrmind.
inn country ,nat '' is still taking pictures at his
Gallery on Main street, over Willson' liar J wure
store, and would inform them, that from recent
addition to hisstock, and his increase J f oiliiirj,
he is Dow prepared to takt picture In u style
far superior to any heretofore taken in this n'l y,
nd at reduced prices, Ceall and txuuuitc.
1853. SAMUEL STILLWE1.L, 1853
No. 53 01ive-t., bet. Second & Third,
St. Lowl, Mo.
Manufacturer of
Pure Alcohol and Pare Spirits of any
proof required. Also Spirit Gas, Phosgene Gas,
Chemical oil and eamphene, warranted ol a superior
quamy, anu lor sale ou leasouaoie terms.
Millinery and Dress Goods.
MRS. M. J. KID I).
Oa lesjond Street, Harth of Bill Street,
IS stow receiving and opening her SPRING STYLE?
of GOODS, enabling her to supply her cost ets
with all kind of fancy silc Bonnets, Embioideivil
Gimps, attd Gimp of every description and size. She
well keep on band a variety of Spring Mantillas, of a new
I vie, and Misses' and childieu' Basque. Aims, a
handsome assortment of Veils, Ribbons, aad Flower.
Dresses made and patterns cut to order, in the latest
wtyie. Gloves, Lining, Feathers, Ladies' Kidmc
Hats, and everything els usually called lor io such an
Wbila exleaduig a general invitation to callj she
wishes tbe fact kept in mind, that she is determiner
there shall be no rcasonabl ground of complaiut en
account iTKcs. (mch-31-wy)
rrrsT. lovis agekt. w. s. swymmeb
General Newspaper and Advertising Azent, Corner ol
Second and Cbestaut Directs, (over the Post Once,)
fc. Xois, mo.
CSX tVeaised, a tapply ol WAX SAfe, at
Wholesale Candy Iloaso.
ON Hill Mreet, llaiimhal, Mo., (Oiiposile J. A.
Iuslee& Co.)
Whore tin v Ui-cii conslan'.ly on hand a large assert.
menl of CAN DIES of their own Maiuifactuie, and of
jurn-iior quality to any made in the Western country.
They Uoisa to retain the twtronace of the Old Deal.
ers in the Establishment, and also t make many new
P. S-All orders accompanied wiih remittaaee.
will be pnnctually attended to.
(inyj o-U ) 4. lAr.Ms & IIROTHER.
Look oat for the Old Lumber Yard.
WELL seasoned Pin Lumberaiiitable for all build
ing purposes, can all times be had at Ihe Old
Hannibal Lumber Yard, which has been established 8
years. 1 he proprietor deems it unnecessary to pud his
LoimDer 10 make it sen. or to say aay Hung abuutcx-
rperienr in the business except to those w ho never par
cnasea irom nira. ne wouia remain tuuian experience
of eight years in the business gives the decided advan
tage over any other who never had experimce bis
Lumber lias rottn purchased lor cash and selected with
great care, from the best mills in tb Pinery. Me
chanics and others wishing to putchase Lumber would
find it to their advantage to call and exainin th stock
of Lumber aud Shingles at the Old Lumber Yard be.
fore purchasing eUewuere. If you caunot get it for
lesa price, I will gnarantee you can get it as low and a
better article for the same money. AIo,LuuilertSuin.
gles ana wnntow sasn.
IO Don't forget the Big Sign on the wes4 side
Third, between bird aud Hill streets. 1 .00k jul for the
Sjfoof THOS. S. MI.XR'S
febC6tf LUMPt-K YARD.
r. cnoi'TKAU.s. jas. Haaaisasr. rsLix vaixsi.
rilOl TE1F, H1BRIS01 k TILLS,
Commission Merchants and Proprietors of tb EL
Iui Rolling Mill.
Ix. various shapes. Sheet Iron and lioiler Plate.
Nails and rpike,lrom the ore 01 me lion Moon lata.
Irn Store No. 129 North Second stwtl.St. Louis.
May M, 16&3. (dJcw6m)
TUST Received at the Kw Book Store, by D. K.
Just Published New Bongs ;
" Walttes;
Quadrilles, Polkas. jvHwtf
Fiank Freeman's Barber Shop, by R. B. Hall 5
Reveries of a Batchelor, by E. Marvel j
Stray Yankee in Texas, by'Paxten ;
Cap Sheer, by Mrrle.
CP For sal at tb New Book Store bv
l'rlrril from I'.nnel, lh.fu.rih stomal k f iai, nfte.
Im.l i i ..f Hat. n Ll. liif..',. rrnr Pliialolicl tattuix
in .1 H .urhn.u, M Ii . Pm'. rh r,,," p..
I I'lUtST" Murh It Ilia inle nirsniiii allha ward Tap...
: .-ifitirn,. .r sh-hi airrlus bsti.ciale ol Uiv G.slne
. v. nl of ll.e 1,0a. m uuiiivltie. nra..rviM ..,
' 1 .'. : of r lie elttitij. h anj tulevllors. ji , aAirsclrvl
loin ll.e o ctMise l.iHisrh ul ilia ul. Urns lrnnn a irne
re-tivr Itiiij. nn-ei.ely like II.. animal G.mrie Juice in lie
u. mirai powers, and 1'urul.liing a c.uuleta an Mrlecl sutwti
lu:e l..r II.
Tin. is Nainrr's nmn remedy for a unaratihv amn.ei. re-
an nl man can equal llseuraeire powers. i eomaiiM mo ale.
h blltrrs, iriK nr nauaeous ruc. Il la eslresiiely at'eeahl
lu Hi.- laair, ai.Jiu.iy b rakra by Ihe tunti h-rbl pan, uu lio
rannnl eal a water cracker w nlioul I lie lnual aruia alieiiraa
w w... ..1 uihl'G' iniiinnons. l-rrtalti la ul a drug
...... . .ri.,n.nuuiici ra("in inula 11 lit waier, villi eiee I or
.ti.a..li. iie iH.uuO, of roasi iHtfiu l.ui i... l,,.,. ....
Krlenllnr F.vldeaee I
The sirleai ui. evnl.nr upon which Hits reaaajy n aaae
S in llic lnellist dreT.-e rmmua aad raui.rk.io.
t'.ll on Hie agrni and eel a diarnpiiea clicular, (rails (Ivlna
a larce amount of .eniuic cvulear. from Llrhir'a Aaia.al
t'lirfiii.lry; l.r. r.iinSr'a Pliyaialocy of, lireatH Dr. fa air a
.... .nu i.iai, ur. joi.u ve. urarer ol Mr Vor t'alrar-
lit; IW. luiiiiaoira 1'hy.soloer; " of Millin.aa, of Vala
Collate, lir.t'aipruirr's I'hy.i, ..; .c.,tociher with reoorta
of iuii-s Imia all runs of ilia L'nued fiai. a.
Pepalu in Mold a sia) IS.wrter.
Tlr. Itouthlolt a 1'i-li.ln la liranarrd ia P..a.a... ...a I. t? ......
Foiiti ana ia 1'n-arniiiKia siaia lor ihe ueaol Pliveiciaa. Ths.
poikd-r villi be a. ui I ) ail, I.e. of .wale., lot ua dollau
enl in I r. Il.nirlit.in, Pliila.ll.hia.
iJ- (ii:.-ki: Tllldi-tvaiytroiilanfilMtaaulaarepaia
laraia lira m him a aitnaiuie ol J 8. Houtlnoa, M D., aakr nru
urwioi, riilladrl.h,a. Pa. Uupy-rlclil aad Trade Nark aararrd.
r-.iin i.v an urucnaia au dealers iu aiedicuea. Prlca. Orv
IS33. 1S53.
Wholesale Clothiers,
No. 00, blaia Sirett St. La a is, Me.,
ARE now racetviNi e larra etoek f PeahlmiaM do
thlnf for rkn 8prlti Trade, which we .ff.r m anil for
Caali, or oh iibm, aa lew a aay hooaa la this rliv. We Invua
purr haeers la call and aaaaiias ear aMck aa w a'ra daiermini
uoi la be uaderaakt.
Lanie aaaonnieal of Bar' Clethlwg, aad ef FarnUti-.
IwctatscMla, always oa baud,
u.clilo-wioi. WEBSTER, NAI15H k. CCI.
1853. ST. LOL'IS AND KEOKUK, 1853.
V. MtlMi.MtANh.KI,
11 Ford Master.
"a , . ..r. . T-..nw t'Xll'f
.5. . T . . ji aaif. acAHHKr. ...
Dan Able Mas'er.
JEANME DEANS, J. Brown, Master.
One of the above Splendid Steamers leava the Keo
kui Wharf Boat, foot of Ixieust Street, St. Lauis, eve
ry evening at 4 o'clock, Sunday Excepted.
They will leave Hannibal io th following order j
Tin Die Vernon will pass up vry Tuesday and Fri
day Morning, at 10 o'clock, down Wednesday and
Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Kate Kearney
will pass up on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 10 o'
clock, A. M., down Thursdays and Suudays, at 10 A..
AL The Jeannie Deau will pas up on Thtrradayaa
and Sundays, at 10 o'clock, down on Fridays and.
Mondays, at 10 A. M.
f It will beob.servcd by the above awmgetnent, nar
Packets pa up on Monday or down on Tuesday.
For Freight or Passage having superior accommoda
itons. Enquire on board or of
(apl 6'5al-tf) MILLER It POAGE, Agent.
Attomoy at Law,
HAVING located at UANN1BAL, Missouri, will
practice in the courts of Ihe coanties of Marion,
UUs Pike, Montgomery, Warreo, Lincoln, and St.
hOriire in Collins' New Buildinf , corner of Main and
e2'S3 . - . BitdSts., . . Jwty.

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