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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, September 08, 1853, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Bmlta B. Allan, I
A'riwMV at Law.
J1LL ' aaaplty MUM se a aaeleal i I MUM entreated
" itkaiMIl dMtMmtaaarMuMm. Hal aad fiSe. H
II ftaa aamknlar milw w usa ercaiitf aad wltKlluf f
trtlf n Malm.
i ( .
m -Aim
New Scientific Books,
Field Prrtie nf Ikying ool Circular Cure.
KRSi th Practicability ol Improvinf th Navigation.
RELIGION AND GEOLOGY, by Prof. Hitchcock;
new work or thrilling In'erest.
a new work ny J. iDotnpaon, it.
Fur tale at tht licw Book Stor in Commercial Row
j.ily 12J:f D. E G ARM AN.
Cheapest and Best Writing Ink.
T T. hh IT I INGHAM K RUO. .tre now manu
A-ie facuring Black Writing Ink ol a superior quali
ty, whtcit tney vety cheap thitiy cent! a doten
co'ies, M five cents a pint. Sleel pens may be left
Mulling iu tlm ink any length il tun with-it corro
f S -
th ra4 Cr or
esoschitis, trneornvocoicB.
(X9lir, ASTflBA, AND
Maayyfr tr.K , . . . . g th nahll erB
diate la that aaedatia. baa l ti an eppeeetatioa and
Ham any by far eaeaeaUrtf tba axat (anguine eapecatrntia ol
las Men da. Nothing bat in tatraaai virtues and iba mail
ttkabl haaatt aoarferred a tSaaa-anda of eolterrr, e a'd
ejrlgiaeaa aad aatiatata Ik repetatica it eaipfc y. Wktt
Bui taferVar raaaadi thraat apna to foromubtty, ba
failed aad bara daeaidid, Uta baa pained fnende by asei j
rial, auafaeiad baailt aa tba aSl they eaa eevsr forgot,
aad imidaaaa can to eaaaatva and to reoMtkabi to b
fValkit a freal oa tb pahlle to pratecd that an? oar
aaadana will tafajhbly ara attll tba' W abundant proof
that tba Chain IHetaral does ao oaly aa a ceaeral t&ing, bat
elavat ssTariah'y ar tba awlwrh lor erh It la eaialoyril.
A tiaw awkaa Ibap faoa KJt aod brtirr known, ihir
t mh baa gradaallt bamaia tba ban MmmdU the iffl"t
ad, fnua tb b rMa at th AaMrtaaa Pa aot, to tba
aaa af Eaieaiaa K Tamf bnl hm rani eiti7, in
aary BM, ity, aad tndrd ahat Trrj kaaiiai UvnotaiM,
Cbarrj rVataral ia kaawa a tb boat rcaifd; tuaal fur di
9mm f tb tbirt aad lantv aad la aiao lorica eantne,
tt k aaatiag b ritamal ew4 by lhair a.t lotellirtr.t
T ajitaiaaa taOraai Bntaia, F ane and 0 rnaot, b-r
tba aaodMal aeiaaaaa baa raaobtd tbair higbrat vrrfaotinn.
fbwij Ncawal la tntrndaord, aod ia rn-iaa as ia the
Arauaa, Uoajdtala, Alaai Hnaaaa, Public lafttiaiiont, aed ia
VaMTia ptaetlaa, a tba art raiad tbair aiirndiog i"liT
aiaaaaaa aipk9 hvtb ator aaafrrtaa 8 fiiana uf liir
laaia. Ala ia aiUdaroaan, aad iebtidrait i m'r. r'aaa
aat a4 atroaat to oara. Ia faM, aoai if thr mt Bittrhng
atra a la rTrtbaa aaaa noai vimi a in havaiuiail
It r8ie liana ia f aartiealariy inoiiratal t rhi dSnnd.
Ibt Carn PaotormJ ia aaaaatactand hy a prartioal Carav
tat, aad ni uauat it aeiar h eaa ;. aith ititariahir
aaaarart aad aara. It at aaaira aaa prowctM IT a in at
acaatarfnaa, ajaaaqaaatly aaa b raliail a a g . t aiua a i '.hi ut
baa B4aaaard tara to futnl h thaea-monl a aith a
aaaaiei of anb famalo apsriiiy aod will fh. ud
aMaaacad Itar't to tbrir encb'ieDoa- raitdy a im aaio,
paralt aad aaT ami, arbkb tbia baa ka ttMxl audtuailo
tnabtwid iiaaif te ba; and tru( ta ' rrr iu pivir,
ttf it ari b (Saaiiral aoearaca, of onilnru) -. -,'h, tt.,J ,g
PaaOMa,a rat oa afc-rb ilarri n'j I r i r-t
Tarata, aad tbaaS ctad ithanai Uial .il iu fur Uuac
all tbat aaad a Br oaa do
Fnwai aad mut ba Jaaua C Ajar, P.ai-.il ar.J Acalj
tieal CiMaat, tViawH.'Mavt.
.a)T'S.4d b L T Briuiriva!n k Pro.. JUprH.i ; K etii-
Vj 4C-rarti.Saa mkA a ; f.a.Tur ! u:l .10 .. rr,oii
f 4; Cifford. D Co- Ci .iktaiik ; FrM . M l CO i
Warrra, c"- uraw. aai nr vrgu crjc.rc
Aagaai Ith, 1941
out cl. J0HJ atKraiw. .ficin.
Cooi'T ef Mat" and Biddl i'r. 1
St Louis, Missouri.
At VYholrtalr, Ihry w ill aril it at $10 t bar
in- h-'.M d II
The Arrena Mill
TS now in full operation, ami will huv ail t'i) Good
Wheal ami Coin off. ml lot atr at thrir Mill. V
Jkrvpon han.l thr brt aiticlr of Suprrrin Family
, r lur lor aaie, or f w in excn.nice Hour tor Wneal.
We will alwaya aril aa low or mwri than Quincy
Flour ran be I a 1 of the .me quality.
t-TCall and ixi'minr lm oni-. if
Hannibal, Jun 3. 2-(.
Fashionable an J Siajilo Hats and Caps,
TWOrLD rail th annilnaof th? Tradraad of mrrhanta
fmin la enaminr, to a larar afltnnnt of aiinrrnr Mtlr
akma itl dinTcmit qiiahlla, anil of my oaa ananmaclurr, aitd ol
i Mr latrai aiyka, Alao, w Vnavrr, Utirr, Ruaaia aad Aninl
Kossuth Hats, lluninrinn do; Consress
do; Artist do; Union Hats; Jenny Lind do;
Lady r ronklin oo; Metropolitan and tilt-
7.i iy do.
I'f thr nbnv dif'-rrnt alytra of Port flat In Fin- W.wl,
D'U-li nd MiiiMillii Mi n', ll.ii.' and Intai.ka1, Kinr nod (Varus
I h;ir a inII n't- i rarn tlMtl anil utmhu-. Aian, ii'M-r, Hi-ai,
Mtl-kral and Half Krai I- I'lM-h, Mohair. Mw ld
Dt., iti nil ilir urar aiyira. rit6inx Ikmm lit niital cttaiiy in llir
r- Milium, at arnrlra la a-r, i,t a tie .uar f.ir caall, or 1w Cuuil
uiH.iaal cuaiumrra. Call and arr, at
jyti. pi c M L ?,
autdtm I? and 10 Ma-kn ainii. Ki. t.ouia, Mo.
Laving i.MiH.iiu K. Killry'f
ciiaiiti:r oak-
"A I R-T I CI UT,"
C.wliirt; S'n.i", Miiiiiiiarti.ii'd by rilliy tf St. Louii,
and told ry
Of nanmt&l, Mo.,
Take pVo-nit' m ncii ui''iiuie lli m lothrpubtir aa
mi: erior in pon toi ilmli. wmmniv ol fuel. rout rnit'iir
tint re of Kg ila'iim, to miv Air-T.glit Coot 5:ov
wl i h h -v.- em Mi-ii uu.
(npr-l-il- ly.)
AT'E Ihe untlfraigtu.il
U Varrra
' TTSr crmr fiotn th( Vat.N-w 1'iaiiO Mii'ir. amrnp
O ui,
cti aie Nrw Sonc-'. a W'al'rra. Nw I'olk.s
1 m ith-al D. K. t..iiinHii'
;!0ttf) Nrw iiuuk Scre.
Tl.lANUFATCRrFS of Neam Mfdiiieiy, i'y
1X1. arramiie i'raai. Oil and lotiairo ,vcv.s. Mor-
V Patent Saw-Ousl B iniera, Pace t C'iM' Foltut .
CiitwT aaw .vim, loronrsr, a rain or wairr pouri,
and all kind of Mill Work, ,vc . .c.
jrf Tory would iavi I be at rn'ion of Millwright
ta ineir new and large tock of rttrrr. (oi nriy tvne
t of Wurela lota of which mil be lurmsiir.l whvn
ird,by mail or ollrrrwise.
Their exleaaivt Boiler end hee:.inn Woika, nmlrr
tin control ot A. Croaier, affrd lami u--. l,.r Manu
faeturit and Rrpainng BOII.I R AM SHI tT
IRON WORK, in the mo,t impicvrti u.a; i.er.
Good Second-hand Boiler geurially oi; tii.d.
Aagtiat 18, tO ilka
Jjitrrnri and Mi. ctlld'uous i-'crrp Jl'iA:
CttlNSlSTINU of Talrs ami Anecilolei KiiRraph
' ir:l, Hi-toricnl, l'a:ri"tic. Mo'al, lu luioua, am
"ntimi'i.tl Pierri, in rrose anil Torlrv. ( ompilrd
ry William Melds. bcona nlition, revised and im
I r.vod.
B. r. aHTTMan, Wat. H. riTT
Impoiler and Uhola-aale lr- tra in
Na 7, Maia ST. LOL IS. MO.
Jan , lbS. ( j 9w ly )
The Footpath and Highway; or,
TTTANPF-KINuS of an An encon in G'rat Butain,
It in ln-M ami '5.'. Hy Krijaintii Morgan. Tliit
v.-ilnrre rnihmlira the obn uationi ol the author, made
iliirm; eirht innntha u.iidi-riiiE-, aa a cortrMiondent
I for Ainern an Joumali ; and aa lie travelnl much on
loot, rlitfrrs esaeiitially irocu thoe on the same coun
lr.e, by other wuter.
New Themes for the Protestant Clergy;
f Kl t witliout i haniy. Ili'iilcpy without Hu
W inanity, roil lio'etaiii.,n without I hii-tianity;
wi'h Note bv Ihe Editor on the Litriatui of Charily,
population. I'np riin, Poli ical Kconoiny, and Pro.
teiaiitim "he ereat quesiimi winch the boon dia-cui-ira
is, whether Ihe 1 lunch of this ace ia what the
primitive Chiiirh was, and whether Christians both
pastors and people are lining their duty. Our author
believes not, and, to our mind, he has made oul a sliong
ease He tit inks there ia abundant loom I'm' re.orin at
the present time, and tlirt it is needed almost as much
at in the days of Luther.
For Mle at ihe NEW ROOK STORE. .iylSJtf
Not. SO and S3 Strand street, naar Peal OSr.
1853. St Louis. Mo. 1853.
HAS in ttor and it in receipt of tba following deal
rablc stock of Groceries, which ia offaraad at tba
lowest market rate fat prompt pay i
ouu nnat n. u. ann cri 'd siayar, aoo bbls el'Pd do.
J00O pkn M. R. raisins, 3000 drums Elm fig.
80 casks Zante currants, 60 fiails dates,
80 raUcs pninas, bO cases do, in gists,
100 bbls 8. 8. almonds, 33 do H. 8. do.SS do,
8) bbls Enelish walnuts. S5 do cretin nutt,
40011 kets nails, 4 to 6d. 500 do blud 2 and 3d aaila
70 do tnce don, and 10, SAOdo brad do, (.8 and 10
list ao nianingao.a.nai.d iu, itiodo wrought do.
S do apifcea, 4 to 1 in. IM) bit tacks, 4 to 14 et do.
IMKi hags cotton yam, 900 do dmen do,
1MI haira white ra rl warp, 100 do eol'd do
4li0 bales hattitif, SnO do eandl Wick. '
3i H) do ax tapping twine, Sia bbls mackerel, 1 21, tnd
half bid mackerel. Noa. I, ami 3,
ll'O bbls roe heirini'S, h(X) bxs v slid dci.
Ml rkt Kiir. ro-'fi-h. 50 do Citnd Bank do,
IVOObxarrvlifh. HHJ Iba each, 8) bblt No. Italaor.
XuO cti t Baltimore Cove oyatei-j,
M) cases taidmrs. wholes, halt tnd quarttrt,
M bblt perm nuts, UK) haet pet t its,
lorn hu-lirls dried snples, ,VI do dnwd peaches,
60 bxt tallow rtndlea, 80l bxt paiin soap,
M bxi Olean soap, '.'ut) do alar can llrs,
HO bxs sp.rm rai dlea, M) do O'tile tcxtp,
30ti hxs avn.g a,i,p iiki fk Bo-ton salaratat,
3t has staixh.VOu hhla WilmttiKton lar,
15 blMitieod oil, 100 hxsrhoc.ilate,
foil bxs fire ctarkers, 50 kigs bar Irtd,
MK) baca drop shut, Imi do buck shot.
10 I reama rap ami Ivlter paper, 3itX) do wrapping do,
iiaj ream tea paper, nm ps temoa avrun.
UMtha;silairyMlt,000doG. A.do,?t.)d L. B do
bMl drt 3 hoop buckets, 300 do 3 hoop do,
100 dot hall buckets, 300 nests pTd tubs, 3 k 8 each
100 dot sine wth boarda. 150 bxs clothe pint,
35 dot well-buckets, 300 bxt block matches,
300 bxt Roman matches, 100 bblt oakum,
300 bbls butter and water crackers, 100 do pitch,
100 bbls roain, 350 bxt clay pines, 100 do ttont do.
ib rasesg't'd 1'urk pipe-heads, 95 bbls parl barl'y,
inn i nemioii, i 10 o (anons, iuu cat rice,
10 bblt split pets, f0 bxs British lustre,
100 bxs double refined salaeratus,
10 raska Scotch tie. 35 bblt Mason's blacking.
IlHIhr.H this city and I. 8. H. molaaaes,
r00 chests h'l ptrtn and hlack teas, 400 bxs do da,
100 nks golden aytup, 5IH' bxs Ya tnd Mn. tobacco
3iW hxs cut ttnoli'g tobacco, 100 do cat chewing do
100 bxs yellow bank do,Vtoo f-panish amok'gda,
1K1 jar Macaboy tnurl. 9 bbls Scotch do,
50 M regain cistrs. 20 Mpiincipedo,
50 M Havana do, 3in boxes melee do,
300 boxes Ctihaand Havana sixes do.
100 hhla rider vtnrgrr, 3imJ kegs rifle powder,
3n0 kegt blaatii g powder. 100 case canister da,
2 million G. D. car. .'00 M feet tttctytuse,
?(ai bars pepper, 1(H) do alspire, 10 rases rntmers.
90 bbls cloves. I jt0 mMt caia,i.'u bblt gr'd ginger.
,3 oaga la.-e ginger. I'ai oxa mnaiarii,
5.1 cani-ters mu-urd 50 fci-p English do,
3iK) bxt Underwood' pirUc-i, 3(0do pepporsauce,
100 bxs toinatoe calsup, 10 do Cayenne prpper,
3iK) bxs asforie.l candy, 10 do roe'A) do,
3i0 hxs atanitrd ground s picas, 50i)do bed cotdt,
600 roils Manilla cordage sso. e l,
10 his flax sewii.g twine. 3000 Ibt broom twice,
10 ratAs crop maJder, 50 bids alum,
50 bbla copperas, ii Ho biiiastonc, I ck sulphur,
9 bbls chop lorwro.i. 5J bxs exliact do.
160 rasf - carb sh1, 5 cars washing do,
10 bbls 1'iisnni sails, iiK) bxs black ink,
3 rase white chalk, I.ibbls whiting.
5 hhls ii ty. in hladilris, 3 do camphor,
50 kegs saltpetre, IlKKt dot yeast-powders,
15 ra-es asa'd I'Iji ing cards, 300 iloi braomt.
10 this lutineia' til. oO bike's salad Oil,
SiK) pocketa brown Java roifee, 50 bbls Jamaica, .l
ami bbls . O. uioLsses, bidMofity and La. S. H. do
ViK) bbls Ioj ". pow'd anilrnislietl augar,
15X1 b.iji Kio cuir.-e. 4IMI h..:- Ijijuayra coffee,
300 bbls rectified whisky, otd'.o Bourbon da,
imi bids MononiTaln 1 tin, 15 do ry do,
100 bhlt Am. biandv, 10 no do gin,
100 bxs quart tWfci! 3iK do pt do, bO hf pt do,
Ms) bxs tumblers, tis.-'d, 50 no glass decanters,
20 I bx squat jars. 50 retoons S. F. indigo,
5 raaet Maiirts indigo, 1 do Manilla do,
too bxs window glass, 7xu to loxU,
Into Northern Misioun.to try txtent, hu b
in tht lttt three) ytr j line which tin thy
bavt teen rradually increatinztht manufaotur
and aala ot lhm and although, owing to thair
bating light and imooth, and iomthing naw,
tome hula diffioulty attended the aal tnd uio
at first, vet bv alwavi malintr Stovea and f
ting ot tht best duality of Scotch Pig and Mia
touri Mountain Iran, they have proved U
wiuittana ere oever uian any other UatUnt;
made in the western country. Tht fun.ao
casting and hollow-wart particularly, hava
uvcn auperseuou vj it, wnerever u r.a Dtea
brought into use, and elwart given latiifaetion.
tiaving uvea here a number or year, and bo
ing permanently located here, purchatera can
rely on our guarantee aa to the quality of thai
article aold by ut ; and at to the operation of
our ceieoraieo: rnze-rremium uoon at ova, juat
read the certificate of those who hava used
them, and are using them now. And another
advantage a purchaser will have in buying a
St. Louii stove of ut, he would not only
getting a stove made of the bett material in th
world, but lie can at nny time get an odd pieot)
or plate without any charge, by letting u know
mat tucn it wanted, at an our siovet are war
ranted, and, in case of imperfection, the article
will be promptly mace good to the purchaser,
which he will not find the cast with Cincinnati.
Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Eastern made Stores.
. aa is. f
a you cannot get any oau 1'iece. fcven if
they were warranted, it would be impotsihlttt
get odd plate from tuch a distance.
We, the undersigned, having used tht St.
Loui Stove manufactured bv U. F. Filly, of
St. Louii, and old by CARTER W. BRYAN,
at Hannibal, Mo., take pleasure in recommend
ing them to the publio aa superior in point of
draft, durability, economy, convenience and
eate of regulation, to any atovt which we bav
ever utea:
For Sals.
TEX IXJ1I03 54. la tuarasbip M, Range T Wert, withla
. tai aatta of Uaaaiba), Palo-jra and Near IVaaaVw.
.mA aabink at af tba van beat aosli'. Ikes la Rilla euun-
l&irTlnLuUraeoa'a. KeadncaV ard tipaldir-a farms. Pioneer Women of Hi Wiwl
ltsj raariaaan as rail aad roads render it a aery dawra.
baa taiaaartj lb graat raalrratta I St Jjarpb aa quttel,a
atTtbat Wadasg aa ba. Caaraaa at ery eni rami, while a
taafe ad attaaadj ia pau.ai pal it arltbia a tr tirg dw
f,- r Haaaibai, Oa Ib traot are aaoMnats aawiat. a
if ajbt-b. - aatai I iftaa'l'" r Ct aretxa, Sicbo 4a,
Cm taat na Itilat ar abaadaal. lurnUhin lb bat eai
daaaa f a ttarklv aattled eoaa ry. F.ar rite ia tba West
ajeaaaat aiaaair ludiinaaiiiala ra tbe r erprenn and tndoa
f, faraaar. Vor ataaaa, apraj an Docior IllOi D. Minn.
f,tK Laanaaill, Kaantaky. pl
Administrator1! Notice.
imrlt barrbr r.aa-a.that letteisof admiiustra-
- . . i j
- -- mm tkat blt at Ueiirv Mnets-r, armea.
Tin. A
oy Mi. Flletti
Iyif.y and lonetv. by Nanna icintosD
Dream Lite, by Caroline Clectbor ;
Th Tell 'I ale, by Trust
Sui ny Side, by TmsU;
Peep at Number Five, by Trust 1
Geu.s irom the Sacred Mine, by lho Wyalt ;
For talc at th New Book Store, by
jvMwtf D E. GARMAN.
Barber's Shop.
T) ESrECTFULLY offers his service to the
It public. He keeps tliebe.-l quality of rnxors,
land keeps themshaip. He will always pay
strict attention to cleanliness and neatness.
He cuts nnd dresses hair in & stylo that
never foils to please his customers. A a
knight oi' tho scissors and razor he yields to
none in Hannibal. Hixchargesare reasona
bly low. As tie intend to continue fitting
up and miprovio" his establishment, as last
as his means will nllovv, lie hopes to have
the patronage of the citizens ot llanmlml
whose well Koown chief characteristic
of enetav, leads litem to desire to see
everything on the progressive march.
Recollect it i the shop nearest to Hick
man's Stove Store. It i on the west side
of Main street, two doors north of Bird
street. (ap-'Ju-U-Iy)
,w ti, aa tae (Mai ax anuj omism-i, m-.---,
11M, panted to tba aodaraieued by the Clerk ef the
muik, oaoty caMirt a vacaltavn, baariog dale August
"a 7 . . . . . . i.J i n-.Aaa. Ikaaniaka baaa aaaai - '- J k bin.
naoeblM to aaia etai ara ir.rr. - t -a--- h . L . .T7
... , .n Mrioii bavin- lf wi'b fr aata. asrtred n aaaa of tb baa an-agtla ta
' JfJ"f'. ..JJ.T to Meaeul S..f 4 a WA KRAN Cli avarj arttol autd by kdat, to
t aaid ettal ar tatarlii to P""111 .. ..vrtri'i imnc.u
DR R N. AKDER3UN. baa fart anawrd aad
will keep eoaataaUy oa bead a Saawral Atavjtt
aall of
Brags, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
VarriM, Drr-S s7-. Wiadoai Oia-a. bpioaa, far-
faaaera. Snap . B a-aaa. aad eaary etbar aniel asaally kept
aaaa iaiM aaaa aaaa anicm ny aiav
akua anirast Saad aatata ar ntumaa Tl'y a. oavmVB AKD FEKaH
taataa, wilbia an year, for aettremaiit, ana ti ia u Bouta tb 0d vaad of WAm and Uaiat, ra Mala
el.ina avra aaw awatantea wuuia
lry WUI nr.ra.M ak. Cite Hntal.
Jalm I Ellt
Gorg C Faster
Dr L T BriMnghaet
Cbarle W Mill
Henry Uterbact
Wm llawkina
A Ingram
Tbonat Coytrdall
R Cun'er
Jesse Wright
W F Kerch
Wo Logaa
Israel Joitnaoa
John Fagaa
Washington Meyer
B Bnredmg
W L Lacy
J B Haydea
H P re gory
uurer lemll
James Emiaoa
E Tract
T Ballard
I Tuft
L Lyle
Dame! Ford
J Motel v
James Thotnpaaa
am II Houck
Was Uraave
M M Barron
Wo Daultoa
Peter Snider
John Hiloa
DCF Clay tea
M Cateroa
F Meek
J W Ford
T H Bare
F Buckley
G Mcliint
Or B F WtshiBgtoa
N Sulivan
J Hartley
I. Hawaiii
C Grtchy
T G Thomaa
B Lewi
D Kadish
T R Seltne
I oho (J Cb!
Wm Eddy
Cyru Water
T R Spencer
Geo A Shortrldfa'
Bloouirutaa, U I
D W Whit
John McGlaulia
Hiram Blancbard
Dr N Nelson
B K Bryan
John L Math?
W R l)vi
J Anaatrong
Warren Fiulav
J C HenJeraoa
Wm Matatv
A Green la
John B Lewi
Levi Bark lay
E Leonard
Hooper Mi:hll
John Short
A M Haivkio
Wm M Kidd
F Franklin
Ji h T HiMea
W Greeve
Cha Curt
Jess Rohertoa
E C Spene
A J P ckrrtoa
John B Halm
J Dunn
H Johnaoa
W ( aiaon
J Barned
N SoiilLI
J B'tidiy
D U'bita
Tliaa Hagr
C Rhode
H Bowl wart
M Foul
Jehu Millar
II MtrhtU
J L mon.
Persons wishing to buy stove, should give
us a call, and examine our new patterns ot
n PsCvf1 .'i', f ' ' xn
-a V '-.-TT': -
CavVj: '-.7- ' "o
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrcaa Mill.
nibal with the intention of selling wheat and buy
ing flour, amuld do wall to call aod e us before sell
ing or purchasing elsewhere. Remember th big (ton
Mill on Bird, between Main and Third (treat. Give
M a call. A. 8- KO BARDS at SON.
r" N. B. Out Flour u edd nowhere els bot atth
Milk Every sack and barrel ia branded with our aaaa
"ju'yl3-,,f "A. ?. REAM'S (t f9V.-
Tliis stove posseases advantngea over comDion
stove, in thickness ot the plate, and improve-,
ments in draft.
This stove was patented September, 1852,
and wherever they nave been used, have given
general satisfaction. This stove weighs seme
forty pounds more to the number than any oilier
stave ever brought to thi city. The plate in
them are from one-hijr to three-rurlhs of an
inch in thickness. No, 1 weigh over-00
pouada. We warrant them all against fire.
These atoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which
carries the heat that i generated under the re
plat a down the front part of the atove, between
twe thick plate te the draft at the bottom ot
the atove. C. VT. EBTA1N.
Ju , lSS3-(ifa)
i.fbwawharred. 13 M-wF.
'IT i u.itu. r. j W KTt

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