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BOSTON, Sept. 8.
Last evening; the locomotive at the Junction
of the Newburyport and Georgetown Kallroad
was waiting for a pionio party, when the boiler
exploded and was shattered into a thousand
pieces, throwing one or the firemen ntty feet
into the air. and killing him. Many of the pie
nio party, who were standing near, most mira
Union North or Soulhj shareholding, or non
elavoholding) ao bill that strikes at the equality
, of the Slates of this eonfederacy.
This very Territory was acquired by pur
' chase; the money of the free and the slave States
' was alike expended in Its purohase. The money
t the slaveholder, and the nontlaveholder was
alike demanded and expended in Ha acquisition.
Let me ask, is there any one of this large culously esoaped injury,
assembly who is so unjust, so illiberal as to de
sire his neighbor to be exoluded from going in-
to, and settling this Territory, and taking with
i him, his wife and children, his man servants
ana mala servants, and all tnm he has u there
be one such, may the Lord have mercy on his
os, fellow oitiiens, I will say nothing about
the power of Congress over this question, al
though I do not believe that Congress has power
to make suoli discrimination, lint this is a veil
ed question about which wise Statesmen and
true patriots differ, but I plant myself upon the
external principles of Justioe and equality as
understood between man and man the South,
the slaveholder and the nenslaveholder have
alike advanced and expended their money.
They have alike shed their blood for the acqui
eition of Territory, and Jnstioe snys let them
atike enjoy it. Am I not right in this position?
is there a man among you, who will arise from
his sest, and say that 1 am wrong? I pause for
an answer. Then weall agree in this.
At the last aession of Congress, an appropri
ation was made to enable the President to nego
tiate treaties with the Indians, for the purpose
. of obtaining their oonsent to an organization of a
' Government, and to ourohase their lands for set
tlement by white men. This was the object of
the appropriation, and I voted for it) and I doubt
not but that the object of the appropriation will
be carried out by the President before the jraeet
ing of the next Congress. If se, then" I will
vote for and use all the influence I have, in fa
vor of a bill to organize a Government, and to
E remote its settlement, upon the principles I
ave indicated.
I know that the red race is doomed to extinc
tion. They will be absorbed and taken up or
extinguished; and it will not be long before, it
will be difficult to trace one drop of their blood
running in the veins of any human being. It is
' a deoree of God; one of his eternal purposes,
' ' ra tde aooording to the eounsel of his own will.
i Dave ae laaien tears 10 sucu, or --ury up.
To be cantinuad.
New Scientific Books.
X Field Practice of lay ins; out Circular Curves.
ERS the Practicability ol Improving tbe Navl-eition.
RELIGION AND GEOLOGY, by Prof. Hitchcock;
a new wore; 01 inrtiittiK in'eret.
NlbEVAH AND ITS KKMAINft bv evard.
a new work by J. Ihotnpsoit, M. D.
For Ml at tlie new Book more in Commercial Row
july I2dlf D.K, GARMAN.
Wot. 10 and S3 Second street, near Post Oflle- I tin- uiTnnntirTinx nt
1853. St Louis, Mo. l853. nn i w vo omiirno
HA9 In store and Is In reeeipt of the following detU . ILL Til O O 1 U I TiO
rable stock of Groceries, which Is oSeried it the Into Northern Missouri, to anv extent, has been
lowest market rates for prompt pay i in the laat three years since which time they
80 casks Zante currants, 60 r.alls dates, ' ,nd e ?f th,m end although, owing to their
SO casks crunes. 60 cases do. in flats.
100 bbls 8. S. almonds, 26 do H. 8. do,2o do,
25 bbls English walnuts, SS do cream nuts.
4000 kegs nails, 4 to 6d. 500 do blued 2 and 3d nails.
700 do tence do , 8 and 10. 350 do brad do, 6, 8 and 10
100 do fiishingdo,8,8ar.dl0,l00d8 wrought do.
76 do spikes, 4 to 7 in, 150 bxs ticks, 4 to 14 oa do.
trni I . - . . nnn J- i i '
mm uaxe cu.ion jam, iuu no nozen go,
150 bail white ca ret warp, 100 do col'd do
Hi ni ua.rs umiii.ik, -aw uu cbi.ii.v WICK,
being light and smooth, and something new,
some ntue aitncuity sttenaea the sale and use
at first, yet by always making Stoves and Cas
tings of the best quality of Scotch Pig and Mis
souri Mountain Iren, they have proved to
withstand fire better than any other Caeliag
made in the western country. The furr.aee
castinga and hollow-ware particularly, have
The Arrena Mill
X 3 now in full operation, and will buy all the Good
Wheat and Corn offered lor tale it their Mill. We
keep on band the best article of Superfine Family
Flour for sale, or we will exchange Flour for Wheat.
We will always sell as low or lower lliau Qulncy
Flour can be had of the same quality.
T Call and examine fur voursvli'.
Hanaibal, June 3, 1852-1 f
Fashionable and Staple Hats and Caps,
I WOULD call the attention of the Trade mi of mrrrhanti
from lb country, lu a laraa Mtortmanl nr upari.tr Nnle-
klne of dtffitratii quallttea, ana of my own manulaciurv, and of
ine inunt siyie. aim, la jscivcr, uuer, BUMia aua Angola
Kossuth Hats, Hungarian do; Congress
do; Artist do; Union Hats; Jenny Lind do;
Lady Franklin ao ; Metropolitan and Citi
zens' do.
Of the above different ttylra of Soft Rata In Far, Wool,
Bruno and miiooOii Men, H.iyt' and Inramt, Fine and Conraa,
1 ban a full iiork ofeacu kind and quality. Alan, Oiler, Meal.
Muikral and Hair Heal Caua. I'luah, Mobair. BralaUe and
X)o., or all the new aiylea, ranging from the innai cattily lo the
cumnioiieat article Id umi. Kr aala ow for caah, or lo goud
punctual cuituutora. Call and eue, ai
aug?4dlia 17 and 10 Itaikel unci, St. Louis, Mo.
New OaLtawa.Sept. 4 Interments last 24
hours 116; of fever 95. There is much fever
along the river. At Thibouidevitle the .stores
are close J, 4 the tow.i- abandoned. At
Motne the lnteraw to-day were 43, or which
33 were of fever.
A-RatiaoaD IIotcl. "Miami," the Paris
correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, gives
h following Item: "U we are-iii uv..,. ...
WE the undersigned, having used Giles F. Filler's
Cooking Stove, Manufactured by Filley of St. Louis,
aud sold by
Take pleasure in recommending them to the public as
mvcrior in noint of diaft.economv of fuel, convenience
and ease of regulation, to any Air-Tight Cook Stove
whicii we nave ever seen uhu.
I?! 1 " M nhts. the French have beaten TEST com. fro. the p. ro """"?"
r...... . miRMaa.n.. ...
ui inine ariioto oi ,-...r. -- " . ai aaieai u. a., uarman a
ajitaliat, Monsieur, the Count of L .has (lgiodtO New Book Btere.
r-.-.j .iyintniled the construction of .
railroad hotel, for his own private use, with FIELD'S SCRAP BOOR New Edition.
which he intends to travel witu hie latniiy over literary and Miscellaneous Scrap Book,
U the railroaas oi pranoo. iiirwr
house, with all its dependence.priiicipal and
Accessory. There is a parlor, bedrooms with
beds, billiard room, kitchen, effioe, a cellar,
w:. -,;il hold aooe)d atere of wine, ice-house,
tc, in one word, all the elegance and the com-
CONSISTING of Tales and Anecdotes Bioaraph
J teal, Historical, Patriotic, Moral, Religious, and
Sentimental Pieces, in Prose and Poetry. Compiled
by William Fields. Second edition, revised and im
IC, mono wwm," -" ... Hie rUUlLUUl UllU illliwaj, ui,
tVcuaarul and the agreeable, of a dwelling .Tr.NriFRINi;a of American in Great Britain
lha moat complete and the most rich. It ta very VV in I8S1 and '52. By Renjamin Morgan. This
m hi.. All h tdinnn ttara. wsjtrv wiun ii en imR sjniuuuin me uuicivaiivin vi
long, aiw iM.fp.A horn one during eight month, wanderings, as a correspondent
IS tnaoe ao ut.v v- " . . for American Journals t and as ba traveled mucn
at of wheele to another, though that seems or AiSm tsatnlMij nm thM on the same co
no importance, since the roada or France are trie., by other writers.
a L.i:.. - ) aamii uricla ruaee. This
eMr.n hotel has coat its proprietor about New Themes for the Protestant Clergy
at this moment attracting ireeus without Charity, Theojogy without Hu
4...m; ml the denot of the Orleans rail- J inanity, and Protestant ism without Christianity J
( great attenUoo at the aepot oi mo ri j , EdUor o( (h UxtnXw9 of Ch4ri,
Population, Pauperism, political rxonomy, ana rro
(..t.nti.m The rreat auestion which tba boos die-
cusses is, whether the Church or tbU age ia what the
nrlmiliVat Church waj. and whether Christians both
tviatara and Deonle are doine their duty. Our author
believes not, and, to our mind, he has made out a strong
..... Ha thinks there is abutidant room for reform at
the nresent time, and that It la neeaea almost aa mucn
a Id the days of Luther.
For sale it tbe NEW BOOK STORE. JylOJtf
Ntw Obleahs, Sept. 6.
i..rm.nte last 24 hours. 95 ; of fever, 55.
Yesterday, at Mobile, interments, 43 j of fe-
ver, 83. ' fi
CiFctHHiTi, Sept. 8.
The eteamboate North America and Clara
were destroyed by Are this morning at Fulton ;
the former wit Insured at Pittsburg. They
Mre both old boats. n,
" ' itiwiu At tHl KOraOK BOOTS.
Ctonte HaMa avad Oeaatra BtrMta,
WM. 6H00T, Proprietor.
J. C. Rechter, Illinois.
' Z.F. Newbry, county.
J. V. Lett, WesUey.
John Carrol, Ky.
Tranols Stone, Palmyra.
A. P. MoCalU Bloomington.
'" E.M. Maffitt, city,
1 E. Woodward, Florida.
Wm. Hart, Burlinrtoo, Iowa.
O. J. Thompson, Pike ce,
. f oDantel, city.
r ; . Richard Bridgeford, Monroe co.
' .J. P. Watlere, Audraia co.
. kC.D. Thyis, Mercer eo,
Pioneer Women or the West, by Mrs. Ellett;
Lofty and lonelv. by Martha Mcintosh
Dream L.ile,Dy Caroline utoouo )
Bunny Hide, by frusta I
Peep at Number Five, by Trustaj
Gems Irom the Sacred Mine, by The'a Wyalt
Foraaleat the New Book Store.by
jyUwtf D- K- GARMAN.
na. TL w. ANDEsaON. baa Joat epeaea a
Ul kaap ecastaatly oa hand a Genenl AemrV
Drugs, Medicines, Faints, Oila,
Vu.i2 rMRuh. Wladoat Olaaa. 8uioaa. Par-
tbe pUs. and be W AHRANlo every atUoU said by kua, te
,Mnii...--;---,u j u.,1.. W.V.
HO OtirnpT oe WO. bm mmm .i i
0 do wrapnlnaiwine.StM bbls roickereK 1.2a and been superseded by it, wherever it has been
nwt L.ir 1 I. - , . a , a ' ' I I U . I .1 . a
uruugm 11110 uio, uu aiwaya given saiisi action.
Having lived here a number of years, and be
ing permanently located here, purchasers can
rely on our guarantee as to the quality of the
article sold by us and as to the operation of
our celebrated frize-rremiutn Uook Stove, just
read the certificates of those who have used
them, and are using them now. And another
advantage a purchaser will have in buying a
St. Louis stove of us, he would not only be
getting a stove made of the best material in tha
world, but lie can at any time get an odd piece
or plate without any charge, by letting us know
that such is wanted, as all our stoves are war
ranted, and, in case of imperfection, the article
will be promptly made good to the purchaser,
which he will not find the case with Cincinnati.
Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Eastern made StOVM,
as you cannot get any odd Pieces. Even if
they were warranted, it would be impossible to
get odd plates from such a distance.
We, the undersigned, having used the St.
Louis Stoves manufactured by (2. F. Filley, of
St. Louis, and sold by CARTER W. BRYAN.
at Hannibal, Mo., take pleasure in recommend
ing them to the public as superior in point of
draft, durability, economy, convenience and
easo of regulation, to any stovo which we have
ever used:
300 half bbls merfcerrl, Nos. 1, t and 3.
100 bbls roe herrings, 600 bis sealed do,
M) cks Fug. co.1fVh, OU do Grand Bsnk do.
1200 bxscotiii'b, 100 lbs each, tfo bbls No. 1 sa Imor.
Kiitl cans Baltimore Cove oysters.
ru eases sattl ines. wholes, hall ami quarters,
BO bbla recan nuts, 100 bees pea I 'Us,
1000 bushels dried anplrs, BoO do dnud peaches,
60 bxs tallow candles, 300 bxs palm soap,
ou uxs uiean soap, vuu ao sur cattutes,
SO bxs sneim candles. AO do Castile eoan.
300 bxs rhaviti soan, 100 rfcs Boston salssrates,
300 bxs starch, ton bbls Wilmington isr,
13 oils litiseetl oil, II") Dxscaocnlate,
SIKI bxs tiie ciackeis, SO kegs bar lead,
500 hues drop shot. 100 do buck shot.
1000 reams cap and letter paper. 300do wrapping do,
nru reams tea paper, 11111 dxs lemon svrup,
1000 bags dairy aalt.lOOO do O. A. lo,200uo L. Bdo
t)U dox hoop buckets, ZOO do 3-hoon do.
100 doa hall buckets, 300 nests p'I'd tubs, 3 it 8 each,
loo dox line wash Doards, 130 bxs clothes pins,
25 dox Well-buckets, 300 bxs block matches,
200 bxs Roman matches, 100 bbls oakam,
200 bbls butter and water crackers, 100 do pitch,
100 bbls rosin, 250 bxs clay pipes, 100 do stone do,
25 eases g!z'd Turk pipe-heads. Si bbls pearl barl'y,
xuu oemijoans, 1 10 o gauons, iuu cas rice,
10 bbls split peas, 30 bxs British lustre,
100 bxs double refined salaeratus,
10 casks Scotch ale, ib bbls Mason's blacking.
200 hall bbls city and La. S. H. molasses,
800 chests h'l green and black teas, 400 bxs do do,
100 nks golden ay nil., 500 bxs Va. and Mo. tobacco
300 bxs cut smnk'g tobacco, 100 do est chewing do
100 bxs yellow bank do, M 110 Spanish smok'gd
100 jars Macaboy snuff, 3 bbls Scotch do,
50 M regalia cigars, 30 Mprincipe do,
50 M Havana do, 300 boxes melee do,
200 boxes -Cubaand Havana sixes do,
100 bbla cider vinegar, 300 Jregs rifle powder.
300 kegs blasting powder, 100 cases canister de,
3 million O. D. caps, 100 M feet seietyfuse,
200 bes pepper. 100 do alspice, 10 cases cutmees.
30 bbls cloves, I500mattseasia,30 bbls gr'd ginger,
r I I 1 I
ia caga race ginger, iw oxa musiaru,
50 canisters mustard, 50 fcege English do,
300 bxa Underwood's pickles, 3u0 do pepperaauce,
100 bxs tomato calsup, 10 do Cayenne pepper,
too bxa assorted candy. 10 do rock do,
300 bxs assorted eround spices, 500doa bed colds,
bOa? ra3WSsJbrom twin.,
10 casks crop madder. DO bbls alum,
50 bbls copperas, 2j do brimstone, 1 ck sulphur,
2 bbls chop logwood, 50 bxs extract do,
John I Ellet
George C Foster
lr 1, 1 Jtlritlinghaa
Charles W Mills
Henry Uterbaca
Wm Hawkins
A Ingram
Thomas Coyerda.lt
K tiunter
Jesse Wright
w kercbeval
Wm Logan
Washington Meyers
B Breedinr
n u LAC
10 bbls Epsom salts, 100 bxs black ink,
2 esses white chalk. 25 bbla whiting.
5 bbls putty, in bladders, 3 do camphor,
50 kegs saltpetre, 1000 doa yeast-powders,
15 cases ass'd playing cards, 300 dox brooms.
10 bbls tanners' oil, 50 bassets salad Oil,
900 nocketa brawn Java cotfee. 50 bbls Jamaica,
300 bbls N. O. molasses, flOOdocity and La. S. H. do
QIIQ hhla tnaf.now'd andcrusued sucar.
1500 bags Rio coffee, 400 bsgs Laguayra eoffea,
300 bbls rectified whisky, 60 do Bourbon do,
100 bbla Monongahela do, 15 do rye do,
100 bbls Am. brandy, 10 do do gin,
100 bxs quart flasks, 300 do pt do, 50 bf pt do,
300 bxs tumblers, ass'd, 50 do glass decanters,
200 bxs squat iars.60 ceroons 5. F. indigo,
5 cases Madras indigo, 1 do Manilla do,
00 bxs window glass, 7x to 10x14,
J B Hayden
H P Gregorv
Oliver Terrifl
.'antes Emisoa
E Truet
T Ballar
I Tufta
L Lyl
Daniel Ford
J Moaelv
0t James Thompsaa
Barber's Shop.
T) ESPECTFULLY offers his services to the
li public. He keeps the best quality or rators,
and keeDs them sharp. He will always, pay
strict attention to cleanliness and neatness.
He cuts nnd dresses hair in a style that
never fails to please lus customers. As a
knight of the scissors ana razor ne views to
none in Hannibal. His charces are reasona
bly low. As he intends to continue fitting
up and improving his establishment, as fast
as his means will allow, he hopes to have
iha batronaire of the citizens of Hannibal
whose well known chief characteristic
of nnnro-v. leads them to desire to see
vrvthtmr on the procressive march
Recollect it is the shop nearest to Hik-
mna Stova Store. It is on Hie wesi sice
f Main atreet, two doors north of Bird
street. (ap-23-d-ly)
Wm II Houck
Wm Graeves
M M Barron
Wm Daulton
Peter Snider
John Hixon
DCF Claytoa
M Cateroo
F Meeka
J W Ford
T H Bane
F Buckley
O McBii.le
UrB F Washingtoa
N Sulivan
J Hartley
L Hawama
C Gracby
T O Thomas
B Lewis
D Radish
T R Selmes
John C Chester
Wm Eddv
Cyrus Waters
T R Spencer
Geo A SbortridgeV
fBloomingtan, Me.)
John McGlautia
Hiram Blanrhard
Dr N Nelson
J'otTft L Mathews
W R Davis
J Ariastrnrur
Warren Finley
J C Henderaoa
Wm Massey
A Greenlee
John B Lewis
Levi Berkley
E Leonard
Hooper Mitebell
John Short
A M Hawkins
Wm M Kidd
F Franklin
Josiah T Hintea
W Greevea
Chas Curts
Jese Kobersoa
E C Spence
A J Pickertoa
John B Helms
J Dunn
H Johns
W Cat son
J Barned
N Smith
J Bendry
D White
Thes Hager
C Rhodes
H Bowlwat
M Ford
John Millar
H Mitchell
J Lemon.
Persons wishing to buy stoves, should civ
us a call, and examine our new patterns of
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrena Mill
This stove possesses advantagea over common
stoves, in thickness of the plate, and improve
menta in draft.
This stove was patented September, 1852,
and wherever they have been used, have given
general satisfaction. This stove weighs some
forty pounds more to the number than any other
stave ever orougm 10 wis city. 1 no piaiei in
them are front one-half to. three-fourths of an
inch in thickness. No. 1 weighs over 200
e warrant them all against fires.
-v-siwMVB ANT MERCHANTS cominr. to Han
r mbal with the Intention of selling wheat and buy- fa vy
iJ.r.7Slt'tbmm atoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, uhich
uffu.riiiM tJita- Main and Third streets. Give I carries the heat that ia generated under the fire-
uiaeall. a. 8- ROBARDS SON. IpUte down the front part of the stove, between
N . One Flour Is sold nowhere aiss out at me
Mill. Every sack aad barrelUbrandedwithournamel
fyltaf QlAIt S SON."
two thick plates to the draft at the bottom f
theatove. C. JY. BRYAN.
July 16, 18X3 (oTsa)

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