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The Daily News
ST. AUGUSTINE. FLA., FEU. 36, lt8.
l4TRt bf-i-ClAI- SKKVICK orer the St.
Aiurnxtitieatul I'aUitka llailuxiy THK it A ll.Y
XKWS U now ilWiivrerf in St. AnottMine at
e :jjt .VimdViya, (Aim fumintiina ti tlie rexUtent
Oiui vtMlm-H of St. Aufntxtine, at the euMownry
"tour, what if rraetiroUi a ST. AIT.l'STISK
UAILt KWsPAPKK, crmtainlna (IrtASsO.
f.IATKU FKBSS UlKPATl HJ-.s, inchutnia
';. L. MAItKHT KVitmTS, !H trleitmph
ami ti.ttH, anil all thr ST. A t i i;!T I N K L C A L
KWS "a VYlluS fifl oW mailer ttuiH i found
J7K OATLY XKWSicilt tietleUivre'ltol ify
& iri iwm n Sf. ( i'H. I carrier or
nt Ute fotUivaing rate ;
(am wir,... .. .$ 8w
Sir month.. .. , ' - 4
Thru moult. .... ... 2 00
One week 25ciifn
Superintetulent of Circulation, Corner Chor
otte and Urulijc Street,
TffB DATl.Y NEWS will inert ST. AI G
ttrpe, either in it St. Amnntine A'lnertixina De
partment or elxewhere in it tut vert imna eoUun im,
tut nmu be tlemreit, at wnuil rates, mailt kmnr-n on
at,, dilution at the Branch Office; owl HPLXT AL
NOTICES in Uh St. AuuxUiic Ailrertixiny 1M
1trtmtnt at the rate of ONE ft: XT A M'0 .'
Ao armtment I needed to anre the Merchant
umnx of TH& DAILY AL'W'.S will f unlink a
medium for reaehina the loeixl yuJAic mich a
hen have never before enioued.
Opening and Cloning of the Mails
City Time.
Jacksonville and points beyond.
. I... 11. IK a n. ... P 'XI r. ...
Clo.-ee 7:00 8. ni. ll:lua. ni. 3:i p. m
Throuirn muila to and from the North.
Palatka and points beyond.
Arrives l:4fl p. m.
Closes .... 7:00 a. ra. !
Arrives, l:fi p. m.; Closes, 7:00 a. ra.
Eiurt Tocol:
. Arrives, 80 lU m.: Clones, 3:30 p. m.
tit. Augustine sjid Tomoka (stuu):
Arrives, TuesUays,Ttiui-sUuys and Sattiriiays,
8:00 p. ra.
Closes. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
5:00 a. m.
Hknrt GAii-r.Aun. P. M.
:15 p. m.
:;W p. in.
Hospital msrvjce,
IT. S. Army, St. Francis ItARRArKS,
St. Auuumtine. Ki.a.. February J."., 7 a. m.
a .
os a
S u
i. a
H 3
T a. ra.,
i p. in..
H p. in.
an.no i
M0. 70 1
49 .
NE j i
.t 4 IK) Clear
..: ra. 7r, ciear
. . I r.( 100 Clear
Highest temixsi-ature, 61; lowest, 4S; frt the
past twenty-l'our noun.
The amount of rainfnll is given in Indies
"d hundred hs. T. Grikkith,
Ilosniial fetewanl.
The convention of the general passen
ger aatents of the United States and Can
ada, win moet at tno san aiareu on tues
luy, March 20th.
Mis. Capt. Vogel and her able corps of
lady assistants, deserve the highest,
praise for their very earnest and suc-
, r. . i , . ,.r l . r . : f . . I. . .
v;ezs9iut uicuiaeiiieub ui uid (tin ivi iiiu
lienefit of tho Cathedral building fund.'
The Xeirs-He raid in very confident of
tliA rominrr of tli T'rpsident. It ;i1ko fii-
deavors to create the impression that
Mr. Cleveland will not visit any other
place than Jacksonville. The Daily
Nkws is not yet convinced that the
President will actually come, notwith
standing his earnestly expressd desire to
do bo, hut feels quite sure that having
reached Jacksonville, he will not return
without a vimt to the Ancient Citv.
Mr. Amlierg, of Chicago an oriental
match-safe. v
Mrs. McJjeod, of Quebec, Canada a
Japanese baby -doll, life size. ' ,
Mr. Wilson, of Nebraska a Chinese
back-scratcher. "
The success of this entertainment leads
to the supposition that it will be followed
at an early day by another of the same
fort. :V" '
The. Palmetto Club..
: This organization iiuiuguratej under
the patronage of a number of prominent
citizens of Northern cities, for lh ex
clusive entertainment of tourists and
visitors, is now formally opened, having
leen incorporated under the general in
corwration laws of the State. ;
The domicile of the club, in the
spacious anfj convenient Lorrilard man
sion, on St. George street, lias been
handsomely and in fact luxuriously
fitted up for the purpose, a number of
rare pictures and rich hangings belong
ing to the club, haying been added to
the already rich furnishings of the
house. All the leading magazines and
newspapers of the day (including, of
course, The Daily News), are supplied
for the use of members, and the culinary
department, under.the management of
George Brown, formerly the well-known
steward of the Pennsylvania Club, at
Long Branch, is organized to provide
anything in the shape of eatables or
drinkables that may be called for, and of
a quality not excelled anywhere.
The manager, Mr. D. McClinch, is too
well known to need mention, and asso
ciated with him is Mr. Jos. Col ton,
known everywhere as the owner of A If.
Estelle, Elizabeth, and other noted run
ning horses.
The Cathedral Tair.
At the fair last night only a portion of
the many aluable and desirable articles
unsold were raffled. A beautiful Brus
sels lace jet front was won by Miss
Annie Reyes.' Miss Nilla Oliveros was
the happy winner of a gorgeous wax
doll, while the elaborate doll's trousseau
liecame the property of Miss Kate An
drews. The gentleman's smoking table,
twldly enough passed into the possession
of Miss Eusehia Masters. A very hand
some cushion was won by Miss Annie
To-night will be the last night of the
fair, and the voting will be concluded
for the most popular young lady and
The ladies are well pleased with their I
success so far, their only regret lieiug
that owing to delays in preparing the
building, the fair had to Vie prolonged
into Lent.
- In the Mayor's Court.
His Honor dealt out justice to the fol
lowing victims yesterday morning :
W. Weigle for using abusive language,
$1. and costs.
M. Foster for cursing and swearing,
$3. and costs,
M. Livingston for drunkenness, $3.
and costs.
LeeFoofor keeping a nuisance, $5,
! anil costs.
i. - -- . - . ... . -I
John H. Austin.
Frank Airite.
W. LYON & CO.,
Lyon Building, St. Augustine, Fla,
CTCity and Suburban Real
tate Office.
Vaill's lUoek,Truslow's Jewelry Store, St. Augustine.
Bargains in Orange Groves, Houses, City andlSea
Beach. Lots, Hotel Sites.
St. Augustine and Palatka Railway Lands.
100,000 Acres of Choice St. Johns County Lands
at $5.00 per Acre.
Agent for FloridaZSouthern .Railway Lands..
St. Johns and Lake Eustis Railway Lands.
Florida Commercial Company's Lands.
Atlantic Coast Canal Company's Lands.
Florida Railway and Navigation Company's Lands.
6,000,000 Acres of Lands igl per acre and upwards.
gallant firemen, will refuse to give
liberally to this excellent object.
M. Labriola, the chef of the Magnolia,
besides his artistic servins of Toshach's
great bass for the Catholic fair, also
cooked the monster ham presented to
the fair by Mr. Palmer, of the Magnolia,
and joined Steward Mooneyv preparing
and presenting the great bonts turkey
which attracted so much attention.
held their Hoehestef.
The Disston Party.
" Mr. Hamilton Disston, Hon. W. Vv
Dunne, Mr. Jas. T. Scott, Mr. C. C.
ffross, Mr. C. Eddiug, and Capt. It. E.
liose, comprise a party of Florida ex
cursionists which will meet at Rutin v-
mede, on the Kis.simmee, on the 20th
inst., the first four named leaving Phila
delphUonlhe 17th inst. and going di
rect to Runnyniede, wh n on the 20th
notable annual meetings of the several
corporations connected with and which
hav grown out of the Disston sale.
: The progress of these several enter
prises for the past year will be fully
reported to tho meetings by the several
oflicials of the same, and those reports
will prove exceedingly interest ing read
ing to all who are interested in
Florida's progress.
The establishment of sugar planta
tions, mills and reflueries on a large
scale, on and near the superlatively rich
soils of the drained district in the
vicinity of the head of the Kissimmee
River, already begun under the auspices
of the several companies mentioned,
opens the door to channels of investment
heretofore undreamed of in this lati
tude. '
'D light fnl weather!" so all our visi
tors fay.
The St. Augustine Guards
weekly drill last night.
Orange blossoms and yellow jessamine
are beginning to be quite plentiful,
A pleaiant sociable occurred Tuesday
evening at Grai Church parsonage.
Mr. r u. Murphy, the great pigeon
shot, is registered at the Ponce de Leon.
The fish supper at ; the Catholic fair
last night was a novel and stunning success.
The sunnv lawns of the Florida House
are greatly enjoyed by the large numlier
of ladies and children among the guests
of the house.
The Daily New lielongs to the fire
brigade now, and feels one thousand per
cent, bigger since its election as a mem-
ler of "Ponce de Leon No. 2" than it did
I fore.
I Ttie Dailit Aic in the mil a iicavtMiiwr in the
United State that pidriixx: the arrival at lh
St. Anattxtim hotcUA
' " Ponce de Lon.
II. E&Intchinson. Tjniisville: A. Lotran. K.
Ross, W inniieif: E. H. Beach and wife, Sprinjr
tleli Mass.; Walter Allen, illiiira Pouette,
Miss Dora Feitner, Miss Grace Vernon, Miss
Emma Krause, Edward Tonpey, Abbott C Ipiu
Co.; Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Coor, Miss Ad.lie lo
xier, Jacksonville: Miss Mary le, Sumner, 8.
C; Mrs. J. C. Warner, Mrs. J. P. Williams. Miss
Sadiu Williams, Edwin Warner, Nashville; E.
A. Kea, A. Mardis, Corjdon, la.; Mr. and Mrs.
E. M. Wort. Miss H. W. Cleirir. Iuvton. t).: .Mr.
and Mrs. K. F. Hersey. St. Paul: llev. Sidney
Crawford, Mrs. Crawford. F. S. Crawford.
Tauia; 8. B. Watson, New York: Edward Sands;
Hoston; Jar. ana irs. r. II. Miyior, musut it.
A. Say lor, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. L. Stone,
St. Paul: Miss A. Adams, Milwaukee; Thomas
Callyford. Minnesota Alfred Duff, East Or
aiure, N. J.: Miss Ixuise Iiutf, Xew York: II. M.
Perry, Indianapolis; E. Hart, Jr., LnnsviUe; h.
w. Horttin. waveny. .. v.: .vir. ami airs. ft.i.
Muriiliy, New York: W. N. Cole. Jr., and wife.
fl. M. Coleburn. Jiew York; Mary A. Payne, M.
!.; Boston;! Balx-wk. M. !., Westerly, It.
I.;J. M. IM and wife, W. II. Davis, W. S.
Hawk. New York: E. Iavitt, Jr.. Cainliridve,
Mass.; Mrs. J. W. Beekiuau, Miss ltcckui.m, G.
!-ekraan, J. W. lieekmaii, S. u . Knapp, Jr., i.
Willard, New York; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cole
man, Miss Coleman, Boston; Miss Myer, Vt ash
inirton; J. Howard Lee, John Goldwuith, Bos
ton: F. V. Casaeu. Jacksonville: Dr. h. t.
Smith, city; W. H. Pell, New York; K. (. Ross,
Mayport, Fla.: John H.Hhoemaker. w. n. Bull,
Newark: C. S. Millikeu. H. C. Ward, New York;
W. J. Caninjrton, J. H. Anderson, W. Tally,
Richmond: E. N. sickles. New V ork: r . I. Pratt
and wife. Miss A. R. Pratt, Boston; C. A. Mc
Cullouirh, New York; J. C. Dunn, London; J.
vv.rarsons. bulem. Mass.: t '. J. Smith. JacK-
souville; M. J. Meriiurton. Kansas; Mrs. E. W.
urewster and two ehudren, t'hicaxo; w. li.
Bischoff, J. K. Easterling-, Charleston, S. C.
Florida House.
F. A. Fuller. Louisville- .T llni.-li Allen. V.
Y.; Mrs. Dr. G. W. Pope, Miss Relieuca Dodire,
Wauhinirton: E. E. Hueker. Juckaonvillc: Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Bailey ,ftv est Chester, Pa.; K.
tieeifo, vv . c weoti, Aw York; B. t. Hamp
ton, Gainesville; M. E- Bizer, cil .
H. F. Camnhrll. Iltistom Mrs. V An Pnrdnl-
Miurnon de 1'ordoba, New York; J. E. Thomas,
Cincinnati: H. E. Gates ri1 wife. Connecticut;
Mrs. K. II. Morris. P i ilk. e i h : Mrs. 11. K.
I'lmse, Philadelphia; Geonn- L. Atkins, New
Vor:K w. tl. Webb. 1). J. (1 .m. A. (im nt
and wife. New York; W.H. Shorev mid wile.
l-ort Wayne, Ind.: II. TLJones. Miss.lones.
Sau Marto.
Mrs. .T. P. Williams. Mrs.V C Willinms. Miss
Sadie Williams, Edwin Waiter, Nashville: Mrs.
H. M. Bradley, Mrs. F. M. I 'el ton, C. E. G rover,
Cleveland: Mrs. Dr. Andrew, Misses Andrews,
Baltimore; w. A. Neil, MissNeil, Miss Mary
Neil, Columbus, O.; Miss A. L. Roberts. II. 11.
Baxtor, Rutland, Vt.; A. C. lietden and wife, J.
M. Belden. wife and two children. Sy racuse: G.
Ellwanirer and wife. Miss H. E. -hafrv. RKth-
esten P. H. Hayes, Mrs. C. Maym. Miss Katie
E. Hayes. Miss McDonousrh. Buffalo: lmis 1'.
Georjrer and wife. Miss Julia H. tteorirer. New
om; tuwaru sands, Boston; A. 8. Ruuiliek.
fiuui Honlca.
S. S. White. Philadelphia: A. W,8i.!r. Miss
Splar, Miss Florence Slar, New York; Mrs. A. A
yuincy Tucker, Boston: B.S. Huino, Louisville
. .
Silv er Springs via Ocklaw hi River
steamers and return via FloridaSouth
ern Railwav. For this and otherroutes
apply to Thos. Cook & Sons' Ticket
Agency in Opera House Music Stote.
The Florida House
Anastasia Island, Opposite St.
Lots in this new Summer Resort and residence Suburb are now offered for
fU 1 ...,i:..i. -n tt i l 1 sale, xne &t. Augustine ana oouin ceacn rtauway anu rerry anonis quK K.amiue
NT AlllI ilSTlTlR S h H VflrlTr HnlH and freoeunt transwrtation to Anastasia and the Ocean Beach. No locality in the
wit uujuuuuu J.U.IVULU uvul vh'initv nf Kr Ainriiotina nifunls an nianv ilesirahle advantages for suburban resi
dence as Anastasia ana tne ereat isoutn ceacn reacneu dv me i. Augustine anu
South Beach Railway. For plats, prices and terms, apply to
Under the same manairement as last year.
On St. George Street, one block from the
Plaza. Finest views of harborand ocean in the
city. Comfortable, sunny rooms, richly fur
nished. Croquet and lawn tennis courts for
(ruests. Steam heaters and electric bells
throughout. Newly painted and thoroughly
C. F. BECK. Proprietor.
St Augustine, Fla.
Strictly a first-clas Family Hotel, centrally
oeated near the Old Fort, tUe Plaza, City
Gates, Sea Wall and Post Office. Highest elo-
iation in the city. Sanitary conditions per
fect. Sewerage to the sea, and Hushed by ar
tesian well. Special rates by the week, accord
ing to location of room and length of stay.
W. W. Palmer, Proprietor.
I-arge and magniHeent hotel; coraDlete in
iTi. all Its appointments, mid with all tho
comforts and luxuries of a llrst -class hotel.
Acirommodates five hundred guests. Situated
near the old city gates, opposite the Old Fort,
on the most elevated site fit the city, and com
manding an uninterrupted view of the ocean.
1 A. GNOLI A. ,
On. the St. Johns River, Fla. Magnolia Hotel
cottages anu springs.
ONE of tho healthiest and most charming
locations in the South. Situated on hiirli
irround. with an extended range of water view.
twenty-two miles from Jacksonville by water
or rail. Pure water; perfect drainage. Home
like in all its arrangements. Accommodates
two hundred guests. Fruits and fresh vege
tables from the gardens, and pure milk
from the dairy. The famous mineral snrimr on
the grounds contains valuable medicinal qual
ities, anu is bottled lor siiipnient all over the
i fon-
The Museum opixtsite the Fort
tains ten rooms filled with the Wonlers
of Florida, f el 5-1
A Progressive Eucher Party at the
Florida House.
One of the most enjoyable entertain
ments of the season took place in the
pleasant parlors of the Florida House
Tuesday evening consisting of a progres
sive eucher party, "personally con
ducted'' by Mrs. Thomss, tf New York,
who exhibited in the management of the
exercises extraordinary executive abil
ity, and contrived matters so that every
player almost fe t as if the entire enter
tainment was gotten up expressly for
his or her especial enjoyment.
The parlors and corridors were crowd
ed, not alone by th thirty-six players
and their nine-ffiBfe WMcrr-xtendd in
III l lie head of the west parlor
far into tho rotunda or oflice, but also
by an interested company of spectators
mostly the guests of the house.
The game progressed without inter
ruption until 10:30, when the doors of
the dining room were thrown open and
the com nan v sat down to a most de
licious and toothsome repast, furnished
by the genial proprietor. Before the
good cheer was all gone, Mr, Wilson, of
Nebraska, proposed, and the entire com
pany by acclamation adopted, a vote of
thanks to their generous host and Mrs.
Heck, who spared no pains to make the
" air a success.
After all had partaken the prizes wet-e
awarded by Mrs. Thomas, as follows
first phizes:
Airs. v otherspoon, of New York A
handsome piece of bric-a-bnic.
Mr. uennett, of New York An elab
orately carved paper cutter.
Mrs. Ssiillings, of Maine a beautiful
and costly piece of China.
Dr. J. B. Allen, of New York, is a
guest of the Florida House.
Mrs. A. A. uincy Tucker, of Boston,
arrived at the Ponce de Leon Yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bailey, of West
Chester, Ta,, are registered at the Flori
da House.
Mr. W. S. Carrington, proprietor of the
Ballard House, Richmond, is at the
Ponce de Leon.
Mr. J. Howard Iiee, one of Boston's
large sh-e manufacturers, is at the Ponce
de Leon for a few days.
Dr. r. Herald Hayes, one of the noted
phvsicians of Buffalo, with his family
are at the San Marco. ;
James T. Pettus, the well known
fashionable tailor of New York, is at the
Casa Monica with his family.
Mrs. Dr. Andrews, and the Misses An
drews, of lialtimore, were among Yes
terday's arrivals at the San Marco.
Mrs. Dr. G. W. Pope, and Miss Re-
liecca Dodge, of Washington, are at the
Florida House for the rest of the season,
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Byrd, Mrs. It. A.
Whitfield and Mr. G. T. Whitfield, of
Tallahassee, lunched at the Ponce de
Leon yesterday.
Mrs. F. R. Fildes and her charming
daughter. Miss Daisv, will return to
their home in Monticello to-dav, much
to the regret of their many friends.
Mr. A. C Baldwin and wife and Mr.
James M. Baldwin and family, promi
nent citizens or Syracuse, iN. x., are
comfortably housed at the Ponce de
Leon. " V
Mr. M. J. Allen, of the firm of Paris,
Allen St Co., prominent merchants of
New York, with his family has taken a
handsome suite of rooms at the Ponce de
The larire arches around the ball room
opening into the salt bath pool, at the
Alcazar, are the largest concrete arches
in the world. Tbcy are twenty-six feet
span and three feet thick.
Assistant Chief Toshach, of the Ponce
de Leon Fire Company, is circulating a
list of su!scribers to the fund for the
payment of the company's new uniforms.
Certainly few, whose safely from fire de
pends so much on the services of our
complete Stock of Wood and Metallio
Cases and Caskets; also Burial Itobes, etc., con
stantly on hand.
Embalminga Specialty,
Old Furniture carefully and skillfully Re
paired and made new nui-ly
San Sebastian.
.Beautiful suburban Lots in tins n
addition now on sale. Corner Lots,
inside Lots, 10 to 15. Forty feet abov
the sea level. Lots 50x100 feet. Aipl i
soon to F. M. Clark, over First Nationa
Bank, St. Augastme. fel.-tf
Intrraham's Paint and Oil Store has
been removed to the Lyon Block, on St.
George street, south of the poet office.
For Sale.
Race Mare. For price and pedigree
call on or address, E. Oliveros, St. Au
gustine. ja22-tf
Special to the Palntha A"eir.
Jacksonville, February 14. The follow
ing are the quotations of to-day's sale bv the
Florida Auction and Forwarding Company:
Mandarines $7 SOfft
Navels Wft3 25
Choice Blights 2 7553s:i 00
Brights . . . . 1 T-V5s2 Sft
Golden Russets I 7ttB3 10
Kllssets I 40&.1 t5
cuiis.. i 0
Again we had a great quantity of unsound
land pulled frut and of large sizes, which were
low sale, and sold from $l.f to $1.75.
A. 8. Mann. General Manager.
Special prices on Ladies Jackets nnd
Wraps at Sabin, Aobott & Co.'s. ja2S-tf
Remember Sabin, Abbott & Co. have
the largest assortment of Goods in every
department, and you can find what you
want there as cheap or cheaiier than any
other house in the citv. ja28-tf
Emanuel Brothers are offering $5,000
worth of Drv Goods from their South
Carolina store, regardless of cost. Call
and secure bargains. ja2f-tf
Go to Central Wharf for the Best
Oysters! Stews, Fries, and on Half Shell.
Fresh from Savanna! i. J. C. Toshach.
lllteported by the Florida Fruit Exchange.!
Jacksonville, February 7.
ur latest telegrams report quotations as
Strfctly Fancy
Chifco Brights
Ordiarv Brights
Choiee Russets
Ordinary Russets
Large Fruit
$.I.TS(5't4.00 per box
.. 2.5(5 3.(1) " '
.. 3 Wr.jv 3 .35 "
.. 3.(iK. 2.50 " 1
.. 1.0O& 1.75 " '
Shad! Shad!
Toshach is now receiving daily a full
supply of Fresh Sliad. Telephone Cal
No. 30. Send your orders. delfr-tf
Children's Cloaks for $1 each at Sabin,
Abbott & Co.'s. ja2S-tf ,
, Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!
J. M. Webb & Co., near City Gates,
St. George streeet, in addition to their
large box trade in Choice Oranges ana
their constantly fresh stock of Veg
etables, will have this week a splendid
assortment of Western Nuts, Shellbarks,
Butternuts, Black Walnuts, Chestnuts,
Hazelnuts, etc Come and see tnem :
Durfcif the past two weeks sales have been
slow ai prices depressed, .all owing to un
favorable weather.
Tho kutlook now for fair weather and
lietur pijces is very eneou raging.
A verylurge proportion of the fruit now be
ing received ranges in sine from 86 to 128. This
fruit is extremely hard to sell and must go low
A. M. Ives. General Manager.
Imarket reports.
New YoRt, February M Excnange dull but
steady. 54sT Mi.nev easv at . to 21. clos
ing off ercd It 214. Sub-Treasury, gold, $i:l,-
:ii,iuU; Mik-Treaiury. currency. ll,7ii,toa.
Government jua and heavy per cents
12TH; four afe. a half per cents, coup., 107W.
sun: nouus fun uut steady
Ala, Class A Si's., pet-i S. O. Pacific lsts.
Ala, lass H-Ts...ll
Georgia 7's,mrU.m"
N. C.,cons'a ...iail4
N . C. eons'd 4 . hv
S. C. Brown c ;i
Tenn. setUe't.. BS114
irjriuia v a v . 4St
Virginia consul,!
tnesapeaK i
N orth western .
Deusware Sc Ij ti.SiV
r.i n ..... z.
East Teunesst. ... 10
Lake Shore (il
Louisville Nash. 6014
Memphis & Char.6.i
Mobile Ohio II .
Nash. Chat '
nsil. 4t)
a.. I UK
1 pre? i
New York Centr'l !07H
Nor'k & West pre "4i
Northern Pacihc. 21
North'n Puc. pref.
Paciflo Mail 35H
di'H'ling .....
K1CQ.& Alleg--... a
Rich. & Danville.
.tich. t West P't 224
tock Island ..4.3
U Paul T
t- Paul prefd-.-llS
Texas Pacific .. S&4
TeiuiCoal Iron. Sli
I'nion Pacitic o-'e
New Jersey Cen..
Missouri Pacitic W-i
Western Union. .. 7S?t
canton ou cerua. at
Little Use for Clock Repairs.
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
The old clock of St. Quentin's, in
Mayence, ins got oat of order, and is
being repaired, for the first time, in 500
years, it has struck the hoar without
fail for five centuries, and it is expected
that when it has been fixed np a little,
it will keep perfectly accurate time for
fiv centuries more. The meduwal arti
ficers knew their work and they did it.
Asked. Bid.
Xew York, Ferui-y li The stock market
was not so dull to-d as vesterday. Transac
tions in the morning hours were the smallest
yet, but trading in tty afternoon br.aight up
the day's business to comparatively fair
amount. At the tam time, the tons of deal
injfs was Improved,, fed most stocks closed
fractionally higher. SWnhattao and Burling
ton were the most cCispicuous in the ad
vance, Richmond Terpnal stocks came to the
front just before the ckjjp, and prff erred ad
vanced sharply, both Wyig quite active for
the time being. Lake Sbe showed some im
provement ate In the dJLr, while grangers.
which had been most prominent in dealings
during the forenoon, became quite dull again
The close was dull but firm. Total sales, 79,000 j
New Yomc. February 15. Green Co's
reuort on cotton futures aavs: "The market
continued within very narrow channels, and
free from feature either suggestive or inter
esting. Some few tun ing orders came in to
day from the Sonth, and these, in conjunction
with slightly better Liverpool accounts, raised
the line of value a trifle and atforded the ap
pearance of steadiness, but there was no really
supporting demand, and before the close rates
were back to about last evening's basis, with
the toue barely steady. Liverpool was a tritle
lietter. but hardly stimulating, and receipts at
one or two points were rather in excess of the
calculation. No evidences of special manipu
lation on the part of large operators was sug
gested." New York, February 15. Cotton Net re
ceipts, 82); gross, 5.543 bales. Futures closed
quiet but steady: sales, 45.SUO.
rebruarv, 10 r9d0 5H ; March, 10 110 63;
April, 10 B7(BilO (U ; May, 10 TIli&iO 74: ,"une,
10 7WT.10 HO; July, 10 WKTllO 81: August, 10 S3
(fold r-4 : Septeinlier, 10 353:10 37 ; October.
10 O'iilO 01: November, 9 87&S) 89; Decemlier,
9 SKoSI 89; January, S3i9 5.
New Yoiik, February 15. Cotton dull
sales, ; bides; uplands, 10 Drleans, 1054 : net
receipts at all ports, L2,M Imies; exports t
Great Britain, 8,110; to France, ; to the
Continent, ; to the Channel, ; stock,
Livekpoou February 13,4 p. m. Cotion fu
tures : February-March, 5 35-64, buyer ;
March-April, 5 3i-4 seller, May-June, 6 40-64,
buver June-July, 5 42-64, buyer, July-August,
5 44-64, buver ; August-September, 5 454,
sel ler; September, 5 464, seller. Futures closed
Galveston, February 13 -Cotton firm; mid
dling, ;4; net receipts, 1.2J6; gross 1.236; sales
25; stock. 2H.342; exports coastwise, 529;
exports to Great Britain, ; to the Con
tinent. : to France, .
Norfolk. February 15 Cotton steady; mid
dling, 10 1-lb; net reeipts, 68 bales: gross re
ceipts 687: stock," 39,521 ; sales, 965 ; exports
to Great Britain. ; coastwise, 529.
Baltimore, February 15 Cottou easy: mid
dling, 10,4: net receipts, 2,205; gross, 2,369; sales
; stock, 18.151; exports to Great Britain, 3,986;
coastwije, ; to the Continent ; to France;
: sales to spinners. .
Boston. February 15 Cotton quiet: middling
10j; net receipts 548; gross receipts, 1.943; sales,
none: stock. : exuorts to Great.Britain. .
Wilmington, February 15. Cotton firm
middling, 10 ; net receipts, 1.5S; gross receipts,
15S; saies, none : stock, 10,090; exports coast
wise, 1,436; exports to Great Britain : to the
Continent, ; to France. .
Philadelphia. February 15 Cotton quiet-
middling IOI4; net receipts 145; gross receipts,
20H: stock. 26.077 : exnorta to Great- Britain.
coastwise.--: to the Comment, ; ship
ments, .
Savannah, February 15 Cotton steady; mid
dling. 9 13-10 : net .receipts, ,r, gross, iiir,
sales, 2"itl ; stock, 70,688 ; exports coast
wise, z,j: to 1 110 uidqiidl ; iu ureal
Britain, : to ranee .
New Orleans. February 15 Cotton Arm
middling, 9 13-16; net. receipts, 8.832; gross re
ceipts, 3,832; sales, 6,000; stock, 338,961; exports
to Great Britain, : to the (Joattnent,
to France, ; coastwise. .
Mobile. February 35 Cotton quiet; mid
dling. 8 13-16: net receipts. 86 bales: gross re
ceipts, 80 ; sales, 500 ; stock, 39,269 ; exports
coastwise, 224 ; to Great Britain, ; to tne
Continent, .
Memphis. February 15. Cotton firm ; mid
dling. 94 ; net receipts, 868 ; gross receipts.
2.080; shipments, 2,100: stock, 123,53 ; sales to
spinners. .
ArotTBTA. February 15. Cotton steady mid
dling. 15-16; net receipts, 315; gross receipts.
: sales, wt
Charleston. February 15 Cotton firm; mid
dling, lot ; net receipts 1,329 tales ; gross re
ceipts, 1.329: sales, LOGO: stock. 31.910: exports
to Great Britain, ; to the Continent,
to France, : coastwise. 1.1)26.
Attanta. February 15-Cotton steady; mld-
aliug, u 13-lb; receipts, lit.
General Warkstt
rninno. February 15. There was im-
nmveft ai tivitv in the irrain markets to-day.
but values suffered a sharp decline. Wheat de
clined 1 cent before nooc, and weakness was
shared in by both corn and oats. The sharp
decline was not attributed altogetner to any
one cause. The market has been heavy in
spite of all attempts to rally it, and very many
oiierators, who were naturally bulls, believed
rnur rtirtnei ninmwinn was necemuirv
there was much profit in buying. But tho
chief causes of the weakness were undoubt
edly the reportsof the failure of the bank ni
Bordeaux, France, coupled with the weak
and lower grain cables from Liverpool. Kx-
iM.rt4.rt. were free sellers, ana a prominent;
operator sold almut 400,000 bushels in the tlrst
hour. There was no apparent disposition to
snpport prices, ana May ueciinea to in wic
tirwr mmr T.rMiiinir-
Corn was quite neavuy traaea in, 111c pre
vailing feeling being one of weakness There
was a triKHi deal of long corn sold for out
siders, and May sagged to 50. At this figure.
however. tlK're was a goou aemanu irom
local traders. May sold down to 49. but at 50
and lielow there was a good demand trom
country speculators, and this caused a reac
tion. May finally closed ta"V-.
Oats sympathized lamely with wneat ana
corn: May and June were offered freeiy. ana
prices ranged about j lower, ou reravtreu
sulisequently J4 of the decline. May and June
both closed at 3B.
Provisions also sympatnizeu wnu g wu, mirn
were depressed by the receipt or nogs being
materially larger than was expected; prices,
however, traversed a small range, and were in
ibout the same state as yesterday.
Cash quotations were as ionows: . r lour
quiet and steady. o. T uprtng - ueai.
red. 7i. No. SI Com. 47S- No. S Oats,
27fi.Ss. Mess Pork, $14.07VS. Ird, tK.'.
Short rib sides, lootie, $7.'. Dry salted
shoulders, boxed. fW(A15. Short clear de.
boxeil, $ias.05. Whisky. tia.
leading futures closed as followK -Wheat
February, 75 ; March, : May.
8IH: June, Corn February, ; atarcn,
4.5iii: May, 40 June, SOU. Oats-February, ,
"Jeer; ; Febuary. 814. March, 14.12tfc
Mav. '.4.30. Lard February, ; March,
S7.i May, $7.75; June. f7.82V4. Short Kibs
February. ; Xarch, $754: May. 7.8U.
New York. February 15. Southern Flour
quiet but steady. Wheat options rule! weak
early ami declined H&Jfi. closing steady, with
small recover" ; speculation more genaral;
spot Via V4 cent lower and moderately active;
Juiie. 91Lutl 15-16. Cornoptions declined H
3.-.. n.i .,u.r i tit i cent lower, closing
steady: No. 2. February . 59; May, &7AtO&i I
i.. -ja.-. n,n-nnrtniH U to vie lowen No
2. February-, nominal: March, S74g."K; May.374
(37T-4: No.2spot,3s?il; mixed Western. 3KV4
Ul. HuplS: O.ffee-fair Rio dull at 16;
ontiims quiet but generally steady; No. t Kto.
February. $1HJJ5T.1&35 : March, 12.7u8.12jJ;
April. 13J5 12.65; May, $12.45a.Li50. Sugar
dull aud nominal, centrifugals, coast and
f.in 3 l.ia for H test : rehned steady ana
more doing. Molasses dull sod nominal. JW I test,
uia. Ann . -.tn Seed OiL. XulJM for
crude: 43r?fc44 for refined. Kodn duU at $110
ftLla. Turpentine dull at 40. Hides steady.
Wool steady domestic fleece, 22037; pulled,
i-va-u. Tc.a 1 ts,'r Pnrk Arm and fairly ac-
tivA-tnflaa. ftliw.la.I2V4. Beef dull. Tic reed
niuMt f.M bimIs nortuuioed and dull
Pt-kle.l heUiea. 7V4. Middles nominal. 1-ard
.i . . i i a,i k.v- WMtHa wteam. snot. $7.95;
ci. : March. 7jfe(.7.9U: May. S7.98
a7.9S. Freights quiet cotton, d; grain, ld.
New OKUtAS.s. February 15. Cofft quiet
but firm kki cargoes common to fnne,
1.V4&18H. Rice steady and in good demand
1 'J(
fxuisiana ordinr.rv to prime. 4T6S"i. Cotton
Seed products dull and uoininal; prime crude
oil, 32: summer yellow oil, nominal ; cake
and meal, 2l!tt2lL. Sugar dull Louisiana
oiwn kettle choice 5: prime to strictly prime,
4-i : prime, 4 11-14; fully fair, goo.l fair,
ViVtyi gmKl common, 4V4 -4 5-16 : common.
.r4m: lAiuisiaua centnfumils. choice white.
6 5-lrW? ; off white, 6 I-WoWM-m; gray white,
5?iSj6: choice yellow claritiei .: prime yellow
clanned, o9n; oil yellow clantieu. oij 9-.t;
stH-onds, 4V4ii&Mi. Moliusses Louisiana open
kettle choice, 3335; strictly prime, 2!t;i0;
good prime, 25(56; prime, 21'i23; fuir to gixnl
fair, 19(00; common to giMHi common, I4ii;
Ixmisiana centrifusrals. strit tly urime. "Mri
prime to good prime, 18; fair to good fair.
lO&li; inferior to good common, lvi lj.
ST. Louis, February Id. Flour dull, easier.
Wheat No. 2 red cash, iitimH: February,
M ; May, HWft&lii. Com cash, 4l-m445;
February, : .May, ti'swl. Oats dull ana
easy cash, 2PNii2SV4; February, ; May, 2M5-J:
Whisky steady at $1.09. Provisions weak
Pork, new, $14.f.0. Lard. $7.40ft.. "Dry salt
meats, boxed, shoulders, $-j.87v 6; long clear.
3TV455; clear ribs. ti.:c'Mriti .,); snort clear,
75. Bacon boxed shouhlers, J6.50: long
clear, JVJ0 : clear rilis, $s.:i5 : short clear,
S8.34Hwv'0- Hams steaiv at j,iu.. 1.
Wilminoton, reoruary 15 Turpentine firm
at 3714. Rosin quiet: strained. 80; gisHl strained.
85. Tar firm at $1.15. Crude Turpentine urni;
bard, sl.10: vellnw diu. fi.Vh vtririn. 13. HI.
Charleston. February 15 Turpentine liim
at 37. Rosin steady good strained, 80.
Savannah, rebmary la. Turpentine firm
at 3SH. Rosin firm st KVi-rtao.
S. S. S. vs
OwKvr thju.'J nd eenAm Mr Mefjis
trirA ,W noarow imitation, nbttttmtm,
poUuk nd mercmy mixtion tcMcA are 90
U vp to not tmthdrox merit, but o
merit tf our remtdy. Am inUuitkm it
lf at LKtfccMrtjyonlHeariiMiTmUaUsL
free formU byaUJnwitt.
IMncerS, AOtmla, ga.
I !iaye fcid blood poison f"r ten tw. I know I hare taken on hundred bottles of
iodide f potash in thai time, but it did b po eood. Last rummer vr face, nock. Ixxir
sod limbs were covered with sores, sad I eoa ! soircIv use roT arms on accooat of rbeo
matism to air houkler. 1 took S. S. S .and h. jas done me more good than all other ned
cioes I have taken. My face, body ami neck ant- j-rfertlv Cimr and rta&n. and ray rbea
nuuiam Ljentirely gone. Iwiu-lwl 11tipirxishen I Ixtnu tu nuMkwi. and 1 noww-igfc
1j poands. My first bottle belpesl me srrrsiiy. and pave me aa appetite like a JUong matt,
I would not be VitiiSHil S. S. S. tor 8.-veral tiiw? i we.iit in old
C. E JllTcaElx; W. sad St Ferry. Sew Tors.
Greatest Bargains ever offered
Ii - - WELSHTON, FLA. - - II
Good for Sixty Days Only.
20 20
The Pr.per lutcb Dance.
Tlie Nautch girls arranged themselves
into a half circle, their t-arlet costumes
forming a bright crescent terminating at
either end in a mass of sjiectators, whose
half naked lxxhes, varying m color from
pale olive to mahogany, were arrayed in
costume scarcely less showy than the
dancers'. The chaperono torn touts an
appropriate Nautch accompaniment on a
drum with liis fingers and four pretty
girls advance from tho half circle and,
favoring me with a quartet of killing
smiles and a quartet of coquettish glances
from their bright, dark eyes, they com
mence to dance. An idea seems to pre
vail in Occidental minds that the Indian
Nautch dance is a very naughty thing,
but nothing is further from the truth.
Of course, it can bo.iuade naughty, and,
no doubt, of ten is, but then so can many
another form of innocent amusement.
Tlie proiier Nautch dance is a decorous
and artistic performance when properly
danced; the graceful motions and elegant
proportions of the human form, as re
vealed by lithe and graceful dancers, aru
to be viewed with au eye purely artistic
and critical as a Venus or oilier produc
tion of the sculptor's studio. Only the
Britit.h matron would consider a Nautch
dance in any degree indecorous. The
foiir dancers take the hem of their rexl
garment between the thumb and finger
of tlie right hand, spreading its ample
folds into the figure of an open fan by
bringing the outstretched arm almost on
a level to the shoulder. A mantle of
transparent muslin, fringed with silver
spangles, is worn about the head and
shoulders in the same indescribably grace
ful maimer as the mantilla of the Span
ish senorita. Raising a portion of this
aloft in the left hand and keeping the fan
intact with the right, the dancers twirl
around and change position with each
other, their supple figures meanwhile as
suming a variety of graceful motions and
poKtures from tim to time. Now they
imitate the spiral movements of a serpent
climbing around and upward ou an ira
aginary pole; again they assume a charm
ing posture, their dusky countenances
half hidden in seeming coquetry behind
the mu-sliu mantle, the larjro red fan
waved gentlv to and fro, the feet tin mov
ing, bnt the undulating motions of the
body and the tremor of the limbs sufficing
to jinglo the tiny ankle bells. India Cor,
Boston Herald.
ere orange tiroves.
Five Hundred and Seventy-Six
Four -Year Old Dummitt Grove
Orange Trees, Cheap House and
Durable Fence. Your Choice.
Only - $500 - Only
Ten-Acre Tracts, half of each
I Cleared, Grubbed and ready for
Planting, and Cheap House,
ONLY - $200 - ONLY
Ten-Acre Tracts, Unimproved, High
Pine, or Hammock Land
ONLY - $100 - ONLY
No Healthier Spot on Earth.
.,linirn and Sophomore.
The other night, at th concert of the
Yale Glee club, in New Haven, after tlie)
first number ou the programme, the f rc-sh-man
class gave the audience to under
stand that it was in existence. First
there came a shower of white and bhio
cards from tlie galleries bearing the chits
numerals ""91. Then a curtain carna
down from the flies, and it lie n blue
silk banner on which was ""CI." Then
a white dove flew across from the gallery
and perched above tlie stage, and it bore
fastened to its neck a card on hi h was
'91." Another dove followed, and then
several more, ail labelled -"01."' Then
the sophomores got in their work. They
tore down tlie banner, caught the doves
and subdued the freshmen, and the con
cert proceeded. There was a period cf
forty minutes between the first and second
numbers on tlie programme. v- oris
Tb Mercbundlxr-Mark Ac.
It would seem tliat the men luiirtlL1-
marks act. which recently went into
effect in Great Britainvis enforced rather
arbitrarily bv the English custons au
thorities. A large nuinta-r of Unties
made in German v, but stainil to order
with tlie name of an English riu. liave
been seized at the custom llie)
claim being tot up tliat crinii manu
facturers Iiad no right to simp an Eng
lish name on their poods. The firm th.
had ordered the Uths had to get tlieir
supply from English glass work New
Orleans Times-lX'mocrct.
the Ouc' Tloands.
While tlie queen's hounds recently wrrs
chasinir a deer in En "Land tho animal
took to a railroad tracsr, and presently
rounded a curve right in ihc face of an
express going forty-rive miles an linm.
The deer swerved in time to save its Ii;
but tlie pack following close beliind, ran
square into the locomotive, and several
of U-u were cut to pieces. New York
Sen. ,.
Oheap Orange Trees.
I will furnish Actual Settlers Four
Year Old Orange Trees Fine Va
riety, for 10 cents apiece.
Forty-Acre Tracts, $200.
Free Ooff ages
For the use of nersons or
examining Land,
Cottages for Sale or cent uneap.
Cheap Lands.
I am determined to build
present profit, is my MOTTO.
Building Sites Free.
Fine Building Sites Free to
sons putting up Residences.
Personal Examination.
Mnkfi a nersonal examination and
you will be convinced WELSHTON
is the place to locate.
Character of Land.
Hnrh. Rollins:. Pine Land, Clay
Subsoil, high and low Hammock,
Grass Lands, Lake Fronts, etc.
Fine Sulphur Spring and excellent
Well Water.
Fanners and Gardeners willing and able to
work can purchase Homes on long time and
pay for them in work or produce.
Three years ago the site of Welshton was a
wilderness; now it has sixty-five buildings,
generally of a superior character, including a
Hotel that cost $22,000, a Gothic School
House (we have a model School), costing
$900; Depot and Railroad Eating House, cost
ing $3,000; Church, Livery Stable, Stores,
etc. ,
Hotel Rates per week,
Good Private Board, - -
nrFor Circular or special

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