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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, September 19, 1853, Image 4

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Cll the attention of purchase rs eenerally to their carefully se'eryed rofh of fresh and
Winch we have int tecened. They refer itculnr ty to their locli 01'
EMBROIDERIES- Ol real French work ; Collars, with and Ithout point ; Under Sleeve ladies' Ew
broidered Ham kercheif KitKti irs end Infertiiiftsj Tranlerrin; Bunds, Chemisette; Caiei also louie
kesutilul .Souinch . o lnrs. tThis stork is tne of li e mol roinplete ever brought to this city.
DKK..;S GOODS I'i inls, Gingham. Jaconets and Lawns; Bang- ile Lames, Tissues, plain and figured
French Chiiitie. for childieit Siio.mer de Lames, Alap.iccas. Poplins, tic- .
DKKrB SI I.KS A selection ol tlie mo t elrgant raslnonaDie styles, among wmcn are me plain colored I'oini
lt nics o much in dementi s also a vatiet) ol RlacK SilK. of all widths and puces
BONNETS AND RIBBON'S A buperior Selection, and cheaper than, the same atylei were ever sold be
fore. IpENTI EM EN'S WAR Casimeres, Linens, Prap D'Ete,V'tinp,and CottoHa o-e,of the newest st)le
also a fine onineiit of t ii I I r i.' Goods, inch as ( 'ashmeie'ies, Tweed, .Vc.
8TAPLKS AND SUNllHIES--Poinetics, Checlis, HicKory, Chambray, Nar.ens, Curiam Muslin.
Ihi.ws. HandKe cheil., Ciav.it. Hosiery. Klunn)., Swits and Jaconet Mualius, Irish Linen, l.a'lics' fckills,
Filet Vilts awlGlove. Para-oi and Fain
BOOTS AND SHOE--We wish to call the attention of the Ladies to our stocic of Lad Shoes. We
eve some of the lines! and la -t styles custom mde. We have aiio an excellent sloCK of Men's and Chil
len's Shees and Ro t. trom the linest lo Ihe coarsest.
HATS AND CAIS tients'tine SilK Hats, all prices and Spring Styles, Panama, Leghorn, Citizens' and
Palm I. ai Ha's Gents' and Hoys'.
QUEKNSWARe AM) (.LASWAIiF--Of the newi st Tattfrns and Styles.
CARPET" W- have a lot of Ingrain, three p'y. ai d star caiet'iig, which we will sell at S' Louis prices.
O'l'NTKi' Mf.Kl HANI'S AM) Mil. LI NEKS Will hud in this stock many styles nut to he lonnd in
Wlio'esale Houses, and as 'tny wtreull -elerii J fioin the Importer, in the Fas', will be sold at such prices a
cannot tail to give entire saiisfaclion iCat' and cicmiu.' Ihe (iuoda before purchnine elsewhere evn i(
you do not buy. v will be pleasej lo ihow thein. ap ll 1-ly COi LIN8 4c. BUKED.
MCH Nii hr.AU I IrlI.
Spring and Summer Ftyles!
phi i in av n n v tfn
oi:in' m r n 1 iUuiis reet, Haiaisibal MO..
OULD invite oil jiiirclmsera or 15 inks, toCl ,,, B,u,,, f p,lr,.,r, Fw,iiy, to then
call ultd examine his Slock, which is us lurgr ate utU selec'ed s'ock ol fr-Mi and la-hinuubie
and complete as ony in the Western Coun 'JQ "U'jT vi O i)D
try. lie kfeps constantly on hand, in Wm.h , MW T,., r,ler pai(in,,iir,y
large quantities, iScnool Uooks, ol every i0th. irstck t'
kind now in use AIo n full stock of Mi-I EMBROIDERIES, of real French Work
IU,... o.,J f.,li,.nl n,.L Sttntirmprv C. ors. with and without points i Under Se.'esi L-i
i i, i ri -n it i dies l-.mnroideied Hrtiidkeicheir-1 I tiemgt unil Inset-
Taper, Blank Hooks, (.JuiUs, Ink, I ens,ljlg1 Tiai,f(. rig jj.uj,, chtmisetie.; Capes; also.
Slates. &C Together Wit!) n fine assort-some beauiiful Soiilach Collars. I his stork is one of
mem nf P.luaant Fi.ncv Stationery. 8ti-h "'" ,"?'lco""'l," L'veJl,ro"K,t 10 lhi,.,'".y
j .
as has never before been offered in the
All of which will be sold very low
iHB SEW TOKK TH BL'NK n.'ii eoi. pitted lbs twelfib
tmul I riistaboa, oti mr S b It Aprh, eii(Dallsd its
niranos Into its itena aa sn r rfni o bnieis, M
ding Tally on thin) to lis area, and tbten "ill rrqulre at
Di iKwIurtritope.) mora rut the wnlicpann dwd n K print
d tban all r rrel from tta foljl a. And amp'a at
ur I Doom t Bat ln, (tnonirh Ins amu ttwn It bat be, o eur
rentl repinttd) our tp-niliiun!t fur tit t,ezt year must be
larger into oar auoui ineume hattreatt baea
Wt bare taken thit Irepifatii titp
bat r a tbt mttareet snntidrratloa.
ounceriitd In the Irlhunt cetaMl-bmeni
handrtd tndttstntjr moted rie'l, mi
to baubisid mi "I lit earrvot looume od this tnltrgeaent
anjt mtDr su vvu per 10110111 to oar tanse wllboat neeoto
arily loraatir( mr reeeipis. Ytt weekiantti soman) .m
pialuit i f tbt iumII tjpe, too doe irtnt a1 fur the ej -t it ,
hat wtban rctnlted tnrltk nar sli DthVnierirliHitil mtkii.e
a paiitr wtaieb will eat rf fnan) tnoatt hvt Llttrrtj
tuo4 alouf. and to enlnnrt nur 8uhMiitna and Auverrt'lrg
at vi ft-turt at a rewnrti Mr our ex. rit'iiin tb fn'aie reus
to thai ire htteenjuTed in thepait. If eaa addime-tnutib
to oar reading nittier, and re--nt ibdsbola to folr dear
type of gmid utt, t belttre t nty nriy unable our oirea
atioti and 1 lit, tbi UKh nf no direct advaee to u. trrarw
ai b n inorearo of our Adveriuing at II lavt ut poihirg
io I't'ire.
Tbt Bcral-wejklt Tribune irat entargitn tbe neat site nf
he dmlr, and we orc' oar a untr Irlpriwhn have no dill,
mail, or tbmk tht eaanot afford a dtiliaer, to gire thlt
an 1 itmiuatijn. We alwatt Mod IdntiM tbt itratt
po riblt aiooonl of wetal and Inli ne b nianer into oar
W k'( yti it It phpiealT tmpisririit t t thnuld P'lni
rbrreee iBf-third of er lutut tfta iri'tie A-l M nor,
indit, Cell urnla, Meiioo, t' trtl Amerli Ac, A . li 1 all
thi N nre gi tD In our send tttek r. ire out south. T
papr itnutd in tho world which ntal- s j Im.' ti ntmnint
f mainly original riadlng fur mitu.ail itm j i.d we irus(
thtt(eiiic iottg ba be. 11 rituod toa li' ' n.nt"lle, there
nre in..U9tnir if our tiirods who '111 k r.rri taken tie
week , who wi I bi i 0. futih kk itj.- it.olj. kiy. We will
rend a tiweiiu o 10 ant nne who. wnn. I ui J cm e at to
lis-n-e, -hsil i" fit to fpl fur it
l e Wnki IrinuriK wrl likewise tv et gcd 10 the row
f ttif b I.il. lrMi.uiivr ii. , a 1I1 .. , f ti cur.
r '11 ti.l'in.i' It will ihtn b 'bi nrt nil, tnVrd d i
CuWf t t 1 r m.nntn in ihr wnt Hi rti'l 1 t-tr.' ini t will
u-i it- ni-aa,y i.r q'liU all thsi we receive I u it- C utt Hub--ri'ers
We slmii In .e to m ik i a I pi r prim .g s
-11 a I 1 ar nf tb r,e pjoe we it u crwe A v rifuirm,,
tir-'ii ub iTiiertunnt, wh uiu-i Onn 1.- l k en eltv
ir tut- nrr.owtiit litut't It is I- ud ,-t-r ur-dnj nmrn
i'g hi d oi'Maint u,ii f t'-matt r ' ' tli ilv, eihin lv
iimuifiry ncouri'M.f Uf'b Eianti urd Pti'- g m CHntm
oi pi.hu he I id lu I. We 11;. mi ilai l;" tt ,v hall luri ai
thn In nlne luM. grtpi ic, and " lure nri it bai
ih W t d 11 U. iLg, wbirnf 11 it fbinkiymd bow l it
V gitug j
(Pnjnie 'n the t- 'reoaiw mlvanet )
Daily Tribune
Mull cnft"''ter, f S t$i Mi'Aireefneri'hi
lihout relne'anM,
atrt an thirteen of at
pmprietort with one
id im tot paper ail
Commercial Row, Hannibal, Rio.
To fonniry merchants and Dealers Generally.
Wb'rrlesale Bookseller and Stationer,
Commercial Row, Hannibal, Mo.
Hannibal, July 19, lS53:-dCin
Commission and Forwarding House
DEALER in lamber, tbuinies.utiii. tth, it. tn,
Offcce at the fount log room of Miller aV PoiruVt
Lumber Yard, co th Corner of Hilt and Third strawls,
Hannibnl, Mi. . . , .
Hai i.ibsl.Juna 18 IMa.tj , ..
The Cheapest ever Offered
roii t a li
Xr E r sel.mg oui good- ofl at uch prices ai wilt
ft enable peions animfgooda to buy roon goods
for less ninitt than ever done before id Hannibal.
uur stock t Kooit(comiie'e hi
common to use- and w ants of every person. All are
want li a call to convince the people of these facts.
pnirhae my goodt for cash, aad t very low ratet
which will enable tne o
Our stock consists in articles a followtt ,
Pooti and Shoe, all kinds;
Hnrdwure aiinrter!;
Quecnsware very late itjlei; .
Ulnthinp: cut to tit;
DRESS GOODS. Print 5 (iimrhnms; J.ic-
inel mid lawns; Bari';e dit jilne; 'tissues I'l.iin
and Kicmed flange j tinHll Figured Krencb t'hitilze
lor l Inltlrcn; buuimvr Ce Kiiiiies; Alpaccas; l opi in
DRKSS SILKS. A selection of tbo nmt
tleeunl Kdiiliiotinhle Styles, among which tie the pl.m
colored Poult iIp Soics. o much 111 demau.l t uImi, a va
tiely of Bluck Silk", of nil width and price.
ISUiMNKl IS) AINU KlliUUh. A Kltpori
rr seleclion. and cIkiiji r than the saiim stjiet Mere
etcr oid helort.
(JENTLEMEN'S WEAR. ..-Cj-Minervs
tnaPDII MHPT1TT1P ? 1 I.iiit.ii, Oraptl'Kte; Vectitips and (.'oltonaiie,. l thn
JUOIjI II iMULllllJl.JiI,jf !f,ee,t Mltb;a'.. a line aM)i'rienl of CnUiCn's
(lte Twitcheil fc Moginlue.) I liooiln. oi h ('a-hineietlpn Teet s.
, No.3St!ommemul, Helow I'ine Btrett, S TAI'LES AND Sl'NDIllEs. Di'rmiic.
sT T f"k I T 1 vl MO .'hecks, Hickory; Iniinbr.ix ; Nankeii , C'lii'un
G,.o.r.,Tli-. 7 ' ti . Musl.in; Shawls; HiinilkeiWn if.: Cu' ; llo-nry
0S1GNME l.andt-onimistions wm meet with KUmcll(i hVfis ,, .i,.cil.t M.,n, ; ri. L nen
proninraiid persniMl allenl ion. und liberal CAbM . ,: , sLi . .... .., 1 ;0.a. p..ri.H1,u M1,d
)VANC!".Sillbegiveii on toniii;nineiitor Btll- L-n,,,
I I tee
r, 2 I'D
. 6 UD
$1 I
ADVANCI' S HI ne given
. 1 : .. 1 1. u 1 V Ti
H-I.A firiuurrtirt.r uii ettsivitiff nf InvrrtlAliniTA And' 1 3
ur vi n .. . . .....
AND SHOK.S. We wish lo rail the atten-
produce will meet with eseci.il care and dispatch; the
loweii TUes ol ireigtn will always De procure'!, anu
lion ol the Ladies lo our Stock ol Ladi' f' Mn e V'
li'ave some ot the fineil ami the la et tvle tu-toii
Mnsjle Onl y, $ ! ' II
Two C'ipie4, 6
Ten O'pitm. . . 2i
Postace on the Triine
llr lrr lti n w m. . a g . rcuiarL cribcrt
I ihe we 'klv Triniuic. T.e Vear. ill - .
Th- Dtny Tribune, ant year, -The
.-.mi-Wmk t Trinuni-. one jean
-tr V tuaaieit or i tl,ert itking ch ar.J rpuiltilnj
us li. ni i f.ir a club ol menti w tl untitled to a copy
of W. k ttu.
pff ii i-iptinnti ma hv fmtrsrd A l.iy non nf the
jeer. AJdr, GhEKl.EY prEI RATH
Put liidlf r, 1 rlt tin.! U'ltt.", X Y.irlc.
C-Xi e of hi I i.M'ir-tarin Dir.kncU I .j Siait
htj n.kun i irtu icri.ii iO" io tbi- terpir. Mm ev ii
clfi.,J m a Int'ui 'o . ur atl trv, a d d fed In ai y P -t
Oii. in the L'ui.ni !'a i, may re. ruufed a .ui ftk j
ni' t il"!.-!i .(Vfii ot tbe billt ou. .t to alkt to be !.(. wnu
r p'oib icr
of all kind knd varietiest
f 'ah paid for Wheat to of the market.
Our customers will always 6nd WAf. P. OWILET
resdv to t eit on them. '
llemerpher Ihe stoie. .1 !'. RATBURN,retnB3ereial
(How opposite ihe B.ady House.) (soyw-tl)
awnd aeenwllae WMV Crmmm, hi Ska veae
. 1"M. by i K HoUOfirOM, M. 1, la tat tick's
Ofloe of th IHrtrirt Omit air Ike Smlwa
Dltn of PeaalTula.
Another fecicntiflo Wonder! "
I rrpiitiit frnnt Riftirt. r tier.)tirili ttnmach mf I be t, afte,
'"'' o" ' t Bn.i.ii Ll l.it,. ih treat Pnyiioiot leal wlirmitt
. i,''. H """'' l.Pil'a eiphia, Pa.
t I ',,"EST " 8""!' ' ,h lme mi-anliif of tht word Partt.
It it 'hi-1 iili-l i lemt-n,. or trial difi-ttins princlpit ol tJtr Ottirlt
Juici ihr -nivMii nf Hi find. !ie purllyinf. preervlet, end
Mlu.uiHtiiit arcai or ih ttnmcn and inir.ilaee It le eatrac4
Itnm tin ditiviitm uli.inai h ul the 01, tliu furn.mt a Irae dl
Hn II. ml, imci-ely ilk., ihe aeiural Gittrle Juice in tie
cln iiiicni onwtn, and lurtil-liln a cuaiuleta and oecfecl tb.u
mie n,r it. -m
Thin It Nmnre't own remedy for an ankeatthy tiitnieb Net
an ol man can i-uual ita curative aiwn. Ii ., u .i
I (io:. blllcra. ariiln. ur ni.ii...f..ik r. i. ... , ..
jT- ibe Witkly Tdtuoe is tent to dyu.tD at $1 per lo ' itaie. and mn be mkn by ilic uioei treble iiiiienlt wM
n um. I I ciinnot eai a enter cracker wilhout ihe nioet acuta diet nm
' I B- ware ol ilrutt'd imiintlnae. IVpeia It art a true
! - i Hii'f a teatunmifnii of Pm1 inA.a i J!,, .
' diwolrr rle pouudt eeroaal attf la ebeut iwu aoara. uotef taw
Dagucrrootypes ! Dagu eotvpes I
V) osiilt-nt Diipriirre.in Anini,
It miii.l tiiu t-iiizi-iis of ll.inni
. i ... ... ii .. . .t ... ii . .1... i. ..:i..i-
Orders tor urcliasina tilled at tbe tliorlest nonce
H ATS AND CArS-Gents' fine Silk Ha's. nil price
und Spiinir Styles, i'iuian.a. Lechorn, (.'iliieni- uml
Plm I e.d Hais. lients' iuut Ros
Newest fa Itii and S yles
CARPETS We have a lot of Ingrain, three-ply
and S'air Laipeting, which we will tell ut M. Louia
LINERS. Will find in this stock many slyles
not to be found in Wholesale Huu-e and ni til y were
t. will be
prices as cannot tail to irivu entire s.ilis-
O" Call und examine Ihn G 'ods befoie purchaitig
elsewhere even it you do liot buy, we will be ple.i-eil
io snow mem. tiiLi.i.3 ai unt.i:u.
(apr w-ly)
ud luweat luaikut prices.
Pace Jr. Bacne:
Charles-, blow ft Co.! St
( holeau at Valle; )
Doaii.Kine h. Co.
Blow tc Murclij 1
Frost & Fores'; New York.
Chsile A Me.K; J
T. C Twichell & Co . New Oilean.
1 have an open policy of Insurance, hich will i"o oe wunu ni vvnoiesaie nou-rs. anu
cover all shiaments to' uiy addn ss, when advised by al ec,ed Irom the iinpor.e... m the fcasi
, . ' J", ' ".: ,i...t 'j .... t,:i, r i.(;.', sold at such prices as cannot tail to i;ive en
IVIirr per Ulan, vi nuru vi.ui'irv uu win. .1 .Muma,
' before, or at Ihe time of shipment
6t. Louis, August 8, 1853. 0w)
Important to Housekeepers! J
Til K atviTt e lebra'ed map is n ari,ole wbich erery family,
bo'el. Uuudry.lioardlr.K nou e Ac, will find opnDaneiv
ful trial, to be toe eat thing rttuirtd furaoooumy awl tar ilk
of lab) r t
let B caoisj elhee ean b watbed In ona fourth the time
II T iey rrquireni) ruhbii g or uoundm( thereby ravm h
latvir. ntiii the -ojurtoun euu.u oi ine "'a mem. o
II 1 bliaih-' and leaves them purmy whne. a-d for 0..I
nrad alotbt it it nnrarnused at it doer not ,1'raot tbe dve
bat ha- a tendency 10 eat iba eolor. For waabmg paint and
window! ' cannui De eioeueq.
1 1 it wttrranti-ft not to ini ure the elotbea In anv wbt.
It is par np In boxes of ten pounds eaob. Ful direeilona
a raeb boi for tba use of it.
Te cWp ean be bad at tba hoot of J ho Davit, wba is
tote aarent fur Marion county, on Fifth stren. near U rn.
Green's Hemp Preeti or of Curt A Luokwnod, on Main, near;
llillttreet. (auaS'nf) i
Ml nrc, and wtmlu lnlurin ilit-m,
ndditiuns to his stuck, und his ii
Car mpi-rior t any heretofore
una lit reduced prices. Call
(mcessob to I. LONG.)
Wholesale Candy House,
ON Hill street. Hannibal, Mo., (Opposite J. A.
Iin-lee & Co.)
When I hey keep constantly on hand a large assort
im nt id ("AND1KS of their own Mai ufactiiie, and ol
s. petior quality to any made in Ihe Wesiern country
They hone lo retain the patronage of the "Id Deal
ers in i hi.- Eitablitdunent. and, also to make many ne
P. 8 All orders accompanied with remittance.
wilt tit punctually altenueit to.
(inyV5'.M ) J. LONG BROTH Kit
. r. tnotTi.AC,ja. j.ss. HAaaiMiN. ruu vaut.
Commission Merchants and Proprietors of the St
Louis Rolling Mill.
il various shapes, bbeet Iron end Boiler Plate,
Nails and Spikes, from ihe ore of the Iron Mountain.
Iron Store No. Wi North Second street, St, Louis.
May 21, 1853. (tlfcw6in)
General Ne w-paier and Advertising Agent, C untrof!
,-econd and Chestiiut riiree's. (over tbe Post Office,)
St. Lotus, Mo. '
Millinrry and Drrss Goods.
On Second Btreet, North of Hill Street,
1 S now r. ffivn.if end openini; Lei cFM G TYLI
1 of GOODS, enabling l.er to supply her cusinineis
wnn an kinas oi mn 'y silk nnniieta, r.uioroKte
Crimp, and Gmps ol every Hescrinlion and aize. Sli
will keep on hand a variety ol Spin g Mami'las. of a nou
iyie, ami iviisses ana ciiuaien a Hustles. Also, t
b&ndsome assortment of Veils, Ribbons, aad Flowers
Dresses made ami patterns cut to ord. r, in the lutes'
stles. Gloves, LinuiRS, Feathers, Ladies' Riding
Hats, and everyltiing else usually called tor in such ai
Establishment.. .
While exleiding a general invitation to call, she
wishes the (act kepi in mind, that she is determined
thre shall be no reasonable ground of complaint en
account oi t rices. , (mcD-31-wy )
JTJST Rt ived, MCfly ei WAX SE ASS, at
(eeg..41t r , Mint.
(fr The "tlentlnc evidrne upon which thie remedy b) I
I'I Slmtllv re-i L" nlfheei desire eurtnue and reaiarkalii
ind nrr,.tin,l 1 . T"""" lleni and set a deeerlHiee circular, (rat It llvlar
irid SUrriltmd- a tare- amount !' HMnnllrle evideae.. f-nn, I. Lfc....
liettiresai his !!r'i'''Jly ViF'T'' .r''i''0 of.Dit.tie.,i br. iv.eira,
from recent ''"i .Ci?.'. T"' .1r .,,v 't'ner itb rep.ru
... If " V" "lien riaiifj.
.sen rucumen,. n feptiu lu Hulrt mm i Powder.
he in now prepared to lake Jire. In u atyle l.nW
F" "1 tins CUV, i 'r"i r mall, lite or potlitt, for aue dollars
I vmii o J ' enl to lir Hiiiitbiiin, riiilsdelBiiia. oow
!LL, 1853
I & Third,
5 Olive-sl., bet. Se.
Manufacturer of
Pure Alcohol and Puiebirits of any
proof requ eil. AI o spirit I Phoene G s.
Chemical oil und camphene, waled of a superior
... I. .L.L-
l i.ili'V. alii lor saie on reasoiuiDisns.
Look out for the Old hber Yard
' K.I l.-ea oued fine Ltinibeiiible for all build
ine pin poses, can all timehad al Ihe Old
Hannibal Lumber Vard. which hlen established ft
years I h- proprietor deems it pessary to pun his
Lumber to make it sell, or to rw thin; about ex.
penence in the business except tfe who never nm.
chased from him He would rcnlll.it an experience
of eight years in the business giJ" deciileii advan
tnc over any other who nevi.l tirmrt his
Lumber has b." n purchastd lor unit -elected mlh
great rare, troin the best mills Pie riiiery. Me
chanics and nlhers wishing lo pise l umber tvmild
Ini.l il to tlinn ailvanlage to cull Ix.nriiiip lli .(nek
of Lumber and Minifies at the .uinbnr Viird'be.
tore niirrhasi e eNewhere If laiiuot ei't it for a
less price I will tuarantee you f' t it as low and a
better article lor the same luonejlso, Lumber, Shin.
gle and window sa-li
IlVr Don't luigi-l Ihe tti? Nil
rhinl, belweeu lnd and tills s
Sign of TH
the we' side .1
Loo jiiiforlhe
M i.KU'8
"jRVMIh '
inr OIlftRVE THIH .!.., k.,.. I. -r .h ....
bt art Hie wrineu ti(iiiiue of J 4 Hoerlm.a, bT n et wrw.
prleioi, l-liiiadHilili, Pa. Cw rilit aad Ttade Mara enared
Ulioieaule .t0ittlr,
No. 8ii, Mala un t It L.ale, Ma,
ARB now recelvliw a larte stock or VaalilaaaMa rim.
thing fo, ,hr Sprln, Vrude, whka ie il l Ll
Ct.h, or on lime, at low at any hoot ! ible city. We laelTe
purcliaet te lo call aad eiaaiin OUr ateck at art ete,ateeL.
not Hi be undetiold. wtierwjtwww
Lante auorimeni of Boys' Clothlaar. aad ef r..l.v.
IpK tJoorls, always on haud. " rm""-
nicimi-v3iu. WIB1TER, MARVH k C9.
UsT Rceeiveii at, :be Newf Store,
Jusi Publ shed, New 8.1
by D. K
Qnartrilltjlkas. jvHwtf
Fiank Freeaian'li Harbei Sl K. B. Hall j
Reveries of a Batclielor, Marvel
Stray Yankue in Texas, b ten j .
Cap Slit if. by Mrrle. :
rj- For sale at the New BoVre hr
jyUvrtf I. K, 6 ARMAN.
v o. hi llj ! E, A.MfcKS.
JJir. vekON,RiiIus
fcid Master.
Jl AXMK DEANS J. Brown, Master". , n '
O. e of the above spl nd.d Steamers leave tbe Kt.
ktiK Wlurf Bat. fool ol Locust Street, St. Lauis.ev.
ry eveiiin a 4 o'clock, S indaya Excepted. , ;
I hey will leave Hannibal in the following ordr t
The hie V . rnon will past up every Tuesday and
dai Mdiiii. g pi 10 o'clock, down Wednesdays end
S. tnid.,ys a 0 o'clock, A. M. The Kate JUan er
will ia-up on Weilnesdava and biimlm. .i in -j
cloca A M.. down Thurtdai a anrt W,n,rf... .i in a
Urn Jeamiie Deans will pats up on Tbutsuav
siiudnvs. at 10 o'clock
Mondays, al 10 A. M.
CT It w ill be observed by tbe above arrangement, m
Tackeis pace upon Monday or down on Tuesday.
ror Freight or Pa-sage having euperior accoumooU.
Hons. K.n quire on board or of
(apl 6 54-tQ - MII.LEK . POAGE, Aget.
Attorney at Law,
HAVING locale, at HANNIBAL, Mlssoorl, wi
practice in Ihe courts of ihe counties ef Maries,
Rlls Hke, Montgomery, Warren, Lincoln, end hi.
arsrles. . . , ,'( . . . ' . ... 7
hOiBee io, Oplline Mew Building, cor.er ef MJa aa

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