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Friday, July 4, 1919.
i , , By Leo Wolfson. ;
Paris, May 21. Jewish news
which reaches Paris is bad and get
ting worse every day. It causes much
concern ,tnuch worry, lots of anxiety,
and efforts of all kinds and in all
directions are being made to do some
thing1 effective, but it seems that all
is of so avail. Complete reports of
the latest outrages in Vilna have been
received. The information is very re
liable and is to the following effect:
About four hundred Polish legion-
aires arrived in Vilna by a train on
April 18th. From the 19th to the 21st
there were continuous street fights.
Ostensibly the fights were against the
Bolsheviki, in fact they were directed
against the Jews. Thirty-five Jewish
hostages were taken, including state
Secretaries Rosenbaum's and Rachmil
owitz's wives. All of them were taken
to Wilkomir and nothing is known or
can be ascertained as to what became
of them, although every possible ef
fort has been made to that effect
during the fight mobs of weaponed
Poles started a terrible pogrom. The
Ohevra Kadisah reports two ahousand
two hundred (2200) victims lying on
the cemetery. Many of the victims
were attacked and ruthlessly mur
dered. All of the Jewish synagogues,
houses, stores and cellars were plun
dered and robbed, the damages and
dered and robbed, the damages and
losses being immense. About ten
thousand (10,000) Jews were then de
ported to Lida, and it is not yet as
certained where they are ana what
became of them.
The Chief Rabbi Rubinstein was ill
treated and arrested because he refus
ed to confirm the statement which the
Poles gave out, that the pogrom was
organized by the Bolshevikis. Three
days after, when all the horoors and
outrages had been perpetrated and &H
the damage done, General Pilsudsky
arrived. He made his brother comman
der of the town and order was re-established.
Rabbi Rubinstein was re
leased and a municipal council of four
Poles and four Jewish merchants w
appointed to give semblance to Polish
The boycott still continues, the
Poles refuse to sell food to the Jews
and there is a terrible famine now
raging in the Jewish quarters. The
report closes with a demand that every
possible effort should be made that
the entente powers should intervene
and prevent further pogroms, that
they should also demand the immedi
ate release and return of the ten
thousand deported Jews and that the
Polish Government be required and
forced to make restitution of the rob
bed property and pay the damages
The Committee of Jewish Delegates
to the Peace Conference if which
Louis Marshall Is now chairman, since
Judge Mack left Paris, has considered
this matter at a meeting held today.
A committee consisting of Marshall,
Syrkln and Wincheswsky of the Unit
ed States, Goldstein and Neldlch of
Ukrainia, and Aleinikoff of Russia,
has been appointed to organize a Jew
ish defense organization, end also
formally bring the report of these
atrocities to the attention of the mem
bers of the Peace Conference in charge
of Polish affairs. The members of the
committee are indignant beyond
words, and will vigirously prosecute
their work to prevent, if possible, the
repetition of such disasters. ' They
hope to accomplish something. The
Russian delegates particularly are
very much worried about the future.
Things look dark and great horrors
may be expected any day from East
Europe. In fact all of the great and
foremost Jews of England and France
whom I have seen and talked to, but
whose names, at their request, I must
withhold for the present, have antici
pations of pogroms, in comparison
with which Kishnineff will have been
trivial. All of them seem to be well
informed and see the tide coming ana
yet are absolutely helpless. Some of
them have wrung their hands in des
pair and almost with tears in theb
eyes deplored that there seems to be
no way of avoiding the coming disas
ter. Time and time again the attention
of the members of the Peace Com
mission has been called to the impend
ing avalanche, to the threatened dis
aster, and to all the remonstrationb
they have turned a deaf ear. One ot
the diplomats is reported to have said
that the Peace Conference has Indeed
something more important to do than
to worry about the Jews. Another di
plomat is reported to have said thai
this Jewish business is getting on his
nerve, all the time he seems "to hear
nothing but about Jews and their in
terests. The fact of the matter is that Jew
ish matters and interests are getting
very scant attention at the Peace
Conference, although the committee
of Jewish delegates is doing all it can
possibly do, under the circumstances.
The allies are so engrossed in their
own interests, seeking to gain all tht
advantages they possibly can get for
themselves that they simply do not
want to pay any attention to any oth
er matter. Diplomacy as at present
played, is the same old selfish game
"get everything you can get for your
self, and let the others do the wor
rying themselves." No one in Paris
men who have given Jewish matters
their attention daily for the last sev eral
months, and who know all the
ways and means of getting every
where and to everyone, are absolutely
unable to find a way to deal with this
pogrom question and to stop their con
tinuous perpetration.
Some talk of world wide protests.
The French Society of les Droits des
Hommes a non-Jewish organization
is arranging a monster mass-meeting
in one of the great halls in Paris to
protest against the outrages end po
groms against the Jews. It is desired
that in all cities non-Jewish organiza
tions hold such meetings and cable
their protests to the American Com
mission. Others talk about actually
arming the Jews and placing them In
a position to defend themselves with
force, and to organize defense forces
in all Jewish centers. In the great des
pair every suggestion the wildest and
most impossible is given considera
tion. From the only source which
could help the Peace Conference,
none seems in sight, although super
human efforts are being made to
awaken the conscience of the Confer
ence to the unusual and unprecedent
ed conditions.
One of the Jewish delegates, one
holding a most important position In
the Jewish world, asked me to call
upon the American Jews to bestir
themselves and let their voice be Heard
strongly and unmistakably. They can
and ought to make the cause of the
Jews America's . cause. America's
voice is the only one that is being lis
tened to here respectfully and with
attention. America's press ringing
with protests would be heeded and
perhaps the disaster could be avoided.
American Jews awake, a great ca
tastrophe, without hesitatney, and
strongly. :
make that the meeting which termin
ated in the killing of over 80 Jews
was a gathering of Bolsheviks. The
synagogues are all closed. The mili
tary commandant notified the rabbi
that he would permit two to be re
opened on condition that the massacre'
would not be discussed. The rabbinate
declined to accept this "favor" and
, have forbidden public worship. All
Jewish business houses remain closed
in spite of an order by the command
' ant that they be reopened.
Two new pogroms in Poland are re
ported in a cablegram to the Zionist
Organization of America via Copen
hagen, one by Polish legionaires on
May 22nd, at Porvck Volhynia, where
18 mostly women and girls were kill
ed, and another at Czenstochau on
May 27th, with a death toll of 9. The
Jews of the latter city proclaimed a
fast day on the 29th.
The Jewish members of the Polish
Diet, on May 22nd, addressed an open
letter to Premier Paderewski, detail
ing the outrages and setting forth
that the soldiery of General nailer's
army have been particularly conspicu
ous in the many attacks on Jews. The
letter cricised the government's pas
sive attitude, and pointed out that the
government's organs are guilty of
provoking the anti-Jewish agitations.
The issue of the Cracow Dziennik, in
which this letter was published, was
Isaac Heilblum, who was charged
with being one of the two men who
attempted to shoot Premier Paderew
ski has been liberated after the accu
sation against him was changed rrom
attempted assassination to making in
sulting remarks. At Bialystok, the au
thorities have decreed that all no
tices .including religious announce
ments by the rabbis must be in Polish
which very few of the Jewish popu
lation can read.
In Pinsk all the Jewish prisoners
have been set free. Six of them have
lost their reason as a consequence of
their Buffering. The rabbi has refus
ed to sign a statement which the mil
itary commandant has asked him to
Mrs. H. Segal of Fort Worth Is vis
iting her mother and sister, Mrs. M.
Grossman and Mrs. Sam Brooks.
Jerome Hurwitz is home from Aus
tin where he attended the university.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Henry have re
turned home after a visit to relative
in Bryan.
Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Pearlston and
children are leaving for a three
months stay in Dallas.
Mrs. A. Rosenthal, who has been
quite ill for several weeks, Is conva
lescing now.
Palestine suffered a keen loss In
the death of Mr. M. Winner, wno wan
in his 78th year, and who was only
ill one day. Mr. Winner spent more
than 40 years in Palestine, where h
was engaged in the jewelry business.
His widow, eight grown children, and
14 grand children survive him, be
sides an honorable name that will
ever be recalled to mind In love and
reverence .Mr. Winner lived an exem
plary life, and all who knew htm loved
him and respected him, and his pass
ing away leaves a void in the Jewish
community that will be hard to fill a
he was first in all that meant Juda
ism, as he once officiated here as rab
bi and taught Sunday school for t
number of years. All Palestine mourn
with his bereaved family and Its only
men who lead the life of Mr. Winner
that inspires us to higher and noblei
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