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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, September 10, 1853, Image 1

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. . . . . ,. :
. ' ' . : daily. " - ;.
, ACRIPPLK 33 Alii!r CU TniKS .' F
Tr'R Tr.N YK.AHS UKl"Ki.li0
Copy tf Lttr trum M'.Ttino.,,
trpOjt. dbi('. Ai posl V lh. I1 S?
,. To Professor Hoit.uW v
Dt'At 8lft- I mil ei '!. t 'i.ti i y .ti rji ,, ..
J ty.treordir.ery out elf t .! t v v .r iitai . i.
f Mil Ml I'i t which !:. li.' I (1 .. r
: 'enainte.l with itt if.-itr A 'mi. n ye r- g Mr
, W. Cutnmitit, ol l liin y Mreci. ,n town
? thrown from h i l-tjs, whereby hH icctived very ten-
out injuries) he had ilia bet medical advice n iht
time, tndwt tlleiwardt in Inlmalt indifferent In-
:; Itrmtiiet, ytl he grew worae, mil tl lati i mill
ant running ulcer settled in hii- hip, which so
completely crippled him, thai lit Could mil move wtu
ul eniicliet Tor neetly lllyeerti recently lit beicaii to
your uuumeni to I nut, wwen nive nowhetied.
Ike wound, tlrengtheueil hi limb, end entbled liim to
disptnst with hit crulchet, to that he cm wilk wiih
I lit gretteit tite, and with renewed I eollh tud vigour
(St-ned) J 1HOMP8KN.
Copy ef a Letter from Mr. Hird, Diaper, of Ketdy ,
Mir etintbro'.dtttd Mttch Ut, 1853.
. Teprofetsor Heuoww,
eit torn tint litict), on of my children wn f.
Sieted with drotdfUl crnptiont over the body tnd
. 'littbt. I obttined tbt odvict of nevert.1 eminent Sur-
gtont tnd Phyiicltn, T ll of whom the cue wn
tidtred heptltM. At length I tried your Ointment
.Md Pilli, tnd without eKiggtration, tht tflect w mi
. mvltut, for by penvtring in their use, til Iht erup
'ilMi tuickly diuppetred, tnd tht child wu rtitortd
I -ikraviAilalw tnftl eUtd frniil k limit., f 11 mnt.lnl
tail tirmlv believe, htd I in her etie tdopted your
ijiellMi in wouia ntvt ommn ttTta tif. I tnt II be
ilitppy to tettlfy tbt irttlo of tkit t ".V enquirer
(Siill '' J. HIRD. Drtper.
errtft Letter from Meet it. Wtlkertud Co , Chem
" itit, Btth.
T Prtfettor Houowat,
Dt 8it, Among tht mimerouteurtt effected by
tit ute ef your vtlutble m4irinet in tht neighbor
hood wo may Mention that of on old Itdy living in
tht Yillft of Prttlon, tbout Avo milet from 'his
City, bhe htd ulctrtled woutidt in her Ug I'm many
jttrt, Md latteity they inci eased to aiich tu alarming
oitetit at to defy til tht mini remedies her health
rapidly ivin( way under the tuflermg the endured. In
thit dittrtstit'g condition tht had rrcouite to your
Ointment and Pillt. and br the assmtnoe of hei
. (rieadt, waa enabled to ptrtevtit in their ue. until tht
roctivad o pi tec t curt. We have omselvet been
greatly aitonibe. tt Iht effect upon to old a pertnn,
htbeiinabovt70yearof age. We thall be liappy
to eatitly any enoiiiiet e to the anthetiticitv of Hut
really wonderlul cat, el:her pertonally or by le,i...
A private In tht But) Police Koice, alto, lias bren
Krfectly cured ol an old acotbntic tiled ion in tht
:e, after all other meant had ('tiled. He ttt et thai
it it entirely by the use of your Ointment, and tpeaktt
Itudlir in iitpraiit.
Wt remain, Dear Sir,
Yourt, Itithlnlly,
April th, 1PM. (Signed) WALKER, A CO.
Xkt Plllt thould be uted conjointly with the Ointment
in mot' ol tnt loiiowmg eaaet :
-3- !fSs?S-'-- - - ff
7 1
Btpttmbtr )6th t
" runt
19th, 20th and Slit.
Down Go the Prices!
Tltt American Museum and Mentierie will Exhibit at
PALMYRA, Monday, September I'Jtb i TROY, Fii'luv,
Ne W M1NDON, Wednetday. " M'ht BT. LOUIb, Monday, Sept.
bu liiu oitr.r.i, i niiranay, " isini
Price of Admission 50 Cents, Children nndcr 9 years of are 25 Cents.
To tht whole of thia Immense K.tteblisliment, including (ieneral To in Thumb, the entire ctllertioa of
Wild Animals, Wax Statuary, Mr. Pieice't perlhrmtnce in (he Pens, (lie Baby Klepliaut, Mr. Ntllt' per
loimi.ncet. tic, no extia charge under anv pretenae whatever, let thi reporti bt what they may.
tf Doort open fram I 1-2 to 4, and from 7 to 9 o'clock, P. M.
Tht largest Traveling EXHIBITION in Iht World, being a combination of all tht moot popular aad
exceptionable amutementt of tht agei enlarged and improved forth eaon of 153.
Will draw tht gitat Car of Juggernaut,
A Baby Elephant,
Only ont year old, a.id about 3 1-3 feet high, will carry upon hit back around tht interior or the isamtnit
Paviilion, the Lillipntioii GENKRAL TOM THUMB. Tut intguilicent Corttge compritei 110 Hortti and
DO men. The Paviilion of Kxhibition ha hern enlarged until it it capable of accommodating tS,000 tpee
talort at once The collection of living Wild Aniiualt includes Ike most splendid ipeciiaeaa tvtr txhibittd
ill Amene. mn ouiert win nn loumi
....-, , . :HT HKAVTirUL LIOXS
Fresh from tlieir native Foreeta. A r Kun. fulu rwr.oC prodigioin lift and feroelty. A Marnil
rent Rmal Tiger i Hit Uriretl one ever captured alive. A I'air r Young Uant i only tix munmi Ota. An
tnltntile C.nel( only tix muni In of ege, the tirat ever horn in Am-nca A. :., Kc. Tke drovt of F.lephantt
wart centured in the June ea of Central Ceylon, by MessM. 8. B Jimt and lien. Nutter, assiated by ibQ Nt
tivet, after a pursuit of three inoutlit and I'nui' dayt in tlieJiiugles. They were finnlly entrapped and tecured
in an Indian Kraal or Titp of enoimouii diinensionn and prodigioua ttiengih, where they wcrt tubdutd. Tht
Call Elephant accompanies it Dam, mid vaa weaned on i t p-au fioio India.
Proprietor of the American Museum, Mew Ymk, lias the honor to announce, that encouraged by tht brilliant
auccesa w hich has attended all his vtnoiu trl'jrtt for (he auiuseuitilt of the public, he b.il bvtn ltd to term tbt
nioject of o'ganizing a vast traveling
Which computet a greater variety of Atlitctimn, and more extraordinary NveM, than ny traveling ex-
hihitioii in 'he world. K.vrry fetlnie of thit Mainmoili Kslnblilunrni i of a peculiar fill inleretting na
ture, and the whole m produced upon a gigantic scute of inagiiitudo The trtvehnir iitrtphernalia of the A
nerican Museum. a it enter each town, is produced by the coruiinnt tfCAU Or J IKiGERN AU T I t1
Diawu hy Ten Klepliantt. snperlily capuii-eued, being an tccuiate model of flint terrible engine of ido'dlrout
' tacialice flu! hed and decorated In all theexlravagincet of ih.t Hindoo sty'e. Following thit juns'tr vehicle,
it a long piorettion of costly Cages and Ctiri.iues. th whole forming a -pi'ct.icle ol inorelhan Oriental spltn
dot. Tbe F.xhibiiion will take pltce within a umgiiilicent Variegated Paviilion, compotd of Atnericaa Fagt
ot wtter-preoi laoric. int real, genuine, original
General Tom Thumb
It attached to thia F.xMb lion, and will appear in all hit performances at given bfort the principal crowned
hrtilt of E none, including Songt, Dancea, (Jiecian Statutet and hit admired pertonationt of Kapoleoli and
Fiederick the Great Mia li'tlt General is twenty-one yean of age, weight ouly fifteen pounds, and is but
twenty-eight inches high. Altotngiged
31 r. No 11 is,
lhe man without arms, who will execute hit extraordinary feats of loading and firing a pistol with hit tnes t
I cutting profile likenrv-et j shooting at a inaik with a bow ami arrow playing upon the Actoideon and Vio
' linrello.etc. Mr. Nelli. in these periormaiices. exliitiitt 0 wondeviul exii)il.! ol what indomitable energy
ai d industry can eccorrplitli, even when laboring under ditadvaattges apparently tht most insurmountable.
A complete Mmtgeric of
I Living Wild Animals,
' la alto included in the American Museum, and at a convenient period dun-H tht Exhibition
Wilt enter tt r Ten i f M e Wild B att. tod give his clsfsical illuttrations of Hercules struggling with the
NtsinetK Lion ( i'tmel in lh Lion'? Den rwmpon detlmyini the Lion, Ac. Out of tht mott mttrtiiing
poitionsof the exiiibtiion it lorim-d hy the display of t great collection of
Establishment ot rrotessor M)iiowe. Y A A B 1 A 1 U A K I ,
ear T mple B r ) .ot don, and by all : tneair; fgurrs of tht tixe of life, of all tht Preaidenta of the United Slates, and alto of great number
i : ... ,L,.,.kA.ri tu. Itn ltt.1 IaI.I. ... P . .... . : . t n : .11 r ...li.l -. . l.i I .1. ...
miE'iKi iui"g.. " , r : or tne holed
Glandular swelling
Pi let
Ri euintlitm
Sore N pplet
Bad Legs Cbiego foot
BadBreaatt Chilblains
Bums ' Chapped hands
Buniont Coint(Soft)
Iltt of Mot- Ctncert
chetoet and Contracted and
Band Flitt Stiff Joints
, Coco-bay l:iepnanti.tis
Borttbioatt Skln'disottti
.: Borobaadi Tumours
Wnufuia Ylt
Bold at the Establniiment of Protestor Hollow t
Ysminra nl Mmlic
. im fw. t a7e . 87o.. and il.SOo. each Wboletalo
;iy the princil D ug houetm tht Union) by Messrs
" CT Ihert Is considtroblt saving by taking the
ltrgeraiats . .
, fi. B Drrections for '.ho guidanct of natien't in
try ditorder art affixed to each Pot. (jeUwly
feharac tr. American and Fore'gi:, allot' which art accurait liktuetses, and appropriately ces
t turned. In fact, the whole E-'xbli-hment it a van repository of
The full naviculars of winch II aouIJ be imtiostilile to give within the limits ot a newspaper advertisement,
000 WnlCn Itaa Iwn Droug'll lK"invr m u vnuiuiuus vapnimnuiv ui ihcihi, iwruiiug uie iaijsi biiu ujwi..
t,.u.i. i,' vkihii ion in thit or anv other eountrv.
A fine Military Band will perform tht most popularairt of tht day, tt tht ptoctstioa enters town, and alto
duriug the hourt of Kjihibilion. , (auglSdatwid)
'Marble Emporium.
. D.T1D DK.AN,
-mffAWrACTURKR tnd dealer it IttJitn aad
HVL AtnoriCMi Mtrblo. He hat now en hand a Urge
I T-r.-.n and will furnUli on tbt tkoTtttt notice,
"T MtAVe Mantel ffootti
; int Pvlot tnd Chamber GraUt
. . CooBtor tad Willi Studs,
' Garde Vaott,
"' ' '" ''Btatoaryi
:ti3Ei VAxMnUMM KMd-.ppM.tt
reWo,fcIWt .
AT lhe old tUnd, the Bulttmore bton, neorlya
oppoaito tho City Hotel, where my be found
aatorlateai V trocrlM er sm team?, at e ai whk
. ,Md imrlaMl Al arucartl
Ai4 whte the t e kU, aelier, Hft tare, eaapa
taeue ere. rur anoiwuica io
I. L .Aid. mmA ad aa lair M M BBT elliet IHHIM l Ibt tllV.
I teepectmnj ak ml frM4t ant I lie evana. (tawtnjr w taiu
PTTM Old Fata 4 Dark Broody for ModlolMd prpostt,
set salt M tke Drag Start t -Jay
M lte-4a AKBTOIKW.
Beech Drop, or Cancer Root.
whlek gratually na4r4 ever her whm kody. The eharaeur
the tiMtat was aa violent thai we teaaalret or eating aar
mm. a4 ereailee lhe loee of ker rati. HIM kat ecaat wu her
lanure kaa4 1 an ariar a.litf ut tape, ant laklni or 10 kotitet
Small Profits,
One Price Store.
A 'HE hUHriCUIBKR returna bis sincere thanks to
the citizens of Hannibtl and vicinity, u Particu
lar y tt tht Ladin," for their liberal patronage, tnd he
hopes to merit a continuation of the tamt.
Tht propiietor will conduct his bniineetcB tbot&tke
pltn and principles that like establishments ia New
York and Hoton are now conducted. Ha will edbere
strictly to the "ONE PRICK SYSTEM." Every
irtlrle will be marked it Iht very "Lowest ClU
Price," and no variation will be made, unlers for
dtmiKe, No mlsrepretentttiont or undue urging will
beallowed. It it my deteimlnation to do e straight
forward and honorable butinets, tnd free from the
trickt to common to tht tradt, and to makt my estab
lishment an tttiactive tnd desirable retort tt purchas
ers, for anything under tht name tf Dry Goods.
ho paint w ill bt spared in procuring for my tuttok.
on without druy, tucb trticltt which trt titt to be
found in thit market.
Uiiyirg only from the mperfers.snd tht best Whole
sale Hoiittt in St. Louis. Mv selectioni are made
with great cart, ts 10 tgano of Sly It tnd oVeotiiff .
I will be in rtv-tipt of goods weekly so long at ntviga
tiot remains open. Which will enable me at all time,
to htvt a complete tstortment on band, lor the intpte
lion of those wishing to purcbatt Fancy. Variety, tal
Btapla Dry Good. "
Mr stock coutiitt, In ptrt. at fojltwet
Merrimack, Cocbeco, Phillip Allen's, Htmiltpt'o
Lobe, J. Dunnall't. Aawiliau, SHa, Olooe, Mae
:hetter, Mtyflelo, Providence, and Bloomdtlt, ell of
which trt 'Renowned for Eelegtnce or Style.
ri..-al iwl rlnrahU, frinmt ranioj (rem fte 1. It.
Lawnt. ' '
SO pt. from tht celebrated factory of Hartmtim, 109
3iii rancy Fathionable Gingham Lawn, ISsi Paisttt.
Jaconet. 40c.
Beragt Ddaintt,
Fathionablo 8'ylts UUc,23c, 98c, end Wt: for itf.
Silk Beragts.
Mott beautiful pitterui tnd tt-hiontblt ttyltt, lit,
35c, 43c: Sat tin. ttriped both wayt, S&ct plain, pink,
hint and blact, 40c: fancy tils tissues, tOct bltak.de
M Wool Dilaxntt.
Pinic, green, bint, black and modt, Ue.
Bltck, at 81.10, $1.15. $1.20: wattrtd, tt l.l(
fancy fi'uied, at bTc $1, $1 lit. $1 l). and $1.25: Flor
ence silkt, eU colors, Uenfthaua. at l24cQw8e: Swiit
muslin. Vicloiy lawn, Jaconet, Bard muslin, ttmbroi-
tied Swiss, Ctpnet, out piect tuperflut: White Seml-
y : Fienck woiking cotton, linen noit.
Paper combrics, til colors: li ith linen: pillow cut do
Ross. a linen theeting, 9-4, ?0ci bleached theeling
10-1 and 19 4: Table Diaper, H-4: Bleached Mutlinat
Brown sneetng, -a(3-.jC: auperDnt 4-4 Tiding, toci
Good 7-8, at 18c: Cottouadrt and Denims for Chil
uren's wear, tt 12c(2Hc: 4-4 Blays Limn.
A complete attortmtnt of
Hotitry and Glovet.
French Embroidered Colltrt, Undertletveo, end L.
C. Handercheils: Linen Handkerchaift, at Ite to 40ti
Fmbroidtied do,$l,60i Silk Veils, at $1,60; Comm.
tt SOc: .
Hair and Toolh Bnuhu.
A variety of Combsi Puff Dress Buttons, Petri dot
Agate White tnd Colored, 3 doten for S ctt: Cofeo
Ict tnd Edging: Lisle tnd thread Edging) ftwiee tnd
Jackontt Edging tnd lusertingt, from 15t te40ei Ivory
Perfoiaten, at 6c.
A Urga tsaiirtmet ol Silkt Parasolt, P5e te fit
Lalssl Stxjla of Bound and Cap Rtibena. ,
Always on hand t complete St oca: o Zephyr 'Wort
ted, tt 1 cut per 6xein, Working Canvass: Perforated
paper, tt 20c per 8neet.
riilt Note Paper, Fancy tnd Blue Letter do: Fo.lt
ftp: Fancy Knvelopett Plain, White tod Baff doc
Steel Pent: Ivory Pen Holden: Copy Boost, tt te atd
lues biaiea,ai e tnu isc: aiata Peneils.
Black and Rtd Ink.
Handsome tatin ttriped tuttmtr Vettt, tt $5 te tit.
e am. Lot of tilk figured Winter Vettt, wiUbetltoeA
out tt 75o, worth $1,23. . ,
Udios' Miseet and Children
Shoee and Oalttrt,
From tho mott common to tho moot tidy, Ike Lateo
Stylet: Inftnt't Soft Moreeco Youth's. Bova .mat
Men's Calf Brogans. ' ' "
A iioeiai oiscouni made te tbose eying te ee mim
nt fwalia't Paateca, eat a trail quantity of ttyiup oT Batata'
anila( aimie. jaoiet waosier e arc. ni waa w
ad.nl at l he ivwm nt Ilia Enracl f Baeek Drna, a4 t ua4
Tbt citiieiit ol Hannibal, and Marion and Ura td
joining countiet.trt retpectfully tolicited to at) otaav.
nation or my ttock on vitlting the city. I latter my.
self that Iht ttylt, elegance, durability tnd trie f
tht coodt will meet the innrobation of
III. In Ikrea waefca her anrta erare all haalaa eat fcaf kaae. ea I rT BltMrviriTUC rt It lieu v j . '
. Uorlbltlotk..Khl,wa.aeilae. She ta ema4 aw,l KSMJtMBCR lilt. FLAG 61 GK, Bird itreet
MrfkleawemkakMiuiyraallittadbat eel kod MM leeel I BP "ttirt. . .
jkaeere of ter aee etete. . tftlX Ak1f . tj, y MtJiJr'

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