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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, September 07, 1853, Image 1

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' NUMBER 128.
Down Go the Prices!
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- ' -TTTT A TVTT T nr 7T A "TT Tr" TT TTTV TV T4 4 TT
' A W . XI 71 -FV- II ) A
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Thompson, Chemist, Liv
erpool, dalcrl August 20th, 185i.
To Professor Hoi.i.owav,
Dcxa 8ia I tin enabled to fnn'th yon with a most
Xtrtordinary curt rTected by your invaluable Oint
merit end Pillr; which has stlrih(l every person nr.
auainted with In sufferer. About 10 years ago, Mr
W. Cummins, of laltney Street, in this town, was
thrown from hit hoYse, whereby he received very teri.
out injuries) he hid tbe best urdieal idvice at the
lime, end wa afterwards in inttnat of different in
Armaiies, jet he gtcw worse, end et last a malig
nant running ulcer settled in hi hip, which so
completely crippled him, that lie could nut move with-
ut crutches for nearly 10 years j recently he hcuan to
use your Ointment an I Pills, which hue now l.eah d
the wound, strengthened hi limb, and enabled him ti
dispense with Ins crutches, to'that he can walls wi ll
the greatest eat, and with renewed health ami vigour.
(Signed) J. '1 1IOM l'S.
Copy ol a. Letter ftom Mr. Hird, Diaper. of Ke.uly,
near Gainsbro dated Mai cli Ut, lf-5.'.
To professor HetLow.vy,
Ma -borne time tince, one ni my enuuren wm at-
P. T. KAfl&flUiffi'S
Tiie Ameiicaii Muscutn and Menncii'
S-i !. ,l.ir l- h: THOV
will V'xliibil at
SI'. Cil A'lLI'S. s.vlur.!.iv,
SI'. l.ltl. M. i.d.iy, ;.
ein'"er Hi'.'i :
u.h, ':o,:t :.u ;-t
at v.d un-
NEW LONDON. Wivl.i. mI av. 11
i;ovi,iN(i ;i!:r.N. i .W. im
Vrke oi" Ai::'.iv.i; !i 5) '', !:, l'!::!.Irfn wvler 9 years of ar;r 25 Ccnis.
T tlm wliiih' nt ii'.iii..' I . a'.iii Imki nl, u.i'liulii j( tii ii lal T:n I'liunitt, tlm en'ir" coilcriion of
Will Amiii.iN, Wax S iM.'iv. Mr. I'ui.'r'H ii"iiniiii:rci in th'' I'.v.s, tiie t';ity I '.liilm it, Mr. Me!l' Jiei
iDitntin.-es. Ke.. no oti. el.;sie : .h v ! i wha'rver, let th ri'j'or'.a be w tut they ilia)'.
IXD.icrj i jioii tiuiu l I -a to 4. una I'loin 7 i ; o"c!-ik, I'. .M.
m: -t i a i r. . i .r.,ni;., . . . k k , 1 i ,
a iriru Willi Ul caul ii I iiniiiiwna inn uir niniy run TI..1 .... i' . ,.. ... . r ii.t . ,
limbs. I obtained the advice of several eminent Sur- W T"hn 1 l X 1 ' ,0N ,!) V'", ' " ? '""' r . I I m m.'-t W
,eo. and rhysici.,,,, by all of whom tbo case wai P'W ui'ni'l. t t 'n-.l ... "i. ll' ?'
considered hopeless. At length I tried your Omtm.-iit T A M O 1 V 1: U L L 2-' H A IJU? 3
nd Pills, and without exaggeration, the ellict wasini-' V. illrav t' :; im, C.r ! J i ,. n!.
rarulotis, for by persvering in their ne. all thn ei up-1 A B a b y LI 1 O p 11 a rt t,
lions quickly disappeared, ami the child wan restored , Only one year old. a.nl a!iout :i i-;ti-'! inh, wiii rui; ui:i he I- u-n ino'ind tlu ihteii.ir of th
to perleet heath. i Pavilliun, the Lillipi.tiuu l. TOM llll Aill Tiie m.,g , 1 1 1 o . -1 1 1 I'i.i t
1 previously lost a child from a similar complaint. U men. 'the lVvillion pi h lii! ! a I " ,i m at until it is capalili' nl
and I firmly believe, had I in her case adopted your tatrrs at onco. 1 Im i-ul.ivti.m nl' nvn.. W.1,1 A'.i.a.il. inciu.lf, the nu-t pU iiilid sptoinu'i.H ever khiiiitud
tedicioes ana wouia nave oeen sakcu also. lutiailDe in .im ilea. Anim n lna:iy n'lim mil li uml
nanny to letuiy me irum oi mis in any enquirer
.1 ...Inn'.. ','- l j- ... . .
tstirneai j. limn, urnper. i i n i u ipi 'i r r n alive i rre-M.
' ohm j i .M 1 10 ilnie, audi
ouia ua.l..tlll l.i.OJH hpCC
nimed 1
AND AN ASTONISKIMi t'l'HK OK AN ' i,t.,nt.l C.x.w
Cepyof Letter from Metsrs. U'alKcrand C- , Ci.eiti
ists, Balh.
To Proreeeor Holiowav, I
DlAa Si, Among the numerous cure eiTeotrd hy j
Iheuse at your vaiuaote mtaintics in me m ti i oi - r1, , j.t i t.-1-
bood. we may mention nut oi an m i lauy nvn.g in ,ri.rs . . ;.
the Villig of Preston, about five miles from ilii. ,UI; ..j- Vlj!V' .
City. She had ulcerated wounds in her lr Im many
year, and latterly they increased to such an nlannii c
extent aa to sVefy all the usual remedies; h-r hraltli
rapidly giving way under the suffering she endured. In
. this distressing condition she had rt couise to your
Ointment and Pills, and by the assistance of' In i
friends, was enabled to persevere in their use. u itil --lio
received a jserfeet cure. We have curse lrs bron
greatly astonished at the effect upon to old a pntHon,
ho being above 70 years of age. We shall be happy
to satisfy any enquiries a to the authenticity of ilm
really wonderful case, either personally or by le,i...
A private in the Bath Police Force, also, has been
perfectly cured ol an old ccorbutie alien ion in the
lace, after all other means had failed. He tta'es that
it it entirely by the use of your Otntmeut, and speaks
loudly in its praise.
We remain, Dear Sir,
Yours, faithfully,
April 6th, 1M2. (Signed) WALKER, & CO.
The Pdli should be used conjointly with the Ointment
In most oi tneioiiowing cases :
ill a i
; t u:t
C.X 1;
lir l i ' i
r ii p ' '
.1:1 I. a
I, a,
Of t',
. I lie I.
i-f-l i,
t it;
UT ttj
in.v.r V!"
'.i;ilur"'l u
' .' II..' In -!
At V
-I .m-i"
.i'i ; ; a
i. iNi'v Yoi
uriiii ;, j.ioxs
i'e I'rl.ir tii'. r, v( rno'li ;iivis size an I f'T"tify. A Miicnifi-1
.'. v- A l'a.r l" ii,nn Lions only iX inonttn old. An ,
', hv , r li : n i.i Am rii'.i .V'., Ati". lie ilrmn of I'lepbanls '
v M S. !j J r e ainU.e.i. N iller. a-s iated by idll Na i
i i i .!,.' .! i', i. t':.i' w.'io l'uiaily en'.i appt-d aiiil ficcnreil
a:.d -" ni'; :! oi -;'li. whiT't lliey w:to aubuUt'J. 'ilie
au I m i s p i- a ; tnuii In
iV Xti U llil line
l a- tin- hmiiir in innounre. tli.it emo'ir ijil hv the brilliant
B A 11 K'U
' I .. v it i,u tij'nta toi ;ho ai:rit'iu..t ol llii' i i
, In- lias twin) l, d lo lorai the
i : a
1 '
' :l
Wliicli ccmr rises a prc.i'er nri"!v i f A't .n-ll,-,' ni il nioro rxlr.wri'.inarj N ivctii"". tlr-ri n'iv traveling ex'
liKntiiiii l i tin nciiil. I M rv l". tuiii i t I.i. i M i a. in"! li Es alili.liii.i-iit ii of a p -i'u'iar a-:.! nitrrctini; na.
Iiiii". a:,, I the w linln is pt i il'ii a',1 upon a in: io i e ol iiuuit.iJi; 'l';w liavi Iim j ai ai'li "i'i i lia of tiie A
inii loan Mihoiiim. a It i-iitii-,' n'.i low ii, is pu.iliniil by ll.r j;,r,',iiis .rc'.VU Ol .1 U'(0 KltN .U I' !
Draw ii by Ten I iVp', a',;. superMy i a; ai i o,, ',l , In i :; an ai'i'ii.at" iriu.1,-1 ul ti,u". t, Ti i',i!e i' ,s; iue of itoUuoil.s
cialici., till In d Uin'i .r.i I in all i-n- x r.iv i; i s of a I - - II in, Ion s'y e. l'o.iii'.vi, t:us '.miii.strr vnliirli',
is a loin.; pior'esiou ot coiliy l.';-i;i's ami t'ain.ie,. tln win!' i.nia.;, a . p,'.'ta,'li: ot urno tnari tlin-iilal splen
dor. Tim Exhitiiiioii u ill lake place uiiliin a i.u,,nu'nihl Yam ,iiid I'aviiiiuu, coiopocd of Ainernan l'ai;s
of watir-piaul labiic. Tne leal, genuine, original
Is albcheil to this F.Nliih '.ion. and will appoir in ail Ms purlin in me-s as iven In f.ire t!i piincip.il downed
heads rf Emope, incu In r; Sonis, llaueei, Oiecia i Matutei ami Ins i.iliniieii prr.ivriii.iiiH of .Napoleon and
Eieilenck the l.reat. ll.u littlu (ieneiat is twenly-on.' yeait ot' Si,tc, wetlii only liflccu pounds, and it but
twenty-eight inches hili. Aien;. 'I
Mr. Nell is,
The man without an-.', l;f wi" ex
; a pistol with his toes;
Bad Lera Chiego-foot Fistulas
Bad Breast Chilblains Gout
Bama Chapped handt Glandulartwelling
Sunioni Corns (Soft) Lumbago
Site of Moa- Cancers Piles
c be toes and Coatracted and Rheumatism
Sand Fliei Stiff Joint Scalds
Coco-bay Elephantiaai Sore Nipple
boro-throat Skin disease Scurvy
8oro-hada - Tumours Ulcer
Wound Yaw
8oU at th Establishment of Professor Holloway,
144 Strand, (near Temple Bar,) Zondon, and by all
Vendor of Medicines throughout tne United States,
la Pots at 17e., 87c, and al.SOc. each. Wholesale
fey th principal Drug bouses in th Union) by Messrs.
A. B. t D. Sakds, New York,
r Ct" Thorn i a considerable saving by taking the
lnrr aizeau
- ft. B. Direction for !h nidance of patien in
iejr7UordraroftxcdtoeachPot. (jel7wly
cii'e hi r x-r,io;d!narY feats of loaditc au,l Sri:
, a in.iu m n a now ami arrow; plavn upon nil: Actoiueon anu vio-
pei iiirin mees. exintuts a wonnei nil i au.pie ol vvnai nnioiniiaDin energy
; under disailiai. o;ea apparently the must insurmountable.
cutting profile liken i-rn ; ih.-ntii
lincello.etc. IVlr. Nfili-, in tlie i
and industry can accomplish, i c;i wi.en U!)oii
A compute ii n-p' rie ol
Living V i 1 d Animals,
Is also iiicliided in l!ie American Mu-cum. and at a ronvenic::t i rio.l duiiJT the Exhibition
m u. r i v. n v v.
Will enter the Dens rf the Wild In ns!s, and pive his classical illustrations of JT'rru!es struggling with the
Krmean Lion 1ih iel in the Lion's Den ; S..mpon ileslroyinc the Lion, AiC. One of the most interesting
portions of the exlubi'.iou la toriuid by I li - ili.-plav ol a tieat collection of
Including figurr ef tie size rf life, of nil tlio Presidents of tbu l'intf.1 Stales, and also of a great number
ot the noteit cliaiac ci Ann-ru an anil l otetgi;, all ol wliicn ure accui !o lilteiiessen, and appropriately COS'
turned. In fact, tbe whole Eslublislinui t m vast repository of
The full particulars of wliicli it would be impossible to give witiiiu tin limits of a new'snaiier advertisement,
and which has been brought together at an enaiiiinus expend mire of means, forming the largest and most novel
iraveuue r.xniDiuon in mis or a iv o:uer country.
A nne MHHari Baml will perlorm tlio most popular airs ol tuc uar, as me procession enters town, ana aiso
duriug (he hours of Exhibition. (aul'Jdxwld)
Marble Emporium.
' - . ' DAVID DEAN,
MANUTACTTJRER and dealer in Italian and
American Marble. He hat now on hand a large
imkI and will furnish on the shortest notice,
Marble Mantel Piecett
- ; : Tin Parlot and Chamber Grates
'V eoemrernnd Wash Stand)
' Garden Vase,
. Ptotatrat. -r"
K t k ciaa.
An4ry other description of MARBLE WORK
aV low prices. OT Call t hia Marbl Yard opposite
NEW grocery;
1 T the old stand, the li,,ltimore Store, nearly'
opposite the City Hotel, whore may be foundpf AlTnAlTYn TI Fill WTDirT HTi1
food Mortmnnt of RroccficM nf tW qualliy, clieap .In-, t U M I U t il II 1LL1U 1'AllllUl . VI
clivapeat And wbvn Ukt cmi bo hiitl, buiu-r, rci lttl ,(,
Mcon, 4te, tor all orwuich um luc'iinti marfcei p.-iottin -u,
will b raid, and old low ft t( any oiiit't houa Id llm city.?
I rrvpcciiuiiy aak my frirnda ana uta puouc genrauy lo caiO
and a ma befor purchaiinl cluawbert. i
Itccch Dron. or Cancer Root,
wMrh craually eiiendVa oer her whnle amty. The character
of the a, stub' w hi vHileni thai w. dMpaTwl nt .Mine k.r
mm. Hint lln'ai ril 11 lna nr her fi al. 8110 naa VJIM aver UN
nlire beaut and alter win tar tap., end taking H or 10 hnttIM
of ewanu raruirwi, ana a g rent ijusmiivvi cyiunni
artlla, aome nne dirral. d Intuit WrMe.r lo ran. Ha TO co
fi.l.m nr the aui-awa nf llm Ennti i Dsnrh Uenn, and I used
1. 1... ll Ka.lv i ,ilhMkmi.n
TJTJBB Old Pale ani Dark Brandy for Vadieinal parpoKS, i.,,,1,1, , ihiut , ,nn dried . BU I. emmed now.
A tor sal at the Drag tttor f
and kiemd na a knalihy ouallri aad kai avtt Bad tk vu
"Cheap Ilents,"
'PHE M'HSCKiriEK leliirni his ainrer thank In
I th citizens of Hannibal and vicinity. JWri.
j lory lo Ihi Atiliti," Inr Iheir liberal patronage, ana1 be
l hopes to merit a continuation ol the same.
The proprie'nr will conduct his business cn the tamo
Plan and principles that like establishments in Near
York and llitnn are now conducted. He will adhere
strictly to the " ONE PitICK bYSTEM." Every
if ii In will be inarkeil at the very "Lowest t'ilslt
llicy and no variation will be made, unlets for
d itrinrje. No misrepiesetilations or undue urging will
b" i, Unwed. Il is my nVteirtinntion to do a 'atralght
loiwanl und hoiiorable busiiieH, and free from the
tricks so common to tin- tr.ule. and to mako my estab
lishment an s'.tractive ami tlesirahle resort to pnrcba.
ers, lor anytlni -x under tlie ii.iihq ef Dry Goods.
N pr.ins w ill be .-pared in j inrnriii" for my custom
ei inl.nnl i.(,ry, such utticlcs which tie nut to be
found in tins riari.r;.
l'.uvine only from the f,nrini .Vr.s,and the best Whole,
sal- II ni-es in N. Louis. Mr selections are m,!
with great care, as in E.anrc of ilylt and ils.ru 'ifify.
I will lie in r.veipt of goods tiwfcfy so long as nnviejn
tien reiMiinsopi'ii. Wliieh will enable me at all times
to have a complete asrrttneiit on hand, tortile imjire
tmn of liiiue wishing tu pmchase 1'ancy, Variety, a I
filupla Dry Goods.
.My stock consists, in part, aa follows:
MrrrimncU, Cncheco, rhillip AllenV. Humil'nn't
Lobe.J. Diiimell's. American, prague, Globe, itan
:heter, Miyfielo, Protiiirnee, ami ilooindalc. all of
which nie'ltenowiieil' for Eelegance of Style, 'erf
Cs.'r.rj' und diuable, prices raiding fiou 90 tu 13.
30 ps. from the celebrated factory of Hart ir. aim. l(i )
3i: fancy I'a'hionable Gingham" Lawn, 3Jc: Paiule,.
Jaconet, 40e.
Vasliiorat le Styles We, !Ue, 2sc, and 33c: for suiier-
SUk Brrnrrs.
Most besi.U'ul patt-ms and lasbionahlo styles, .tile,
3."c. 4Hc: Sattin. striped bot.'i ways, S.w: plain, pink,
blue and blacii, 40c: fancy f ilK tissues, iOc: black, do
JU TfW Dtlamts.
rink, crcen, blue, Hack an:i mode, S.'ic.
Rlerk, at $1.10. 51.15. $l.;v watered, at $1 FO:
fancy lisHicd, at '.'To $1, $l.ln. $1.15. ami f 1.55; Finr.
1 nee silks, all colors, Oeni;liaun. a'. l-Jlcfo.uSct Swisa
muslin. Victory lawn, Jaconet. I: u.l inusli.i. Kmhroi-
eied Swiss, fapnet.one pie.-,- s ipcrfine: White D-Uii-
yiFieuch w 01 Ring cotton, linen floss.
Taper rnmhrics, all colors: Irish linen: pillow ea do
Russia linen shee'inr;. 9-1, TO: bleached sheeting
10-4 and 1J-4: Table Piaper. n-t: Bleached Muslii.a-
lirown Shoeti it;, 4-li i"Jc: Superfine 4-1 TicKing, CSc:
Guod 7-S, at lse: Coltunade and Denim for Chil
dren's wear, at l-.V(.''.Hc: 4-4 Blnyj Lii.tn.
A complct assortment of
Hosiery and Gforttt.
French Fmbroiileretl CoIIkh. Undersleevea, arid T..
C. llalnlercllells: Luion Haudkercheifs, at lie to 40ci
Kmhroidered do, $1,60; Silk Veils, at $1,60: Common.
at 'JOc:
.i ami 7WA Brushes,
A variety of Combs: 1'vff Dress Butlons, Prl do:
Arrate White and Colored, .1 dozen for 5 ctsj Cot'on
l.hee and Edging: Lisle and thread Eilsmg: Swim and
Jackouet Edging and Insertings, from lie to 40c: Ivory
Perfniaters, at So.
A large assort met rt Silu Parasols, 85. to $4i
Lalssl Styles of Bound and Cap Ribbons,
Always on hand a complete !ock 01 Zephyr Won
ted, at 1 crul per Skein, Working Canvass: Perforated
paper, at 20c per Sheet.
Gilt Note Paper, Fancy and BIu Letter do: Fools
Capi Fancy Envelopes: Plain. White; and Buff dot
Steel Pens: Ivory Pen Holders: Copy Books, at 6c and
10c: Slates, at 7io and lie: Slat Pencils.
Llach and KeJ Ink.
Handsome satin striped summer Vests, at 5e to (1;
a sma Lot of silk figured Winter Vests, will be closer)
out at 75c, worth $1,25. . ',
Ladies' Misses' and Children's .
Shoe and Gaiter. ?
From th most common to the irmst tidy, the Lttes
Styles: Intent's Soft Morocco. Youth's. Boy's and
Men's Calf Brogant. - .
, A llbeial discount made to those bying to ne ngair.
The citixeua ol Hannibal, and Marion and the ad
joining counties, are respectfully solicited to an exam
ination of my stock on visiting the city.' I flat'er my
self that, the ttyle, elegance, durability and price ef
the foods will meet the approbation of
Dp Stairs... . . ....
ap-2i-diwly . MOORF-
1 i
if i
; it
h4Br4TeN, uanmoai, no. .
jpy se, ntwtm
titiuia el k'f iwttn: aiace.

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