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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 30, 1853, Image 1

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NUMBI.U 121.
J 1 1 .UB
Dawn Go the Prices!
Ojiy oitlfrr torn Vr. Jo tJoiH. fif fit w-, rar
' . rl'i'i, .Vrionfl(Uirt
T Piofissnr Hoi.I n' V:
Sia 1 avail ir.e.Kut' the firt opportunity of inform,
irg on. Unit I'.t . ry h g it I was atllictedwith
n oir ir,ui n' '1 'in nn'l ttfipiMr? swimmings in tin
hen'. d d l y hs of ut e iie, ilivniuerod dom.M'h,
id pvirrii.lv imputed ie!t'i: ,"', "Y means had
Ivl d to gve m any ii-ftnr.iut n lkf, nl ft length I
tiec.nK1 aljnnu r? tlial I w. ic. ly fiid of goiig
to i" wi limit nn .ulen'ant. It melji.choly con
ditlon I waited peiirl!v own !' I lushes. Chemist,
liar rch, (or ttirt purpn Vol c ! s i'tii i: h d as to what
1 IimI lienor do I lie Kindly H'diunm lul )Mr PilN, I
1'i'd 'h' in w il lii'iit delay, a,d -Iter Ui.nj; tin tn lor a
il o t t me I am bapi y to bta- test.rooi.y to their won
derfii: etl oiey. I .im now m'n'ftl I" pifeet hraltll,
ml e nableil "to resume m'ifi' .l i'uM'S. You are at
lil ei'y lo publish mi' l't:i 1 1 anv w.v you may think
wot or, X am. Sir, your utmtient Servant,
June P h. IS! 3. (R !) Ji'HN' I.I.OYD.
.MIKAC'LOtt K.Vutel OK tCKOi SV.
Dm St r!.m it rt duty I "o to y.u and the
pt.Mie at lvge, t. inform you of . it miraculous re.
Cv .ry fn m 'lift d-eallui lisu?e. I)::P.-Y, and ohich,
nm( r to.', wx lleiMul ty yniir iiiialiiahla Pills. I
w tappxl fiat'm- wi'lun en;l t rrontln, a"..l
wealed by two niediril fpivVitioneig, lint could
n-1! p i cured, initio 1 timt Tec'ura lo your remedy, and
holwilli-tiindii't alt I ha I uii.lcraone. iliis miiaculou
median cuiJ me in 'h coure r x wek.
i la i.. t , Willi indw; :sn) a.ndviolk.nt
Eztrer'. rf n ltl!,r fiom ,ir .V 7oiim, Chmitt, cf
t'li.oii. fcir )"it, dulrrf J y tun,
To Prol'ewer ItiLlrttV:
t'KK S I am te.in t"'l by aVa'y ramed Them.
. auivr.t li. ii tl-tf Wel "lndie.lo arq ininl y.jii
tliiii l. ra j'eriod .f e.M ya In-' II' unit i.itniy mil
fried tnm cm tninrit n- d l eal'll. aiD.hfj fn-in i.houlera
ol ilie I ei.md n'oiniirh, i iligeho i, l.ool A)W,ite,
iolrt't Hf.i.l-.icliej, pania in the -iitr, enkiie.n mid
general dc'.nli'y. tor liwh 'ie e.-inulte.l the not m-
. m! m..n i . lUf .nllinl'. tint W llllll a V !e II C f'l C 1 0 1 l
nV.; at last lie lud itcnnise to ynnr ii valm.hle Pilia,
ninaii in Aii niiorl ti.i.e elt'erteil aopre.it a ih'.i;e
lor me heller, ili.l t'.io conlini.ed I'n m. ai d ll:e whj:
teiniK- weii) rest, led M tiea'lli a l a'rcie.tll. Finllier,
th- i'.p 'lies ma to ttnil slie lias ilnei-e I lh'ir ex
liaer.lmary vntii-n in t!ioe con itbiinia ii cirrnlul la
childicn, ''i u..il in ca-m 01 hi-alesii1 d bcaila'i
ua. havliij; ell'cieu ouji'i cuiei unites" diea-es wub
no other emrdy (Sit?rird) S. liOWKN.
rtlrbraM Pillt art vowlcrnttf tffitvcio in th
A"xtic of a Mtfrfrom K'iirard Howlcy, hiq. , of India
'Walk, TuiwijO, dtiled Jprxl 81, IXj2.
To PrjfafaorlloiLowA:
ftUounng cmp(aiH
trf , ":r. :
'Cheap ESc;;lt,
Siusill Profit
P. T. BAUN jJiU'fil
.:.( at
.li.ll!' I i" w i'l t'.xit.
IUOY. V i ....
ST. OH ':i.. "alnr-lav.
ST. l.OUlo, Mu ulay, S'it.
Soiilembar 16'ti:
17 h:
I9tli, SOlli and 8lt
Thfl American Mnstum and
PALMYRA, Monday, Sepieoiber l'-:ht
M.W LONDON. Wednesday, U hi
DOWLINO iiUKK.N, 1'hurjday, litli:
Trice of Admission 50 Cents Children under 9 years of nsrc 25 Cents.
To tin whole of tint immense K.ttablUhinent, includm (eneral To in llinmb, the entire collection of
Wild Animals, Wax Siatuarv, Mr. I'ieice't pertorinancet in the t'eiu, the Haby K.teplianl, Mr, 'all' pac
loimince.i, &.C., no extia charpe under any iiretenie whatever, let the renorta be what they may.
US' Docra open lieu I ! to 4, and iioin 7 la 9 o'cl'tk, P. M.
The larpest Travulin); EXMIRI HON in the World, bemp a combination of alt the moat popular and un
cxcaptimuble aiuuiemeuta of the ape enlarged and improved Inr the eaon of !&!.
Will draw the piaat Car of Jupeemaut.
A Baby Ele p h ant,
Only one year old, a.iil about 3 1-3 feat high, will carry upon hit bark ainiiud '. i interior of the iimneno
Tavillion, the Lillipntiou GKNK.ltAL TO.M THUMB. Tne inaemlieeiit 0 i':;c cinp ' I'MLn ei ami
UU man. The l'avillion of Kxbibiiion hs been enlarged until it u capjli.ti i.f a.-e .1 .. .i.ii n", l.i,n,ii ipiv
taloia at once. The collection of living Wild Aniiuuli include iho mot pluudi.t pfciuiiM vver enliuitu l
in America. Amoue many others will he found
Kreah from Iheir native Foresti. A Monater White Polar Hear, of pro.limnu a'..e and ferocity. A Munifi
cent Royal Tiger i the largea! one ever captured alive. A Pair of Voutix l.unn j oi.lv s x iiiontti old. An
lulanlil Ca.nel) only aix months of age, the lirstever burn in AmTic Jfci'., .c. 'Ike drove ot Kle;ihant
were captured in the Jung es of Central Ceylon, by Messrs. S. 11. J'l le and '". Nutter, .issis'ed by '.'nil N
tivei, aftera pursuit of lliiee innultia and four daya in the Jiiupfes. ilieyweio In.iliy vulr.ip1.'.l and tvcuied
in an lud.an Kraal or Tiupof enoimoua iliineiiMon and piodigimi atieup'lt, where llaey were kuuaucj. The
Celt LlepUaul accouipauiti its Dam, and waa weaned on in p ng I' "in India.
P, T. B A R JM U lYt,
Proprietor of (he Ameiienn Museum, New Yoik, haa the honor to announce, that enrnuraped by the brilliant
aucu which haa attended all his vanouaeU'oita toi (he amuwuient ol the public, he haa bean ld to lorm liie
piojict of oigauiiing a vast traveling
Which eompriaea a prea'er variety of Attractions, and more extraon'maiy NoveUiea, than any Iravelini; ex
hibition in the morld. Kvery feature of Una Maimnoth Establislnneul i of pc.uliar and iiiteiesliup na
ture, and the whole la produced upon a gigantic acale of inamtudo. The traveling parapherna lia of lite A
merican Mii"eum. as it enters cacli town, ta produced by the eorceiius -J"CAR Ob JUtiiiKH S AL' 1 1 ji
uiawn oy len r.iepiiania. auperoiy rapanueii, Di..g an accu ale ino,ii i ol Dial lerrioie eugiuo ol i.ioiauo.i.i t lam v nfuie
Sore Throati
Cecondarjr 8ynp-toma
Dropiy Inflammation
Aatliioa Oyxentery
Stone and Gravel Bilious Com
Liver Complainls plaiula
Blotchaa on the Female irregular
Tie Douloureux
Fvar of all kinds Piles
Bowel Cora
Const i pal ion of
the Rowel
Woiiui- of all
aacialice, fini hed and decoraied tu all Hie exiravagaucea of ihn timd.io style. Follow ing this jnni'cr velncle,
la a long procession ol cosny ingc and l ainanes, Ilie wnole lurimne a peotai'ie ol mute than (Mental spie.i
dor. The Kxhibuion w ill lake place within a magnificent Variegated l'avillion, composed of American l a-i
of water-proof fabric. The real, genuine, original
CjfCiicral Tom Thumb
Prno tetorc.
ion liiuD. nr.rwr.EN main anf-
'1M1F. SflC'Mm U l.iuius his sin-r.' thsnlfl
I the rri'i'iis i.f Hi nib.il xn l vicinity, " 'niice..
'n'V lo Me .nrfiei," lor ll ir liheiat pVi. ngo, ana h
hopes tn r ent a cuntin- a'ir r' lit smr-.
The pri'-nr'or will c. tXnf: 1 ;s h"in.j rn lb timja
plan and piii.ripl s thai like s ..; 'i-lMnr"t in New
York an.' Ho-lmi a'.1 ei'v on Inciett. Iewi;i ailtierej
i c'ly t. ihe iXR PRICK SYSTEM.' r.ery
.ni. . w i'l he marked al the very " I.OWPHt (. Ash
11 It'O,'' an.l no vanalion will he made, uidei fr
d.nnsce. No misrepresentations or nni'.ue u:pii will
boallnwtd. Ii is my rleli initiation lo rlo stroight
loiward ami honorable business, and free from the
tricks so common to the trade, and to make my estab
lishment an attractive and desiiabl resort to purchas
ers, for anythii.p under Ihe name of Dry Goods,
No pains w ill be spared in procuring for tny custom
ers irifnemt rfcloy. .virli aiticlcs w hicti are ret to be
found In this roaiket.
Huvinp only from the 7npor,'crn,n('. the best Whole-sal.-
Houses in M. Loins M relrelions am mad
wiihgieat care, as to F.lrgnnctof Myl and rfurettiiiy.
1 will be in riveipl of pno.is w -fVy so loi g as naviga
tion icntains open. Whu'h w i.l enable me at a!l limea
to have a eeniplele assoilment on hsnd, tor the impi'e
lion of those wishing to purchase Fancy, Variety , t
Staple Dry OomN.
My alork cuusisti. in pni, as follows:
Menimack, C cIi 'Cu. . mllip Allen's, ITaointnn'a
Li'he.J. Dini'i.'ii's. A "n'i nun, Sp'.spu-, Q ohe, Msn.
Iicter, M'vfie'.ii, l-.i i :- er, and hl.i'nn ale, all of
w hieh arc 'Renowne,;' tor Keh'ga'iee ol Myle. oil
Co.'ui' ami diiiablo, pri, .-s iaini( licin l'c lo 13.
SO ps. from Ihe celehiat. .1 l'.iroiyof Hartmann, 10,J
3t: Innev Fashioimbln Gingham' L'twn, S!ie: Fainlet,
Jaconet, IOc.
Ticriicc ri7i'if,;.
Fashionable S yln a'e, '.'Jc, Cc, and 33c: for super
f.ue. Most beautiful pit tuns ami i.i.iior.ihlo tyls, S3c,
S5c. i'i: Sal'in, swiped both ways, 5."e' plain, nink,
b'u4 and blarK, 40c: lancy ailk tiues, 4iK: blank, do
.7(7 HV') Detains.
rink, crern. blus, I'Iich c: l movie, Sic.
Plick, nt $l.lf. ti.lS. $! ?: watcrwl, at I.M.
at "701. J 1 lit. l andfl iJ: Flor
ence silks, all colors, i.rnnli.ui , rJJe'.i . Swiss
nulm. Victory lawn, Jaconet, llir.l nrislin, Fmhroi
ced Svi-s, 1'a.pnet, one piece r. dine: White Demi
j : French woikiiig cotton, 1 1, i llj.s.
Taper corhrics. all roh-r-: lnl lit.en; pillo ease An
Il attacked to (hi F.xhib'tion, and will appear in all hit perform 'nces as p veil b-fjre the ptincipil crowned ! Hus,a linen alieeting, M-4, '.0 : bieactu-d sheeting
haada of Kuiope, including Songs, Dances, Uieciau Statutes and h.s . dinnru persona'. ions of .Napolvou and 1 10-1 and I J 4: Table 11i,i;."r, 1: R e.ielml Muslim:
Fiedertek Ihe Great. 1 he little Geneial ia twenty-one years ol axe, wciglis only tilleau pounds . and is but lUowu Shentop. 4-4'.'s,'.-: Snpeili ie 4-4 Ticxn g, 9.Se:
twenty-eight luclits high. Alaoengaged I (,'4 7 K, at le: Cttouades an.l Dsnims for Chd
Tumours Ulcer
liWuiatisna Venereal Affec
til ':
Gout Ruleniion of U
Weakness, from rine
whatever causa Consumption
Scrofula or king's Debility
fcVil &c. JiC,
Sold at Ihe establishment of Professor HouowaY,
S44. Strand, (near Temple Bsr.) London, and by all
eendois of Medicines throughout the Uuited States, in
boxes it yie., 87c, and $l.Jl)c each. Wholesale by
the principal Dmg "house in the Union, and by
Messrs. A. B i. D. Sands, New York
UTheie is a considerable laving by taking the
largei aiaes,
?(, B. Direction for Ihe puidance of patients in eve
1 rj disorder j aQixed to each box.
14 AY DE N " sTwfirs ON,
Saddlery and Coach Hardware.
Carriage Trimming, &c.
2Vo.ll, XriU Mia fctrect st. Laui.
UlarLlc Kmporinni.
MANUFACTURER and dealer In Kalian and
American Vsrhle, He has now on hand a large
Mioftment, and will fur dh on the akorlest police,
Marble Mantel Pieces;
Fine Pailor and Chamber Grates;
Counter and Wah Staudaj
si Garden Vases,
1 Ktataarvi
Tomb Stoneii
And every other description of MARBLE WORE
tt low prices, tj- Call at hi Marble Yid opposite
' kt Srod f House; Hannibal, Mo.
Mr. Nell is
1h man without arm, who will execute his extraordinary feats of loading and firing a pistol with his toes
cutting profile ltkcnat.se ) shooting al a uiaik w ilh a bow and lirow ( plaj ing upon Ilia Accaid. o.i am) Vio
lincello,etc. Mr. Nelli-, in those pettoimances. extiibits a woiulerl'ul txuiupie u! w hat indoiiii'.a'.ile entity
and industry can eccouipliah, eveu w hen laboring under Uisadaaiak-cs appaieutly the mot ii.surmouiilable.
A complete Menagerie of
Living Wild Animals,
Is also included in the American Mum-urn. and at a convenient period durij? ihe Exhibition
M R. P I r. H H E
Will enter the Dens of the Wild Brasts, and give his cl:-aical illustrations of II"icules strng-tinc with the
Ncmeau Lion Daniel in Ihe Lion's Den Sampson Ut'tlro mg the Lion, c. One of the uioal inteic.ting
portions of lb exhibition ia lonned by llu ilisplay el a great colloction of
Including figure! of the size of life, rf all the President of the United Slates, and also of a great number
of the noteu characters, American and Foieign, allot which are accurate likenewes, and appropriately cos
tumed. In tact, the whole Kslnhlishinei t is a vast reiiosiiuiy of
The full particulars of wlucn it would be impossible la give within Ihe limits of a newsp.ipi-r advertisement,
and which has been brought togiilher at an euaiuious expenditure of means, torming Ihe Uigost and moot not.l
traveling Kxhibuion in tins or any o'her country.
A fine Military Band will per loim the moat popular airs of tht day, as the procej.ion euters town, and also
duriug Ihe hours of tvxhibiliou. (.iijl'l.wtd)
A T th olJ iund, the liiltimoro Store, nenrly; li.ValI.Lj7 kuKjtU f3
Beech DroiL or Cancer Koot,
whlrk iJ lveiii.4. J onrhrr ! Mr. 'I a ensraror
ol ihe eirea wiuxi violrm il.ai e.paneil l sarme h(
ir, ax.4 dn-a.lMl lha loi of krr lW. 1""' esa v-t B
niim ItrMl I ! ailM ' lt !". ae it.oi H 01 10 tMiils
clioapvM. An4hra thev caa k kail, kuiivt, rp, lanl, ni,
kaeuK, c, lor all ol which id iuini uiainui ic ia ra u
will k 4ltl, ane aoKl at low as ai any eitirr liousa In ibt cuy.
I respecuuny aik lK4 aial Un pubiK v aurally w call
ana n ktroit Mtrckeuua elMOkoro.
DM. as JOHN E. J A MM.
T)TJRB Old Pale and Dark Brandy for aledielnal parpceta,
Jl tee aaie at see Drag Stars M
Jt, , lM-..Ja. AFDKR30N.
or ewalsa PaRarra. ane a treat iiuaaiuy ol etiup l 'P
srllla, nn uiie.1,1 Jam WrMn lo " "as t'
CkWiO Ike nwai rf IM kilracl f Beech Pmp. I M4
I. In mm weeks ke anrssj were all kie m
nrrlbla tn Ihe aiclll. Was 4(14 V. Hhe M kairM4 waw.
IMH4 n a ft. aiihv Skantfi has aol ktl Ik Hat1
retaia el nr aiteaae . -
Oivii'swea', at lie ''JSc: 4-4 Bii v Linen
A coiuplele sortu eut ol
Ilmirrij and Chvtx.
FrtH-ch F.mhroiitered Oollrn-s. I'ndersteeees, and L.
G. lUndercheilsi Linen Haa tkercbeifs, at I'.'c to dfte:
Fmhroidered do,$l,iO: SilK Veils, at $1,10; Common,
at 30cs 1
Ifoir and TboA Jlrvshrs.
A variety of Combat J sr l)ie- Hu'trns, Pearl da
Afate While and Colored. 3 di.n for b cts; Col on
t.. e and Kdciug. Liale and thiva t K.lmop: Swis tnd
J.iekonrt Wping and Ins-rtings, trora loc to40c; lvorr
ivrloiatera, ami
A larcr assoilinet ol S.U Tarasols, fbt to $4:
atiMi Stylri of Jtmnei anJ Cap lirt-bons.
Always on Iniiul a coinnlete Mock al Zephyr Wors
ted, at 1 cent p-i SK' m, Wuikii. kuvas: Perforated
paper, at iOo poi S'l.-el.
lil.t Not Paper. Fancy and Blue Letter d: Fool
Cap: ucy Knvelopei; Plai'i, Wlnto and Kutl dor
Steel Pens; kmy Pen Holders: Copy Ut'oKt, at ,Sc and
10c; Slates, al an t l.C: Stale Ps'ncils.
!ich and Red Juk.
niiJome V.in striped sununer Vesls., at to 91:
tmi Loi of silk fipuied Winter Yeats, will be closed,
out at i&c.wotlhtl,.
Ladiea' Mi?se and Children'
(hoeu aud Oalter.
From Ihe most common to tn moat ti.ty, the Let
Styles: lola' t'a Soil Morocco; Youth's, Boy' and
Men dlf Kropans.
A libcial discount made to those hying to aoagaia ,'
The citiiei a ot Hannibal, and Marion and the a He
joining counties, tie respectfully solicited to aa xa ta
rnation nf my stock ou visiting the city. I flatter my
self that lb style, elegance, durability and flic f
the tood will meet the approbation of
U- REMEMBER THE FIJvQ 61CN,Bird streal
Up Stair.
M. MtVOItt

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