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Friday, November 26, 1920.
Wise Accuses Ford of Libeling
Rabbi Denounces Automobile Manu
factum for Hia Attack on Race.
Says Charges Are False.
Sees Spirit of the Incendiary Appeal
to Racial Prejudice Condemned.
In the course of his address at Car
negie Hall before the Free Synagogue
recently, on "Henry Ford's Challenge
and a Jew'a Reply," Wr. Wise said:
"Henry Ford's series of articles in
The Dearborn Independent, now re
printed in pamphlet form under the
heading, "The World's Foremost
Problem: The International Jew,' i3
not so much a challenge to the Jew as
an affront to public opinion, as an in
suit to every public decency. Before
the war and the state of psychic dis
turbance which it has brought about,
not even a Henry Ford would have
dared to publish material resting for
' the most part upon the so-called Proc
tocols, a forgery so clumsy, so stupid,
so obvious that none save Henry Ford
could be deceived thereby.
"The very title of the pamphlet,
"The World's Foremost Problem: The
International Jew,' is the direst libel
against the Jewish people at a time
when the world ia beset by problems
national and international, and is by
indirection tempted to seie hold of the
Jew as the scapegoat solvent of all
its problems. The Ford creed is the
most insidious of appeals to explain
world unrest by erecting the bogey
of Bolshevism as an invention of Jew
ish capitalism and Jewish proletarian
ism leagued together ad hoc.
Ford's Motive a Mystery.
What Henry Ford's motives may
be it is not easy for one to determine
who is unfamiliar with abnormal phy
chology or psychiatry. It may be that
this adventure in the retailing of the
contents of old garbage pails repre
sents a prospective Presidential can
didacy. It may be nothing more ser
ious than a publicity feat of the not
unknown products. Back of Henry
Ford's invasion of the field of Jewish
libel may lie abysmal ignorances, but
that ignorance is being utilized with a
skill and adroitness of malignity.
"I am a Zionist I have been associ
ated with the leaders of the Zionist
movement for twenty-three years,
Herzl, Wolfsohn, Nardau, Weitxmann,
Sokolow, Brandeis, Mack. I am entire
ly familiar with the words and works
of the Zionist leaders throughout all
these years. No man that is sane can
for a moment believe that the Proc
tocols are anything other than an
amaiing forgery, designed after
the pattern of many older forgeries
to place in the mouth of Jews senti
ments and purposes hostile to the
"Zionism set out to concern itself
frankly and publicly with a great pub
lie purpose, invoked and secured the
support of the enlightened peoples of
. the earth, that support finding its con.
summation In the San Remo decision
of April, 1920, which awarded to
Great Britain the mandate over an
ultimately Jewish Palestine. This San
Remo decision of England, France,
Italy and America was, to use a term
. as it is used in the Christian world,
one of the most Christian acts of 1900
Gravemen of Ford's Charge.
"The gravemen of the Ford charge
is that the Jews have set out to con
quer the world. I for my part pray for
the conquest of Christendom by
Christianity, for the world's sake, for
Israel's sake, that Jews may be free
once again, as they ought to be, to
concern themselves with the problem
of self-mastery and self-conquest. The
allegation is that Jews are not only
powerful but that they aim to be om
nipotentin other words, the conquer
ors of the world. If the legend be true,
how reconcile this imagined conquest
of the world, this fabled omnificence
of the Jew with the status of half the
Jews of the earth?
"The Jews of Eastern Europe,
whom, I say it with infinite sorrow,
we seem powerless to save; the Jews
of Central Europe, who have entered
upon an era of unparalleled misery,
scapegoat in deservedly broken Ger
many, shuttlecock of Austria, despis
ed victim of Hungary! If we aimed at
power, if we cherished designs of
world supremacy, would we not will
to keep ourselves alive? Five to seven
million Jews are in blackest, awful
lest misery, and in America, including
the gifts of non-Jews, not more than
$15,000,000 have been given by 3,000,
000 and more American Jews.
"Doesn't savor of great power and
conquering world-might to admit that
of ten millions asked for by the Zion
ist organization of America as the
Palestine Restoration Fund not two
millions have come to hand? Is not
Zionism in itself a token of want of
' power? Some Jews wish to rebuild the
Jewish homeland, but many more must
flee thither for refuge. So poor and
powerless are we that we cannot even
afford to bring to Palestine tens of
thousands of homeless Jews strug
gling afoot and starving throughout
Dr. Wise dealt with the charge of
. Henry Ford that the Jews of the
world had apparently secured the five
points of the star the purse, the
press, peerage, Palestine and prolet-
arianism the sixth point to be the
Prince of Israel.
"Would God," exclaimed Dr. Wise,
"that a Prince of Israel who was on
earth nineteen hundred years ago, he
whom Christians name the Prince of
Peace, might come to earth to teach
and to lead them that call themselves
by his name and withal reject him in
deed." Charge ailed Fain.
"Ford challenges in the terms, 'The
Jew believes that the world is his by
right; he wants to collect his own,
and the speediest way of doing so is
the destruction of order by revolution.'
This is utterly and abominably false.
The Jew does not believe that the
world is his by right. I reply to Ford's
challnege, 'the Jew believes that right
must rule the world.'
"Ford's challenge takes the form,
'There were as many Gentiles killed
by Gentiles as there are Jews in the
world, it was a great victory for Is
rael.' In truth, one million Jews and
more have been killed by war or
through the aftermath of war within
the last six years. Hundreds of thous
ands of Jews were slain in the Rus
sian Army, Jews infinitely more loyal
to Russia than the Romanoffs. One
hundred thousand Jews have been
butchered by the Fords of the Uk
raine within two years. Ford is das
tardly enough to point out that few
Jews could have died in battle in any
army, for only crosses are to be seen
in the war cemeteries of Europe, and
this defamation of our honored, hal
lowed dead in every war cemetery
comes with poor grace indeed from the
abetting father of the skulking Eddal.
"Ford's challenge assumes: 'Jews
today are the only people whose spec
ial and extraordinary privileges are
written into the world's treaty of
peace.' Special and extraordinary
privileges forsooth! Because the de
mocracies of the world set out to rec
ognize the rights of minority peoples
in Eastern Europe Jews included!
And these special honored in the
breach altogether by Poland and other
East European lands, which will find
support of all their injustice to the
Jew in the Ford words and works.
"Though, because of the limitations
of time, I must postpone the discus
sion of what Jews think of non-Jews
in answer to the challenge of Ford, I
will tell what one Jew thinks of one
non-Jew. No man ought to be free to
have the power which Henry Ford h
exercising for evil. No man, though
as rich as Ford or Croesus, ought to
be suffered to libel a whole people If.
a land the well-being of which depend
upon the spirit of understanding and
of conciliation, of tolerance and of
good-will. For! -I-'lared that the au
thorship of the proctocol. basic to hi.
own challenge, is imputed by Jews to
a criminal or a madman. The rep'y of
one Jew to Henry Ford is that lis
work, 'The World's Greatest Probic.u
The International Jew' is the work of
a criminal or a madman. And I do not
believe, despite certain significant in
t N ations, that Henry Fori is a mad
man. "Henry Ford is seeking to introduce
into American life a tendency that is
divisive, disruptive and morally fate
ful. The American people will have
none of him and of his ways. When
once the American people, lovers of
fair play and of justice understand
that Henry Ford is seeking to in
troduce the spirit of or that makes for
progromism into America, they will
abhor and renounce him. Henry Ford
needs to be reminded that America is
not a matter of cheap engines but of
a precious spirit. Henry Ford shall not
be suffered to cheapen the spirit of
America; he shall not be suffered to
vulgarize and corrupt America's soul.
"The challenge reads that we are
tiying to destroy Christianity. One
Jew replies; Far fron that, the evil is
that there is not enough Christianity
in the world. If there were, Henry
Ford, his incendiary word, his crimin
ally inciting purpose, would not be
tolerated for an hour. Henry Ford
challenges in the terms that "Jews
are said to come and meet and go in
every capital of Europe with a name
less program.' Not a program! It s
not a Jewish program, but Christian
pogroms that bring us together. Hen
ry Ford calls himself a Christian. No
Ukrainian hooligan, slayer of wom?n
and children, was ever more truly
guilty of the spirit of the pogrom than
is Henry Ford.
"And if Henry Ford be right and his
challenge be valid, then let it be re
membered by them that understand
(Continued on Page 11).
Th Interracial Council f
at re4ay, H.t J j

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